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Started by Z-Max September 26th, 2015 1:36 PM
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How do we find the berry powder for the old man in the second house on Namek on the second floor near the direct corner if the direct corner is disconnect from the server????

@UberDunsparce did you check the sign to the right of the stairs in game in your room? While it doesn't specifically credit ppl for specific things, it does give credit where its due.
Aye, I'll trade any Fightermon in my dex if you could tell me how to get the powder from the healing center to the old berry man on namek.

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Hello ZMAX. I just want to say that your romhack inspired me to make my own romhack. I have one question. I know how to make move animations in terms of combining existing animations. For example, I can combine the Swords Dance and Aerial Ace animation to make a new move animation, but how did you make animations using custom particles? Is there a specific tutorial that you followed?

I know you used CHaos Rushes tutorial, but that tutorial only explained how to change backgrounds and combine animations, not create custom animations with new particles like in DBZ Team Training
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Update: I found a way. When you arrive at Sevii Islands, at Four Island, you can use the DayCare to breed a Future Gohan egg and a Future Trunks egg. Btw, Future Trunks can also be bought at the Game Corner, which register him as caught. Hatch the eggs and there you go. They're added.

Almost every fighter is able to be bred as long as you use Golden Frieza as the counterpart. Golden Frieza replaces Ditto and has the same function. There's no genders in the hack so this is the only way I know of. I haven't been able to breed two fighters of the same kind. The only fighters that can't be bred are the ones which ID is the same as legendary Pokémon, like Buuhan. He replaces Moltres.

So the method works if you take a Kid Gohan or Teen Gohan and a Trunks and evolve them with the Time Machine. Then place Future Gohan and Future Trunks one after another in the DayCare together with Golden Frieza. Take enough steps for the guy to step forward with an egg and then enough steps to hatch it. It's foolproof.