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Hey Guys!


Hey! How has everyone been??
I know I haven't been the most active person these past couple of months, but hopefully I'll start getting back into the swing of things now that I've started to find a bit of balance in my day to day!
I see loads of new faces, though I'm unsure how many are name-changes and how many are newbies, so you might have to help me out here!

Anyway, hmm in case you're wondering what I've been up to:
-I visited some family and friends back in Canada back in May which was fantastic! Captain Fabio came along and it was wonderful to show him my home for the first time. :3
-I have been quite busy with work lately, as I am getting new responsibilities (such as training an intern and being the go-to person to liaise with designers) that will hopefully lead to a higher position.
-I've also been trying to hit the gym more to put on some weight (I'm a couple kilos underweight so that needs to definitely change.) Now before you say anything; "Kura.. gym to PUT ON weight?" I mean.. I am trying to put on good muscle weight, so there's that. I'm actually finding it harder than it sounds because I've always been overweight (my BMI in high school was 24+) so to put on weight now feels a little strange to me. Still, it needs to be done to remain healthy.
-I've been both struggling and accomplishing some personal projects/aspirations that range anywhere from "be more assertive" to "learn to be a better baker/chef" to "learn to be more social" so that tends to take up some time too.

So yeah.. that's what's been up with me lately! How about you guys?


All dreams are but another reality.
Hey, it's great to hear from you and see you around here again. I've been caught up with work myself, and I share many of your goals. Going to the gym, gaining weight, socializing more. I swear I'm getting better with going outside haha. Cheers.


Happy to see you back around a bit! CCC/General Chat hasnt been the same without ya!