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Your first post on this forum? Page 2

Started by Palamon 4 Weeks Ago 9:44 PM
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Netto Azure


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Found this in the archived Manga section

(how fun that you and Syd's first posts were in the Manga section lmao)
Yeah, sadly a lot of my early posts was from there so I can't find it since I lost access. All I can check from is PG. Also while searching I find it funny how the old Anime and Manga threads got merged to OfT

an illegible mess.

i'll make tiny changes to earth.

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an introduction post where i unironically used the word "hewwo" and said i wanted to grow up to become a mangaka. oof

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I thought I could check my first post in the "view all posts.." thing but guess not D:
I can't remember my first post..

EDIT: Oh I found it, it was a thread. Must be it..
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Mine was my introduction thread:
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