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[PKMN FULL] 💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]


Princess Era 🎀
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    Together 💎 Forever
    OOC Thread
    M Rating

    The discovery of an ancient ritual, the unearthing of powerful gemstones, the reclamation of a centuries old heritage is shaking up the otherwise quaint and secluded Sevii Islands archipelago. Meticulous research continues as both enthusiasm and concern spread evenly among the population, jumping from island to island. It's your job to investigate further on all these recent events, starting from the vantage point that has been granted you, and find a lasting resolution.

    But do you really know what you're getting into?

    Chapter List

    Chapter 0 - Prologue
    Chapter 1 - Tremors


    QueenNothing as Kent Kelly
    Eleanor as Charlotte Grace Berkeley
    Groc as Paul Li
    Hyzenthlay as Bexley Granger
    Adventure as Mira Cullins
    Janp as Reginald Rawlings
    Fen-Fen as Nia Bradshaw

    Art by Hyzenthlay - thank you ♥
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    Princess Era 🎀
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    Chapter 0 💎 Prologue

    March 7th, Monday
    Your adventure is about to start but, fear not! It will be chill at first, with lots of downtime and relaxing moments as you go through the motions of fusing with your Pokémon for the first time and getting the hang of it. Official instructions from the Rangers state that practicing fusion is something that's better done privately though, as the number of people who tried the fusion is… still extremely low. Mostly you and the professor's assistants. Who knows how people could react?

    💎 QUESTS 💎
    Required - The first thing you'll need to do is arrive at Boon Island and get settled! Luckily, you have many options to do so. The easiest would be to take a quick but not very comfortable Ranger Patrol boat from Vermilion City, Kanto, which will carry you right to your destination in about four hours. If you so wish, though, you can take public passenger boats to Knot Island, departing from either Vermilion, Goldenrod, or Lilycove City. Those take a bit longer and are often packed with tourists, but offer many more comforts. Just keep in mind that nearly all of these ships stop at Knot Island, from where you'll need to take another small ferry to your destination (this journey is about one hour long).
    No need to be very precise with all the time-stamps, as long as things make sense! Don't appear at Boon Island after a "2 hour trip from Lilycove" and wonder where everyone else is, please!

    Required - The second thing to do is to find your new home away from home, a rustic but cozy lodge with a great view on the lighthouse and harbor, and close enough to the local Ranger Outpost (you'll need to bother them and have them let you in!). There's all you would need in here, including a community room, a large kitchen, and many different bedrooms.
    The building has a workable backyard and easy access to a lot of hiking routes into the forest and hills that make up most of Boon Island: those also sound like areas where you'll spend a lot of time in!

    Required - Finally, the third thing to get done is to receive the Fusion crystal from Professor Douglas and his two assistants. This will happen on Tuesday (March 8th), which is the morning after you have settled in - he will come there in person, teach you a few things about how to make the fusion work, and spend a few hours with you before getting back to his lab on Knot Island.

    Well… now that you have it in your hands, let's try out that crystal! You may not get it going the first few times and it may still last for a very long time at this point, but only by attempting to fuse more often you will be able to master this ritual. The more you practice, the better you get… right?

    You can explore the three islands you have access to, talk to people, find wild Pokémon, and have some fun! Downtimes are surely allowed, if not recommended to get some rest after your fusion attempts. This can also allow you to bond even further with your new Ranger companions.

    Visit Professor Douglas's lab on Knot Island some days after your first meeting with him, and keep him and his small team updated on your progress. He will also let you in on some more information he's gathered, and give you more tips on how to fuse with your partner.

    Help out the local Ranger force with some simple wildlife population surveys or case solving, and get your name out there!
    For this mission, you can come up with your own side-quests and rewards, as long as it's still fair to other players and interesting to write about!

    🛥️ NEW AREAS 🛥️
    Knot Island's mainland is relatively flat on the south, where Knot City has quickly expanded in the last decades and has turned into a fashionable tourist destination, with various hotels, clubs, black beaches (thanks to Mount Ember's ash) and of course, all of the most important seats of government of the Sevii Islands. Palms line many of the central streets, and over them towers the old white lighthouse.
    Up north, where the terrain becomes more hilly, a mix of old and new thermal facilities are spread across the island. The northern tip of the island, though, remains mostly uninhabited. There, Mount Ember rises up from the sea, separated from the main island by just a shallow sea passage that has been filled in and then reopened a few times across centuries. It's an off-limits area for anyone who doesn't have a permit, though, because it requires active monitoring and, well… is quite dangerous to begin with.

    Boon Island is made up of just one extinct volcano rising up from the sea, and as such is circular and mountainous. The south-west portion of the island, though, being less sloped than the rest, has been elected as the best place to establish a town, the only one in the island, which to this day keeps growing and climbing higher and higher on the slopes of the mountain. This is due to the large freight harbor that this island has, and that especially in the past has attracted many workers from other islands of the archipelago. The rather central positioning of this island makes it perfect to host this kind of facility, too!

    Kin Island is named like this because it's made up of two very close islands (parent and kin), again separated by a narrow, shallow sea inlet. A wooden bridge has been built to connect them together, but even before then a boat bridge was often built and dismantled to allow for easy passage.
    The two islands are hilly, but not that much when compared to the other northern islands. Most of their area is flat enough for agriculture, which has shown to be developed since ancient times in these islands. Small fields dotted by homes and stables are the most common landscape near the coast, while orchards are more common closer to the center of each island. The only settlement that is recognized as such, though, and the only one where most of the important public services are located, is in the south-west of the larger island, close to the bridge that leads to the smaller one.

    Ranger boats are mostly for the local teams, but you may still use one if you find one available. The public ferries are usually more reliable, departing from each island from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the hour and going back and forth between Knot and Kin Island (with a half-way stop at Boon Island every time). Going from Boon Island to the other two takes about one hour in both cases. A Tri Pass, which you already have, will give you unlimited access to these ferries… as long as you don't go to the other islands.

    Well... this is what Charlotte can tell you about these people. She is quite scatterbrained yes, but this is all information that is reasonable for your characters to know in the first place. For more detailed character profiles, which include things that your characters may not know, you can check the OOC thread! (Coming soon~)

    Professor Andrew Douglas… Rangers talked about him, yes, and apparently he is the man behind this entire mission! He's an Unovan, born and raised, but he's travelled so much around the world during his almost 50 years long life that it's probably not even worth mentioning. From what I've heard, he's equally as interested in science and tech, and in ancient myths and ruins- crazy how he tries to bring those two things together, right?
    He's very excited about his research even if, from what I've heard, he hasn't had much success. And maybe him usually appearing so fancy in pictures is just him trying to find credibility. This time around though, he might actually be close to changing the world…

    The professor has some assistants helping him out in Knot Island, of course, but… I don't remember the names of any of them! In fact, all I'm sure of is that there was this blonde surfer-looking man, and then a taciturn, tiny girl with huge glasses and black hair. They both look like they could be around my age, and I think they have already tried to experiment with fusion! You wouldn't tell by just looking at them though.

    The local Sevii Island rangers… actually I expected to get more information back when we signed up. But I guess they do the same thing that all the other Ranger divisions do! You know, whereas the Police focus on human matters, money, safety laws, Growlithes… we Rangers deal with Pokémon! Protecting them from humans, keeping humans safe from them, making sure that the wildlife and the ecosystem is not endangered! I think we got the longer end of the stick here. We also have these bright red uniforms instead of the blue ones the officers have, which fits us very well in my opinion. Anyways what was I saying…? Oh, right. I don't know 'em but I hope we'll meet those local rangers soon enough too!

    💐 WILD LIFE 💐

    Here's a list of the Pokémon that you'll be able to find, in the wild, around the areas available so far to explore. Italics is there for much rarer Pokémon, should you need to include them in your posts.
    Sea / Beach Pokémon (for Knot, Boon and Kin Islands alike):
    💖 Tentacool / Tentacruel
    💖 Shellder / Cloyster
    💖 Krabby / Kingler
    💖 Horsea / Seadra / Kingdra
    💖 Goldeen / Seaking
    💖 Staryu / Starmie
    💖 Mantyke / Mantine
    💖 Remoraid / Octillery
    💖 Qwilfish
    💖 Wingull / Pelipper
    Knot, Kin and Boon Islands, away from large towns:
    💖 Caterpie / Metapod / Butterfree
    💖 Weedle / Kakuna / Beedrill
    💖 Pidgey / Pidgeotto / Pidgeot
    💖 Psyduck / Golduck
    Knot Island:
    💖 Spearow / Fearow
    💖 Meowth / Persian
    💖 Mankey / Primeape
    💖 Machop / Machoke / Machamp
    💖 Geodude / Graveler / Golem
    💖 Ponyta / Rapidash
    💖 Dunsparce
    💖 Electrike / Manectric
    Boon Island:
    💖 Burmy / Wormadam / Mothim
    💖 Oddish / Gloom / Vileplume / Bellossom
    💖 Mankey / Primeape
    💖 Exeggcute / Exeggutor
    💖 Shroomish / Breloom
    💖 Buizel / Floatzel
    Kin Island:
    💖 Bellsprout / Weepinbell / Victreebel
    💖 Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed
    💖 Exeggcute / Exeggutor
    💖 Lickitung / Lickilicky
    💖 Sunkern / Sunflora
    💖 Ledyba / Ledian
    💖 Electrike / Manectric
    Knot City:
    💖 Snubbull / Granbull
    💖 Igglybuff / Jigglypuff
    💖 Meowth / Persian
    💖 Pichu / Pikachu / Raichu

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    Kent Kelly
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Prologue, Ranger Patrol boat

    "Come ooooonn Kenneth, surely you can at least give me a teeny tiny hint?"

    "Absolutely not!" Kent, holding his personal Rotom phone to his ear, sternly responds. "You should know that there is no circumstance in which I could leak such confidential information, Keith!"

    From the other line, Keith playfully chuckles. "You wouldn't even let your dear older brother in on it?" He teases.

    "No!!" Kent says, completely serious, even catching the looks of other rangers aboard the patrol boat. "To let anyone else know would be to betray my position as a ranger! Could you imagine what father might think if word got around to him? How disgraceful for you to even suggest the mere idea-"

    Kent pauses as he hears his brother burst into laughter. "I'd expect nothing less from you. It's a waste of time to pry this kind of info from you, we both know that. No worry though- I already know what you're investigating."


    "I was so curious as to what could be going on in the Sevii Islands that I just had to do some digging online! Turns out there are some rumors of some kind of fusion happening between humans and Pokemon, and that sounds absolutely ludacris! But as they say, nothing is impossible, so I thought I'd ask- are these rumors true?"

    "UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!!!" Kent frantically yells, working up a sweat. "The idea that such a concept could even be possible is completely fictitious, it was a rumor created by an adolescent with no grasp of reality that spread through word of mouth!! The fact you'd bring up such juvenile things to me is disrespectful!"

    "Jeez, how are you still so bad at lying? But at least I know now-"

    "Goodbye and have a nice day!!!"

    After furiously hanging up and forcing his phone into his pocket. Kent can't help but notice the concerned looks of his cohorts. Embarrassed, he fakes a cough and speaks up. "What are you all staring at? There is nothing to see here- return to your previous activities!" His firm tone of voice and social standing within the Rangers is enough to get everyone to act as if nothing had happened. What a relief...

    Although, while his brother was right, he was indeed lying about fusion being simply a rumor, Kent is actually pretty skeptical about Professor Douglas' claims. It really does sound like something a child would make up, but if he's being called all the way out to the Sevii Islands, there's at least some legitimacy to the claim. Kent finds Professor Douglas to be an odd individual, with his fascination with ancient fairy tales and all, but the professor is in his position for a reason- no way he'd draft several rangers for nothing more than a prank.

    As his mind starts to wander, Kent starts to remember how cramped this tiny boat feels. Standing around on it for four hours was bad enough, but having to deal with that on-top of the 14 hour flight from Castelia City to Saffron and then being escorted by car to Vermillion made things far worse. Going this long without getting his daily exercise is starting to drive him crazy, and his Stoutland must feel the same being so cramped in that small Pokeball of his- all the more reason to look forward to arriving at Boon Island. Supposedly the location he'll be staying at is near some hiking trails, which is perfect for him. He knows for sure he'll have to kill two Pidoves with one stone by exploring the trail to stretch his limbs out while on patrol.



    Princess Era 🎀
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    Charlotte Grace Berkeley
    Togetic // lv. ~35 // ♀ // Serene Grace
    Life Dew // Mirror Move // Tri Attack
    Metronome // Yawn // Dazzling Gleam

    background art by ACCO on Pixiv
    Unprompted intermission
    Monday, March 7 - morning
    Goldenrod to Knot Island ferry

    Looks like Sundae has found a new hobby today: photobombing. She's gleefully swooping down on those lovey-dovey couples taking selfies on the ferry bridge, or flying past some of the bigger groups or families, and their reaction of surprise is usually hilarious.

    A smile from Togetic is enough to make people laugh and even bow in appreciation for the nice surprise. Then again, Sundae is so lucky to be part of a species that has always symbolised good luck and happiness… it lets her get away with so much! I definitely did not treat that Wingull over there with the same regards when it started getting too close. Oops!

    I smile as well, looking at my Pokémon's shenanigans from a distance and taking some photos of my own with my Pokégear. So far, the trip has been marvelous, to the point I'm forgetting what I'm even here for - I'm blending in with all the tourists perfectly, why not believe I'm one of them? I can already imagine myself right there on the very point of this ship, taking an iconic photo with this lovely, teal mini dress, before jumping down on Knot Island and enjoying hours and hours of relax on some stunning black sand, going for a prestigious seafood dinner, adding in some dancing steps inside a cool local club and ending all my days with a rejuvenating sleep in one of the best hotels this place-

    Oh right, I'm not even coming with friends here. That already takes away half the fun. I actually hoped more of us Johto Rangers would make it to the end of the selection, but apparently that wasn't the case… shame though, I'm going to miss some of my colleagues, no matter how much they mock my lack of preparation or call me "city gal".

    Oh right, I'm not even going to Knot Island. Right… Rangers want me to go to Boon Island, which despite the name looks more like a jumbled mess of brambles and wild vegetation, with a boring freight harbor and a few houses just for pity. Honestly I could still escape for one night and live the High Wealth Tourist Experience but…

    Oh right, I can't. I don't have that much money coming in from family anymore and the Ranger wage, while nice, isn't that amazing. Is this worth doing even if there are better paid jobs? Absolutely, if those jobs are called "surgeon" or "dentist" or "lawyer" or "successful Pokémon trainer". Even more worth it when I'm getting a nice reward from this mission, which I can actually use to treat myself like how I described earlier, at least for a few days.

    There's only one thing that I can still do then, a nice photo on the best, most sought-after spot of the entire main deck. And I will do it before we get off this ship - in fact I'll do it before lunch time as well, just you wait! I'll just walk over here with Sundae by my side and…

    Oh come on!

    Alright, I can get the desperate run towards the Goldenrod terminal, suitcase in tow, just to get on the ferry in time. That was honestly my mistake, I should've been more careful about what to bring with me and I should've been faster when picking my outfit for today. My friends who tried to come with me probably laughed so hard when I waved them goodbye on the docks.

    But this is just annoying. An actual photo-shoot right on the bow of the ship, preventing me from getting there myself. The first warning that I get is, of course, just a few people standing in a loose circle around a photographer, a fancy-looking elderly woman with a Purugly nearby, who is in turn taking photos at an admittedly stunning model who is probably just a few years older than me.

    The Tiger Cat Pokémon seems very calm and collected, but starts growling as soon as anyone gets even one step too close, and doesn't stop until said person backs off. It definitely takes its job seriously, and so does its owner… who is still asking the model to change her expression slightly or move a bit to one side, then to another… it's never going to end. To complicate things, I can already notice the irregular profile of Knot Island on the horizon! And with how many people are already (seemingly) waiting to take a photo of themselves in that spot, I'm better off devising a plan. With Sundae.

    I make the first move and take a step in the danger zone. As predicted, I hear some growls and hisses, I turn around, and see the yellow eyes of Purugly pointed at me. Perfect, because now Sundae comes in from behind it, gives it a gentle poke on its body, and unleashes a Yawn. The Normal-type flinches a bit, tries to walk towards the photographer, lets out a somewhat resigned "meowwww" and falls asleep shortly after. But the woman seems too busy with her own job.

    "Uhh… this is just not how it's supposed to look! I know it's hard but you gotta give me a better natural smile!" The photographer explains, as the model lets out a nervous chuckle. In the meantime, I let Sundae free to do her thing.

    The little Togetic appears from behind the model and, with a smile and a wink, seems to get right away on her good side. The photographer is definitely more upset, and her annoyed sigh as she realizes that Purugly is dozing off is a great indicator of that… but, and this I did not expect, she still tries to get some photos of the model interacting with Sundae. It's time!

    "O-oh I'm sorry that my Togetic is causing you trouble I know she's supposed to reach out to good hearted people and maybe you should be happy that she likes you so much but I hope this is not an issue for your photo-shoot…" I speak up, trying to act as worried as possible, while I run right up to the model, still dragging my suitcase.

    "Well it was a nice surprise, no big deal…" The model replies, her cheeks turning ever-so-slightly red. I try my best to seize the moment, and keep talking over the photographer. "I'm very glad to know that phew but anyways now that I'm here I have to say I absolutely love your outfit and your figure and this amazing scenery!" I wish I could make my eyes sparkle on demand but honestly, I think they're already doing that.

    "T-thank you, I'm flattered…" She murmurs. I keep going. "I just hope I'm not taking too much time…" What a lie. "But anyways I'd love to take a quick photo of the two of us and Togetic before leaving you to your work again if that's possible…" In the meantime, I get my PokéGear ready for a selfie shot so that she essentially can't say no.

    "It's alright for me…" The model poses for the picture as I briefly let go of my suitcase and get as close as I can, almost leaning on her shoulder. I take the first shot with Togetic standing right behind the two of us, before trying my best to grab the wobbly suitcase before anything bad happens. Hard shell and four wheels can be a recipe for disaster…

    "Hm, would it be ok for you to take a picture of us as well?" I hear the model ask the photographer, who still looks rather unsure but shrugs and does it anyway. With my PokéGear away and one hand free, I… let myself get carried away. I try the victory sign, gesturing for the model to do the same, then I wrap my arm around her (it would've been better if she did that to me, she's taller than me thanks to her fancy heels) and even try to do the heart sign with our hands. It takes her a bit to understand what she's supposed to do but it happens in the end… all the while the photographer gets increasingly more annoyed at my antics and the model gets more relaxed.

    You can't deny it's a rather big contrast. She has long, straight black hair whereas mine is just a messy bob of flashy pink noodles. She has all the right curves that her job usually requires while still being very fit, and I'm just a matchstick. She has this perfect tan while all the color I have is the red on my cheeks. She has this fancy-looking, blue and white pencil dress, which apparently is from a new sailor-inspired collection, with the expensive open heels I mentioned, but I have just a comfy sundress, some flat sandals, my sunglasses, a few jewelry items, and this (guess the color) pink cube with wheels and a handle.

    But hey, I still love that photo. I would probably love more the photos that the other woman took, if only I could have access to it, but the one that's saved on my PokéGear is already enough. It has such an interesting story attached to it, too!

    I try to stick around for a bit more, complimenting the model a bit more and playing nice, until a growl makes me realize one thing. One annoying detail. A sudden feeling of pain confirms my suspicion.

    Oh right… Purugly has woken up and doesn't know anything about what's happening. And so it has done its job a little too well. I hastily leave the model be and go back to the safe area, but by this time I already have had my left leg clawed by the Pokémon… right above the ankle. It doesn't hurt much admittedly, but it's a big nuisance. And not gonna lie, that Purugly is a sniper when it comes to hitting with precision. The model didn't feel anything, my suitcase is perfectly intact as well. Curse you!

    The photographer herself seems surprised by that. She seems right in the middle between feeling sorry or being like "I told you so". The model is definitely more shocked, but tries to collect herself again and smiles at me when I tell her that I'm alright. I guess Purugly was also very precise with how deep to go, because honestly it could've been a way worse wound.

    I got what I wanted though. And so, still in awe because that actually happened, I pick a seat somewhere on another area of the ship and decide to rest there for a bit. I send that selfie to some of my friends right away, because… how could I not? and finally open up that suitcase of mine so that I can find a bandaid and put it on top of that scratch.

    Eventually the time to touch the ground comes up, with the large ferry dropping anchor at the Knot Island port and opening up the lower entrance. I immediately try to look for some signs or a map that explains just which part of the harbor I should be in if I want to board the Jet Ferry to Boon Island, also because according to the schedule, it should leave rather soon… but I get stopped. It's the model and the photographer.

    Curiously enough it's the latter who speaks up. "Hm, I'm still not sold on your idea to interrupt our work and I shall not apologize for my Pokémon's attack but… I have to at least recognize that you and your Togetic made it easier for Valerie to look natural and happy, which is the goal of this advertising campaign."

    "Yes," Valerie adds. "This is why I'd love to share some of the photos we got with you, if that's ok."

    I accept in a heartbeat- and just like so, the model gives me a few instructions to start sharing those files right there on the spot. It should be quick, she says. My legs are wobbly from the excitement as the progress bar on my PokéGear slowly fills up, while at the same time the clock keeps ticking. In the meantime, some more small talk ensues.

    "So you're here for more photo-shooting and fashion events?" I ask. The answer is affirmative, Valerie is there for work… looks like we're on the same boat! Oh, excuse the pun.

    "Same here, I guess… this is Ranger Life™. I have to…" I stop myself just in time. "Uh, help out the local squad."

    "Interesting! I wouldn't have known you were a Ranger?" Oh please Val, everyone thinks that. One day I'll just do Ranger duties with your current outfit just to spite you. "Hehe yes, I am~" is all I say though.

    "Well, it looks like everyone involved is rather busy with work tasks and other duties. Maybe we shall part ways." The photographer chimes in, although it's rather clear that I've monopolized Valerie's attention for the time being.

    "Yes but… we could hang out here in Knot Island for a bit, it's a gorgeous place and…" She does in fact say, earning a glare from the elderly woman.

    "It would be cool but- oh, the photos are all done! And…" Valerie's voice, which is already not the loudest, goes very quiet. "I'd rather not upset my agent here…"

    "Looks like we're done. Farewell!" The photographer says, basically dragging Valerie away. This leaves me here on the docks with my dreams shattered and… Curse you again old wretch! My boat about to set sail without me.

    "I didn't g… her na….e!" Is all I seem to pick up from Valerie, but her voice is already drowned by the other people's chatter and by the wheels of my suitcase struggling to keep up as I make a run for the Boon Island ferry. This time I could've been perfectly fine, but here I am, running after a boat once again. Welcome to my life everybody!

    Signed, Charlotte Grace <3
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    Paul Li
    Chapter 0.1
    Monday, March 7th; Boon Island

    The life of a wandering Ranger prepares one for many challenges. Natural disasters, missing persons, petty squabbles... but not the sheer, absolute boredom of long boat rides. Stepping off the ferry and onto the docks of Boon Island, I couldn't help but hop down off the wood and kneel down in the sand. Sure, I got some strange looks, but it was good to be on solid ground once again.

    Although, this ground was surprisingly hot. The more I thought about it, everything was hot. Sinnoh had been in the middle of the longest cold snap in recent memory when I'd left, and I'd accepted a job in the tropics. This would take some time to get used to...

    So, I decided to go for a walk. Sure, I was supposed to check in at a lodge, drop off my luggage, and meet my new team... but I'd spent a lot of time on the water. I needed to lose my sea legs. And there were several hiking trails I could go on that looked fairly welcoming. A perfect warm up!

    So, with my luggage on my back and a song in my heart, I wandered. The trail was simple, winding gently through the trees, and it was cooler here in the shade, at least before the day got too warm. It was peaceful...

    Right up until I found someone else on the trail.

    I could hear the sounds of a scuffle coming from up ahead, with lots of screeching and shouting. It really brought down the mood, but I was curious, so I got closer.

    Two Mankey were having an argument in the middle of the path, apparently over some fluffruit. It hardly seemed worth the squabble, there was enough for both of them.

    "Pardon me, gentlemen," I said as I approached, "But could you please stop the aggression? There's really no need to fight."

    One of the Mankey turned to look at me, but the other took the opportunity to get in a cheap shot, slapping his comrade and shoving him to the ground. Which was just uncalled for.

    "Hey!" I stepped forward to intervene. "Can't we all just get along?"

    The aggressive Mankey picked up a rock, throwing it at my head. But it wasn't the first time I'd had something thrown at me, and I reacted on instinct, snatching the rock out of the air.

    "That was impolite." I dropped the stone, grabbing a Poké Ball from my pocket. "Carnivine, kindly teach this ruffian a lesson."

    In hindsight, I should have let Carnivine out sooner, but he'd been terribly seasick and I'd been letting him rest. He still seemed a little green in the face... well. More brown, but he was supposed to be green. It's not my best metaphor. Anyway...

    Carnivine came out, still a bit upset, but happy to see me. The Mankey wasn't as excited to see him, and flew into a rage. I instructed Carnivine to calm the angry monkey with his aroma, which only served to divert its attention over to him. Following our standard plan of action, he wrapped his viney tendrils around Mankey, restraining it.

    It attempted to fight back, which of course just made Carnivine grip it tighter. Seeing that it refused to calm down, I had Carnivine deploy some pollen. The herbal inhalant calmed the Mankey, and soon it drifted off to sleep.

    Carnivine released his grip, and I gently tossed the sleeping simian into a nearby tree. Its friend had long since absconded with the majority of the fruit, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it had left some behind. I tossed one of the fruits to Carnivine, who eagerly snapped it up, draping himself over my shoulders in a warm hug. Partaking in some fruit myself, I started making my way back down the trail towards the lodge. It seemed like a good idea to take stock of the food stores, and maybe make some lunch while I was at it...
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    Kent Kelly
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Prologue, Boon Island
    ft. Eleanor as Charlotte Grace Berkeley
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    After spending an ungodly amount of time crossing the ocean, Kent is relieved to finally set foot on land again. His legs feel pretty stiff, so he does a few stretches in the sand before he makes his way over to the Ranger Station. There, a polite attendant hands him the keys to his room and the uniform he's wearing for this mission, which is quite different from his regular URF uniform, although the red and black are still there. Now that he has those, he heads over to the Ranger's Longue, and before entering, clicks the large white button on his Pokeball to release his Stoutland.

    "Stoutland," He says sternly, holding his arms behind his back. "Now that we're on land again, I shall grant you the leisure of running around within the perimeters, as I'm sure you're just as eager to exercise as I am after such a long trip. Understood?" The Stoutland barks twice, which is his way of saying "yes".

    "Very well then. Now if you would excuse me, I need to examine my room." Turning his back away from his trusty Pokemon, Kent marches through the longue where it takes a bit for him to find his designated room, but he eventually stumbles into it. Opening the door reveals a simple room not out of place in a hotel, with a queen sized bed, a nightstand topped with a lamp, the works. Nothing fancy, but that's not a requirement for him. Whatever gets the job done is fine by him-

    "Wait just a second!" He exclaims, adjusting his glasses. His eyes fixate on the aforementioned nightstand that he sprints over too and drags his index finger across. "It is! It's dust! Unacceptable!" Frustrated, Kent hastily digs through the closet his room has to look for any sort of cleaning supplies. "Unbelievable! When I was in the Academy, my superiors would have punished me for this level of carelessness!"

    After spending too long cleaning out his room (a job that should have been done by the janitors), Kent feels relaxed enough to patrol the island. The tropical climate of the Sevii Islands is a harsh contrast after spending his entire life in Unova, but it's nothing his Stoutland can't deal with. He takes in the view of the foreign plants and wildlife, and it's nice and calming… although that's short-lived, as a nuisance seems to come along to completely kill the atmosphere.

    "This has got to be the spot! Come on S-Sundae, we're… close…" an unsteady, feminine voice approaches, broken by some huffs and pants.

    Kent watches the young woman in a teal dress from the porch of the lodge with a quizzical expression. Must be a tourist he thinks, and marches forward to her. "You there, citizen!" When at a close enough distance, he whips his Ranger Badge from his pocket and adjusts his glasses. "I'm Ranger Kelly, drafted from the Unova Ranger Force. This area is off-limits, and certainly no place for tourists. I'm going to have to ask you to leave and carry on with your business."

    "I- what? But I was told to come specifically here! It's been a big hassle with this suitcase too and now I'm meant to leave?" The girl pouts, as her Togetic lets go of her suitcase before waving at Kent. "The gravel, the weathered road… I could've used a better welcome actually!" She keeps a hold of the handle as the wheels touch the ground.

    Kent cocks an eyebrow up. "What do you mean you were asked to come here? This is strictly Pokemon Ranger business only- I find it hard to believe a citizen would have any purpose being here."

    "Oh well… I even got the keys to what I assume is this place behind you! Look!" The girl tries to unsuccessfully hide her wide grin with one hand, as she waddles the keys in front of Kent's face with the other.

    "What the…!" Kent falters, but swiftly corrects his position to his usual upright self. "I'll need to see your badge miss, and while you're at it, state your name and branch as well."

    "Right, just a sec…" The girl shrugs as she takes off her sunglasses and gets the badge that Kent asked for. She then looks at Kent straight in the eyes. "My names are many… my favorite is How the hell did she get here? but, you can also call me Charlotte Grace Berkeley. Or City gal. She is Sundae the Togetic by the way, because she's very cool and brings happiness to everyone. And I'm from Goldenrod City, Johto!"

    The pink haired girl shows her badge as well, to which Kent stares dumbfoundedly at and looks back to the badge holder. That's an authentic badge, no doubt. But… how the hell did she get here… no wait, now I'm doing it! Argh!! Damn you, Berkeley!

    "Why aren't you in uniform, Ranger Berkeley?" Kent gives a menacing glare to Charlie.

    "Oh well, I came here on a tourist ferry and I thought, might as well blend in!" She replies, no longer attempting to hide her smile. "Wanna see some pics? It was a great experience!" Sundae chirps as well, echoing her partner.

    Kent can feel his eye twitching. "You're not here on vacation, Ranger Berkeley, you're here because Professor Douglas entrusted you with confidential information about our mission that is of the utmost importance! It's beyond me how someone who treats her position as a ranger with such little respect was able to graduate, let alone be drafted for such a serious mission!"

    "How the hell did she get here?" Charlotte shrugs again. "Sounds like you're not trusting the judgment of our superiors! That aside… look, I wanna have some fun here too, and I'm sure there'll be time for that! We can go to the beach for a swim, we can hike, we can go to some clubs over on Knot Island, we could even…"

    "That's enough!" Kent barks. He hates that she just had to pull the "sounds like you're not trusting our superiors" card, but she has a point- Professor Douglas always does things for a good reason, as much as he might personally disagree with him (especially on decisions such as drafting careless, good-for-nothing rookies who can't even bother to wear their uniform). "Anyways, now that I've figured everything out, I shall leave you be. I should be on patrol by now. You may pass… although be warned of how dusty your room might be."

    "Well in that case…" Charlotte pulls out her personal PokéGear and tries to shove it into Kent's face, much to his discomfort. "I could show you some of the pics I took, I was like on the bow of the ship and there was this stunning model working there and she let me take some pics with her and it was iconic iconic and gorg-"

    "I DON'T CARE!!!" Kent snaps, shoving her device out of his field of view. "Now if you would excuse me, I'm going on patrol!" He stomps across the ground over to his Stoutland, adjusting his saddle, putting on protective gear, hopping on the saddle and within seconds is far far away from Charlie.

    "Aww, who's a good boy!" The girl exclaims, ending with a laugh. Only then, she walks inside the building.



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    Charlotte Grace Berkeley
    Togetic // lv. ~35 // ♀ // Serene Grace
    Life Dew // Mirror Move // Tri Attack
    Metronome // Yawn // Dazzling Gleam

    background art by ACCO on Pixiv
    Lodge exploration
    Monday, March 7 - about 5 p.m.
    Ranger Lodge

    "Helloooo everyone! I'm-"

    Aw. Total silence. No one in the lobby but me and Sundae.

    "Anyone here?"

    After having my hopes and dreams crushed by the Fun Police, not finding anyone else is… not the best rebuttal. Maybe they still have to arrive - although I would be worried if I was them, given that we have to be settled by tomorrow - or maybe they really are cleaning their rooms from all the dust. I'm definitely not looking forward to that!

    To postpone that as much as I can, I decide to take a nice stroll around the building. For someone who's used to Goldenrod flats, this is like a theme park! And speaking of theme, the rustic aesthetic is spot on.

    The lobby, where I am right now, has gorgeous wooden beams on the ceiling, a fancy-looking staircase, a long table with tons of chairs tucked underneath, and… a Pokémon Healing Machine that looks extremely out of place but that I'm sure will be very useful in this location. This area seamlessly continues into a living room that takes softness to a new level, with carpets, floor pillows, and two sofas all arranged around a large TV that I definitely have to show my photos with. Fun Police will love it.

    If I go back to the entrance and go the other way, though, I soon find myself in a hallway with various doors that I have to open. And so, this way, I'm able to peek into the large and well equipped kitchen (which apparently has an additional opening towards the lobby, that's always nice), the laundry room, a rather empty storage room, and… a bunch of rooms that I can't open. Given the numbers on them, I have to assume that these are some of the bedrooms that this place has… and so, after mindlessly turning one knob and failing to get anything done, I leave the rest of the doors alone. By doing this, I end up in a smaller lobby thingy with another exit that leads outside and a small staircase.

    But the cool people staircase is not here! I run back to the lobby, with Sundae happily following, and finally climb the steps of the main staircase. Slowly and painfully, of course, all thanks to my wheeled cube of death, but eventually I'm on top. Once I'm there, I explore the entire floor once again, and… what can I say. It looks like your typical ski resort hallway with the various rooms, nothing interesting other than some random paintings on the walls. But…

    Oh wait, I should look for my room! I grab my keys and start doing just that, going back for basically the entire length of the hallway. I… admittedly get distracted here, there's a door that leads out into a nice balcony and of course I have to check it out, but eventually, I find my little room. Or should I say, my kingdom!

    It's a large room actually, with a closet, a sizable bathroom, a large desk, and a bed for two! For me and me only! I can't resist the urge to just let myself go and lay down on it, even if it's just for a few seconds. And it's amazing. Sundae lays down as well, landing gracefully before giving me a gentle pat.

    But then I look at the nightstand. It's actually dusty. Not that much, but it's still kinda dusty. I shrug.

    "I should just get Fun Police to clean this for me… that would be exciting. And difficult. Right Sundae?" I look at her with a playful grin, but she just keeps nudging me with some kind of Poker Face that to me looks like… Charlie please, you know it won't happen.

    Thanks girl.

    Some more time passes and it's just… very quiet. Too much so, probably. If someone was in their own room right now, they would've definitely heard me and my suitcase just ricocheting around the lodge. But maybe they're all outside, maybe they're enjoying their day somewhere else. Maybe they all left Fun Police here at the lodge while they went back to Knot Island or something. And that reminds me…

    Knot Island has some real good restaurants and bars. Kin Island probably has some too, with all the local stuff they make. Here? Well… I think I saw a baker, a general goods shop, maybe one or two bars, and a restaurant that looked more like a cafeteria - I guess it's just catered to the port workers who may not be from here, or to the people who are just passing by. Nothing too interesting is what I'm trying to say.

    If I can and have enough time to try it out, I'm definitely going to Knot or Kin Island for lunch one of these days. I could even do dinner if I don't lose the last ferry for the night. And hopefully, I'm going to use that as an occasion to make more friends! Which is just… life goals at this point. I know Kelly is fun to tease, but I feel like that's all he's good for at this stage, you know?

    I'm still not entirely sure what we're going to do when we don't have time to move to another island, though. I don't feel like eating at that "restaurant" every day, that I know already, and that technically leaves making… our own food here, with the lodge kitchen. Honestly, that sounds like fun! I could make some typical Johto dishes, maybe. All I'll ask is for our superiors to give us enough money for our food supplies… which I'm positive they're already doing for this mission.

    Oh, and… how could I forget. I hope we don't start arguing between us. That would just be stupid, counter-productive, mind-boggling. I will pull the Togetic card if it comes down to it, I will pull the How the hell did she get here? card too. But I will make happiness prevail!

    Now that sounds tasty! At least for Sundae, according to the PokéDex. Maybe… maybe when we fuse together, I will start appreciating her unique cuisine as well.

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    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Chapter 1
    Knot Island -> Boon Island

    A pair of Mantine, followed by bunch of Remoraid, was swimming close to the ferry, enjoying the attention it got from tourists on board. One of them jumped out of the water and flew over the heads of amazed watchers. It spin in the air, revealing its purple body for a moment, before exposing it back to sun. The other Mantine followed it just as the first one landed in water. After that, they stayed under the surface for a while and let bolder visitors to feed them.

    Gin was watching the whole show from the left side of the ferry. He was already wearing his Ranger uniform, since he had no idea if there would be a time to change to it at Boon Island. And he didn't really bring much clothes, or overall anything, with him. He was holding his hat in his hands. Earlier, when the ferry was still in Knot City, he filled it with a sea water. Now Slimy was taking a relaxing bath in it. Gin knew how much Slimy loves sea water and that he didn't have enough of it in Nacrene City, where they spent last 6 months.

    They were both pretty tired from all the travelling. They left Nacrene City almost 2 weeks ago. They got to Castelia by foot, took a boat to Driftveil City and then got to Mistralton City by foot. They took a plane to Saffron City from there and after another short track by foot, they finally got to Vermillion City. It was all boat travel from that moment. And in few minutes, they will finally have an opportunity to rest.

    Gin was watching the horizon, while the ship slowly approached Boon Island. He noticed a flock of Wingull led by Pelipper above the port. Gin wasn't sure if he sees right, but this Pelipper had green wings instead of regular blue.

    "Time's up, we have to go," he said to Slimy and removed him from the hat with one hand. He placed him on his shoulder. He felt how his shirt was slowly getting wet under the black blob, but he didn't mind that. Slimy spit out his innards, formed a huge hand out of them and hug Reginald around the chest. Travelling like this attracted unwanted attention from curious minds, but it was Slimy's favourite way of transportation. Otherwise, he usually hanged down from Gin's belt, but that wasn't really viable option in crowded places. Gin squeezed as much water out of his orange hat as he could and put it on. It will get dry quickly in this weather, he thought.

    They both got out alongside dozens of tourists. Gin got instantly hit by the hot wind. He was expecting a hotter weather than in Unova, but this was far above his expectations. Even Desert Resort's wind wasn't so hot and hostile. I hope Slimy can endure this weather, he thought and looked at the small Pokémon. His innards already left a wet stain on his uniform, but it was a little bit refreshing. He knew Slimy could easily survive a week without water. He was expecting to be close to the sea during this mission, so this shouldn't be a problem.

    Gin was glad that the journey here went without unnecessary problems. There was still enough time to get to the Ranger Lodge, so he wasn't in hurry. He let more eager tourists, usually kids dragging their parents by their hands, to get past him, as he slowly continued to the town. He stopped for a moment and looked up the old extint volcano. He imagined what kind of adventure is awaiting him. He knew only a little about this mission, but was sure he'll get more information soon.

    He pull out a small paper with instructions he got from his supervisor in Nacrene City. The paper was cramped, torned and wet from all the travelling, but the instructions were clear. He has to report at the local Ranger Outpost, where he get the precise location of the Lodge.

    With nothing else to do right now, Gin set out to look for the Outpost.
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    R O G E R // lv. ~35 // ♂ // Flash Fire
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    Quick Attack | Mimic | Disable
    Monday, March 7 - morning
    Ranger Boat - Vermilion to Boon Island

    It's still morning when Mira sets food on Boon Island for the very first time. Other Rangers exit the boat as well and go about their business, but Mira remains standing at the dock for a moment, taking it all in.

    The air is vastly different here, somehow.

    The sea is a slightly different color than the waters near Pallet Town.

    The sun glares more hotly.

    Roger loves it. As if he was a cat, he stretches out when his feet touches solid ground again, and yawns hugely. The sun seems to energize him. So perhaps his true soul self is a grass type cat pokémon. Funny he would take the shape of a fire type fox, then. Mira snickers to herself at the thought, earning a quizzical glance from her partner at her feet.

    "Welcome to Seviii Island," she says absent-mindedly.

    "It's Sevii Islands, it's several islands," a voice comes into her ear. "The one you've just arrived to is Boon Island! Home of the Ranger Outpost!"

    "Yeah, yeah," Mira says, waving her hand dismissively as if the speaker could see it.

    He can't, of course. Through the modern earpieces Corben gave her as a departure gift, her son can only hear her, not view her nor what she is looking at. He was a bit disappointed at that, and Corben said that perhaps that could be a later gift, but Mira secretly feels that it is plenty enough that the boy already hears her new life live-streamed. She could mute him, of course. And sometimes he has to be in school, or actually sleep. That's when she can justify some privacy. Since she left home, he's otherwise been in her ear whenever possible, likely glued to his computer at home - his "battle station". Such a spoiled nerd, while Mira barely even owned a laptop.

    In all honesty though, she liked this close connection so far. It's made her feel like less of a neglecting mother.

    "Show me!" the voice comes, uncharacteristically impatient.

    He means that she needs to snap a photo with her smartphone and send to him. She's not so technologically incapable that she can't do that, at least. She aims towards the nearby town, managing to catch a curious Roger in the frame too, and takes the shot.

    "That's… Not very beach resort."

    Mira blinks, and then actually looks at what she's taken a photo of. It's very clear that this is a freight harbor, not a sunshine paradise. At least not in their immediate vicinity.

    "Haha, well I'm not here on vacation, Aiden," Mira says with a shrug before she picks her luggage up and starts walking away from the docks with her Vulpix in tow.

    "You're gonna swim though, right?

    "Roger says no."

    "You're not Roger!"

    Well, not yet, Mira finds herself thinking.

    If everything goes well on these islands, they're actually supposed to… Merge. Fuse. Become one person, together.

    She looks down at the red creature half-running next to her feet. He's her buddy. The very best. He's also a jackass, and he's lazier than most other pokémon she's met, unless he finds something really interesting. But the thing is, she understands him. She understands why he's being a jerk on purpose sometimes, and she understands why he's sometimes choosing not to do something that he's 'supposed' to do. And he understands her too.

    The thought of being able to talk with each other properly, even though it will supposedly be mentally, was alone enough to motivate Mira to accept this mission. Then the alleged fused form and powers sounded pretty cool too, of course.
    A forest spirit returned home…

    "You have to take pictures of the actual wild areas there too," Aiden continues in her ear. "Of the pokémon you meet, and-"

    "I'll send so many photos that you'll ask me to stop."

    "Not a chance."

    They keep bickering lovingly as Mira and Roger make their way up to the Ranger Station. An attendant there presents them with the keys to the Lodge and their room, as well as the new uniform Mira's expected to wear on the Sevii islands. She just quickly eyes it before shoving it into one of her bags and taking her leave.

    It's not a long walk to the Lodge, and when she arrives, she actually goes completely silent.

    "Mom? What's it like? Show me a picture, mom!"/i] the devices in her ears demand.

    "Yea, of course," Mira says and comes back to her senses.

    She sends him another photo and then follows the Vulpix up to the entrance. Should she knock? There are probably people here already.

    My team.

    A sour patch suddenly stains her mood. She'll have to work together with other people. She has always avoided that as much as possible in school and when working to get her Ranger's license. And then she made it very clear that she doesn't need any partner aside from Roger in her work in Viridian Forest. Roger and Mira are fine on their own. But in order to get to fuse…?

    She did accept the mission with everything it entailed. So, yeah. She will become part of the team. At least as much as she has to.

    The door opens up into a huge room. It's so pretty. Aiden has actually gone silent for a moment, perhaps to talk with his gamer friends or even his uncles. So Mira and Roger are left alone to explore their new home.

    Roger immediately finds the kitchen. Mira's fairly impressed by the room and facilities, and picks the fox up when he tries to snag a random fruit from a basket. She doesn't understand how he isn't already fatter than he is.

    They find their room on the first floor, before even looking upstairs. Finally happy to not have to drag the bags around anymore, Mira collapses on the huge bed for a moment - of course next to a Roger who decides to occupy at least two pillows at once and take a nap there and then. She dutifully snaps a few photos for Aiden of her new surroundings before letting herself relax.

    "Mom? That's a nice room. Not like my room maybe, but you're on a faraway island, so I guess one can't expect too much. What's the rest of the house like?"

    Mira smiles and puts a hand on top of an already snoring Roger.

    "I'll live," she tells her son.

    It's perfect.

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    M I R A // age 26 // ♀ // Aiden Backup
    Sevii Ranger Uniform | Earpieces | PokéGear

    Monday, March 7 - almost noon
    Ranger Lodge - feat. Sundae the Togetic
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Mira took a quick shower and said she's planning on trying on the new Ranger gear after. Roger was already bored. It was a nice room, but he was actually curious and felt like exploring for a bit. He waited until Mira was properly in the shower before he left his spot on the bed and jumped out through the window she'd left open. It wasn't far to the ground, so he landed softly in the bushes below.

    After cleaning off any dirt that touched him during that escapade, Roger the Vulpix finally set his senses properly on the sensations around him. On this side of the lodge, there wasn't a clearly defined garden, like the one they'd walked through at the front. Instead, there was a lawn that became more of a clearing, that eventually became the woods. Or jungle, might be more appropriate to call this, compared to the vegetation of Viridian Forest. It needed to be explored.

    He was just about to trot off towards the forest, when something closer to the lodge caught his attention. Specifically… a smile coming his way from a Pokémon up above, a Togetic who was perched on the roof of the building.

    Roger scrunched his nose. Togetic wasn't common in Viridian, but he had met at least one before. Strange creatures. He huffed slightly, making sure that the white pokémon saw it. Whatcha grinning about?

    The Pokémon didn't stop smiling, but this time waved right back at him, too. And it also flew down from the roof to get right to Roger's level! So... hello!

    What a nuisance. Well, Roger wasn't going to let some bird thing fly around and crap all over Mira's new home. His brown eyes suddenly shimmered dark blue, and two big blue flaming orbs appeared in the air above him. They circled one another, only slowly advancing on the Togetic, while Roger gave the other pokémon a smug smile of his own.

    Seemingly worried by the move, Togetic just floated further away, but from that position, summoned three orbs of its own: yellow, red and light blue. It kept grinning though, proudly making the three orbs circle.

    Roger's smugness faded. Those orbs looked more threatening than his own. So this flying thing was not going to just peacefully leave them alone, huh? YToour choice.

    The blue balls above him were snuffed out, and two new ones took their place. Orange, hot and fiery, they spun faster around each other, and Roger glared at the Togetic with a small growl. Fried chicken's on the menu.

    The Flying-type floated above Roger's orbs a few times, moving erratically before letting the attack go, the orbs morphing into three fast moving beams. They hit the ground around him and dissipated in a small cloud of smoke, obscuring Togetic from the fox's view for a moment.

    Annoyed, the Vulpix didn't wait, instead instantly shooting one of his fiery balls off towards where he'd last seen Togetic, and the other to somewhere to the right.

    Neither of the orbs hit the Pokémon though, and exploded as they hit the ground instead, scorching the grass in those spots. Togetic… it was already behind Roger, giving him a gentle nudge on his body, making him jump-turn.

    At that point, the Fox Pokémon found himself at point-blank range for a Yawn attack. Reluctantly, he mimicked the Yawn and started to feel drowsy immediately, backing off. Nap… No, not now, gotta chase the pest away! But nap…

    Togetic just giggled at that, which made Roger resist the sleepy sensation just strongly enough to get a bright idea. He forced his tired eyes open to stare at the giggling demon and Yawned right back at it.

    As he then finally gave in to the sleep in the grass, he felt the Togetic cuddling around him. Success… Wait, why was it cuddling him? Darn unpredictable creature…

    Within seconds, all that was heard in the backyard were soft snores.



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    Charlotte Grace Berkeley
    Togetic // lv. ~35 // ♀ // Serene Grace
    Life Dew // Mirror Move // Tri Attack
    Metronome // Yawn // Dazzling Gleam

    Joint Post with Astromancer as Mira & Roger

    background art by ACCO on Pixiv
    Unlikely friendship
    Monday, March 7 - about 6:30 p.m.
    Ranger Lodge

    "Hey Sundaeee, I'm ready!" Charlotte announced, only to be greeted by complete silence. Weird, not only because she couldn't be the only person in the lodge at that point - it was almost dinner time - but also because her Togetic would've answered immediately with a happy chirp.

    Her room was empty though. And the door was still locked. That was a lot of possibilities ruled out already, and case in point… all that Charlotte needed to do was peek from her room's balcony to find her Pokémon again. She wasn't alone though - in fact, what she was about to witness was too cute to be true. Sundae was just sleeping on the ground, cuddling a smaller… Vulpix.

    A Vulpix on Boon Island, this close to the lodge? Sounds like it could be someone else's Pokémon! Charlie enthusiastically approached the two Pokémon, soon realizing that they were both sleeping.

    "Sundae… Sundae!" She called out, bowing down until she could give her a nudge. Still no response, though…

    "Oh," a voice came from behind her, belonging to a blonde woman in Ranger uniform who appeared unsure at first. She finally approached Charlie though.

    "I'm not sure that's my Vulpix," she said. "He's not usually making friends easily."

    "Oh hello there," the pink haired girl turned around with a smile. "So wait, even if this is not yours, you have a Vulpix to begin with? That's cute! What's it like then?"

    The blonde woman just looked at Charlie for a moment, before she slowly replied. "I was joking, that's mine. But I meant that I have no idea how a Togetic could, uh, well manage to do that," she said, gesturing towards the cuddly pile of slumber in front of them.

    "Heh, Sundae is full of surprises…" Charlotte replied proudly. "As for how she pulled it off, I'm guessing Yawn, since she used that move earlier today as well, on the ferry to the islands. Her yawns are just as cute as they're dangerous!"

    "That'd do it," the other woman said, nodding. "And from the looks of it, he probably used Yawn on her too." She sighed. "I'll just carry him back inside."

    "Looks like I have to get Sundae off him first, though!" Charlie smiles, before giving her Pokémon a few more nudges. "I feel bad though, they're cute together like that…"

    "Yes, yes, hold on," the other woman said then, and took up her smartphone. She snapped a picture of the two pokémon. "There. Ah. Yes, it's…" Her eyes darted over to Charlie for a moment. "That's another ranger, yes. Yes. Probably on the mission. Please."

    "Oh?" The pink haired girl looked towards the other girl with renewed interest. What's she mumbling about? is the obvious question she had to ask herself. "All good there? I'd love to see the photo you took too, please! And if you want I could share with you some of the photos of my ferry trip where…" She kept going, but eventually faded out in volume and let the other woman speak.

    The other girl actually looked highly uncomfortable at this point, but nevertheless didn't make any attempt to escape.

    "Sure," she said plainly. "I'm Mira. What's your name?"

    "Right right! I'm…" Probably not needed this time around. "I'm Charlotte Grace. Nice to meet you! And oh, I may also go by How the hell did she get here, apparently people love calling me that here. And by that I mean that one guy I met as I arrived." The younger ranger grinned.

    Mira raised an eyebrow. "That guy isn't very good at nicknames. I'll just call you Charlotte if that's okay."

    "Whatever's fine, I'm not picky!" She replied right away. "Other rangers have always called me names or made jokes about me, so I'm just trying to roll with the punches, you know?" It should also be noted that she didn't do anything to avoid it in the first place, and that she was someone who always stood out easily. You don't go around with 100% totally natural I swear bright pink hair and expect not to stand out.

    The blonde looked bothered in a different way now. "It's not fine," she said, and the tone was pretty serious. "People who walk all over you aren't worth listening to in the first place. So I'll call you what you want to be called. And you can call me Mira. And that's Roger, by the way," she added, pointing at the still sleeping fox.

    "Who said I'm listening to them? I just find it amusing most of the time!" Charlotte tried to lighten the mood again, chuckling again but this time more nervously. "I got here and I know I deserve to be here! And also… it's a pleasure to meet Roger as well! You may have heard it already, but my Togetic is named Sundae! Because she's… very cool!" teehee~

    Mira didn't laugh out loud, but she made a strange face for several seconds and nodded quietly. "That's the spirit," she then said. "And, uh. Nice name, yeah. You're here for the mission then, right? For professor Douglas."

    "Oh yeah, sure thing!" The pink haired girl nodded. "That's an exciting prospect, isn't it?" Fusing with Sundae was about to happen… just one more night to wait out. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife!

    The blonde's gaze fell on the Vulpix again before she replied: "Very. No, she doesn't need to know that."

    She doesn't… what? Charlotte stared at the other woman dumbfounded for a few seconds, unsure of what to say next. She did it again, she said something that… really didn't make much sense for the situation.

    Finally, the Johto girl got one step closer to solving the mystery. Mira was definitely wearing some earbuds under her blonde hair - hard to see but they were definitely there. "Wait, were you in a… c-call? I would've left you finish and all, no biggie! And yet you didn't say anything about it?"

    A blush now spread over Mira's features. "Oh, yikes. Sorry. Not exactly a call, ah. It's just Aiden. Ah, it's easier if I just…"

    She took up her phone again and pressed a button.

    "'Just' Aiden? Gee, thanks, mom."

    With a slightly pained smile, Mira looked back to Charlotte. "My son, Aiden. He tends to be in my ears. Pretty much all the time."

    "You sound like you'd like me to stop," the voice from the phone speaker came.

    "No! Of course not, honey!" Mira hastily said, facepalming herself. "Badly worded. Just. Okay, if I ever sound weird, I'm probably just talking with him. And he can usually hear the people around me too, so if you need to talk with me without him, just let me know and I'll shut him off."

    "You're really not nice with words, mom. But, hi Charlotte!" Aiden continued from the phone in Mira's hand. "Sundae is cute! Wish I could meet her."

    Somewhat unexpected, but… that was cute. Charlie wasn't there yet with life, so to speak, but seeing a mother and child still being this close despite being physically far was heart-warming. "Well, hello Aiden!" The girl waved at the phone, trying to relax again. "I… I'm sure you could meet me and Sundae face to face after this mission, if you'd like!"

    "Awesome! And visit the log house and-"

    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Mira interrupted. "Mission first."

    "Yeah, yeah. You don't really miss me, do you."

    "Not even a tiny bit," Mira answered, but she was smiling warmly.

    "Liar. I'm going for dinner now. Talk to you later! Bye Charlotte!"

    "Bye bye!" The pink haired girl replied, before turning to Mira. "I have to say, that was… so wholesome! Nearly as much as these two," she pointed towards Sundae and Roger, who were starting only now to wake up from their slumber. "Nearly!"

    The Vulpix only barely opened its eyes and smacked its mouth a few times before it seemed to come back to its senses like a lightning bolt from clear sky. It jumped up, Sundae rolling off it onto the grass, and within a split second there were two blue flaming orbs circling above the two Pokémon.

    "Uh… everything ok here?" Charlotte eventually stopped grinning, changing into a more serious expression. "Sundae!" She then called out, louder than before, only to see her Pokémon get up and distractedly waggling her arms. "I didn't want you to-"

    Now a weird fusion of laughter and terror, Charlotte watched apprehensively as Sundae kneeled down on the ground and a circle of purple spikes shot up from the ground, creating a dome above her body. Sure, Togepi was the Spike Pokémon, but these were much scarier and even… dripping poison?

    "Could've been much worse, trust me." Charlotte smiled towards Mira. "Now can we please end… this, Sundae?"

    Mira, however, just stood there and looked at her own pokémon with an unimpressed expression. "I'm pretty sure there's larger enemies to nature's balance than my fellow ranger's Togetic," she told him.

    Roger didn't seem to want to budge, but the Will-o-wisps also didn't move any closer to the Togetic. Mira shrugged.

    "Hm… Sundae, maybe you're just getting it wrong…" Charlotte told her Pokémon, who was still hiding inside the Baneful Bunker she casted. "Try a Life Dew, will you?"

    As the move eventually dissipated, Togetic followed it up by casting some mysterious water that hit both herself and Roger. Sure, having a Fire type get hit by water never looked very pleasant, but this was healing water. It had to work!

    Roger was surprised at the sudden splash and rustled his own fur violently to get it off. But he must have noticed that it didn't hurt him, despite the move's typing, because he soon stopped, and the Will-o-wisps were snuffed out.

    "There we go," Mira said. "Maybe we should teach you some other moves than exploding orbs at some point, too."

    The Vulpix huffed, but finally walked over to sit down by Mira's feet.

    "And happiness has been shared once again!" Charlotte announced with her typical "uwu" face. "Now… uhm… right, I was meaning to ask. It should be about dinner time, right? I'm not sure what other people's plans are but would you be up to working on that with me?"

    Now Mira visibly perked up. "Yes, of course. I checked out the kitchen earlier, it looked pretty nice. Do you think they stocked it with food for us?"

    "Yeah, I think there was some food there! I… have to admit I'd love a fancy dinner in a Knot Island restaurant but since the locals already got us something, maybe it's better if we just make do with that…" Charlie chuckled. A boat to Knot Island, again… doesn't sound that worth it in the end, especially if it goes just like the last time.

    "I hope they had some common sense and gave us good products," Mira said, looking thoughtful. "Let's go and see what we can do?"

    "Sure thing!" The pink haired girl grinned, as the rangers made their way back to the lodge. "It will be a great dinner!"

    Behind them, Roger followed, but he still stole skeptical glances at the once again happy Togetic flying above.



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    Nia Bradshaw​
    Arriving at Boon Island​
    Nia sighed as she suppressed a yawn for what seemed like the thousandth time. While the fresh air, wind in her hair and open ocean was nice for the first hour or so, the toll of traveling for over 12 hours to get down to the Sevii Isles was starting to take a toll on her. However, even if she could sleep on the crammed Ranger ferry, Nia was also far too restless to actually sleep, given the excitement of the task that lay ahead of her. Unfortunately, she couldn't really channel that restlessness into any of the working out that she loved to occupy so much of her time, so all she could really do was pace impatiently around the small deck and make small talk with some of the other Rangers.

    The monotony of the ferry ride was interrupted when she heard a shrill voice shouting at someone from the other side of the deck. Nia was startled a bit out of her own head, cocking her head towards the source of the commotion.

    "UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!!!" As Nia started to register who the voice belonged to and the figure it belonged to, it all made sense to her. Of course it'd be good ol' Kenny that would be already working himself into a frenzy while they haven't even arrived on shore yet for duty. She shook her head and smirked, recalling some of their oh so lovely time together on the force. Admittedly, she certainly contributed her fair share to the friction between them, but did he have to have such a log up his ass about everything?

    Maybe she was just too tired and drained, but Nia couldn't work up the wherewithal to go up to him to bother him this time, letting him finish his tirade that she saw was directed at someone he was talking to on the phone and go along his "merry" way. Instead, Nia settled for giving the chance for her partner some air and releasing Leila from the confines of her Pokeball.

    Upon clicking the button and letting her out of the ball, Leila greeted her trainer with a nod of her head, to which Nia returned the gesture with an affectionate scratching of her head.

    "Heya, Leila! Good to get some air, huh?"

    Though the stoic Pokemon seemed to not recognize the affectionate nature of the gesture, Nia had been with the Lucario long enough to recognize a subtle turning up of her lips and a relaxed aura emanating from her.

    "Yeah, feels nice, don't it?" She continued to stroke her ears absentmindedly, letting her thoughts wander as she took in what lay ahead of her in the Sevii Isles, her mind racing about all of the things she had been briefed about her mission. Pokemon fusion, so it seemed, was a very real thing and was something that she was going to get to test out.

    She said, "Damn, I can't wait to get off this damn boat already, give that fusion thing a try." She turned to look down at Leila. With a small chuckle, she added, "Maybe then you can enjoy the perks of being tall like me, not have to spend all your time down there!"

    Leila rolled her eyes at her trainer's quip.
    The tall woman scoffed, "Man, you are almost as bad as Kenny when it comes to taking a joke."

    She stopped petting Leila, remarking with mock sincerity, "There there, lil' Ms. Badass, I'm sure your ego is gonna recover before we get off this boat."

    Leila kept her stoic disposition for the most part, though a flash of a smug smirk crossed her face.

    Nia couldn't help but have a wide smile on her own face. Though thoroughly dutiful and serious, Leila was still her little Pokemon with just enough of that softer side poking through to let her trainer know she wasn't just talking to a (non animate) rock.

    As they continued to banter for a bit, Boon Island finally started to become visible, revealing itself as a small little sliver of land poking out of the seemingly infinite ocean. Nia took notice of their destination, her eyes lighting up as she let out an exaggerated sigh and exclaimed, "Finallyyyyy, we can get off this damn thing."

    As they continued their approach on to the island, the ferry starting to pull into one of the docks, Nia and Leila walked next to each other and eagerly awaited their grandest mission to date.
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    Bexley Granger
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]
    Klefki // lv. ~35 // ♂ // Prankster
    Foul Play | Mirror Shot | Draining Kiss
    Thunder Wave | Light Screen | Magnet Rise
    Fish out of water
    Monday, March 7 - morning
    Knot Island

    The thing about us Galarians, right, is that we're simple folk whose daily lives can be boiled down to a handful of customs: pubs, sports, good mates, fish-and-chips, and discussing the weather over a nice cuppa tea. You could say we're stuck in our ways, and you know what, I'd agree with ya. Sure, we whinge about it a lot. Matter of fact, we whinge about everything—might as well add it to our repertoire while we're here, 'cause right now that's all I can think about: whinging.

    And my first whinge of the day is that boats can bloody sod off for starters, like who even thought that was a good idea? I've only just arrived on Knot and already been sick twice, now here I am looking as off-colour as a Galarian Corsola, my hair's all matted and frizzy from this sodding heat—which, by the way, is complaint number two—and they expect me to do it all again? Well, sod 'em.

    My third complaint is Tink. I hate Tink. Well, I love him, but I hate him, like the way you do with good mates. Surprised I haven't been arrested, considering I ain't sure it's even legal to let your Pokémon carry a pocket knife. And he doesn't need HM02 to use that thing, either. Wonder if that scar's healed yet...

    Anyway. Tink is usually complaint number three on your average day, though I'm sure he's bent on making first place since he won't stop giving me grief. But he's an airhead, really. Ain't got two ions to rub together. Well. Unless he's stealing. Otherwise he lets his emotions overwhelm him and that makes him easy to predict—it's how I learnt to tell the difference between Tink throwing a fit and Tink who's gonna psyducking kill you 'cause you happened to glance at his keys a certain way. Too bad most people don't know that. It's why everyone else hates him, too.

    He's the reason I missed the ranger boat, which in hindsight might have been a blessing I'll admit, as I'd hate to look a right mess on my first day. Wouldn't normally bother me, but this feels different. I feel like I'm being whisked away on a mission for the secret service or something, you know, like those Bond films. Wonder who my Miss Moneypenny will be.

    But I don't want to think about fusing right now. The thought of it makes me come over all funny, 'cause I get these horrible visions of people with bits of Pokémon sticking out of 'em, growing out their skin and all that. I'm sure that's exaggerating. This Douglas bloke can't be some sort of weird sicko. Can he? Oh god, what if I'm being invited to this deserted island with a bunch of other gullible twats and we're all half turned into Pokémon and slowly eaten by depraved cannibal scientists?

    I wouldn't mind so much if they'd chosen somewhere a bit cooler. In this heat I'll be a roast Ducklett before I even reach the lodge.

    It's hotter now that I'm out in the open on the city docks, watching passengers spill from ferries, looking like those tourists you see on television with their tropical shirts and cameras hanging from their necks. You can tell 'em from the worldly travellers, since the posh types always look as if none of this is new.

    But it isn't the people who interest me. It's the Pokémon I see all around. They're in the water below me, and the sky above, and the crowds in front, and they fill my eyes with shapes and colour, and my ears are ringing from all the sounds they make. My nose is full of this thick salty smell but I still catch whiffs of fire-types and the perfume of grass 'mons. There's more variety here than a bunch of places in Galar put together.

    I even see a Togetic flying above the crowd. It's chased by this girl with hair like a Mesprit. I'd never seen a Togetic before, never believed the stories of a Pokémon that brings happiness just from the sight of it. S'pose they were right all along. Togetic really is this sweet little ball of fairy floss with a sunshine-and-rainbows smile. If you fall for that sort of thing.

    But now it all gets too much for me, everything's clashing like a Jackson Pollock painting, and I feel my seasickness coming back. I don't pay any mind to the ferry I'm meant to catch—too late for that, anyway. So I just pick up my bags, squeeze past the crowd and let my kitten heels take me wherever they happen to go.

    They bring me to a patch of shade just above the shore. Tink is still in my handbag. The vibrations of his Poké Ball have finally calmed down, so he must've given up and gone to sleep. He doesn't like his ball—doesn't like to feel trapped, I s'pose. Can't fault him for that. If only he'd behave, I wouldn't have to keep him inside.

    Speaking of sleep, I'm feeling horribly jet-lagged. It would explain the hallucinations. You know you're due for a good lie-in when you start seeing a red ribbon levitating in the air while leaving footprints in the sand as it goes to steal some ice cream.

    I blink. Get a grip, Bex, you daft girl! Granted, I can be slow at times, but it didn't take long for the information to click: this "levitating ribbon" is a Kecleon, and right now that Kecleon is stealing ice creams out a freezer from a little stall on the shore.

    He's quite good at it, really—the vendor doesn't notice a thing, and I find myself smiling. Cheeky little git. A trained professional. Well, minus the footprints, maybe, but no criminal's perfect. I could have intervened right then, but my experience as a ranger—actually, my experience with Tink—told me that following the thief back to his hiding place will be far more rewarding.

    And that's how I uncover the true masterminds. Whispers emanate from behind this stack of food crates in front of me, and I peer over to see two little scallywags sharing the bounty of their crime, bronzed faces beaming with self-satisfaction. A boy and a girl, no older than seven I'd say. The Kecleon is visible now. He's tubby, for a lizard, so I get the feeling this isn't the trio's first time on an ice cream heist.

    I lean against the crates all mocking and playful-like, and they startle when they see me. "Reckon I caught myself a couple of sneaky Rattatas," I say. "Cheatin' a sweet old man out of his living like that."

    I almost chuckle when they hide the ice cream behind their backs. Out of sight, so they don't exist, or some such logic. The kids share a look before gazing up at me like a pair of puppy-eyed Rockruffs. I guess they're scared, or can't tell a fib, because neither of 'em speaks up. But I'm having fun, so I keep on pressing 'em.

    "You know what the stories are? They say when little kiddies act wicked too many times in a row, a Dusklops comes to visit. First you hear it tappin' at the window, watchin' ya with that creepy red eye. And if you're bad again? It comes inside when you're asleep... and--"

    "We've swimmed with Gyarados and Sharpedo. Ghosts aren't scary."

    I blink at her. Wasn't expecting such a cute little girl to talk back to me—then I remind myself, I'm dealing with criminal masterminds here.

    "Alright, sassyboots, then how's this for scary?" I show 'em my ranger badge, all fancy and official. "I work with the police, see, and since you made your friend here get involved, it's in my jurisdiction to hand you over to the proper authorities. What would your parents think, eh?"

    I knew they'd buy into all that lark, because the little boy suddenly gives the game away, seemingly all in one breath.

    "It's Juni's fault, I said we'd get in trouble but she wouldn't listen, and the sun is really hot, but dad took all our money so we couldn't buy any ice cream, but he only did it cause Juni already stole even when she had money—please don't send us to jail, we won't do it again, promise!"

    "Hazel! You promised not to tell on me! Idiot!" She hits him. He flinches and his ice cream drops to the ground.

    Now she's done it, because I can tell he's about to cry, and I don't want that, so I say, "Oi, that wasn't very ladylike now, was it? C'mon luvs, I'm only pulling your legs! I'll buy you some ice cream, okay? Let's set things straight and do what's right, then, shall we?"

    And that's how we all end up at the ice cream stand with me paying double for what I get. I'm not exactly thrilled, but I gotta model the decent thing, see, and it's made four others very happy. And I guess that makes me happy, too. Just a little bit, maybe. Kids are special that way.

    Hazel and Juni are twins, they tell me. They live on these islands with their dad, a marine ranger, and they proudly inform me that he works miracles with sea 'mons cause he can understand what they're saying. I just smile. He's clearly a hero to 'em, so I don't want to spoil their stories.

    When I ask about their mum, they go all quiet, like they're not meant to talk about it. Then Juni says, "Mama has a new family now. She lives that way"—she points out to sea—"way, way far away, in Unova. She visits sometimes, and she says she stills loves us. So it's okay. Right, Hazel?"

    "Mm." Hazel doesn't say much after that, just squats there with his head down, drawing vague shapes of Pokémon in the sand. I feel guilty for asking. And I feel angry. I'm angry because it's bloody unfair that someone else could have everything I wanted only to abandon her—I mean... abandon it. Them. Whatever... now's not the time to be thinking about that.

    And I don't have to, because then a stranger calls out to us as he approaches from the docks. "Hey! Juniper! Hazel!"

    He's Alolan. I can tell from the accent in his voice, the slant of his eyes, and the tone of his skin. His hair is dark brown and falls in curtain bangs on either side of his face. I notice how it flatters his jaw.

    "I see you've been keeping busy!" he says, then he looks at me, not even a trace of suspicion, just a big grin. "Who's your new friend?"

    Juni makes the introduction for me. "Her name's Bexley, she got ice cream for us! She's a ranger! But... she doesn't look much like one." Juni chuckles at that and I pull a face at her. "Bexley, this is Dad!"

    "Hi, Dad," I say, reaching out for a handshake. He takes it firmly with that ever-present smile.

    "Noah Kalani. I must say, it was very admirable of you to watch over my little rugrats, not many people are up to the task! I... trust they didn't get up to too much mischief?"

    "Oh, you know. No more than your average rugrat," I say, with a wink and a knowing smile at the twins.

    "Hah, why does that not reassure me? So, Bexley! Must be your first day here! How are you liking Knot Island?"

    My Galarian instinct to complain almost springs into words, but I bite my tongue. It's not like that here—everyone else seems to love it. Gotta look for the positives. You can do this, Bex.

    Forget it. I'm drawing a blank. "Uh. Well, you only have to look at me to find your answer!" My matted hair, the sand in my shoes, the sweat beading all over my tired skin... it's clear I don't belong. "To tell the truth, I'm not sure how everyone does it. How they take it all in their stride. I'm a fish out of water in these parts."

    Noah chuckles awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck like he's inclined to agree, but spares me the sympathy. "Well, if you'll take the advice of someone who lives and breathes the Alolan way, I can give you a few pointers! One thing we learn in my home town of Hau'oli, is to look as if you'd rather be nowhere else in the moment. Lay back, enjoy the view. Take off your shoes! And one more thing..."

    From a nearby tree, he picks some frangipani blossoms, and my breath catches when he tucks them in my hair. "Wear the flowers. They suit you."

    And I smile. I'm feeling warmer, a nice sort of warm this time, the kind you feel from the inside out.

    "I have an idea!" Juniper cries, jumping between us. "Dad, can Bexley come with us to feed the Mantykes? Pleeeease?"

    "Yeah! I can show her the Shellder I found!" Hazel joins in.

    "Kek!" adds Rindo.

    Noah laughs, tousles the hair of his cheeky rugrats. "We'll let Bexley decide the answer, okay?"

    And once again they lock those puppydog eyes on me, hands clasped together. So I tease 'em a moment. Strike a thoughtful pose with a long indecisive hum.

    Don't want to look too eager now, do I.
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    Kent Kelly
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Prologue, Boon Island
    ft. Fen-Fen as Nia Bradshaw
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Kent wipes his brow as he makes his way through the steep mountainous area. Going into this mission, he knew Boon Island springs were hotter than Unova springs, but that doesn't make the heat anymore pleasant. It's fine though, he can handle the heat. Afterall, he's not the one with a thick coat of fur covering his entire body at all times. Kent has heard how Stoutland look quite uncomfortable in the Alolan heat, and he imagines the weather in the Sevii Islands isn't dissimilar to Alola. His Stoutland looks fine at least while he seamlessly follows Kent on patrol.

    Although speaking of patrol, so far that's been uneventful. It's to be expected when Boon Island isn't quite the tourist paradise that Knot Island is, but Kent doesn't mind. It's not as though he takes pleasure from having to deal with hooligans and it also gives him more time to enjoy nature.

    Unfortunately for him, this calm is interrupted with the arrival of another Ranger walking with her Pokemon. She doesn't seem to notice who he was at first, extending a friendly greeting by shouting over to him, "Hey hey, how's it goin'-"

    However, as she gets a closer look at the Ranger in question, she seems to recognize him and her facial expression flashes with disdain before reverting to a (forced looking) cheery disposition. "Wouldja look at that, my good ol' buddy Kenny!" Though the words appear to keep the same cheeriness as her initial greeting, there is an unmistakable note of sarcasm that was added on to them.

    "Well, if it isn't Ranger Bradshaw..." Kent adjusts his glasses and groans. "I must say, you're not the first person I'd think would be assigned to this mission- although given a certain other ranger I've come across here, I take it the bar isn't very high."

    The other woman scoffs, "Psh, y'ain't gettin' rid of me that easy. Besides, I wouldn't wanna miss a chance to see my favorite Ranger in all of Unova. You'll certainly scare off all the big bad Pokemon with all that damn screeching you do."

    "Hardly an appropriate way to speak to your superiors." Kent's brow furrows. He's probably not ranking any higher than Nia now that they're both away from Unova, but their rankings in their home region will always apply in his mind. "Regardless, I have little time for your tomfoolery while on patrol."

    Nia chuckles at his response. "Man, how many times have I heard that one from you? But nah, I think I'll stick around. In case you've forgotten, Mr. Frowny Face, there's safety in numbers after all." She holds a smug smirk on her face.

    Kent exhales deeply. Even though he has a strong hunch that isn't her intent, she does have a point in that two heads are better than one. "Fine. It would be futile to argue with you, so I won't stop you." Just as he finishes talking, Stoutland's ears twitch, causing his trainer to raise an eyebrow. "What a coincidence- it seems we might be needed." He says, cautiously turning his head in every possible direction. He puts a hand to his ear to listen for anything unusual, and he freezes when what sticks out is a buzzing noise that gets closer by the second.

    "Ranger Bradshaw, do you hear that? It sounds like... Combee?" That's what his instincts tell him after being frequently outposted in Lostlorn Forest before remembering Combee aren't found in the Sevii Islands. "No, that can't be it. So then it must be… Beedrill!!"

    Nia nods in agreement, seeming to very clearly hear the same buzzing as Kent.

    Remembering his training, he throws himself onto the dirt while Stoutland ducks as well (to the best of his ability anyways) right before he can get in the way of the large amounts of incoming Beedrill. While Beedrill aren't a major problem in his part of Unova, he recalls from a brief seminar about how to handle the Sevii Islands wildlife, from which he remembers being instructed to duck in these situations. Nia and Leila follow suit, managing to plop themselves down on the dirt just in the nick of time; had they been even a second too slow, they would have been struck head on by the Beedrill swarm.

    "What is it that could possibly cause them to fly out here like that!? Come to think of it, none of them were pointing their stingers forward, so they weren't acting aggressively, but they're flying by too quickly to simply be going about their day…"

    Picking themselves off the ground and dusting themselves off, Nia and Leila watch as the swarm dissipates behind them. They look towards the direction of where the swarm came from, hearing some sort of commotion from the distance. She says to Kent, "You're probably right. Let's go check it out." Kent nods in agreement and mounts Stoutland to rush forward.

    The two jog for a bit before coming across what might have caused the earlier commotion: a trio of teenage boys hanging around the forest, and with them are a Torracat and a Pinsir, which Kent assumes must belong to them. The Pinsir harshly shakes a tree, causing Kakuna to fall to the ground and Beedrill to hastily escape while Torracat shoots an Ember in their direction to ward them off. Each teenager has a distinct trait that stands out to Kent: One of them is a few inches taller than the rest and tells the other two what to do, another looks exceptionally rounder than the rest and looks like he's nervous to be there, while the third is a rowdy young man with his hair dyed purple, and he looks to be taking too much pleasure in commanding the Torracat to shoot Embers at the fleeing Beedrill.

    Hooligans! Kent thinks as he straightens his body. "You there! Halt your activity at once."

    The teenagers flinch and turn around at the sound of his voice. "Um, why hello sir, we were just- we don't know what you're talking about!!" The tallest of the group says, doing his best to look innocent while the other two follow his lead.

    Kent pulls up his badge and pushes his glasses up. "I'm Ranger Kelly, drafted from the Unova Ranger Force, and I am here to inform you that you're trespassing on land that is barred to citizens!"

    "Heh, Kelly… that's a girl's name." The widest of the teenagers laughs before getting harshly jabbed in the shoulder by the one with purple hair.

    "Look Mr. Kelly," The tall one pleads, bowing his head, "All we were trying to do was look for a shiny Pokemon!"

    Nia struggles not to burst out into laughter at the teenager's quip of Kent's name, instead settling for covering her mouth for a second and clearing her throat. "Sorry boys, Ranger...Kelly is right. This area is off limits to y'all, shiny huntin' or not." Kent shoots a harsh glare at her before having to think about something the kid said.

    A shiny? He takes a second to understand what he means before remembering that's what trainers refer to Pokemon who are uniquely colored. "I'm afraid your excuses won't pass here. I am required to escort you off the premises now!"

    "Fuck that!" The purple-haired kid cries. "We spent too much time out here to just give up! Torracat, use Bite!" The fire-type charges towards Kent and pounces, baring its fangs. Nia and Leila tense up at the sudden turn of the battle, with the latter of the duo just about to step in and intervene.

    It's nothing Kent hasn't seen, however - he simply says "Stoutland, use Roar!" and a frightening howl comes from Stoutland's jaw that has the Pokeballs of Torracat and Pinsir automatically return them without their trainers' input. The jaws of two out of the three kids drop in unison while the tallest one falls to his knees. "Oh Mr. Kelly, we're so sorry for what we did! Please forgive us- y'see we've all had such a rough day today and-"

    "I'll hear no more of it!" Kent harshly cuts off. "Your behavior has been inexcusable, no matter how bad your day has been! Now then, I shall need to see each of your Pokemon handling licenses at once!"

    "We left them at home! So sorry, could you let us go grab them?"

    "We actually don't have any…" The wide kid says before earning himself a slug to the shoulder. "Goro you idiot! You weren't supposed to tell him that!"

    Kent's eyebrows furrow. "Not only have you hooligans trespassed onto a protected reserve and attempted assault on a ranger, but you aren't even registered to handle these Pokemon of yours! What I initially thought was simple tomfoolery has turned out to be much more pressing! This is an incredibly foolish decision on your end. This is worth more than a simple fine- I'm placing you all under arrest for your misdeeds!"

    Nia looks over at Kent, her face incredulous at the words he was saying. "Arrest?! Are you insane, they're kids!" There was a rising note of emotion coming from her voice that made Leila's ears perk up and her face light up in recognition.

    "Children or not, rules are rules and punishment will be handed out when necessary. They won't be incarcerated, simply placed in custody while we get ahold of a parent or guardian."

    "C'mon, just let them go already with a warning. They ain't gonna mess around here anymore, right?" She gives each of the boys the sternest look she can muster, who nod mutely in agreement.

    "I'm afraid that would be too lenient for such a violation." Kent raises his voice to indicate his patience running thin. "As rangers it is our duty to make sure such unruly hooligans do not go without consequences."

    By this point, it's apparent that Nia was starting to lose her patience with him, giving him a sour, indignant expression. Nia replies, "I know very well what our duties are, Ranger Kelly, I just don't believe that their punishment should be all that harsh. The Beedrill were spooked a bit and they snuck in to do some battlin', big frickin' woop, it's not like they're endangering our mission or anything."

    "I believe you missed the detail of attempted assault, and on a ranger no less! I cannot excuse such unruliness, and deviating from what is expected of me would be a disgrace to the institution of the Pokemon Rangers! Now we've been arguing about this for too long! You three-" Kent shifts his upper body to where the group of teenagers had stood only to be completely flabbergasted to see they've all disappeared. "What in the name of…!"

    "Well I'll be, guess that renders all of that moot." She wryly smirks and looks out towards where the teens must have ran off to get away from them. "Crazy kids."

    Looking at the expression on his face, Nia sighs and shakes her head, "There you go again, looking like you're about to have an aneurysm. Damn man, all that stress can't be good for ya. Why can't you let it go this one time?"

    Kent exhales through his nostrils and faces away from her, feeling anxious from letting anything slide through the cracks. Nia getting in his way, while bothersome, isn't exactly a new thing he has to put up with, but on-top of his earlier interaction he had with Charlie means this mission will be a long one... "Please, I'd rather not hear about this right now… if you need me I'll be checking in at the Ranger Lounge."

    "Alrighty, have fun then." She watches him walk away as she sighs and shakes her head again. "That guy, I swear to Arceus."

    Leila looks over to her trainer with an intent stare, with Nia replying with, "What? He'll be fine. It's not my fault he has such a log up his ass about everything."

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    Kent Kelly, Paul Li, Charlotte Grace Berkeley, Mira Cullins
    Monday, March 7th; Boon Island

    Fortunately for Kent, the kitchen in the Ranger Lodge is spick and span as any kitchen should be, and the refrigerator is packed with a wide variety of foods that all looks appealing to him. After quickly examining the contents of the fridge, he grabs a Seaking fillet and a bell pepper while a pot of rice boils in the background.

    The kitchen is pretty large, likely designed to allow multiple people to cook at once as evident by the commercial electric stove usually reserved for restaurants. A counter is placed in the center of the room which gives Kent plenty of room to cut his bell pepper into thin slices at an impressive speed usually seen by professional chefs.

    Behind him, a sound catches his attention, the sound of something sharp cutting through plastic. Turning to look, he sees a Carnivine descending from the rafters, its roots wrapped around the central beam. It must have been waiting up there, coming down now to try and eat his fish fillet.

    "Don't even think about it! You'll be at a high risk of salmonella poisoning!"

    Carnivine pulls back into the rafters, letting out a high pitched whine. He eyes the Seaking meat hungrily, but another voice soon catches his attention as another Ranger enters the kitchen.

    "Carnivine, what have I told you about eating snacks before dinner?" Paul, now dressed in his custom uniform, reaches up to stroke Carnivine's jaw, the Bug Catcher Pokémon letting out a low purr of pleasure. "You'll spoil your appetite."

    He turns to Kent, bowing his head. "I apologize for Carnivine's behavior. I asked him to wait for me here while I changed. Apparently his hunger got the better of his manners."

    "Apology accepted, Ranger Li." Kent's pupils glance over the name tag on his uniform. "I take it you've been assigned to the mission as well? I'm Ranger Kent Kelly from the Unova Ranger Force- I'd offer a handshake but I'm afraid my hand reeks of bell peppers."

    Paul smiles at that, going to the sink to wash his own hands. "No need to worry, I'm not averse to pepper smell. But I won't shake your hand in the middle of cooking, either. Do you mind if I join you? I'd like to prepare a meal myself."

    "Not at all." Kent's expression loosens a little. It's nice to know he has colleagues on this mission who aren't insufferable, he thinks before returning to slicing the vegetable.

    Paul heads to the fridge himself, taking stock of the ingredients. "You assume correctly, by the way. I'm Paul Li, from the Sinnoh region. My partner Carnivine and I were also reassigned here." He returns to the counter with several more vegetables, enough for at least three meals. Carnivine snakes his way down to investigate, but Paul merely steps around him. "Be patient. You can have the scraps, as always, if you're good."

    Kent cocks a brow. "Isn't that a carnivorous Pokemon?" He mutters as he heats up and oils a frying pan. "I see, I've been assigned here with my Stoutland. Honestly though I find these claims of fusion fantastical, but I suppose Professor Douglas earned his position for a reason."

    "You have a point." Paul concedes, chopping slowly and methodically. "I'm not entirely convinced of this concept, but I wouldn't say I have my doubts. If nothing else, these islands are a nice change of pace. Something like a work holiday, wouldn't you say?"

    "Holiday is hardly the word I'd use." Kent responds, flipping the bell pepper slices in the pan. "I take my position as a ranger very seriously, and I shall continue my duties as usual."

    Paul chuckles at that, prepping his own pan for frying. "Perhaps I misspoke. You've heard of the concept of a busman's holiday, yes? That a bus driver, upon taking a vacation, will inevitably end up on a bus during said vacation? This assignment may be similar. Our job is a serious one, I agree, but there's no reason not to enjoy the scenery while we perform our duties." He adds his diced peppers, onions, and carrots to the pan, stirring them as they fry. "Be assured, I have no intention of sitting on my laurels during my time here."

    "That's far more respectable than some people assigned to the mission." Kent sighs. "But about fusion... I can't even begin to comprehend how that makes sense."

    Paul remains quiet as he cooks, but his brow furrows in thought. After a moment, he speaks up. "I'm not one to speculate, I prefer to see things as they are first. I'd rather fit my theories to the evidence than force the evidence to match my theory. However… Pokémon and Humans aren't so different. I think Pokémon are more open to change, what with evolution and Poké Balls and things of that nature. I assume that fusion will involve merging their energy with our own, in some fashion. But beyond that, I couldn't say."

    "It'll be interesting to experience for sure." Is all Kent can think to say. He's been with Stoutland since graduation, and while he's always felt they share a strong bond, he might have to reconsider what that really means.

    The kitchen door opens again, only for a high pitched "OH HELLO!" to resonate and turn heads. "Should've known you'd be here," the culprit chuckles as she looks towards Kent as his body locks into place. "You really are a good boy."

    "Oh, hello!" Paul replies in a similar, though more subdued manner. "I'm Paul Li, who might you be?"

    "Why don't you ask him?" The girl who's just barged in without even wearing a uniform points towards Kent this time, her chuckle becoming an actual laugh. "He knows for sure. Oh, and this is Sundae by the way." She adds, as her Pokémon shows up, floating behind her.

    Peeking into the room behind the pink haired girl is a blonde woman, wearing a sort of apprehensive expression. In her arms, a Vulpix is nested, looking much more curious than its trainer. The trainer seems content to let Charlie do the talking for now, as she doesn't speak up nor fully enter the kitchen, although her gaze wanders slowly from one of the men to the other.

    "...Ranger Berkeley has arrived, I see." Kent shivers before returning to cooking his food in a less confident manner while refusing to look back. Please go away, please go away, please go away, please go away…

    "Ding ding! Almost right! Though I'm fine with just Charlotte Grace, Charlotte, Charlie, or how the hell did she get here?" The girl smiles. "Just so you know as well, Paul!"

    "Nice to meet you, Charlotte, and you too, Sundae. I suppose I should also introduce my partner… Carnivine, no, those were for dinner!" Paul gestures to his partner Pokémon, but is startled to see Carnivine eagerly snapping up the meat he'd been about to cook. Carnivine retreats from the reprimand, letting out a wheezing laugh as he floats up to the ceiling.

    Paul sighs, smiling apologetically as he turns back to Charlotte. "Sorry about that. I guess I'll be making a vegetarian dish, then. While we're here, would either of you like me to make you something?" He looks to Charlotte and Mira, who still hasn't entered the room.

    "Yes, some space is what I'd like!" The pink haired girl laughs, taking some steps forward. "I'd like to help out as well!" Kent releases a long exasperated breath. "I'd rather she doesn't." He mutters to himself.

    Paul looks between the two Rangers, beginning to suspect that they might not have a good relationship. He obligingly moves closer to Kent, giving Charlotte the space next to himself. "Of course! More cooks means more flavor, right? Would you like to join as well, Miss…" he gestures again to Mira. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

    "Mira Cullins..." she replies calmly as she watches the Carnivine munch on his capture. "Vegetarian is my preference anyways…" Roger huffs in her arms and she lets him down. "You should probably stay in the lounge while we cook," she adds to the Vulpix. "I also prefer no fur in my food, and you know it."

    The fox makes a big deal out of dragging his feet back outside the kitchen, and manages to stick his tongue out to Sundae too, before he disappears from sight.

    "Sorry about that," Mira mutters as she turns back to Paul. "Um. You don't need to make food for me, I can cook for myself. Or..." She glances at Charlie who seems to happily start to find things to do already. "Or we all cook together?"

    "Yeah why not, we can surely do that!" The other girl replies right away, as she takes a peek inside the fridge.

    "I believe the saying was 'too many cooks'..." Kent groans, realizing how powerless he is in the situation. It's unfortunate he'll have to spend anymore time around Charlie, but it shouldn't take him much longer to finish cooking.

    "Oh? I was here to help you out… but if you want I can do my own thing! I make amazing desserts! And I just saw some fruit and ice cream and I could make something with that for later and it will be such an explosion of sweetness and coolness and… the perfect Sundae basically!" The pink haired girl keeps talking hastily, a grin getting gradually more smug on her face. "Sorry, I had to pull that off."

    "I think cooking together is a wonderful idea!" Paul takes stock of the remaining food. "I think we can make something nice with just these veggies and rice. Some sauce, a nice stir fry… yes, that would do nicely. Thank you for the help, Mira. And Charlotte."

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    before 7 p.m.
    feat. Bexley, Nia, Reginald and Mira

    Between the long hours spent traveling on the ferry and Nia's little run in with the mischievous teenagers and Kent, she and her partner were famished and ready to devour as much food as they could stuff in their mouths like a bunch of Greedent. Nia and Leila had by this point made their way back to the lounge, intending to scope out the food situation to see if they had to get groceries of their own or whether someone was already planning to cook a big meal.

    Before she could go into the kitchen and check, Nia's attention was brought to a figure wearing clothes much more casual than her own. Had they not been on Boon Island and in a facility catering to Rangers, Nia would have assumed that she was a tourist.

    Nia called out to the other woman with a friendly greeting. "Heya! How you doin'? I'm guessing you're here for the same reason as me, unless you somehow managed to infiltrate the Rangers or somethin'."

    Bex strode over to the table, placed down the grocery bag she was carrying. The clink of glass betrayed its contents. Then, as she unloaded the wine bottles, she turned towards the woman who greeted her. Blimey, what a looker.

    Bex was in no mood for chatting, but her first day was a little early for bluntness. The Lucario by the woman's side could no doubt read her impatience, though. "Ah, hello, luv. Bexley Granger, from the Galarian Wildlife Conservancy. Guess I'm part of you lot now. How's yourself, then? Life treatin' you alright?"

    "I'm doing great! Name's Nia Bradshaw, came in hot and fresh from the Unova Rangers!" She extended a firm hand out towards Bex.

    Attracted by the voices, Reginald rushed from the bathroom to the lounge. He went there right after arriving at the Lodge to take care of his wet clothes and Slimy. His shirt was mostly dry now, but the hat was still soaking wet. He squeezed as much water as he could from it and put it on his head. Slimy bound around his right arm from elbow to hand and forced Reginald to hold it.

    When he arrived at the lounge, he quickly surveyed the room. One of the girls seemed familiar, but he wasn't sure where he saw her.

    "Oh, ehm, hi," he got out of himself after a short moment of silence. "The name's Reginald Rawlings. But you can call me Gin, if you want. And this little guy on my hand is Slimy."

    Slimy formed a hand out of its innards and waved at the other Rangers.

    "I guess you two are here to meet professor Douglas, right?" Gin asked them.

    Bex quickly broke the handshake with Nia and took a step back when Gin entered the room with that... thing clinging to his hand. When it spat out its innards to wave she even let out a small squeak and instinctively pulled out a chair to create further distance between her and the Pyukumuku.

    Gin just had to name it the thing she hated most about sea creatures: Slimy. She shuddered, recalling the Mantykes earlier that day, the ones she stubbornly watched from afar because there was no way she was having them brush against her skin.

    Then she remembered the soggy-looking boy asked a question.

    "Right, uh. Douglas, yeah. I'm Bex, Bexley Granger. Sorry mate, your little friend's givin' me the jitters, mind puttin' him away for a spell?" she said, her chuckle evidently a nervous one.

    It took a confused Gin a while to understand what Bex meant. He didn't want to upset his colleagues, so he grabbed Slimy with his free hand and hid it under his hat. Slimy was used to this hiding place, since there was no way Reginald's parents would allow Slimy in their mansion.

    "Sorry buddy, we're in a civilization again, so we have to behave again," Gin said to Slimy, unintentionally citing his own father in the process.

    Roger had chosen that moment to enter the lounge from the kitchen. He just had time to see Slimy slip in under the hat and was immensely intrigued; those pokémon were not native to Kanto, especially not the deep forest where he was from. The Kantonian Vulpix suddenly leaped up onto a chair in front of Gin and sniffed pointedly in the direction of his hat.

    Gin almost jumped backwards, when Vulpix entered the room, and was ready to fight in a second. But when he realized the fox Pokémon is not hostile, he attempted to pet it and keep it from jumping on his head. He hoped Vulpix's partner would show up quickly and take care of it.

    Roger ducked away at first, almost startled himself by the sudden human motion. But then he accepted the pet with a cat-like purr, unable to resist a good scritch.

    Nia took notice of their little visitor, apparently curious about the Pokemon that Gin had brought out. She chuckled, telling Gin, "Well, guess the lil' guy likes ya! Or maybe wants a playmate."

    She gave the Vulpix a glance, trying to see if she could determine anything about it. They didn't overtly strike her as a trained Pokemon, but at the same time, she didn't remember Vulpix being native to the Sevii Isles. Perhaps he was a Pokemon belonging to one of the rangers here.

    Roger did turn around to glare at Nia as if he wondered who had allowed her to breathe. Then, he noticed the Lucario behind her and became paler. That wasn't an unimpressive pokémon, in contrast to the weird Togetic earlier or the interesting hidden slime blob nearby. Feeling like stealth was probably the best option for now until Mira joined him, the Vulpix kept his nervous eyes on Leila as he jumped down from the chair and hid underneath it instead.

    Meanwhile Bex sunk into the chair she'd pulled out with a soft groan, running fingers through her matted fringe. She didn't pay much thought to the Vulpix - they were common enough back home, being popular pets and all - but her concern for Tink and his fire phobia briefly flashed in her mind. That's one introduction she wasn't looking forward to.

    Tink... Sod it, he still had her bottle opener.

    Before she could get up to check for a spare, a blonde woman entered the lounge from the kitchen. She blinked at the new faces and didn't say anything for a moment until she seemed to steel herself.

    "We were going to have dinner now. And we made a lot. In case you want to join. In dinner. Eating. I'm Mira by the way. Ranger, obviously."

    She made an awkward gesture before more people started flooding in to join the lounge from behind her, carrying various food items. It seemed like it was time for their first supper together.

    "Now that's what I like to hear! Imma be more than glad to take y'all up on that." Nia took her place at the table; of course, she wasn't going to let this favor go unreturned, so while she eagerly awaited what the others had cooked up, her mind started thinking of ways she could repay this hospitality. After all, these were going to be her compatriots going forward.
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    Monday, March 7 - late evening
    Boon Island - Rangers Cottage

    Mira is exhausted by the time she retreats to bed at last. She barely remembers to brush her teeth and check on Roger's condition. Confident as he might seem at times, he is just as introverted as Mira, really, and they need to recuperate after this very social day.

    The ceiling is Mira's view for many long minutes, because whenever she closes her eyes, they don't seem to stay closed. Too many thoughts are whirling around in her mind. Thoughts of this island, thoughts of fusion, random odd thoughts about all her new coworkers. Are Charlie and her Togetic basically the same person? Is Bex' Klefki evil? Is Kelly evil? She hasn't gotten much impression of Gin or his pokémon yet, but she has at the very least decided that Nia is pretty cool and that Paul is a good person. She'll rely on Paul for the time being. Maybe the others in the future too. She supposes she really should - after all, her lone ranger style won't work on this assignment, and she knew it from the start. She lets out a loud groan and flops around to bury her face in the pillow instead.

    "Mom?" comes from the earbud on the nightstand.

    She has forgotten to turn them off.

    "Sorry, Aiden," she says, reaching out to switch to speakers from the device instead. "Did I wake you?"

    "No, mom, it's not even that late yet. Are you okay?"

    "Yeah, of course. Just... It's a lot to take in. There's a lot of people here and I don't know them yet."

    "They're trusted rangers, like yourself!" Aiden assures her. "You can be friends with them."

    "We'll see," she mutters.

    "How did Roger like it? I miss him too."

    Mira smiles and peers up from the pillow at the pile of reddish fur at her feet.

    "Hear that, Roger? Aiden misses you."

    The only reaction is a quick earflop.

    "I think he feels the same as I do," Mira says. "Meaning, utterly tired but can't sleep. And missing you a lot."

    "Of course," Aiden says, and he's clearly happy about the response. "You're very similar, you know."

    Mira laughs a little at that. "I don't think so. He's a lazy, selfish jerk. I'm not lazy."

    "Mom. You're not a jerk! Maybe you're not exactly the same, but you two understand each other completely, I know that. The Mirager will be awesome!"

    "Maybe," Mira says. "You should sleep."

    "It's not that la-"

    "I want to sleep. Talk to you in the morning, honey."

    Aiden's groan is now heard, but he relents.

    "Goodnight mom, love you."

    "Love you too."

    The Kantonian ranger finally drifts off into strange dreams about a dangerous Vulpix taking over her soul. In the small hours, she wakes up to find one stretched on his back all across her chest, like a furry blanket. She cradles him and forces herself to calm down. Taking over one's sleeping space doesn't mean he'll take over her soul, too. They'll be fine.


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    Nia Bradshaw
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    Lounge, after dinner
    ft. Eleanor as Charlotte Grace Berkley
    💎 Together Forever 💎 [M] [Invite] [IC]

    After a very delicious and filling meal, Nia was feeling content to take a moment and relax for a change. Sure, there was a lot to do and see in preparation for the exciting mission that awaited all of the other Rangers, but even Nia had her limits in her energy.

    She found herself walking back to her room in the Lounge, content to just call it a night and spend the rest of the night catching up with her friends. However, just as she was about to turn the key and get into her room, she realized that the interior pocket of her Ranger coat was feeling a bit lighter than usual.

    Nia smacked her forehead and laughed out loud. "How stupid of me, I seemed to have left-"

    It was at that moment that a Togetic appeared right in front of her, seemingly out of nowhere, with a smile on her face and holding a pair of sunglasses. She chirped as she offered them to Nia, who gladly took them off of her hands and said, "Ah, there they are, thanks!"

    "Figured those were yours!" A voice got closer in the meantime. "Glad Sundae's got you in time!" It was definitely Charlotte, the Togetic's trainer; with the girl's pink hair and casual garb, there was hardly any chance of mistaking her with anyone else.

    "Yup! Y'know, maybe it sounds a bit vain when I say it out loud, but those glasses really just kinda complete the whole tropical island style, and I'd hate to have no protection from the sun." To demonstrate her point, Nia put on said sunglasses and looked at Charlotte with a chuckle. "See what I mean?"

    "I totally agree!" The pink haired girl laughed playfully. "Yeah, you got style!"

    "I try, though right now I'm just in uniform. Maybe I can show you some of the stuff I got in my closet. Ain't that much considering we ain't exactly on vacation, but there's ought to be some downtime here and there." Nia gestured with her thumb to the door of her room.

    Charlotte's eyes started to sparkle visibly after that remark. "I love the way you think, girl! Downtime is something I'm looking forward to as well…" She replied, as Sundae chuckled a few times herself. "I'll take you up on that offer!"

    Well there went that plan, though out of the two of them, Leila seemed more annoyed than Nia that their evening of calm was going to be broken by the arrival of Charlotte and Sundae.

    Nia turned the key and invited the other woman to step inside, showing her the humble room that she had just moved in earlier. Much of her stuff was still in her suitcase and the room had clearly not been used very much on account of spending most of her time outside.

    "So yeah, it's not much, looks the same as any other room right now."

    She continued to walk towards the closet, inviting Charlotte to take a look.

    "That right there are my outfits, it's mostly just athletic clothes and stuff, but I got a few special outfits." Nia showed off a magenta colored croptop and a pair of denim jeans with some rips in it. "That's my kinda style."

    "Well, your roof doesn't slope down, that's something…" Charlotte remarked, almost distractedly, before nodding in approval when Nia showed her some clothes. "That though… I like it, it's… intense, that's the word! And unlike this dress, it's got to be good even for working out and all…" The pink haired girl giggled slightly. "That makes me think… you're a very sporty person, uh?"

    Nia chuckled and replied, "You're goddamn right I am! 'S how I got to be where I am. Not to be too modest, but I reckon I'm top dog among the Unovan rangers!" She started giggling as she added, "Especially compared to Kent."

    "Wow… you know, I joke about people asking 'how did she get here' when they see me being a Ranger and all but, if I just stay beside you, that's not even a joke anymore!" Charlotte nervously laughed. "That's why that guy Kent treated me like a tourist when I got here, and I just went with it and teased him the whole time- wait. You…"

    "You said Kent? It's the same guy? I like where this is going…" She added, as Sundae gracefully landed on Nia's bed and kept listening to the conversation.

    "Yup! Me and Kenny are Unovan Rangers, so I already know the guy. He's certainly dedicated and hell, I'll even say he's talented, but that guy has the biggest stick up his ass! It's why I give him so much shit, it's really fuckin' funny." Nia started laughing even more.

    "Oh my goodness, same here! Ever since the moment I got here and found him asking questions I knew it would have been fun to tease him!" Charlotte and Sundae joined in as well.

    Nia managed to calm her laughing down long enough to formulate a coherent response. "Oh man, he is gonna have a great time here. He didn't seem all that keen on the mission, funny enough. I've heard him dismiss all the fusion stuff as crackpot shit. I'm real excited about it though! And hell, even if it's a dud, at least I get a nice lil' vacation out of it."

    Her expression beamed with pride as she added, "A vacation where I get to show off my skills, show all the rest of y'all my awesome skills."

    "Yes! And I… I can just have fun with my Pokémon, and you all as well!" The other girl ran her fingers through her pink hair. "I'm excited too, I have no idea what to expect but why not try, right? And for Kent… oh he will have a great time for sure." Her grin turns more into a smirk.

    Nia decided that she liked this other ranger already on account of their shared interest in teasing Kent and her upbeat nature. Leila, on the other hand, was less impressed as a few choice friends from Nia's past came to her mind. She narrowed her eyes at the two, glowering at them. Nia chided, "Ah c'mon, be nice. Sorry about that, Leila isn't the most fun loving 'Mon. She's almost like Kenny, except not quite so easy to tease. "

    "Aw, I see…" Charlotte replied, looking somewhat disappointed. Sundae didn't let those words get to her though, or rather - tried to get closer to Leila, slowly and with a cute smile on her face. "You only made Sundae more eager to spread happiness, haha!"

    "A wonderful goal, this one sure could lighten up every now and again." Nia pointed at Leila, who continued to glower at the overly cheery Pokemon. "But don't take it too personally if she isn't responsive to it. That's just kinda how she is."

    By that point, Sundae is already trying to find out for herself if that's true. She's actually giving Leila a few gentle nudges, or trying to swoop in for a hug. "Well… Sundae is not stopping at a bad glare, that's for sure!"

    Leila sighed, dropping the glare and with a defeated expression on her face, simply let Sundae do her thing and 'spread the happiness'. Nia shrugged and remarked, "Eh, it's definitely progress, I can tell you that much."

    "Yesss! Glad I could showcase our own happiness inducing skills in front of my strongest colleague." Charlotte giggled proudly. "Now where were we… right. I wonder if you can help me with spreading happiness to Kent as well. He definitely needs it… but he's being a challenge."

    Nia had an amused expression on her face as she said, "Oh yeah, I believe it. Well, clearly he ain't a fan of jokes at his expense...or any jokes. Wish I could say I knew something, but the guy really seems to be as dour as they come. I guess if you're willing to become like him or something like that."

    "Become like him…?" Charlotte raised an eyebrow. "Not sure what you have in mind but I'm up for it. I… yes, I can tell it will be fun."

    Nia had a mischievous smirk on her face as she replied, "Ah, you'll see what I mean. Another time though, even I wouldn't be so much of a dick as to do it right this moment when he's trying to get settled in and sleep." She suppressed a yawn as she told the other girl, "Maybe I oughta hit the hay soon too."

    "Oh, alright! Whenever you're ready, you know where to find me~"

    Charlotte and Sundae eventually walked towards the exit, smiling happily because… yes, Nia sounded just like the person they wanted to meet. Sure, they were not really that identical, but it was a great start nonetheless.

    "Oh, and goodnight you two!" The girl added. "Sleep well, because it looks like we'll need it…"



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    Tuesday, March 8th, morning - Ranger Lodge​
    "First of all, thank you very much for being here, willing to participate, and thank you to the Rangers as a whole for making this possible and providing this area for you to stay in. As you may have heard already, I'm Andrew Douglas, and I'm more of a myth buster than anything."

    A middle aged man introduces himself this way to the audience of rangers, chuckling slightly as he finishes speaking. The main room of the lodge has now been turned into a very improvisational conference room, with the trainers sitting in a line and the professor standing up in front of them. Beside him stand two young women: one is blonde and rather willowy, the other is brunette and is wearing a pair of glasses. The greenish hue of Douglas's hair visibly contrasts with both of theirs.

    "Myth buster? Myth prover sounds better this time around!" the blonde girl smiles at him, then at the rangers who have accepted (and have been accepted) to work on this mission. Even the other girl nods, but Andrew is ready to reply right away.

    "When a myth is proven true, is it a myth anymore?" The scientist asks proudly, before collecting himself again. "By the way, these are two of my assistants, Maeve," he points to the blonde one, "and Emma. If you visit our place in Knot Island, by the edge of the city, you can meet more of my team, but I brought them along today because of their abilities…"

    "Let's start from the beginning though. As you surely know already, you are here to test and utilize Pokémon and Trainer fusion. We can assure you, we tried this on ourselves and it worked - Maeve and Emma can give you a demonstration later, too - but that doesn't mean we can make it public knowledge. The majority of people on this island still see fusions as nothing more than rumors or fantasies, and even many Pokémon scientists are still very skeptical. Until we figure out a few more things, though, it's better if things stay this way…" Douglas shrugs.

    "Well… Rangers did believe this though, didn't they? And honestly, it's great that it happened. You Rangers are mayhaps some of the best people to get help from, given your knowledge of Pokémon and your valiant effort to protect them, as well as humans." Emma chimes in as she fixes her glasses.

    "True! That's why we are counting on you for this." Andrew continues.

    "I actually started studying this phenomenon and thinking about fusion being a possibility all the way back in Unova, but all that I discovered only brought me here to the Sevii Islands. This seems to be the only place with a good amount of available Fusion Crystals, as we called them, and therefore the only place where we could finally determine whether these myths were true or not. My theory is that Mount Ember, or other volcanoes, could be the source of these crystals."

    "Yeah, but Mount Ember is off limits to common citizens, since it's a dangerous area." Maeve explains. "We were lucky enough to find a few crystals on Knot Island proper, and get enough for both us and you Rangers!"

    "Speaking of crystals, we have obviously brought them along for you, but I'd rather explain a few more things before we get into the fun stuff." Douglas starts to pace back and forth in the main room of the lodge. "You will see how these… hexagonal crystals are somewhat transparent and clean the first time you use them. That's what we called an empty crystal. The more you fuse with your Pokémon, though, the more the crystal will be imbued with your energy, and that will make it change color. Emptying out that crystal from all the energy takes a long time, meaning that your crystals are strictly personal!"

    "To get a fusion going, all you and your Pokémon need to do is to touch the gemstone at the same time and to, well, want it to happen. Be in sync with each other, got it? The first time is always unsettling, I'll admit, and it does take a long time to get it working, but the more you get to know your new body and the different ways in which you can control it, you'll never want to turn back! If you want to do that though, it's a matter of being in sync once again."

    "Well," Emma stops Professor Douglas briefly, "most fusions retain the Crystal somewhere on the body - mine is on my forehead for example. If you touch that, it will usually make the separation easier to achieve."

    "That's true!" The man answers back. "But speaking of separation… you may also get separated if you and your Pokémon faint. We have to admit, we don't know how that works in-depth, but it doesn't sound too pleasant: one more reason to keep strengthening your bond and staying out of trouble for the time being."

    Maeve seems to shudder as the professor keeps talking. "And that's one more reason to be discreet!"

    "So… right. As you fuse more often, you may notice how it's faster to do and how much the fusion becomes more stable. It's a gradual process, don't expect anything too soon. But… that's why we're always ready to welcome you in our lab! Anytime you need our help, you can come by on Knot Island or just call us through your work device."

    "We'll be very happy to help you out or shed some light onto your doubts, yes!" Maeve nods, with a complicit glance towards Emma, who nods back at her.

    "Alright! Looks like this is the perfect time to ask questions, if you have any! And after this, we can actually move onto the practical side of things. Are you ready?" Professor Douglas looks eagerly at the Rangers, waiting for some feedback.

    Kent is the first to raise a hand. His body language comes off as eager but the hesitance in his voice says otherwise "I… I would like to be the first to volunteer! If I'm to be honest, I still haven't processed how fusion is even possible... but I believe it is my duty to be the first to test the process regardless!"

    "Well, if no one else has objections, I guess we can allow…" Douglas speaks up, before Charlotte raises her hand… and starts speaking anyways, even if no one gives her the green light. "I wholeheartedly agree, Kent is the perfect person for this! So we can all see how he deals with the fusion before doing that ourselves!" Kent shoots a quick glare at her with a twitching brow before he turns his attention back to Douglas.

    "Haha, no worries, we will keep an eye on you as you fuse with your Pokémon and help you out, as we said!" Maeve chimes in, holding in a giggle.

    Soon after Charlie butts in, Nia gets Professor Douglas' attention, both her tone and body language eager. "Yo Prof, Ranger Bradshaw over here! I'm really fixin' to try this whole fusion stuff out, get me in there after Kenny." Douglas nods at that, replying with a quick "Got it!" and a grin on his face.

    Quite the opposite display of Kent and Nia, Mira isn't showing any outward eagerness at all as she stands in the background of the group, Roger in her arms. She hasn't been sure of whether she's more worried or excited about the prospect of fusion, but Charlie does have a point. It would definitely be preferable to see another complete newbie attempt this first. Roger doesn't seem to have been listening to the researchers at all, instead lazily gazing off at Tink and all his fancy contraptions. So Mira just nods, showing her silent, probably barely noticed, support of what's been suggested.

    For a moment, Gin considers volunteering. After all, his parents would expect him to do so. But that moment is gone now and Gin is glad someone else raised their hand first. Standing as far from Bex as he can, he watches Kent and Douglas' exchange silently. Slimy is once again hidden under his hat, but this time, it uses its white innards hand to lift the hat, so it can see everything.

    As usual, Bex is the one to receive a few puzzled looks when she fishes a doorknob of all things from her handbag and places it on the table, seeming as bored as she always did. Tink lets out a giddy "whoop" and fiddles with the lock to pacify himself - which is exactly what the doorknob is to a Klefki, a pacifier. All the while he keeps a menacing eye on Roger. Hopefully it'd be enough to distract Tink from keying something—or somebody—else. At least until they get outside.

    Bex raises a hand and leans forward almost suggestively in direction of Professor Douglas. "I got a question. Where'd you get your hair done, babe?"

    "Castelia." He replies right away, almost instinctively, but his raised eyebrow and slightly awkward expression don't help him much. "So? That's where I'm from…" His remark is followed by a small giggle from Charlotte.

    "Blimey, that's a long way to travel," Bex remarks, amused by the professor's awkward shift in behaviour. Then, with a purr in her voice and a twirl of her hair, she says, "A girl like me could use someone more experienced to show her around sometime." She meant to a decent local hairdresser, but Bex never could resist a bit of harmless flirting.

    "Uh, my hair is better than that anyways, girl!" Charlie playfully chimes in, looking straight in Bex's eyes from a few seats away. Sundae mimics her trainer while standing on her lap.

    "I dunno, doll. Reckon I quite fancy the shaggy Rillaboom look. Show's he's got a wild side." She offers Douglas another one of her coquettish smiles.

    "I hate to interrupt your fashion talk…" Paul chimes in from his position in the back, Carnivine lazily draped over his shoulders. "But we're not attempting to fuse here, are we? I think this room might be a bit cramped, with all of us here."

    "Oh, we'll try that in the backyard, sure. In fact, if there's no more questions, we may as well…" Emma smiles in an attempt to reassure the Rangers, before letting Douglas move forward.

    "Yes! It's time to get this started before you go on too many tangents, haha!" He announces proudly, with what looks like a sturdy toolbox in his hands. He opens it up, revealing a few translucent crystals, roughly cut in an hexagonal shape and small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. "All yours, guys - grab one, get one berry from Maeve as well, and go outside in the backyard! We'll follow you right away and give you the last rundown of what to do over there!" The taller girl doesn't waste any time and walks right beside the professor, holding a shopping bag with some Pecha Berries inside, for everyone to grab one of.

    Being the first to grab a crystal, Kent proudly marches toward Douglas alongside with his Stoutland. Before he takes the crystal from Douglas' hands, he tries making a big deal out of it, saying stuff like "I am honored to have been chosen for this mission," before stepping outdoors. While finding a good spot, he fixates on the crystal and occasionally looks into Stoutland's eyes, speculating about how this might play out. He doesn't really have anything to compare the experience he's about to go through though, so all he can do is cross his fingers and hope for the best.

    With a notable strut in her step, Nia walked up with her stoic Lucario at her side. She immediately snatched the crystal from the hands of the professor like a kid snatching up a favorite candy of theirs and looked at its shimmering form . "This is what our mission boils down to, eh Leila? Time to show everyone here what a truly awesome fusion looks like."

    Leila merely nodded and followed her trainer to make way for the next person coming in to receive their crystal.

    Gin is one of the first Rangers after Kent, who started walking towards the professor. He looks straight in Douglas' eyes, trying to look as confident as he can, and takes one crystal. He grabs it firmly and tries to get used to its weight. It's heavier than he thought. It's certainly heavier than Slimy. He then moves towards Maeve. But before he can take a berry from her, a small white hand comes down and snatches it. Gin can hear Slimy's celebratory Pyu, before his Pokémon loses balance and falls down in Gin's hands, right next to the crystal. Gin smiles at Maeve like nothing happened and quickly makes his way outside.

    Preceded by Sundae, Charlotte now walks up to Douglas, her usual playful grin on her face. She stands in front of the crystals for a needlessly long time as she touches a few of them - to the dismay of Emma, who looks over Douglas's shoulder warily - but eventually, picks up one gemstone… definitely one of the smallest that were left, but a rather shiny one no less. With Sundae having already got the berry from Maeve in her place, she also heads outside. Charlotte may have looked a bit anxious at first, but now she can barely contain her excitement.

    Paul steps forward when no one else does, holding his hand over the crystals. He can almost feel a warmth from them, and he lets the sensation guide his hand, not looking as he gently extracts his crystal. It's the largest one in the box, which is oddly fitting, but the crystal itself feels light, almost weightless in his hand. He respectfully bows his head to the Professor, turning to Maeve and holding out his hand. She looks at him for a moment before deftly plucking a berry from the bag and placing it in his outstretched palm. "Thank you much," he says with a smile, and goes to join the others, stopping to hold the door open for the ones still inside.

    Bex approaches Douglas with an easy saunter and doesn't take her eyes off his when she reaches for a crystal. Her hand encloses it snugly, like the crystal was made for her, and from its surface she feels a subtle pulse of energy. It makes her shiver. She briefly entertains the thought of getting it valued at a jeweller's—could fetch a pretty penny, after all. She was only curious.

    As she takes a berry with a playful wink at Maeve, Tink glares at Douglas with a sceptic look and a quick "up yours" with his middle key before tagging along with Bex outside.

    Mira ignores the compelling voice in her ears and patiently watches all the other rangers fetch their crystals and exit to the outdoors before she's the only one still standing in front of the professor and his aides. Roger has basically fallen asleep in Mira's arms, not curious at all about what the humans are doing. His trainer finally steps forward, glancing down at the last crystal remaining. It is not the largest, nor the shiniest, compared to the ones that have already been picked. She doesn't really mind though. With a polite nod to Douglas, she picks the small thing up, shifting Roger to one arm which wakes him up. The crystal is heftier than she expected. She just looks at it for a few seconds.

    "Mom, what's happening? Did you get a crystal yet?"

    "Thanks, professor," Mira says, not directly replying to her son but hoping he's bright enough to get the idea. As she drops a blinking Roger down to the floor and goes to join the others, she adds: "Yes, Aiden. I have it. It's small but weirdly heavy. Feels magical."

    "That's silly. They're not magical, professor Douglas is using science to explain them, isn't he?"

    Mira shrugs, which the boy of course can't hear. Nevertheless, that's all the response she offers, as she's joined outside by the researchers.

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    Banner sketch by Hyzenthlay


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    Tuesday, March 8th, morning - Ranger Lodge​
    It's time.

    Douglas is on the edge, eyes flickering between his notes and the seven rangers, as Maeve and Emma have taken the spotlight. He already knows Pokémon fusion is a thing but he's still itching to see it happen, also because it's the first time someone outside of his circle of assistants is attempting it.

    The two women have already called out their Pokémon and are holding their crystals up in the sky, so that the rangers can notice their colors. Emma's crystal has already turned pink, matching her Musharna's Psychic type, while Maeve's is a much darker shade of purple - fitting for the small Polteageist floating around her. In front of them, evenly spread out across the backyard and surrounded by the trees, stand the Pokémon rangers with their companions.

    "The first thing to do when starting a fusion is to have both you and your Pokémon touch the crystal at the same time. But after that, it's all a matter of focus! The more you do this, the quicker it will get, and the crystal's color will get more vivid too!" Maeve starts, visibly proud to be in that position. Emma continues from where she's stopped shortly after.

    "At first, it will be easier if you all stand still, close your eyes, and clear your mind. A cool way to explain is… try to keep your thoughts as contained inside your mind as you can, focusing just on you and the crystal. The gem will do the rest for you and soon…" Emma pauses to make sure she's grabbed everyone's attention, knowing that usually Maeve beats her in confidence and overall presence. "You may feel like there's some space occupied in your mind, something that wasn't there before. You'll definitely know when it happens!"

    "Speaking of knowing when it happens, maybe we should demonstrate the fusion already?" The blonde assistant chimes in, a playful smile directed at her colleague. Emma nods back, and lets her Musharna touch her crystal, with Maeve doing the same with her Polteageist shortly after.

    The womens' crystals start to shine, soon enveloping both them and their Pokémon in light that is not too different from what is seen during Pokémon evolution. Musharna and Polteageist seem to lose their shape shortly after, morphing into unstable energy that circles around Emma and Maeve until it connects. It's hard to see what happens, but as the light dims, the two assistants' place is taken up by two hybrids, two fusions!

    Emma and Musharna's fusion, to be fair, still looks like Emma, but with slightly different lineaments and with pink streaks in her hair. What looks like a purple robe has replaced Emma's previous clothes, but the most important detail is that her figure is shrouded in pink smoke, and that she can now levitate, much like Musharna. With her eyes still half closed as if she was trying to sleep, the fusion steps off the ground and gently floats around the place, quickly getting into that curled up position that Musharna often holds when resting.

    In the place of Maeve, instead, stands a large teapot - Polteageist's, of course - which acts as armor for the fusion. Inside of it, with their legs hanging from the bottom side of the pot, there seems to be Maeve herself, except the hair is now purple instead of blonde. Much like Emma and Musharna, Polteageist and Maeve can also float, and they demonstrate it by quickly setting off and reaching the other fusion, attempting some kind of airborne hug. Emma lets out a nervous smile as she feels the contact, but then directs the attention of her friends to the rangers.

    "I see…" Is all Kent says, and he pushes his glasses up.

    Behind him, Mira's jaw has dropped. But she stays silent. Roger is actually watching intently as well, perhaps spooked and wondering where the pokémon went yet why he still feels a pokémon smell from these two levitating creatures.

    Nia's eyes were lit up as she saw the miraculous transformation occur right before her eyes. Even Leila looked on with a similarly wide-eyed expression. "Yoooo, that's sick!"

    Gin, with Slimy once again sitting on his head, was intensively observing the fusion, looking for any hidden details and unintentionally not letting any emotion to form on his face.

    "Hm… you wanted to try first, right Kent and Nia? Feel free to go for it now, it's your time to shine!" Maeve-geist eventually announces, a hand in front of their mouth to hide a happy grin.

    Kent takes a deep breath and glances over to his Pokemon. "Indeed, I would like to be the first among us to demonstrate. Well Stoutland… we have no time to waste." Stoutland simply barks back. Kent holds his crystal up, which causes Stoutland to start sniffing the object before he taps his nose to it. When the crystal's light grows increasingly brighter, Kent closes his eyes to brace for whatever is to come.

    Initially, the process appears similar to the demonstration Emma and Maeve gave, but right away there are some noticeable differences. If the energy engulfing Emma and Maeve could be described as unstable, the energy Kent and his Pokemon are surrounded by was like that taken to an extreme. The distorted mixture of a pained screech and yelp drives home that what's going on here isn't as painless as hoped. There are multiple instances where it looks like Kent and Stoutland might be losing their shape, but that never lasts for more than a few seconds. In reality, this doesn't take more than a minute of two, but to Kent it feels like a painful eternity- and he can only imagine Stoutland feels the same.

    Mira has instinctively taken on a protective stance, fearing that a dreadful mishapen creation will be the end result of the Unovan ranger's overconfidence. Roger, on the other hand, is hiding behind her boots at this point.

    Eventually the light completely fades away, and Kent and Stoutland still stand- a failed attempt. Both parties stand frozen for a solid minute, and Kent stands with his eyes wide open while Stoutland shivers and whines.

    "That… that might have been one of the worst things I've experienced…" Kent shakily lets out with a cold stare. "I'm unsure how to describe it, but the best way I can put it… it felt like at times I was losing myself…"

    By the time he's done speaking, Emma has already flown closer. "Hm, it looks like the fusion process started correctly, but then Stoutland couldn't truly connect with you…" She explains. "Maybe you lost focus or got too stiff, and then felt your own energy almost rushing back inside of you, right? But if you calm down and breathe, I'm sure you'll get it down!"

    "NO!!!" Kent cries instinctively and corrects his position. "Err, apologies for my outburst… what I should have said was that I'll have to refuse. That's an experience I never want to relive. As much as I hate to not do what is expected of me, I'm afraid it is necessary to do so for my well-being."

    At that, Mira blinks in the backline of the onlookers. "You really give up that soon?" she blurts out before she can stop herself, slight distaste in her tone.

    "If you went through what I just did, I can't imagine you'd be eager to try again." He says with his back turned.

    "Mom! That was rude!" Aiden's voice comes in Mira's ear. "You're probably not going to make it on the first try either!"

    The blonde Kantonian looks around, a slight blush on her cheeks, but still with an irritated look in her eyes. "I will at least try once."

    And then she steps forward, even though she truly had not planned on getting in the spotlight and being one of the first rangers to try this out. She's set herself up for this now, and Mira just isn't the kind of person to back down from something she's started.

    Roger follows her feet closely, seemingly still a bit worried.

    While Emma tries to reassure Kent and Stoutland one last time, Maeve quickly shifts her focus to Mira and shoots her an encouraging smile. "Alright, best of luck!"

    The blonde glances back a bit nervously at the other rangers before nodding once and crouching down to face her Vulpix in the grass.

    "You're doing it? Now?! Talk me through it!" Aiden chatters, but with all the people around them and eyes on her, Mira guiltily decided not to respond directly this time either.

    "Alright. Roger, this is what we came for." She holds out the small yet hefty colorless crystal in between them. Roger curiously sniffs it. "We don't need to be perfect the first time. We just need to try. Go on."

    The fox's nose boops the crystal, and for a second, nothing happens. It's only the blink of an eye, but just enough time for Mira to begin to form the thought that they failed. Then, it happens. A flash of light erupts from the crystal, white or rose tinted in shade, too bright to really discern, and for the next moments that is all Mira can see. She's vaguely aware of something else being close to her, swirling around her, becoming-

    She stands up abruptly as the light fades, stumbling slightly. Her legs feel strange. So does her hands. Yeah, very strange, they have fingers, that is really freaky, wow. And the teeth aren't at all as pointy as they usually are - what is even possible to chew with these? At least the canines are intact. Wait, no. Her hair is funky too, not as straight and well behaved as it normally is, instead it curls… But not as neatly atop of his head as it normally does. And why is he wearing clothes, Mira, you didn't say that this was the deal, I thought that we were going to become just- What, what did you think exactly? I wasn't even sure of how much you understood when I talked to you about fusion. I talked. You talked? We… talked?

    "What-" Mira tries to say out loud, but the tone of voice that comes out startles him. Her? Them?

    Roger shakes his head, and Mira shakes hers, and the world then shakes too much, and... It's all too much. A light splits them apart, and the woman and the fox sit on the ground again, staring at each other.

    "No worries, no worries!" Douglas' voice is heard from further away. "It'd be better if you all try at least once by yourselves, but if it doesn't work we can have Emma and Maeve assist you!" The assistants nod in sync after that remark, with Maeve-geist even clapping their hands from inside the teapot. "That looked like an actual fusion, you just couldn't keep it up! But that's still great for a first attempt."

    Nia was up next to attempt to fuse. Out of the two of them, Leila was the one that seemed to be a bit uneasy about the whole thing, her brow furrowing as she looked at Nia. It was one thing to be close, but to be literally one…

    "Ah come on old friend, ya ain't gettin' cold feet on me, are ya?" Nia kneeled down to be on the Lucario's level, looking her directly in the eyes. "We've been through so much shit together, how much more danger can fusion really put us in that my dumb ass didn't already do back in the day?"

    She did have a point. Teenage Nia was, to put it as she did, a dumbass. A dumbass going through a lot, but a dumbass nonetheless. A smile made its way on Leila's face.

    "Thought you'd agree with me taking myself down a peg. Only a peg though, I'm not gonna let myself get outclassed by anyone else but you."

    Nia touched the crystal with Leila following right behind, the crystal blinding the two of them with a dark red light. Even her varied experiences as a Ranger and even as a human being couldn't prepare her for the sensations she started to feel as her body shifted in all sorts of ways.

    After what seemed like an eternity, Nia (though her mind clearly registered the presence of another being in there as well) emerged from the fusion. She didn't look as drastically different as she had thought, but there were clearly some major changes in her appearance: spikes on her hands and chest, pointier canines, tufts of blue and tan fur roughly corresponding to where they might fit on a human body. Rather than the carefree expression on Nia's face that was most characteristic to her, she adopted a more steely one as she simply stated, "It works."

    Paul steps away from the others, facing away from everyone so as not to be distracted. He holds his hand out, palm up with the crystal resting in it. "Focus… clear your mind… Carnivine, when you're ready, touch the crystal with me."

    Carnivine lifts off Paul's back, floating over to his hand. He looks at the strange rock, then gently places his mouth around Paul's entire hand, crystal and all. Paul doesn't even react, breathing slowly and deeply as he meditates.

    Carnivine's eyes widen as the crystal grows warm in his mouth, and he is soon consumed by the light as it swirls around Paul, and soon Paul is glowing as well. After a moment, the light fades, and Paul slumps in place, his arms hanging at his sides.

    He appears mostly unchanged, but from the shoulder down his arms, visible in his sleeveless jacket, are the dull green color and leafy texture of Carnivine's arms. He slowly lifts his hands to his face, flexing his fingers experimentally. "Oh… oh, it worked!"

    He turns to the others, slowly smiling. His smile just keeps getting wider, though, and at the corners of his mouth, his cheeks split to form an even larger mouth, revealing rows of sharp teeth as he laughs triumphantly. "Great job you two!" Maeve-geist cheers, still floating around the backyard.

    Mira backs off in surprise at the somewhat monstrous appearance. Did her face change too? Although, admittedly, Carnivine does have a slightly more monstrous grin than a Vulpix. Gin is nervously playing with the crystal as he's silently analyzing what he just saw. The strategy for his own fusion was slowly forming up.

    But Charlotte looks more like… in awe. Even if Paul and Carnivine may look scary in that state, even if Nia and Lucario now fused into the same being are behaving so differently than the two of them separated, she's looking at them intently.

    She then turns at Kent and Mira. Well, Kent specifically. He's failed and feels too uneasy to try again, and that image put right next to Nia-Leila or Paul-vine is too harsh of a contrast. Sundae still looks confident and playful as ever, and she has been like that too until now. The magic seems to have gone away as their turn to fuse gets closer, and so she finds herself looking for reassurance.

    "Well…" She tries to raise her voice. trying to still look like her usual self despite her different state of mind. "Fusion seems fun and all but it's kinda scary if it doesn't work, uh?" She asks, hoping to get an answer from one of the two other rangers who haven't attempted to fuse just yet - at this stage, they're in the same boat… right?

    Of course, when Maeve and Polteageist fly over and try to reassure Charlotte, she tries to tell them she's fine, just a bit anxious. But her eyes still scan the area, ready to pick up any sign of a reaction, especially from Reginald and Bexley.

    Bex was silently observing from the background, a mixture of awe, horror and excitement brightening her usual deadpan expression. Seeing her colleagues morph before her very eyes and knowing she'd soon be next felt like the anticipation of a rollercoaster ride just before the drop. For all the daring and danger she'd experienced in her youth, nothing could have prepared her for this.

    But Charlie's question broke her train of thought. Bex quirks a smile and throws an arm around the girl's shoulders, playfully bumping hips, pretending like she wasn't sharing the same concerns.

    "Ain't gettin' cold feet already, are we, little Gracie?" she says.

    The younger girl didn't quite expect Bexley to approach her when she wasn't looking in her direction, nor to come that close to her, but now that she's right here, literally touching her, she can't deny she's feeling somewhat better. "Oh, I am… fine yes, but I may need someone to have my back, you know?" She speaks up hastily, still warming up to the other girl's presence.

    "Well watcha think we're here for then, eh, ya silly girl?" Bex gives Charlie's hair an unceremonious tousle, then breaks away from her personal space. She gestures toward Sundae with a nod. "You and that bundle of sunshine? Like two peas in a pod, you are. Reckon you've got nothin' to worry about. The real trouble is me and this prat."

    Tink, the obvious prat in question, just gawks inanely at Sundae. If metal could blush, he'd be doing it.

    "Aw, thanks…" Charlie replies, nodding towards Bexley just as Sundae chirps from above her. She seems more concerned with Tink right now, and is looking at him intently while her trainer takes some heavy breaths. "Ok, let's do this!" The pink haired trainer then nods, "I'll try to look over you and then you help me out when it's my turn…" My turn… Not like she could've avoided it, Douglas still wanted her to attempt a fusion by herself. Charlotte takes a few steps backwards, giving Bexley some more space, and gestures for Sundae to do the same.

    Bex's confident smile fades. That didn't go how she wanted—the reassurance had been more self-directed than anything, and it was really to goad Charlie into fusing before her anyway. It was Kent's earlier display of pain and fear that kept her hesitant from trying up until now. If he failed to connect with Stoutland, a Pokémon as loyal as they come, what makes her think she and Tink will do any better?
    She glances again at the Klefki hovering beside her. He chatters quietly, sounding like the crackle of a static radio, and Bex knows it to mean he's threatened. Perhaps that in itself is a good sign—that she can read him well. However many times they've wanted to kill each other, Tink has stuck with her through thick and thin, and neither would be where they are now if it wasn't for that.
    "It's all or nothing, mate," she says to him. "Let's teach this lot how's it done, what you reckon?"

    Tink sways for a moment as he processes her meaning. Then, with a loud, attention-grabbing jingle, he darts into the limelight, Bex smiling as she joins him.

    "Right, reckon I've caught on to all this fusion lark," she announces to the group, deftly flicking up her crystal and catching it again. Then she smiles over her shoulder at the professor. "Might want to keep your eyes fixed on me, babe."

    Bex doesn't wait for a response. She extends the crystal to Tink, who taps it with a key, enjoying the sound—it takes several taps before Bex hisses for him to shut up and hold it.

    So he does. As the light engulfs them, Bex's skin begins to tingle and crawl, her feet almost rise off the ground, and what feels like a magnetic force surrounds her and seems to bind to her will. Her bones are stronger, heavier; her muscles tighten like steel cables. Plates of metal form randomly across her body. A spirit merges with her own. Then the light fades and she drops to the ground.

    For a moment, Bex kneels there, bent forwards and panting hard. It's all so heavy. Even the ring surrounding her is heavy, despite levitating on its own as if it were weightless. Some of Tink's accessories are there—the earring, the pocket knife, the flashlight, all many times their normal size. Wait. But where are the rest of them?

    "My gear... who touched my gear?!" she snaps, springing up and whirling on the crowd. "Which of you tossers stole my f***ing keys?!"

    A surge of aggression that isn't her own compels her to lash out at the nearest person—who happens to be Paul—but her own conscience kicks in just in time to prevent the attack from landing. The conflict between her and Tink's emotions makes Bex wince hard in pain as she struggles to contain his anger. It shatters their connection. The crystal's light appears once again, and in a flash, Bex and Tink are returned to their true forms.

    Bex immediately grabs Tink's ball and seals him in. He resists; once, twice, three times, before realising his possessions are still intact, and the ball finally settles down.

    "Blimey," she pants, shakily finding her feet. "What a drama. Sorry 'bout that. Tink gets in a bit of a tizzy, see." She shrugs apologetically at Paul.

    Paul just grins at her, shrugging. "No problem. Blem. Blem. brbrbr." He laughs as he's distracted by the sensation of his own lips, already forgetting that Bex nearly struck him. She crinkles her nose and takes a few steps back, visibly disturbed.

    Mira - and actually also Roger - have been watching Bex' attempt with great interest. It seemed to go much the same way as their own, except perhaps a little better in some ways and a little worse in others. Mira glances down at the Vulpix and is surprised to see that he's glancing up at her too with a curious expression. He wants to try again. She swallows hard. They probably should.

    Charlotte, in the meantime, has taken Bexley's advice just a bit too far. She's barely noticed the commotion as she's going through a whole lot of questions for Sundae. "Are you ready for this? Are you promising you're not going to attack other Pokémon like yesterday? Are we going to agree?" She keeps going, like a young teacher to a class of young kids, while Sundae just nods happily.

    "Oh, go on, get a wriggle on, girl!" Bex calls out, rescuing poor Sundae from the endless string of questions.

    And so, the moment finally comes for Charlotte and Sundae as they both hold their hands on the crystal they were given, the Togetic perched right on top of her trainer's head. They stand still in this position for a bit, but to them it seems like time has stopped altogether, all while the light from the crystal slowly builds up around them. All the memories they've shared until now, ever since Sundae hatched from that egg and right in the hands of then-child Charlie, all the time they spent at the park… and then the countless adventures as a Ranger, the selection to become one of the first people to fuse with their Pokémon, the journey to Boon Island, it's more than half of Charlotte's life condensed and compressed into a single moment.

    The light gets stronger and what was a well defined shape on top of Charlie's head turns into a cascade of energy flowing around her. But even when that calms down, the eyes of the now fused Charlotte and Sundae seem to glow and sparkle with just as much energy and excitement. The hybrid immediately sets off, and at this point it's clear that Charlotte's consciousness is giving Sundae's full control of the wings that have now appeared on the fusion's back.

    "Ok so what are we now, Chardae or Sunlotte or maybe…" She giggles. "Maybe we can assume you're just Sundae Grace and so when we're like this it's just Grace…" That whole sentence is somewhat disconnected as the fusion speaks very fast and stumbles on some words, but neither Charlie or Sundae even care, they're just both in seventh heaven.

    "You're all great, I love you all and I'm sure we'll be amazing friends and I never want this to end and also, thank you for all your help!" 'Grace' now approaches all the different rangers and assistants as if they were childhood friends, her eyes still sparkling. Neither Charlie or Sundae expected that it would come easy for them, and that makes it all even more electrifying.

    Roger literally hides behind Mira's legs. Oh Arceus. Togetic in humanoid form. And just the same personality. This was horrifying. Mira, meanwhile, can't help but to smile brightly when Charlie succeeded so fast. She'd clap, even, if she wasn't so self-conscious. Their success inspired her. Plus, it did look pretty cool. She snuck another glance at Paul and his amusement at his own form, and then her eyes wandered over to Gin… Who hadn't taken action yet. What was going through his mind now?

    "You noticed that too, right?" Gin asks Slimy, but isn't waiting for its answer. He knows Slimy probably figured it out even before Charlotte's fusion attempt. He raises his right hand and lets Slimy wrap around it like they did countless times. Slimy settles down on Gin's shoulder and forms a comically large hand at the end of its innards.

    Gin tilts his head to touch Slimy's body and then let the crystal to slip from his hand on Slimy's innards. Slimy does the same and with each slip, the gap between their hands closes by a small bit. And with each slip, their movements get more and more synchronized. Finally, their hands meet and they get lost in the blinding light.

    Right away, Gin feels like someone is removing every bone from his right hand. This painful experience continues for the right side of his torso, but with each second, it feels less painful. He almost loses his balance when he stops feeling bones in his right foot, but an unexpected thought goes through his mind. Let the foot grow back. It wasn't his own though, but he felt a part of him in it. And a moment later, he felt his foot once again firmly on the ground. It felt so natural to Gin. Like if he was doing this his whole life.

    The light fades away and reveals the result of Gin and Slimy's fusion. Almost the whole right side of Gin's body was replaced by Slimy's innards. But they formed in a way to remind Gin's lost limbs. His head was intact, but his eyes now had a dark purple colour. His hair, now gray and spiky, also had purple lines coming through them. The left side of his body is seemingly untouched by the fusion.

    Gin tries to move his right hand, but it bursts in an unformed mess of small tentacles. I got it. Another thought goes through his head as his hand returns.

    "Slimy," Gin finally addresses the source of those thoughts.


    ♥ Written by all the players - Adventure, Eleanor, Fen-Fen, Groc, Hyzenthlay, Janp, QueenNothing ♥
    Banner sketch by Hyzenthlay