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Started by PokéCommunity Daily June 3rd, 2016 3:37 PM
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I will, post-haste, set up a shrine in hopes that Hau is not unbearably annoying in the way that the...ahem, "friend" characters of gen 6 (this includes ORAS) are. I'll start preparing the batter for the malasada that will accompany the shrine.

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Don't kid yourself. Look at that signature grin of his, haha. He screams "unbearably annoying". :P
But but but! What if he's just a little ball of sunshine? Right? Because Sun & Moon?

There's a chance, right?!

I can look past the "chicken skin," Hau! Please!!

A Dream of Your Own: The Formulas of Unova—Black & White
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Ugh, looks like the rival route is going down the... BEST FRIENDS FOREVER path again.

Or could Lillie be your actual rival in game? (much like Cheren vs Bianca in BW)

I'm going to make a bold guess and call Lillie the champion of Alola.


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I love all of them. They really did a great job design wise with the characters revealed so far.
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I don't care what Hau turns out to be, as long as he isnt as annoying as Hugh in B2W2. .-.
I see him going down the Barry/Pearl route. Hmm, some are seeing Hoenn parallels, other Unova, but I'm seeing Sinnoh Parallels. If Marshadow is the third member and is part water like I think it will then we'll get another Steel/Ghost/Water mascot legendary trio, with Uxie/Mesprit/ and Azelf's psychic as their primary typing...
I wonder if this Gigareki whose name was found when people were looking for copy rights will be their trio master and end up being Psychic/Normal...
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We're totally going to be treated to no more than four scenes where he rushes to a malasada stand

Probably after some harsh unexpected annoying battle where you might neglect to actually heal your Pokémon

I call it
That's exactly what I was thinking, mostly because the newer gens that have all the friendly-rivals usually go too far with the "friendly" and are kinda treated as a joke.

I mean, the character looks cute, but I'm expecting a lot of friendly, random battles, where I have no drive to actually kick his ass and then feel moderately bad after I do.

Also Lillie is still the cutest thing.
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I don't mind him going down the Barry route; Barry was at least a decent mix of being a "friend" rival whilst simultaneously being competitive enough to keep things interesting.
I liked Barry because he was a balance of the usual friendly rivals we've had in recent main series titles, but also had a competitive level similar to the old antagonistic rival days.
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I'm going to make a bold guess and call Lillie the champion of Alola.
Outfit that has no more than 3 colors, obviously comes off looking like she knows what she is doing, is female, revealed within the first 2 trailers... This has a heavy Cynthia/Diantha theme going, so I can see where you are coming from here. If she introduces herself as "A Pokemon trainer like you", we have our obvious champion. Otherwise, I do hope that she ends up a the Cheren to Hau's Bianca that actually knows what she is doing and eventually becomes ok with battles. Only other thought is she is working for the bad guys, which would explain the "mysterious" motif and witch hat.
who else thinks the professor looks a bit like TheJwittz (pokemon youtuber)?
Now that you mention it, he actually does. Photo comparison of JWittz's Avatar (which is a fairly honest representation of him) and the official art of Kukui (cropped, durrr):

Kukui has different glasses, a six pack, and a tan, but very similar besides that.
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I don't exactly know how to feel about this...

-The muscular guy is your prof... shame. I was hoping the fat old dude would be. But maybe he'l be better in the game. I can't wait to see what his english name would be.

-The prof has an assistant, and she is okay I guess, tho I haven't seen her a lot yet so can't comment too much.

-A new friendly rival.... lolnope. If we were to get another friendly rival, I would expect something at least unique about it, like it would be female or something. Welp, I guess beggars can't be choosers. Maybe SM's 3rd game/sequel will give us a not friendly rival. But I guess the rival isn't too important, so hopefully we gat a not-friendly rival in SM's third version or sequel.

-The playable characters... my god. WHY IS THE FEMALE CHARACTER FLAT CHESTED JUST WHY THIS IS A DISGRACE DON'T TELL ME THE GAME TOOK THE 'ten year olds' THING TOO SERIOUSLY FUUUCCCKKK Well looks like BW1 still has the last good female character. All my hopes down the drain... but hey, I can always draw her with a design I'd like when I do a nuzrun of this game. But I guess it ain't the end of the world, maybe I will grow on her. Until then, BW1 still has the last female protag I liked. As for the male... I guess I rate him the same as his counterpart. I like his shorts but that is all. I don't know what to say about these guys... It seems like protags have been on a decline lately, especially the females(unpopular opinion I know). For once, I'm actually hoping that SM will have sequels just so we can get new protags.

Overall? 2/10. Or maybe even just 1/10. H8 it, m8, 0/8. They better give us well designed leaders, or else.



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I'm actually really liking the character designs so far, especially compared to X/Y. Professor Kukui just looks awesome, he doesn't look like your typical Professor but I'm sure he'll be a great character. Hau is another nice looking character who vividly reminds me of Barry in a strange sort of way, it will be interesting to see his progression throughout the games. Lillie is my favourite so far in terms of design and I'm super intrigued to find out more about her and the mystery surrounding her! Protagonists are okay-ish, I'm not crazy over the designs but they're certainly not the worst we've had.
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I'm hoping Lillie is the female Blue or Silver we've all been waiting for. It's so frustrating that after 20 years, this franchise still has yet to produce a real female rival (aka. one that isn't an unselected PC), and the quality of rivals, in general, has gone way down since GSC. Enough of these weak, generic friendly rivals.

On a similar note, can we also finally have a female evil team leader? If Team Flare is returning, I'd love to see Malva take on that role.