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  1. S

    Emerald hack: Obsidian Emerald v1.4 Release [VGC/Doubles Challenge/QoL/Modernization Hack, Story Completed]

    A PvE experience for VGC Fans Hello Pokécommunity! This is my first post, and it's to tell you about my ROM hack, Pokémon Obsidian Emerald, made together with co-designer Speaker. We love the VGC format of competitive Pokémon, which pits players against each other in Double Battles. It has...
  2. cochayuyo_enjoyer

    [SOLVED] - Can you expand Tiles/Metatiles and Max Map Size limits?

    Please bear with me I'm just starting and my english is whatever but I'll try to keep it simple. I want to know if you can (and how to) get tilesets and a map size beyond game limits. I've found this in include/fieldmap.h and in graphics_file_rules.mk a lot of (I'm using emerald-expansion...
  3. Tyrranux

    Need Help with HexManiacAdvanced

    Someone told me there was no support for Pokemon Sapphire so I'm starting over with Emerald. How do I add new Pokemon to Pokemon Emerald using HexManiacAdvanced specifically? Not even a lot, just like maybe, I dunno, 20 at most? I don't even need them all to be fully realized I just need most...
  4. E

    Graphics - Change Pokeemerald Run Animation

    I'm making a simple sprite replacement mod, switching out May's sprite. However, my custom sprite is wider than May's sprite is (running to the side is 18 pixels wide) Below is May's running sprite (144x32, using 16 pixels per sprite), as long as my custom one (168x32, 18 pixels per sprite)...
  5. M

    Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald++

    Introducing: Pokémon Emerald++ Emerald++ is my first ever ROM hack based on the pokeemerald decomp. Thanks to everyone who contributes to it (and the expansion)! I couldn't have done this without that foundation. I started this ROM hack back in August as a fun way to learn the ins-and-outs of...
  6. Elfyer

    [Script-NPC] Check if ONLY a certain type is in player's team

    Hi everyone! After getting great advice from @giradialkia (thanks man :coolrim: ), I decided to ask if this thing is possible in decomps pokeemerald. So: is there a script that can make a npc check if a certain type or pokémon is in the player's team? I'd like to make a fangame with a very...
  7. C

    How to make Pokemon in Emerald gain Experience from successfully capturing Pokemon?

    There's a really old Pokemon Emerald hack(like 10+ years old) called Pokemon Rebirth that I'm trying to add some QoL features to, I've already successfully set running indoors to work, and one I'd like to implement is getting XP from successfully catching Pokemon but I can't figure it out...
  8. M

    [pokeemerald] Make trainer hill's trainers give xp and money

    I'm trying to make the trainer hill trainers give xp and money. The problem is, I don't know where to modify the code to do that. I know that the trainer hill battles are defined in data/scripts/trainer_hill.inc and that the main functions are defined in src/trainer_hill.c but I can't find...
  9. Ofcsmith

    [pokeemerald] can’t recompile the freshly downloaded pokeemerald decomp

    Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've last been active on pokecommunity but recently I have been hit with a wave of interest to get up and try my hand at making a Pokemon Emerald ROM Hack! I have decided to go the decompile route as I've heard it's easier and more user friendly...
  10. T

    [pokeemerald-expansion] Pokémon keep getting EXP despite level caps. What am I doing wrong?

    I've been working on making a hard level cap system that would give EXP only up to the level cap by modifying the ApplyExperienceMultipliers function in src/battle_script_commands.c: void ApplyExperienceMultipliers(s32 *expAmount, u8 expGetterMonId, u8 faintedBattler) { u8 levelCap =...
  11. V

    Add Sound Effect while Player Step on The Grass, Move while Surfing, and Walking?. ( ANSWERED )

    So, i made some custom in pokeemerald decomp, i want to mute the all the BGM in the game and i made it. I edit the script on the folder midi. But when i play the game, honestly it feel a bit empty.. haha. And then i came up with the idea to add some sound effect while brendan step on the grass...
  12. T

    [pokeemerald] How to properly tamper with Birch's intro speech?

    I'm trying to modify Birch's intro speech so that it not only skips the naming and gender choice but does so in a way that isn't awkward. I made edits based on the posts in this forum for setting a default name and gender, but now the sprites slide in and out awkwardly for no reason. I thought...
  13. Joggel

    Emerald hack: Pokémon Parallel Emerald (v1.2)

    INTRODUCTION Have you ever wondered what Pokémon Emerald might look like in a parallel universe? Well, combined with modern day Pokémon ROM hack features that is exactly the idea of this Emerald ROM Hack. All maps in Hoenn have been redesigned, expanded or completely reworked. And you can...
  14. E

    Graphics: Animated Battle Sprites In the Style of Black and White in Pokeemerald

    [mods please don't delete this, I'm trying to move this from decomp/disassembly help to the tutorials; I'm sorry for not posting in the right spot :( ] I would like to start with a few disclaimers, one, that I did not discover/create this, this was started and on Whack-a-Hack by Thorec_A_C and...
  15. Jaizu

    Pokémon DP/Pt summary screen

    Github link: https://github.com/citrusbolt/pokeemerald/tree/summary_screen After a few months (more than we would like to admit) we are happy to announce that our summary screen is ready for public use. It took us a lot of testing, tweaking and effort to get it working for public use, but we...