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Old September 26th, 2012 (8:56 PM).
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Pokécommunity Highs!
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What is this?

This is where you can post your best moments (and worst if you wish!) whilst being a part of the Pokecommunity, whether that be for ten years or even just one!

  • Ordinary PC rules apply.
  • Try and make your posts as detailed as possible!
  • Try to keep it clean! - No offensive language.
How to participate

Pokécommunity High/Low Moment:
Why it is special to you:


Have fun :)

Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

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Old September 26th, 2012 (9:54 PM).
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    Lowest moment: When RoseBlade asked too see my Liberty Garden Victini for his/her dex and never gave it back.
    Why its special: Because it was my first time trading with someone on PC and it was my first legend in my pokemon white.

    Highest moment: PCX!!!!!!
    Why its special: Chilling watching movies, battling, the egg swap and the shiny raffle! Plus all the other "events" makes this my best time at PC yet! Ive never been more involved with other PC members!!
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    Highest Moment: Meeting more members of the community during the previous Get-Together. I had an awesome time, and even won a contest! It was awesome!

    Why It's Special
    : I'm not the best person to go out and make friends. I met quite a few people during the Get-Together, and it was a blast. I'm enjoying PCX, too. The events make this community stand out, and it keeps me active on the forums.
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    Highest Moment: Winning two categories in the 2011 Member of the Year awards.
    Why it's special: It was only my first year at PC and I thought I wouldn't stand a chance but taking out the Most Trivial (Pokemon) was a shock surprise since I started getting into trivia when I found Pokemon Trivia, also the joke "Most Likely to Take Down WikiLeaks" was well, unanimously voting for me (but back then I hated WikiLeaks, I don't anymore).

    Lowest Moment: Counterfeit copying my avatar/sig/usertitle, aka "Fake Hikari"
    Why it's special: Oh god I hate forgery, and this was no exception. Diab_Low, who was fairly new back then was chatting with me to know more about my personality, and then when I was browsing Other Trivia I noticed that Counterfeit had copied my signature, but then I discovered he copied my avatar and usertitle as well. My reaction wasn't happy at all, but I totally laughed at it. That moment will always be stuck in my head.

    And one more high moment: Becoming a PC Supporter.
    Why it's special: This supportership you're seeing me with now was the main prize in the PCX History Quiz, and I entered to try and win it. I didn't come out on top (not even make the top 3) but then I got a surprise VM from Toujours (who won it) saying if I would like to accept it as a birthday gift and being so excited, I immediately replied to her. I love my new blue name and all the cool features I now get, especially my new profile.
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      Low moments: People who break sig rules

      Why: Scrolling the page more or seeing that message

      High moments: PCF, Playing games and hacks

      Why: PCF has great events such as ISketch, There is some good people in the games showcase board who make great games
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      My highest moment here at The Pokecommunity would be a most recent event, my modding. I was absoloutely stoked to get the surprise private message from Mr Cat Dog offering me the position! (Mind you, any PM at the time would often surprise me as I'd hardly get any.) When I read the PM, I at at my desk shocked, staring at my screen for literally a few whole minutes, until I bursted out in a fit of excitement and starting yelling and screaming and jumping around like a loony; Mum, came in because she thought something was wrong. Anyhoo, I this was early in the morning I received this message and had to go off to school for the next six hours and all I could think about was what happened that morning, it was painful not being able to jump onto PC and get going!

      My lowest moment here at The Pokecommunity would be during the April Fools Prank. I got pranked hardcore, and I made a terrible fool of myself. I had to admit, it was an elaborate joke pulled by the staff and I definitely fell for it. I got cranky, I got confused, it was a disaster! When it was revealed that it was all just a joke, I felt so embarrasssed, embarrassed to know that I had acted in the way I did, and many knew that I was doing it for nothing. Haha, funny times, but definitely not one of my best! n.n
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        High Moment: Winning first place in a Pixel Art competition during a Christmas Get-Together. This was a high moment for me because I usually don't win, or even place in the Top 3 in art events on PC. It was a great moment and gave me confidence in my creative ability. Some entrants denounced my entry because I did alter the size, which I guess was against the rules. The judges were kind enough to overlook it, or the resizing didn't really phase them.

        Lowest Moment: Unpopular opinions getting constantly knocked down in Other Chat discussions. I guess if you can't take it, don't dish it out. I did blog that I felt like I was made out to be a horrible person for what I believed in.
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        Pokécommunity High/Low Moment:
        Starting Dark Hacking Inc. rom hacking team with KobreLair.

        Why it is special to you:
        When I first joined PokeCommunity I really didn't have a group that really belonged too. I kind of jumped around the forum, and I posted everywhere. There was not one specific forum that I was really fond of. After a while of being on PC I eventually found rom hacking. I started out just looking at different hacks just to see what was out there. Pokemon Brown was the first hack that I really fell in love with and I couldn't believe that a Pokemon game as fun as that was created by someone that wasn't Nintendo.

        Starting out I just downloaded some mapping tools and started playing with them just to see how they worked. Within a month or so I was using the tools to create some test hacks. They weren't advanced by any means, but I had made them.

        My first hack that I attempted was a hack called "Pokemon Aqua". I'm not gonna pretend I remember what this hack was about, but I do remember creating the game through maps, text, and a few events up to the first 4 or 5 towns. My procrastination prevailed and my will power to finish it decreases. I ended up giving up on the hack after a few months.

        After a few ideas that never went anywhere I joined up with Alex (KobreLair) and we started a hacking team called Dark Hacking Inc. Alex had admired the mapping from my old hacks and he became head developer and I became head mapper. We were the cofounders of Dark Hacking Inc (DHI). DHI took off fairly quickly in PC rom hacking forum due to Alex notoriety from his first hack called Pokemon Nature. We staffed the Inc with about a dozen people and starting working on a new RSE hack called Pokemon Forest Nature (Alex's second hack).

        We started a vB forum for our team and we had a fairly active community for about 6 months. All of the hacking and our small hacking community didn't last very long, but it was one of the greatest times I've had on PC. I'll remember it for a long time to come.
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        My highest moment here at PC had to be my first Get-Together. I met so many awesome people during that time, even though the event wasn't the best thought out.

        My lowest time had to be my n00b days though. I don't ever want to go back there again. EVER.
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        Pokécommunity High Moment: This is a toughie. I have so many, and I honestly have no idea what to pick. I have to admit that the prank a while back, where everyone was called Todoroki was so hilarious. xD The mass chaos that ensued was just amazing. :D Also seeing how much I have improved both as a person and as a pixel artist since I first joined is pretty nice too. :3

        Low Moment: As mentioned, I have to admit I too was embarrassed by how I acted with the Lerroux April Fools Prank. :X Also, when I first joined I was a massive noob, haha. xD Looking back, I'm shocked by some of the stuff I did. xD Oh well~ That was.... around four (oh wow, it's my 5th anniversary this month?!? I didn't even know, haha. xD) years ago now. :o It's shocking to know I've been here so long, but at the same time...

        Here's to many more amazing years at PC! :D
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        PokéCommuity High Moment: Being one of the people who taught Nica how to battle.

        Why Special?: Because she has now pretty much surpassed me and is one of the best battlers at PC. To think that she didn't used to know what Sp. Atk was for. It was lots of fun teaching her too with all our little battles on PO.
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        My PokeCommunity "High" moment would be the time I opened The Official PokeCommunity Adoption Center. It's special because I worked on it so hard, and made it something special to the new members. It was a huge accomplishment I made during the time I was on staff.

        After a couple of months, or probably a year, Larry (Hiidoran) had plans to open a program that would allow veteran members to “adopt” brand new members and show them around the community and teach them the basics of the PokeCommunity. As I got modded in June of 2011, that was one of my top plans. Life…got in the way, though…and the program never happened.

        As December rolled though…I had finished college already, and had a ton of time for myself. So, I went ahead and re-planned the whole thing myself, re-recruited the mentors that once signed up with Larry, as well as recruited new ones that missed the original sign-up deadline back in May (iirc). While planning the Program, I’ve had new members come forward to me…asking me about the new mentoring program and asking for a mentor. To me it was so amazing to see that new members were already sparked interest in the program and I haven’t even named it yet (or even posted it at that matter). So I felt that I needed to work quickly.

        In February, I had already finished setting up everything for the thread. The mentors, their bios, and the requirements as well, everything was going well as planned. I was simply waiting for that day to be launched. On a midnight, I was finally able to open The Official PokeCommunity Adoption Center. It became a huge accomplishment, finally able to bring something big to the community…something that would benefit the new users a ton. In a matter of days, it was increasing with new members.

        Throughout its course, I lost count on how many members got adopted, or how many new members got adopted by a single mentor. As you can tell the number would be pretty big. Now an ex-mod, I still deeply care about the Adoption Center, which is why I remained a mentor of the program. I want to spread the joy of PC to the new members, and other mentors should as well.

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        Highest Moment: Going to be predictable and say my modding.
        Why it's special: Went hinted at it on MSN the day before it was going to happen and I slept so bad that night hehe. XD; Couldn't stop thinking about it! When I finally got that fancy bold blue, I had four reports to handle. Took about 14 hours to rewrite and update the stickies too, so the first few days were definitely my hardest, but it was still exciting to work on everything~! I'm still very happy about it all <3

        Lowest Moment: The first few months of my time here.
        Why it's special: Not because it was bad, but because of how shy I was and how hard it was to open up. XD; But it was definitely a learning experience, so I'm thankful for it.

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        High: Any time I got more than 25 replies (ie more than one page) in a thread I made.
        Why?: I'm really insecure about myself and how good I am of a person, so it's comforting to gauge how many replies I get. Though I know it means nothing of me really :P

        Low: Any time people make...those...threads.
        Why?: Because though people are nice, it only takes a few people that aren't so...nice...to make my whole PC experience go sour. It's also reflected in real life, because whenever someone is ignorant to my side, they blame me and tell me I'm not supposed to bother them with that (or to that extent) and so on and I get really sad so I guess it's not that surprising.
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        Low Moment: When I became a moderator, and took a very wrong decision of mass deletion of posts in a tutorial thread... And then life became too busy for me to continue being a mod, and so I resigned. :\ Aw well...

        High(?) Moment: Each of everyday during my first days and even today. Just being able to log myself in here is really wonderful, even though the activity has died down in the places I frequently visit over the years, but oh well.

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        I guess I'll ramble a little... XD

        Pokécommunity High Moment: My Modding
        Why it is special to you: I originally joined PC to talk to a friend because we were spamming up the comments on a Community Site. The owner of the site (and at the time a PC Site Admin) told us if we wanted to talk then to join PC. I had no intention in sticking around, I didn't even know what a forum was all about. As you can see... I ended up staying. After awhile of posting and getting around some people started saying "Oh you'd make a good Mod, you help people.", before long I kind of wanted to be a Mod too. And then around June of 2003 they started Modding a ton of people to replace a ton of Mods who left (PE2K used to be a Community Site, they had a forum and so when they joined with PC they brought a lot of Staff... and when they left they took a lot of Staff). The one who sent my Modding PM wasn't the one who sent all the others, so he was slow and for awhile I was disappointed because I thought for sure I was going to be Modded along with everyone else. And then I got the PM asking if I wanted to be a Mod and if so then what forums did I want (back then they let the person pick their forums), so I picked 2 or 3 forums (however many they told me to pick) and I was Modded.

        I started my little Staff journey over 9 years ago and been going ever since. Second only to Steve/Rukario when it comes to longest running Staff member. Promotion to S-Mod only 2 weeks after getting Modded, Second Praetor/Assistant Admin, first Staff Admin. It's been a crazy ride with lots of highs and lots of lows. But it all started with me getting Modded. I never thought I'd be on PC for over 9 and a half years, hell I didn't think PC would be around for that many years (had you been around back in 2003 you know what I'm talking about... the forum deleting really big threads, deleting members, etc).

        Pokécommunity Low Moment: A Community divided
        Why it is special to you: There was this big fight between me and the only other Assistant Admin at the time. A fight that went on for months and months and the whole community ended up getting mixed up in the fight. Truth be told I don't even know what the fight was about... I think it was about the treatment of some Mods and perhaps members but it's been so long I can't be sure (maybe I blocked it out). But I do know that lines where drawn and most people picked a person to side with and that was that. Imagine having two of the most popular Staff start fighting and it goes on and on and on, two that has always worked together now fighting like cats and dogs. In the end the person left the Staff and shortly after left PC, but not after so many were hurt. Was I in the right and she in the wrong? I don't know, like I said it was so long ago and I guess I sort of blocked it out. But I know it hurt because this person was a really good friend of mine, she was Modded the same time as me (heck she took the forum I wanted XD), her Erica and myself worked on the first set of written rules for PC, talked all the time on MSN and so on. When shes left part of me was happy it was all over, but another part hated to see my friend go.

        And then around 2 years later out of the blue this person made a comment on my Livejournal. I was very very surprised and very very happy. And we still talk even to this day.

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        We played something like this at my church group before.I'm not as old as some of the people posting here but I do have some high/low moments.

        Pokécommunity High:Winning 2nd in the Easter Egg Swap.
        Why it is special to you: It was totally unexpected. I thought I was only gonna get 3rd or 4th place. When Forever announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners and I saw my name in 2nd, I literally jumped joy and screamed. It's my first swap ever and winning second was pretty impressive for a noobie like me.

        Pokécommunity Low Moment: On April 15, 2012 when PC was down for a almost a day.
        Why it is special to you: I have only been here for 7 months , so I haven't had any major lows yet. I'm not sure if anyone remembers this, though this was a day where PC was basically down for a day. I got on early that morning and found out it was down. I checked back 2 hours later and it was still down. I checked back after 2 more hours and the same thing, PC was down. I went back later that day around 3pm to see if PC was running again and sadly it was still having issues. I guess anytime PC is down or the CloudFlare isn't working, is disappointing. I may have only been here for 7 months, but I'm pretty addicted to this forum. I've spent countless nights staying up past 4am, 5am, and even up to 8am on here. Sure I have other forums to go to during site maintenance , but something is special about this forum. The community is very friendly and with nice mods and thread in OVP and OT and everywhere else that keep me interested. I've enjoyed the time I've had here so far and hope to be here for many anniversaries ahead.
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          Pokecommunity High:
          Why is it special to you: Well I just joined of course, and was welcomed so warmly by everyone!
          Joining and getting warm welcomes from such kind members.
          Another high would be the PCX, and the community getting together and having a good time together, and a wide range of events to choose from to participate in.

          Pokecommunity Low:
          Why is it special to you: It's special because I don't have a Low about this place so far.
          I don't have a low at all yet, since I have only been a member for such a short time.
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          My PokeCommunity High would probably have to be getting my first pair.
          Why it's special: I honestly, even though joined in ROM Hacking and made many memories there, I never thought I would do anything PC Central like pairing. It was great.

          My Pokecomminity Low would be when we got rid of groups.
          Why? I know I didn't use them much as a thing link clubs, though those were more lenient. I do miss Hack Teams having their own little forum.
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          imma reply too. n____n Unfortunately I have way too many highs (lol I've done a lot thinking about it) so PUTTING IT DOWN TO JUST ONE!!

          Pokécommunity High: When I got modded. :3
          Why it is special to you: Although I really wanted it I never expected it'd happen. It was even more surpising because it was such an important/central forum to PC at the time due to the release very soon (really, getting to mod speculation period of a new generation of Pokemon gaming = best thing ever). Oh and even better is that I've been modding it for over two years too, and since then I've been through so much there and it's the perfect forum!

          Don't want to talk about my low because personal!

          Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
          You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
          A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

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          PC High: I would say when I got my supportership for being second in the Easter Egg Hunt this year because that's when I got cool new privileges... And this is where I started going into #tpc and became friends to the IRC people there, including Nica... A close second is when I got my blog privileges for winning a speculation contest handled by Nica.

          PC Low: I would say my joining... I was such a TOTAL n00bcake. My first reply wasn't even in NU&W but in the Emulation forums... I was asking some help in Snakewood... lool

          Tbh, I was a user who joins PC because I just wanted to ask help and download hacks.... But once I started opening up to people, I became a better person. Tbh, I hate those kinds of people now... Yeah, I'm so rude...

          Another close one is when I can't access PC for 6 months... Not because I'm banned or anything... but my IP was blocked and stuff.. Idek why but I think PC did a little overboard on the security features imo...
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          Pokécommunity High/Low Moment: Hosting the Trivia Challenge/PCX Event

          Why it is special to you: Ahh, well, actually I didn't even think I was going to get picked (to help) host it. I saw that a few people before me had already asked and weren't made EOs so why would I? Afterall I only recently came back to PC after being gone for so long. Plus, I'm not the most active person. Overall it's just been a great experience I've talked and befriended a lot of new people. But when I saw the EO status on my name I was sooo excited. I think I did a pretty damn good job at this challenge. (Of course with the help of Andy and RetroRoller! It definitely wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without them.) And hey now I can actually be active in the IRC instead of just blowing it off because I didn't know anyone. That's what makes it a high moment.

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            Pokecommunity High Moment: When I learned to script because of diegoisawesome's MEGA HUGE XSE Tutorial and other tutorials that helped me to be the hacker I am now.

            Why it's special to you: I was just going to sign up to download some hacking tools but stayed for a while because new tools always came and when they didn't I looked at al the forums and whatnot and now I'm too attached to leave.

            Pokecommunity Low Moment: When my first laptop broke and I was off PC for a couple months.

            Why it'sspecial to you: Because I missed so much on our little community and I was trying to work on my hack but mostly because so many things happened while I was gone but whatever except now my new (but very old laptop I bought off my neighbor) overheated and is dead unless my neighbor can repair it but my super phone will at least let me post and sprite

            Thanks for 1-2 years of fun at Pokecommunity but lets still keep it going!

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            Pokecommunity High Moment: Getting 2nd in the 2011 Egg Swap.

            Reason: This is still the only event that I usually take part in in any get-together as I feel like I have a chance of winning something rather easily. I found it quite easy to join in that event and winning something quite hard for some people to get was quite a accomplishment.

            Pokecommunity Low Moment: My Username

            Reason: I still think that my username is terrible and would like it changed in the future to something better. It's such a stupid pun, and it doesn't express my actual personality.
            Old September 30th, 2012 (1:25 PM).
            Razer302 Razer302 is offline
            Three Days Grace - Break
              Join Date: Apr 2006
              Location: England
              Age: 27
              Nature: Quiet
              Posts: 3,355
              Highest moment: The get together.

              Reason: I never normally spend much time here but during get together I try yo make myself as active as possible and partake in them even though unfortunately this time around work and computer issues got in the way of me having fun and joining in.

              Lowest moment: When I left for 6 or more months.

              Reaso: All my friends had gone and ever really joined back fully after that since I never knew people.

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