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Got an idea for a game, but you don't want to keep it all to yourself? Want to throw it out there in case someone else might want to use it? Post it in here! Also, you can comment on and critique other ideas in here.

You can of course use your own ideas. Post an idea in this thread only if you don't mind whether other people also take that idea and do something with it. Think of this thread as a place to find and provide inspiration.

This thread isn't just for whole game ideas. It can also be for partial ideas, possible new/different mechanics, and so forth.

Be as descriptive as you can be. Just saying "what if there was a game that followed the manga?" or "what if the battle system was an ABS?" isn't good enough. Explain yourself, point out obstacles and solutions and approaches, and say why you think it's worth doing.
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I have plenty of ideas for Pokemon Games myself, but I can't make any because the only way to make them is with Pokemon Essentials, which uses the RPG Maker XP Engine, which requires asking my parents' permission to buy for a whopping $30 dollars, or having to risk getting a virus.

General ideas:
-An unusual phenominum is causing Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to almost go extinct, putting the Pokemon World at stake.
-The ability to catch 'em all, and complete a living pokedex
-8 Gym Badges
-No swearing at all, due to PokeCommunity's Censor Bypass rule.
-Hold the 1 button to walk slowly and not encounter any wild Pokemon.

2 Pokemon have evolution methods that can't be unimplemented. Here's my idea.
-Malamar evolves from Inkay at Level 30 WHILE HOLDING THE 3DS UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!! Because we can't implement holding the computer upside-down, an item known as "Upside-Down 3DS" will be used in its place.
-Eevee requires Pokemon Amie to evolve into Sylveon. An item called "Fairy Feed" will be used to emulate the effects, so that an Eevee holding the item can evolve.

Again, I cannot make all this into an actual game due to money and viruses.
and don't lock this thread just because I posted here.


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I'd like to see a game where Pokemon are replaced by real world animals with appropriate types and movesets. I don't know if it's been done before (wouldn't be surprised).

Obviously there wouldn't be any fire or psychic or ghost types or anything like that, but I could still see a few interesting types.

Kangaroo (Fighting)
Polar bear (Ice/Normal)
Electric Eel (Water/Electric)
Bat (Flying/Dark)
Scorpion (Bug/Poison)
Mole (Ground)
Leaf insect (Bug/Grass)

Though I guess the vast majority would be Normal, bug, flying or water type! Hell you could even add plants to have some grass types!


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I doubt I'll ever have the enthusiasm for it, but maybe someone here would find it an interesting story - Pokemon: Chartreuse, a game following Wally's perspective as he undergoes his coming-of-age story, where he goes from the sickly asthmatic you meet in Petalburg to the driven trainer with the mega pendant(proper key stone name?) you must face at the very end of Victory Road, maybe even going on a quest to stop Zygarde from rampaging after threats to the Hoenn ecosystem(from Team Magma or Aqua) attract its attention.

The main design obstacle to it would likely be incorporating those losses against the ORAS protagonist. Either you'd have to rewrite them with Wally winning, or script guaranteed defeats. On the other hand, you'd get ample opportunity to break conventions of Pokemon games without going too far - a non-silent protagonist, a non-gym storyline, exploring Hoenn as a setting rather than a line of obstacles, an unexplored connection in Pokemon lore(likely to be filled when we get more information on Jim Henson's Zygarde Babies the blob thing that's been shown lately).

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I'd absolutely LOVE to see a 3D survival/MMORPG-type game where you control a single pokemon (no trainers), like in Mystery Dungeon, with real time battles.

I actually have loads of ideas for this, both for storyline and gameplay.

Pokémon weren't always like this. They used to be peaceful creatures, and so were Humans. Millennia ago, both species lived in harmony, helping and bolstering each other, Pokémon with their raw power and wisdom, Humans with their ingenuity and craftiness. They were inseparable. But... all good things must come to an end. A rogue group of Humans, cast out of the peaceful society due to their nefarious ways, began to plot and scheme to capture the Pokémon's power to themselves. For many years they remained hidden, and thus they were forgotten by the others. But they never stopped working towards their goal. After two centuries, their plan was set in motion: they had built the Pokéball. But this wasn't the regular Pokéball you'd find on a store today. No, this abomination enslaved the mind of the Pokémon and drained its power to the Human which the Pokéball had imprinted itself on.

Thus what's called "The Great Hunt" had began. The rogue Humans began relentlessly hunting Pokémon, capturing them on their vile devices and adding their power to their own. Eventually, they reached the society they were cast out from and, in the dead of the night, captured all the Pokémon there and coerced the remaining Humans into servitude shortly after. Or so they thought. The Humans had forgotten the rogue group, but the Pokémon had not. The circle of elders, the epitome of strength and sapience in Pokékind, had noticed the change in the world due to the Pokémon being captured and twisted and had actually detected the evil-doers entering their sanctuary. However, they realized they were surrounded and outclassed. So, with great grief for abandoning their good Human partners, they all agreed to flee. The Psychic-type elder in the group, Mazakala, gathered his strength and teleported them all to safety. As they arrived, they began calling out for the remaining Pokémon to join them and inform them of the Human menace. Meanwhile, Mazakala began to scour the land for the captured Pokémon until he found the place where they were being held. When he did, his spoons creaked in sorrow: nearly all the Pokémon there had gone mad and the ones that hadn't were soon to be. He decided to focus on the ones that could still be saved, a plan forming on his formidable brain. He imbued them with some of his psychic energy so they could withstand the pain but then he gave them something much more important: hope.

Years passed, then decades. The Humans believed themselves to be the kings of the world, but little did they know the foundations of their kingdom were slowly being eaten from the inside: the strong-willed Pokémon that had been captured and then blessed by Mazakala were slowly regaining their strength, even inside the evergy-draining device. Soon, his plan would come to fruition. It had seemed the Humans had underestimated the Pokémon in their greed and lust for power. The circle of elders were creating safe havens for all the Pokémon types in preparation of what was to come.

Then, exactly 721 moons after the Humans' merry rampage, it began. All the still-sane captured Pokémon released their pent-up energy and broke their bindings, freeing them from the restraining devices. (This is where the game starts) Then, they blasted their way through the fortress they were in and followed the directions given to them by Mazakala, where they could start anew. The Humans detected the burst of energy and tried to get the Pokémon back, but when they arrived at ground zero, they were already gone.

Ok so that's the story. XD The rest will be the "blank slate" the other Pokémon games start with. As for gameplay, I was thinking of faction based pvp: One of the factions is the Pokémon that escaped the fortress plus the elders that are trying to "overthrow" the Humans. This is where the "Mystery Dungeon" and survival gameplay will come in. The other faction is the group of Humans trying to get back the Pokémon. This will be the classic trainer-based Pokémon game, sort of. Its still 3D, real time battles. Both factions are playable. I think this game model has a lot of flexibility and there are a lot of things that can be created around it.

I have more ideas, but this is probably already a huge wall of text, so I'll ask for everyone's opinion first. What do you guys/girls think?


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Here is an idea that i never plan on using:
A game where you are a Son/Daughter of a Hiker. As a kid you would always go hiking in the mountains by yourself against your Dad's wishes; when you reach the top of the mountain you would be overcome with a feeling of freedom and joy, from seeing the world from up so high. However one day it began snowing but only lightly so you believing everything is fine still go to the mountain to climb to the top. As you reach the top a huge snow storm begins, you lose your way and start experiencing hypothermia. Just then you are rescued by Articuno and it brings you to the bottom of the mountain saving your life. Forever grateful you always visit the mountain every winter to leave treats for Articuno.

However a decade later some individuals who are up to no good Come to the mountain to capture your rescuer. Angered by this you take your Geodude that you got as a present from your dad and attempt to fight of these criminals. Unsuccessful however you lose to these villains though you did buy enough time for Articuno to escape. The Criminals leave to chase after Articuno. you then seek out a way of becoming stronger.

You hear of an ancient challenge that used to be taken to become stronger. this challenge includes collecting five items (Haven't thought of yet). one in a big mountain, one in the depths of the ocean, one in a giant forest, one in a tower in the desert , the final one can be in some house owned by an old guru.

That's all i got little cheesy lol.
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Here's an idea that I can't make it myself as I need 30 bucks to buy rpg maker or risk getting a virus. The game is set 30 years after the events of Pokemon Emerald. You are the son/daughter of Brendan and May. There are three regions, two new and Hoenn, and an island where the Tri Region Pokemon League is located. Brendan is the Tri champion but no one but him, his elite 4, and May know. May is the champion of one of the new regions with Wally being the other and Steven being Hoenn. The game starts off with you in a camping tent with Brendan and your two rivals. One is the son of Max (anime) and the other being the daughter of Wally. Brendan is telling the story of how he beat Team Aqua and Magma when you hear a rustle. You go outside to find a Team Air grunt chasing a Mew. You come to its aid and defeat the grunt. The Mew thanks you and says that he'd return if you are in trouble. After seeing you battle Brendan thinks it's time for you to pick a starter... The story I came up with are some of the ideas I came up with. Would someone plz make make my game into a reality. I'll try to help out if someone makes it.
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Sorry for the necro but I had an idea for doing a Pokemon Crystal remake with all the 6th gen mechanics (except maybe the Exp. Share mechanic) and calling it Pokemon Spirit Crystal. The title may not be the best but it's what I have in my mind right now. If I go through with it I would of course have mega evolutions for the Johto starters and maybe some other custom megas.
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long ago I had a plan for game where you travel through all region, mostly from game, but the only problem is a plot where it would be like in games but with a little differents not to make an exact copy of original games and a way to battle each main heroes. Have a possibility to catch all pokemon with some event for unique one, making friends to fight along, acquiring all badges to face elite four from all regions and changing clothes for new places. Some ideas like that but it would take too much time to do it alone.
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Project Title Idea:

Pokemon Mystery Riders

Your character lives with her family in a mid-sized village built around the treetops of a jungle rainforest. Your uncle happens to be the resident pokemon professor, Timothy Twiggs. When you turn sixteen you and your rival receive your pokemon and are ushered to start a journey of mystery and adventure. Along the way you solve mysteries and disrupt criminals with the help of your rival and occasionally your older brother. Eventually you get roped into stopping an evil organization bent on dictatorship. You may choose to be league champion or maybe you have different ideas.


You’ve spent your whole life trying to live up to the massive pressure of being your older brother’s younger sibling. You and your rival developed a passion for mystery solving. You jump head first into the deep end of the conspiracy pool with a magnifying glass and a Sherlock Holmes hat.

Hayden/Hailey wants nothing more to be an action hero archeologist. Eager to seek out adventure for adventure sake. They never want to battle you but they will oblige if you want to battle them. While you travel separately you usually solve mysteries/finish side quests together.

A classic case of wrong place wrong time. He’s always lost and ends up stumbling into your mystery solving adventure. He could care less about the villains; all he wants is to scrounge up enough money to buy a boat and see the world. (Maybe a bit of a hippy.)

Older Brother.
Rolan became the region’s hero when he helped defeat an evil organization in his youth. He is the current gym leader of the third gym near the western coast. He appears every so often to help you and others fight against the new villains (also to reveal embarrassing childhood secrets).

Beatrice started a clothing line, there are small shops in the larger cities. She can be bit of a micro-manager. She prefers the quiet small town life near her younger brother. She doesn’t really approve of your mystery adventures. But she’s more than happy to brag about your older brother.

Edmond (or Eddy) is a hard worker and a stubborn man. He works as a lumberjack or some kind of blue collar. He prefers you to your older brother, seeing more of himself in you than him. He has a fondness for his Primeape named Bruce.

Professor Twiggs.
He’s the younger brother to your mother and resident pokemon professor. He’s positively terrified of bug pokemon but adores the colorful pokemon that live in the surrounding area.


Possible name for the evil organization. I like the idea of there not being "Team" in the title.

You are sixteen-seventeen.
Your opposite gender rival strives to become an action hero archeologist. (Not a league champion.)
Your villainous team happens to be an organization of corrupt former police who want the country to be ruled by military force instead of whatever the Pokemon League people do/regional government does. Early into the game they claim that all they want is true democracy but what they really want is a military rules state in their favor. (Maybe led by an officer Jenny?)
You won't be defeating the villainous team alone. You'll have help from your older brother, your rival, the champion, two rogue detectives, and a mysterious stranger you learn more about as the plot progresses. (­­A little more realistic than being a 10 year old saving the world solo.)

After 8 Badges You Can Either:
Challenge the League and become Champion
-Option to become a Gym Leader
Become a Detective or Ranger or P.I.
-TONS of side quests.
-New areas are opened

Added Features:

Legendary pokemon are not catachable.

Following pokemon. (Maybe not all pokemon just a few.)
After beating 8 gyms you can rent a house or apartment in one of a few locations.
Adding a bit of flirting/romance to the dialogue between characters/rivals.
Instead of catchin' them all you can update your pokedex by checking books around houses and libraries throughout the region. Some npc’s will tell you children stories and at the end your pokedex is updated.
I’d really like more minor characters or even npc’s to have LGBT relationships.

IF there are TWO regions, could you restart? Like get a new starter at level 5 and put all your higher level pokemon in the pc while you catch new pokemon and beat the pokemon gym’s anew.

Also maybe Pirates.

(I freaking love pirates.)

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Here is an idea I thought about awhile ago. I watch a lot of poketubers like KingNappy and Shadypenguin. What if there was game where the gym leaders were poketubers and other poketubers had special events like if you were able to go to Newmoon Island and you find Patterrz looking for Darkrai, or if Natewantstobattle is a traveling musician who will battle you like the TV interviewer from Pokemon ruby and sapphire.

I think the plot of the story should involve fakemon. It would interested if there was a conflict between people who like fakemon and people who like "natural" pokemon. It would interesting if you had a conflict against people who do not want fakemon in their region and ones that want fakemon, and you see it get progressive worst as your adventure goes on. It would be cool if you could your side whether you support fakemon or not. You could have gym leaders take sides on which side they support. With this mind it would make sense to have two teams.

Also, I thought it would be interesting if you include fakemon from other games and have their developers as scientists in the game or have special events. Fakemon could include pokemon like delta pokemon from pokemon insurgence, or nuclear pokemon from pokemon uranium . Like if a character from Pokemon Snakewood travel through a portal looking for a zombie pokemon or something to that affect.

I just wanted to toss this idea out there because I cannot make games and I hope maybe I can inspire someone who can to make this idea a possibility.
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This is a idea for a rom hack for pokemon games I dont know how to hack so someone could please give me credit for this if its a good game. You start out as an Afro-American (what all pokemon games lack in) and you got some CLEAN Jordans on for the sprite with an afro or a Part in the hair.If you are a girl you are basically the same but with better Jordans and your hair is afro or long( I don't know no girl hairstyles! You figure it out!) Your mom says that some random dude will give you a pokemon if you give when your NBA 2K game. If you don't GAME OVER and you stay in your house doing nothing. If you give him the game, he gives you a choice of 2 pokemon; A New Pitbull like pokemon named PitPup that has low defense, 0 special attack, low special defense, normal speed, and 34 attack ( its level 5) Evolves into PitDog then PitBull And if you say no, he runs with the pokemon, and you walk out of the alley he was in, and a baby shiny Mew shows up. "Catch me trainer!" Say no once again, GAME OVER and back into the house. Say yes, you get Mew's shiny son,Muw. Some hobo walks by and says "Dang son" and walks away. This game should be as funny but if this offends anyone, take out those parts. I'm afro-american, and I think this is funny. Don't rage over a game. Now back to the game, you train your pokemon blah blah blah Gym Leader: Hello, (Insert Name Here) I bet all my money I win. He loses horribly with 6 magikarps with only splash and his face is like O_o Where you get that (Your starter's original name) from bro? You gain 1 million dollars because of the gym leader's bet (Serious part comes in here) You go out the gym, and hear a rumble. 5 people are running away and there is something you can't make out just staring at you. (theres fog) Go, (your pokemon) ! The unknown figure one hit kills you with an unknown move in pokemon. You join the crowd running, and the figure destroys the whole town. Out of rage, your pokemon gains a second ability named Enraged It games +20 to all stats at any random time it remembers what happened. You go on to the other gym and you get stopped before going in. The gender opposite of yours is your rival and she has the Pokemon you didn't pick. She is strong, but the dominant pokemon is mostly her starter. If you lose, you don't blank out like a wimp, you just thrash or rage out to heal your pokemon. (Creator can make the different pokemon in grass patches in the whole game) When you finish the game, Arceus says "I am impressed. You will see me again when you redeem yourself." You see the figure again in the fog. This is your moment. The reason you dedicated yourself to defeating all these gyms in a day for some reason. You battle the Pokemon. It is Dark Mewtwo which is black with red eyes and the purple is still purple though. You can throw any pokeball, but it uses telekenisis to break it open. 0.000000001 chance of catching it. It's level 100, and its op. 425-476 Special Attack, and in the low 300s for everything else. When you beat it you gain 1 trillion dollars from all the townspeople repaying you, give you all the starters in the game, and all legends except for Mew( It was your optional starter what do you expect, for everything to come your way?) The Mew by the way at level 5, 25% chance of getting Rash 10% Lonely 40% Modest 25% Hasty The PitPup 40%Adamant 35%Brave 25% Hasty (A bit easy to kill with such low stats, you can maybe switch the speed higher and the defense medium, that would maybe be better.) PitPup Boy comes in Dominant color White and other color is Brown. PitPup Girl comes in Dominant color Brown and other color is White. I wrote so much to be as SPECIFIC as possible, and all pokemon games are so serious go save the world 10 year old, we're too old and fat to do it ourselves, but in this game, you can switch it up, just PLEASE don't make it about the character being a superhero. I want this game more REALISTIC. By the way, before you leave the alley guy, your mom tells you to visit your friends and show off. They ask you "What the heck is that?" and you say Pokemon. " You talkin bout that nerdy game, brah?" You: Uhhhhh... "Just kidding, yo go do your thing! yall don't care right?" Others: .... "RIGHT!?!?!?!" Others: mumble I guess.. Okay Im done I didnt waste my day on this game idea for nothing at least try to publish it please! :) Edit everything but no heroes! Your rival can be one! One more thing! Ugh, I know. Dark Mewtwo can be obtainable from your buddies when your game is 100% one of your homie wants to trade the Dark Mewtwo for a Rock. You can buy 99 rocks for 1 dollar or pokedollar whatever currency.
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Hello everyone !

Before everything, i am sorry for my english ;)

Well, that idea isn't mine, i got it from a Brazilian Fan Game made in 2012/2011.
For me it was a great concept, but they stoped the creation don't know why.
First i will post some of their youtube clips, and i can explain try to explain.

Dat clip demosntrate group battle VS strong wild pokemons.

In dat one is explain the agressive style of pokemons and the capture.

Dat was pidgey mail.

And that was a Online concept.

Well, the idea was make a game like this, unfortully , i can't because i don't know any script language, but the idea was so cool dat was a shame throw it way.

If someone want to grap this and try to do a better game, i am in to help what is needed.

Thank you All ^^
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Pokémon Masters.
In 2013 League of Legends earned over 600M dollars. In April Pokémon GO launched and has been downloaded over 15 million times in less than 5 months. Making Pokémon(moba) a free 2 play game would net at least 5 million downloads in its first week; also making skins, items, and pokemon purchaseable through ingame credits and real money will rake in tons of cash.
A simple game to create using current moba game mechanics. Giving u more than enough time to make a great MOBA. People might say its un-original, but it is original for pokemon and Nintendo. Using pokemon common themes such as GYMs, pokeMarts, PCs, and Pokémon Trainer customizations will draw in a ton of players, pokemon fan and moba fans alike.

Pokémon mobs for nx
I'm sure nx will come with a more comfortable ergonomic controller and have a better connection to Internet and wifi.
I was thinking than pc players who wanted to play pokemon masters on pc they could do so, by downloading.

Also if Nintendo nx has some sort of wii vr concept u could have a special pokeball controller sortof like a wii remote where the right stick instead of a movement controller u could use to throw pokeballs to release pokemon to battle, catch pokemon and move your pokemon around.
Aswell as having a built in microphone to use speech to enter battle commands.

For example

That being said, Pokémon Masters could earn over 10 million downloads in 1 year, accumulating a whopping 300million dollars at reasonably priced unlockable perks. How could a company with a opportunity like this pass it up. Some people may say "Nintendo would never make a pokemon moba game" or "there is to many moba knockoffs no one would play it." This is not the case. Plenty of MOBA players are looking for something new something reckognizable, and anything that has nostalgia feeling to it. This is something Nintendo would do, something Nintendo could do, and Nintendo should certainly consider.
Having a lot of content is what a lot of players get excited about. With tons of content Pokémon Masters would keep the game fresh and new each time the game is played. There is over 800 Pokémon with them come 100 levels, evolutions, and endless move combinations. Thus making Pokemon Masters rewarding for many years.
Please Nintendo for the love of Pokémon, make this MOBA, make Pokémon Masters.

~Sincerely Bug Cather from route 3~


so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this game.

And let's be real if Nintendo releases a dissapointing game like pokken tournament then by all means redeem ur self and hear me out. Really think hard about the pros and cons then make the right decision.

Tall Grass. or Water(swim tm earned by collecting somewhere around the map-tms later edit-)
Contains low level monsters uncommon
After beating a gym new
stronger pokemon will appear in tall grass
In many moba there is grass it makes u invisible and grants extra vision. So for pokemon masters when u walk in grass u get all that great stuff but u have a chance to encounter a wild pokemon. u can choose to battle pokemon or run. if u run u remain in stealth. if u battle u have the option of catching the pokemon by pressing T or killing the pokemon for exp if u choose to kill it will take u out of stealth while u are attacking the pokemon.

Now hears where the real fun begins. If u didn't choose to catch the pokemon or ur first pokeball missed ur nearest opponent can choose to try to catch the pokemon in 1 pokeball or kill the pokemon for exp. if his pokeball misses YOU get another chance; just 1 to finally catch the pokemon.
If u do catch the pokemon or the opponent catches it the pokemon will enter ur toolbar slot 1-6 to use to help u battle trainers,enemy champs or pokemon.if no one catches it the pokemon flees and no one gets exp or a extra pokemon. If u have a pokemon out you can choose to return with its current HP and use new pokemon or vice versa.

When u run out of pokemon or don't have a pokemon summoned u become vulnerable until u catch a pokemon or steal a pokemon from a opponent using coerce pokemon. For example Ash coerce neglected pokemon from other Trainers, when coercing u get a series of commands like guitar hero to sway ur opponents pokemon to fight for you.
basically u follow ur pokemon(Pokemon Yellow)while its summoned and u gain movement speed if there is no pokemon attacking (chooses random pokemon or set pokemon).

Game Modes

Story-group of 3 players battling difficult AI trainers for a Reward (Trainer unlocks, Pokémon Unlocks, Skins)- For example - Rewards~(*Ritche- passive- AceTrainer-(have a stronger version of Opponents pokemon) ~1 of each 6 opponets pokemon~Kanto League Champion~active 10min cd (at any time in the game challenge an opponent anywhere on the map-battle happens emiditly giving the opponent no time to prepare)*)
Battle Tower- Mode Focused more on 1v1 battles vs ai trainers and enemy trainers
Kanto League-Normal Mode Versus Players (Gyms, Pokémon League, AI Traines, normal moba type mode)
Catch 'em All- Mode Focused on catching pokemon win rewards after catching every pokemon randomly selected for chosen map-
PokeWorld - Enter a never ending game server to play in all game modes at once-(up to 3 players on each team*Heroes* *Team Rocket*) travel together to battle player trainers, ai trainers, catch every pokemon, earn saved lvls, complete quests and earn gym battle rep to become gym leader~Quests-For example- Wake up Snorlax- Snorlax has eaten all the barriers he can and has fallen asleep. Snorlax blocks the path to the gym. Find the PokeFlute and wake up snorlax~ Rewards ~ Snorlax(leftovers) - increase healing from all sources.
Survival- battle countless hordes of pokemon and enemy ai trainerrs

Sincerely, Ace Trainer from Victory Road

so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this game.

In many moba there are 3 Towers in lanes of 3. So for Pokémon Masters i thought it would be a really cool idea if there were Maps(different citys for each region) 2 wider lanes with 4 gyms(4 zones) 2 route tunnels~limited heal~. path not in straight lines but twists and turns with a lot of tall grass inbetween. if u manage to faint nearby opponents u can cast a gym battle channel to fight a original AI leader. For example; you win u can choose to trade a pokemon with the gym leader for no exp gained that match or keep ur own pokemon with all earned exp after the battle. Double or Triple battles often occurs. All battling is classic moba combat. no turn based. Even wild pokemon are skilled QWER users. When u die you blackout and return to your teams Plateua Zone of the choosen map.

Champion-Elite Four
Instead of boring old Nexus when ur team gets to the end u battle a Champion and Elite Four. For example, Red. When battling Red(random champ). and Random Elite Four from all gen pokemon games-5 Trainers and Red will choose 1 pokemon to have out until it faints. Elite Four are tuned up to be more difficult than gym leaders and only have 1 pokemon. Also Champion's 5 pokemon have higher hp than elite four pokemon. when all 5 Trainers have entered 1 pokemon fighting enemy Trainers will stop and force enemy trainers to run for a gym to try to get the end and win the game before ur team manages to wipe out 5 elite trainers with 3pokemon. This sounds time consuming but given dmg done and hp games should take around 45 minutes. Because when 1 trainers runs out of at least 1 pokemon is eliminated the trainer will have to wait until 1 of the Champions(only) pokemon faints to send out another or its sitting at the PC~ally trainers die~ or buying a really expensive revive - kind of like Pokémon League rules.

Champs and Elite Four can only stay in the Choice Plateau(Map)Zone

~This is how pokemon was meant to be made~
Sincerely, Hicker in Rock Tunnel

so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this game.

Pokémon Items
So just like in other moba u buy items at the start. With pokemon masters comes a variety of items familiar from pokemon series, in addition to new items.

TMs - scattered throughout the map tms and hms are obtained through completing objectives(battling trainers, finding in grass, obtained for blacked-out trainers~HMs~ and some bought. These TMs will be very highly priced.

Brock Pokémon Treats - This item improves ur pokemon's happiness(scaling with levels) and improves your overall coerce chance by 15% (number of treats used limited to 2 per gym leader killed)

Pokémon Center - u may revive and fully heal all current pokemon 1 time per every blackout. You may have up to 6 pokemon on u 6 is the max number of pokemon you can catch a game(choose wisely). Also pokemon that you have registered with PC can impact which 6 pokemon you can catch. If you have 6 pokemon when trying to catch another pokemon if 1 pokemon is registered the pokemon you catch will lower all current pokemons happiness. If they are not registered choose to release a pokemon to catch the new pokemon. Bewary because only 6 pokemon can be caught if u catch a new pokemon 1 pokemon will be released at a 1 for 2 deal.

Pokemart - Shop at beginning zone various items depending on map at different prices more important items would cost significantly more.
Button controls(GameCube controller)
R-lb rb together
Dodge - hold z aND direction then Lego on z to jump in direction to avoid skill shot
up-use trainer active cd
down use potion
right use current pokemons hm
Left use set status effect removal
use above configuration with c stick
A-basic attack target tap or hold to attack
Movement - Left stick
Dpad down change a to interact mode
Dpad left bring up tips
Dpad up open mart
Dpad right use item cd
~I bought a Great Ball for 600g, a Soda pop(teachs a pokemon a random tm move) for 1500g, and a Revive For 5000g! Time to beat Lance and Become Pokémon Master!"

Sincerely, Young Lad from route 11

so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this

heres what battling could look like
Heres what the map could look like

so in the image above you see a charizard and ditto battling. Gary seems to be injured with evevee on the side line.

Gary-passive~pokemon gain more exp(scaling with lvl)
DITTO~usable by all pokemon trainers~

So ditto has 1 ability disguise.
Disguise-R- copy your opponents pokemon appearance and 1 damage ability(incombat). Transform into a random pokemon(out of combat-must be in tall grass)~if your opponent attempts to catch ditto in this form all his current pokemon happiness decrease by 10%., 11%,13%, 15%(maxlvl) you may also have 1 extra pokemon out while ditto remains disguised in tall grass. Making this pokemon very good at controlling a game.

Charizard~Ash(passive-gain more pokemon happiness) and Red(deal more damage) only~ also Lance(special mega x evolution)

so charizard has 3 abilitys and 1 ultimate
Flamethrower-Q- damages enemies in a cone (damage Special-A)
Fly-W-2000(units) gain movement over obstacles and upon landing deal damage(attack)

Seismic Toss-E-throw enemy behind you dealing damage(%3.5max hp + attack) Stun for .9,1,1.1,1.25 secs
Fire Spin-R- surround Target Enemy or Self in flames dealing damage to nearby eneimies (special dmg) and boosting special def for the duration , 6secs, 5secs 1sec per 2%hp lost, 8secs + 1sec per 2%hp lost(hps decreases at 1%every 1.1sec).

Lance(MEGA evolution) -
Flamethrower-deals additional dmg(%maxhp+special).
Dragon Dance(greatly increases Attack and Movement Speed)
Sky Uppercut- Knocks enemy up stunning them for .7 secs and deals damage (%map hp + attack+bonus attack + #of Fly used during game.
Outrage- deals damage 3 times(100% 1 hit, 200% 2 hit, 200%dmg +confused 50% to burn self for 20% current hp or add a burn(DOT) to enemy that slows champion by a small amount.

Charizard is a very strong pokemon would deal lots dmg comparable to Mewtwo. The downsides is charizard often doses off when out lvling nearby opponents leaving your opponent more opportunities to catch or kill new pokemon before you!

so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this game.

Starting Champions- For most of your time on Pokémon Masters you play with 1 of 7 Trainers to choose from-
basicAtkDmg*Ash(red) highSustain*Joy(pink) energyDmg*Gary(green) watertypeDmg*Misty(blue) *Bonnie(yellow) forElitePlayers*Giovanni(black) smartChoice*Professor Oak(white)
*As your trainer lvls up from gaining exp from killing and catching pokemon, defeating trainers(enemy and ai alike) Gyms and Pokémon League). (Jesse active cd~mechaPokemon~James active cd~Stealpokemon press select to switch*Team Rocket(Jesse and James)Unlock Pokémon to join ur team from the PC. All Trainers Unique Pokémon Set will be in the pokemon center Untill 30mins game time has passed.

*Ash(Red)~passive~Poke Heart~88% increased chance to catch pokemon after blacking out(very easy to bounce back with Red)~10min cd(Rescue Pikachu-if at anytime Pikachu is stolen or coerced away from ash istantly return Pikachu)- Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle, Blubasuar, Lapras, Charmander, Blastoise ~~Gotta all Come out Y'all(pun not intended :/)~~ Summon all pokemon in party to attack enemies with lowered basic attacks~~

*Misty(Blue)~Water Spirit~ Increases Water moves dmg and reduces super effective Grass and Lightning ability~-Staryu, Horsea, Gyarados, Lapras, Corsella, Togepi, Mega Starmie~~Fried Bicycle~~move at under current movement speed but look ridiculously troll when people try to knock u off thinking it a normal Bike.(paralyzes when attacked) (15sec cd to paralyze) may mount Fried Bike while in combat..... LOL could probably be the funniest champ to play

*Joy(Pink)~Handheld Pokecenter and EXPshare(split exp between all current pokemon nearby friendly pokemon~full restore one pokemon a 3min cd~(this champion has very high sustain)~~girl arms~~pokeball catch percent cut in half each throw its almost impossible for Pink to obtain new pokemon) Chancey, Jigglypuff, Ditto, Mew(*One and the same*passive- at 5%hp mewtwo comes to mews aid casting recover(50%hp and barrier(absorb dmg based on maximum healing~scaling per lvl) on mew and disabling 1 of ur opponents pokemon dmging moves for 7secs~(120sec cd). , Slyveon, Mega-Gardevior

*Giovanni(Black)-Golem, Dugtrio, Rhydon, Persian, Mewtwo(passive*one and the same*-when mewtwo is hit with a killing blow absorb all dmg~mew comes to mewtwos side casting rest on Mewtwo fully healing hp and energy(pp) and casts Confuse-ray on enemy), Mega-Metagross, (10000g-Convert Master Ball(converts a Pokeball into a Master ball (4000g))~Battle Expierence~ grants vision of all nearby trainers pokemon and all items they are using -~Pokémon Plateau Ticket~ Giovanni has the opportunity to turn in a PP ticket to the Maps Professor to Challenge the Pokémon League 1 time Himself If defeated (rewards - 50000g - 1 Pokemon League pokemon, Nugget, 1 PL point)or (optional) give this ticket to ally. 1per game
this makes Giovanni is a very strong and very important trainer. Although it is almost a 10% to defeat the Pokemon League by yourself. But you could 1v5 with the right items equipped.

*Gary(Green)~Poke Strength~increase ability dmg done to trainers with 1 pokemon by 200%dmg(ability tigger 30sec cd)~avid fans 10min cd(cheer for gary and his pokemon increase hp per 1.5sec by 5% and damage by 5% for 12secs - Evee(Vaporeon, Umbreon) Nidoking, Pigeot, Arcanine or Golem, Mega Blastiose (2Hot2Handle)after 1 turn Instant KO monster (5min cd)

*Bonnie(Yellow)~Upgraded ItemFinder~ Higher chance of finding rare candy -Pulse and Minisul, Pichu, Spinarak, Dadenne, Mega-Magnezone (big brother~10min cd ~Clement uses technonolgy to schock Yellows Pokemon with PokeGear ~Dealing tons of bonus damage when used(45sec cd)

*Professor Oak(White)~Poke Knowledge~Increase pokemon happiness~-Pidgey, Charmander, Muk, Tauros, Mega-bulbasuar(also begins match with 100% happiness)~10min cd ~PokeTele(send team members items, pokemon, and gold)~

*Team Rocket(Jesse and James)~Jesse~mecha pokemon(active cd(3mins to upgrade active pokemon into MECHA(more powerful moves)James~active cd(3mins to Steal Pokémon(steal opponents pokemon 100% chance after a Perfect Steal Pokémon Command String) 5min cd-Meowth*passive-Payday(earn extra gold from all sources) Bargain cd(reduce the gold cost by 90%) 5mincd, Koffing, Arbok, Victorybell, Stolen pokemon, Stolen Pikachu(max lvl 100 Pikachu(has a Mind Control Collar on) fights for Jesse and James for 3mins) on a 10min cd~~blasting off aggggainnn~~~*ping* (instead of blacking out get sent flying to a random point on the map with pokemon at 1% life)

Pokémon Available for all Trainers- Ditto, Butterfree, Ratatta, Jigglypuff, Pidgey, Coin Case pokemons, and pokemon obtained from pokemon swaps(nuggets).

All Mega-Evolution Pokémon have 2 R abilitys R- mega evolve and impowered R(non-megaR)

Unlockable Trainers

Iris(Purple)-DragonMaster(increases dragon type dmg by 100%, increases ice and fairy type dmg taken by 50%)~DragonTamer~Increases dragon type exp gained)-Charizard, Dragonite, Kibago, Alola-Marowak, Drilbur, Mega-Garchomp
Ritche(Orange)- Ace Trainer (have a strong verison of opponents pokemon) Kanto League Champ~Request a battle with any opponent(forces them to battle) 10000g if win

Pokémon Plateau - Win the game by deafting all Members of the Elite Four and Champion.
~At anytime if you defeat an Elite Four member, you may swap 1((limit) may purchase Nugget for 7000g to increase limit by 1) Pokémon of theirs with one of your dead pokemon.
For example if I defeat Bruno, I can switch out dead Pikachu for Hitmonchan, and if I buy a Nugget for 7000g I can switch dead Squirtle for Hitmonlee. You may also switch up to 6 pokemon choose different pokemon from all Elite four by buying a Golden Nugget for 18000g

Gold amount earned per Trainer~trainers are scattered around the map like jungle camps~ a trainer rewards 600-1000g depending on difficulty. Running infront of Aitrainers will trigger a battle. Also defeating a Ai or enemy Trainer a 2nd time gives half the gold and again for 10% gold. After defeating a Trainer 3 times he despawns(excluding your opponents) for 5 minutes. A Trainer is only allowed 1 trainer despawn per 3minutes, also if a Ai Trainer is beaten once then its current gold value will lowered by the 2nd defeat(50%gold) and 3(10%gold) for another Pokémon Master to defeat. I believe this addition would provide a Tatic to the game giving players the opportunity to Jungle or play their solo mid game the whole game.

Gym Leaders give 1000g-2500g depending on which badge number out of 8 gyms. It takes 8 gym badge points and 5000g to gain entry into the Pokémon Plateau. Defeating Gyms 1-4 give 1 point and 1000g and gyms 5-8 give 2500 2 points. Gyms are able to beat 1 time by each person. You may also exchange gym points for gold 1 point = 500g or buy 1 point = 10000g and trade between players.

Upon gaining enough points to join the Pokémon Plateau 5 players may combine their points or trade 1 player point per game players need at least 1 point and 500g(may exchange up to 2500g) to contribute towards unlocking PP and helping defeat EL4 and Champion.

Players need a least 1 point to add points to unlock. Once unlocked Pokémon Plateau is able to be tried twice. If your team fails to defeat PP on try 2 your team loses the game if all members of the team dies. However if the enemy team defeats PP you lose, also the enemy team only has 1 try after they unlock their PP because they where last to unlock.

Any members that are alive after losing to PP may try to kill the enemy. If all enemys are defeated after unlocking and pryor to the enemy team defeating PP(Pokémon Plateau); your team wins. Also if the last unlocking team fails to defeat PP you will need to defeat the opponents left standing to win the game.

~Welcome to the Pokémon Center, where we will heal your Pokémon back to full health. Would you like me to take your Pokémon?~
Sincerely, Nurse Joy from Viridian City

so I was thinking of some original ideas and I came up with a Unique twist on a pokemon mechanic that could be added to this game.

List of Pokémon Trainers(AI - jungle camps)
~Around 30 playable Trainers~
~Amount of playable pokemon in this list is around 100~
*constant pokemon battles using quickly casted abilities gives a Trainer more than enough time to play around 20 different pokemon or a few of their favorite for the whole match*

Bug Catcher- Butterfree or Beedrill, Pinsir or Scyther (~trade opportunity items(all trainers drop this every defeat)(600g-Hm 03 - Cut-Locust Shell-increase bug type moves~30% dmg) Stacks 1 times per item(max 2)'
Hiker -Geodude , Onix, Machoke (600g-Hm 01 - Dig-Floating Rock -increase rock and fighting moves~30% dmg) '
Swimmer - Tentacruel, Seal , Magickarp (900g-Hm 05 - Surf-Surfboard-increases water moves~30% dmg) '
Scientist - Kadabra, Jinx, Drowzee, Sneasle, Ghastly (700g-Hm 08 - Teleport-Laptop-increases physchic or dark moves~30% dmg) '
Lass- Oddish, bulbasuar, Bellsprout (800g-Magical seed- increase grass and poison type moves~2o% dmg) '
Juggler - Charmander, Magmar, Arcanine, (1100g-Fire Gem~increases fire moves ~30% dmg) '
Firebreather Clown- Charmeleon, Growlithe, Vulpix, Ninetails, Ponyta (2000g red nose - increases a pokemon's happiness)
Bird catcher - Pidgey, Fearow, Zubat (1000g-Hm 02 Fly -Steel Wing crit on first basic attack ~15% crit dmg) '
Guitarist - Pikachu, Elekid, Voltorb, Magneton/Magnimite (Hm 05 Flash -Amp- increase lighting moves ~2o% dmg) '
Biker - Weezing, Scraggy, Primape, Ducklett (Toughness 1500g- Increasing Attack stat by 10per lvl (max 100)Has a low chance of giving you his bike or 100000g bribe)
Team Rocket(Regular rocket member) - Raticate,Houndoom, Mega-Magnizone , Zubat, Weezing (Silph co-exchange for Stat power-up~1 for each time defeated) '
A.J. - Sandshrew (2500g - training gauntlets ~lvls up 1 ability *can lvl beyond lvl 4 skill)
Tracey - Maril, Haunter (2500g -tracer-increases chance to incounter rare wild pokemon 20% increase)
Officer Jenny- Arcanine, squirtle gang (5 squirtle lvl 3, (1)lvl 10 Wartortle) (1500g-blackglasses-teaches pokemon~Bite sometimes cause flinch 1.1 sec stun)
Blackbelt - Machoke, mankey pride (5 mankey lvl 3, (1) lvl 10Primate), Hitmontop ( 1500g-helmet-teaches pokemon~Headbutt sometimes cause flinch 1.1 sec stun)
Samurai- Pinsir, Heracross, Metapod (2500g-Scyther bean~increases bug-grass type moves teaches pokemon~X-scissors 70% chance to crit for 10% increased crit dmg )
Giovanni- Golem, Dugtrio, Rhydon, Persian, Mewtwo, Mega-Metagross, (10000g-Master Ball)
Rival-Pigeot, Mega-Raticate, Espeon, Executtor, Slowbro, (Super Effective Type Starter),(15000g- Coin Case)
*Coin Case- 1g=1 coin; 1000g evee, 2000g Dark Psyduck, 5000g Alola-form-Marowak, 10000g Alola-form-Ninetales), 100,000g Chansey, 1,000,000g Ice-Type Magickarp(Q-Trash, W-Hydro pump, E-Ice Bream- R-Splash ~fear pokemon for 6sec, 3, .5)

Pokémon Plateau

Elite Four ~Sabrina, Koga, Bruno, Misty, Agatha, Lt. Surge (20000g each)
Sabrina - Hypno, Jinx, Alakhzam, Mew, Mewtwo, Mega- Gengar, (2nd PPattempt) (only when champion)
Koga- Koffing, Arbok, Venonat, Muk, Crobat, Heracross, Mega-Nidoking,(2nd PPattempt)
Bruno - Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Onix, Geodude, Sandshrew, Machamp (mega-Machamp 2ndpp)
Misty-Starmie, Blastiose, Gyarados, Lapras, Lugia(2nd), Suicune, Togepi,
Agatha- Lapras, Tentacruel, Seal, Special Ice-Magickarp(with Ice Beam*2nd), Articuno
Lt. Surge - Raichu, Voltorb, Electikid, Zapos, Raiku(2nd)
Brock- Geodude, Onix, Vulpix, Mega-Steelix(2nd)
Blaine- Moltres, Magmar, Charizard, Arcanine, Entie(2nd), Ho-oh

Champion ~ Red(ash), Blue(gary), Lance, Iris, Ritche, Dawn, Bonnie, May, Brock, Jesse and James, etc.~Many Pokémon combinations ~20000g
*After defeating Champion your team votes to continue match to get a chance to use new pokemon earned to defeat all enemys to win the game(Extra Exp!) If you choose not to... you win the game.

**On the 2nd Attempt at Defeating Pokémon Plateau all remaining ELITE 4 and Champions will use a Mega-Evolution or Legendary Pokémon**

~We managed to defeat the elite four! Now our team is gonna use the legendary pokemon we earned to defeat the champion!~

Sincerely, Team Rocket member ~WildHarambe~

Unique Battle item Pokemon appearance update (up to 2 two appearances can be equips, only 1 dmg improvement item can be equip and only if it is your pokemon's Main-type)

~Locust Shell( glow Gold Bug Wings, Floating Rocks(basic attacks sometimes fire shards of rock at target dealing addition magic dmg on hit), Surfboard when using HM Surf, Laptop(pokespeech to English Translation), Magic seed(basic attacks poison bubbles sometimes root enemies for .333 secs 30sec cd)
~training gauntlets (Metal hands basic attacks have a chance to flinch 5%), Fire aura, Quick Claw(Silver glowing Claws Wings if Locust Shell is also equip silver glowing wings), Amp(Play Pokémon Specific Music Tunes lightning abilities 5%chance to paralyze silencing enemys for 1.1 secs 30sec cd), Silph Co(wear Rocket Logo and cape) Blackglasses, Mining Helmet, Scyther Bean ( Arm Wings basic attacks have a chance to crit)
*only 1 basic attack effect can be equip but up 2 two appearance effects can be equip

List of PokeMart Items

Pokeball~200g (23% to catch a pokemon - increased to 67%(1) against legendary pokemon
Greatball~600g(40% to catch a pokemon - increased to 50%(1) against legendary pokemon
Ultraball~1200g(67% to catch a pokemon - decreased to 34%(1) against legendary pokemon
Potion~100g(heals pokemon 200 hp over 15 secs and 60 mana over 20 secs
Super Potion 400g(heals pokemon 500hp over 15 secs and 90mana over 20secs
Hyper Potion~1200g(heals pokemon 2000hp over 30secs and 120mana over 10secs

Pokedex~200g(register pokemon you encounter to learn their abilities, strengths and weaknesses)
Town Map~Free
Antidote~500g(cures poison and grants a 10sec immunity to all status effects~excluding stuns, knockbacks, pulls)
Full Heal~1000g(removes all movement impairing effects and loss of control effects and immunity to all status effects for 5secs)
Burn Heal~700g(cures burn and grants a 10sec immunity to all status effects)
Ice Heal~700g(cures freeze and grants a 10sec immunity to all status effects)
Awaking~900g(cures sleep and grants a 10sec immunity to all status effects~very useful for charizard as it tends to fall asleep~)
Full Heal Bundle~4000g (Full Heal, 3 potions, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Awaking, Antidote)
Full Restore~4000g (Removes all negative effects and restores pokemon to full health and mana)

Berries- trees spawn in different locations(pick berry trees for buffs specific to that type of berry) 1min cd

Calcium~ '(.98 spA stat per lvl)
Carbos~ '(.98 movement speed per lvl)
HP Up~ '(.98 HP per lvl)
Iron~ '(.98 Defence per lvl)
PP Up~ '(reduce cooldown of 1 skill by .98 secs)
PP Max~ '(reduce cooldown of all skills by .98 secs)
Protein~ '(.98 Attack stat per lvl)
Zinc~ '(.98 spD stat per lvl)

X Accuracy 1950g (increases Crit chance by 30% and Crit dmg by 40% for 20 secs)~ 30sec cd
X Evade 1700g (increases chance to for ability to miss u Absording all dmg and giving you 100mana)~ 45 sec cd
xAttack 1500g(after using ability increase next basic Atkdmg or spA-Atkdmg by 200%)45sec cd
xDefend 1500g (reduce next basic dmg taken Atkdmg or spA-Atkdmg by 200%)~60sec cd
xSpD 1350g (reduce next ability dmg taken by 200%)~ 60sec cd
X SpA 1350g (increase next dmg ability by 200%)~ 45sec cd
X Speed 1200g (increase movement speed by 20%~ 30sec cd

Hm 01 - Dig ~Summon Diglet to dig to last visited Gym (3min cd)
Hm 02 - Fly ~Summon Pidgey to fly to either PokémonCenter (can't if beaten by Elite Four) or PokemonPlateau (only if u haven't lost once)
Hm 03 - Cut ~Summon Caterpie to cut Trees blocking paths to Ai Trainers
Hm 04 - Absorb- ~Summon Dinosaur sized Meganium to absorb sunlight a heal all pokemon for 20% hp (5min cd)
Hm 05 - Surf ~Summon Lapras to traverse water terrain

Hm 06 - Burn ~Summon Rapidash to run in a straight line 300 units burning all targets hit for 3% hp every sec for 3 secs (3min cd)
Hm 07 - Flash ~Summon Ampharos to reveal trainers and pokemon in Tall grass (3min cd)
Hm 08 - Teleport ~Summon an Abra to teleport u a short distance (1 - 1000 units in any direction 5min cd)

Revive~5000g (Raises pokemon from the dead ~could have a graphic effect like pokemon are all bones until healed to full hp~)
Nugget-7000g (can switch dead pokemon with new ones) straight from stored pokemon in PC(store up to 6 pokemon))
Golden Nugget-18000g (can switch all 6 pokemon dead or alive)
Item Finder - 3000g(find random items~chance to find rare candy increased by 80% all other items 20% can not obtain Bicycle, Nugget, or Golden Nugget)
Rare Candy ~only discovered using itemfinder (3000g)
PokeGear~summon defeated trainers to battle for double gold rewarded(1000g a battle cost doubling each battle)-may also challenge opponents and allys to duels for 2000g to the winner- 10000g
Bicycle- 100000g (very fast movement speed, Unattackable~use this item to get to Gyms and trainers fast to catch up when behind)

Mana - each pokemon has 1000mana
Energy-Use mana to gain energy cards to activate ability

*For example ~Charizard

Flamethrower-Q- damages enemies in a cone (damage +Special-A) 140tdmg at 90spA =50dmg
Energy cost
| 90mana | at 30mana per energy that's an average of 90 mana every 9secs
with 1 energy evey 30 mana with 10 mana per sec giving you 140tdmg every 9secs that is 124 dmg a sec for 1min of constant dealing dmg with 2400hp a pokemon could die in less than 3secs using all abilities and cooldowns
The math is off a bit. Mana cost could be cut down if you cant attack enough

Revive~5000g (Raises pokemon from the dead ~could have a graphic effect like pokemon are all bones until healed to full hp~)

Unique Battle item Pokemon appearance update (up to 2 two appearances can be equips, only 1 dmg improvement item can be equip and only if it is your pokemon's Main-type)

~Locust Shell( glow Gold Bug Wings) Floating Rocks(fire shards of rock), Surfboard when using HM Surf, Laptop(pokespeech to English Translation), Magic seed(basic attacks poison bubbles)
~training gauntlets (Metal hands )Fire aura, Quick Claw(Silver glowing Claws Wings if Locust Shell is also equip silver glowing wings), Amp(Play Pokémon Specific Music Tunes lightning Silph Co(wear Rocket Logo and cape) Blackglasses, Mining Helmet, Scyther Bean ( Arm Wings)

*only 1 basic attack effect can be equip but up 2 two appearance effects can be equip
Also If a player uses a battle item for example they used an item to increase a stat (if they did this the last stat ex.Attack will show a slight hint of dark green around the enemy health bar).

Graphical Effects that occur during the game showing players what items are people using(no Player Item Menu to see what ppl bought)

Nugget-7000g (can switch dead pokemon with new ones) straight from stored pokemon in PC(store up to 6 pokemon))
Golden Nugget-18000g (can switch all 6 pokemon dead or alive)

being able to swap and obtain new pokemon will keep this game exciting every time its played. No two games will every be similar. Ok so if u play the same way every game youll still be catching different sets of pokemon. Maybe ur item set failed u(switch it up a bit) maybe ull earn a Elite 4 pokemon swap

Item Finder - 3000g(find random items~chance to find rare candy increased by 80% all other items 20% can not obtain Bicycle, Nugget, or Golden Nugget)
Rare Candy ~only discovered using itemfinder (3000g)

Bicycle- 100000g (very fast movement speed, Unattackable~use this item to get to Gyms and trainers fast to catch up when behind)

Hm 08 - Teleport ~Summon an Abra to teleport u a short distance (1 - 1000 units in any direction 5min cd)

Item synergy - key to winning games (every item gives you a benefit)
That Being said players can often choose use gold to catch em all(Imagine Turtling a game just to get that Fing ice-type magickarp

Mana - each pokemon has 1000mana
Energy-Use 30 mana to gain energy cards to activate ability
Basically pressing Q for ex. uses 30 mana to charge up powers (Energy Card limit stops u from wasting mana) up an energy card
Energy cost
| 90mana | at 30mana per energy that's an average of 90 mana every 9secs
so this is an example of flamethrower (a max of 3 energy cards ability with a 9 sec cd)
*90 mana 9sec cd makes sense
- a simple resource system- a kindergarten student could understand it.

*Team Rocket(Jesse and James)~Jesse~mecha pokemon(active cd(3mins to upgrade active pokemon into MECHA(more powerful moves)James~active cd(3mins to Steal Pokémon(steal opponents pokemon 100% chance after a Perfect Steal Pokémon Command String) 5min cd-Meowth*passive-Payday(earn extra gold from all sources) Bargain cd(reduce the gold cost by 90%) 5mincd, Koffing, Arbok, Victorybell, Stolen pokemon, Stolen Pikachu(max lvl 100 Pikachu(has a Mind Control Collar on) fights for Jesse and James for 3mins) on a 10min cd~~blasting off aggggainnn~~~*ping* (instead of blacking out get sent flying to a random point on the map with pokemon at 1% life)
*A really strong Trainer choice overall-maybe one of the best if not most dynamic duo*

Rival-Pigeot, Mega-Raticate, Espeon, Executtor, Slowbro, (Super Effective Type Starter),(15000g- Coin Case)
Rivals - after teams select champions each team elects a rival. ^team chose gray(green)^

*Coin Case- 1g=1 coin; 1000g evee, 2000g Dark Psyduck, 5000g Alola-form-Marowak, 10000g Alola-form-Ninetales), 100,000g Chansey, 1,000,000g Ice-Type Magickarp(Q-Trash, W-Hydro pump, E-Ice Bream- R-Splash ~fear pokemon for 6sec, 3, .5)

Summoning a pokemon is really cool and not as bland as a casts a random effect by urself.(somewhat original)

PokeWorld - Enter a never ending game server to play in all game modes at once-(up to 3 players on each team*Heroes* *Team Rocket*) travel together to battle player trainers, ai trainers, catch every pokemon, earn saved lvls, complete quests and earn gym battle rep to become gym leader~Quests-For example- Wake up Snorlax- Snorlax has eaten all the barriers he can and has fallen asleep. Snorlax blocks the path to the gym. Find the PokeFlute and wake up snorlax~ Rewards ~ Snorlax(leftovers) - increase healing from all sources.
*A fun and rewarding game mode different from current mobas and original to Pokémon Masters*

By Far my favorite concepts in my take on a pokemon MoBa.
I have my hopes up but for now ill play this game in Utopia.


When young nurse joy first starting dreaming of becoming a pokemon trainer she told her self she would work at a pokemon center after become a pokemon master. at the young age of 10 shortly after she began her pokemon journey; Giovanni got a hold of the legendary pokemon Mew. Countless Tests and tons of research and terrible treatment of the citizens in Kanto changed the course of trainer Joy's dream. Team Rocket Kidnapped young Joy while on her pokemon journey. She was run test on, and after scientist identified a similar DNA trait to Mew, things for Joy got worse. She had gone through countless blood tests she was practically a medical genius by the age of 20. Using Joys DNA, Team Rocket was finally able to synthetically create a mew embryo. Giovanni downloaded his personalilty into Mew senses, thus causing mew to undergo changes. The newly cloned mew would soon turn into the legendary pokemon we now know as Mewtwo. By now Joy had become chief Scientist and top medical nurse on team rocket. The night before Mewtwo was release Nurse Joys Brain functions where nureologically linked with mewtwo. Causing Mewtwo react to such a geniuses mind. Waking him and making him go on a rampage. Nurse Joy was knocked Unconcious and diagnosed with Robotic Functionality disorder, making her act highly mechanical. This new disease was also a blessing to Joy who became Head Nurse a the Cerulian City PokémonCenter. After Mewtwos Escape Giovanni had become even more desperate and impatient. Taking Nurse Joy prisoner for a second time. And doing even more deadly proceedures and tests on her. Not even a years time after her imprisonment Giovanni along with Team Rocket had Created 56 Nurse Joy Clones....12 of which died. The Original Joy the young girl from Cerulian City who had a pokemon dream to become Pokémon Center Nurse and Master Trainer died from just 2 additional hazardous tests where run.

However, this event mattered little to Giovanni who now had more than enough nurse joys to create an army of mewtwo. Tracking down mew now became Giovanni's sole reason for living and controlled every aspect of his existence. Giovanni became even more crazy, and now became putting himself thru Frankenstien like research. Cloning a dozen of himself he uploaded the brain functions of mew into his Cerebral and was instantly able to hon in on mew's exact location. After mews 2nd capture Giovanni put him self in the same procedure nurse joy had died from. But before the procedure could be complete Mewtwo broke into team rockets HQ and destroyed the lab, freeing mew and killing Giovanni.

Alas the cycle continues. Giovanni's ambition ever looming over the pokemon world for all eternity.

As young Joy II takes her first steps into Professor Oaks Lab to claim her Starter Pokémon.
And for young Joy II she has a secret to keep to herself that may help make her excel to Pokémon master. The secret only known to the 2nd cloned Nurse Joy and her daughter JoyII is that every Chancey in all pokemon guard a very important close kept secret legendary pokemon in one of the chanceys eggs contains (mew) who sleeps in a egg hoping to protect kanto 'her home'. Also an Omminous Presence patiently keeps watch giving it the chance to intervene with mews capture at all costs. Who knows how this will effect the future of Kanto and the entire Pokémon Universe.

K all done with this post - thanks pokecommunity for letting my idea able to be read and hopefully is an interesting read for the roaming posters to injoy.
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Here it's my idea for Pokemon game and somebody can use my idea which he/she want to use my idea.

You start in Lunar Region where Shadow Pokemon suddenly start to appear and you get chance to capture Shadow Pokemon for to turn them normal again.

You are 10 years old boy so are living in Rosa Town so are first town in Lunar Region, where you are living With Your parents so are Proffesor Sidney Aid, Today are the day you get Your first starter Pokemon and after you arrive to Proffersor Sidney lab and get Your starter Pokemon, A black Aura Pokemon suddenly start to attact the lap and That Black Aura Pokemon are Shadow Raichu, long after Shadow Raichu start to attact the lap, you get something on Your arm and With that you was able to Catch Shadow Raichu With the pokeball Sidney gave you.
It's after that Your Journey to Catch all Shadow Pokemon and turn to normal With Your starter Pokemon begins.
But douring Your Journey you would face Evil Team Dark Shadow so are the main reason why Shadow Pokemon suddenly start to appear and a mystery trainer With name Tyson.

Old and New Shadow Pokemo.
New Region Lunar Region
Day and Night system
Real time clock system
Differnt Shadow Pokemon appar in Day and Night
New TM and HM
New Items and Key Items

~A last Side note~
The game are quite smilar to Pokemon XD gale of Darkness but With take Place in New Region With New characther and foes, as well New Shadow Pokemon and You have chance to Catch Old Shadow Pokemon from Pokemon XD gale of Darkness.


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Not sure if this is the right place or not but a friend of mine found a video on youtube for a fan region based in the western united states. Sure B/W covered the USA to an extent but this video suggests a concept that sounds absolutely awesome as it makes fossil pokemon central to the story.

If someone were to make this idea an actual fangame you need to contact the guy who made the video because it is after all his video, I wanted to spread the word about it.


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AU where Aether Foundation doesn't need and rely on Team Skull to get Cosmog back; instead, Lusamine has six adopted children in addition to the now-runaway Lillie and Gladion, who serve as the Apostles of Aether Foundation. Each Apostle specializes in a different type, and carry out their "High Mother's" wishes unquestionably.

Current Apostles I've developed include:
  • Riola - First Apostle (a punkish and gothic young girl who specializes in the Dark-type)
  • C - Second Apostle (a strict and formal boy who fancies the Water-type)

    Other apostles which are still being in the process of creation are these types:
    Electric, Grass, Fire, and Light (or Steel, if one is not to include fan-typings).

    You must aid Lillie and Gladion in their rebellion against the Aether Foundation's Apostles and Lusamine to protect Cosmog from harm. However, there is a traitor among the Apostles, who has their own agenda in mind.

    Inspiration drawn from Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 4.
For you curious people who want to see what work I've done for Pokemon Essentials during my spare time.
Let's Go Mimikyu!
The best method of contact would be through Snewper#1236 on Discord! Just let me know who you are before sending a contact invite!
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Hi, so i'm kinda new here, but i' m tryng to make my own pokemon game, even if I still don't have a name for it , so basicaly I would like to make a game witch is a little mor mature, like for example the rom hacks pokemon outlaw or cawps, but in the idea that you are a young girl or boy, who lives in a world of pokemon, but also a world of crime and corruption and you have the choice to become a criminal, knowing that if you mess around with them you might get in serious trouble, even if you are getting easy money ,items... or to stay on the good side, wich is more difficult, but aslo more rewarding in the end. Could you let me know what you think of the idea and/or how it would be better to do it? It would really help me out.



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Back in the day, I started a fan game with the 'original' Kyurem form. It didn't go too well, and I ended up scrapping it. The plot of the game revolved around someone attempting to merge Kyurem with Zekrom and Reshiram to obtain an 'undefeatable' Pokmon.

I still have the sprites if anyone wants them.
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So i'm new to this but, with my past research into different games , patterns and story lines, i'm looking to create this first huge pokemon game that includes 3maps, all 802 pokemon , day and night real time (including pokemon day and night appearances), mega's, etc. This is only but the just of what will be included, this might take a long time but i plan on working every single day on it. Note i will be using pokemon essentials and RPGXP maker. It is my very first project and for this i need ideas on a story line. and things you also want to see in this game. Should your idea be included in the game i will give credit to you. Remember i am creating this game from 0%, literally a new new game if i could put it that way. Feel free to speak your mind.
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Some time ago I posted the idea of having a Fairy Tail Rom hack. But maybe an RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials would be more suitable for this.

Things to Catch

Kid Lucy
AB Lucy (evolve lv 10)
C Lucy (evolve lv 16)
E Lucy (evolve lv 32)
Star Dress: Aquarius Form (evolve with Water Bearer Key)
Star Dress: Leo Form (evolve with Lion Key)
Star Dress: Virgo Form (evolve with Maiden Key)
Star Dress: Taurus Form (evolve with Golden Bull Key)
Star Dress: Sagittarius Form (evolve with Archer Key)
Star Dress: Aries Form (evolve with Ram Key)
Star Dress: Gemini Form (evolve with Twins Key)
Star Dress: Scorpio Form (evolve with Scorpion Key)
Star Dress: Cancer Form (evolve with Giant Crab Key)
Star Dress: Capricorn Form (evolve Capricorn Key) >> art doesn't exist

Rebel Bisca >> Bisca
Carla >> Human Carla
Kid Lisanna >> Lisanna >> evo's (Animal Soul: Cat)
Juvia >> Juvia 2.0 >> Juvia 3.0 ~mega~ Boiled Juvia
Kinana >> Lizard Kinana
Kid Erza >> Erza ~~ mega evolutions
Wendy ~~ Dragon Force Wendy
Kid Natsu >> Natsu ~~ lightning fire, black fire, fire dragon king, dragon force, END
Kid Gray >> Gray >> Demon Slayer Gray
Gajeel >> Iron Gajeel ~~ Iron Shadow, Dragon Force (steel form)

Kid Laxus >> Laxus ~~ Dragon Force

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Fossil Pokmon are a big love of mine as is palaeontology in the real world. What seems like eons ago there was a TV series here in the UK called Primeval (for those not aware I highly highly recommend it) the series revolved around temporal portals opening up across the country and prehistoric animals (and sometimes future animals) breaching into present day. Naturally not a lot of fun for any nearby humans. And so this brought about an idea, what if there was a Pokmon version of this concept and this in turn sparked a thought, are Fossil Pokmon only Rock types because of the method used in reviving them, so if prehistoric Pokmon were to breach into the modern world their appearances and types would be slightly different. A Dragon/Flying Aerodactyl for example (at least that would explain why Lance has one) it could also be an avenue to bring in the original form of Genesect too.

Following the Primeval model the protagonist could also be a member of an agency that is studying similar temporal anomalies, said organisation could have time sensitive Pokmon like Xatu and "living fossils" like Relicanth, Yanmega and Mamoswine at its disposal. I'm not sure if the concepy would work the same as a regular Pokmon game, maybe more of a quest based RPG that would involve catching these living forms of Fossil Pokmon selecting different teams from what the organisation has to offer. Of course throw in an evil organisation after world domination through these temporal portals too because you need baddies. More on that in a sec.

To stay true to the series I would, selfishly, suggest a region based on the UK. The Sterling Region perhaps? Too many tropical sunny regions. Give me luxurious overcast and rain. But on the topic of regions and please bear with me on this. I would have the evil team be from Holon. Now Delta Species was one of my favourite TCG sets and the concept has somewhat returned in the guise of Alolan forms so this is again a selfish decision but it would add a different element to the game. While there is the potential for Fakemon in terms of prehistoric and future Pokmon, the living forms are already different in their own right. Whereas the TCG suggested Holon was a huge hub of scientists and it would add a greater backstory to the villainous organisation instead of just being the Mirror Universe version of the protagonist, giving them a layered history of perverting science and manipulating nature as well as new types for older Pokmon would make it a more unique experience.

Now we come to why this post is here, dear reader, I (and I suspect a lot of people who just post walls of text) have no technological or artistic skill to my name. I can write, I can come up with concepts and stories but beyond that I must admit to being absolutely useless. Nevertheless if you made it all the way or even if you scrolled down right to the last sentence hoping to see pictures and haven't immediately closed the thread out of frustration, I thank you for your time.