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Yep, you heard it guys. SINNOH CONFIRMED...well, for GO, that is. Soon, the next gen of Pokemon will be rolled out to the masses. Meanwhile, some tweaks have been made to the inner mechanics, this includes the spawn and battle mechanics. Are you hyped to see Sinnoh Pokemon? I can't wait to evolve my Magneton, Dusclops, Piloswine and Murkrow.

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Time to go out hunting with some friends again soon....

Also liking some of the mechanical changes.

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the best gen finally comes to pokemon go.... #blessed


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the worst gen finally comes to pokemon go...
Fixxed it...

I can't wait for reactions from people that said that Darkrai and older Pokmon's evolutions are just bad fake.

But I'm looking forward to the improved spawns.


This is fine.

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Looking forward to evolving a bunch of older gen pokes to their more powerful forms in gen 4. Wonder how big the stat changes (or well, calculations) will end up being though?


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if cherrim isn't available in my area i will straight up move. don't test me, niantic


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Ah! Reminds me when D/P were just released. One of the best Gens where Game Freak ACTUALLY did more of a good job than a bad job!
I bet it is gonna be the most hyped addition to Pokemon GO since Sinnoh brings A LOT of awesome evolutions for Pokemon of older regions, not to mention that Sinnoh itself has some of the most popular Pokemon, such as Lucario and Luxray (to mention just these).
And lets not forget that Sinnoh broke the record of the total number of legends, this will also bring a lot of life to Pokemon GO.
And last, but not least, Sinnoh has WEAVILE!!! GODDANGIT!
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Bidoof FTW

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Absolutely cannot wait to have a horde of Bidoof in pokemon go.

Also, Rhydon is already a strong pokemon, Rhyperior is going to be an absolute unit and I am excited to use him and other gen 4 evos a lot.


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Posted 22 Minutes Ago
meanwhile i've still barely caught much hoenn stuff 8D
but this is exciting!

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Wonder if they’ll change candy requirements for Pokémon that evolve again in gen 4. Because three stage Pokémon require 25 candy for the first evolution and 100 for the second. But the likes of Magneton and Rhydon are currently only 2 stage Pokémon and require 50 candy, so will they change them to 25 or introduce some other mechanic?
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