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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old December 15th, 2013 (3:15 PM).
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    As we all know, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver came with overworld sprites for (then) all 493 Pokémon, to be used in the game pair's walking Pokémon feature.

    Out of the many Pokémon overworld sprites, which one(s) would be your favorites? Elaborate as much as you'd like!
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    Old January 14th, 2014 (9:26 AM).
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      Mine favorite was snorlax. Walking behind like a bodyguard.
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      Old January 15th, 2014 (1:29 AM).
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      Oh wow... sentret was kinda cool. And I had a glaceon for awhile that was also really cool. Maybe dragonite was my favorite though.
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      Old January 15th, 2014 (2:16 AM).
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      Magikarp and Pikachu.

      1. Magikarp - I like it flopping on the ground (I don't really remember.)

      2. Pikachu - It reminds me of Yellow version.
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      Old January 15th, 2014 (3:14 AM).
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      Any shiny Pokemon. The fact that they even implemented shiny overworlds - such a minute detail - makes me love them. I also particularly like the legendaries, especially the really big ones such as Girantina, Ho-oh and Lugia. I very much enjoyed walking around town with this massive companion behind me, haha.
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      Old January 15th, 2014 (11:21 AM).
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      Originally Posted by Unidentified View Post

      1. Magikarp - I like it flopping on the ground
      Beat me to it :P

      I was recently running around with a Giratina, and it looks so dang huge. I can't just ignore it, especially when I hide behind its towering head lol.
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      Old January 20th, 2014 (2:47 PM).
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      I personally liked Blastoise's overworld sprite; it looked quite epic to me. I liked Metagross' sprite too, as well as Pikachu. There are many other OWs that I like, but these are the only ones I could think of right now from the top of my head.
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      Old January 22nd, 2014 (3:08 AM).
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        Scyther felt like I was walking with Edward scissor hands
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        Old January 22nd, 2014 (8:35 AM).
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        This little guy right here. I always put my Jolteon in my first slot when I played HG since it was just so cute!
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        Old January 22nd, 2014 (6:25 PM).
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          I enjoyed watching Meganium, Steelix, and Infernape walk behind me when I had my original Heartgold. The pokemon seemed genuinely happy which made me happy haha
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          Old January 23rd, 2014 (12:30 AM).
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          I loved seeing Wailord, Rayquaza, Ho-oh and other large Pokemon following behind me, just because of how ridiculous it seemed. Diglett and Dugtrio were interesting too, as they'd just go right through ledges rather than jump over them, which I though was some nice attention to detail.

          As for my favorite though, I'd have to go with Butterfree. I had it following me around for at least 75% of the game, and any other Pokemon just felt out of place behind me.
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          Old January 23rd, 2014 (1:16 AM). Edited January 23rd, 2014 by She_Delphox.
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            Omg, I kinda liked all the Eevee evolutions walking behind you, they just looked so adorably imo! :3 I also loved it how they put the shiny details into it too, if a Pokemon was shiny!
            Sometimes it was just TOO FUN to kinda troll your game, taking some overly too large or hillarious looking Pokemon out just to see what it would look like when they are walking with you outside xD ROFL... points at Wailord :3

            But, here the ones I liked the most:
            - Cyndaquil (<3)
            - Pikachu
            - Pidgeot (just so adorable having a flying bird behind you!)
            - Eevee evolutions
            - Charizard (amazing having a Dragon with you rofl)
            - Dratini (cute!)
            - Dragonair (looked really pretty)
            - Dragonite (cute as well!)
            - Arcanine (amazingly done! I always liked Arcanine, so amazing to have him walking behind you)
            - Nidoking/Nidoqueen
            - Rhydon
            - Steelix ROFL, HILLARIOUS xD!!! Remember some Pokemon were TOO LARGE to fit through the door in the Pokemon Center for example, so you had to retreat them inside their Pokeballs in order to walk in the Pokemon Center or other buildings, but they still looked awesome! :3
            - Same above for Gyarados xD (I still love you rofl)

            The ones I didn't like that much (sometimes you catch a Pokemon and it looks awesome, while the "walking-sprite" doesn't unfortunately...):
            - Kingdra
            - Houndoom
            - Feraligatr
            - Typhlosion
            - Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam
            - Tyranitar

            So, I was sold when Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver came out because it was so adorable and amazing to have the "Pokemon-walking-with-you" concept back after Yellow (it was only Pikachu but still so cute in 8-bit rofl)
            I still hope someday it will be possible again (or you can choose wether you want to walk with your Pokemon outside of your Pokeball or not)!

            Would love to have a walking Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox behind me! :3

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            Old January 25th, 2014 (7:14 PM).
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              I loved using Heracross ever since the original G/S. Having the lil fella run along w/ me is kinda awesome. I'll put all/most of my faith in Heracross.
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              Old January 25th, 2014 (7:30 PM).
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                Wailord, because its totally under exaggerated

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                Old January 29th, 2014 (7:23 PM).
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                  I liked it when my Togetic followed me. It was like a little fairy following around me on my journey, maybe a bit like in LoZ games. You don't get the Shiny Stone until late-Kanto, so I got to enjoy it for a long time.
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