Ruby (NEW!) POKEMON TOPAZ by bazza

Started by bazzaroony April 25th, 2008 9:36 AM
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Posted April 9th, 2009
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POKEMON TOPAZ is finally here!

After a year of ROM hacking i've finally finished!
It is a hack of POKEMON

You are TEAM ROCKET'S new recruit in the region of TOPAZ...

Your new boss (GIOVANNI) assigns you with a mission...

To capture the TOPAZ region's rare POKEMON for his research which will make TEAM ROCKET rich!

The game begins as GIOVANNI offers you a promotion if you do well and then you fly into SHAWFORD in a helicopter, your mum hurries you into your house as SHAWFORD is swarming with POKEMON POLICE...

So what's new about this hack?
A completely new storyline!
In POKEMON TOPAZ there is 200+ new POKEMON to catch!

There is all new POKEMON trainers to battle...

Completely new mapping (every town, cave and route changed!)

Some new attacks...

Some completely new maps, added to the game!

And much, much more!

Download this hack...
Click here to download the patch for POKEMON RUBY
This is an image with the link you will need to visit to get the ROM file...
Just download the small image file, then open it.


The DARK and ELECTRIC type GYM interiors.

CONCRETE CITY and WIDE HILL map screenies.

Screenshots showing SNAKE WAY, the menu system and the POKEMON menu system...

Sound interesting?
What are you waiting for?
Download the IPS patch...
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Weird that considering how many people enjoy being on the dark side this hack hasnt been noticed around here. Oh well, at least it's good to know of another finished hack.

I guess I'll take a look at it when I have some time, although I'm not of the TR-followers, and spriting and mapping are not too impressive. However, probably that will be replaced with tons of fun and new stuff to do. I'll give a better opinion once I try it.

Alright, congratulations for finishing it!


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Posted May 25th, 2008
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congrats on finshing ur hack, it looks really good, I'm looking forward to playing it, (yea, I can finally be a bad guy :P )

altho one thing that caught me attention was the fakemon, they don't look that great.

but still you've made a complete hack from start to finish, a feat not a lot of ppl can claim. :) *downloading now*
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WHat would be great is if you didn't make new pokemons and left it how it was.

The rocket story sounds perefect, just the Pokemon really ticks it off.

Still its great, COngrats man.

So is that a patch when i download it is 16 mb, so wheres the patch for it
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Awesome! I thought I had dibs on Topaz, but oh well. Best laid plans and all that.
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I liked playing this hack.It was awesome. I like the new trainers and new gyms.Congratulations on finishing it!Also I like the champion too.I got finished playing the hack anyways.

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It looks like a cool hack, but still some tiles haven't been inserted...
Anyway bazzaroony, good luck on your hack! :)
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