Petition Seeks To Ban Pokémon GO In India

Started by El Héroe Oscuro September 7th, 2016 6:46 PM
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This is ridiculous. As a vegatarian myself, I should know better then most that eggs are vegetarian.
And it's not like you are eating the eggs, you are just being a bird, and hatching them! Please join I need members ;_;


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I don't often delve into the topic of religious insensitivities but I'll be bluntly honest here: this is about as bad as those evangelical Christian preachers saying Pokemon Go is satanic and summons digital demons into churches, and that by playing Pokemon you will magically gain the power to shoot fire and water out of your hands. (Before you ask, yes those are actually real accusations. PBG made a video on it and he couldn't believe it either.)

This is a similar case as those of the above, where people come to the wrong conclusions about something, sometimes blatantly, and misinform others to try and sway their opinions. Anybody who played the game or even casually observes the series knows that eggs in the game are hatched, not eaten, and since Pokespots are placed in frequently visited places it's only natural places of worship would be targeted. I could forgive people for actually making these critical research failures in the early 90s because the internet wasn't a thing, but anybody could look up what the eggs are for in 30 seconds flat with a smartphone, so in this day and age there's just no excuse for this kind of thing.

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This is fine.

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For myself the most amusing thing is that the game isn't yet (officially) released in India. Whoops.
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I would start a counter-petition to ban religious practise in public places just to mess with them.

The only stuff that gets eaten in the game are raspberries, and that is it.

Some weird inconsistencies: They do not ban people from eating meat, and they do not ban pets that require meat, or other animals, as their diet.

Cats and dogs need a diet containing meat, scorpions and spiders need live insects, lizards, chameleons and geckos need live insects, snakes need mice or rats, and many exotic fish also need an animal-based diets. India, to my knowledge, bans none of that.

This is another attempt by religion to cash in on the hype just to make itself seem relevant and important.

So i really believe a counter-petition to ban religious practise in public is the way to go, India is not a theocracy, so this can be done, and there are a lot of non-religious people in India that are fed up with the horsemuk and stupidity that religion spreads in India.

In Europe, religion is shrinking rapidly, and in some nations like Germany, christianity still has special rights and gets taxpayer money. Now along comes Islam, and people see that Islam can rightfully sue and win in courts to get similar special rights and taxpayer money, which causes politicians to contemplate the removal of the special rights and privileges from christianity, to go truly secular.

When religion tries to take away some of your liberties and rights, the best answer is to create a credible threat of reviewing and taking away SPECIAL rights and SPECIAL privileges that only the religions enjoy, those are often hurting the interests of the non-religious people as well as the religious minorities.

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I'm with Marcin here, the game's not even out in India yet and they want to ban it due to eggs being against Hindu culture? And besides, the eggs in Pokemon games aren't for eating but rather hatching Pokemon, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I do get that India is a country that hates eating animals (which explains the common vegetarian nature of Hindu people) but that's not an excuse to try and ban a Pokemon game.
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For myself the most amusing thing is that the game isn't yet (officially) released in India. Whoops.
Ah, well this is pre-emptive banning, they don't want it to get a foothold.

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I am an Indian myself, and a vegetarian too.. but I'm completely against this stupid petition that says Go should be banned because of eggs. Its not like people eat those eggs lol !
Edit: And, its absolutely nothing against the Hindu culture. As I said, we aren't eating those egg. People take care of the eggs, till a newborn hatches from it. Know what.. I beleive that all this is a stupid publicity stunt.

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