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  1. Ranger_Lark

    A lively hello from Lark!

    Hello PokeCommunity! You can call me Lark. I use they/them pronouns mostly, though he/him and any neopronouns are also acceptable. I didn't grow up with the Pokemon games (or much of the show), but they've always been a background presence. I've played a few of the games, but didn't really...
  2. EugeneMaw


    Hello, I'm Eugene! I'm new to posting but I've been lurking on and off for a good ten years lmao. I decided I finally wanna start posting and maybe doing some stuff like making a romhack or a fangame! I'm an entity for sure, I'm awake at weird hours and graphic design is my 'passion'. My...
  3. T

    Well, hello there!

    Hi! I am TheBladeWithin, or just Blade for short. I'm a guy who likes to RP and chill, lol. Anyway, any questions?
  4. Megan

    Competitive introduction thingy

    Is it a shame that I haven't made use of the blog feature even though I have it since...well, long enough? It probably doesn't matter that much, as long as it finds some sort of use, right? So, how do we start this... I suppose the first post should mostly be some sort of introduction, but...
  5. R

    About a Girl

    I am Rachel, and I have been Rachel since the 23rd of September 1992. (As in, that's when I was born. I didn't just change my name.) That would make me 16 . But I can guarantee you that I don't really live up to the general stereotype of people my age . I'd happily spend hours upon hours...