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May I offer you a Manaphy Egg during these trying times?

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i really like manaphy so i'm happy with this. c:


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Not too surprised with the Manaphy preorder news but still happy! It's grown on me and I'm happy to have it early. Probably not going to use it since I prefer not to use legends/mythicals during story runs but will happily EV train it later!!

12 Quick Balls for the digital purchases though.. I see they're going to continue with this trend haha. I mean, it's not a bad thing to offer when it's essentially a free bonus that comes with the game, but I wish we'd get just a little bit more than that.


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happy about the Manaphy preorder news, and never did redeem my code for SWSH for the quick balls.
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what will it be next?

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If I'm reading it right - buy the game before February 21st and you'll get a Manaphy egg via Mystery Gift? That's cool. Definitely a good motivator for people to buy early if they have any intention of completing their PokeDex. Granted, you can always just do a trade-back, but, whatever.