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Do you go to midnight releases for new games? Why or why not? What midnight releases have you been to? What was the experience like?
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A friend and I have gone to midnight releases since X and Y. This will be the first time in a while that we aren't doing one. We usually go to Panera until they close and then walk down to Game Stop and sit there and wait for the release and then either go to McDonalds or back to my house and play the game all night.
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If I can I love going to early launches.

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    Never, I'd rather just go to sleep. Even if I get the game at midnight I'd be going to sleep immediately afterwards so there would be no point.
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    No, not really.

    My closest GameStop is located inside a mall, which I highly doubt is going to open its doors just for one business at midnight. Even if that were the case, if I truly wanted a game that I fear was going to be sold out due to popularity, that's what pre-ordering is for.

    I personally don't see the advantages, which is why I don't do them.
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      Definitely not happening now.

      Where I currently live, the nearest GameStop is about 25 minutes away.
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      Considering I have never seen a store open at midnight here I dont think we have those sadly
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      Nope. A lot of it is autism-related. I get frustrated easily, and I have a tendency to get agitated if I have to wait for a long time. That's why I'd much rather just get the game the next day instead of dealing with intense anxiety and such.

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      i haven't been to many, actually. i worked a few at gamestop when i was there, though. i worked the destiny release, one of the madden games (no one came and i got to leave early lol), and a call of duty but idr which. i've been to midnight releases for smash 4/oras and twilight princess hd, as far as i remember. despite the fact i haven't been to many though, they're usually fun! all the ones i went to were also at the gamestop i worked at and it was always cool. we had pizza at one of them and we had a smash tournament for smash 4's. there was a trivia game w prizes for the twilight princess one. that one was a big deal too bc originally we weren't going to have one, but our manager said if we got a certain amount of preorders for it, he would talk to his manager about allowing us to have one and we actually pulled it off.

      unfortunately, i feel like they're turning into a dying medium unless it's a big released like smash. most people would rather not deal with the lines and just download the game right at midnight than be out somewhere and have to drive back home. i haven't been to any midnight releases since moving so idk if anywhere around here even still does them lol.

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      I've never waited at midnight for a release of a game, but the daughter of one of my mom's work friends waited in line for the XBOX 360, and that's how I got one for Christmas, because those were selling like hotcakes.
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        I love going to midnight releases. I haven't missed a midnight call of duty launch since MW2, but for me its not really an issue of missing sleep. I work till 11pm every night so its simply walking down the street from my store and grabbing my copy and being fresh and ready to play till 6 or 7am.

        Others I have been to are. A few pokemon, Smash, Horizon zero dawn and God of War
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        The only midnight releases that I've ever been to are for Pokemon games, and even then it was only because I worked in the same mall as an EB Games, and since they would always do 9 PM releases since we're on the west coast, I could literally walk over after I got off work at 10, not have to worry about lines, and be at home playing the game before midnight.

        Now that I don't live near any gaming shops that do midnight releases, I probably won't bother. The new Animal Crossing game for the Switch might tempt me, but since you can't do much late at night in those games anyway, I'd probably just wait until sometime that afternoon to grab a copy.
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        I think the last (only???) midnight release I ever went to was for one of the World of Warcraft expansions. I think... Cataclysm???

        I don't even play WoW, I just attended with my friend bc he didn't wanna go alone and it sucked bc we had to wait outside but it was neat seeing how enthusiastic everyone was. :( I just wish anywhere did midnight releases for games I actually care about. It's always just Call of Duty or Halo and stuff like that around here.
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        I've been to a fair few way back when (like 10-8 ish years ago) I went to the Halo ones in high school, Gears of War...the very last midnight release I was at was Portal 2. That was many years ago
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        I can usually wait long enough after a game is released to go grab it later in the day. No midnight releases for me. I often barely feel like doing much at that time, forget going out to a store to pick up a game.
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        i always get phone calls from gamestop with my preorders about midnight releases but i can never go to them. kinda hard to when you work at 4am the next morning and i'm not about to pull an all night for a game that i wouldn't be able to play until after work the next day anyways. might as well get my sleep and pick it up after work the following day.
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