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  1. El Héroe Oscuro

    Schedule For The Blog Moving Forward (Andrew Wasse, Calvin and Hobbes, Happy Souls) [Daily Bloggity Entry #371]

    [css-div="background-color: #2F4F4F; border-style: solid; border-color: black"] Schedule For The Blog Moving Forward Date: 16 November 2016 Time: 12:56 PM ET Mood: I am so damn hungry Follow me on Twitter! A Year of Funny Pictures: November 16th As some of you may have noticed over the last...
  2. Cura

    1/15 - Panzer Blog Reboot

    Well, this was a suddenly change of plans. A while while back, my friend Pinkie-Dawn started his blog on here and I was always 'ghosting' around on it and many other sites. Just watching, reading and give my view or comment in another fashion. Then I remember this old, dusty section of my PC...
  3. Treecko

    What I spent all night and morning on.

    I've been on my computer since 11pm last night. You're probably wondering what I was doing? Well I spent hours making gifs, Specifically Adventure TIme gifs. All things from the opening but they're for my signatures and such, but also cause they don't have enough gifs from the opening. So I...
  4. Treecko

    I uh ...what?

    I get on PC tonight and now >I get on PC >Gets message from Rukario >" You've gotten a new PokéCommunity emblem!" >Checks what emblem it is >Community supporter And now I can't believe it and so I go to the forum index and see my name green and in italics. Check my profile and see the same...
  5. Treecko

    Adventure Time!

    MJmT7V95FK8 It's algebraic! Just like my username! I don't know if anyone's noticed by my current theme, but lately I've been really getting into Adventure Time. It's so addicting! I just felt like making a blog about. It can be weird at times , but it has that special charm to it. I heard...
  6. Treecko

    Am I the only person who does this?

    Am I the only person obsessed with checking their "Posts Made By" and "Posts Started By" sections on their profile all the time? Like it bothers me if any of my recent posts on the first page of the "Post Made by" section are from more than a day ago. And if they are, I just start posting a...
  7. Treecko

    So I has a blog now.

    Yep I said that right. I now have a blog thanks to certain circumstances. It's a little odd that I have a blog although I'm not a supporter or mod neither do I have 5000 posts, but by chance I was given one. Here's how it happened. About 3 weeks ago as you may have probably noticed, the Black...
  8. K

    Today's Adventure: Municipal Court

    It started last week. Bright and early on Sunday morning, Not-so bushy tailed and the wide eyes could only last 3 seconds before squinting became mandatory, I got into my 1995 Toyota Camry that was a nice shade of Maroon. Yes, there are a few scratches and dents, but she doesn't really look to...
  9. H

    My Birthday + Supportership!

    Let's make this as my opening blog post. Alright, so I have blue italics now. You guys are wondering "How did she get a Tier 4? I thought she didn't know how to donate?". Well, here's how I got it. Now, over the weekend we had the PCX Get-Together and one of the events was the PC History Quiz...
  10. Legendary Silke

    TwigZone's a-go now!

    TwigZone's moved to a better place, and so does this blog. The blog's going to be left as is, as an archive, but no more.
  11. Legendary Silke

    Maybe I should get a real blog provider

    Since I'll probably doing my blogging from Word 2013 from now on (that's right), well... WordPress Web address: http://www.wordpress.com Blogger Web address: http://www.blogger.com TypePad Web address: http://www.typepad.com Well, which one would work well for me? I think I'll also...
  12. Legendary Silke

    Should I trim the blog header?

    Well? It's a bit oversize for a blog header, to be honest about it. I do think that it could be given a bit of a makeover or something. :P Like... Ah, screw it, I think I'll just completely redo my profile customizations. Expect something different within a week.
  13. Legendary Silke


    http://thatothertwiggy.tumblr.com/ That's right, I bothered to open a tumblog. As for what's will be there... who knows?
  14. G

    Thanks for the blog!!!!! =D

    As this is my first blog entry, I would just like to say.... THANK YOU PC!!!!! I would like to give a shoutout to my friends at PC, AlexOzzyCake, Avishka, and I would like to thank Forever and the H-Staff for the blog... =) Oh yes, for those who are asking, "Why do you have a blog???", Well...
  15. Legendary Silke

    The "harlequin" tag

    (No, this post will not have the "harlequin" tag until it's added by someone else.) Whoa... Someone did a practical joke and made lots of blog posts have the "harlequin" tag... Even posts from far back, up to and including the "Blog Functionality Introduction" post! Me? Well, there was one...
  16. giradialkia

    My Blog

    So, yeah. I've been a moderator for just over a year now, and as most people probably know, a blog comes with the privileges. And as anyone reading this will notice, I have yet to make a post. Reading other's blogs, I see funny, insightful, and informative posts. But I actually can't for the...
  17. Legendary Silke

    I decided to change my blog title and description.

    For what reason? Well, the blog's getting really, really stale... and the title isn't helping. The description's also pretty boring in my eyes. Hence the total revamp - of some sort, that is. I wonder what this bodes... Maybe I'll start posting in my blog yet again, perhaps... frequently? Even...
  18. Legendary Silke

    Suggest a blog title for me.

    Right now, I don't think the current blog title fits me entirely. You know, I sometimes think, "What if I changed this and that?" Anyway, now is the time to change the blog title. Maybe it's because I'm bored and have nothing to do. However, I do feel that the blog seriously needs some changes...
  19. Hybrid Trainer

    The Pokéblog :D

    So, as none of you know I was starting up a new site that is basically a blog from a pokemon trainers view. I have put quite a bit of work into it up to now, you don't know how long it took to get that theme to work and i also made all the artwork that is shown on there. But anyway, i wanted to...
  20. V

    My first blog - Which is more of a test!

    So apparently I now have a PC blog even though I'm not sure why. I don't recall winning anything. So this is mainly a test. but for your enjoyment here is a picture of a Lilligant that I found on the internet. It's not like it's a bad thing. I hope Jake lets me keep it. EDIT: Okay, Jake let me...