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This is fine.

A cape
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My thoughts remain the same from the second trailer: Pokemon look good, people look weird in this.

(Went with this section because DP movie was here and it's not 2D animation, even if it's just a remake of the 1st movie!)


press start to play

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Posted 7 Hours Ago
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What in the barf is this

Did they just show us basically the whole first movie but with sub-par 3D graphics and some quite unfitting pop song overlay? I'm... I'm sorry, I'm just so stunned lmfao. Are we sure this is not a fan-made thing or a joke? 😅


Cubie the Cube

Age 19
The computer room
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[AMV] Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION ~ "Rita Ora" | "Let You Love Me"


Age 28
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Posted 11 Hours Ago
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What a trainwreck of a trailer.


past our yesterdays

the dream world
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Posted 1 Hour Ago
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14.3 Years
I didn't know how to feel about the trailer the first time around, so I decided to look at it a second time and uh.... my feelings are still mixed, mostly on the negative side.

I agree that the song choice was odd -- not because the song itself was bad or anything per se (I actually kind of like it, myself), but because... it probably doesn't really fit? I suppose it's moreso the beat than the lyrics that's supposed to go with the trailer, but I'm still confused about what a love song has to do with the first movie, but maybe it's just the upbeat rhythm that's more important than all of that.

Secondly.... not gonna lie, Ash looks weird. He just... does and that's something that I don't know if I can get used to. .__. The Pokemon are okay, but why do the people look so weeeeeirdd???

Also... is this really much of a trailer if they're showing us the majority of the movie, already? I mean, as I'm sitting here, I can't see myself feeling any sort of strong emotion, which is probably a bad thing because the first movie was one of my favourites. Not to be too cynical, but with all of these things into consideration, it just... feels kind of like cashgrabbing on the nostalgia feelings of older Pokemon fans by being like "hey, remember the first Pokemon movie?? we brought it back!!!" except with really weird visuals because why.

I really didn't want this to be mean or anything. Maybe this just isn't for me.


Age 22
Czech Republic
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Posted 9 Hours Ago
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The graphics looks better than in the first teaser imho. But people are still weird. Well the whole trailer/movie looks weird and like the most things regarding Pokémon in the last few years it feels so unnecessary and forced.

The song is random, but apparently Rita Ora made the song for Detective Pikachu, so that might be the connection we are all missing?

Anyway I found my original VHS of the first movie few days ago so I think I'll watch that instead.


Cape Town
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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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12.8 Years
I dunno what to think. The music definitely seems unfitting and makes this look more like an AMV, but maybe I'll warn up to it. Still not a fan of the CGI human models though uuugh. Seems like that feeling gets worse with each trailer. ):

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