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not much revealed here but it's something!
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Was hoping for a release date. We're getting close enough to the timeframe that you'd think that they could give us something a little more specific at this point
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I think they made the map for the Crown Tundra already according to a video made by a poketuber (forgot his name), so a release date should be soon. A majority of the Crown Tundra has been data-mined already, so it's just a waiting game for the release date now.

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I saw Absol so that's all I need and more


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Interesting how it was a completely random Nintendo channel, and not the usual one, LMFAO. Nothing interesting to see there, though, I'm gonna just wait for a release date trailer...
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Really glad the wild area concept is getting better and better. The areas look far more detailed this time around.


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No further update about the returning Pokemon 😔
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