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So if you want your Legendary next month, better make sure you sign up before it's too late. :D


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Australia counts as Europe so wifi distribution for me! But I prefer code/wifi over having to go visit a store.

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Great, I'll probably play Sun again for few minutes XD

I would like to see more of these to be distributed over wifi, because in my country only store that gives them away does so only when you buy something expensive... Or they make quick events during the night on their facebook with 1 or 2 codes, so there's no chance for me to get it, if I don't want to pay for it (and I would never pay for this).


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At least I get the easy way out of just getting simple wi-fi Mystery Gift... feel bad for the Americans though.
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Glad the method is through the Nintendo Network. Might actually pick these up if I think on!