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Old February 7th, 2009 (2:18 AM). Edited March 8th, 2010 by Signomi.
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If you haven't already noticed, this forum has been under moderation so that staff members can keep track of clubs unable to meet conditions in place. If your thread does not show up on the page string straight away, that will mean that it is awaiting approval by the moderator. This shall be done by Midori Chi so she can evaluate whether or not the thread has abided by certain requirements.

It's a simple procedure, but ensures that there shall be no issues concerning clubs that were to be made without the member's acknowledgement.
  • The member you're willing to make a fan club for MUST know about it beforehand, this can be done simply by sending them a PM or contacting them via other means.
  • It is necessary that they post in this thread stating that they have allowed you to make the thread as proof of their compliance.

(Do note that posts in this thread that have not been made in relation to this step shall be deleted on sight.)

Failure to abide by these guidelines shall resort to the thread being locked and/or disapproved without hesitation. You will know if your thread has been rejected if it does not show up after within at least 24 hours of its creation. If this is ever the case, you are more than welcome to make another thread that shall be reviewed once again, hopefully by that time the member whom the club is for would have already posted in this thread approving of their authorisation.

That's basically it, a typically simple procedure that shouldn't get in the way of your enjoyment. By all means, do enjoy your time here.

* If you have further questions, or wish to have the title of your thread changed, then don't hesitate to PM Midori Chi of your query and she shall tend to it as soon as possible.
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Old February 7th, 2009 (3:11 PM).
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I gave permission to Tsukasa-sama to make me a fan club.

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Old February 7th, 2009 (3:28 PM).
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I gave permission to .Pichu-kun to make me one also ;D

→ You will be the only one I will ever love
Old February 16th, 2009 (7:46 PM).
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    I give permission for Mence Master to make my fanclub.

    Credit to: AiiNZ
    Paired with: OokamiReki
    Old March 4th, 2009 (6:36 PM).
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    just jump, you might fly <3
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    I give Meedee (Midori Chi) permission to make my fanclub. Thanks girl. <3

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    & be the hand that lifts your veil.
    & be the moon that moves your tide,
    the sun coming up in your eyes.
    be the wheels that never rust,
    & be the spark that lights you up.
    all that you've been dreaming of and more,
    so much more, i wanna be your everything.. <3

    paired with alternative <3
    Old March 5th, 2009 (2:20 AM).
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    I give Kishouku/Guillermo/Furrylover permission to create my fanclub. :3

    Old March 19th, 2009 (12:47 AM).
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    I give L O L L I P O P permission to create my fanclub~ ^_^
    Astral and Soipe
    Inspired by Nepgear

    Old April 10th, 2009 (12:18 PM).
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      I gave Tater Tot permission to make me another fanclub :D

      Slowly coming back to PC

      Old April 10th, 2009 (9:25 PM).
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      I give permission to Donnie to make my fanclub.
      Old April 25th, 2009 (4:55 PM).
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      E N T E R T A I N E R
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      By the power of the Lone Arc, I, Zuzu, bequeath to .Sublime the right to make my fanclub!

      I give permission to .Sublime to make my fan club.
      Old May 16th, 2009 (3:39 AM).
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        Man if only I was he-man =/

        Yeah, giving permission to Vendak to make me one.
        Old May 23rd, 2009 (4:57 PM).
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        All dreams are but another reality.
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        I give Shiny Umbreon permission to create my fanclub. :3
        Old May 23rd, 2009 (10:16 PM).
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        S P A R K of madness
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        Yo, guys, JessicaH has permission to make my fanclub~
        credit to easterly
        Old May 26th, 2009 (1:26 PM).
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        I told Shinjislover via Vm that I'll make him a club. He siad ok with the only restristion that the title doesn't look all flashy.
        he did it, not me.
        Old May 26th, 2009 (1:27 PM).
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        Bloodex-Fire has permission to make me a fanclub.

        Old May 26th, 2009 (2:26 PM).
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        i'm no goddess
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          I have given ShinjisLover permission to make me a FanClub.
          Old May 29th, 2009 (2:05 AM).
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            I gave permission for Cheesymitten to make me a fan club.
            Old May 30th, 2009 (4:11 AM).
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            Murder hereby has my consent to create a fanclub for me. Let's see how many people I can pull before the groups get deleted.
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            That shady guy lurking around the chemical dumpsters: Latiace
            Some random guy: 0m3GA ARS3NAL
            Sexy Lab Assistant: 001

            Old May 30th, 2009 (3:47 PM).
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            by fire be P U R G E D
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            Giving Ralph! the permission to make me an FC so he'll remove the gun from my head.

            Monotype Fire Challenge
            Old June 1st, 2009 (3:18 AM).
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            i own a rabbit heh
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            Guillaume//Rode a Ned says:
            Someone needs to make me a fanclub.
            Guillaume//Rode a Ned says:
            Like, honestly.
            mattie says:
            wait you dont have one? :S
            mattie says:
            i'll make it

            That's just how I roll.

            Yes, I give him permission, btw.
            one life, one chance

            | | le deux | | so-so-soulful
            Old June 6th, 2009 (9:39 PM).
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            Yes, he can!
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              Dukey can make me a fanclub, so says I. <3
              Gavin for Secretary of State!
              Old June 10th, 2009 (9:20 AM).
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                I give permission to Midori chi to make me a fanclub <33
                Old June 14th, 2009 (4:26 AM).
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                  I give permission to TT/Janis Ian to make me a fan club.

                  Use to be "The Hunk"
                  Old June 19th, 2009 (6:01 AM).
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                    I would like to make a Fan club for ~Morning Bliss~. And Morning Bliss approved.

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                    fight till we see the sunlight! tick tock on the clock

                    Old June 21st, 2009 (4:56 AM).
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                    I, Alinthea, give [F I L Ocakes] permission to make a fan club about meh! :D

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