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For those who are hacking Ruby / Sapphire, do not follow this tutorial, I am looking for how to do it in Ruby (it's in hex) of the first intro (see image below). If someone knows how to find / insert it, tell me, please.

Hello everybody, I do this tutorial for making your hacks a bit better (and custom), and, together, we could prevent the sale of illegal roms.

Some people have done this in their own hacks (Koder in Pokémon Caps, Alexmad in Pokémon Mitic Island), but haven't tutorial, therefore, I pledge to do so:)

Everytime (or rather, every time you open a Pokémon rom), you'll see a screen like this, or similar:

And most of those who have have edited this, has only edited the letters. But it's very little, and in my case, I want it to be totally different (I would avoid selling my hack, and customize a little more). We will use these tools:

-Our imagination (not a tool, but it is very important if you want to do things without using my resources (below is the download of my resources)).

-A Emerald, Fire Red or Leaf Green.

-Microsoft Paint (yes, that is included in all Windows installations (MSPaint.exe): I recommend the Windows Vista/XP/2000 paint ... but not the new of Windows 7, it's uncomfortable.

-FreeSpaceFinder (FSF) or Thingy32: To search for available space.

-Cyclone / NamelessTileMapEditor or (NTME): To create the tilemap.

-GBA-unLZ: To insert the image and tilemap.

-AdvancePalletteEditor (APE) or another palettes editor.

VisualBoyAdvance: To test if it works.

Then we should begin to work!

STEP 1: Make our own screen in paint.

I made my template with the background of the second screen in a battle, in Pokémon Platinum, and I use the fonts.

Many will think that insert this template is impossible, but it's not, follow the tutorial and see how it works.

STEP 2: Remove the tiles wich are repeated in the image, and remember, use the eraser to the size of 8x8.
In MSPaint, it's like this:

After erasing all the tiles repeated, we must sort (or disorder), but get more empty space. If there are empty spaces, fill it, or leave as is. (REMEMBER: It can only have 16 colors)

Remember: In NTME flip images, so if a tile that is the same if flip it, you can remove the other.

After having done these things, it should be something like this:

Very messy, no? : P

Now we have to index the image and save it in .GIF

Mine is indexed, and to be in. Png, and for those who want to know how I did, here are the steps:

1) Open the image with MSPaint.

2) Save it in .PNG

It's easy, no?

STEP 3: Open any editor tilemap, although I recommend NTME, because you can flip images and so you save more space (and bytes). Build the image as you did. This is mine:

[important] The height and width of this tilemap must be 32x32 (if not, it doesn't work) and always starts at the top left. Used to adjust the "+".

STEP 4: Save the tilemap, and it is time to see how big is the tileset. Find the tileset, right click -> properties and look for "Space" (I think (size is in English)), we can see how big your tilemap, to use the FSF (FreeSpaceFinder).

In my case, it's 2512. There is no need to see how much the RAW weighs, because it should always be 2048 bytes (2kb).

STEP 5: Open the FSF (FreeSpaceFinder) and start searching for 2512 bytes. Copy this address.

Open unLZ, load the rom that you want to use. In my case was FireRed.
Remember, usually the tilemap (. RAW) images are from the address just after the image.

-Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire:
Image of the intro: 1635
Tilemap (.Raw) of the intro: In hex.

-Pokémon FireRed / LeafGreen (in my case)
Image of the intro: 207
Tilemap (. Raw) of the intro: 208

-Pokemon Emerald
Image of the intro: 2540
Tilemap (. Raw) of the intro: 2541

Go to the direction of the image. In this direction, select import image, select Write To ROM, and in "image offset", paste the address of the FSF get (must be 8 numbers, and if you have only 6 or 7, add one or two zeros (0)).
Select everything except "Export Pallett (that would be Export Image, New Image Auto Abort if Bigger and Automatically fix pointers), select OK. REMEMBER: Id doesn't matter if the image is bigger.

When you import the image in the box below you have the pallettes in order (I mean that when you go to insert the pallet should be in the same order). I recommend to make a screenshot (screenshot) of the screen, paste in paint, so you can more easily use the color picker in APE.

After importing the image, go to FSF, search for 2048. Copy the address, and in the unLZ, go to the direction of Tilemap (.Raw). When you're out there in the menu bar, go to File - "Load ...", and select the RAW tilemap you created. Select open. Write To ROM, as before, paste the address of the FSF, adding zeros are required (must end up with 8 numbers), select Export all Pallett. Select OK.

STEP 6: Go to VBA, and see how the image has been (though this is optional):

(Pokémon Emerald inserted with the background).

Since there is not much, but of course we have to change the palletes, so let us begin.

Go to APE, find the pallets intro (down) and replace the order they were in the unLZ.
Offset of the pallets of the introduction:

-Ruby/Sapphire: I don't know.
-FireRed/LeafGreen: 00402260
-Emerald: 00DC3D54

After changing the pallettes, it'll be as wanted.


I've left the resources that used for those who want to make their own images. Putting credit or thanks is optional.

I recommend you to change it as this avoid sale of illegal ROMs.

For those that are vague, the tutorial seems very long, but for those who are satisfied with my contributions, with about 10 minutes you have plenty of time, if you understand how.

I hope that the tutorial have helped you!


Yours truly

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Well if you want an anti-pirate screen, this thread can help you out with that. The patches available there will insert a screen before the screen that you edit here so that you can have a message telling people not to sell the hack and have a copyright screen.

Well this is a nice and simple tutorial, easy to follow and it's got pictures (always a plus^^). Very helpful, thanks!

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I saw this in your hack thread and I wondered how to do it. Thanks for this! It's very informative and easy to follow with pictures.

Although, the patch that colcolstyles pointed out is a bit better because it doesn't use the boot screen (I may be wrong) and it uses a screen before the boot screen.
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Nice Tutorial but its a bit complicated and I like the image you made can you provide a download link so all I will need to do is insert it.
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Well I will wait for a tut on how to edit the intro for pokemon ruby!
Look at my new Title Screen!

Not bad don't you think?
My other one went nuts!
So I made a new one!


One of my favorite


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Man I love that!

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Can u explain how to disorder the image. Sorry I am very amatuer in all this and hence need help :D
If you look for my NTME thread, there's a video which shows you a way how to do it.
Well I will wait for a tut on how to edit the intro for pokemon ruby!
It's the same for Ruby.. just edit the tileset and tilemap..
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great :D
thanks for the tutorial!1!
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After importing the image, go to FSF, search for 2048. Copy the address-
Not enough free space found. My tile(set?).gif was 3189, I guess this is too big

I guess I'll never be able to use this for my team rocket hack, no matter how good or bad it turned out to be:

I spent so much time on that .raw image too.

I give up
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this looks SO smexy [/sarcasm]
Anyone able to help?
I can't say for sure because I haven't tried this recently but it looks to me as though you made the tilemap two tiles too thin. Try adding 2 to the width of the tilemap and then import it again.

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I can't say for sure because I haven't tried this recently but it looks to me as though you made the tilemap two tiles too thin. Try adding 2 to the width of the tilemap and then import it again.
Thanks. that fixed it. now onto the title screen....


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This is a useful little [TUT]. Do you think you could add editting to the screen with "Game Freak" and their logo behind it, I haven't found it anywhere and this was a really nice Tut so I figured you could.

Also I would like to help make your Step 1 easier...Download Sphere v1.5, open the 'editor', [File]>[Import]>[Image to Map]. Set to 8 and 8, ok for deleting duplicate tiles. Double click the created file, it will open up in sphere with a window that has a Tilemap, hit key: Prt Sc, Paste intp MS Paint and essentially crop the tile map and whatever the first tile is will have to be changed because there will be a pink box around it (which commen sense can fix in many ways).
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Usefull tut, but can you make a video that show us what you do?
I am the maker and owner of Pokemon Myth Islands!
The thread will come soon!!

If you want to join pm me and join the group; Team Myth.

What I Will Need:

- Tile editor and Inserter.
- Sprite maker and inserter.
- +++More things that i dont want to whrite here right now.
- Do you want to do something for this hack pm me!


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I doubt the OP is still around to answer this but can anyone explain what he does in step 2? He just goes from having a normal image to a scrambled up one.
What he does is break up his titlescreen into 8x8 tiles (squares of side 8 pixels), then removes all the tiles that have already been used (repeated tiles).

edit. This tutorial is outdated, and you can actually do a lot of the manual work automatically using Sphere Editor, (the only difference being Sphere's tilemaps don't remove flipped tiles, so your image will use a little extra space). Search this forum for another tutorial using the keywords "bootscreen editing", there was a really nice tutorial as a part of a compilation somewhere here.