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    Wow, this is amazing! Maybe I'll try and contribute. I cannot wait 'till this is done!
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      Originally Posted by Cesar11B View Post


      Credits sprite base by: Maleficio
      Edited legs for me
      Sorry, I think the pose and size of the current featured sprite is fine already...

      Originally Posted by Pixel Breaker View Post
      Wow, this is amazing! Maybe I'll try and contribute. I cannot wait 'till this is done!
      Sure, you can...

      Also, here's an updated Kartana sprite now posted in the OP:
      (JaegerLucciano23 (front); BlackWhiteRobin, thedarkdragon11 (back))

      About the icons, I'll try to realign some icons as per Megax Rocker's suggestion though it will take some time since I'm very busy with life stuffs...
      I'm still hoping that one day, I'll be contributing something helpful and significant to every ROM hackers out there...
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