Have any good conversation starters?

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Felt like starting a thread and didn't really know what to start it with, so that's what I'm starting it with.~

When meeting someone or getting to know them, what are things you usually try to talk about? Do you have any good ways to start conversations with people? i may or may not be asking this because of trying to improve my social skills myself... ;;

When I met a lot of recent friends, one thing I'd always fall back on was discussing food and asking their opinions on what they like, because I figure everyone has different opinions on different kinds of food, and even if the other person's never had them before, you can offer to introduce it to them and explain what it's like and why you like it.
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I like listening more than talking. Often I ask about school or work, or just how everything has been that day. I don't mind listening to others vent, so these questions work for me. If a younger family member wants to talk about a mean kid at school for an hour, i'm okay with it. Sometimes asking a question like this will allow the other person to go free with talking.


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Most new people I meet are in uni so we generally talk about what we're studying, what extracurriculars we do, if we have mutual friends I might ask how they knew them etc. Very light small talk and then also generally I like asking about places people want to travel to (my uni degree involves an exchange so it's easy to bring it up) and also I'll just generally try to find out more about the person - what sort of TV shows, films, music etc. they like if the convo can build up to it naturally. If the weekend is coming up, perhaps if they have any plans/what they want to do over break is also a very safe convo to have.

It's a lot easier if we have something in common but I find it really interesting to talk to people and see how many different interests and experiences they have so small talk is fun as long as the other person is comfortable to talk to! I try to just go with the flow of the conversation but the above are usually what I'd probably talk about. :D


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I talk to people as little as possible, but when I do it's usually the weather or how awful the drivers here are.

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I....I'm not the best at this either aha ;_; but I tend to comment on people's jewelry or accessories etc if I want to start a conversation, so things like 'your ring is really pretty, where'd you get it?' and 'love those glasses' but that's pretty much it. even then, I don't do it often since I'm introverted and usually prefer talking less than more haha. so I totally feel you
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Just say “Oh my god, it’s you!” and then try to explain where you remember them from.


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i'm not good at talking to people and i generally don't want to lol usually if i want to speak to someone then there must be something abt them that is striking to me, whether it be their hair or outfit or maybe they have some merch on them for a series i like. if i have a segue to talk to someone like that, then i'll just compliment whatever it is that i like. i usually don't carry it further lol i'm just not that good at talking to people but i do like to make people happy and compliments are nice.

Just say “Oh my god, it’s you!” and then try to explain where you remember them from.
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