This is fine.

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Pokken's back, now in pog form!

In all seriousness though, worth trying out given it's free and the game itself is, imo, fine. The Pokemon are certainly cool to see and use.

Details in the article!


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will try it out! not the best at this game genre but it's pokémon so i'm interested 👍
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Has sent out Pikachu!

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Welp, looks like I'll be unable to play since I don't have NSO... but nice for the people who can play. Ah well.
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The demo was alright when I downloaded it when I first got my Switch, so a full free trial will give me another reason to try it. Plus, I can only play fighting games like this for a few days before I usually shelf them, so giving us a week with the game is perfect.


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i actually feel kinda bad that i didn't jump into this game back when it was newer. now i feel like it's too late because i feel like a pokken 2 is going to be more or less inevitable.