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He's gonna be a free sync pair at around February 14th, on Valentines Day, as a free sync pair just by logging in.

Are you guys excited for him? What sync pair do you think he'll get?

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Considering what current sync pairs and known upcoming sync pairs have as their Pokemon, I wouldn't be surprised if Oak got someone in the Bulbasaur line, considering Leaf got Eevee instead, and I think it's fairly likely to assume Blue and Red will have sygna suits. Will be interesting to see how Oak turns out as a sync pair.


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I can't play Masters, but it's nice to see Professor Oak finally battling officially in a mobile spinoff game, of all things. His sync pair is absolutely shocking to me, though. I'd think he'd have a fully evolved Kanto Starter or something... but wow, a mythical. Wasn't expecting that.
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I re-downloaded Masters just for Oak and Giovanni. I absolutely adore Oak and his sync pair is both hilarious and incredible to me.

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