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Generation 1 again, but here's some info about the newly released leaks. Pokémon Pink was supposed to exist.
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It's funny cause there IS a pokemon pink romhack (same with Pokemon Z, but that's "just" a pokemon and DBZ crossover)
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I wonder why they scrapped Pink and just went with Yellow?

We'll probably never know though
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It is true that Clefairy was planned to be the mascot before Pikachu was, so I wonder if Pokemon Pink was gonna attempt to experiment with that? Ah, well, we'll most likely never get to know.
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pokémon pink would've been so awesome for me ;_; interesting to hear that anime voice clips were planned!

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Didn't even know that Clefairy was supposed to be the original mascot. Honestly I don't think they'd have gotten that far & famous if that pushed through. I mean, it's cute and all, but Pikachu is cuter and looks tough at the same time. It could appeal simultaneously to both boys and girls.

Also let's be honest, Red with a Clefairy as his main? C'mon now.
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Imagine playing a whole Pokemon game with cries even worse than some of the original sound files....

I've always loved how years later, content is still being found.

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