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Well this is indeed going to be interesting because the movie of GotG was well done and critically acclaimed. And a lot of people love Gravity Falls I also watched it. Sadly it already ended. Although if the story was to be focused on a story from the main games then these writers wouldn't have been good I think because their writing is more driven to like a little darker stuff and that. Now it is based on something else which by the info given on the Detective Pikachu game I think these 2 will do a great job. The writer for GotG can focus on the fantasy stuff while the writer of GF can focus on the mystery since Gravity Falls was a great show driven by the mystery genre.


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If I remember right, Alex Hirsch is a huge Pokémon fan judging by the tweets that I've seen of him with Masuda and about Pokémon GO. It's good to know that they got somebody working that's familiar with the franchise and knows what they're getting into.
Yeah. Since he visited Japan some time ago he likely has some familiarity with it. Someone already mentioned this but if the movie sticks with the Detective Pikachu's premise I think he'll do fine with the game being a mystery adventure.

I admit to not have seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, but I know she also did Thor and I enjoyed that movie at least. Overall this could be good if done right.

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Nice they got Gravity Falls writer Alex Hirsch on board for this, didn't even know he was a Pokemon fan until now. Hopefully the movie will do well, even though I usually dread the fact movies based on games tend to flop at the box office.
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