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5th Gen N's Pokemon

Started by Palamon December 10th, 2019 1:17 PM
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After obtaining a Zorua from one of the former Seven Sages, you can encounter Pokemon N released in the wild. They will have a special animation when you encounter them, so you probably won't miss them. Instead of the text saying wild <Pokemon> appeared! It will say wild <Pokemon> appeared?! These Pokemon can never be shiny, and have set IVs. They will always have N's ID number as well. You can obtain 14 of N's Pokemon in the wild.

What did you think of this concept? Did you capture N's Pokemon? I did do this, yes, and I thought this was a cool concept. I wish they'd bring this back at some point? Imagine how many Pokemon in the wild used to belong to another trainer.
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N's Pokemon are amazing for obtaining a certain Hidden Power via breeding. :]
There still a few of N's Pokemon I haven't captured but I thought it was a neat concept. A shame the unique shine doesn't transfer over to newer gens.

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Oh wow! I never knew about this despite clocking in 400 hours into my White two cartridge. Really interesting bit of trivia!
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Honestly I never found one but I still think it’s one of those awesome details that makes 5 the best gen in the series. Maybe i’ll hunt for them when I next replay the games~
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