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So there was a direct. It was really pretty.

Mario Tennis Aces looks cool I guess? Oh and Undertale's a good meme.

Also Super Smash Bros. And Detective Pikachu. HYPE!!!?!?!??!!?!?


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Thank god they finally announced Smash but rip to my wallet.

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I’m still underwhelmed at the lack of a new Pokémon game or even a hint of it, even if it’s a 2019 thing. Fingers crossed for E3?


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I reeeeeeally hope Decidueye will make it into the Smash roster! After they took Ivysaur away from us, I feel like we should at least have another Grass-type starter to make up for it.

Plus I love the Rowlet line, so...

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Hardly anything new to learn here. Fine by me; not in a rush for a new main-series Pokemon title.

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I cannot wait to play Detective Pikachu... It looks so unbelievably silly.
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