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✒️ Character Creation Monthly Event ✒️

Character creation is one of the most fun parts of writing both fan-fics and original prose and RP participation too. There's something special about creating an entire person (or other being) from scratch. You get to decide their what they look like, what their skills and weaknesses are, what kind of personality they have (positives and flaws), their motivations... everything. It's like having a baby but you get to make them in the Sims character creator instead of rolling the dice and hoping you get a good one.

So, what if you had the excuse to create even more cool characters, creating a nice little back catalogue that you could later dump into one of your various projects or RPs if you wanted? Alternatively, what if you love making characters but don't have the time or energy to write a story or join an RP? Well, either way, we have you covered!

Each month, we'll be giving you a prompt. Then you guys create a character that fits that prompt and discuss those characters with each other. Keep in mind things like their strengths and flaws, personal goals and motivations as well as basic things like appearance, name and history. This is your time to flex those character creation muscles!

Given where we are and all, your first prompt is "a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-style world."


If you're feeling a bit stuck and aren't sure where to begin, here's an optional template similar to what we often use for RPs!
🍀 Name:
🍀 Age:
🍀 Gender:
🍀 Appearance:
🍀 Personality:
🍀 History:

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