Do you reuse characters?

Started by gimmepie April 16th, 2018 12:58 AM
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This is quite a common thing but a lot of people are also completely opposed to it. Do you reuse your RP characters in different RPs later on? Why/why not? Do you have certain rules about what they can be used for if you do?


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Ah, re-using a character for an RP. While I may only be in one RP here, I used to do some roleplaying on this other site long ago. I'll be honest, I did re-use a character, but it was a "sequel" roleplay so that worked, but looking back, I feel like I was kind of cheating at making characters. I essentially just took a character from a game and added personality traits that I liked. So, really, just try and make something new, you'll probably like it much more and it would be more fun for you and others! Just don't be obsessive like I used to be.
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I don't think I've ever reused a character per se. Sometimes I come up with an idea for a character or power for a RP in my brainstorming process, but never end up joining or using the idea. I've used the idea then in other RPs - Sophia from Gunpowder is a really good example, her powers were original but her personality, name and faceclaim were meant for another RP which I never joined.
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More often than not, this takes the form of taking one of my existing Pokmon characters and placing their profile in a forum SU.
You see, I have a collection of Pokemon characters that I'm very passionate about, but who have only seen the 1-on-1 kind of RP, never the group RP variety.

In one case, I have a character who I have taken from group-RP to group-RP even within PokeCommunity: my Xatu.

In some cases, I make entirely new characters. But whenever I've tried that, the GM has to disappears after a few posts, and then I end up adapting that character I made into the aforementioned list of characters for 1-on-1 RPs, since I can't play it in "group" anymore.

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I never used the same exact character, I try to change it up, but they always tend to be similar. For example, I usually RP as characters that are good, I have tried being a bad character before, and I just can't do it.

So I don't use the same character, but they always tend to be similar. Besides, most rps I enter usually don't end or get very far, so I tend to grab ideas from those characters because I was never actually able to finish with that character.

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Absolutely! My characters begin as archetypes with certain quirks and a team of pokemon. Their history / bio is always the last thing I do, and so re-using them is quite easy since that's the only thing that 100% almost always needs changing. It'd be a waste not to reuse the character base if the opportunity presents itself.

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I wanna say I've only reused a character once (maybe twice but the rp never actually started), but i only did it because i felt those characters fit the rp really well (with slight alterations), otherwise, i create new characters because I've really grown to love character creation


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I re-purpose characters every now and then, but the only ones I've almost straight up re-used have been Aberdeen Montany in some pokémon trainer RPs, and Hilda for a couple of superhero RPs. I'd love to use her again, tbh :)


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Well, not the exact same character, but I made a sort of AU thing a couple of times. One was a Dragonair gijinka whom I later remade as a full Dragonair. She had a different backstory, though. The other one was a Dragonair shifter and I made another character with the same name and similar personality but completely different in other aspects. Except what was funny here was that two of the roleplayers of one roleplay also roleplayed on the other so it was a sort of AU version of all three characters and the relation between them was also similar. But even then, the characters end up different to each other, which I think works well.