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I'm gonna replay BW2 when I get the chance within the next few days so I'm wondering -- what game(s) have you played the most? How about the fewest?

I've played FireRed quite a lot even if it isn't really among my favorites. On the other hand I've played XY once, and that was enough for me.
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    I completely replayed Alpha sapphire but with somewhat more "roleplay-like" ...
    Hoenn is my fav region by far and I love the remake of it a lot. So I thought if I were to be in the shoes of my character and got to choose ANY pokemon to start my journey with, who would I pick. I chose for Ralts and bred myself one before restarting the game, I then put it on my bank, restarted the game and the moment I got the pokedex I switched my starting pokemon I picked at random with Ralts. I also actually read what people had to say XD
    I always find myself rushing through the game finishing it as fast as possible so I can have the time to fill out the dex but with pokebank I've been constantly moving all of my pokemon from one game to the next.

    I honestly wish the game itself would just update itself like online games do and add in the new pokemon and/or regions to the game because I really miss contests, secret bases, etc in the other games :(
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      I've replayed LeafGreen, Emerald, and Silver a lot. Out of these, I think Emerald the most because I had to restart several times.

      I've only played through Diamond once and I'm dying to go through it a second time - after I migrate all my Pokémon.
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      I sometimes try to go through all the games in order, but so far I've never made it all the way. As a result the games I've played the most come from Gen I, with Blue being played considerably more often than Red, Yellow, or the remakes.
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        For whatever reason, Ruby is my most replayed. Not even sure why, it's not like it's super high up on my list.

        Second most replayed one for me is Soul Silver, but that one makes more sense to me.

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