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Pokémon Unite, TPC's take on the MOBA genre, announced for Summer 2021 with mobile versions rolling out in September 2021! More info in the article, but what are your thoughts so far?
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This wasn't all a fever dream and is an actual thing coming out?
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I’ve warmed up to this thing since it’s reveal, so this should be good! One of my biggest concerns was if there were going to be more creatures than what was shown on the trailer, and it seems like yes, there are. now let’s hope that we can nuzlocke it
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Way sooner than I thought, honestly. Unite seems more like a mobile game so I will probably wait until the mobile release in September to try it, assuming I do. Not massively interested in this genre. :(
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Actually really excited for this one. I'll probably play on my Switch more, it releases on Switch and PC or Switch and Mobile right? I love playing LoL but the constant flaming and toxic attitude drove me away from the game. I'm an adult with adult muk to do I am not going to be called certain words I won't repeat here by 12 year olds malding in their fap chambers... So a Pokemon style MOBA with THE BOY TALONFLAME??? I am hoping to dump big hours into this until Arceus inevitably consumes my life.


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neutral towards it atm. haven't really played LoL so i'm quite unfamiliar with the moba genre. might give it a shot to see what it's like, but i dunno if it's something that i'd be interested in.

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I'll probably download it and give it a go when it launches on switch.
I've played my fair share of mobas (Dota and LoL mostly), and I still think that pokemon could translate well, with pokemon with 3 stage evolutions being hard carry of sorts due to their power spikes and some pokemon already geared towards the other rolls.
I'm not too sure about the weird mix of moba/sports game though, what with the main goal being to put a ball through a hoop.

Also what happened to baby pokemon? It showed them evolving but snorlax and mr mime didn't get a prevolution ):