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[Showcase] Pokémon North, South, East, and West: The Largest Sprite Dex ever!

Which major opponent to go for first?

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  • The Raging Bug Titan

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  • The Rock Gym

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On your way to the Raging Bug Titan, located in the bamboo forests near Xiwang, you'll encounter not just a variety of Bug-type Pokémon to capture, but also Pokémon that are related to other Pokémon, even as they evolve....alongside the Raging Bug Titan himself! Please note that some of the Pokémon in this wave require you to go out of your way to catch them before the Raging Bug Titan.

Ice/Fire --> Ice/Fire --> Ice/Fire
Based off the Dango Mochi, Dochi is an Ice Pokémon that's very hot to the touch, using the leaf on it's head to regulate it's own temperature. Despite this, taking a bite out of a Dochi can grant you warmth against the cold for days, and it is made of a special kind of flour that never seems to dry out in the sun. Because of this, Dochi can thrive in many environments, though it's often seen trying to taste Mochi, testing their temperature and freezing or burning the ones they don't like. Dochi's evolved form is known as Dangdoki, a three headed Pokémon consisting of three seperate cakes, like how an actual Dango Mochi is made. The bottom head always seems to be spicy, and the top head always seems to be cold, and all three heads always get along, even if one does something the other two don't like. They infuse the powers of these heads into it's twin hammers, which it uses to pound flour into mochi cakes, which it then either eats for themselves, or gives to other people. Apparently, each head likes a different kind of flour, and the level in which they are concentrating affects the kind of cake they make. It's final evolved form is known as Mokagami, who strangley looks like an actual puppet. Now wielding a hammer that can pound mochi instantly, a strange behaviour that it does is that it goes to the houses of each person in a town and taps them on the head with it's hammer to read it's aura. If the aura shows even the slightest trace of a lie, Mokagami instantly whacks them into a mochi cake with it's hammer, before redistributing their resources to all of the honest people in a town. Mokagami is also said to go after the people it has deemed to be honest, if they ever do something dishonest in their lives, even if Mokagami is thousands of miles away. Apparently, some Mokagami's noses also get longer if they tell a lie themselves.....

Ice/Steel --> Ice/Steel --> Ice/Steel
Based off the Kagami Mochi, Kaldds are orange Pokémon that rest of a pile of snow that resembles a mochi cake. From the snow, Kaldd breathes down icy air that can ward off fires for miles. Even if Kaldd itself is knocked off it's pile, it will quickly build a new one with this icy breath and get on top of it, though the breath wanes if it cannot find any snow to siphon off. Kaldd's leaf is made of a super resistant material that is as hard as titanium, and once Kaldd has become one with it's snow pile, this leaf merges with it as Kaldd evolves into Mocobloco, who can be best described as a living snow machine. Through it's pump, it beathes out a torrent of snow that can transform any environment into a winter wonderland instantly, and because Mocobloco can easily generate more snow, it never runs out of fuel. Trainers often use Mocobloco to create icy landscapes for films or just for fun, but it will tire out with excessive use. Supposedly, tasting the snow of a Mocobloco and not being frozen by it will ensure that a family will continue for years on end. Mocobloco's final evolution is known as Daimuro, and in this state it becomes a lot more aggressive, especially towards fires. It uses it's twin snow machines to turn enemies into snowmen for the rest of their lives, before putting them on display as totems that ward off fires. The two snow piles that compromise Daimuro are said to represent the human heart, a fact further exemplified by the fact it spares those with an honest, open heart. Of course, Daimuro will still happily create entire glaciers for it's trainer, though it gets very rowdy around Mokagamis, fearing that they might strike their trainer as dishonest for using a Daimuro to create icy landscapes instead of letting the weather do it.

Fairy/Athlete --> Fairy/Athlete
Only found in the brightest of nights, Ushagi is a rabbit Pokémon that loves nothing more than to make mooncakes on it's companion those species has not yet been determined. It rests the flour on top of the companion's head, before flattening it into cakes with it's minature hammer, and it always does this under the full moon to bless them with it's power. These mooncakes can bring prosperity and good luck to those who eat it, and it makes good friends with Kaldds and Dochis. Sometimes, though, you'll see Ushagi staring to the full moon, as if it was remembering it's lost friends. With the power of a Moon Stone, Ushagi evolves into Lunochi, who has become a better baker, especially under the full moon. This Pokémon has two different forms that it can take according to it's status. It's base form is it's Lunar Form, which is dedicated to making delicious mooncake with it's assistant, pounding the flour with the full force of the moon. It's fat size may be a detriment to it, but it is actually focused on not just making sure that the mooncakes are big and delicious, but also absorbing a powerful blow for itself. Once Lunochi takes damage, or if it is under the full moon, both the rabbit and the assistant merge together to become it's Full Moon Form, which is more focused on both attack and speed. It dances elegantly among the night sky, striking it's foes with it's powerful hammer that, with enough force, can flatten them instantly. Mooncakes that are made with this hammer are supposedly delicious, and it has a great rivalry with both Mokagami and Daimuro. They draw their power from the moon itself, and it's said that when Lunochi takes this form, the moon will shine so brightly, that everyone can see it no matter where they are. Once Lunochi is healed back to full health, or if it leaves combat, it reverts back to it's Lunar Form, ready to take another powerful blow. Supposedly, there exists a Lunochi that is constantly pounding the ingredients for an elixir that is said to grant eternal life when it is drunk.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Lunar Phase: This is the ability Lunochi uses to transform, becoming Full Moon form when it's not at full health. Lunar Form has extremely high defences, while Full Moon Form has greater offenses and speed. When it's Lunar Form is hit by an attack, it will take the damage in Lunar Form, then transform into Full Moon Form. Out of battle, Lunochi is always in it's Lunar Form.

Hero/Athlete --> Hero/Athlete --> Hero/Athlete
Schozomis are very strange Pokémon indeed, said to have adapted to school life itself! As a female only species, Schozomis often blend in with other school children and takes part in their lessons, often making new friends and writing on pieces of paper, though they are often just scribbles. They even go home with the other children and live in other people's homes until the next school day, and thus this Pokémon dislikes holidays. Despite all this, Schozomi is not usually considered to be a threat, as it is rather friendly to other people. However, precautions still must be taken, as when Schozomi gets stressed, it's hidden Hero powers flare out, with enough force to obliterate a classroom without it knowing, as Schozomi cannot control it's powers yet. A Schozomi that has let out these powers for too long will evolve into Morazomi, which unlike it's pre-evolution, is considered a dangerous Pokémon...initially. A freshly evolved Morazomi will uncontrollably destroy everything around it against it's own will, but it still possesses a friendly personality within it's heart. It's arms and legs have converted into this energy, inflicting great power to anything they touch. Wild Morazomis will eventually calm down after months and gain control of it's own powers, though it's trainer can calm them down by praising it after it cries, ensuring it that it'll eventually control it's powers. Once Morazomi manages to control these powers, it can be sighted fighting crime and Villain Pokémon, though this is a rare sight as Morazomi will evolve into it's final form, Kanojazomi, after managing to control it's powers. Now deciding to use it's powers for good, it appears wherever there is conflict and distrust, and it uses it's powers to fix everything around it and destroy any Villain Pokémon that dares oppose it. Even with this, it can still be seen going into the schools it once visited as a Schozomi, though it tries to hide it's powers from anyone but it's most trusted friends. There have even been sightings of Kanojazomis falling in love with their trainers, fighting alongside them as a double team!

Villain/Beast --> Villain/Beast --> Villain/Beast
Spusubo is Schozomi's male only counterpart, taking the form of a schoolboy. Unlike Schozomi, though, Spusubo often acts like a bully, knocking over other people and stealing their lunch money over the pettiest of reasons, though it never seems to do this while there is a Schozomi in the room. It also has quite an aloof personality, sulking away from situations it cannot interfere in, and thus it is hard to make friends with it. However, if it gets stressed, like if it needs to save it's friends from danger, it's hidden Beast genes awaken within it, turning Spusubo into a savage wild animal. Completely losing control of itself, it will brutally solve the situation at all costs, even if it meant causing deliberate injuries, before realizing what it has done once the wild side fades away. Most Spusubos will be able to break out of this wild side quickly, but eventually this wild side will completley take over it's mind, turning it's hair black as it evolves into Lyssubo. This savage Pokémon's hands have become razor sharp claws, and it tears down anything in it's path like a savage wild beast, with no memories of it's past. These rampages are powered by the energy that makes up their arms and legs, being able to cause savagery upon touch. It even does this if it's under the control of a trainer, though these rampages are less destructive, and it can always be called to snap it out of it's rampage. Eventually, though, Lyssubo will regain control of it's mind, leave the school it once lived in, and start wandering the world, looking for a way to get revenge on the people and Pokémon that ruined it's time in it's home. In doing so, it will evolve into Feralasubor, an extremely aloof Pokémon that rarely interacts with anyone. It spends most of the time plotting plans to get revenge on it's former friends, and it can often be seen being perched atop roofs, staring into the night without a purpose. It's main target seems to be Kanojazomi, more notably ones that it had once interacted with when they were still Schozomis. In battle, the wolf head on the top of it's hair takes over it's mind, and it goes on all fours, savagely tearing anything in it's path apart like a feral wolf, even it's own friends. However, a Feralasubor that has been trusted for all it's life may eventually trust it's trainer as well, serving as a loyal bodyguard, especially towards other Kanojazomis.

Steel/Magic --> Steel/Magic --> Steel/Magic
P-D is a living CD player Pokémon that happily plays any CD that is inserted into it. These CDs power it's magical energy, and the older a CD is, the more magic they provide. They then use this magical power to shoot razor sharp disks of magic at it's foes, which can cut through trees. A CD that is within a P-D will last for years on end, and it can help preserve music and films for natural disasters. P-D evolves into Compacdd, a reptillian Pokémon that feeds on vinyl. It records the music around it within it's heart, before using that music to power it's magical attacks. Different kinds of music can create different kinds of magic, and these magic spells contain the aura of the area, letting other people know how well the area is being managed. When two Compacdds meet, they compare their current spells with each other: the one with more calmer and serene music is supposedly stronger than the other one. Compacdd's final evolved form is Discussel, those heart has been upgraded to record videos as well. It converts these videos into disks that can cut through battleship plates, infused with the memories of the people and Pokémon within the video it recorded: Supposedly, it only records ones with the dearest of hearts. These discs can then be used as minature immortality drives, as they contain the full DNA codes of the people they record, though Discussel very rarely uses these discs for anything other than combat. The P-D line are the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with the Plus ability!

Electric/Fighting --> Electric/Fighting --> Electric/Fighting
Calcinus is a calculator Pokémon that can calculate any equation that is dialed into the keypad on it's belly, displaying the answer on it's two eyes. It can easily calculate any sum, leading people to believe that Calcinus inspired the first calculators in the Pokémon world. It may not look like it, but it's also a very talented judo player, calculating the enemy's moves by performing complex formulas that simulate their attacks, before adapting accordingly and throwing them into the ground with it's mouth, which may look innocent but actually has a crushing force of over 1,000 tons of PSI. These skills are further amplified when it evolves into Judolator, an aspiring judo master. Covering it's eyes with a blindfold to further increase the rest of it's senses, Judolators can calculate up to a million equations per second, and can work out math problems that contain millions of digits in it's head, and it constantly does this to maintain it's fighting spirit. It's lighter body allows it to run faster than the eye can see, grabbing the opponent's weak points and throwing them into the distance. If that doesn't work, it pins the target to the ground instead with a surge of electricity. Supposedly, it can get the rundown on all of an enemy's attacks in microseconds. Judolator's final form is known as Amarsumer, which, despite it's increaseds size, is actually even lighter than it's previous two forms combined. Regaining the dial it once lost, Amarsumer can calculate equations up to Graham's Number in nanoseconds, able to read the opponent's moves 24/7, and throwing them in just the right spots to defeat them every time. It spends most of the time standing completely still, reading the minds of everyone around it and converting them into numbers which it can then use to calculate what they might do in combat. It also one of the few kinds of calculators that can divide by zero without harm, resulting in 0, though it never does this on it's own as it's mind is constantly updating every picosecond. The Calcinus line are the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with the Minus ability!

Bug/Grass --> Bug/Grass --> Bug/Grass
Based off the leafcutter ant and the stick insect, Phascutters live in colonies of over thousand of them, with each one being specialized in cutting a different part of the nearest leaf they can find for food. They carry this leaf to the nest where the baby Phascutters are, using the leaf for combat if they must by swinging it around like a scimitar. However, these Pokémon are weak on their own, and thus fight together in numbers, each using their leaf in a different way. A Phascutter owned by a trainer, however, will cut off the sharpest leaf it can find and carry it all the time. Phascutter evolves into Darsmid, which has merged with the leaf it has carried. Still being able to use it as a blade, they guard the Phascutter nests from potential predators, such as Fire and Flying type Pokémon. It has a defiant personality, never giving up until it's last breath. It also possess a tiny pair of wings that it can use to glide from one nest to another. Once Darsmid has become fully independent and is ready to leave it's nest, it becomes it's final evolved form, Phobactena. In this stage, it helps leaves grow on the trees for the Phascutters to use, with these leaves being sharp enough to cut through metal. It wanders from tree to tree, and it can even revive dead trees, or ones that have been chopped down. Supposedly, these leaves are of the same kind as the one the Phobactena once wielded as a Phascutter. In battle, Phobactena controls the leaves around it to slice it's opponents to ribbons, before turning their remains into a pile of leaves that other Pokémon can use.

Bug/Electric --> Bug/Electric --> Bug/Electric
Based off the Click Beetle, Clilor is powered by the electrical sphere on it's back. It powers this sphere by feeding on the leftover electricity left behind by dead Electric Pokémon, making loud clicking noises while it does so. While it can feed on other electrical sources, it usually only does this in an emergency, as it knows the consequences that will soon follow. With this electrical energy, it rapidly clicks it's jaws to chomp it's opponents up in microseconds. It evolves into Clilelatari, which is specialized in speed. It's electrical orb now powers it's entire body, allowing it to zip around at lightning speeds before it's enemies can even expect it. In addition, they can perform a strange process where the orb makes a loud clicking noise that sends the Clilelatari up into the air, to get itself onto higher surfaces or to escape from predators. It feeds on electricty that is used by obsolete devices, but it is able to give them back if the device is used again. It's final evolved form is called Clilscara, and in this form, it becomes an electrical Goliath. It generates electricity all over it's body, and it's power orb creates loud clicks that cause massive surges of electrical volts. It then uses these volts not just to charge it's horn with over a million volts, but also to fire powerful electrical beams that can blow a castle to rubble in seconds. To conserve this electricity, Clilscara spends most of the time standing still, as even moving costs a bit of electricity, though it never runs out of power because of it's sphere. Scientists believe Clilscara is saving the electricity for not just combat, but to power obsolete generators.

Bug/Ice --> Bug/Ice --> Bug/Ice
Based off the Fidia atra, Fiditis are small beetle Pokémon found not in cold environments, but on the tips of leaves. What appears to be snow on it's back is actually a powdery substance that is cold to the touch, and it has a shiny shell underneath it. They spend all day feeding on leaves, which generates more of this powder in the process, and if it is threatening, it will fire this powder at it's enemies, causing colds for days. It's evolved form is known as Pulvajaw, and as the name suggests, it's jaw has a biting force of over a thousand tons of PSI, allowing it to break through even solid glaciers. It's powder has now become actual fur, and it helps Pulvajaw keep warm in the coldest environments, though it still likes to reside in forests. In addition, Pulvajaw has now become a carnivorous Pokémon, feeding on other Bug Pokémon and crushing even the most armored of foes with it's powerful jaws. It's final evolved form is called Talmoninable, a giant Bug Pokémon that resembles a yeti. It wanders across snowy forests, feeding on anything unlucky enough to be it's path with not just it's now cold jaws that regulate temperatures of absolute zero, but it's two arms which have has much power as the jaws themselves. Armed with a brutal personality, it will hold on it's enemies until they break apart into halves. Always covered in a blizzard of powder, Talmoninable is rarely seen by most people, and those who claim to have seen one will be dismissed as nonsense.

Bug/Time --> Bug/Time --> Bug/Time
Terhohos are the evolved form of Tymphs, both of which are termite Pokémon. Terhohos can come in many different roles, and they all help keep the Terhoho colony together. The soldiers protect the nest and build shelter for the Terhohos, the workers gather food and resources for the colony, and the nesters look after the defenceless Tymphs and protect them from harm. All Tymph can do is squirm around in it's colony, though it can release a giant storm of time energy if it is threatened, which Terhoho can control, though it rarely uses this once it evolves as Terhoho is a physical attacker. Different Terhoho colonies will fight each other, and people will soon find out that they are fighting in a similar way to the wars that occured in the past, signifying that Terhohos had learnt from warriors and soldiers: Each Terhoho colony fights in a different manner, apparently having learnt from a different warrior. The Terhoho colonies are lead by Terhoho's evolved form, Tunquan, which give the Terhohos commands and maintains order among it's fellow Terhohos, just like a general. Tunquan's main weapon of choice is a strawman that apparently resembles the warrior that the Terhohos in it's colony follow the code of. It not only uses this strawman as a form of distraction, making the other Terhoho colonies think there is a human about to stomp them, but also as a very talented weapon similar to a sword, which can chop off 58 trees in a single strike. When two Tunquans meet, they engage in a fight that resembles the final battles that the warriors they followed went through, with the winner taking control of both colonies.

Bug/Villain --> Bug/Villain --> Bug/Villain
Based off the Ōmukade, Millikades claim small mounds as their own, such as Terhoho nests, refusing to give ownership of them back until they perish. Despite their innocent look and their rarely vemonous bite, Millikade is a very clingy Pokémon, often staying stuck to the mound they claim until they are removed by force. Their tough skin can deflect most attacks, but it is very vulnerable to the chemical makeup of saliva. It evolves into Centikade, which is now big enough to claim hills. A very aggressive Pokémon, Centikade constricts around anyone that dares approach it until their life extinguishes, and it makes sure the target can't escape by biting them with it's jaws, which not just cause paralysis, but also makes the mind do bad deeds. The sight of even one of them can cause entire towns to cancel their events to get rid of it, as if it is not dealt with in time, it will sneak to the towns at night to feed on it's residents. Centikade's final evolved form is known as Kilokade, which claims an entire mountain as it's home. A very aggressive Pokémon that never runs out of targets to kill, Kilokade supposedly targets Dragon Pokémon and prevents them from doing their roles, often long enough to let other disasters strike the area. They are so long, that no measuring system can ever measure them, and their tough skin can deflect anything that isn't coated in saliva. Legend told of how a warrior slew a Kilokade to earn the trust of a legendary Dragon Pokémon, which most people do not know the appearance of.

Bug/Beast --> Bug/Beast --> Bug/Beast
Based off the Denglong and the Hercules Beetle, Herwards believe it is their duty to protect the Pokémon around it. It does so by throwing it's enemies with it's powerful horn that can lift even a giant dumper truck with relative ease. A trainer who manages to catch a Herward will be able to ward off evil spirits with it, as Herward's pheronomes can render even a Scrobunaga unable to fight. It evolves into Chaoteetle, a brave and honorable beetle Pokémon those horn has gained increased throwing power. Now a lot heavier than before, Chaoteetle can hold off enemy attacks for hours on end, giving the people and Pokémon that it protects time to escape or to help it finish off the enemies that it is fighting. When two Chaoteetles meet, however, they get themselves into a throwing match, with the winner being the one with the bigger horn. Chaoteetle's final evolved form is known as Dynaeng, a very sacred Pokémon in the Oriva Region. It chooses an honorable person as it's master, and drives anything bad away from them, while at the same time making sure that they do not get hurt. It's usually found near emperors, protecting them with it's powerful horn that can throw enemies all the way to outer space, and it fiercely battles Dragon Pokémon and feeds on their brains, removing them as a threat. They can even help the emperors not only distinguish good from evil, but also help them reincarnate to a different body. Because of this, Dynaeng is considered by many to be "The Master of All", building statues of it across the region in it's honor.

Bug/Magic --> Bug/Magic
Based off the Asian Lady Beetle, Harmaxy is a Pokémon that is simply obsessed with different colors. It takes different pigments and tests them out, feeding on the ones it doesn't like, and storing the rest within it's nest. These pigments are then contained within it's own jaws, which it inflicts upon anything they bite, causing various, but usually random effects, and Harmaxy loves every last one of them, often rolling around on the leaves after witnessing someone becoming crazy from these pigments. Harmaxy evolves into Ridishuo, a crazed jester Pokémon that only aims to make a fool out of it's own enemies, dancing around and releasing pheromones that can cause insanity on the slightest touch of them. It juggles around balls of condensed paint to make other people laugh, and it can be observed telling jokes that seem to make other Bug Pokémon laugh themselves to death. Ridishuo is a very unpredictable Pokémon, with some people thinking that it is controlled by it's own pheromones, and the body itself is just a discarded bug shell.

Normal --> Normal/Bug
Based off the Asiatic Black Bear, Ursibs love nothing more than to feed on honey all day. They use their enhanced nose to sniff out the tastiest honey in a tree, before cracking them open with a giant headbutt. The honey on it's back serves as a lure to other Pokémon. It dislikes honey from other sources, and thus it tends to battle Apisees, those pollination could lead the smell in the wrong direction. When it is not looking for honey, Usribs will instead climb up the nearest tree, and either take a rest, or watch it's predators and figure out a plan to counter them, whether it be migration or taking them on. By reaching level 15 while holding a Jar of Honey, Ursib evolves into Honsiatic, which is a very grizzled Pokémon! With it's two honey tanks providing it with infinite nourishment, Honsiatic spends it time clearing the forest of anything that would threaten both itself and it's fellow Ursibs, marking it's territory by slathering it's victims in honey. This honey in term lures the rest of it's enemies towards it, where it strikes where they'd least expect it. It is the most active during the night, striking it's opponents while they are still sleeping by rending them with deadly bear hugs that can break bones like they were sugar.
In the Oriva Region, Honsiatic is the weakest of the ten Titan Pokémon, serving as the Raging Bug Titan. Like the Totem Pokémon of Alola, Titan Pokémon can call in ally Pokémon to help them out: the Titan Honsiatic can call in an Apisee and a Cyrigumo to assist it in battle. Honsiatic holds Chuan's strength, and upon it's defeat, Chuan will gain the ability to charge forward like the Ride Tauros of Alola, being able to break apart rocks with ease. It also regains the first of it's lost memories: It's defeat at the hands of an unknown demonic Pokémon.
The rest of the typings used by the Gym Leaders, Titan Pokémon, and Wushido Clan bases (But not their locations) are as follows, with the top being the weakest:
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Surrounding the Poison Wushido Base are various new Pokémon for you to catch, some of which can also be found in many different areas across the region. These also include this region's terrain creators, and like the weather creators, they are the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to the terrain creating abilities!

Sound/Dragon --> Sound/Dragon --> Sound/Dragon
Although it looks like a limbless serpent, Langlang is actually a type of puppet Pokémon, intended to be used by other people. They swing Langlang around while they are dancing, adding atmosphere to a festival. It is said that the people had done this tradition for years in order to ward off a Pokémon that once terrorized their village. Langlang itself is a rather feisty Pokémon, and feeds on music to keep itself alive. It's evolved form is known as Langlong, those longer body allows it to be swerved around more easily. As it dances, it fills the surrounding area in an energy field that inspires others to keep on going, even in the most dire of situations. The patterns on it's body are said to have been inspired by the legendary Pokémon it had seen, but all Langlongs have the same body pattern on them, displaying it to everyone as they swerve in the night sky. It's final evolved form is called Langsplendor, a true dancing dragon! As it moves, it releases streamers and fireworks everywhere while playing a harmonic bell track that serves as an inspiration for forms of dancing. It's often found in festivals, and waving it around is said to be a sign of good luck, and helps ward off spirits. It's jaws are also laced with a special toxin that causes giant firework explosions upon biting it's targets. If you see a Langsplendor dancing in the night, it is a sign that the festivals of this year will thrive.

Shadow/Light --> Shadow/Light
Based off the Jian, Dajian is a very honest blade Pokémon. It has never been seen telling a single lie, and it spends all day speaking the truth to other people, usually warnings of enemy armies approaching. It always sharpens itself in the most secure of areas, to make sure it doesn't damage any property, and it will protect anyone it sees with it's own life. It cuts with enough force to tear through a solid battleship plate in a single strike! It's evolved form is known as Wenshudo, a Pokémon that always fights with a code of honor. It can easily adapt to foes playing dirty, and it's special blade can slice through any evil by infusing it with the power of light. Supposedly, Wenshudo is the descendant of a general who was loved by his empire, and never lost a single battle. When it battles another Pokémon, it delivers a flurry of strikes with it's blade, before sheathing it in, and the damage is done. Wenshudo is still as honest as it was when it was a Dajian, and whatever you tell to a Wenshudo, it will keep to itself with absolute honesty.

Shadow/Dark --> Shadow/Dark
Qiun, on the other hand, always tells a dirty lie! This Pokémon is based off the Gun staff, and it spends all day spurting out lies through it's bush in such a way that people think are honest. Telling even a single lie that Qiun tells you ensures that your path to the future is not going to be a bright one. The tip of it's staff is sharp enough to puncture through any armor, and it often sharpens it against public property, driving people insane in what could have possibly damaged them. It fights with dirty tactics, tripping it's opponents up before finishing them off, a tactic that is amplified when Qiun evolves into Xigua. Xigua spurts out lies and dishonesty through the face on it's chestplace, and anyone who hears them will be compelled to believe it is the truth. This devious Pokémon has caused many empires to fall in the past, just because they decided to follow Xigua's advice. Anyone who refuses to follow it will be at the mercy of Xigua's staff, which can strike the enemy's weak points with enough force to make them explode with darkness. It's four legs allow it to run across the night with breeze, and they are also used to toy with the opponent's movements, forcing them to make abnormal ones that Xigua can use to it's advantage. Strangely, it's mostly seen fighting against Wenshudo, indicating a connection between them.

Flying/Dark --> Flying/Dark --> Flying/Dark
Based off the Kamaitachi, Kickles are feisty weasel Pokémon that allow themselves to be picked up by dust devils, going wherever the dust devils take them to. It's a very calm Pokémon at this stage, and Kickles love nothing more than being tossed around by these dust devils, willingly going into them just to have a little fun. They feed on the dust within these whirlwinds, and some possess wily thoughts about using this dust devil for their own gain. It's personality completely changes when Kickle evolves into Kamtaickle. Now a ferocious wily weasel, they arrive to towns on violent dust devils, slicing everything they come across with their razor sharp arm blades that are infused with the power of the wind itself. They move so fast that most people consider them to be mirages, not knowing why they suddenly have cuts on their arms that will never heal. Apparently, Kamtaickles can be warded off by holding an old calender in front of them. It's final evolved form is called Kamaiseiken, a violent Pokémon that hunts in packs that move so fast, no-one has ever seen them move! One Kamaiseiken creates a violent windstorm that the other Kamaiseikens then jump into, slicing everything they come across with enough force to destroy an entire castle in a single strike. Some early prophets believed that the damage caused by tornadoes and whirlwinds was in fact a pack of Kamaiseikens, and they're even said to cause calamity to those who catch even a glimpse of it.

Flying --> Flying/Dragon --> Flying/Dragon
Based off the Hong, Breezkits are kite Pokémon that fly across the sky, going wherever the breeze takes them to. They're carefree Pokémon that are obsessed with the sky, staring into it all day, especially on clear days where there aren't that many clouds in sight. Breezkits have a strange liking towards colors as well, gathering many of them up to form a collage that resembles a rainbow. Breezkit evolves into Kitiang, those kite shape has changed to resemble that of a dragon. It usually glides around towns, granting great prosperity to anyone who sees them, and they always seem to appear on nice, sunny days. In fact, the presence of a Kitiang appears to repel any rain clouds in sight, creating rainbows in the process. As such, Wethayami is it's main rival in the wild, as it can interfere with the Pokémon's ability to tell the weather. Like Breezkit, they go wherever the wind takes them to, leaving behind a rainbow as it does so. It's final evolved form, Hongainbow, on the other hand, is the bringer of rainbows itself! It's breath can create rainbows almost instantly, and if you look at them closely, they contain every single color in existance. These rainbows inspire other people, and Hongainbow always appears after a rainy day to show that there is still hope for the rest of the day. While it appears to be made of separate parts, they are in fact connected with invisible strings that are like microscopic prisms. These include it's two heads, which both have a different variety of it's rainbow breath. People believed that it's appearance would ensure clear skies for the rest of the month.

Job/Bug --> Job/Bug --> Job/Bug
Manteach is a mantis Pokémon that teaches other Bug Pokémon how to defend themselves against predators, passing down it's own fighting techniques that it used against those predators. It never fails in teaching the correct lessons, and thus the other Bug Pokémon always know what to do against a certain opponent. It's presence thus can be noted by the lack of predators in this area, but it's not as good as a fighter in itself, instead focusing on teaching it's students and gathering resources for evolution. Manteach's evolved form is known as Tenodsin, and usually, when Manteach evolves, so does it's students. It shows off a clever display of fighting techniques before asking it's students to repeat the same actions, allowing even the most inexperienced of it's students to learn them. With it's razor sharp arms that can tear through solid concrete, it will never forget anything that a predator has done against it's students, and will seek them out to defend their lives. Although Tenodsin's training can be easily done, it always does a revision every night to show it's students how they have learned. It fully evolves into Shanhakka, the final test for it's now fully evolved students. It's scythes are now sharp enough to tear through solid diamond, and it teaches it's students every day, making sure that no evil will ever escape their sights as long as they live. The student's final test is a battle against the Shanhakka who is teaching it, which is a chance to show the Shanhakka what they have learned. It never holds back in a battle, showing it's full potential every second. Once Shanhakka has taught all of it's students, it turns towards the other Manteaches, starting the cycle once more.

Psychic/Bug --> Psychic/Bug --> Psychic/Bug
Based off the trapdoor spider and the Ushi Oni, Sekigumos are subspecies of Cyrigumos that specialize in trapping it's opponents, and they can be found in both forests and near beaches. They possess a glaring eye that traps it's opponents in a prison of psychic webs, before Sekigumo itself finishes the job with it's psychic fangs. Strangely enough, Sekigumos can often be seen hiding inside clay jars. It evolves into Ushcosma, those eye has fully absorbed it's psychic powers. Just catching a glimpse of this eye can cause migraines for weeks, shutting the body down where Ushcosma can go for the kill. This also happens if the eye is shot, and thus many people that see an Ushcosma occupy an area will never visit that area again as long as they live. Ushcosma also possess a pair of psychic horns that can level a wall in a single strike. It's final evolved form is known as Gyukarach, a bringer of curses that spreads them to anyone it sees. It's eye is now on it's thorax, and it can launch a beam of psychic energy that can destroy every last memory of anyone it strikes, rendering them blabbering messes in the process. It also possess a powerful net that never breaks, and adapts it's size according to what Gyukarach catches within it. Those who are caught in the net are left at mercy at this deadly eye beam. It can even catch the shadows of other people, dooming them to their demise. Legends once told of a Gyukarach who gave it's own life to save it's trainer by removing the memories of everyone around him. A thousand years later, the trainer came back as a Gyukarach himself!

Bug/Wierd --> Bug/Wierd
A very strange Pokémon indeed, Waboross is simply a clumped ball of earthworms! They always stay clumped together, and if the earthworms were to ever be seperated, they know where each worm is so that they can clump together again. They normally just stand there and add a heir of wierdness to the area, but in battle, Waboross pulverizes it's opponents by rolling into them, infused with the energy of wierdness. It's evolved from, Lumbrithree, is even wierder. It consists of three giant earthworms, each able to eat a whole mountain in a day, sticking by each other no matter what. They work together to get past any situation that presents itself in front of them, and they can find each other even when they're separated. Each worm that makes up Lumbrithree has a different role in the pack, and they always take turns in eating their fair share. It's most common during the rain, and a whole pack of Lumbrithrees is a sight to be seen, as even their predators know they can't handle the biting power of this many worms.

Fire/Steel --> Fire/Steel --> Fire/Steel
Firon is practically a walking blast furnace! As it walks around, it feeds on metal and melts it down to it's core components, which then power Firon's engine like it was being fueled with coal. It then uses this furnace to smelt many different things: Wild Firons mainly use it to cook meat, but trained owned ones can be used as smelt down metal and molds. This furnace never gets cold, as Firon is constantly being powered by it's own flames which never die out as it can always find materials to burn down. It evolves into Jirnace, which uses it's furnace as a form of fuel with burning bright eyes. It bellows out smoke from it's chimney before running towards it's enemies like it was a charging steam engine, leaving behind a trail of flames that never go out. It's insides are now hot enough to melt down even diamonds, and it can smelt down raw iron into ingots in batches of over a thousand. Jirnace can easily control it's own temperature according to the items it smelts, and early blacksmiths used them in lieu of a forge. It's final evolved form is called Guanrong, who is now a blacksmith in itself! It molds out metal with it's powerful hammer which is also a furnace in itself, powered by the coal it eats, before it heats them up in the furnace on it's stomach. It then provides the final products to those who most need them. It's flames burn with enough force to melt an entire mountain into a puddle of liquid in seconds, and it never seems to overheat despite giving off so much flames. It's said that weapons forged by Guanrong will never break or dull in their lifetime, and Guanrong makes sure that every last detail of them is perfectly done.

Fire/Beast --> Fire/Beast
Based off the Pixiu, Pixions are protector Pokémon that watch over lost souls, especially wild Hinowillas. Under their watchful eye, the soul is never used for evil or for personal gain. It feeds on gold and silver, but it never feeds on too much on them, only too little, and they're said to bring great fortune to those who can catch it. It's said that seeing a Pixion on a rough year will ensure that the rest of the year will go fine. Pixion evolves into Tarsapix by being exposed to the energies of a Fire Stone. In this form, Tarsapix is a dutiful protector: If you assign it to protect an area, it will do so with compassion until it is called back. It searches the world for gold and brings them back to their masters, before making sure it never gets lost or stolen. People build huge statues of Tarsapix to attract great wealth, and their energy can also be infused within special pendulums: In fact, some people state that Tarsapix is what gave the Amulet Coin it's special power of attracting extra money. In battle, it rams it's foes like if it was a meteor, causing them to explode in a shower of coins.

Quite the rare sight indeed in the early areas of the Oriva Region, but more common in the later areas, Otamody is a strange Pokémon who resembles a living otamatone. It can play any sound like a synthinizer when it's cheeks are pushed, and in the wild, they play beautiful melodies that always seem to tell the future, but no-one can figure out what Otamody is trying to tell. To help it play by itself, Otamody is accompied by two tiny little spheres known as "Co-Tones" that push it's cheeks to produce sound. Otamody treats it's Co-Tunes as if they were it's children, protecting them from harm by destroying it's enemies with a loud synthinized scream. It's a very popular Pokémon among the children of the Oriva Region, who love squeaking Otamody for fun, but it's not very popular in other regions. Whether this is related to it's style of songs, or the fact that it's a very, very right sight outside the Oriva Region, is still unknown to this day.

Poison/Ice --> Poison/Ice --> Poison/Ice
Based off Gonggong, Vipvip is a viper Pokémon that slithers around in not just tall grass, but also in icy mountains and rocky crevasses. It's fangs are filled with a special kind of poison that freezes anything on contact in a sheet of black ice, and Vipvip uses this to make it's prey easier to swallow whole. However, medicine made with this poison can help alleviate heatstroke. It evolves into Korongkorong, those venom now freezes instantly rather than manually. On it's chest are three inactive faces that are said to be it's three most notable victims, usually warlords that it has bitten in the past, and these three faces still have the coldness of the victim's final moments. A very clever Pokémon, Korongkorong hides within patches of tall grass to strike it's enemies where they least expect it, and it can keep a frozen target inside of itself for days as it absorbs it's nutrients. Korongkorong fully evolves into Phangphang, said by some to be "The Harbringer of Black Ice". It's fangs now have enough force to swallow a large house in one strike, and the three faces have merged into a single one, said to be Phangphang's strongest victim. The face grants Phangphang more power than it would have ever imagined, and the stronger the victim was, the colder Phangphang's poison is. Legend tells of how a Phangphang once tilted the land itself after it was defeated by a Guanrong.

Poison/Dragon --> Poison/Dragon --> Poison/Dragon
Cobazi is a snake Pokémon with a slight liking for weaponry. When no-one is looking, it bites these weapons to infuse them with it's poison, even if it meant harm in the long run. It's fangs have not yet developed well enough for anything else, but it can puff itself up to make itself look like a dangerous snake to other Pokémon, forcing them to flee. In the wild, it has aggressive competition against the similiar Vipvip. Cobazi's evolved form is called Najatra, those frill is filled with a poison that can cause it's victims to become bedridden for weeks. The tip of it's tail is as sharp as a real sword, and Najatra wields it like a warrior would, rattling it to gather focus before slicing it's opponents with it. There have been rumors of warriors in the past using Najatra's tail tip as if it was a real sword, as it is as hard as solid titanium. These qualities alone force it's enemies to flee for the hills, never wanting to harm a Poison type Pokémon again. It's final evolved form is known as Elapguarr, a living sign of threat. People who see it are compelled to run away, as Elapguarr's tail is sharp enough to slice through a 60 floor building in a single strike, and the poison it wields in not just the tail and fangs, but also the frill, can cause death almost instantly. As such, warriors in the past carved an image of Elapguarr on their swords and shields to make them threatening. However, if Elapguarr sees that it's image has been tarnished, it will retaliate against the attack with a spray of poison that can dissolve anything from it's frills.

Poison/Flying --> Poison/Flying --> Poison/Flying
Based off the Teratsutsuki, Terastecker is a woodpecker Pokémon that is actually the reincarnation of a warlord that died trying to destroy the temples that he disliked. It still does this today, pecking on the temple beams until they fall apart. As Terastecker pecks away, it leaves behind a poison that dissolves wood on impact, but very few people can confirm that it was Terastecker that did the destruction as this poison fades away very quickly. It's presence can be noted by the pecking sound it makes on the beams, and it can be driven away by most Flying Pokémon. Terastecker evolves into Sludgood, who changes it's tactics from pecking to dissolving! With it's wings now made of the poison that once wielded, it flies above temples that it found unworthy in it's past, and rains down sludge to dissolve them right down to the foundations. Afterwards, Sludgood flies towards it's next target, repeating the process until all of it's targets have been eliminated: After which Sludgood will focus on evolution, using the poison to dissolve the stone into a substance that grants it energy and power. When it has gathered enough of this energy, Sludgood evolves into Horyusutsuki, said by many people to be "The Bane of Villages". Now resembling the warlord that reincarnated into it, Horyusutsuki flies above the towns that it had a resentment against, and rains down sludge from above, turning them into slime filled garbage heaps in seconds. No material on Earth can defend against this deadly sludge, which can dissolve metal in seconds. Fearing that it's presence alone could make people fear building, in case they were melted down by Horyusutsuki, the governors of the Oriva Region in the past had it hunted down to extinction: As such, Horyusutsuki can be only be seen today by evolving a Sludgood, and if you see a wild one, it is one that it's trainer has released without realizing it's deadly past.

Poison/Ground --> Poison/Ground --> Poison/Ground
Based off the Mangonel, Pokebox only started appearing recently, and for a good reason: It fills the biological role in the Oriva Region that Voltorb and Foongus had in other regions! It disguises itself as either an ordinary Poké Ball, or the device that houses items that closely resembles one, and when someone tries to get close to it, it will release a flurry of poisonous mist that can cause coughing for days. Supposedly, this Pokémon had existed in the past as well, and it had adopted it's Poké Ball shape as a form of adaptation to urban environments, allowing it's poison to get in unscathed. This is further exemplified by it's evolved form, Gregonel, which resembles a catapult. It launches itself at it's foes and explodes with a shower of poisonous sludge, before reloading almost instantly by making a new projectile out of sludge and acid: Scientists are confused whether the real body is the Great Ball-like sphere, or the catapult itself. Strangley, it's throwing tactics are very similar to the throwing tactics that trainers use when they throw their Poké Balls, and the Great Ball skin appears to be a side effect of the poison within it getting stronger. It's final evolved form is called Astngyo, and it's sphere now resembles the Master Ball, a device made by Silph Co., indicating that adapted this look only recently. It can now throw this orb to any distance it wishes with it's powerful throwing arm, and after it explodes with a powerful explosion of sludge, it reappears at the basket, ready to be thrown again. Sometimes, the orb can even capture it's foes like an actual Poké Ball, subjecting them to a prison of dissolving poison. No-one knows what Astngyo looked like in the past, but some say that it did adapt to the evolution of the Poké Ball, just like the Voltorbs of Hisui once did.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Ball Grip: This ability makes the Pokebox family a flinging master. When using Fling, it can choose to keep it's held item, and it's type changes from Dark to either Ground or Poison, whichever one the target isn't immune to. Additionaly, it can fling Poké Balls as well, but they work differently: Instead of capturing Pokémon, if all three shakes are checked correctly, the Poké Ball will trap the target for a few turns before breaking free, just like the Sleep Status condition, even against other Trainer's Pokémon. The lower catch rate multiplier the Poké Ball has, the longer the opponent will be trapped should the Poké Ball work. However, if a Poké Ball is to be kept this way, Fling's chances of missing fail if used in succession.

Electric/Poison --> Electric/Poison
Based off the Xiezhi, Guxiez is a Pokémon infused with the legendary Gu Poison, a type of poison that was made by condensing the poison of other Pokémon together. While normally used in black magic spells, Guxiez uses it to judge the guilt of a person by feeling them with it's horn, which is filled with a million volts of electricity: the more volts that respond to the person, the more guilt the person has. It's said that Guxiez only chooses to partner itself with people who have no guilt at all, abandoning them if they start showing it. With the help of a Thunder Stone, Guxiez evolves into Kaihaencan, a true mix of poison and electricty! The Gu Poison within it can now cause a million volts of electricity to surge across it's target, and Kaihaencan uses it to judge an entire town. Those with even the slightest trace of guilt within them will be rammed by Kaihaencan, electrocuting their entire body in a single blow. Thus, emperors once used them as a form of law enforcement, though some say that Kaihaencan is corrupted by the Gu Poison, only thinking about detaining the guilty and sparing the innocent.

Electric/Villain --> Electric/Villain --> Electric/Villain
Based off the Zokor and the thunder crash bomb, Zokala is a curious rodent Pokémon that is brimming with energy. It spends most of the time planning up ways to keep it's seed storage safe and sound, though if it doesn't have any, it will gladly steal seeds from other Pokémon as well. Zokala then infuses these seeds with an electrical charge and lays them out to mark it's territory, creating an electric field in which no-one can enter. Anyone caught in this electrical field will be electrocuted until they agree to help Zokala gather more seeds. But when Zokala evolves into Manipao, it no longer wants to take over the seeds in it's area. Rather, it wants to take over the whole world! It does this by creating devices out of it's electrical power, before unleashing them to towns and cities. If threatened, Manipao will unleash a storm of electricity comparable to an electrical bomb, and many armies had used Manipao in the past this way to win their wars, but they have always eventually turned out to be villains. Manipao also captures anyone unlucky enough to come across it's path, and tortures them by shocking them with electricity. Manipao's final evolved form, Korchartt, is best decribed as the Pokémon version of a mad scientist! It cackles insanely all day as it builds doomsday devices from the materials around it, keeping them charged with the electrical field it generates from it's backpack. It tortures anyone it sees with these devices, often experimenting how much electricity a Pokémon can take before it explodes with a surge of electricty! It also recruits other Electric Pokémon as it's own henchmen, serving with them until the time has come to use them to power it's own devices! Some Korchartts are even devious enough to create natural disasters with their doomsday devices! Korchartt is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Electric Surge!

Psychic/Ground --> Psychic/Ground --> Psychic/Ground
Elemax is an Asian elephant Pokémon that normally just wanders around the Oriva Region's plains, feeding on both branches and peanuts alike to sharpen it's mind. It's a Pokémon that never forgets, and it remembers everything in it's life, from birth to death. Although it possesses a powerful trunk, Elemax fights with it's mind, making it's opponent's think that it's being thrown by a much larger elephant that is really an illusion made by the Elemax. However, Elemax's mind powers are not fully controllable yet, but once it does, Elemax evolves into Syriderm, which disposes of it's back legs in favor of an organ that helps it concentrate it's mental powers. It uses these powers to look like it is walking on all fours, and to destroy the brains of anyone it finds unworthy by overloading them with it's mind. Syriderm is a master of illusions, and it can easily create entire towns of mental energy to trick it's opponents: But supposedly, food eaten in there tastes delicious. It can then shape these illusions into different ones entirely according to the situation of battle. Syriderm's final evolved form is known as Mohansha, said by some to be known as "The Lord of New Beginnings". Having achieved enlightenment, Mohansha dedicates itself to helping people achieve prosperity. It does this by magically removing obstacles with it's mind, and destroying it's enemies by subjecting them to terrifying illusions that are not real at all, and they can only be seen by the victim of these illusions. People honor Mohansha at the start of their ceremonies, believing that it will bring good luck to their hearts in dong so. There have also been some claims that Mohansha thinks that the entire world is an illusion to itself, and the world that it believes it lives in is in fact an illusion made by it. Mohansha is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Psychic Surge!

Grass/Dragon --> Grass/Dragon --> Grass/Dragon
This Pokémon is based off the Nian, and was the beast that Langlang fended off! Nishu is a brutal Pokémon despite it's innocent looks, feeding off crops when no-one's looking. At the start of every month, Nishu runs into villages and eats the livestock and crops without anyone knowing, thus causing early famine. It then uses the energy gained to power it's Grass-type attacks. It has aggressive competition with other Pokémon that eat crops, making sure that it is the only Pokémon in the area to eat these crops! The only way to permently keep a Nishu tamed for life is to capture it in a Poké Ball: People who tried to tame Nishu in the past before Poké Balls were imported to the Oriva Region from Johto and Hisui met their end when Nishu evolved into Zhorishu, a brutal Pokémon that attacks anyone who isn't it's trainer if it is not trusted. Now with a taste of people as well as crops, waving Langlangs around is no longer efficent to keep Zhorishu at bay. It has a fear of the color red, and people used to put chinese lanterns and red Pokémon at their doorsteps to keep Zhorishu at bay. However, Zhorishu and it's powerful fangs that can tear a dumper truck in two eventually adapted to this, releasing pigments that dye items green to foil a village's plans for prosperity, though it only does this it's target is one that it really wants to eat, usually a rare variety of crop. Zhorishu's brutality only increases further when it reaches it's final evolved form as Jyutpushu. Every day, Jyutpushu covers an entire area in a sheet of grass, before approaching towns and eating anything it sees. It seems to have a thing for children, making sure that families never prosper. To ward it off, people dance in bright red lion costumes during festivals that ward Jyutpushu away from the villages they are hosted in. This tradition started after an old man visited an ancient village and told it's residents about Jyutpushu's weaknesses. Jyutpushu is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Grassy Surge!

Fairy/Hero --> Fairy/Hero --> Fairy/Hero
Based off the Wonton and the Hundun, Wompling is a flying dumpling Pokémon that flies around the Oriva Region's skies aimlessly. It has no face whatsoever, and it never seems to have to eat, drink, or even sleep. Anyone who gazes into the spiral pattern on it will be driven insane wondering what it does, and it often appears before villains, making them dazed and confused. However, there's not much known about Wompling beyond these facts, as it rarely shows itself to anyone else, and people can't risk seeing a Wompling that isn't theirs in case they see this spiral pattern. As such, it's evolved form, Kongwon, is shrouded in mystery. Sources tell that it mysteriously appears with a shower of mist, and drives the evil in it's area into destroying itself with it's chaos. Afterwards, it vanishes with this same shower. Trainer owned Kongwons don't do that much outside of battle, and strangely stare into space at nighttime, indicating a connection between them. It also likes to play around with stardust and comet shards, though no-one has ever seen Kongwon doing this. It's final evolved form is known as Hunangzi, a Pokémon that some people believed to have shaped the stars and cosmos with it's own chaos energy. It possesses six legs and powerful wings, but supposedly no face: It's internal atanomy appears to be nothing but a shroud of mist. In battle, it releases a stream of mist that is comparable to the fabric of space itself, seemingly the same ones that it helped shape. It's said that Hunangzi is in fact an emperor who died after seven holes were drilled into him, each representing one of his senses. Hunangzi is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Misty Surge! Misty Terrain has been slightly buffed in this region, powering up Fairy-type attacks by 50%!
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The Poison Wushido Base's leader, Kubira, has been defeated, alongside his mysterious demon said to be from the Pokémon that the Wushido Clan had been trying to raise! But as you continue, you'll discover two peculiar sets. One is a set of Xiangqi pieces that represent Chess as well. The other is the fact that there were four more Elemental Sprites (The first five of which appeared in wave 4), for a total of 9!

Shadow/Fire --> Shadow/Fire --> Shadow/Fire
Representing the Queen, Huqi is a living fire lance that has a crown resting on top of it. This crown is said to have originated from another region, and fills Huqi with a heart of fire, which powers itself at every step. By lighting itself on fire, it can launch itself at over 80 miles per hour, enveloping it's opponents in a fiery explosion that they cannot avoid. Supposedly, Huqi is a royal subject who looks after the other Xiangqi related Pokémon well, and always wants everything to be treated with royalty. It evolves into Lancoyal, who now wields an actual fire lance, which it fires at anything that dares to harm it's fellow royal subjects. Now wanting to be treated like a queen, it refuses all but the most royal of treatments, finding the most expensive items whenever possible. However, it's heart has a burning passion that never goes out, and it is always kind to it's subjects. Lancoyal then fully evolves into Queehuorisa, who is said to be the descendant of a queen from another region who always treated her servants with kindness, never ordering them around. It is a very loyal Pokémon, protecting it's most trusted friends with it's own life, alongside it's fire lance, which it can fire at over 100 miles per hour. It's aim is long and true, always focusing on it's intended target with it's heart of gold. It also loves to jump on top of other Xiangqi related Pokémon to entertain itself. People in the past once made a device that was similar to Queehuorisa's fire lance, which was made of metal, but it was recalled after they realizing it was being used for power, not for defence.

Shadow/Fighting --> Shadow/Fighting --> Shadow/Fighting
Representing the King, Tradin takes great pride within it's crown, using it like a saber to cut down anything in two. It's said to have inspired the first crowns, and Tradin produces a strange scent that makes other Pokémon want to follow any order that it gives, especially other Xiangqi related Pokémon. Although a good fighter in heart, it prefers to let it's new servants do the fighting for them, weakening the targets so that Tradin can finish them off with it's crown, but it never takes part if that fight would dent it's crown. Tradin evolves into Jishuai, who gains an actual weapon in the form of a saber that can cut through solid titanium. It now treats it's servants as if they were their children, protecting them with all their might, though this only applies if Jishuai trusts them. Pokémon that Jishuai does not feel like trusting, even it's own royal servants, will be cut down by it's saber until they are nothing but a pile of skin flakes. Some people think that Jishuai is being corrupted by it's own saber, caring nothing more but power itself, as it seemingly returns to normal whenever it drops it's saber. It's final form is called Kingmate, who is said to be the descendant of a king whose kingdom fell due to his lust for power. Now armed with two sabers, Kingmate uses them to slice apart the target's weak points in seconds, before remodeling them into items that it thinks gives it the royal treatment, such as a throne to rest on. Kingmate orders it's servants around like a soulless warlord, but the servants are too afraid to leave it's side because of the fear that they might get executed by it's sabres. Only a few servants actually plead order to Kingmate, and these are usually Xiangqi related Pokémon.

Shadow/Ground --> Shadow/Ground --> Shadow/Ground
Representing the Pawn, you'll often see Soldawns working under the orders of Kingmates and Queehuorisas, and it is very rarely seen by itself. They like to attack in groups, with each Soldawn in the group having a different role in taking it's enemy down, but they all desire to be as good as the Kingmate or Queehuorisa that they serve under in the future. They always go in straightfoward, attacking diagonally with their miniture whip, which becomes a chain knife when it evolves into Jiuijevate. These Pokémon lead groups of Soldawn into battle, and it takes great pride in it's master, serving them gifts every day, usually from the remains of the opponents that it has defeated. Their chain knife can slam into the ground to cause miniture shockwaves that trip Pokémon up, leaving them vulnerable to be finished by their masters, but it always feels that every last blow it inflicts will be the one to finish their enemies off. They then evolve again into Qijiebing, which command Jiuijevate armies to destroy anything they see in sight. It's chain knife is now strong enough to cause powerful earthquakes upon impact, which are strong enough to level a whole castle to dust in seconds. It may be a Pokémon full of honor, but it's also quite demeaning, always wanting the spotlight at every hour. Some Qijiebings even think of overthrowing their masters and taking command, though this never seems to happen for trainer owned Qijiebings.
SPECIAL ATTACK: El Passant: A Power 40 Special Athlete move that projects an image towards the target that hits them despite it not seeming like it, which may cause confusion. It is learnt not just by the Xiangqi based Pokémon, but also by most Athlete Pokémon that specialize in Special Attacks.

Shadow/Hero --> Shadow/Hero --> Shadow/Hero
Representing the Knight, Knzewalski is a Pokémon based off the Przewalski's Wild Horse. It runs across the plains of the Oriva Region, jumping over anything it sees, no matter how high it is, or if it is too high to even jump over. It does this to improve it's main tactic in combat, jumping around it's enemies until they tire out, upon which Knzewalski finishes them off with a powerful back kick. It is a kind of saviour Pokémon, always appearing to help others in need, though it's way of doing so is quite dishonorable, and it's often seen attacking defeated enemies, with a large herd of them causing most enemies to flee for the hills. When Knzewalski is ready to leave it's herd behind, it evolves into Batterzunga, who is now more like the Elephant in Xiangqi! It's head is now the elephant shaped body, with it's original head nothing more than it's trunk, which it uses to ram into other Pokémon like a battering ram with enough force to collapse a 25 story skyscraper into rubble in a single strike. Despite this, Batterzunga still feeds the original head even though it lacks a digestive system, a possible remnant of Knzewalski's original behavior. Although they appear to be rampaging all day, Batterzunga has a code of honor, only targeting buildings that are used for evil, though if there aren't any, Batterzunga will target the one that it thinks is used for evil. If you see a ruined village that was an evil location yesterday, chances are that Batterzunga has reduced the village to rubble. Batterzunga's final evolved form is known as Xiangightor, who has finished it's transition into a brutal elephant Pokémon! It's original head is now a powerful cannon that can reduce even the most well built of fortresses to rubble, though it can also double as a battering ram. Once Xiangightor has started running, no force on the planet can ever stop it but itself and it's trainer, smashing through anything in it's path like a train of thoughts. How Xiangightor destroys buildings is a form of a test: If it stops just short of touching the building, no traces of evil are in that building. Warriors once used them in the past to demolish the opposing castles with relative ease.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Beatdown: A Power 50 Physical Hero move that hits the target three times with a powerful heroic punch, each hit potentially lowering the target's defence by 1. This move is mainly learned by Pokémon that can use physical attacks.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Secret Origin: This is a Hero Status move. By reflecting on it's origins and casting the negative attributes of them aside, the user gains a permanent Safeguard that only applies to it until it switches out. This move always goes first. However, the intense focus required to perform the move means it can only be used on the first turn that the user is sent out in, just like Fake Out. It's mainly learned by Pokémon with tragic backstories, such as most Legendary Pokémon.

Shadow/Villain --> Shadow/Villain --> Shadow/Villain
Representing the Rook, Cannooks are cannon Pokémon that were once used by many soldiers across different regions in the past in the war. It is basically a walking cannon, and it can launch cannonballs that can easily smash holes in castles, though it can only do so if the fuse on it's back is lit, just like an actual cannon. Because of this, Cannook is a very cowardly Pokémon in the wild, fleeing from anything unless it is a nearby Fire Pokémon that can light the fuse and fire it's cannon. Once the fuse is lit, a new one regrows almost instantly. It's cannonballs are made from the rocks that it eats as it walks, and they are very similar to the cannonballs of today, in both shape and atom composition. It's evolved form is called Cartillery, and it's cannon is now strong enough to pierce through 21 walls in a single shot. It now holds a turret that a small Pokémon, such as another Cannook, can rest upon, and it can be used for both transport and for a better chance to attack the opposing enemies. While it's fuse still needs to be lit in order to fire, Cartillery is less cowardly than it's pre-evolution, as it can ram into others with it's rock solid body, though this normally injures it, so it still prefers to avoid fighting without a Fire Pokémon to light the fuse. It fully evolves into Capaojuriot, which now resembles a giant castle turret. It can house up to 10 small Pokémon or soldiers inside of it, and they can fire out of the windows on it, though it's insides have never been seen. Capaojuriot possess a miniature battering ram to get close to it's targets, where it obliterates them with it's huge cannon that can destroy a mountain in one hit. Most importantly, it can now light the fuse by itself by infusing it with Villain energy, and as such, it is a brave fighter that always destroys it's targets. Warlords once used them in the past to counter Xiangightors, but it's sheer power meant that heroic warlords never used them in the fear that they might be consumed by this Pokémon's own power.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Death Ray: A power 90 Special Villain move that fires a ray of destruction towards the target. It has 100% Accuracy, but the knockback of this attack may lower the user's Special Attack by 1. Most Villain-type Pokémon can learn this move, and it is their most efficient Special STAB option.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Scheming: A Villain Status move that makes the user start scheming for five turns. This gives both Pokémon the Contrary ability for it's duration. Most Villain-type Pokémon can learn this attack.

Shadow/Psychic --> Shadow/Psychic --> Shadow/Psychic
Representing the Bishop, Sibemei is a Pokémon those weapon of choice is an Emeici, a metal rod designed for stabbing. It uses it's psychic powers to spin this rod around and manipulate the target's actions, forcing them to adapt at every turn until they tire out. It's very loyal to it's trainer, blessing them with a special ward that drives away evil thoughts, ensuring that the trainer will only do good deeds. However, it does not realize that bad deeds are sometimes required for good, and it always cast the ward at the first available opportunity it gets. It's even been seen converting enemies to their side with a chant that no-one can understand. It evolves into Shivisor, who now has two metallic rods for defense. Fitting to it's name, it's a kind of advisor Pokémon, always giving out advice to it's trainer, though no-one can really understand this advice or if it is actually advice at all. It can cast a special kind of psychic mind that can remove evil thoughts from the target, and for this reason they are avoided by evil teams, with the appearance of one causing all the grunts to run away almost instantly. In battle, it controls it's rods with it's mind and aims for the target's brain, aiming to get rid of the areas that promote evil. It's final evolved form is known as Scholimination, now armed with four metallic rods which it uses with perfection to rid it's enemies of all evil. It uses them like staffs, casting powerful sealing spells that locks the evil of it's target to a place where no-one can ever find them. This spell is laced with the same ward that it had as a Sibemei, and Scholimination travels from village to village, not leaving until it is certain that all the evil thoughts in the village have been exterminated. If it's target has an evil spirit that can never be removed, Scholimination will banish them outside the universe as punishment. Despite this, some say that Scholimination is too focused on it's job to perform anything else.

Psychic --> Psychic --> Psychic
Minspiis are common in areas where people can concentrate and focus on the situations around them. They are filled with psychic energy, and they spend every hour of their life focusing on their mental powers, which can melt brains to mush in seconds. As such, it's rather calm compared to the rest of the Elemental Sprites, spending most of the time in one place. It evolves into Elemmin, which possess mental powers strong enough to liquify skeletons in seconds. They provide nearby Pokémon with boundless intelligence, and they seem to project an area which can remove mental blocks, though Elemmin never seems to realize this, still concentrating on it's powers on the mind. By being traded while holding a King's Rock, Elemmin fully evolves into Violano, whose eye has now opened. Staring into this eye can cause the viewer to lose their minds instantly, their only purpose in life being to contuine staring at Violano's eye, improving their concentration. In battle, Violano fires a storm of mental energy towards it's opponent by concentrating deeply, so much that it cannot be interrupted at all, retaliating with a mind shock that can obliterate even the most intelligent of brains.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Prediction: When a Pokémon with this ability is sent out, it will automatically use Future Sight!

Steel --> Steel --> Steel
Metaspiis are often located in areas that are rich in metal, such as factories and cities. They eat any metal they find and use it to enhance it's powerful metallic skin that can deflect anything, and as such it is considered a pest by those who do not want it to eat anything valuable, even though it's main diet is iron ore. Because this diet isn't rich in nutrients, Metaspii is a very relaxed Pokémon, spending most of the time just sitting there, staring into it's next target. Metaspii evolves into Elemmeta, which is a lot more active than it's pre-evolution. While it still eats metal, it now only takes what it needs, saving the rest for another day. It has gained a pair of powerful claws infused with the might of metal itself, which can tear through a solid sheet of diamond in seconds. The flakes that it leaves behind can be used to rebuild the metallic structures that it ate, and as such Elemmeta isn't considered a threat, as long as these flakes are not lost. By being traded while holding a Metal Coat, Elemmeta can reach it's final form in the form of Silvgang, those claws are now sharp enough to tear through even the earth's surface. It's metallic coat can deflect any projectile thrown at it, and it provides pieces of itself to those who need it. Supposedly, Silvgang once helped shaped the earliest metallic structures with it's master, who is said to be the one who gave the fully evolved Elemental Sprites the black necklace that they possess.

Bug --> Bug --> Bug
Sectspiis can be found near other Bug-type Pokémon, and they serve as a sort of parasite to them, providing them with food and defending them from harm with it's powerful jaws, which bite as hard as a compressor. It can serve as a radar for Bug Pokémon, as if it cannot find a Bug Pokémon to partner with, it will go miles to find one, always seeming to know where the nearest Bug Pokémon is, though it never helps another Sectspii or it's evolutions, as they are very territorial towards each other. When it evolves into Elemsect, the Bug Pokémon that it is partnered with will often evolve as well if it can: If it does not, Elemsect will seek another Bug Pokémon to follow. It's never seen feeding itself, always providing it's partner Bug Pokémon with anything it can find. It instead runs itself on the food it had ate as a Sectspii, and thus they focus on evolution when they're not busy defending their partner. There have also been sightings of Elemsect going inside it's partner and controlling them like a parasite. It reaches it's final form by leveling itself up to level 35 while it's holding a Jar of Honey. This form is known as Limchong, and in this stage it leaves it's partner behind, now fully independent. However, they still watch over it's former partner from time to time, and it's mood seems to be the same as it's partner's mood. If the partner thrives without it, Limchong will provide them with good luck, but it will do the opposite if it realizes that it's partner used it as a tool to become evil, or if it cannot live without it. It possesses not just powerful jaws, but a pair of saber blades that can cut through it's partner's skin. The strength of these blades depend on the partner's strength: Limchong is always prepared for every situation that the partner goes through.

Ice --> Ice --> Ice
Freezspis can be found all over the snowy areas of the Oriva Region, falling from the sky like actual snowflakes. It is very cold to the touch, able to freeze even the hottest of foes, and Freezspis often fall towards fires, putting them out in exchange for their life. It is very aggressive towards feminine Pokémon other than itself, indicating that it is a form of tomboy Pokémon, freezing them almost instantly, It evolves into Elemfreez, which is a very aggressive Pokémon that freezes anything it sees in blocks of ice, which it then uses to build it's home. The only Pokémon that it does'nt seem to attack are other Ice-type Pokémon, instead treating them as if they were it's servants. Some say that Elemfreez acts this way because it's heart is completely frozen from it's own cold skin, which is reported to be at a temperature of absolute zero. Eventually, though, Elemfreez will warm itself up, especially towards it's own trainer, though only with an Ice Stone can it's heart be fully repaired. This is when Elemfreez evolves into it's final form, Cyabing. Now being colder than even absolute zero, Cyabing possesses wings made of floating ice shards that it can redirect towards it's enemies, turning them into blocks of ice almost instantly. It's a very spoilt Pokémon, always preferring to be by it's trainer's side, or by another fully evolved Ice Pokémon to serve as it's bodyguard, and it still has a hatred for feminine Pokémon, it's tomboy-like personality having returned. Despite this, Cyabing still has a soft spot for falling snowflakes.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Frigid Touch: This Pokémon's skin is so cold, that any Pokémon that attacks it has a chance to be frozen. It also grants physical attacks the ability to potentially freeze their targets.

Dark/Fairy --> Dark/Fairy
Based off the Inari, Finaris are Fox Pokémon that are symbols of good luck to anyone who can see them. They are rather shy, preferring to hide in the bushes where it can eat the meat they have found, and they also have a liking for berries. The farmers of the Orvia Region praise them over the fact that they feed on pests that attack their crops, showering them with kindness every time they do so. However, it takes a lot of effort to gain the trust of a Finari, but those who can get to Finari's heart and open itself to other people will be filled with luck for the rest of their lives. It evolves into Jinjkami, a guardian Pokémon that destroys it's enemies with the might of fairy energy and darkness. They can often be seen carrying sacred items in their mouth, either to transport them between shrines or to provide them to other people like messages. Their fur never seems to get itself dirty at all, and it is filled with a magical power that brings good luck to anyone it trusts. Curiously, it's often seen near Singhainu, indicating a connection between them.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Sharp Claws: A Power 40 Physical Beast move with no special effects. Pokémon with claws usually learn this move at a very early level.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Drop Off: A Dark Status move that discards the user's item to increase the power of their next STAB move by 50%. Many Pokémon have access to this move, but most of them can only learn it as an Egg Move.

Poison --> Poison/Sound
An isolated island far away from the Oriva region's coasts is only populated by wild Okurabis, which is also the only area in the Pokémon world where they can be found. This Pokémon, based off the Amami rabbit, is said to have become the shape it is today due to the radiation that bombards the island all day long. As such, it possesses a sheet of poisonous fur that can cause mutations to anything it touches, yet it doesn't care about this one bit, only focusing on eating carrots like a real rabbit would. Supposedly, Okurabi originally came from another region that it is now extinct in, to be used as a form of test subject. It's evolved form, Murgethal, is far more common than Okurabi, and the only way to get Okurabi in other regions is to breed a Murgethal that you'll sometimes find feeding on radioactive materials. Murgethel possesses a hazmat suit that allows it to go through the most radioactive of areas without a scratch, and it's gas mask prevents it from all forms of harmful gases. It's weapon of choice is a pair of gas pumps that are filled with over a million different kinds of radioactive atoms, causing death on inhaling them, unless the target is a Poison Pokémon. Strangely, it plays these pumps as if they were trumpets, producing sound waves laced with poison that can cause fevers for weeks, indicating that it was once used for sound based experiements. No-one has ever seen it's true face behind it's gas mask, though the ears that stick out of it, made of the same material as it's hazmat suit, has provided some clues. It is notable that you can normally get these two Pokémon this early into your adventure through the Ancient Raid dens, or by an ingame trade in the city of the Grass Gym.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Amplify: A Sound Status move that doubles the power of the next Sound move the user uses. It also increases the user's Special Defence by 1. Many Sound-type Pokémon can use this attack.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Sonic Wave: A Power 40 Special Sound move that never misses. Many Sound-type Pokémon can learn this move at a very early level.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Trumpeteer: This ability acts like the Metronome Item, powering up a move if it's used multiple times in a row. This ability is reserved for Pokémon who are based off trumpets.
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While the rest of the Oriva Region is now open for exploration, the next stop in the level range is the Grass Gym at the city of Fuslong. On your way there, you will meet a variety of Grass-type Pokémon by going through the Ginlong Forest, and some others as well through the road there!

Grass/Mythical --> Grass/Mythical --> Grass/Mythical
Based off the Fusang, Fusees are common across the Oriva region's plains and forests, spending all day absorbing the sun's rays in order to grow. Incapable of moving in most situations, Fusee defends itself by entangling it's opponent in powerful roots those strength are determined on how much solar energy it managed to absorb. Some Pokémon also mistake them for actual trees, as it keeps it's face well hidden from danger to avoid having to fight enemies that it cannot defeat. It evolves into Sangawise, which is still incapable of moving from the spot it is born in. Now full of wisdom, Sangawise provides advice to other Grass-type Pokémon it sees in how to leave the forests that it lives in, though it never means to send them away, only to help those that are lost. Most Sangawises are said to be over a million years old, and their age can be determined by seeing how many leaves are on their trunk. Once Sangawise has learnt all that it can learn, it becomes it's final evolution in the form of Ruomreant, now capable of moving at last. It defends the forest that it lives in with all it's might, destroying it's opponents by crushing them with it's own trees. It only wields the trees that it knows it cannot save, and a forest with Ruomreant in it will never be chopped down as long as it lives. Legend told of how the sun was carried to a huge Ruomreant, more notably the second tree inside it's head that serves as the Pokémon's brain.

Grass/Shadow --> Grass/Shadow --> Grass/Shadow
Miaout is a living speck of pollen that causes violent sneezing fits to anyone who comes near them. Some say that they come from Nostjing's nostrils, and are their pollen given life, though most people deny this fact. Should it's opponent be unable to sneeze, it will cut them up with it's miniature Miaodaos, though they aren't really that sharp, so Miaout spends most of the time just flying aimlessly, preparing itself for evolution. Eventually, it manages to do so, evolving into Polledao. Now filled with a supply of pollen, anyone that sees even a glimpse of this Pokémon will sneeze uncontrollably, leaving them vulnerable to Polledao's giant Miaodao, which can cut through a tree in a single slice. Outside of battle, it uses this blade to make it's nest and hide itself from predators that cannot sneeze by cutting up tiny bushes. Polledao is very caring for it's fellow Miaouts, always protecting them no matter what. Polledao's final evolved form is known as Ragxing, a giant ragweed Pokémon that fights with a code of honor and duty. The pollen on it's leaves are now so powerful, that even Pokémon that cannot normally sneeze will do so near it. It's prized weapon is the giant Miaodao on it's head, which is now sharp enough to cut through solid concrete, alongside it's two leaves which are just as sharp. The pollen that Ragxing leaves behind can be grounded down and used as a medicine for colds and hay fevers, but it must be done just right due to it's lethal properties.

Grass/Villain --> Grass/Villain --> Grass/Villain
Linshrooms are Lingzhi Mushroom Pokémon that are common in damp places. They are a nocturnal species, spending all day sleeping, and the night looking for food and water in the night. When it sees another Pokémon, Linshroom fires a puff of pollen at the target, inflicting them with a disease that makes a mushroom appear on their head, causing dizziness. This mushroom is valuable, however, but people who exploit Linshroom for this property will always grow up to become greedy villains. It's evolved form is known as Zhungusahungus, those mushroom pollen can now cause the afflicted target to lose their mind. It commands Linshrooms to cover the forests in poisonous mushrooms that can alter the mind when eaten: these mushrooms are said to be different from the ones that come from the pollen. When the poison is removed from them, these mushrooms can be used as a form of medicene. Zhungusahungus has three heads visible, but only the one wearing a special eyepatch that protects it from afflications is alive: the other two are solely for fooling predators. Zhungusahungus's final evolved form is known as Shenwuhan, and in this form, the mushrooms can now control minds entirely, leaving them as nothing but slaves to Shenwuhan. Shenwuhan then commands it's mushroomized slaves to build homes for it, and to cover the world in a mushroom garden those poison cannot be removed. The mushroom that the pollen creates also cannot be removed now, as it drills directly into the brain, turning the target into a zombie, and it can easily spread to other people on touch. Shenwuhan is also a great alchemist, brewing potions out of it's own mushrooms, though they are very rarely used for anything other than to spread the plague. As it is a mushroom Pokémon, Shenwuhan can also learn Spore, a 100% accurate move that can put the target to sleep, making it useful for capturing Pokémon.

Grass/Light --> Grass/Light --> Grass/Light
Cordcomy is based off the Cordyceps, and it is a vital component in many of the medicine brewed in the Oriva Region due to the healing properties of it's skin. It pops out of grass patches waiting to be caught, though if it sees someone it doesn't trust, it will hide into the grass almost instantly. Cordcomy's body is constantly healing itself, meaning that any injury that it sustains can easily be shrugged off like it was nothing, and it can even regrow parts of itself. It evolves into Medicomy, a kind Pokémon that heals any injured Pokémon it sees by blessing them with a ray of light, just like how a Chansey would. It's a brave Pokémon that will always go into a situation prepared and without any despair whatsoever, so that it can heal it's friends even if they're in a tough situation. The rays of light can fix broken bones and damaged body parts, and Pokémon centers in the Oriva Region often use them as a nurse. Once Medicomy has mastered it's healing powers, it evolves into Biodylia, a princess Pokémon that makes sure that no injuries will never happen in the area that it lives in. It spreads a healing aura like a positive plague, that heals any broken bone or organ that it touches. The aura then acts like a powerful antibody, taking out any viruses that dare to attack it. The aura spreads from person to person, but it gradually fades away if it is not reapplied. Biodylia also provides medicine to those in need, and it always seems to provide the correct medicene every time, made from it's own rays of light.

Grass/Dark --> Grass/Dark
Pinglai is a pineapple Pokémon that is common in the swamps and jungles of the Oriva Region. Both it's shell and it's leaves are covered in razor sharp spikes those wounds they inflict never heal, and Pinglai often hides itself in the grass to make it look like an ordinary pineapple. It is also inedible because of this, and sometimes Pinglai is used as a sign of worry, to show that you're desperate enough to touch a Pinglai to solve a problem. With the help of a Leaf Stone, Pinglai evolves into Pinesperity, which is now covered in spikes that can puncture a solid sheet of titanium. It's said that touching Pinesperity without being injured will grant great prosperity for the rest of your life, and they're sometimes used in a game that acts this way. In battle, Pinesperity rolls itself into a spiky ball and spreads it's spikes across the grasslands, making them unsafe to walk through without equipment: Due to this, some people call Pinesperity "Nature's Living Dead End".

Grass/Wierd --> Grass/Wierd
Peathrees are a Pokémon that is like a pod of peas! Three of them always huddle together in the pod, and each one helps the other survive in the wild. A Peathree that is seperated from the group can always find where the other two are, no matter how far away they are. They are also very friendly Pokémon, with each head making friends with a different person, though if all three Peathrees in a pod like you so much, it is a sign that you will be a strong person in the future. Podasatii is it's evolved form, and three Peathrees are now bound to the pod, each one communicating strategies for victory to each other before they combine their forces to defeat anything in their path. The three heads always get long, and each one has a different personality that varies from Podasatii to Podasatii. It is also capable of launching giant peas that are like cannonballs at it's foes, before regrowing them almost instantly. These peas provide a lot of nutrients to those who eat them, and great expeditions are often held just to find a fresh one.

Grass/Fighting --> Grass/Fighting
Dai-Chi is a Daikon Radish Pokémon that specializes in Tai Chi, reading the opponent's moves before taking them down in a way they'd never expect it. It's a very brash Pokémon, always picking fights with other Pokémon, though whether this is to get stronger, or because it simply does'nt like them, is still unknown. Notably, it's most common target is Oradish, using the leaves on their head to heal their wounds. The leaves of a Dai-Chi itself can also provide a powerful fighting spirit to those who consume it, and it's often used in medicine that can regain motivation. Dai-Chi then evolves into Chújikon, the ace of the second gym leader in the Oriva Region! It's fighting spirit now at it's peak, it picks a fight with anyone it sees just to get stronger and stronger, until there is nothing in it's land that is stronger than it. It's slow movements baffle fast opponents, who trip up trying to fight Chújikon, and it can strike the enemy's weakpoints with enough force to topple a whole mountain. When it's not in battle, it likes to meditate and sooth it's concentration so that it can always focus in every battle. In addition to Chújikon, the Grass Gym Leader also uses a Planain and a Kanzishama against you!

Grass/Time --> Grass/Time
Planains used to be harvested by people in the past due to their high level of nutrients that are in them. However, they soon realized that it can drain the youth of anything that bites it, and it was soon abandoned. It's normally a very calm Pokémon, preferring to avoid fighting by all means necessary, and thus it hangs itself from trees, watching the world go by. However, Plainain has Time and Grass attacks ready to go when it is threatened and it cannot escape. It's evolved form is called Pazhamusa, a predator fruit Pokémon that lives in jungles and forests. It likes to bite on the head of other people and Pokémon, turning them into old men in seconds by absorbing their youth, which they then use to infuse their bites with time energy. It also possesses a strange pheromone that compels people to bite it, but this is one that you must resist, as Pazhamusa is completley inedible, biting anyone that dares to bite it. Despite this, Pazhamusa was said to be the tastiest fruit in the world in the distant past.

Grass/Job --> Grass/Job
Saimers are Pokémon that spend all day plowing the fields and ensuring that crops can grow, usually ones that Saimer likes to eat. In fact, Saimer is so focused on it's job, that it rarely does anything else outside of combat, becoming extremely stressed if it cannot find the farm it likes to work on. Some say that Saimers inspired the first farmers, teaching them how to harvest crops. They evolve into Saihhorweng, a centuar Pokémon that can always assure that the farm it works in will prosper for all eternity. With their four legs, they plow the crops in record time, making sure that no mistakes are made. Supposedly, there was a tale of a Saihhorweng that ran away from it's farm, only to return with a whole herd of Saihhorwengs. Despite this, it's calm face still remains, indicating that this Pokémon had become so focused on farming, that it's body shape changed to adapt to it. There have been no reports of Saihhorweng appearing in the prehistoric times, indicating that it is a Pokémon that only evolved rather recently.

Dark/Steel --> Dark/Steel --> Dark/Steel
Pugxue is a Pug Pokémon that's often kept as a pet in the Oriva Region. Obedient to every last command that it's trainer gives to it, Pugxues usually go for crimes and mysteries, digging out dirt to reveal vital clues to stopping it. However, Pugxue's jaws are not yet strong enough to stop crimes by itself, always requiring help to do so, though it's fur is made of a special type of leather that is as hard as a battleship plate, allowing Pugxue to run into crimes without any worry of being injured. Once Pugxue is strong enough to solve a crime on it's own, it evolves into Yijisanji, which is often employed as a police dog in the Oriva Region. In the wild, it protects other Pokémon, usually Dark and Steel Pokémon, from being bullied or attacked by their enemies, and it can do so at an alarming rate, it's jaws now strong enough to crush a steel beam in two. Although it appears to be fat, Yijisanji is actually a very athletic Pokémon, always making sure it can get to the crime scene on time and on schedule, and it's improved eyesight can sight out enemies and even see through certain kinds of walls. It's final evolved form is known as Jingzon, those actual head is the one on top of it. Now more comparable to a German Shepherd than a Pug, Jingzon ensures that every crime falls under the long arm of the law, scaring criminals with it's alarm system and fooling them with it's fake head. Once Jingzon has you in it's jaws, it will drag you to the court no matter what happens: In the wild, this court is usually it's own den. Their senses have also increased significantly, able to smell out suspicious material from miles away. It is as this stage that Jingzon can solve crimes by itself without any help at all.

Shadow/Sound --> Shadow/Sound --> Shadow/Sound
Taixing is a type of Taiko Drum Pokémon that hides itself from most people until it evolves. It lures in predators by playing itself, and these drums are comparable to the ones played in festivals. Fittingly, you'll often find Taixing at the festivals of the Oriva Region, playing tunes that can cause inspiration and add atmosphere to the festival. Outside of these qualities, though, Taixing rarely does anything outside of battle. Once Taixing evolves into Dumi-Daiko, it's drum splits into two, allow it to play more harmonious melodies with it's new chain, which is used in battle to fling DumI-Daiko towards the target like a meteor hammer. With every step it takes, a drum plays out, and it can now lure in predators better because it is laced with a toxin that can cause uncontrollable dancing: Dumi-Daiko then finds the source of the music and decides it's fate, destroying the unworthy but sparing those it thinks are worthy. It repairs itself with the leather of the opponents that it manages to take down. It's final evolved form is called Daikachuiz, a Pokémon wielding a powerful meteor hammer that can cause deafness to anyone that hears the sound wave it produces when it strikes the ground. It swings this hammer around wildly to produce a music track comparable to some orchestras, and each Daikachuiz has it's own different music brand. They will even sometimes compete against each other in a battle of the bands: the Daikachuiz who performs poorly is sentenced to death! Supposedly, it was the descendant of a warlord who became consumed by it's taiko drum playing.

Sound/Ghost --> Sound/Ghost
Ti-Yanna is a toy Piano Pokémon those tunes lead poor unfortunate souls to their demise! However, in this form, the jaws that are hidden within it's piano keys are too weak to cause any meaningful injuries, making people think that Ti-Yanna is just playing with them. As such, it hides itself within abandoned mansions, gathering energy to evolve as quickly as it can. The real stinger begins with Ti-Yanna evolves into Yujathoven! Not only does it resemble a real piano now, it's teeth are sharp enough to puncture even solid titanium. It disguises itself as ordinary piano playing a tune by itself until people get close to it, upon which it will bite at their targets until they have perished, playing plunky piano tunes with every single bite that it makes. Resting on top of it is a conductor that commands the Yujathoven, and it's said to be the descendant of a long lost piano player who created some of the world's most popular piano tunes, which you may sometimes hear when Yujathoven is inactive. Stand your ground the next time you come near a piano: You might never know if it could be a Yujathoven in disguise....

Sound/Magic --> Sound/Magic
Oripe is a pipe organ Pokémon that other people play to add atmosphere to dramatic tracks. Each of it's pipes contains a different kind of sound, but they all specialize in making the opponent deaf, with Oripe launching these sound waves as if they were rockets themselves. It's often found near classical music, which is a very rare occurrence in the Oriva Region, leading some people to believe that they came from another region via being a stowaway. Oripe then evolves into Ganocketz, who switches to actual rockets that never miss their targets. It carries it's pipe organ rocket launcher around at all times, and with the press of a button, a rocket fires out of one of the pipes, while playing it's original sound at the same time. People often bring Ganocketz to concerts and orchestras for the grand finale, as it fires out rockets all over the place. Strangley, these rockets never aim for property or innocents: If a rocket cannot find a target, it will spin around in tight circles until it has either found one or it's fuse runs out and it explodes by itself.

Fighting/Wierd --> Fighting/Wierd --> Fighting/Wierd
Hedgitang is a hedgehog Pokémon that gets it's Wierd typing because of it's speciality in Ditangquan, an obscure fighting style that involves rolling around the ground while kicking the opponents in their legs. Hedgitang is common in gardens and forests, and spends all day rolling around: To allow it to kick it's foes a lot easier, Hedgitang cannot roll into a ball unlike over hedgehog Pokémon, instead performing cartwheels in an attempt to stab the opponent's with it's spikes, that can puncture almost anything. It's evolved form, Rolliquan, is a lot more experienced at performing this tactic, and in battle, it is always rolling around playfully to confuse it's opponents. In the wild, it gathers roots and feeds them to the fellow Hedgitangs, and it always makes sure that each one gets the right amount of nutrients. If it faces an opponent it cannot beat, it will jump into the ground and expose it's spikes, making them believe that it is just an ordinary chesnut. While normally a friendly Pokémon, Dishor, Rolliquan's final evolved form, is the exact opposite. Now armed with spikes sharp enough to puncture almost anything in existence, Dishor is a brutal Pokémon that won't stop rolling into it's foes until they have perished. It abandons it's home at this point, travelling the world while looking for worthy opponents to face. It's powerful legs are used for deadly kicks, and just that: Dishor normally moves around by rolling, and if you see a Dishor coming your way, there is no escape.

Time/Ground --> Time/Ground --> Time/Ground
Paccura is a type of Plow Pokémon that spends all day plowing the fields. People once used them in the past as actual plows, and any field that was plowed with Paccura is said to thrive. It has aggressive competition with Saimer, another Pokémon who plows fields, and the two of them often race each other to see who can plow the most earth first. The plow is made of a special kind of wood that is formed out of the dirt that it eats on the way. Paccura evolves into Hollhano, those plow is now strong enough to move boulders. It can toggle the strength of it's plow at will, and you'll often see them plowing out farmland for the other Pokémon to use. It never plows it's own farmland, though: Every farmland it makes is for someone else. In battle, Hollhano uses their bulky plows to push entire mounds of earth towards it's enemies with the intent of crushing them. Hollhano fully evolves into Terraplow, those plow is now strong enough to move mountains whole. They rearrange the land around them to make sure that the crops here can fully grow to the best of their ability, and thus farmers used Terraplow to rearrange the land, causing the other people to think that it was the job of a Legendary Pokémon. Fittingly, Terraplow's strength is comparable to most legendary Pokémon, and it can, with enough strength, tip a whole mountain on it's side to roll it into the ocean, freeing up space for extra farmland.

Normal/Flying --> Normal/Flying --> Norma/Flying
Based off the Mandarin Duck, Quackquack is like a duckling, always following it's mother wherever they go until they evolve. It's down that falls off as it grows up can be used as a form of tough leather that can never be broken, and this protects the Quackquack with harm that isn't required. Like all ducks, it is common in ponds and rivers, able to blow predators away with a tiny gust that it cannot control. It's evolved form, Sokuquak, is the adolescent stage of Quackquacks. Having left it's mother, Sokuquack feeds on duckweed and peat moss in the water, and it's feathers are said to bring a great fortune to those who pick them up. It can also fly at this stage, though only just a little, so it prefers to swim across in the water instead. People once made clay items in the shape of Sokuquack as gifts to other people. Sokuquack then fully evolves into Oshidarin, a beautiful and elegant Pokémon that many people tend to draw pictures of to bring happiness. It wears a Sokutai around it's wings, not only providing protection, but also to make it stand out amongst other Pokémon, especially other Oshidarins. It has also become more of a mandarin at this stage, teaching other people and Pokémon how to speak many different kinds of languages. Oshidarin is the mother of the Quackquacks, and will make sure that they are protected from all harm.
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The Pokémon that you saw in Wave 11 were but just a taste of the version exclusive Pokémon you've seen so far. As you proceed towards the Tyrannical Dark Titan, you'll see more of the rest of these version exclusive Pokémon, this time being ones that are exclusive to two or three versions! This also includes this region's pseudo legendaries, who can't normally be obtained this early without scouring the Ancient Raid Dens!

Electric/Fairy --> Electric/Fairy --> Electric/Fairy
Based off the Sable, Saoppu fills the biological role that Pikachu and similar Electric-type Pokémon have in other regions. It is a kind rodent Pokémon that can store electricity in it's cheeks before unleashing it towards it's enemies at lightning speeds. When the period of hibernation ends, Saoppu is often the first one to break open their food stores to share among the other Pokémon. It evolves into Saokippu, and in this form, it can store it's electricity far better, unleashing them in ways comparable to electrical storms. It stores this power not just in it's cheeks, but also it's tail, which is as sharp as a meat cleaver. Much kinder than it's pre-evolved form, it will gladly share it's own food supply with others who are in need, even if it meant it's own demise in the long run, and it can gather food easily by running at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Just like how Pikachu evolves into Raichu, Saokippu uses a Thunder Stone to evolve into Saojampox, and in this form, it's personality completely changes. It is now a battle loving predator that brutally attacks the Pokémon that it once trusted in the past. It's prized weapon is the lightning sabre on it's head, able to strike it's foes with enough electricity to blow their organs across the plains. However, Saojampox has only been seen doing this if it has not shared that often in it's past two forms, indicating that Saojampox attacks out of the guilt of failure, having not been kind enough in the past.

Fairy/Flying --> Fairy/Flying
Peclod is a Peach Pokémon that was believed to have been born from an actual peach. It flies around on a cloud generated by it's willpower, spreading it's teachings to anyone that hears it. Supposedly, it always flies towards a place of relaxation before flying aimlessly around it, before moving on when it no longer feels relaxed in the place. In battle, it is armed with a powerful tackle that is infused with Fairy energy, that can drain the fighting spirit of anyone hit by it. Peclod then evolves into Sutaró, a Pokémon that some people call "The Monkey King Of The Fae" because of the long journeys that it often takes in order to obtain special artifacts which it then entrusts upon other people and Pokémon who it thinks are worthy of them. It's magical powers have extended tenfold, now able to read the opponent's minds and act accordingly depending on their tactics. It stands atop it's cloud and flies over to those who are in need, able to move over 180 miles per hour, and it can supposedly remember the birth of every monkey Pokémon there is. Some say that Sutaró inspired a tale where a monkey led a sorcerer to an ancient scroll, and this tale is a very popular story in the Oriva Region.

Grass/Psychic --> Grass/Psychic --> Grass/Psychic
Tarley is a Barley Pokémon that disguises itself as crops on a farm, spreading it's seeds as it is plucked. It's single eye can read the minds of anyone it sees, and if it thinks it is a threat, it twists their brains with it's psychic powers. X-Rays show that the brains that are victims of Tarley's attacks are shaped like Tarley itself, indicating that Tarley is trying to turn the brain into a copy of itself, to no avail. Tarley's evolved form is known as Poacist, and in this form, it's mind reading powers have improved, able to read every last memory of anyone it sees. Brains affected by Poacist's mind powers now grow Tarley seeds on their own, and it protects the crops around it from predators such as Typicrow by turning them into Tarley crops. Supposedly, Poacist can even read the minds of these crops, making sure that they have a bright future. For Poacist to evolve into it's final form, it must be exposed to a Leaf Stone. This final form is known as Rachirina, and it's mind reading has been perfected. It can read the entire life of anyone it sees, from their birth to their death, and it will modify the memories of them at will if it thinks that the person's life will lead to the demise of the farmland around it. Rachirina can even modify the DNA of crops so that they will prosper, but many people are afraid of enlisting Rachirina's help, lest their mind be twisted into a crop itself.

Light/Magic --> Light/Magic
Xyanuan is a Monk Pokémon that spends most of it's time meditating, even in battle. It's said that Xyanuan was the sorceror that Sutaró guided in the tale, and it can know several magic tricks that can toy with it's opponents. For some odd reason, it's highly obsessed with the letter X, always being found in areas with them. It's also quite the dynastic Pokémon indeed, protecting ancient heritage and making sure that no-one can dare to sabotage their future. It's evolved form is known as Xanzangott, a Pokémon that teaches other monk Pokémon the importance of attaining enlightenment. It now possesses a powerful staff that can lower the fighting spirit of anyone it strikes, and it takes good pride in it's students, always protecting them from all harm. When it is not busy teaching it's students, Xanzangott dedicates itself to removing the evil from the ancient temples that it once protected. It is rumored that the first Xyanuan to evolve into an Xanzangott was this sorceror in the tale after it had obtained the ancient scroll at the end of the story.

Fire/Dark --> Fire/Dark --> Fire/Dark
Based off the Hiderigami, Hidry is a Fire Pokémon that causes water sources to dry up simply by being near them. Due to this, it is considered a pest in many areas, but no-one can get close to it due to it's blue flames, which can melt solid titanium in seconds. If Hidry approaches a water source, it has assumed that water source is too relied upon, and you should let it do it's job, lest you get burned. Hidry's evolved form is known as Hiderithirst, and in this form, it can dry up entire lakes with it's flames. It does so by boiling the water and turning it into steam within microseconds. The burns caused by these flames never go away, and they can cause constant thrist by turning any liquid applied to it into steam. In some cases, Hiderithirst's flames can even liquefy solid materials, which in turn become gases. A village that Hiderithirst approaches is doomed to be parched forever, because it has deemed that village too reliant. Hiderithirst evolves into it's final evolved form, Hidzhangyu, using a Fire Stone. In this form, it's flames are now so hot, that entire oceans can become deserts in it's mere presence. Legend tells of how a Hidzhangyu made a lush region into a desert because it thought that the people living there were not reliant on their Pokémon companions. A hundred year war between the people and Pokémon then occured, which ended with the dry region returning to it's lush state: apparently, Hidzhangyu was only testing the region in a trial that worked to perfection. In the wild, it has a violent rivalry with Volcaterasu, which is due to their similar abilities to cause droughts.

Dragon/Fighting --> Dragon/Fighting
Based off the White Dragon Horse, Baiss is a Dragon Pokémon that was rumored to be a Legendary Pokémon in the past, before it was cursed to become this form after it had broken a pearl that was sacred to the region. Attempts to find who this Legendary Pokémon was have all ended in failure. Today, you'll often find Baiss near temples and oceans, reminiscing about it's past and feeding on the beach grass that grows there. As it runs, it leaves behind a trail of green energy that can cause inspiration to anyone it touches, but in battle, this energy becomes one that is similar to acid, dissolving anything on touch. People once used this energy in the past as a form of energy boosting medicine, to help people get up when they were feeling down. It's evolved form is known as Yubaizer, which supposedly resembles the Legendary Pokémon it used to be. Now able to run up to 100 miles per hour, Yubaizer can strike it's enemy's weak points before they can even react, leaving behind an even more powerful trail as it runs, which can serve as a wall or a field of inspiration. People who ride Yubaizer will be filled with boundless energy, being able to do anything they want even in the toughest situations. There have even been some reports of Yubaizer taking the form of a human, and it often does this when it feels that it is truly at peace, just like it's past self wanted to do.

Water/Ghost --> Water/Ghost --> Water/Ghost
Based off the Shui Gui, Koiwns are Koi Carp Pokémon that are infused with a ghostly energy similar to the one that resides in Sploshis, indicating a connection between them. It is common in imperial gardens and lakes, and it's scales bring great prosperity to those who can catch them without suffering it's ghostly energy. It's also a key part of a special game in the Oriva Region's festivals, where the goal is to fish one out: the winner gets both a great fortune and the Koiwn itself. Some sources state that Koiwn is a fallen fish Pokémon given life once more, but no-one can believe it. Koiwn evolves into Amurgui, which is the spirit of a drowned person given life. It dwells in the bottom of the water sources that they once drowned in, looking for a suitable body to inhabit. Once it has found one, it will use it's chain to drag the target to it's doom, before transfering it's soul to the target, the target becoming an Amurgui in the process. It is so good at imitating it's new body, that no-one can realize that Amurgui has possessed a body. Amurgui then evolves into Cyrpishen using a Water Stone's power. In this form, it guides the souls of those lost at sea to the afterlife, showing them the way by guiding Koiwns across the water's surface. At every second, Cyrpishen judges the worthiness of the soul it guides, and if it deems it unworthy, Cyrpishen will banish the target to a dimension full of water where there is no escape. Cyrpishen is the only one who knows the way into this realm, called the "Sea Realm" by some, and it is otherwise completely devoid of life.

Job/Athlete --> Job/Athlete
Charco-Polo are two Pokémon conjoined into one, and, despite lacking a horse, both are very good at playing Polo. The two Pokémon never seperate, and they never seem to argue with each other at all, always getting along even if one Pokémon doesn't agree with that the other says. People looked up to Charco-Polo as a sign of teamwork, thinking that if they stuck together like Charco-Polo did, they will never fight with each other. In battle, the two Pokémon generate energy balls to whack towards their enemies at speeds of over 150 miles per hour. Once Charco-Polo's bond with each other becomes unbreakable, it evolves into Buzkarushu, a Pokémon that resembles a warlord riding a horse to battle. Now a single Pokémon, Buzkarushu rides into battle with an endless spirit of teamwork, plowing through everything in it's path with it's giant polo hammer, which can topple a castle in a single strike. When it rides into battle, other Athlete Pokémon are inspired to follow it's lead and join it to battle, working with each other like they have never imagined before. Supposedly, Buzkarushu is the reincarnation of a warlord and his horse who both died together after working to their prime.

Wierd/Job --> Wierd/Job --> Wierd/Job
Stamer is a Stamp Pokémon that stamps the seal of approval to any paper it can find. Each Stamer has a different kind of stamp on it, and people had used them in the past to let other people know who sent a letter, and what kind of letter it is. It also uses this stamp in combat, stamping a formula on the target that is comparable to acid, dissolving their skin within minutes. Stamer evolves into Bearampa, a porter Pokémon that carries around a large crate. This crate is not only used as a weapon, but also as a form of secure storage, as only Bearampa knows how to open it's own crate. Although it has lost the ability to stamp on paper, people used them as a way of transporting luggage, making sure that they reach their destination safe and secure. Bearampa evolves into Sherproved in a rather unique way. The elemental energy that is infused within it's large sphere, which can carry even large items, depends on the evolution stone used to evolve Bearampa: any of them will do. A Fire Stone (Top left on the above image) will infuse Sherproved's sphere with a raging firestorm, a Water Stone (Top right) will allow it to create torrential storms of water at will, a Leaf Stone (The largest one) will enable the ability to create gardens of grass energy, a Thunder Stone (Bottom left) will infuse the sphere with millions of electrical volts, a Moon Stone (Bottom right) will grant the powers of ancient fairies, and, while not shown in the above image, an Ice Stone will allow Sherproved to go through even the coldest of environments with the power of Ice. Although the other Evolution Stones not mentioned do not appear in the Oriva Region, they also affect Sherproved's abilities: A Shiny Stone will grant it the powers of light, a Dusk Stone will infuse the sphere with pure darkness, a Dawn Stone will grant it the powers of a Psychic type, and by using a Sun Stone, Sherproved will become hard baked like a Ground type. Emperors had used Sherproved to transport large items in the past, and some are even allowed to transport artifacts as well.

Wierd/Beast --> Wierd/Beast
Wow. Such Wierd. Many Pokémon based off the Dogecoin! Soge is a Shiba Inu Pokémon that, unlike other dog Pokémon, isn't usually that well loved by other people because it is a walking cryptocurrency! In the past, people brought Soges with their money, serving as a pet, before selling it to other people when their profit increased, but the policies involved in doing so meant that they would always become obsessed with selling the Soges, thus collapsing their life. As such, Soge is known as a sign of bad luck today, but it just wants to play with other people just like it did in the past. Shibakoyn, it's evolved form, on the other hand, is a true sign of bad luck no matter what! It appears before people and convinces them into buying products that only serve to provide profit in the long run, eventually leading them into bankruptcy. The coin on it's ruff hypnotizes people into doing so, making them think that the product is the most valuable item in their life. Disobeying Shibakoyn will make it maul you to death, so having a Poké Ball at all times is advised when you're in an area where Shibakoyn lives. Legend once told of a Shibakoyn that appeared before a prosperous emperor: The emperor spent his entire fortune in just one day, through a series of increasingly worthless trades.

Psychic/Fairy --> Psychic/Fairy --> Psychic/Fairy
Based off the Baku, Saku is a tapir Pokémon that is constantly sleeping, dreaming of sharpening it's mental focus every second. It eats the dreams of other people and Pokémon, with good dreams allowing it to focus more deeply. However, if it eats a nightmare, it will expel it at the nearest enemy it can find: if it can't find one in time, it becomes overwhelmed by the nightmare and enters a state similar to death, only awakening when it senses a good dream to eat. Saku's evolved form is known as Tapream, and in this form, it's own sleepiness makes anyone near it fall asleep as well. Tapream then eats the dreams of those who fall asleep, but it will give back what's left of the good dreams it eats, though they will then have traces of Tapream in it. Tapream battles other Pokémon in it's own dream, using their nightmares as their weakpoints. No-one has ever seen Tapream open it's eyes, with those trying to do so falling asleep instantly. The only way to get it to wake up is to expose it to Moon Stone, which will evolve it into Goodbight. This Pokémon's aura of drowsiness is so powerful, that Goodbight decides when those afflicted by it will wake up. It eats the nightmares of those who fall asleep, and if it eats very few of them, the target will wake up in a few minutes. However, if it eats a lot of nightmares, the target will sleep for the rest of their life. Goodbight then uses these nightmares against it's enemies, weakening their minds to the point that Goodbight can finish them off. Research has shown that it is in fact a seperate species from the Drowzee line, though their hypnotism is very similar. It is noteworthy that the Saku line lives in Magicant, a dreamy area those position in the level range is very late in your Pokémon journey: the only way to get one this early is to scour the Ancient Raid dens!

Bug/Shadow --> Bug/Shadow
Based of the Snow Apollo Butterfly, Pardao is a butterfly Pokémon those rear end is as sharp as a dagger. While normally a peaceful Pokémon that spends it's days feeding on nectar, when threatened, it will stab it's predators with it's dagger, which is infused with the powder that it leaves behind that can cause hallucinations for days. Thus, warriors sometimes used them in the past as a form of poisoned dagger. Despite this, Pardao is normally a beautiful sight to see on a snowy evening, and it is said that seeing one is a sign that the winter will prosper for the one who sees it. Heilossius is it's evolved form, and not only does it now have a specialized dagger arm, but it also possesses a powerful hand cannon that can fire cannonballs strong enough to plow through a solid brick wall in a single shot. Heilossius can switch between these arms at will, and it can even wield two of the same weapon as well. It is quite a vain Pokémon, spending all the time it has when it's not battling constantly making itself beautiful. It's goggles help it see through even the most violent of blizzards, and it gets very stressed it if were to ever lose either them, or it's trademark scarf, said to be wielded by a blacksmith in the past. It's silver wings never seem to get dirty, and it takes great pride in making sure that they never get damaged.

Dark/Dragon --> Dark/Dragon --> Dark/Dragon
Based off the Yamata no Orochi, Daijite is a ruthless Pokémon that picks fights with anyone they see. They come from the darkest caves of the Oriva Region, approaching villages and asking for sacrifices, mainly those who are most sacred to the village. If the village refuses, Daijite will tear the village down to the ground with a noxious breath that can burn down solid titanium. It takes great pride in it's own strength, getting stronger and stronger every day to the point that no-one can ever stop it at all. It evolves into Doubldai, a ruthless Pokémon those head has split into two. These heads always get along with each other, but each one specializes in a different fighting tactic to confuse their foes. They claim entire mountain ranges as their own and raze down everything that moves to the ground, and entire villages are known to become deserted at the sight of even one of them. Legend tells of how a Doubldai tore down the city of an emperor who had too much in himself. However, the real threat is when Doubldai becomes it's final evolved form, Yorochi! Yorochi is one of the most devestating Pokémon in the Oriva Region, with it's strength rivalling most Legendary Pokémon. It's nine heads require a different sacrifice each day, or else they will tear down entire cities with their razor sharp jaws. Towering over entire mountains, Yorochi can warp entire societies around itself, forcing them to serve Yorochi, lest they suffer it's wrath. An old folk tale once told of a Yorochi that ate a sister of an emperor every day, until the emperor's Susanoperial slayed it with it's legendary sword, dying the oceans a blood red.
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Oblivion Paradise: A Power 20 Physical Dark move which has Yorochi bite the target with each of it's nine heads. This attack hits nine times, with each hit having a chance to cause Black Wounds, a unique status condition that deals 1 damage to the target at the end of each turn. This status condition can stack!

Based off the Money Tree, Monula is a very rare Pokémon that grows coins on it's branches! It only allows the most prosperous of people to take them, reading their minds and determining how well they have sorted their money out in the past. If it senses a greedy Pokémon that only wants to take it's coins for personal gain, it will refuse to let them go, and scare off the person with powerful Grass attacks. Despite this, successfully touching one of Monula's coins will grant great fortune to those who touch it. They're most commonly found in the festivals of the Oriva Region, providing their coins to the poor and spreading them far and wide as a sign of good luck. Apparently, some legends tell that Monula is born when a coin is planted in rich soil that has been blessed by wealth itself.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Gold Rush: This ability behaves like the Amulet Coin, doubling the amount of prize money after each battle. A Pokémon with this ability will also confuse all enemy Pokémon and drop money when it is defeated.

Light/Wierd --> Light/Wierd --> Light/Wierd
Based off Ōyamatsumi and The Great Wave off Kangawa, Wayamas reside in only the most violent of the Oriva Region's tidal waves. Despite it's looks, it is not a Water type at all, instead using a special kind of water that emanates an endless amount of light. Some Wayamas are the size of entire villages, swamping over them with a single strike and laughing over their remains. Every day, Wayama absorbs more and more water to become stronger than ever before: Once it has absorbed enough water, it evolves into Tsutsumi, a giant wave Pokémon that can turn entire grasslands into oceans by swamping over them with a massive tsunami. Oceans made this way always prosper with life and hope, even in the darkest of moments, and it has inspired many artists to draw paintings of giant waves that capture the beauty of the ocean. In battle, Tsutsumi creates giant waves the size of mountains to destroy anything in it's path. It's final evolved form is known as Kanagaror, known to some as "The New God Of The Waves". Only appearing in the most unstable of maelstroms, Kanagaror destroys everything in it's path by generating a massive wave of light around it that can level castles to the ground in a single strike. Said to be the descendant of a Water Legendary Pokémn, Kanagaror judges every continent in the world with every breath it takes, and if it finds that a continent is doing more harm than good, it will level the place into a giant ocean, ready to start the cycle of life again.
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Radiant Wave: A Power 100 Special Light move that swamps the target in a giant tidal wave of pure light. This hits both enemies in a double battle and has a small chance to raise all of Kanagaror's stats by 1: the chance increases for each time an enemy's stats were raised during the battle.

Jarlaris is a Clownfish Pokémon that is shaped like the junk ships that people crafted in the past to get across the water's surface. It can often be found sailing across the sea from region to region, feeding on coral reefs as it swims by. It's insides a very spacious and resemble the interior of a wooden boat, and Jarlaris is very caring for it's fellow Water Pokémon, allowing them to rest inside it and breed at will. Some fish Pokémon even spend their entire childhoods inside a Jarlaris, and they only exit it with Jarlaris's help. The Pokémon inside Jarlaris affect how it battles, with stronger Pokémon increasing the strength of it's water attacks. In addition, Jarlaris resides in the Ditto Egg Group, meaning that any Pokémon can be bred with it to make their eggs. It is noteworthy that you cannot normally catch a Jarlaris at this point until you obtain the ability to cross water.

Sound/Job --> Sound/Job --> Sound/Job
Based off Konohanasakuya-hime, Kokiki is a shy performer Pokémon that spends most of the time isolated from the rest of the world, listening to it's headphones which can absorb any sound possible. While it normally runs away from anything it sees, you can build your trust with a Kokiki, and in return, it will play the music from it's headphones to you, which cultivates the earth and soothes the soul. Once Kokiki has built enough trust, it breaks away from it's isolated shell and evolves into Kohanii. This Pokémon just loves to be the centre of attention, and will sing beautiful tunes, amplified by it's microphone, to draw everyone to it. It mostly plays songs for the people and Pokémon that it trusts, and the songs that it sings can calm down volcanoes and prevent them from erupting, though it's mostly unaware of this, preferring to have big battles against other Sound Pokémon to see who is the better singer. This is because Kohanii is actually the descendant of a goddess that looked after the earth, and it's full traits awaken when it reaches it's final stage of evolution in the form of Kosakuri. Now a fully fledged performer goddess, Kosakuri performs beautiful songs for everyone to hear, protecting the earth from natural disasters in the process. However, all shrines dedicated to it have been destroyed by natural disasters themselves. It can not only sing, but also play a sweet riff from it's guitar, which it plays using it's right hand which is designed to always create the best strums. If it ever loses this guitar, Kosakuri will find a replacement almost instantly. It has also fully bonded with the person it trusts the most, protecting them from all harm and helping them in need. It's said that a performer that exceeds all expectations is destined to become a Kosakuri when their life comes to an end.
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Sakuya LIVE!: A Sound Status Move. Kosakuri performs an amazing song that steals the target's stat increases, removes all helpful effects from them, and heals Kosakuri for each one removed or stolen this way. It also applies Protect and Mist to Kosakuri, and heals it a slight amount anyway. Being a protecting move, it always goes first, and it's chances of failing rise if used in succession.

Mikiánzé is a very peculiar Pokémon because it resembles a little human girl. It's said that the first Mikiánzé was born when a girl was struck by a bolt of lightning that told of it's destiny to fight against other Villain Pokémon. It is a very upbeat Pokémon that spends all day charging itself with static electricity, even from appliances and power lines, which it then uses to fight against evil, which it can sense with it's own static electricity. It fires out electric bolts in such a fast way, that it has been comparable to a railgun by some people. Apparently, Mikiánzé does not get along well with other Electric-type Pokémon, who it thinks are thieves, trying to steal it's electricty for itself. It is notable that Mikiánzé can normally only be found much deeper in the Oriva Region, and requires you to go out of your way to get one before the Tyrannical Dark Titan.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Ancient Spirit: A Pokémon with this ability will have it's Ancient Gauge fill in faster. In addition, outside of the Oriva Region, only Pokémon with this ability can use Ancient Attacks in regions where the Ancient Band is nonexistant.

Hero/Villain --> Hero/Villain --> Hero/Villian
Based off Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Susoretic is the descendant of a Legendary Pokémon that was also said to be a descendant of the Erumano line. It has a questionable future because of it's typing, and Susoretics will either follow the path of heroism, or the path of evil, using the unused destiny to help it shape it's own way. Many people also question Susoretic's nobility, as many of the sources of it have been proven to be false. It's main attack is firing a giant laser beam that judges the target's soul and adapts to it accordingly. It evolves into Susokami, a Pokémon said to be infused with the souls of fire and ice, which are also contained within it's twin blades. The left fire blade slays any evil it strikes, while the right ice blade slays any good it touches: as such, Susokami will only ever use one of the blades to fight, unless it's path is neutral. It's wide variety of abilities allow it to be used for good or evil, and it can easily switch between them rather quickly. Some sources state that Susokami was born when it's descendant cleaned it's face in a sacred river. It's final evolved form is known as Susanoperial, a Pokémon with so much power, that it has been mistaken as a Legendary Pokémon by some. Banished from the astral plane for wrongly causing the demise of it's father, Susanoperial allows the winds of fate to take it to it's own destiny. It reigns over destruction and regeneration, managing the planes carefully and recreating them when they are damaged beyond repair. It is a notable slayer of many different Pokémon, such as Yorochi, but the evil that the Wushido Clan is trying to raise managed to avoid Susanoperial by misleading it with a dark destiny. People fear Susanoperial as it makes every move, as they don't know if it could either help the world, or bring it to an early end!
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Yakusa-no-Ikazuchi: A Power 60 Special Normal Move that has Susanoperial open a hole in the sky with it's sword, raining down celestial bolts down the target. Despite it's typing, this is both a Hero and a Villain move, and it hits twice: the first hit is calculated using Susanoperial's Attack, while the second hit is calculated using it's Special Attack, and both hits have a chance to drain 3 PP from one of the target's moves. This move's power becomes 90 if Susanoperial's Ancient Gauge is full, or all of it's moves are at full PP before use.

Jackpot is a casino Pokémon that lives up to it's name. It is basically a walking slot machine, but the slots on it determine it's battle abilities, yet it still makes people think that it can produce money, giving them bad addictions in the process. Because of this, Jackpot had been banished from many different regions, and some people say it is the reason why the Game Corners dropped their slot machines, thinking that they were no better than Jackpot. The only region where Jackpot can be found today is in the Oriva Region, where people know that Jackpot's slot machine is only for combat. Some say that Jackpot took on the form it uses today to preserve the legacy of slot machines, and it actually hates gambling, only doing the evil deeds it did in the past because of it's own Villain typing.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Slot Reel: At the start of every turn, Jackpot pulls it's lever and spins it's reels. If it doesn't get three of something, nothing happens. However, there is a wildcard slot that can serve as any reel. Otherwise, Jackpot will automatically use the following moves based on what it rolled:
Three Cherries: Eerie Impulse
Three Lemons: Confuse Ray
Three Oranges: Psybeam
Three Pears: Nasty Plot
Three Apples: Scheming
Three Bells: Recover
Three Bars: Psychic Terrain
Three Replays: Jackpot uses Confusion before instantly spinning the slots again
Three Magikarps: The ghost-type version of Curse
Three Upside Down Sevens: Drop Off followed by Rest
Three Wildcards: At the end of the turn, Jackpot uses Teleport
Three Sevens: JACKPOT! Jackpot launches a Power 150 Special Villain move that fires a gigantic laser from it's reels. This move cannot miss and has a high critical hit ratio!
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The Tyrannical Dark Titan lies within the Yinying Woods, a dark forest known for the various spirits that dwell within it. Minions of pure darkness are now yours to command as you make your way towards the second Titan! This includes the rest of the region's Ghost-types....just in time for Halloween.

Dark --> Dark --> Dark
Shapasu is a pair of hands that constantly play with themselves, calling forth shadow puppets that become real forces of darkness. Never separating even in the direst of moments, Shapasu is constantly thinking of evil thoughts, and the more distorted it's shadow puppets get, the more ruthless it is. Some Shapasus can even tell the future with their shadow puppets. It evolves into Tholbomasu, a Pokémon which strangely resembles a puppet itself. It performs strange dances of darkness which compel other people to do the same, no matter how dangerous they are to perform, and they always seem to tell white lies, filling the minds of anyone it speaks to with pure discord. It's said that Tholbomasu is a rejected design for a puppet that brought the theater it performed in into bankruptcy, and it is rather crazy as well, always dancing without running out of energy. It's final evolved form is known as Wolkhmlasu, known to some as "The Puppeteer Of Shadows". It lashes out the twin strings on it's hands towards the strongest Pokémon or person it sees, strangling them up like a puppet. Wolkhmlasu then gains complete control over the target's mind, draining their good thoughts in the process so that the rest of their lives will be as an evil mastermind. It uses it's puppet to do the fighting for them, infusing them with the powers of darkness and shadowing over all light. Wolkhmlasu only let's go of it's puppet if it sees a stronger one to control, and those let go will suffer eternal nightmares for the rest of their life. There's been a common superstition that people only perform bad deeds because they are controlled by Wolkhmlasu.

Light --> Light --> Light
Eyffer is a Pokémon that puts it's own faith in the light, strangely resembling a temple from a distance. It offers small Pokémon as sacrifices to this force of light, making itself stronger and more focused in the process. Eyffer carefully inspects each potential sacrifice, based on how strong it is and how faithful it is, so you'll often find it sacrificing evil Pokémon against their own will. The sacrificed Pokémon is then whisked away by a massive torrent of light energy. When it evolves into Dimao, it becomes a walking sacrificial altar. It judges the worthiness of every person or Pokémon it sees, and if Dimao sees someone as too unworthy to follow the light any further, it throws it on top of the altar, ready for sacrifice. It's a very honest Pokémon, always telling the truth, though it rarely comes in contact with people that it doesn't want to sacrifice, instead isolating itself in the far mountains of the Oriva Region, constantly focusing it's body and soul. Once Dimao has sacrificed enough targets to fully become one with the light, it evolves one last time into Tuditao, the closest resemblance to a priest in the Oriva Region. Putting all it's duty into serving the light itself, it uses powerful beams of light energy to drain the evil out of anything it hits. You'll often find Tuditao meditating at the local temples, making sure that it never loses contact with the light every day by constantly keeping itself in focus. There's even been some sayings that most of the temples in the Oriva Region are based off Tuditao's shape when inspected from a distance.

Normal/Time --> Normal/Time --> Normal/Time
Based off the Dorotabō, Muolar is a Pokémon made entirely of a special kind of earth known as Xirang, a type of soil that constantly mutlipies to whatever the wielder sees fit. It's normally a very shy Pokémon, hiding inside farmlands as it spread the Xirang around, and it rarely shows itself to other people and Pokémon. It uses it's Xirang as it's weapon as well, covering the opponent in a pile of soil so that Muolar can escape to a safer spot. It evolves into Xirdoro, the spirit of a farmer who died in guilt after his well spent farmland was ruined by the very next owner. Feeding only on vengeance itself, they haunt the owners of the field they died in and force them to eventually sell the farmland to someone who can take better care of it. It's four fingers are said to represent a different sin, and the fitvh finger was apparently chopped off the Xirdoro itself. It still uses it's Xirang to it's advantage, mainly as a way to get the owners to leave. Xirdoro then fully evolves into Yuxiarang, a bountiful warlord Pokémon that commands it's own Xirang to it's will. It mainly uses it to prevent great floods from occuring, earning it the cheers from it's fellow villagers. However, Yuxiarang will only stop a flood if it would destroy the village otherwise, allowing the flood to go by otherwise. It also uses the Xirang to build great farmlands where crops can grow in peace and tranquillity. Supposedly, it once worked with a certain Legendary Pokémon in the past that no longer appears in the region today to help shape the land itself.

Fire/Ghost --> Fire/Ghost --> Fire/Ghost
Based off the Onibi, Pudibis are squashed pumpkins given life once more. These little wisps of flame always carry the squashed pumpkin with them as they wander across the Oriva Region's rainy areas, making sure that the pumpkin is never damaged any further. It's flames are hot enough to cause constant burns for weeks on end, and they can drain the life force of anyone who threatens them. Some Pudibis take on the voices and faces of those who have lost their life to this Pokémon. When Pudibi evolves into Inkaso, it becomes one with it's own pumpkin, which strangely loses the X_X markings it had when evolving. No longer able to fly, it instead disguises itself as an ordinary pumpkin until someone gets close to it. Then, Inkaso releases an infernal scream that can drain the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it almost instantly, before hopping over to a different location. It also does this if it is carved by someone that it doesn't trust, but successfully doing so will grant you protection from the spirits for a few weeks. It's most commonly found in festivals that celebrate the spirits of the Oriva Region, feeding off the leftover energy projected from them. It's final evolved form is known as Jackoyaku, a possessed Jack-O-Lantern spirit that is slowly burning away. It's flames can consume entire souls and send them to the underworld for all eternity, and it's two eyes can see every spirit in the area, letting it know which ones to feed on to keep it's own fire going. It's said that if Jackoyaku appears before you on a dark, stormy night, your life as you know it is over, doomed to serve a lifetime of torment to Jackoyaku's flames, which it can reshape into demons and essences of darkness.

Wierd/Ghost --> Wierd/Ghost --> Wierd/Ghost
Tamatigami is an Origami Pokémon that is shaped like a Tamatebako, folded from paper that supposedly belonged to an origami craftsman who perished trying to make a thousand paper cranes, which he believed could fulfil any wish possible. Those who stare into it's single eye will find themselves losing their focus and youth, and it constantly refolds itself every day to keep it's shape. However, outside of that, Tamatigami does not do that much, spending all day staring into the night sky. This behaviour continues even when Tamatigami evolves into Katamakami, which has folded itself into a bear. This bear shape is supposedly the first origami model that the craftsman created, and outside of standing there, all Katamakami does is run in a straight line, as if it is imitating the bear's movement. Those who touch it will have their spirit drained to the core, and in battle, it folds itself into several other shapes, such as a giraffe and a cat, to confuse it's opponents. It only truly becomes active when it fully evolves into Orizurushrami, a Pokémon that resembles one of the paper cranes that the craftsman made. Now free from it's past behaviour, Orizurushrami commands a series of mini-cranes into battle, each of which is folded out of a single sheet of paper made of ghostly energy. It leads these cranes as if it was like a warlord leading an army of soldiers into battle, and each crane has a different speciality that can catch an opponent off guard. When it's opponent is weakened, Orizurushrami goes for the kill, striking them with a peck of wierd energy that turns their body into a piece of paper, ready to be folded into another mini-crane. Once it has a thousand of them, Orizurushrami will make the wish that the craftsman wanted, before it mysteriously vanishes, it's duty having been done. However, an Orizurushrami that trusts it's trainer every step of the way will stay behind, though it will lose all of it's cranes in the process. It is noteworthy that a hidden hollow in the Yinying Woods is the only way to obtain the Tamatigami line before facing the Tyrannical Dark Titan outside of scouring the Ancient Raid Dens, and you need the ability to cross water to find all the other locations of it.

Ghost/Flying --> Ghost/Flying --> Ghost/Flying
Based off the Kotengu and the Aosagibi, Aohers are Heron Pokémon that become this way after they have lived for a thousand years. It's a very shy Pokémon, preferring remote areas where it can feed on low class spirits in peace, and as it flies, it leaves behind a flammable powder that, when ignited, doesn't appear to burn anything at all. It's quite easy to mistake the flames that the powder makes for other Pokémon such as Pudibi or Hinowilla, and most people don't realize it until it is too late. Heroguu is what Aoher evolves into, and in this form, it stops being shy and starts hunting higher class spirits, mainly middle stage Ghost-type Pokémon. They prefer a solitary life, stealing treasures and trinkets and using them to decorate it's own nest, with more valuable treasures making Heroguu more powerful. They also enjoy injuring other Pokémon: One of their favorite past times is to pick up other Pokémon and drop them from high heights just to see if they survive hitting the ground. What was once it's flammable powder is now a ghostly spirit that can consume even the brightest of souls. It's most savage form is it's final evolution, Goiaosugi, which hails from the same family tree as Tenguruda. It loves nothing more than destroying everything in sight, and it will even draw other people into doing the same thing by telling them white lies and forcing them to eat the mud from it's nest, which is infused with the spirits that it had previously consumed. It's giant wings drain the spirits of anyone that catches even a glimpse of them, and it's talisman prevents other Ghost Pokémon from doing the same thing to it. Goiaosugi's greatest weakness is it's own overconfidence: It can easily be tricked into making faustian bargains or to fly back to it's nest over the simplest of things, and more often than not, this is the only defence against Goiaosugi's brutality.

Ghost/Electric --> Ghost/Electric --> Ghost/Electric
Based off the Nue, Nusis are calm, caring Pokémon that make their homes in treetops, concentrating on improving it's mastery over Ghost and Electric attacks, as it has not yet mastered either of those. It tends to avoid conflict, focusing all of it's energy on evolution, and catching a glimpse of a Nusi can grant you great fortune in certian regions. Nusi's evolved form is known as Kojinusi, those mastery over electricity and spectres has multiplied tenfold. It runs across trees and branches, marking it's territory with an electrical field that drains the spirits of anyone who touches them. It's presence is noted by the strange cries it makes that sound like birds, and people thought they were a bad omen, always hoping for the worst whenever they hear them. Kojinusi also the name given to something truly mysterious that has not yet been discovered. It's final evolved form is known as Yorkyranusi, a chimera Pokémon that leaps from thundercloud to thundercloud, tormenting all that dares to oppose it with a giant storm of lightning bolts. It can turn itself into a giant thundercloud to travel great distances, and it's cry now makes thunderstorms appear with every second it sounds out. Hearing this cry will send you into an eternal state of paralysis, leaving you wide open for Yorkyranusi to land the finishing blow. Legend tells of how a warrior slayed a Yorkyranusi to cure an emperor of such paralysis, before casting it's corpse down a river to a village, where it was rightfully buried. Rumor has it that the reason why the village is still being struck by constant thunderstorms is that Yorkyranusi's lifeforce comes from the lightning it creates.

Ghost/Job --> Ghost/Job
This Pokémon is based off the Kyōrinrin. If a book is left unattended and gathers dust for too long, it will gain life and become a vengeful Buzzled. This Pokémon's wisdom depends on the book that became it, and it is a very vengeful Pokémon, attacking the owners of the book it once was in revenge of abandoning it. It does so by animating the letters on it and sending them towards it's enemies. An extravagent Pokémon, Buzzled constantly decorates itself with scrolls and book covers, and it's often found at libraries. Buzzled evolves into Kyorinbar, a Pokémon powered by the endless wisdom that is around the world. Now taking the form of a ruthless serpent, it's vengeance towards other people has multiplied tenfold, causing people to take good care of their books, lest Kyorinbar attacks them with it's razor sharp pages. Some people even get sealed inside the Kyorinbar's pages itself, never to escape again. Sometimes, however, you'll see Kyorinbar acting as a librarian, making sure that all of the books around it never get dusty at all.

Ghost/Psychic --> Ghost/Psychic --> Ghost/Psychic
Based off the Hinnagami, Dollinas appear to be possesed dolls, but they are in fact the earth from seven different villages given life by the spirits of darkness themselves. They are created through a ritual that involves covering the earth in stardust, which then shapes itself into the Dollina. It can grant any small wishes that it's owner asks to it, though once it grants a wish, it will instantly ask for another one, forming an endless cycle of greed and despair. It will constantly annoy it's owner this way to ask for a wish, and the only way to get it to shut up is to recall it back into it's Poké Ball. However, it does not exhibit this behavior in battle. Dollina's strength depends on the number of wishes it grants, and once enough of them have been granted, it evolves into Poswish, and in this form, it will no longer leave it's master's side, now capable of granting even the most powerful of wishes. The promise of an unlimited number of wishes will drive it's owner into a greedy overlord in seconds, but if Poswish thinks that it's being asked bad wishes, such as a wish for the world to be destroyed, it will rightfully refuse the wish, or even twist the words of it. An emperor once tried to use Poswish to rule the world, and people were granted lots of wool on that day: Poswish had twisted the words to "Wool the World" before destroying the emperor with a massive torrent of psychic energy. In battle, it grants wishes made by itself, though it has a code of honor and will never wish for the battle to be instantly won unless the situation at hand would allow the battle to be won anyway even if the wish was granted, such as if the opposing trainer only had one really weak Pokémon left. It's final evolved form, Hinnachobbo, is said by some to be humanity's greatest mistake. While it can now rewrite the rules of time and space to grant it's wishes, people who are partners of Hinnachobbo will do nothing but constantly ask for wishes, now a puppet to this Pokémon. Said to be created from a thousand dolls, not even death will separate Hinnachobbo from it's owner, following it into the afterlife to torment them with wishes for all eternity. Some sources state that Hinnachobbo grants the wishes in an alternative universe, leaving the owner completely insane as they spurt out words of nonsense.

Ghost/Dragon --> Ghost/Dragon --> Ghost/Dragon
Based off Shokuin, Shoaces are possesed dragon Pokémon those actual body is the face that never seems to open it's eyes, not the dragon like body, which the face controls. It never eats, sleeps, drinks, or breathes, wandering around aimlessly searching for torches to gain warmth from. As a Ghost/Dragon type, it's mastery over the spirits of dragons is resolute, though Shoace mostly ignores them in this form, like a wild animal to flame. It's evolved form is called, Shokurul, which is a lot more active than it's pre-evolution. Shokurul is the size of an entire castle, and it claims an entire mountain as it's own, forcing the residents to be extra careful when treading through it, as it's skin can cause hallucinations for days. It's eyes gleam like a lighthouse, and it's breath can cause massive hurricanes infused with the spirits of darkness. When it leaves the mountain it claims, it will infuse it with ghastly energy until it returns, serving as a barrier against the forces of darkness. Shokurul's final evolved form is known as Shoraraguardor, known as the "Crimson Season Spirit" by some people because of it's ability to change the seasons. When it opens it's eyes, night becomes day. When it closes them, day becomes night. When it inhales, it becomes summer. When it exhales, it becomes winter. Because of this, people viewed Shoraraguardor as a high level deity of the world, praising it's ability to change the weather at will, and as such, Wethayami has a violent rivalry with it. In battle, it uses it's immeasurable size and it's mastery over spirits and seasons to destroy anything in it's path, possessing enough power to turn a whole city into a bleak wasteland in a single strike!

Ghost/Ice --> Ghost/Ice --> Ghost/Ice
Based off the Oshiroi babā, Hagihoris normally live in the icy mountains of the Oriva Region, and it's said to be a subspecies of the Yunesa line. Covered in a sheet of cold powder, Hagihori is a Pokémon that avoids conflict and interaction at all costs, with it's horrifying face scaring away even the bravest of souls. It loves to cackle into the deep blizzards, and their presence can be noted by the strange creaking sound they make that is comparable to a mirror being moved. It's evolved form is Powjara, a strange hag Pokémon that only appears at snowy towns at nighttime near the end of the year. It tries to convince other people into accepting the makeup it sells, which is a powdery substance comparable to snow. Their cane not only helps them stay balanced, but also serves as their weapon in combat, covering enemies in a giant flurry of powder snow from which there is no escape whatsoever. Because only a few people have seen Powjara, not much else is known about it. It's final evolved form requires an Ice Stone to reach, and it is known as Babaoshaw, a truly mysterious Pokémon that very few people actually see. Supposedly, it commands blizzards at it's will, and rearranges the faces of anyone it sees to make sure they look beautiful. It also only appears in areas where there is absolute peace, so not much is known at Babaoshaw beyond these facts, because ones that evolve from Powjara exhibit nearly the same behavior as their pre-evolution.

Ghost/Athlete --> Ghost/Athlete --> Ghost/Athlete
Based off the Kyōkotsu, Snooky is a snooker cue and a set of billard balls given life after they were thrown down a well. Possessing a powerful grudge towards the owners who disposed of them poorly, Snooky pucks the balls like it was an actual game of snooker, always aiming for the target's weak points every time. Each of the three billard balls possesses a different personality, yet they always get along so that they can perform the greatest snooker maneuvers. When Snooky evolves into Kyooky, it absorbs the billard balls, leaving just the cue, which becomes a spirit that is apparently shaped like the person who threw the billard balls away. Now able to generate a set of billard balls by itself with it's ghostly energy, it inflicts anyone it sees with a deep grudge that deters them from using wells, as that is where Kyooky lives most of the time, stealing the souls of anyone who climbs down the well. There have been some sources that Kyooky's lifeforce depends on it's snooker playing skills, fading away if it can't find the perfect shot in time. It's final evolved form is known as Cueshotrooky, the spirit of a professional snooker player given life once more. It spends most of the time honing it's snooker skills, playing snooker at tables without caring about the outside world. Supposedly, it has even forgotten it's own grudge, only showing it again in combat. However, when the time comes to strike it's enemies, it will hit the billard balls that it makes with it's own vengeance with enough force to pierce through most materials in a single strike. Some Cueshotrookys come from the spirits of snooker players who have spent their entire lives figuring out every possible scenario in snooker.

Villain/Ghost --> Villain/Ghost --> Villain/Ghost
Debbos are servants of Legendary Dark, Ghost, and Villain Pokémon that are based off the Red Boy. They fly across the underworld searching for mean tricks to play on other people and Pokémon alike, all to please their masters. Lacking a soul entirely, Debbo only cares to spread evil to wherever it goes, sometimes appearing near people and convincing them to do evil deeds. Debbo is normally reliant on it's master, but when it is ready to become independent, it is a sign that it is nearly ready to evolve into Hohnivil. This demon Pokémon is a master of playing tricks, able to shapeshift into a variety of items and summoning torrent of demonic flames that can blot out the sun. These flames cannot be quenched by even rainfall, and burns left by them are filled with the forces of darkness. It's pitchfork is filled with the evil spirits of a millenium's curse, and those stabbed by it will instantly become demonic themselves, performing evil deeds just for the sake of it. It claims entire caves as it's own, and tricks people into helping it out so that they can be left at their most vulnerable moment. Only the most demonic of Hohnivils can evolve into it's final stage of evolution, Samátan. In this form, it basically becomes the ruler of the underworld itself, commanding demonic Pokémon to spread evil to the furthest corners of the land. Samátan itself appears before people and convinces them to sell their soul to it, whether it be for power, fame, or fortune. It then keeps a close eye on it's bargain, and if it's servants ever violate them, it torments them to an endless cycle of pain and nightmares. Despite all this, it is a very close friend to Vajiroxx, indicating a connection between them.

Hero/Ghost --> Hero/Ghost --> Hero/Ghost
Based off Zhong Kui, Shórry may look like a creepy spirit, but it's actually a very dedicated ghost slayer. It commands small demon Pokémon like Debbo against their will to fight with them, incorporating their abilities into it's own strategy. A very persistent Pokémon, once Shórry enters an area, it will not leave until it and it's friends are the only Ghost Pokémon left in the area. For some odd reason, it likes to hide in attics, though whether it is a way to keep it's identity a secret is still unknown. Once Shórry has defeated enough ghost Pokémon, it will evolve into Shózhong, now armed with a blade designed to destroy spirits outright. It judges every Ghost Pokémon it sees, recruiting the ones that it trusts and destroying their rest, making sure that they can be at rest in the afterlife. Ghosts that follow Shózhong never seem to become evil at all, working alongside it at a far better rate than it's pre-evolution. Supposedly, it is the reincarnation of a warlord who vanished after losing his title due to it's distorted appearance. Upon becoming one with the spirits themselves, Shózhong will fully evolve into Shókuiyuk, the ultimate slayer of evil ghost Pokémon anywhere. It's spirit is bound to a special book that serves as it's source of power, though it can still fight even the strongest of ghosts if the book is destroyed. Rather, it serves as it's bounty list: When the name of something is written upon the book, Shókuiyuk will go for that target instantly, and since it never loses concentration on itself, clawing even the most grim of spirits with it's possessed claws that can damage both the body and the soul, it will usually result in the target perishing without anyone knowing it was Shókuiyuk's doing. Those who wield the book will gain Shókuiyuk's trust, protecting them from all spirits as long as they hold it. It is rumored that the death of several criminals across the Oriva Region is related to this very book!

Time/Ghost --> Time/Ghost --> Time/Ghost
Based off the Heifeng Guai, Guarl is an incopereal spirit Pokémon that is invisible to most humans and Pokémon. It's presence can be noted by the lack of spirit in an area, and it fights with powerful time based attacks which can extinguish any fire in the vincinity. It's quite a common Ghost Pokémon, but it can only be seen with special devices such as the Silph Scope. It's evolved form is known as Etherfang, which wields a sharp claw in one hand, and the head of a bear in the other. It's said that this bear is the spirit of an ancient grizzly bear that once terrorized villages, only dying because it did not believe in the spirits themselves. Now mostly visible, Etherfang hunts down prey by biting them hard with it's bear head, not letting go until there are no spirits left within the target. It's a common sight in most mountains, feeding on the bad omens that come from them. Etherfang then fully evolves into Bodhisyin, those bear head has now fully taken over it's entire body. A vicious spirit Pokémon, Bodhisyin only exists for the thrill of the hunt, stealing possessions to goad people and Pokémon alike into fighting them, their spirits draining as they fail to pierce Bodhisyin's hard skin, until they perish. Bodhisyin then feeds on the target's spirit and discards the body, making it look like they had been killed by an avalanche. Legend tells of how a fair maiden got a Bodhisyin to give up it's evil ways by forcing it to drink the elixr shaped like one of her companions.

Dark/Beast --> Dark/Beast --> Dark/Beast
Based off the Betobetosan and Sugawara no Michizane, Bestoclaks are invisible spirits those presence can only be noted by the clacking of sandals in the streets at night. They match the steps of anyone they follow, causing them to become insane from hearing things that they can't see. To fend it off, just stand by the side and say "After you, Bestoclak", upon which it will pass by harmlessly and walk towards it's next target. While normally a harmless spirit otherwise, Bestoclak's evolved form, Nighwara, is quite the opposite. Said to the spirit of a deceased imperial poet, Nighwara appears before people and speaks out a strange poem that always seems to describe their demise, before the events of the poem occur in reality. An experienced Pokémon in both the powers of Darkness and of Beasts, it uses these powers to torment those who have avoided the events of the poems it has told, spurting out more poems in the process. It's said that as it's guilt over it's death overtakes it, Nighwara becomes stronger and stronger, until eventually it becomes it's final form, which is known as Michirano. Now a vengeful thunder god, Michirano's past life was of a poet that lost everything to when the emperor he served turned to the dark side. It brings forth an eternal curse on villages that do not pledge their will to it, destroying houses with bolts of pure darkness, and the only way to satisfy it is to host a festival in it's honor. It's ruthless destruction across the Oriva Region has it earnt it the honor of being one of the region's most powerful demons, and people lay out paintings of Michirano to avoid it's wrath of darkness.

Dark/Athlete --> Dark/Athlete --> Dark/Athlete
Cisd is a possessed Discus Pokémon based off Taira no Masakado. It's said to be the soul of a powerful samurai taken residence in a disc that he once played with as a child, and it normally flies around aimlessly in the night sky, slicing through opponents with enough force to chop down an entire forest of trees. Whoever tries to use it as an actual discus will lose their soul to the abyss of darkness, with it's single eye watching the wielder's every move as they are consumed by the shadows. It evolves into Tairisc, those disc is now sharp enough to slice through solid titanium. It strikes down those who opposed it during it's past life as a samurai, especially opponents that it failed to defeat. It infuses itself with the blackest night, and those struck down by Tairisc will see nothing but darkness for the rest of their days. In an emergency, it can detach the two dots on it's disc to use as additional discuses, but they are only strong enough to slice through iron sheets. Tairisc's final form is known as Masakahurl, those face bears resemblance to the samurai's final moments, his head being chopped off by his own friends and family. It arrives with a chant of "Where is my murdered body!? Come here! Reattach my head and let me fight once again!", slicing through even solid mountains as if they were mere sheets of paper as it flies across the night sky. It's two dots have now become athletic hands which can throw energy discs that can send those hit by it directly to the afterlife, and it is a very cunning Pokémon indeed, always knowing when to fling it's discs to the right areas. As Masakahurl flies by, those who witness to it become victim to a deadly plague of darkness.

Dark/Wierd --> Dark/Wierd --> Dark/Wierd
Based off the Kuro bōzu, Darsell is a mysterious floating sphere of darkness that floats across the night, projecting an aura of shadows as it flies across. This aura causes nightmares to anyone who enters it, and these nightmares persist even after exiting the aura field. There's a common folk belief that if a Darsell appears in a village, it is a sign that a powerful Dark-type Pokémon will soon appear and ravage the village to the ground. Darsell's evolved form is known as Dartuhoch, a strange Pokémon with two huge tongues for arms. It approaches sleeping people at night and licks them with it, draining their breath and causing them to suffer nightmares where they continue being licked, leaving them with a massive state of apathy in the morning. No-one can figure out that this is Dartuhoch's doing as it is a nocturnal species, though it's smell is so putrid, that it makes other people run away from home just to get away from it. It also appears to only approach those with good minds, intending to corrupt them into the forces of darkness. It's final evolved form is known as Darkurora, a true harbinger of eternal darkness. Those that it licks will have their minds replaced with nothing but a void of darkness that thinks of nothing at all, leaving them in a state of eternal sleep. It's tongue is strong enough to wipe out even the brightest of minds in microseconds, and it secretly hides in the darkest of areas, waiting for it's moment to strike. No-one knows why Darkurora is even doing this, but some say it is trying to convince entire villages to disappear from history entirely.

Dark/Villain --> Dark/Villain --> Dark/Villain
Odoldiers are soldier Pokémon that fight for warlords specializing in evil schemes, such as the head of the Wushido Clan. They gather in large armies and charge towards their enemies, basing their strategy around what they face. Oldoldier's prized weapon it's spear that can pierce through even the toughest of metals, and it sharpens it every day with the corpses of those that it kills. These Pokémon are led by it's evolved form, Sekigaspa, who are more specialized and experienced than it's pre-evolution. Having left the warlord it serves at this stage, it assembles huge armies and brings doom towards anything it sees as a threat. A very cunning strategiest, Sekigaspa can figure out the weak points of it's targets simply by reading their movements, and it's rumored to be the descendant of a warlord who brought the world to his knees. However, it does slightly suffer from a case of overconfidence. It's final form is called Nobunoda, a talented and powerful warlord Pokémon that only aims for the conquest of it's home region. Able to command it's army with extreme loyality, Nobunoda is one of the most feared Pokémon known to man, unifying the world under it's fingertips, and it is a talented warrior when it comes to combat, able to beat any opponent no matter how powerful it is. Some say that Nobunoda even managed to change the rules of the Oriva Region entirely, though it has been confirmed that it was not responsible for the thousand year war that led to the Guardians of the Oriva Region being forgotten.


To your absolute shock, the Second Titan Pokémon is'nt a Titan at all...rather, it's a Legendary Dark Mage based off the Godai, the right hand man to the evil that the Wushido Clan is trying to raise! It commands five orbs which are said to be the personifications of the first elements brought to the Pokémon world: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Void, of which the only the first two remain today. These five orbs each command the entire flow of the element within them, and Godyo can use them to create massive natural disasters that can bring doom to the whole world. Godyo was once well celebrated for bringing the elements together to create the Oriva Region, but as time went on, Godyo believed that the elements were being used for the wrong purpose, and when it learnt of the evil, it allied itself with it, believing that once the evil destroys the Oriva Region, Godyo can banish it and build the region once more. It's fully capable of human speech, being one of the few Pokémon that can do so without telepathy, and when it encounters you, it questions why you are defeating the Titan Pokémon for lost memories, telling Chuan that it was built for a far greater purpose that it must stop!
You'll fight Godyo three times across your Pokémon journey, and it's role as the Tyrannical Dark Titan is your first battle with it. His ally Pokémon consist of five Pokémon that each represent his orbs, in the order of Bampoa, Koiwn, Creston, Firon, and Shapasu, and despite not being a Titan in technicality, Godyo still holds a portion of Chuan's power: In this case, it's strategy. Defeating Godyo for the first time will cause him to flee, while promising that they'll meet again, and it will grant Chuan the ability to walk across water, finally opening up the rest of the Oriva Region for exploration. It also causes Chuan to regain it's second lost memory: That the power sealing wasn't for the greater good by all: It was caused by Godyo itself! It is also noteworthy that you cannot catch Godyo until you have completed your Pokémon journey in Oriva.
SIGNITURE MOVE: Chisuikafuku: A Power 30 Special Normal Move which has Godyo fire lasers from it's five orbs towards the target. This move hits five times with varying types for each strike: Fire, Water, Flying, Ground, and Psychic, in that order. The fire strike may cause burning, the water strike may apply Aqua Ring to Godyo, the Flying Strike may increase Godyo's speed by 1, the Ground strike may cause flinching, and the Psychic strike may increase Godyo's Special Attack by 1. Each strike will double it's power if there is a Pokémon with the same type as the strike in the party, though if there is a dual-type Pokémon that fulfills two of the strikes, they will only increase their power by 1.5.
First originating from Paldea, the Meal Powers make a return in the Oriva Region, this time granted through special kinds of Sushi! They are made at another familiar feature coming from Paldea, the Picnics, which is also the main source of Pokémon eggs in this region. They are cooked in three simple steps:
1: First, choose a type of rice to apply over the sushi wrapping.
2: Evenly apply the ingredients on the sushi wrapping and roll the sushi up.
3: Carefully chop the sushi into eight halves for you and your Pokémon to eat.
Every Meal Power returns from Paldea, with Raid Power instead increasing the chances of a Pokémon in an Ancient Raid Battle to have an Ancient Move which matches the type of the Raid Power. In addition, Encounter Power can now cause Pokémon not normally found in an area to spawn: most of the time, this will be a pure-type Pokémon matching the Encounter Power's type, but sometimes a special Pokémon can spawn: for example, 12 seperate areas in the Oriva Region each have a very small chance of spawning a Fully Evolved duplicate Starter Pokémon if you have it in the front of your party and it is registered in the Pokédex, with Encounter Power increasing the chances of it spawning!
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With Godyo defeated, even though you now have the ability to cross water, the next stop in the level progression is the Fighting Wushido Base down the dangerous Boulder Canyon. On your way there, you'll meet many new Pokémon in the surrounding fields, including encounters found in fresh water! Though some of these Pokémon look very...familiar.

Water/Magic --> Water/Magic --> Water/Magic
Based off the Jin Chan, Zhapole is a tadpole Pokémon that resembles a coin with a tail. It's most commonly found in fresh, thriving, rivers, and whoever can catch one in a jar will be granted great fortune as long as Zhapole remains in the jar. It's said to be a subspecies of Ferofero, despite it's life stage being younger than the former. People once used them in lieu of real coins, trading them for goods and commodities. It evolves into Jibbit, which has become a frog of fortune. It can generate coins using it's mastery over water magic, before using them for either trading with others, or for combat. Jibbit only gives out it's coins to those that it trusts, and for this reason, it does not get along well with Monula, who has a very similar coin creating power. It's said that if you see Jibbit in a river, that river will be rich with gold and other treasures beyond the eye can see. Jibbit then fully evolves into Jingoreed, a giant Bullfrog Pokémon with only three legs. It protects hoards of treasure and money, making sure that no-one will ever steal them. Jingoreed will also protect the houses of the people it trusts, granting them good luck and making sure that they are never robbed. It's said to appear before villages that will soon receive good news, and charms made after it are said to become powerful good luck charms. However, bad luck is to occur if a Jingoreed is ever facing a front door.

Ground --> Ground/Ice --> Ground/Ice
Bearisa is a Himalayan Brown Bear Pokémon that lives in the Oriva Region's mountains, forests, and sometimes deserts. A grizzled predator, Bearisa's main goal is to hunt down any prey it sees, building up a strong enough food supply to hibernate for the winter. With strength comparable to a fully grown Ursaring, if you see a Bearisa in the forests, one's only option is to flee before you suffer it's powerful fangs which can tear a dumper truck in two in a single strike. Things change, however, when Bearisa evolves into Splitear, granting it a second head for an arm who is based off the Polar Bear, also granting it the powers of an Ice-type. The two heads never get along, always running towards their respective habitats, yet they never show signs of splitting at all. Each head has a different diet and a different mastery over a type, and they both fight each other for supremacy and leadership. Found in a variety of environments, Splitear's presence ensures there is always conflict in the area it lives in. Once the two heads stop fighting each other and start getting along, Splitear will fully evolve into Arctomaritt, one of the Oriva Region's most brutal predators. Now with full control over Ground and Ice, Arctomaritt's ferocious jaws can tear apart a whole castle into rubble in seconds, and it's claws are sharp enough to end the life of anything they strike. They are very territorial Pokémon, with each head claiming a whole forest as their own and scaring off everyone in the vincity, as they know that if they stay any longer, they will fall victim to Arctomaritt's brutality.

Water/Job --> Water/Job
Sushoct is an octopi Pokémon that can be found not just in the ocean, but also in towns and beaches. An expert at sushi making, Sushoct uses the tools around it to create sushi dishes comparable to ones made by artisan chefs. It is also armed with a spray of ink that it uses to escape from danger, and it uses all these qualities to help the Water and Job Pokémon around it who are in dire need. Because of it's simplistic appearance, many chefs had used them as the logo for their restaurants. It dislikes the Fooshi and Ambuno lines, which resemble it's hard work. Sushoct's evolved form is known as Cleavokamui, now able to create any form of sushi dish. It's armed with two cleavers which can chop apart fish into sushi in seconds, and it's tentacles can easily grip anything, allowing it to hold all of the ingredients to making sushi at once. Chefs often hire Cleavokamui to serve as the main chef in their restaurants, though it gets distressed if it is told to make anything other than sushi. In battle, Cleavokamui uses it's twin cleavers to chop up the opponent into a special kind of sushi dish those properties depend on the opponent's.

Mythical/Bug --> Mythical/Bug --> Mythical/Bug
Cakiku is based off the Okiku mushi, and it's appearance alone is a strange occurrence. Some sources claim that after a beautiful girl was murdered by her lover, her spirit became Cakiku, which appears to be filled with an aura of vengeance that makes other people want to do the same. It normally doesn't do that much, crawling along leaves and preparing itself for evolution, though if provoked, the provoker will find that the string it spits will make them so consumed in vengeance, that they will go insane. Cakiku then evolves into Byasaya, who, when looked at from a distance, resembles a bound woman. It's aura of vengeance still remains, though, making people who try to rescue it fall into insanity and eventually the afterlife. It's four arms are bound together by a special kind of leather which strangley resembles the wooden texture of a windmill blade, and fittingly enough, it's often found in windmills, cursing them to be never entered again as long as Byasaya remained in the area. The floating eye above the arms serves as the source of it's Mythical energy, as it flies around with it's new pair of wings. Eventually, Byasaya will evolve again into Samabancho, an adorable butterfly Pokémon those looks are decieving. Having forgotten about it's own vengeance, Samabancho gleefully flies around looking for friends to make, unaware of the fact that it is making people be consumed by their own lust for revenge with the powder it leaves behind. Samabancho is apparently looking for the lover that murdered the girl that became it, eager to make amends for itself, even if the lover has become a Pokémon today. There's been some rumors of a strange video tape those only video is a Samabancho acting cute: those who watch it become a Samabancho themselves afterwards. It battle, it uses it's twin blades to chop up anyone that dares to oppose it, filling them with their own vengeance and making them crazy.

Magic/Wierd --> Magic/Wierd
Gimtop is a Gimbal Pokémon that is basically a top contained around a razor sharp ring filled with magical energy. Gimtop and it's ring rotate seperatley, spinning around to confuse opponents and tear them to shreds. Gimtop's discovery inspired people to create mechanisms for their machines which allowed for a smoother workflow by being easier to rotate. It can efficiently fight even without it's ring, and sometimes it willingly removes it's ring to allow children to play with it. Gimaphilo is it's evolved form, a Pokémon interested in the philosophy of rotation. It constantly writes out angles and axises on tree trunks so that other people and Pokémon can learn about them. It's prized weapon is itself: Gimaphilo can not only deploy tops to to spin out opponents, but it can also spin around at speeds of over 300 miles per hour, and those caught up in it will be teared to ribbons of magical energy. It gets around with the rings on it's feet, which are comparable to roller-skates, able to perform many different tricks as it runs around: it always appears to go for where the earth's axis is at it's peak.

Doljizo is an ancient Jizo Statue Pokémon that normally does nothing outside of battle for a thousand years. Not even powerful attacks can move it from it's position. However, it projects an aura of peace around it that drains the will to fight, and people often lay them in front of temples to make sure their services can go along without interruption. Even in battle, it doesn't move much, obliterating the opponent from the spot it stood on with a massive surge of Time energy, which appears before the opponent can even think of it. Supposedly, the first Doljizo was originally crafted by an ancient monk who spent his final moments building it so that his mastery over peace and wisdom could forever be remembered.

Bug/Hero --> Bug/Hero --> Bug/Hero
Hemander is a spotted longhorn beetle Pokémon that is filled with miracles and hope. It always wishes for a good future every day, as it crawls across leaves, protecting young Bug Pokémon from harm. You'll often find them feeding on flowers and nectar, and since they only live for a few weeks if they do not evolve in time or get caught by a trainer, people often kept them in bottles before Poké Balls were imported to the region so that they could always carry their miracles with them. Hemander evolves into Assisoeno, a Pokémon who brings miracles to battles by assisting Hero Pokémon in need. Now a lot more humanoid than it's pre-evolution, Assisoeno fights with kicks filled with it's own miracles, aiming for the target's weak points so that they cannot have a miracle themselves. It's assisted by a being of pure miracles that confuses the opponents before Assisoeno lands the finishing blow. Strangely, it has a liking towards cat Pokémon, and it can always turn any fight around with a miracle. It's final evolved form is known as Ceramiaette, also known as "The Bringer Of Miracles". If you see this Pokémon in a battle, a miracle will soon occur, as it's three companions of miraculous energy deflect the attacks of any enemy that approaches them, before Ceramiaette lands the finishing blow by throwing them with it's horn before performing a powerful kick which can obliterate an entire mountain in a single shot. It's very caring towards it's allies, making sure that they get the most help possible. Supposedly, it took this form after a Bug Pokémon in a distant region that possessed very similar companions.

Fighting/Poison --> Fighting/Poison
Based off the Kidōmaru, Chekido was believed to have been born after a party of adventurers slayed a Gourtoji, with some sources claiming that it is in fact Gourtoji's son! True to it's typing, with the help of it's snake arm, Chekido loves nothing more than to fight dirty, cheating every second of every battle it takes part in, loving every time it does so. Some of these cheats include tripping up it's opponents, attacking before the signal to fight is given, and even smuggling in Full Restores in battles that disallow them! Because of this, precaution must be taken when Chekido is taken into a battle, lest it gets the first opportunity to cheat. It's main habitat is caves, said to be ones that Chekido was banished too after failing to become a student. It evolves into Marthlatte, which is a more notorious cheater than ever! With it's snake tail telling it about it's opponent's weakness, it strikes them in ways that only ruthless people would dare to imagine. A very devious Pokémon, Marthlatte will sometimes even try to attack the opponent's trainer in an effort to drain them of their fighting spirits. The only way to subdue Marthlatte is to trap him: Legend tells of a warrior who got his revenge on a Marthlatte by sealing him inside the corpse of a Holstow, before striking him down with his blade, as he was now given enough time to figure out Marthlatte's weaknesses.

Fighting/Ground --> Fighting/Ground --> Fighting/Ground
A Pokémon based off the Asian small-clawed otter, Futters can be found in rivers and oceans in groups of around ten individuals. Each one practices their own fighting technique, able to strike the ground with a small earthquake to confuse the opponent. You'll often find them laying in the water with their belly showing, either holding shells that they use to improve their fighting style, or their own pups. Eventually, Futter will migrate to canyons where Ground-type Pokémon are prevelant. Only a few Futters survive this journey, and they then evolve into Cinxyutter, which is no longer a water-based Pokémon. It's main fighting style is the Fut Ga Kuen, a style where it raises it's fist towards the target to block attacks before walloping them with a flurry of punches and kicks that shake the earth themselves. Cinxyutter at this stage has become a solidary Pokémon whose only focus is to train itself against everything that comes in front of it, mainly other Ground-type Pokémon so that it can improve it's affinity with the earth itself. Once it has trained enough, Cinxyutter becomes it's final evolution in the form of Gakuenutter, a Pokémon whose hands can shake entire mountains. It's mastery over the Fut Ga Kuen has been improved by taking the best traits of the fighting styles used by other Pokémon, and it always accepts every challenge given to it, balancing it's strength depending on the opponents it faces. It travels the world looking for these challenges, though sometimes if it wants to meditate, Gakuenutter will return to the river that it once lived in as a Futter, to use it's origins as a source of power.

Beast/Fighting --> Beast/Fighting
Wuskk is a Water deer Pokémon native to rivers and plains rich with water. True to the species it is based on, it's fighting style incorporates water into it despite it not being a Water type at all, taking energy from rivers and flowing it into it's fighting style. While normally a peaceful grazer, it's spirit awakens when it faces a predator, striking them with a massive torrent of water similarly to the Rapid Strike Style that Urshifu mastered in the Isle of Armor. Research shows that it's ancestors used to have razor sharp tusks which have faded away today. It evolves into Qinxiuskk, a Pokémon who aims to defend the ungulates and ruminants around it. Now perfected in it's way of controlling the flow of water, Qinxiuskk combines it with the might of a savage beast, creating powerful strikes by sensing the water droplets around it, aiming for the target's kidneys which it knows is always a suitable weak point. It's often seen underneath waterfalls, concentrating it's own mind for it's next battle.

Water/Normal --> Water/Normal --> Water/Normal
Spinka is a fountain Pokémon that is common in areas rich in water, never appearing where it is dry. It is filled with a special kind of fresh water that provides youth to those who drink it, and some people once mistook it as the Fountain of Youth itself. However, it is a crybaby, crying over the most desirable of things, which often floods the area in it's tears in the process. This is also how it gets around, as it normally cannot move from it's spot. Spinka's evolved form is known as Aqurouta, whose shape resembles the fountains that the people of the Oriva Region once crafted. While it's still a bit of a crybaby, it only cries over the most dire of situations now, and it never runs out of water, which not only is great for drinking, but is also it's main weapon in combat, washing enemies away with a massive torrent of water. It wears a special amulet that was once believed to be owned by an empress who paid her loyality to a Legendary Water Pokémon, and it helps Aqurouta control the flow of water around it. Aqurouta then evolves again into Sozuko, a Pokémon those entire body is made out of water. It appears before those who are suffering from a drought and brings prosperity to it once more by providing them a sprinkle of it's special water, which can heal wounds and serve as a form of cold compress. However, Sozuko is a very shy Pokémon, and it will take a lot of building it's trust to get it to spread it's water to anyone it sees. It's also rumoured that it creates entire oceans of tears whenever it cries. In battle, it converts it's arms into twin water cannons that can blow a house into rubble in a single shot.

Fire/Normal --> Fire/Normal --> Fire/Normal
Toratches are torch Pokémon that can most commonly be found in towns and areas rich with Fire-type Pokémon. It's a very consumed Pokémon, only caring about spreading it's flames to every corner of the world, but it only does this when no-one is looking, posing as an ordinary torch otherwise. It's an easy pick for starting Fire-type Pokémon trainers to raise because it can always control it's own flames even in the most dire of situations. It evolves into Dengurng, a Pokémon that resembles the torches found near temples. It's firepower now multiplied to the point it can melt even a sheet of solid diamond into goo in seconds, it turns ordinary areas into firestorms that other Fire-type Pokémon can rich it, and it can rain down flames by combusting the flame on it's head. Whether Dengurng evolved to camouflage itself among villages, or to better attune itself with it's own fire power, is still unknown. A popular folk tale tells that when a Dengurng is sighted in a village, that village will burn down in the very next day. It's final evolved form is known as Kenflamz, who is now consumed by it's obsession with fire. With it's twin flame cannons called "The Fire Arms", it releases an infernal firestorm that can burn entire forests into ash-filled wastelands in mere seconds. It can also surround itself with a burning aura that can melt anything it touches with flames of over 15 million degrees Fahrenheit. It's main source of power comes from the symbol on it's chest which once decorated temples dedicated to Fire-type Legendary Pokémon, but no-one has ever been able to break it, as Kenflamz can easily repair it with it's mastery over fire.

Electric/Normal --> Electric/Normal --> Electric/Normal
Volrod is a lightning rod Pokémon commonly found in areas where lightning storms are apparent, or near sources of electricity such as power plants. Capable of draining any source of electricity to the point that they are non-existent, Volrod unleashes a powerful electrical bolt towards it's enemies that has enough strength to shatter an entire ten storey building in a single strike. When several Volrods gather near a power plant, it is a sign that it is being too relied upon, and that people must seek other sources of electricity, mainly ones that use renewable resources. Once Volrod has fully consumed all the electricity in the area, it will evolve into Beilduct, which can now create a million volts of electricity per second, though it is a brash Pokémon at this stage. It only uses the electricity to power it's attacks, and if you see a Beilduct providing power to a city, it is doing so unwillingly, and it eventually destroy the city with a powerful lightning bolt as a sign of vengeance. Strangely enough, you'll often find a group of them in a straight line, with each one passing electricity to the other. It can still absorb the electricity of others, now being able to target fully evolved Electric Pokémon. Eventually, Beilduct will absorb enough power to evolve into Elanzapp, which is also the only form in it's line to be able to move, flying around using electromagnetism. Using the four prongs on it's back, Elanzapp can absorb the electricity of an entire city, and if power cuts occur very often, it is likely the work of an Elanzapp. It can command electricity at will through it's hands, able to convert them into powerful swords of pure volts. It can also detach the prongs to serve as lightning rods, causing blackouts at even the slightest provocation. This sheer power made people believe that Elanzapp came from another universe, as it's strength is beyond what any Electric Pokémon can imagine, but it is vulnerable if it's power source, the electrical symbol on it's chest, is ever damaged.

Flying/Grass --> Flying/Grass --> Flying/Grass
Fowlmarishes are Peafowl Pokémon that are common in many forests in the Oriva Region. They look after their pre-evolutions, Peavoni, who are basically defenseless chicks who are totally reliant on their mother for initial survival. Peavonis start their life chirping the day away, but as it grows up, it's hidden Grass genes awaken, allowing it to fight back with leaves comparable to those found in royal gardens. Despite this, even a Peavoni that can defend itself and become independent will avoid combat at all costs until it evolves into a Fowlmarish. Once it does so, it becomes a royally treated bird Pokémon. It displays it's tail feathers not just as a way of attracting other Fowlmarishes, but also as both a threat to other predators. The feathers on it's tail are comparable to leaves, and Fowlmarish uses them to slash through anything in it's path. A royal Pokémon at heart, emperors once adopted Fowlmarishes and allowed them to roam their gardens, as it's feathers are full of pure beauty. This beauty can be improved further by trading Fowlmarish while it is holding a King's Rock, which will evolve it into Kartipavo. Now a truly beautiful Pokémon with tail feathers comparable to a hedge, Kartipavo can be found as the pet of many kings and queens, favoured for it's sheer elegance. It's said that a garden where Kartipavo dwells in will prosper as long as it is kept well tidy. In battle, it's tail feathers mesmerize it's opponents into a trance of sheer awe, upon which Kartipavo finishes them off by covering them in a garden comparable to most imperial ones. Some say that this mesmerisation comes from the spots on it's feathers, which are different with every Kartipavo.

Electric/Rock --> Electric/Rock
Based off the Gagoze, Genergy is a storm of electrical energy thought to be given life by an ancient descendant of Rajinorr. It wanders around mountains and canyons, asking for electrical energy so that it can become whole once more: Because of this, it's main target is the Volrod line, who it knows has the most electrical power. Despite being unevolved, Genergy is surprisingly strong, able to use it's collected energy with enough force to topple entire castles with a single strike. Genergy can also be used as a source of electrical power by sealing it in a bottle, which can then be unleashed by uncorking it. No matter how hard Genergy tries, it will never get enough energy to furfil it's goal in it's life: the only way to complete it's goal is to trade it while holding a King's Rock. The energy of the trade combines with the royality of the King's Rock, giving Genergy the power it needs to evolve into Gangó-Jize, a very talented electrical sorcerer Pokémon despite it's size. It possesses enough strength to throw even the most talented of Fighting Pokémon to the ground, and it's robes are made with the King's Rock used to evolve it, granting it endless defence. It commands lightning storms at it's will without anyone knowing, making people struck by them think that they have been attacked by their own deities, sowing distrust among them. If Gangó-Jize appears before a person, that person's fate has been decided, and it will perish in the next week. Some Gangó-Jizes also command Rolkais to help spread their electricity, and often the blame of a Gangó-Jize attack is placed on those Rolkais instead.
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The Fighting Wushido Base, and it's master Ruthing, lies at the end of the Boulder Canyon, where powerful Fighting Pokémon reside. Nearby is the is the entrance to the Kaseki Jungle, a tropical rainforest where this region's fossils can be excavated from a quarry near it: the fossil reviver resides close by, allowing you to command ancient dinosaurs which once appeared in the Oriva Regions' prehistoric past.

Fighting/Psychic --> Fighting/Psychic --> Fighting/Psychic
Wiamur is an Amur Leopard Pokémon that can be found in both of the locations just mentioned, the Boulder Canyon and the Kaseki Jungle. It hunts prey by specializing in the fighting style of Wing Chun, reading the opponent's mind with it's psychic powers before grappling their hands with their paws and destroying them with a flurry of psychic powered punches. Only the size of a small kitten, Wiamur runs across treetops looking for fish to eat, constantly cleaning itself with it's psychic powers. Once it has fully grown, it will leave it's rainforest home and evolve into Chunpard, those fighting style is comparable to most martial artists. Using it's mental powers as a form of sixth sense, it reads the opponents moves and dodges them with such tranquility, before retaliating by grabbing the opponent's arms and rendering them unusable by overloading the nerves with a giant mental explosion. It's quite popular among dojos and training grounds, but it is always constantly sharpening it's mind so that it can always succeed in any battle it comes across. Supposedly, Chunpard learns in secret, by listening to other people while hidden in bushes. Once Chunpard has become one with it's own spirit, it evolves into Lia-Mui, who is said to be the descendant of a princess who spent her entire life training in the art of Wing Chun, which it has now perfected. A very kind Pokémon, Lia-Mui helps other Fighting Pokémon in need, using it's special staff to detach the spots on it's body to use as both disks and as a way to meditate. These spots can throw punches equivalent to a hundred pro boxers, and Lia-Mui commands every last one of them to perfection, not stopping until it is certain that peace has been attained once more. These spots can even combine into giant hands which can crush a dumper truck in one squeeze. However, as a result of relying on this new tactic, it's hands have degraded, though they can still throw a million punches per second. Lia-Mui wears the skin of a leopard Pokémon which is apparently long extinct, which serves as the source of it's own psychic power.

Fighting/Athlete --> Fighting/Athlete --> Fighting/Athlete
Tea-Phi is a teapot Pokémon that specializes itself in Tai-Chi, swinging it's handle around in a slow manner that helps it recover it's own health. Tea poured from Tea-Phi can repair wounds and cure some diseases, but Tea-Phi only allows itself to be wielded by the people that it trusts, violently swinging around to others, which can easily tire it because it is outside it's fighting style. It's made of a special kind of clay that can be slathered over a wound to make it heal a lot faster. It evolves into Serv-Phi, those nozzle and handle serve as it's own hands. It spends all day training it's mastery in Tai-Chi, performing hand movements in a way that soothes it's soul and repairs it's body. It produces a healing aroma comparable to the move known as Aromatherapy, and Serv-Phi often appears before those who are injured. It's also very good at serving as it's name suggests, bringing tea and exquisite dishes to the people it trusts, and the tea it pours out is now comparable to a Max Potion's healing ability. Serv-Phi then evolves again into Cheng-Phi, a Tai-Chi master whose fists are teapots that produce the best tea in the Oriva Region. A very dutiful Pokémon, Cheng-Phi will serve it's master for as long as it lives, healing their wounds with it's tea and defending them with a flurry of slow strikes that it's opponent will never expect. They specialize in one of five different kinds of schools, each one providing it with a different kind of Tai-Chi that heals a different kind of ailment. They are easily adaptable as well, always changing it's speciality based on the situation around it. It's said that Cheng-Phi's appearance inspired the first teapots in the Oriva Region.

Fighting/Bug --> Fighting/Bug
True to it's name, Cricktráin is a Cricket Pokémon that spends every day training, even while sleeping or in battle. It believes that it is never perfect, and thus it attacks everything in sight to get stronger and stronger, and it can often be found at fighting clubs, always being the victor because of it's training. It's back legs are not only a powerful kicking force, but can also jump very high to get Cricktráin away from danger that it cannot face at it's current state. Most Cricktráins will spend their entire lives trying to reach the end of their road to perfection, and some might never make it because of the current situations. Those who do, however, evolve into Gyrlldóúsháy....and then start their training all over again, wanting to become the most talented Fighting Pokémon in the Oriva Region. Gyrlldóúsháy is a balanced fighter who trains itself on stronger and stronger targets every second, though it is aware about power itself. Rather than essentially focusing on getting stronger, it instead focuses on mastering a fighting style to use against an opponent. Once Gyrlldóúsháy has perfected in the fighting style, it will just simply start training in another one. Gyrlldóúsháy's training has no end, always learning a new style every day: as such, some people use it as a form of inspiration, learning new ideas by looking at how it learns them.

Sound/Fighting --> Sound/Fighting --> Sound/Fighting
Dandan is a rather curious Pokémon that watches the traditional dances that the people of the Oriva Region perform in festivals to please the Legendary Pokémon. It then performs these dances itself, incorporating them into it's fighting style and dazzling it's opponents by performing elegant dances. Some sources claim that Dandan is entirely focused on keeping the secrets of these dances into it's memory, never actually focusing on the battle itself, and you'll often see a whole group of them dancing into the night. The white membrane on it's arm is comparable to the dress of a traditional dancer, and it is used to add further elegance to it's dancing. This membrane becomes it's own arms when Dandan evolves into Roytang, who has become a far better dancer. Able to perform even the most complex of dances, Roytang can be found performing sacred dances within large empty plains, where it has plenty of space to work with. These dances fill anyone near them with their spirit, making them want to dance with Roytang, which in turn builds up it's trust. Some Roytangs are also dedicated to supporting a certain Legendary Pokémon, performing strange ritual dances to please them, though no-one has ever seen a Roytang perform this because they scatter when someone gets close to them this way. It's final evolved form is known as Yangeralkyrie, who is also called the "Crimson Valkyrie" by some due to it's beautiful appearance. Now with a more slender body, Yangeralkyrie can perform any sacred dance imaginable, building up it's fighting spirit and granting inspiration to nearby people. It's a lot more focused in battle now, dodging the opponent's moves with beautiful dancing before striking their weakpoints in the middle of the dance by kicking them with enough force to smash an oil tanker in a single blow. Supposedly, it's filled with the energy of the Legendary Pokémon that is supports, fighting just like them. Yangeralkyrie is very popular with girls, and they will dance for their trainers to help them regain their resolve.

Hero/Fighting --> Hero/Fighting --> Hero/Fighting
Fis-Tist is a huge fist Pokémon that uses itself as if it was a giant iron fist. Clenching it's feelers like knuckles, it strikes opponents with powerful punches that can break boulders in a single blow. Fis-Tist constantly strengthens it's fist by punching solid rock and fighting Beast Pokémon bare handed. It can often be found in temples high up in the mountains, protecting them from any evil that might enter the area, and it's said to be a good luck charm for martial arts masters. Fis-Tist's evolved form is known as Kun-Lun, which is said to appear from a mysterious city that only appears to Fighting-type Pokémon. Now armed with two fists, it uses them to demolish it's opponent by striking them with a flurry of martial arts techniques. It's most trusted student is the Mukar line, whom it helps improve it's mastery over karate by striking pressure points with enough force to destroy a castle in a single punch. Kun-Lun is a trusted and honorable Pokémon, and it makes great friends with those specialized in the art of Fighting. Once Kun-Lun has fully mastered it's own fists, it reaches it's final evolved form in the stage of Dann-Rann, a Hero Pokémon that protects the mysterious city from all villainy that approaches. It's right hand has grown to an incredible size due to it's fighting spirit overloading it with strength, requiring the change to carry it. Known as the "Iron Fist", Dann-Rann concentrates power into this fist with enough force to obliterate even the strongest of Pokémon in a single punch. It can focus it's chi to cure it's own wounds, or to focus more deeply, allowing it to read the opponent's electromagnetic fields and strike them accordingly, and it always focuses well on it's duty to protect it's area from all harm. No-one has ever seen the mysterious city that it protects, with the city only appearing to the eyes of the Fighting Pokémon it allows in: all attempts to record footage of the city have only resulted in mist.

Villain/Fighting --> Villain/Fighting --> Villain/Fighting
Kabukair is basically a Kabuki Mask once wielded by a dancer who performed well in the box office until the mask gained a mind of it's own. Jealous of the fact it was being used for profit, not entertainment, the mask laid a curse on the dancer that eventually led to his death. The mask was then damaged by the sands of time, and today, Kabukair focuses on repairing it's mask back to the prime form it once was. Even though it's just a mask in a pile of hair, Kabukair is a talented dancer that can often be seen at theatres, performing strange dances that strengthen it's own fighting spirit. In the middle of repairing the mask, Kabukair will evolve into Kabukance, a Pokémon often employed as a villain in many traditional plays in the Oriva Region, mostly to replace a long lost general. Kabukance fights like the way it performs in theatres, dancing elegantly to sharpen it's mind before striking the opponent down with it's sabre. It secretly steals props between scenes to continue repairing it's mask, often from the plays that the dancer once performed in, and since it always replaces them with something else, not even the theatre's playwright can figure out that it was Kabukance's doing. Eventually, Kabukance fully repairs it's mask and evolves into Kabukizomi. Now a fully fledged Kabuki Pokémon, it is one of the most popular Pokémon in the Oriva Region, performing dramatic dances in front of everyone. It's prized weapon it not just the fan it uses as a form of display, but also it's own hair, which can swing with enough force to chop solid diamond in two with a single strike. However, the spirit of the maks compels it to act it's own plays out in real life, causing Kabukizomi to unknowingly destroy towns that it heroically destroyed in the plays. Despite this, Kabukizomi is still considered to be one of the Oriva Region's most unique forms of culture.

Dark/Fighting --> Dark/Fighting --> Dark/Fighting
Based off the Sōjōbō, Sónósé can often be seen commanding members of the Titey and Aoher lines, supposedly showing that it is the leader of these families. It specializes in Qigong, moving objects with the powers of darkness using it's bright brown nose that never dulls, and it also uses it at as a powerful blade comparable to ones wielded by most swordsmen. Sónósé resides in huge mountains, watching down over all the Titeys and Aohers in it's area, and making sure that they only perform a bad deed if they have to. It's mastery over Qigong increases when it evolves into Kúrgátá, a sage Pokémon that teaches those who manage to make it to their humble mountain lairs. It's a very kind Pokémon that always offers the correct advice, and it fights alongside Hanrittys and Heroguus, incorporating it's fighting tactics into their battle styles. However, it's said that Kúrgátá eats the flesh of any child that it doesn't trust, taking them into the deepest parts of the mountains where they are never seen again, and sometimes it approaches villages during the night to do this. Eventually, Kúrgátá evolves into it's final form called Qidáitá, which ditches the nose it once used as it's prized weapon to fully focus on it's Qigong powers, being one of the few non-Psychic Pokémon with access to mental powers. By this point, the fully evolved Tengarudas and Goiaosugis have left it to purse their own paths, but it's trust in them has been severed permanently, now an evil mastermind Pokémon that only wishes to challenge the most worthy of opponents to see if they are really worthy of their own power. By using it's six arms, each focusing on a different sin, it overloads the target's mind with darkness before using them to tear them apart limb by limb, doing so one at a time to make the opponent suffer in pain as long as it can. Sometimes, though, Qidáitá will appear before martial artists in training and perform this progress as a test of spirit. If the martial artist still carries on despite the extreme pain it causes, Qidáitá will grant the limbs back and vanish, which is a sign that the training is complete.

Fairy --> Fairy/Fighting --> Fairy/Fighting
Qiamese can be best described as a Pokémon version of a Siamese cat. It had been domesticated by the people of the Oriva Region for many years on end, serving as a companion and as an inspiration to certian pieces of artwork. Wild Qiameses appear in alleyways looking for food, and take a lot of building trust with them in order to be tamed. It's said that a purring Qiamese will help soothe the spirit and allow it to focus more deeply, not to mention it is very cute. However, if Qiamese suddenly runs away from it's owner, it is a sign that it is close to it's evolution into Miqia. This Pokémon is now fully feral if it isn't in a Poké Ball before then, focusing on the fighting style of Mianquan. This fighting style hardens the soft cotton on it's legs into solid diamond, which it then uses to strike the opponent with a force comparable to a hundred pro boxers. They look after their Qiamese kittens and make sure that they can evolve as well, hissing and boxing against other Pokémon that would dare to harm them, mostly other Miqias, practising it's fighting style all the way through. Some Miqias even convince tamed Qiamese to become feral, gathering in different groups that often fight against each other. Once Miqia has fully trained itself, it will make it's way towards a temple and dedicate itself towards it, fully evolving into Hebalii in the process. Now a fully fledged fighter, Hebalii defends the temple from those would dare to damage it, just like it did with it's owner when it was still a Qiamese. It hardens it's normally soft fur into a sheet of titanium before destroying it's opponents with a flurry of punches and kicks, never stopping until it's opponent has been knocked down, after which it will drag them out of the temple and into the wild where other Miqias can feast on their remains. When it's not busy protecting it's temple, you'll often find Hebalii looking at the house it once lived in from a distance, focusing it's spirit on the happy memories it once had with it's owner. If it's owner finds it again and catches it inside a Poké Ball, it will gladly protect them for the rest of their life, happy that they at least remembered their companionship with them.

Fighting/Job --> Fighting/Job
Like Saku, Flongo is a Pokémon native to Magicant, and can't normally be caught before the Fighting Wushido Base without going well out of your way, though some of the warriors of the Fighting Wushido Clan base do use it in battle, and it can be found by scouring the Ancient Raid dens as well. It's a Pokémon based off the Drongo that is said to be the symbol of a person's courage. Often coming in groups of five, Flongo will happily agree to work with anyone who asks for it's help, assisting them in battle by pummelling enemies with a flurry of punches and kicks. They only serve as bodyguards to those who they think will have a heart of good, politely turning down the requests of any others. Strangely, every time a Flongo faints, a gravestone mysteriously appears near their home den. As it can normally only be caught late into your Pokémon journey, Flongo requires a lot of experience in order to evolve, and it evolves into Hirarage. Comparable to hireable bodyguards by most people, it fights it's opponents in such a fast way that it's opponents will think they are seeing nothing but mirages. It is very dedicated in it's job, making sure that the person it protects will never fall into any harm again. Hirarage sometimes appears in people's dreams, and it's appearance is a sign that the dream will provide courage and determination to those who believe in it. Some people who saw them this way claim to have seen "The Flying Men", as Hirarage is very rarely found in the wild outside of it's home in Magicant.

Flying/Time --> Flying/Time --> Flying/Time
Waxor is a Waxwing Pokémon that can be found flying around the mountains and canyons of the Oriva Region. It feeds on berries and fruit, making sure that there's always room for the other bird Pokémon in the region, though it also feeds on Bug Pokémon during the summertime. It's call not only lets other Waxors know where it is, but it also sounds like the ambience that the area once had in the past, indicating that it is trying to preserve the history of the area no matter what. It battle, it swoops down onto it's enemies and strikes them with a force of time energy that drains their spirit. Waxor evolves into Arycilla, and in this form it is a predator, feeding on fishes and small mammal Pokémon before taking them to their nest to feed their young. It's mostly a solitary Pokémon, preferring to fight alone, and it always appears to fly around areas where their history has been consumed by time itself, letting other people know which areas to restore to their original form. Sometimes, it will even protect historic sites from being destroyed, and it's wings are now strong enough to summon giant tornadoes of time energy that, on closer inspection, project images of the area in the past, though they are often too violent to even see through. Once Arycilla has become strong enough by fighting against those who would dare to oppose the historic sites it protects, it fully evolves into Garjada, a powerful guardian Pokémon based off the Garuda. It flies high and true, looking over ancient sites that preserve the history of the Oriva Region, and if it sees someone trying to vandalize the area or even destroy it, it will swoop down and strike the criminal down with a powerful whirlwind which comes from the armor on it's chest, which resembles a giant bird's beak. Garjada's wings can create whirlwinds that can destroy anything in sight, and it often appears before those who are trying to build something on a historic site, convincing them to move somewhere else. If they refuse, Garjada will obliterate their soul by exposing them to winds so dangerous, their body collapses to dust. People once worshipped them as a protector, granting it gifts of feathers and food.

Normal/Steel --> Normal/Steel --> Normal/Steel
Based off the Rokugyo, Gotin is a Chinese Goral Pokémon that's common in canyons and mountains. It's a type of grazer that feeds on a special grass rich in metal, which in turn hardens the tin spot on it's back. People then used this tin to craft basic armor and storage components, though it's very brash towards those who misuse it's tin. Some say that Gotin was the gift of an emperor from another region who felt sorry in the lack of metal in a certian village of the Oriva Region. It evolves into Naemoclan, which now wields a sword and shield of solid tin. Acting very similarly to the soldiers of the emperor that gave Gotin away, Naemoclans form huge clans of 100 individuals before fighting against each other to see which of their tin coating is the stronger of the two. These battles are apparently based off the wars of the emperor's home region, which has yet to have been indenitifed. Despite this, they are still willing to provide their own tin coating to those in need, and it's said that people who receive the tin plating of a Naemoclan will be granted eternal protection as long as they are wearing it. A Naemoclan leaving it's own clan is a sign that it is about to fully evolve into Rokugoral, a fierce predator that only resides in mountains where there are no trees or plants. It's meat is said to grant not just healing properties to those who eat it, but also great defence as well, but no mortal has ever tried to hunt a Rokugoral due to it's deadly wings of tin, which can cause metal poisoning for days. Normally an individual Pokémon that fights alone, sometimes Rokugoral flies north to work with other Steel Pokémon, leaving behind flakes of tin scraps as it flies which people can use to fix their armor.

Dragon/Rock --> Dragon/Rock --> Dragon/Rock
Valbalt is a Pokémon that mysteriously appears when a porcelain vase has been standing for many years on end, it's head peeking out of the vase. This vase is in fact it's actual body, with a soft blue skin being within it that's shaped like the vase itself. Valbalt acts like the painting on the vase, with every Valbalt acting in a different manner, and it's very rich in cobalt as well, leaving behind specks of it as it hops around the house it was born in. In battle, it breathes out a breath of cobalt dust that can cause blinding for days on end. When Valbalt evolves into Procelym, it starts to break out of it's own vase, absorbing it's purpose within it's own DNA. It slithers around canyons and caves leaving behind shards of the vase as it goes by, and these shards are great collector's items, with archaeologists striving to find complete sets of a certain vase. It's said that this vase was sculpted by an emperor who wanted to decorate his palace with only the most elegant of displays, coating every last one of them with a speck of cobalt dust. It's cobalt breath has vastly improved, and Procelym often uses them to create actual vases, using them to decorate it's home and store leftover prey to eat for later. However, Procelym is supposedly a shy Pokémon that only shows itself to the most talented of crafters, no matter what the personality it got from the vase was. Once Procelym fully breaks out of it's vase, it evolves again into Hantage, said by some to be known as "The Cobalt Wyrm". It flies elegantly across the sky, and those who see Hantage will be inspired to craft it's image upon vases and walls alike, and painting Hantage this way will grant prosperity as long as the illustration stands. It often flies around the village it was crafted in, and it spreads cobalt dust to those who pass by it, which grants any piece of artwork that it is infused with eternal life. However, Hantage dislikes villages that oppose art or reject it entirely, destroying them with blue flames that can turn anyone that it hits into a cobalt statue for all eternity. Some even say that Hantage is a natural art critic, only allowing the most well drawn of paintings to prosper. It's tail holds a new vase which forever records the history of the vase that it had broken out of. Supposedly, Hantage is the descendant of a Legendary Pokémon in a distant region assiocated with Cobalt, which once lived in the Hoenn Region.

Rock/Poison --> Rock/Poison
Revived from a Nail Fossil, Bountaraptor is a Velociraptor Pokémon that likes to hunt in large packs of ten to twenty individuals. It's a very smart and cunning Pokémon, clawing marks in trees which the other Bountaraptors can understand, and it's fangs are infused with a special kind of poison that regresses the target's mind back to the stone age. In the prehistoric past, Bountaraptors were common in the deserts of the ancient Oriva Region, with each one having a different role in hunting it's prey. Due being a very keen survivalist, Bountaraptor was able to survive even after most of the Dinosaur Pokémon went extinct, only becoming extinct itself when it could not keep up with Pokémon that adapted around it's hunting tactics, it's DNA eventually passing down into Dragon Pokémon specialized in hunting. These packs are led by it's evolved form, Blugoliskae, said to be one of the most talented hunters of all time. It tears apart prey with it's razor sharp nails which are infused with it's special poison, and it's very clever as well, always striking the opponent when they'd least expect it. Blugoliskae's keen prowess allowed it to keep on fighting until the very end, knowing that another Blugoliskae will carry on it's legacy. Some sources claim that if the Pokémon that caused it's extinction did not exist, Blugoliskae would have been the intelligent species of the world and not humanity. As a scientist who fell victim to it's cunning strategism once claimed..."Clever Girl".

Rock/Flying --> Rock/Flying
Revived from a Wing Fossil, Auronirst is based off the Aurornis. It resembles a giant bird, and it tries to fly every day by jumping off cliffs with it's indeveloped wings, often with fatal results, so it's trainer must be careful that it only jumps off the smallest of cliffs. In the prehistoric past, it was supposedly the first ancestor of Archen that migrated to another region before becoming extinct, and it could glide across the sky with ease even after it's birth, a feat that revived Auronirsts can only perform with enough training. After the Pokémon that would become Archen migrated to the landmasses that would become the Unova and Alola Region, as well as the Crown Tundra, Auronirst supposedly forgot how to fly, having passed it's mastery over to the Archen ancestors. This is further proven when Auronirst evolves into Xuivian. Despite having great control over the wind, this Pokémon has extreme troubles trying to glide across the sky, often only resulting in a small glide which can help it cover great distances, but only on land and not in the air. Before it was discovered that Xuivian had gladly passed it's mastery over flight away to the ancestors of Archeops, some people called it "The False Bird", and claimed that it wasn't a bird at all. According to research, Xuivians only existed in the prehistoric past before the first ancestors of Archen and Archeops appeared, after which they stopped appearing entirely. It's said that when Archeops of today remember this mastery, they can evolve into a third form which is only documented in a distant region that the Oriva Region is unfamiliar with: reports show that this form had two tails, a mask of stone, and was supposedly called "Quetzalcous".

Rock/Fighting --> Rock/Fighting
Revived from a Leg Fossil, Sautae is based off the Saurolophus. It exhibits fighting styles which are very similar to Taekkyon, knocking enemies off balance with a flurry of powerful kicks using it's long legs. In the prehistoric past, Sautae supposedly used these legs to trip up predators before escaping into the deep jungle, though the lack of articulation in these legs were said to be the cause of it's extinction, as they kept on tripping up themselves and breaking their bones in the process. It's evolved form is known as Subakophus, a dinosaur Pokémon with powerful legs that, unlike it's pre-evolution, could easily be moved around. This allows it to kick opponents with enough force to destroy entire houses in a single strike, and it's very protective of it's trainer, protecting them from even the slightest of harm. Although it is categorized as a form of extinct dinosaur Pokémon, there have been no reports of Subakophus existing in the past, as every Sautae that was categorized never got the chance to evolve before perishing. If it did exist in the past, it would have defended it's young against predators by kicking them into oblivion. It's a sign that even in the distant past, Fighting Pokémon still specialized in certain fighting styles.

Rock/Shadow --> Rock/Shadow
Revived from a Blade Fossil, Gisuchu is based off the Gigantspinosaurus. On it's tail are a pair of twin blades comparable to weapons wielded by warriors today that it supposedly used to chop up ferns and defend itself against predators. It was apparently a docile Pokémon in the past, but revived Gisuchus are filled with the spirit of deceased warriors from the Oriva Region, indicating that it was waiting for this moment the whole time, as if it could predict the future. Scientists claim that this is why they went extinct, as the warriors they'd expected never arrived due to not having evolved yet. It's evolved form is known as Stenudspine, a four legged dinosaur Pokémon (Only three are shown in the above image) with razor sharp blades that it uses to chop it's opponents into fine ribbons. These blades never dull or break, and each one is filled with the spirit of a warrior as it evolves, though whether this behaviour was shown in the past is unknown, as Stenudspines in the prehistoric past often lost interest in trying to wait for the warriors to arrive, having lost their patience. This, combined with it's armoured shell, meant Stenudspine had very little predators in the past, and it's blades could serve as a self-righting mechanism to avoid exposing it's soft underside. Sometimes, though, these blades got stuck in rocky surfaces, dooming it to fossilization. Stenudspines of today carefully balance the spirit of the warrior within them, though sometimes they'll discard the spirit for a different one, apparently the one it had been waiting for.

Revived from a Spine Fossil, Donzhetan is a Donbeititan Pokémon that towers over even the tallest of skyscrapers. It uses it's huge legs to stomp opponent's into the ground, and it's long neck allows it to reach the highest of trees to eat the leaves from them. However, it's very docile, and only fights if it really has to. In the prehistoric past, Donzhetan served as a grazer in the deep jungles, feeding on only the biggest of leaves to make sure they grow to be huge. It's huge size meant it was very slow, and it was unable to escape any predators that it couldn't defeat, though some scientists claim that it's extinction was instead due to it requiring too much energy to function due to it's abnormally large metabiolism rate: Donzhetan could clear an entire jungle of plants in a single day. Fortunately, revived Donzhetans can easily be satisfied by feeding them large sheets of algae.

Revived from a Fern Fossil, Mesozimimus is a Gallimimus Pokémon that gather in herds of ten to fifty individuals. It camouflages itself by resembling a tree fern of it's time period, and it is a very fast and skilled egg hunter, with one Mesozimimus distracting the parents while the rest of them snatch the eggs unseen. It's brown coloration comes from the fact it believed that color to be to the best form of camouflage, and it was a vibrant green in the prehistoric past. It's said that Mesozimimus only fed on the eggs of Grass-type Pokémon, leading to their extinctions: although Mesozimimus was able to adapt by eventually gaining a taste for all kinds of eggs, it went extinct supposedly because grazer Pokémon kept mistaking it as an actual fern, eating them while they were still camouflaged. Fern Fossils are often provided to young people at history museums as a memento of their visit, thus getting a Mesozimimus very easy if you know where to look.

Dragon/Normal --> Dragon/Normal --> Dragon/Normal
Although it appears to be a prehistoric Pokémon, Hatchil, a Tyrannosaurus Pokémon, is still alive today! It managed to survive extinction by sealing itself in it's eggshell, which is as tough as solid diamond, making Hatchil a form of living fossil. Supporting safety above anything else, Hatchil refuses to leave this eggshell, instead standing completely still and biting anyone that comes across it, as it is a predator that secretly favours the heart of survival. Hatchils are the young forms of their evolution, Therosaur, which, unlike it, did become extinct due to it's low intelligence. Thus, all Therosaurs that appear today evolved from the Hatchils that survived extinction. Despite all this, it's a very talented predator, chasing down it's prey at speed they cannot outrun, before tearing them apart with it's powerful jaws that can snap a log in two in a single strike. It has trouble adapting to the Pokémon of the present, with young Therosaurs often failing to catch even the weakest of prey, so instead it relies on it's own primal instincts to keep it's heart going until it can catch them. Some say that Therosaur still acts like if it's in the prehistoric past, with it's fighting tactics being very similar to the ones it used on it's past prey. Therosaur eventually fully evolves into Tyrannomidia, a predator so devestating and so well skilled in the heart of the hunt, that some people have called it "The King Of The Dinosaurs". Possessing jaws strong enough to break even the toughest of shells, if you see Tyrannomidia in the wild, one's only defence is to run away, no matter how skilled you are. Once Tyrannomidia sees it's prey, it will never stop chasing it until the prey perishes, and it's tough skin allows it to continue the chase even through the roughest of environments. It's trademark feature is it's powerful roar that can deafen even the strongest of ears, though some scientists claim that this roar is due to evolutionary adaptation, and it was a very deep growl in the past. Like it's pre-evolution, though, there was a time where the only Tyrannomidias that existed were ones that evolved from the surviving Hatchils, but even they sparked fear into the bravest of villages, who thought it was a god of destruction.

Electric/Flying --> Electric/Flying --> Electric/Flying
Like Hatchil, Anovol is a prehistoric Pterodactyl Pokémon that managed to avoid extinction. It did so by hiding thunderclouds, safe from any extinction level events, though it's quite a nervous Pokémon, with most Anovols never leaving the thunderclouds they were born in out of the danger that another extinction level event will wipe them out. Due to this, Anovol was once believed to have been extinct until a traveller discovered one falling from it's thundercloud home. It's said to be one of the first Pokémon able to conduct electricity, doing so by absorbing lightning bolts through it's wings which it's own internal organs then multiplied for use in cooking food or to fry it's prey. It evolves into Pthuera, which is now brave enough to fully explore the world. As it flies, it leaves behind volts of static electricity that the ancient Pokémon of the past once believed to be stars in the daylight, and they payed treatment to them, thinking it was a gift from the Legendary Pokémon of that time. It hunts down prey by swooping down and electrocuting them with electrical volts comparable to power stations, and it was believed that the first known sources of humans using electrical power to power their devices came from Pthuera itself. In the prehistoric past, Pthuera was the only evolved form of Anovol, which is why it's strength is comparable to some fully evolved Pokémon. However, when humans spread their woes and started using irridated materials, the radiation caused by the spirits animating from them caused some Pthueras to become their final stage of evolution, Thyodan. Now a living thunderstorm, Thyodan makes it's homes in volcanoes and mountains, flying at speeds fast enough to collapse entire towns into piles of rubble in microseconds. It rains down thunder from it's wings that can annihilate anything they touch, especially Pokémon that have disturbed the towns of the mountains that Thyodan lived in. It caused great destruction to many villages in the past, whose residents thought it was the wrath of a Legendary Electric Pokémon, and they paid tribute to it to try to get it stop, to no avail.
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With the Fighting Wushido Base defeated, the Water Gym is your next stop in the level range, thought you also have the option of going into the Kaseki Jungle itself, even though the Titan Pokémon that resides in it is not supposed to be challenged until later on in the level range. There, you'll find some rather familiar looking Pokémon inside in addition to the jungle wildlife, ones that have inspired movies of them in a distant region. At last...the power of the Kaiju...can be used in your hands.

Dragon/Villain--> Dragon/Villain --> Dragon/Villain
Thought to be an ordinary lizard bombarded by radiation, Mullil is a very aggressive Pokémon despite it's small size. It loves nothing more than destruction, going into houses and tearing down everything in sight until there is nothing left to tear down. Then, it goes to another house and repeats the whole process. A being of pure radiation, Mullil's presence can cause sickness and vomiting for days, and it's tough skin can block even the toughest of battering rams. Mulill evolves into Gorasaurus, which is now the size of a 10-ton tank. Radiation gathers within it's sail fin, which it then uses to chop even the strongest materials in two. No ordinary weapon has ever pierced it's hide, and it's main target is often famous landmarks to drain an area of it's history. Although it can walk on it's hind legs, Gorasaurus prefers to walk on all fours, firing out a breath of radiation that can dissolve metal into goo within seconds. It's main home is under the ocean floor, where it plans out it's next attack. Once Gorasaurus has caused enough destruction, it then fully evolves into Nukzilla, said by some to be known as "The King Of The Monsters". Said to be a radiated subspecies of Tyrannomidia, Nukzilla emerges from polluted oceans and destroys everything in sight, whether it be to look for a nest, or take revenge upon those who have littered in it's home. It only seems to destroy certain areas of a town at a time, retreating to the ocean to recharge after destroying everything around it. It's nuclear breath is now strong enough to reduce a thriving city into a lifeless wasteland in microsceonds, and it's sail provides power to this breath, glowing bright blue at full power. The first sightings of Nukzilla were thought to be considered to be the wrath of a volcanic Legendary Pokémon by some fishermen who were lucky enough to survive having their fishing boats attacked by Nukzilla, which is usually the first sign of Nukzilla invading an area. However, some Nukzillas will instead protect their city from other large Pokémon that would dare to attack them.

Ground/Beast --> Ground/Beast --> Ground/Beast
Gobeat is a baby Gorilla Pokémon that loves nothing more than to beat it's chest all day. As it does so, a little seismic wave emerges with each beat. Gobeat, like all primate Pokémon, absolutely loves bananas, and will often get very distracted by them. It's said that Gobeat didn't originate from the Oriva Region, and was instead imported from a far away region. Normally very childish and playful, if Gobeat starts acting serious, it is a sign that it is about to evolve into Homrilla. Now with a savage heart, it climbs from tree to tree, brutally beating anyone who would dare oppose it or it's Gobeats. They can often be found in large packs, and each member of a Homrilla pack has a different role in keeping the pack thriving. It can beat it's chest with enough force to create a powerful wave that can reduce a house to rubble, and Homrilla is also smart enough to use tools and carry large objects to throw against other Pokémon. Homrilla's final evolved form is known as Smash Kong. While it was believed that Smash Kong was a Homrilla bombarded with an immense amount of radiation, in reality it is actually a huge gorilla Pokémon that protects a faraway island where Fossil Pokémon live in harmony. Smash Kong looks after this island with all it's might, protecting anyone who might fall victim to it's dangers. However, the way it does so to it's enemies is so brutal, that many people think it is a deity of destruction. In reality, it's just trying to furfil it's duty. For example, if Smash Kong is carrying someone up a building, that person had been at risk at being sacrificed back at the island, and it thinks that the residents have chased it to the town the building is in. It's prime weapon it it's massive hands which can throw a million punches per second, each punch causing a powerful earthquake that can reduce even the most secure of buildings to rubble.

Bug/Dark --> Bug/Dark --> Bug/Dark
Despite it's typing and huge size, about the size of a double decker bus, Larvra is actually a very well honored Pokémon, worshipped by the people of it's home as a protector of the Earth. Commonly found in isolated islands and huge jungles, Larvra only feeds on the most obscure of leaves, and it rarely goes into towns unless it has to. Although it is a mere caterpillar, Larvra's strength is unmatched: large Pokémon laugh at it's innocent appearance, leaving them vulnerable to being thrown to the ground by Larvra's string, which is hard as solid diamond. When the time has come for Larvra to save the world, it finds the tallest structure it can and evolves into Stringra, one of the few Pokémon to not have a mouth or eyes. A completely immobile cocoon, Stringra's only purpose is to rearrange it's cells for evolution. It can still fire string, which can never be broken out by any means now, but Stringra rarely uses this ability, as it's pheromones drain nearby Pokémon of their will to fight. Apparently, it resembles a landmark in a distant region. Once it has finished rearranging it's cells, Stringra opens to reveal it's final evolved form, Boyxra. A giant Moth Pokémon the size of a jumbo jet, it flies to cities in danger and rids them of all threats by encasing them in a string cocoon before blowing them apart with powerful whirlwinds of darkness. Two guardian angels often assist it, and they often warn Boyxra of approaching danger, though they are invisible to everyone but Boyxra itself. As it flies, it leaves behind powder that judges an individual's soul, blinding them if they are unworthy. When it's life comes to an end, Boyxra will hatch the egg of a Larvra at it's home, starting the cycle anew.

Electric/Ground --> Electric/Ground --> Electric/Ground
A small snapping turtle Pokémon the size of a baby one, Gysel is a very shy and slow Pokémon that avoids contact whenever possible. It's rock hard shell is infused with a special kind of atom that causes shocking to the touch, and if Gysel must fight, it will get in it's shell and spin towards the target with enough force to trip them over, allowing it to flee from it's enemies. It's most commonly found near sunken cities, indicating a connection between them. Once Gysel evolves into Gyoprol, it's shyness turns into an aura of courage. A brave fighter that will never turn down a challenge, Gyoprol charges itself with electricity by spinning around in it's shell, before unleashing it towards it's enemies. It's said to possess no fear, and it's jaws are strong enough to snap an iron beam in half, infusing those bit by it with a million volts of electricity. It's shell can deflect any attack, and it often spends it's non-battling days repairing the shell. It's final evolved form is known as Gymera, said to be the descendant of an prehistoric Snapping Turtle Pokémon that was supposedly crafted by an ancient city to defend itself against the pterodactyls that they have made. Now capable of absorbing giant thunderstorms to unleash towards it's enemies, Gymera can also use them as a form of propulsion, getting inside it's shell and boosting forward with a trail of electrical bolts that can fry anything, allowing it to target even aerial opponents. It's jaws are now so strong, no known material on earth can survive being crunched into pieces by it. While it used to be an aggressive Pokémon who would destroy anyone who would dare to wake it up from it's slumber, today Gymera is a heroic Pokémon that fights against anything that would dare to harm children, a behaviour adopted after one saved a child from it's own destruction. Supposedly, it does not get along well with Nukzilla.

Dragon/Ground --> Dragon/Ground --> Dragon/Ground
Based off the Chiwen, Chazu is a Dragon Pokémon that is very popular among sculptors due to it's unique shape. It's said that sculpting a Chazu onto a roof will grant great fortune, good luck, and will protect it from fires. Chazu itself is common in rivers and mountainsides, and it's said to appear before those who cannot find any good ideas, granting them those ideas in the process. In combat, it breathes sand all over the target before it flees for the hills. However, it's personality takes a turn for the worse when Chazu evolves into Chashotou. Now with a second head that always gets along with it, it no longer cares about decorating roofs, only the destruction of the Earth itself! Chashotou's twin heads can shovel a massive mound of dirt in seconds, and it's sand breath has now become a special seismic breath that can burn down anything. It's said that when a fortune teller tells that the world is going to end, it is likely a Chashotou trying to dig it's way to the earth's core, in an attempt to overheat it. Finally, Chashotou evolves again into Chahdora, said by some to be one of the most brutal and threatening Pokémon in existence. Now with three heads and giant wings the size of an entire countryside, Chahdora is said to be an extra-terrestrial Pokémon that flies from planet to planet, destroying everything on it before blowing it to smithereens. Some sources claim that Chahdora is doing this because it has deemed the planet unworthy of destroying it's own natural resources for the heart of survival. When the three heads combine their breath, it becomes strong enough to destroy a planet outright, smashing a hole clean into it's surface. The first Chahdora that tried to destroy the Earth brought the whole population into panic and anarchy, and only by the combined efforts of a Nukzilla, a Thyodan, and a Boyxra was it able to be slain.

Steel/Athlete --> Steel/Athlete --> Steel/Athlete
The International Police, aware of the giant monster Pokémon attacks around the world, built an artificial Pokémon family to slay them. They are very loyal to their masters and never fail in their jobs, but some break free of their master's control and flee to the wild. First, there is Fihand, the prototypes for these artificial Pokémon. It possess a giant mechanical hand, the first part added in, that it can swing at high speeds, and it is also very strong as well, able to lift up shipping containers with ease. It's immense power requires a the soul of human host to power it, but wild Fihands can find an easy substitute by using the soul of a primate Pokémon. Then, there are the robots themselves, Slarine, which is Fihand's evolved form. Possessing a rapid fire laser cannon and a powerful hand, Slarine fights for their master, striking the weak points of large Pokémon and making sure they do not do any collaboratal damage. Now powered by the hopes and dreams of those around, Slarine never gives up in a fight even if it's badly damaged, and they often fight in groups, where each Slarine targets a different part of it's enemies. By attuning a human soul to Slarine, both individuals can fight as one being. Finally, there is the leader of the Slarine corps and it's final evolved form, Guillaeger. It's primary weapon is it's twin fists which can reduce solid bedrock to rubble with a single flurry, and it's hard Armor protects it from even the most deadly of acids and bites. Powered by a stable nuclear core and able to run on any form of power, Guillaeger's presence lets other people know that hope has arrived to the city. Some Guillaegers are powered by two humans who fuse their minds into one, allowing them to control Guillaeger and perform fighting techniques that no mortal would ever achieve, but the humans must be in perfect harmony in order for this to happen. It's said that the first Guillaeger was built after a famous city in a distant region was reduced to rubble due to lacking any good defences against a giant Pokémon those identity has yet to be found.

Hero/Ground --> Hero/Ground --> Hero/Ground
Drispin is a Pokémon armed with a powerful drill said to be crafted by an underground village. This drill never dents, and it is sharp enough to drill a hole in any rock, which Drispin uses to dig out huge tunnels for easy travel or to confuse it's enemies. It possesses an endless amount of miracles in it, always believing that it can get out of any difficult situation that it lands itself in. Drispin evolves into Drilbole, which ditches it's stubby legs for a set of wheels, allowing it to drill faster. It's drill is now strong enough to pierce even bedrock, and miners employ it's help to dig for treasure, tunnels, or for new caves. There's been some claims that Drilbole pleads it's duty to the underground village it once was built it, and it can cause cave ins to bury items or it's own enemies. It's mainly an underground Pokémon, but some Drilboles wish to reach the surface with their heart of miracles. It's final evolved form is known as Drillugan, who was said to be crafted during a time where humans in it's home region were forced to live underground to hide from an evil king that Drillugan eventually slayed. Now armed with two drills filled with the miracles of the world, it can not only drill out any tunnel imaginable, but also defeat even the strongest of foes by drilling through their hearts. Drillugan can combine these drills into a huge one that pierce even the heavens themselves, and it takes good pride in them, making sure that, even though they can never break, they always succeed in drilling into anything. It's said that when Drillugan appeared, cave Pokémon saw the surface for the first time.

Time/Dragon --> Time/Dragon --> Time/Dragon
Ttero is another kind of Pteradactyl Pokémon just like the Anovol line, but it's own origins are more sinister than that. Able to rewind time around it by a few seconds by flapping it's wings, it's said that Ttero learnt this ability specifically to prevent it's own extinction, rewinding it's own demise until it found a way to avoid it. It can also cause alterations to history and make paradoxes which create time wells, where it recharges it's power by absorbing it. For example, if a broken vase is suddenly rich in time energy, it might have been the work of two Tteros: one knocked over the vase by throwing a ball at it, then the second Ttero would throw that ball, creating a paradox over which Ttero threw the ball. It evolves into Deltactyl, which used to be a thriving sky predator in prehistoric times, but is now a sinister alterer of history. A cruel and ruthless Pokémon, Deltactyl can now rewind whole days, and the area around it in which it can alter time now covers the size of a whole town. Some Deltactyls even subject villages to time loops, repeating the same day over and over again until it gets the perfect one, or one where the village burns itself to ash. It's said to do this in revenge against humanity, which it believes has brought it's prey to extinction, leaving it without a food source beyond the time wells it creates when a paradox happens. It's final evolved form is known as Pterlenz, known as the most dangerous Pokémon in existence due to it's mastery over time travel. It can now control history itself, able to warp to any time period imaginable and wreck havoc, altering the future. The clock on it's chest was said to have appeared after it travelled to the beginning of the universe, and it always displays the time in which Pterlenz arrives at a time period. It once tried to remove humanity from existence, believing that it was the cause of the Earth's dismay, and after it was stopped by a team of Pokémon trainers who faced a world of only Pokémon before them, it was ruled that Pterlenz can only ever exist under a trainer's control from now on, and every last Pterlenz was hunted down and caught inside a Poké Ball. It is actually illegal to release one to the wild, unless it is to the "Null Line": A timeline that was left by the time travellers to Pterlenz's doing as a safe way to deposit them. Apparently, the present of the Null Line is very similar to the fateful future that invoked the law in the first place.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Time Slice: A Power 40 Physical Time attack that may cause flinching. Many Time-type Pokémon can learn this move at an early level.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Future Fury: A Power 60 Special Time attack that strikes the target with a blast of future energy. At the start of the next turn, a second blast strikes the target as well. It's a middlegame move learned by many Time-type Pokémon specialized in Special Moves.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Paradox: A Power 80 Special Time attack that modifies a property in the target within the past, striking them with great pain. If this knocks out the target, they will be erased from history until the end of the battle, rendering them unable to be revived. It's mainly learned by Pokémon associated with Time Travel.

Poison/Hero --> Poison/Hero --> Poison/Hero
Salibody is a giant Salamander Pokémon that will happily provide it's own antibodies, which can fend off most viruses, to other Pokémon by licking them, seemingly making it a form of Hero Pokémon. In reality, however, Salibody's intentions are far more ruthless: it's antibodies actually override the immune system, and since it is only designed to work with reptiles, it renders the Pokémon who recieve them vulreable to other diseases that the antibody cannot protect against, most notably it's own toxins! When it's not busy doing this, it lays itself out in jungles and deserts and absorbs the sun's rays, ignoring anything around it. It evolves into Replamander, which is not only a far more experienced predator, but also a prime replicator of the DNA that makes up the immune system. It bites everyone around it to perform it's trademark immune system replacement, and by reading the DNA of those it bites, it improves it's immune system to fend off stronger diseases. People who receive Replamander's immune system are unaware of the fact that they have been infected by a deadly disease as well that turns every cell in the body into a white blood cell, and they praise Replamander in the process, thinking that the disease is merely the pain of receiving the immune system. It's final evolved form is known as Adacrypto, an Anti-Hero Pokémon that inflicts both help and harm to it's area. It's claws are infused with a million kinds of diseases that are exclusive to it, all of which are protected by it's immune system, and one strike injects both into the target, removing their protection against other diseases in the process. It can transmute blood to acid with a single lick, causing it's victims to melt into a featureless puddle, and it often targets Villanous Pokémon in an attempt to lure them off guard, acting almost like if it's a Villain Pokémon itself, trying to protect them from diseases that are currently in the area. People who receive Adacrypto's blessing, only to suffer the diseases they would have fended off had they not done so, leave their towns and never come back.

Beast/Grass --> Beast/Grass --> Beast/Grass
Based off the Yao Grass and the Bashe, Yaoshe emerges from grass patches and hisses at anyone who passes by them, never appearing where there is no grass whatsoever. It's full body has never been seen, always concealed in the grass that it pops out from. Medicine made from the grass that Yaoshe resides in can prevent mental blocks and attract love from faraway places. When Yaoshe evolves into Payao, it becomes a giant snake Pokémon that spreads grass by bashing the ground with it's huge tail. It's said to have eaten Pokémon far larger than itself, such as Syriderms, and it's past is shrouded in mystery, as it spends all day hidden within giant patches of grass, waiting for the perfect moment to strike it's prey without them even realizing it. It's fangs are purposely undeveloped so that Payao can swallow it's prey whole, turning them into grass in the process. Yaoshe then fully evolves into Sichuadder, said by some to be the reason why tall patches of grass that Pokémon reside in appear. As it slithers, it leaves behind a trail of tall grass which provides nourishment and healing to those who eat it, thus making Sichuadder always hidden. As such, people believed that the grass growing from it was a gift from the Legendary Pokémon of the Oriva Region after a long day of praising it with gifts. In battle, Sichuadder strikes it's enemies with a special toxin that turns every last cell in their body into a tuft of grass, turning them into an inanimate topairy in the process, which Sichuadder then swallows whole. They then keep their skeletons inside of them for many years, expelling them out when the time comes for people to use them in medicine.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Tear Down: A Power 70 Physical Beast move that tears the target apart with claws or fangs, destroying their held item in the process. This attack be learned by many Beast Pokémon, or Pokémon with sharp claws or jaws.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Wilderness: A Power 70 Special Beast move that strikes the target with an aura comparable to a wilderness. This hits both targets in a double battle, and the wilderness causes any weather or terrain effect to end instantly. Pokémon associated with the wild can learn this attack.

Electric/Grass --> Electric/Grass --> Electric/Grass
Guttol is a Gutta-percha Pokémon that contains a massive surge of electricity inside of it. People often used them as natural batteries, powering towns and cities with it, and it's very tasty as well, never surging out it's electricity unless it has to. Some sources claim that this electricity lies within it's own sap, which is made of a special formula that can conduct electricity from lightning storms. Guttol evolves into Cablperch, which perches itself on trees and grants them electricity. The sap that it produces can be made into a special rubber that can insulate electricity, and people of the Oriva Region once used them to create the first cables and wires, and it was well loved as a result. Cablperch will happily allow people to gather this sap, but it will feel drained if it ever runs out, recharging itself by absorbing the electricity from the cables made from it. Their arms can also extend like cables and change anything they touch with a storm of powerful electricity. It's final evolved form is known as Faragraph, who is best described as a living transmission tower! Constantly producing electricity 24/7 due to the sap within it, early people once used Faragraph as a power station, charging electrical products with enough force to power them for weeks. It's said that the rubber made from Faragraph's sap allowed electricity to flow underwater, since it did not degrade when it became wet. In battle, Faragraph charges electricity through it's head before summoning a giant thunderstorm which drains the life of anyone struck by it.

Normal/Ground --> Normal/Ground --> Normal/Ground
Jhole is based off the Dhole, and is common in jungles and mountains. They hunt in packs of fifty individuals, with one Jhole distracting the prey while the rest of them tear them apart. Most active during the day, Jhole often targets Pokémon far bigger than it, using it's powerful jaws which can puncture even solid steel. They communicate with each other by licking their paws and wagging their tails. Although it's normally a friendly Pokémon, a Jhole that has started to become aggressive towards it's pack members is a sign that it is about to evolve into Rhodyard. It's pupils and back legs now gone, it ruthlessly claims the jungle that it lives in as it's own, forcing the other Pokémon who live in it to flee for safer pastures, even to it's former pack members. Some say that Rhodyard exhibits this behaviour because it is possessed by a demon that was slain in it's home jungle, having returned to the grave for eternal revenge. It's strengthened front paws can climb up any environment, and they will chase down their prey until they run out of energy. When Rhodyard starts hunting purely for the sport of it, it's a warning that it's about to evolve into it's final evolved form, and the form of the very demon that possessed it, Ahyazi. A Jungle Demon Pokémon, those who enter the jungle it lives in never return, as Ahyazi has powerful senses that can sniff out a target from a thousand miles away. Once it has caught it's victim, it will throw them into the mouth on it's chest, sending them to another dimension that is an endless jungle with no escape, with the only resident in there being the victims themselves, which often regress to tribal cultures soon afterwards. Should it's target resist, it will destroy them with a powerful blast of condensed Ground energy. It's said that every year, Ahyazi leaves it's jungle to visit every other one in the world, depositing a Jhole at each one that is being deforested as a seed of deception and despair.

Sound/Ground --> Sound/Ground --> Sound/Ground
Snubbal is a Snub-nosed Monkey Pokémon that resides within a set of cymbals. It's very shy, often hiding within the cymbals themselves, which crash with a bang every time they're hit, causing small earthquakes in the process. If Snubbal ever gets separated from these cymbals, it will soon perish, as it has no way to defend itself without them. These cymbals are said to be ones beloning to a monkey toy that got recalled due to it's horrifying appearance. When Snubbal evolves into Clash-Nosed, it ditches the cymbals it lived in and starts riding a prototype doll instead with cymbals for legs, said to be an early version of the monkey toy. The doll having no life at all, Clash-Nosed rides the doll to protect itself from all danger and to serve as a weapon in combat, stomping the ground and shaking the earth to disorientate it's opponents. It's presence can easily be noted by the cymbal crashing it makes as it walks, which scares it's predators away, yet it's just as cowardly as it's pre-evolution, never fighting unless it really has to. However, that completley changes when Clash-Nosed evolves into the monkey toy itself, Jollipithi! The tiny monkey now completely gone, Jollipithi crashes it's cymbals all day while screaming, striking fear into everyone that hears it, especially those who also see it's horrifying face, which will strike them with fear for the rest of their life. Every time it crashes it's cymbals, Jollipithi creates a shockwave that can be felt for miles, and it apparently does nothing more than walking around outside of combat, a behaviour that the monkey toy was supposed to do. Many toymakers often employ them to draw customers with their cymbals, unaware of it's true purpose.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Rampage: A Power 120 Physical Beast attack that has the user thrash about for three turns, similar to Outrage. Afterwards, the user becomes confused from fatigue. Many powerful Pokémon can learn this attack.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Cymbal Cutter: A Power 70 Physical Sound attack that tears the target apart with cymbals conjured by the user. This move has a high critical hit ratio and may cause confusion. Many Sound-type Pokémon specializing in physical attacks can learn it.

Sound/Beast --> Sound/Beast --> Sound/Beast
Based off the Konaki Jijii, Howbawl is a howler monkey Pokémon that spends it's entire life screaming it's head off. It sounds just like a crying child, but those who approach Howbawl will have their ears explode from being too closed to Howbawl's screams. It never has to eat or catch it's breath, allowing it scream even while it is jumping from tree to tree, and because of this screaming, Howbawl has very little predators. Once Howbawl's scream has become loud enough to make mountains tremble, it evolves into Waawaaaalouwaa, those screaming is so loud, it can be heard from twenty miles away. It resides in mountains and deafens it's residents, forcing them to leave for safer pastures, and it apparently resides in ones that have a lot of noise going on within them. Often, this will make sure that the only source of noise being made in it's home is the Waawaaaalouwaa itself, and no mortal has ever been able to get it to shut up. It's said that the only time Waawaaaalouwaa is ever silent is in the brief moment that it dies before it's spirit rises to continue it's screaming fits, which strangley resemble the screams that the former residents made. Waawaaaalouwaa then fully evolves into Konjiscream, which is now a screaming predator those screams can be felt by the entire world, though those people think that it's just the ambience of the local area. They hunt prey by changing the pitch of their screams to resemble a crying baby, and those who try to comfort it will fall victim to it's special hunting tactic. Konjiscream will use the energy from it's own screams to make itself heavier and heavier until it's victims are crushed to death, before it absorbs their energy by stabbing them with it's spear. At it's loudest pitch, Konjiscream's screaming can reduce an entire city into a flat wasteland in microseconds.

Hero --> Hero --> Hero
Larbons are heroic Lar Gibbon Pokémon that try to perform a good deed every day, whether it be helping someone in danger, or helping it's other fellow Larbons. Because of this, they are well loved by people, who always rely on them when they appear, though as a wild gibbon Pokémon, this is easier said than done. When they're not busy saving people from danger, they spend most of the time eating and sleeping, only really spending it's energy on these deed. Strangley enough, only male Larbons have ever been sighted, thus making this line a male only species. Larbon's evolved form is known as Wukibbon, a heroic Pokémon that's far more active than it's pre-evolution. It seeks out danger and stops it with it's hidden powers, and it's often found at mountains, looking for enlightenment and peace. It appears before those who are in need and helps them complete their journey, usually towards the west itself, and Wukibbon's enhanced senses allow it to perceive danger before it's followers can even realize it. Some Wukibbons can even see right through disguises. Wukibbon's final evolved form is known as Suwakan, said to be the inspirator of many different old Oriva Region folk tales. Jumping from cliff to cliff, Suwakan uses the powers blessed onto it by Legendary Pokémon to fight against it's foes, and when it appears before danger, that danger is guaranteed to leave at the hands of Suwakan. As the Monkey King itself, all Monkey Pokémon bow down to it: for this reason, it's main rival in the wild is the very similar Sutaró. Some sources claim that Suwakan is infused with the powers of every Hero Pokémon there is, and it uses all of these powers with great balance, great power, and with great responsibility to put an end to crime in it's area. Some even say that Suwakan once led a party of Pokémon in a journey to the west to seek scrolls of enlightenment.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Laser Vision: A Power 50 Special Hero move that has the user fire lasers out of their eyes. This move pierces through Protect, and can be learned by many different Hero Pokémon, as well as Pokémon with huge eyes.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Staff Whirl: A Power 10 Physical Hero move that hits eight times, learned by most Pokémon carrying a staff. No other special effects.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Power Blast: A Power 20 Special Hero move that consumes all of the user's Stat boosts. For each one consumed this way, Power Blast's power increases by 20. This move never misses, and many Hero Pokémon can learn it.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Heroic Pose: A Hero Status move that most Hero-type Pokémon can learn. By striking a heroic pose, the user is inspired, and their Attack, Special Attack, and Defence increases by 1.

Villain --> Villain --> Villain
Based off the Hannya and Kiyo Hime, Nagiyama is a small snake Pokémon said to be the descendant of a girl overcome by rage. It was said that this rage was then condensed into a mask which, when a little girl wore it, turned her into this Pokémon. As such, this line is a female only species. It's tail is laced with a toxin that makes anyone struck by it consumed by their own rage, causing them to destroy everything in sight. Despite this, it's normally a shy Pokémon, but so many people are afraid to gain it's trust out of the fear that it will strike them with it's tail, which in turn makes Nagiyama more and more angrier. It then throws giant tantrums that inspired nearby people to do the same, turning them into villains. Nagiyama's evolved form is known as Honnimino, those face resembles the girl it was in the past. While normally a kind and young Pokémon, Honnimino will still throw tantrums if nothing goes it's way, to the point it will destroy anyone who complains about it's beauty or insult it with a surge of villanous energy infused with the rage of a volcano. It's said that this rage comes from it's own past, where it's boyfriend lied to it out of a promise that it thought that the girl wouldn't take seriously. At it's maximum anger, Honnimino can unleash storms of rage that can make anyone near them lose all their emotions except for anger, causing them to destroy themselves in their own rage. Honnimino's final evolved form is known as Kiyoria, which artists often display as a villain in many different tales. Able to command the flames of rage itself, Kiyoria can turn even the purest and happiest of souls into soulless angry warriors that spurt out forbidden words in a single gaze from the eye on it's chest, which causes madness to anyone who sees it for even a second. Very prideful of it's own beauty, it uses what's left of the villages it razes to make sure that it remains the most ruthless villain around, with people fleeing from the sight of it. Apparently, Kiyoria is looking for the boyfriend that lied to it, eager to settle the score with him. It's said that Kiyoria is a demoness Pokémon that has attained the highest level of power, becoming one of the most dangerous Villain Pokémon around!
SPECIAL ATTACK: Maniacal Laugh: A Villain Status move which most Villain Pokémon can learn. By cackling insanely, the target's highest stat is lowered by 2.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Overwhelm: A Power 70 Physical Villain move that has the user overwhelm the target with immense power. The higher the user's level is compared to the target, the higher this move's power is. It's mainly learned by large Pokémon those size towers over anyone else.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Doomsday Device: A Power 140 Special Villain move. The user spends the first turn charging up a satellite in space, and on the second turn, the satellite fires a deadly laser towards the target. If a Villain-type Pokémon was knocked out last turn, it's soul powers the satellite and makes it fire instantly! It's a popular late game attack among some Villain-type Pokémon, usually ones associated with space.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Robbery: A Power 60 Physical Villain move that swipes the target in the back, stealing their item in the process if they have one. It's often learned by Pokémon who can hide from most ordinary people, alongside most Villain-type Pokémon.
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The Water Gym is actually located at an underwater palace, accessible through a submarine in the beachside waterfront of Mizora or with the power of a later Titan. On you way there, you'll be able to catch lots of seafaring Pokémon by treading across the water, including the rest of the region's Water types!

Water/Fairy --> Water/Fairy --> Water/Fairy
Based off the Otohime, Gommonia is a water fish Pokémon that can most commonly be seen near undersea palaces, protecting them from all harm that would dare to damage it. It has a thing for beauty, always making sure that it's face looks wonderful to other people, and it feeds on only the most royal of coral to make sure it's face stays this way. In battle, it mesmerizes it's opponents by blowing bubbles infused with mist at them, which can cause hallucinations for days, giving Gommonia the chance to escape. It evolves into Joryuga, a servant to many Water Legendary Pokémon. It can now swim a lot faster despite the kinomo it has gained, and it gladly helps those in need, though only if Joryuga thinks it can survive the royal treatment. You'll often find Joryuga collecting treasures that people drop into the ocean and laying them out in the palace that it lives in, making sure that none of them get damaged at all. Joryuga then evolves into Otowaime, said to be the descendant of the daughter of the first Water Legendary Pokémon. It now rules the undersea palace that it lives in, treating all the Water Pokémon around it with respect and honour. It can control the seas at will to make beautiful water shows that dazzle it's opponents, striking them with fairy energy when their guard drops. A popular folk tale of the Oriva Region tells of how an Otowaime fell in love with a man who entered her palace after it saved the man from drowning. The two swam around for days before the man decided to leave, and the Otowaime gave him a Tamatigami as a parting gift. An alternative scenario where the man stayed is a popular topic for many movies of a distant region.

Water/Ground --> Water/Ground --> Water/Ground
Based off Ryujin, Turatles are Sea Turtle Pokémon that hatch from eggs at the Oriva Region's beaches. They then crawl over to the ocean and allow the tides to sweep them up, swimming around for years on end. Turatle is said to be an aquatic subspecies of Sploshi, and it's shell protects it from most attacks, made of a formula similar to beach rocks. Despite it's youth, it's a skilled fisher, though it mostly eats seaweed at this stage, avoiding combat whenever possible by camoflaguing itself among them. Turatle's evolved form is known as Theloshima, who becomes a carnivore at this stage, feeding on small fish Pokémon. It's front flippers have become a pair of fishing hooks laced with an aroma that lures fish Pokémon towards it, and they also serve as Theloshima's prized weapons, able to slice apart a shipwreck in a single strike. It sometimes comes back to the beach it hatched in to either lay it's eggs, or to fish out targets that it could'nt lure underwater, though it only stays there for a very brief moment of time. Theloshima then evolves again into Tyujin, said to be known as "The Power Of The Ocean" by some people. It can call down tidal waves and torriental rain with a single roar, and it has great knowledge on both the world's oceans and medicene that can be found there. It has also been sighted shapeshifting into a human shape and fishing on isolated banks. Early villagers who saw Tyujin referred it as a lord of the ocean, throwing fish into the sea to please it. They also built statues of it across seafronts, and these statues are said to prevent tidal waves from striking the area it's in.

Water/Light --> Water/Light
Based off the Chinese River Dolphin, Bajjess loves nothing more than to be treated like a princess. It ruthlessly commands all Water Pokémon near it to serve it food and treatment, but it never seems to punish those who disobey, nor is it entirely reliant on them. This indicates that Bajjess gathers it's servants purely for it's own gain, never for assistance or to help them. The gold that makes up it's crown is highly valuable, and because of this, Bajjess had been hunted to extinction in other regions, and the Oriva Region is the only place that it can be found now. Bajjess evolves into Yangzancer, a very rare princess Pokémon. Those who manage to catch a glimpse of it going down the rivers of the Oriva Region are said to recieve good luck and a thriving fortune for the rest of their life. It uses it's long snout to catch both food and Pokémon alike, and it's not as snobbish as it's previous form, with Yangzancer treating it's friends with respect and honour. It's main attack in battle is a powerful tidal wave infused by a special kind of light which makes those struck by it selfish and reliant on others.
Yangzancer also serves as the ace of Supuru, the elegant Water Gym Leader. In addition to this Pokémon, she also uses a Joryuga and a Theloshima against you, and all three have plenty of ways to deal with their weaknesses!

Water--> Water/Mythical
Based off the Longmen, Carpmen is a Pokémon very similar to Magikarp, but a lot stronger. While it can still only splash about when it hatches, Carpmen will eventually learn powerful Water attacks which it mainly uses as a form of escape from the predators that it knows it cannot beat. It's found in rivers and oceans, and it's appearance lets other people know that the water source will thrive for centuries. It's said that when a Carpmen is old enough, it will start climbing a giant waterfall, and if it manages to get to the top and make the final jump, it will evolve. This waterfall has since been eroded away, and the only way to evolve Carpmen today is to expose it to a Water Stone, which will evolve it into Shanxyu. Despite it's size and control over whirlpools and tidal waves, Shanxyu is actually a kind Pokémon that helps other Pokémon evolve to their next forms, laying them under their tail and training them on everything they need. Once they have fully evolved, Shanxyu will tearfully let the Pokémon go, but if it finds out that it used it for it's own good, Shanxyu will track the Pokémon down and swallow them up in a violent whirlpool that can devastate a city. A common folk saying in the Oriva Region is that the path to your dreams is like a Carpmen trying to evolve into a Shanxyu in the distant past.

Water/Wierd --> Water/Wierd --> Water/Wierd
Whaloo is a blue whale Pokémon that spends all day eating krill and spurting out water through it's blowhole. It wears a life ring around it's head that absorbs anything that would pollute the water around it. Whaloo is what some people call a false deity due to it's troubled past: people who saw it consume pollution thought it was a lord of ecology, and showered it with gifts and statues of it. However, when they saw an actual Whaloo, they were in dismay, and in pure jealousy out of supporting an ordinary water Pokémon, they became insane and tore their entire village to their ground, eager to forget it forever. Whaloo evolves into Wohcie, which can now blow out enough water from it's blowhole to flood an entire skyscraper. Possessing a massive amount of fat, Wohcie just lets attacks hit it until it's opponent is tired out, before it washes them away with a powerful storm, but it only fights if it has to. People who saw Wohcie thought it was a giant monster of the sea, writing down folk tales based off it's appearance, which in reality was just them seeing it get thrown around in a wave. Once Wohcie has gathered enough weight, it evolves into it's final form as Whumpback, a massive whale Pokémon that's around the size of a Wailmer and a Wailord stacked on top of each other. It uses it's massive size to cause giant tidal waves that people believed the wrath of the gods. These waves are powerful enough to remove all traces of a village in a single strike. It's life preservers can now absorb any attack launched at them, before squirting them back as a torrent of enchanted water. People bowed down at Whumpback's huge size, often mistaking it as an island or a god, treating them as if it was their eternal saviour.

Villain/Water --> Villain/Water --> Villain/Water
Guckerel is a Mackerel Pokémon that loves to cause floods, apparently due to grief caused from a flood it failed to stop in the past that reduced a village to rubble. It attacks dams and walls to let water inside, cackling maniacally when lands start flooding, destroying everything in sight. Anyone that tries to stop it will be swept away by it's powerful tackles, but apparently this Pokémon does have a soft spot for Muolars. When Guckerel evolves into Dyunrang, it can create floods by itself by breathing violent torrents of water from it's mouth. It then swims elegantly among the resulting floods, consumed by both grief and vengeance, battling with the thoughts of "If I can't save anyone from a flood, I'll just make sure there's nothing to save!". Dyunrang's ramming ability has also become stronger, able to tear right through a wooden dam in a single strike of it's front horn, which is supposedly made from the souls of the ones lost to the fateful flood. Eventually, Dyunrang will evolve again into Scombtou, a Pokémon that people always fear, no matter how brave they are. They appear before villages and swamp them out with a giant flood the size of a mountain, and it can ram with enough force to destroy an oil tanker in a single hit. Those who try to hide by riding boats will be consumed by Scombtou's powerful jaws, and it can swim at speeds of over 150 miles per hour, destroying every form of flood prevention on it's way to the doomed village. There exists an old tale of a distant region that eventually became a giant coral reef because Scombtou, consumed by it's own grief, thought that the residents were unworthy of using the land.

Ice/Water --> Ice/Water --> Ice/Water
Puxi is a Penguin Pokémon that can be found in the beaches and mountains of the Oriva Region. It's a very clumsy Pokémon, always falling over on it's back, and thus it prefers to get around by sliding on it's belly among icy surfaces, all while looking for fish Pokémon to eat. It's also very cowardly, running away at the slightest attempt to provoke it. It's belly is actually a glass surface which contains a flurry of slush within it, which Puxi uses to freeze Pokémon into popsicles so it can escape. Puxi's innocent appearance has lead to many people using it as a mascot for their companies. It becomes a lot braver when it evolves into Emptruxi, which is no longer a clumsy Pokémon. They gather in huddles of over a hundred individuals, and each one protects each other from harm. It can now slide into others like a battering ram of pure ice, freezing every last one of their organs in a cage of ice. The slush within their bodies is now cold enough to cause brain freezing, and Emptruxi sometimes vomits out this slush to give to other people, like an actual slushie machine, usually to those who are hot. A very keen swimmer, it will never give up in a battle until the very end. Emptruxi then evolves further into Breaktarkuxi when it leaves it's huddle and becomes independent. Now a powerful penguin warrior Pokémon, Breaktarkuxi freezes the floor around it by conjuring a blizzard that can freeze even the hottest of lava, before it slides into it's opponents and shatters them into tiny pieces with enough force to smash a mountain to dust. It never turns down a challenge given by it's opponents, and it will dutifully protect it's trainer until the very end. It can move at speeds of over 250 miles per hour, and it always adjusts it's route every second to make sure that it does'nt run into anything. It can also conjure entire icebergs for other Ice-type Pokémon to live in.

Water/Steel --> Water/Steel
Phocoseal is a Seal Pokémon that can be found in the same habitats as Puxi, and likewise feeds on them as well. A very playful Pokémon, it will balance metallic objects on it's nose and toss them around as if they were a ball, and it also barks in an innocent manner to get people to notice them and treat them with care. The cap on it's head is made of a special kind of metal that does'nt rust underwater, allowing it to perform powerful headbutts that can daze it's opponents in a single strike. To keep this cap repaired, Phocoseal consumes metallic flakes left behind by submarines and boats. By being traded while holding a Metal Coat, Phocoseal evolves into Narzhou, a Narwhal Pokémon that resembles a naval fortress. It often hides underwater with the fortress on it's top showing, firing at any prey that would dare to eat it. Once it gets into the flow of battle, it will jump out of the water and strike it's enemies with it's powerful horn which can pierce through nearly anything. It feeds solely off the iron atoms around it, allowing Narzhou to stay in a spot for years on end, with most people believing that it is merely a tower defending the sea, it's cannon strong enough to fire shots of over 250 miles per hour. It's said that Narzhou evolved this way to adapt to a naval war in the past.

Water/Dark --> Water/Dark --> Water/Dark
Based off the Umibōzu, Myxfin is a banded Shark Pokémon those teeth have not yet fully grown in. It instead feeds on plankton and krill, plotting for ways to sink boats and gather the corpses for consumption later. If it's fin appears above the water, it is a sign that Myxfin's next target is you, and you must either fight it, or flee for the surface and get back onto land! As Myxfin grows, it's teeth slowly grow in, and once they have fully grown, it will evolve into Scenobozu, one of the Oriva Region's most savage ocean predators. Now with a full set of teeth, Scenobozu will go into a violent feeding frenzy at the slightest whiff of blood, chasing after the source and brutally mangling those that stand in it's way into a pile of flesh, which Scenobozu then stores for later. On it's chest is the shadow of a fish that appears when Scenobozu is underwater, and it often appears in oceans that have been calm for a long period of time. Some say that it sinks ships not on instinct, but as a vain attempt to save them from danger. It's final evolved form is known as Sharkoyudo, and it's violent feeding frenzies are more deadly than ever, not stopping until nothing remains of it's prey. It's mere presence turns calm seas into violent storms that attract predators from far away, and it appears before every boat in the area, savagely sinking them by tearing them to pieces with it's jaws. The figure on it's chest is said to be the form that most people see when they witness a Sharkoyudo, making them believe that they are seeing a deity until it's too late. The only way to fend off Sharkoyudo at this point is to give it a water source that never runs out, such as another Water Pokémon, and then running away while it's confused.

Water/Electric --> Water/Electric --> Water/Electric
Based off the Chinese bahaba, Bahalt can be found in areas of water where it is clean, notably rivers. It is constantly glowing with a light that most other Pokémon can see, and it uses this light to defend itself from predators, shocking opponents with static volts before swimming away. Supposedly, those who hear it's distinct croak will have a bright future in front of them. Suhalalt is it's evolved form, which resembles a Sunfish. It lazily lets the tides decide it's own swimming path, letting itself by carried by them. They can now create enough electricity to light up even the darkest of areas, and they can share it among other Pokémon as well, charging with them the powers of an Electric-type. Seeing a Suhalalt in a fresh section of the ocean is said to provide a nice, bright, sunny day to those who can see it before it swims away. Some people even claim that Suhalalt does nothing but rest all day, it's attacks seemingly being it's own immune system fighting for it. However, it becomes a lot more active when it evolves into it's final form as Eltaigenesis. Now a giant eel that feeds on the electricity generated by other undersea Pokémon, it swims forth to dark areas and lights them up with enough force to be comparable to a miniature sun. It can summon thunderstorms by infusing the clouds with it's electricity, but these kinds of thunderstorms provide UV rays comparable to sunlight to whose who can witness it. It's also a lot more slender in this form, able to escape from even the strongest of opponents before shocking them with enough force to make their entire body a conductor of lightning!

Water/Flying --> Water/Flying --> Water/Flying
Based off the Jingwei, Nugull is a seagull Pokémon that fills the biological role that Wingull has in other regions. It flies around the ocean in very tight circles before snatching food from people and other Pokémon alike. It then flies off and drops the food that it can't eat into the ocean, in a seemingly futile attempt to fill the ocean up. It's very easy to befriend, and can be a great starting second Pokémon for many beachside trainers, as it can also generate water from it's wings. Nugull evolves into Shanatross, which can now fly a lot faster than ever before. It can get to it's intended destination in seconds, snatching fish Pokémon from the water and swallowing them whole. As it flies, it's wings produce water comparable to rainstorms, and a large gathering of them can lead to violent storms. Shanatross is a very patient Pokémon, able to wait on posts or buoys for days to seek out it's prey. Shanatross then evolves again into Yangwei, those personality takes a complete turn. Said to be the reincarnation of an empress who drowned for a petty reason, Yangwei resolves to fill in the ocean to make sure that no-one drowns again, to no avail. It can now fly fast so fast, that most people just see blue blurs among the sky, and the twig it carries it's mouth can be used as a way to control the ocean, setting the tides aside so that Yangwei can drop twigs and rocks into the empty land, before setting them back again. It rarely shows itself to people, and those who see it are inspired to help it carry out it's goal, even if it takes over a million years to do so.

Water/Shadow --> Water/Shadow --> Water/Shadow
Fangong is a Dugong Pokémon that loves nothing more than to swim at the bottom of the ocean, feeding on seaweed and peat moss without a care in the world. On it's head is a sharp spike comparable to a polearm, most notably the Fangtian Ji, which it uses to defend itself and only to defend itself: It's a very dopey Pokémon that only cares about eating outside of battle. Fangong's thick fat often makes it too tough to beat anyway, thus making it have little predators. Things do change when Fangong evolves into Dagaxong, though, which makes it realize it's destined for more than just eating. Now it defends other Water Pokémon from harm with the sharpened polearm on it's head, striking their weak points with enough force to topple a stone pillar in a single strike. It's only found in lakes full of conflict, and once Dagaxong is certian that the Water Pokémon in there are safe from all harm, it will migrate to another water surface, only returning if conflict emerges once more. That being said, it still likes to eat seaweed if the conflict that it is supposed to defend hasn't arrived to it's area yet. Once Dagaxong fully evolves into Gekojiong, it emerges onto land and starts fighting conflict with it's personal polearm, which is strong enough to puncture a solid battleship plate. People thought that it was a warrior emerging from the seas, eager to strike revenge upon those who had drowned it, and it fights very similarly to a soldier in the past, further confirming this theory. Despite it's fatness, it's actually a very athletic Pokémon, and Gekojiong can read the target's moves and strike them where they'd least expect it. Gekojiong sharpens it's polearm every day, and if it ever loses it, such as if it's being thrown towards a fire source, it'll just pull a new one out of it's own mouth.

Bug/Rock --> Bug/Rock --> Bug/Rock
Lobro is a lobster Pokémon that, despite it's typing, is actually very common in oceans and hot springs. It's plating is as hard as solid rock, and it's a very feisty fighter, picking fights with anyone that dares to approach it's territory. It fights by boiling it's claws with the might of heated rocks, before striking their targets with enough force to boil their skin alive. Lobro is a very hardy Pokémon that can survive in even boiling oceans. Lobro evolves into Cleavneph, those plating is now so hot, it boils skin on the touch. It's armed with a stone meat cleaver that can chop even the hardest of skin in half, which Cleavneph combines with it's heated claws to prepare meat for consumption. It will sometimes cook for other Pokémon or trainers as well, sharing it's prey among them and making sure that they grow up to be big and strong. However, Cleavneph is a very angry Pokémon when it boils with rage, chopping down everything in it's path until it calms down. It evolves again into Yakihoma, a chef lobster Pokémon that rightfully serves it's fellow trainers and Pokémon. It's claws can be boiled to the point that they can turn it's prey into a five star meal in a single strike, and it's garb contains all the tools it needs to prepare any dish. Yakihoma puts it's focus into each of these dishes, making sure that they are grilled to perfection and not a single mistake can be seen on them. Eating food prepared by Yakihoma can provide saturation and a lasting life to those who consume it. However, if a person does not like Yakihoma's food, it will fly into a violent rage, boiling to the point that it can make entire oceans evaporate into steam in seconds.

Light/Electric --> Light/Electric --> Light/Electric
Based off the Tennin, Clilit is a Clione Pokémon that resides in the deepest, darkest waters of the Oriva Region. They light up the area with a combination of light and electricity, and it's said that seeing Clilit is a sign of hope, that the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching. However, it's quite clingly, and will often try to hold on to the safest spot it can find, filling them with static electricity. Clilit evolves into Cliennin, said by some to be comparable to an underwater angel. It saves people from drowning and carries them to the surface, and it also blesses everyone around it with pure light. It's said that seeing a Cliennin will ensure that that any danger that you encounter will be overcome by the might of light itself, no matter how difficult it is. In battle, Cliennin punishes the wrong by shocking them with enough electricity to render them blind for weeks on end. When Cliennin fully evolves into Clinuyasha, they leave the oceans they were born in to acsend to the sky. They are considered to be a guardian angel by many people, ensuring that they will never suffer any problems as long as one is nearby. It strikes down the false by showering them in a storm of electrical bolts that can disable every function in the body almost instantly, and the portals that they emerge from have been comparable to oceans themselves. There's an old folk saying that some women are in fact Clinuyashas in disguise, and when no-one's looking, they shed their disguises to be among the clouds once more.

Electric/Magic --> Electric/Magic
A Catfish Pokémon that primarily lives on land? Now that's just plain Silly! Silly is a catfish Pokémon that lives up to it's name: it spends all day doing rather silly things in swamps and oceans, such as eating food backwards, frying itself with it's own electricity, or even just splashing around. Despite this, it's a rather talented master in electricity magic, though it can only control them if it can concentrate, which is only when it's in battle and it doesn't get the chance to do a silly thing. There's a saying that Silly actually gets weaker when it's in the water, which is silly in itself for a fish Pokémon! Thankfully, these traits get fixed when Silly evolves into Welgroov, and it stops doing silly things. Now able to fully concentrate, Welgroov rests itself on top of a rock, striking it's prey down with bolts of electrical energy infused with the might of magic. It's wands are said to be it's own whiskers, which can never be cut, and as they swing along, different magical effects appear in the battlefield. A very kind Pokémon, Welgroov will gladly help anyone with their problems, even if it meant doing the silly things it once did.

Psychic --> Psychic/Dragon --> Psychic/Dragon
Based off the Shen, Shelam is a Shellfish Pokémon those real face has never been seen. It hides itself within it's rock solid shell that can bounce off any attack imaginable, and peering into it will make you see not it's insides, but a whole world that is actually a mirage created by the Shelam. In fact, the only thing that Shelam spits out that isn't a mirage are it's pristine pearls which can fetch quite the fortune. Shelam evolves into Shemerge, a small Dragon Pokémon that is emerging from the shell. However, it will hide inside of it for defence, and those who strike the shell will suffer hallicinations of the Shemerge appearing as a terrifying Pokémon, forcing them to flee. It's primarily a cowardly Pokémon that avoids combat, though in combat itself, it never turns back unless it really has to. Some sources claim that most Shemerges are in fact mirages themselves, with the real ones hidden in distant beaches that no-one has ever found. It's final evolved form is known as Shenirage, and it has fully merged itself with it's shell. It flies around oceans with it's psychic powers, and can conjure mirages that are so real, that people believe that they are the real thing. It can change it's shape at will into anything it wishes, and it often disguises itself as a gift for people, revealing itself when they are at their most vulnerable moment, striking them down with brainwaves that can make people hallucinate entire cities. Shenirage's appearance in a city can drive all of it's residents into chaos, as they might never know that it could be disguised as an object near them...…

Flying/Psychic --> Flying/Psychic --> Flying/Psychic
Jellmi is a jellyfish Pokémon that floats above the water's surfaces with it's psychic spheres. These spheres are comparable to balloons, and they are the source of Jellmi's psychic powers, commandeering them to move small objects using it's mind alone. These psychic spheres can be used to make medicine that improves the mind. It's normally a carefree Pokémon, just floating out in the open without noticing the world without it, but some say it's concentrating on improving it's control over it's telekinesis every day. Jellmi evolves into Aviatelii, those psychic spheres allow it to float in the sky as well. It's telekinesis can now lift heavy objects as if they were as light as a feather, and Aviatelii can use it to sense movements around it, allowing it to predict any danger that would approach it. They normally hide in the least visited of clouds, focusing on it's mental powers so that it can retain a constant focus on them every day. It's said that Aviatelii's appearance in an area is a sign that the area is rich in psychic power. Aviatelii then evolves again into it's final form, Wuzetialkii. Now confident in showing itself to other people, Wuzetialkii is a very friendly Pokémon that happily shares it's mind with other people, improving their mental process. It is a master of telekinesis, with it's psychic spheres being able to move practically anything in microseconds, and they can fire beams of psychic energy that can turn brains to much in seconds. Wuzetialkii can also generate these psychic spheres to use as either a distraction or as a further form of aviation, and some Wuzetialkiis even practice their mental thinking out in the depths of space. The energy granted by these spheres allows it to always concentrate during a battle, even during the darkest of moments.

Beast/Steel --> Beast/Steel --> Beast/Steel
Based off the Shachihoko, Shachomp is a fish Pokémon with a powerful set of jaws that can crush an iron beam in half in a single bite. It lives in cold oceans where there are plenty of prey for it to devour, and it can hold a massive stream of water in it's mouth for use later. It's skin is made of a special material comparable to a battleship plate, and it never appears to dull or rust, even in the roughest of tides. Shachomp evolves into Shavyhavy, a giant Pokémon the size of a boat. It's said to be a harbinger of rain, and thus architects once crafted a pair of golden Shavyhavy statues on the roofs of temples to prevent them from burning down to the ground. It's jaw is now strong enough to bite through solid titanium, and it can fire torpedoes from it's mouth which will track their targets down until they perish, even out of water. Shavyhavy has a savage nature, and often targets boats used in battles in the past, not stopping until there is no trace of them left. It's final evolved form is known as Shachoknaught, a giant sea monster that has sunk many ships in the past. Shaped like a battleship, Shachoknaught is armed with a special rapid fire cannon known as "The Destroyer", which can fire a hundred torpedoes per second, each one being able to blow apart diamond in a single hit. No known material can survive it's powerful jaws, and it can also conjure violent storms that rain metal down the ocean, making them rich in iron. It's also equipped with a sonar radar that can detect everything in the ocean, and it always focuses on the strongest targets first, making sure that they are not a threat any longer. It's said that Shachoknaught's appearance inspired the first battleships.

Dragon/Athlete --> Dragon/Athlete --> Dragon/Athlete
Deloat is a Dragon Boat Pokémon that floats among rivers, happily allowing small Pokémon to ride on their backs. It's said to be the result of an ancient ceremony that people performed to please a Legendary Dragon Pokémon, their spirits infusing the boats they rode as they raced down the rivers to determine their speed. It normally avoids combat whenever possible, but if it must fight, it will breathe a stream of dragon energy that can dissolve almost anything. Deloat evolves into Qingzhou, which is now large enough to let a single person ride on it. Despite it's threatening appearance, it's still as friendly as ever, though it does judge it's rider's soul every second of it's journey, throwing them off if they sense that they are skipping a large amount of their journey by taking the shortcut. It's said to have been born at an Oriva Region festival celebrating the sun and the moon, and it's boundless amount of Dragon power within it allows it to swim large stretches of river without breaking a sweat or resting at all. Qingzhou then evolves again into Kambomara, a large boat Pokémon that can carry as much as it can, even if it is something as heavy as a Mudsdale. Now resembling the boat that the people of the past used in the ceremony that it was born in, Kambomara can go through even the toughest of rivers, blasting through obstacles with a powerful tackle infused with dragon energy. It is kind enough to let people use it as a way to contuine their journey, or to go around an area which it knows the traveller cannot get past, no matter how hard they even try. A tradition normally done in festivals in the Oriva Region is to have two teams race their Kambomaras down a violent river to see who has the far better teamwork. The winning team will feel themselves being filled by an aura of friendship generated by the Kambomara itself.

Time/Dark --> Time/Dark --> Time/Dark
Compestone is a compass Pokémon that's common near the water's surface. Navigators once used them as a form of navigation in the past, as it always pointed towards the area that they wanted to go to. It also serves as a form of pocket watch, by moving it's pointers towards the right time. Despite this, though, Compestone is actually a ruthless Pokémon that's only doing it's purpose just to earn the profit it will receive in the end, and in desperation they will even steal from their owners if they refuse to pay it. This piracy only increases further when it evolves into Kuojinn, which resembles a ship similar in design to those seen during the era of piracy. As it sails along the sea, it rams boats with it's concentrated energy, always knowing where they are due to retraining the compass, before forcing them to pay their gold for their survival. It can sail among the seas for years on end, looking for treasure which it then stores within itself safely, and seeing it's sail is a sign that you will soon perish, though people are unsure if Kuojinn's real face is the compass, or the sail. Eventually, Kuojinn will arrive on land and evolve again into Zhengyii, the Oriva Region's closest resemblance to an actual Pirate Captain. It builds a pirate ship out of the materials around it and sets sail, using it's compass eyepatch to seek out buried treasure. Those who are unlucky enough to be in Zhengyii's way will be forced to either join it's crew, or walk the plank to a region of water that most Pirate Pokémon refer to as "Davy Jone's Locker". When it finds the buried treasure, it digs it up and and stores it within it's pirate ship, which it constantly repairs every day with it's mastery over time energy. In battle, it uses not just it's razor sharp hook like a cutlass, but also the false head on it's shoulder that resembles the front of a pirate ship, ramming them like how a ship would ram into another ship, sending it's opponents sinking to the bottom of the sea. It has a very ruthless pirate's code with it's crew, throwing them into the brig if they were to ever disobey them, and it's good at keeping their morale high as well, singing ruthless sea shanties into the night, or even making a crewmember walk the plank to scare the other crew into trusting it.
This is the level range that all the major opponents in your journey across the Oriva Region will be at, up to the final Wushido Clan Base! They are sorted by their order in the level range. It is also noteworthy that, starting from the Water Gym, the gyms and Wushido Clan bases will use every non-legendary Pokémon family in the region of their speciality type! (Titan titles are not shown here. Opponents in bold have already been cleared in waves 1-26)
Rock Gym: LV14
Bug Titan: LV17
Poison Wushido Base: LV20
Grass Gym: LV 21
Dark Titan: LV24
Fighting Wushido Base: LV25
Water Gym: LV27
Light Titan: LV28
Magic Wushido Base: LV31
Fire Gym: LV33
Ice Titan: LV35
Ground Wushido Base: LV36
Electric Gym: LV37
Sound Titan: LV40
Time Wushido Base: LV42
Beast Gym: LV44
Psychic Titan: LV46
Wierd Wushido Base: LV48
Athlete Gym: LV50
Fairy Titan: LV53
Job Wushido Base: LV56
Hero Gym: LV57
Flying Titan: LV60
Steel Wushido Base: LV62
Villain Gym: LV64
Mythical Titan: LV65
Ghost Wushido Base: LV66
Shadow Gym: LV67
Normal Titan: LV70
Dragon Wushido Base: LV72
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With the Water Gym defeated, after defeating your rival a second time, your next opponent lies within the U-Isupu Clearing, the Shining Light Titan! On your way there, you'll pass by the Chikyu Quarry and the Jankuyard, both of which are home to Pokémon based off modern day inventions!

Time/Steel --> Time/Steel --> Time/Steel
Based off the Karakuri, Clatterkuri is an artificial Pokémon that was built as a toy for children, said to predate even Porygon itself, the first Pokémon made with modern technology. To bring life to it, one must wind up the key on Clatterkuri's head, which will provide it with the energy to move around while clattering it's teeth, stopping when the key fully unwinds. Some Clatterkuris, however, can wind up their own keys by powering themselves with Time energy, and these are the Clatterkuris that you can find in the wild, chomping down anything in it's path with it's razor sharp teeth after escaping their inventors. It's evolved form is known as Ningykuri, which was built as a form of puppet to perform in shows and theatres. Winding up the key allows Ningykuri to move around and perform royal poses comparable to most emperors, and it never seems to break down unless the key is fully unwinded. These Pokémon were very popular in the Oriva Region's past, with millions of people visiting a Ningykuri show to see how they would perform. A Ningykuri that can wind up it's own key often performs for other Pokémon with absolute elegance, enhancing their dances with powerful time energy. Once Ningykuri evolves into Zayokuri, who is designed off a warlord in the past, it's key can wind itself up regardless of it's origin, always allowing it to move around and battle with powerful Time attacks. It performs an elegant show with it's gestures that drain the will of opponents that see them, and it does so with the help of the residue time energy within it, said to have been generated by the shows it performed in the past. With one swing of it's fan, Zayokuri can command other Puppet Pokémon to lay themselves out for a great show that can dazzle anyone, no matter their personality. In it's heart, though, it is a ruthless fighter that only aims for popularity and domination, just like a real warlord. In some cases, Zayokuri can even drain the spirits of it's opponents, turning them into lifeless dolls that Zayokuri then turns into puppets of it's own.

Steel/Mythical --> Steel/Mythical --> Steel/Mythical
Based off the Boroboroton, Cuvet is a car Pokémon that likes to drive around on roads, always caring about road safety and even allowing other people to ride them. It's wheels never seem to puncture, and they have enough traction to go through the slipperiest of terrain. Strangely, it's often found near beds, and you can often see Cuvet resting there to refuel it's own energy. Borobroom is it's evolved form, and in this stage, it's very similar to a real life car. It can drive at speeds of over 80 miles per hour, leaving behind traces of mythical energy as it drives along, and it's glass dome can open to safely secure it's passenger inside. There's been a rumour that Borobroom is a forgotten toy car brought to life, and it often appears near the people who used to play it. It never seems to produce any exhaust, and thus people have been considering using Borobroom as an alternative to cars themselves, questioning why they even invented them. Borobroom then evolves into Vehirotron, and in this stage, it's no longer safe to drive in, becoming a vengeful hunter of the night! Said to be a rug brought to life by vengeance alone, it breaks into it's former owner's home and runs them over, covering them in a tire track that never goes away. It twin claws can drain the oxygen out of anything they hit, just like if they had inhaled exhaust fumes, and by gathering enough speed, it can break through even a solid titanium wall. Because of it's aggressive behaviour, most people tend to avoid evolving their Borobrooms whenever possible: If they evolve into Vehirotron while a passenger is inside, they will brutally tear them to shreds.

Steel/Poison --> Steel/Poison --> Steel/Poison
Motocc is a motorbike Pokémon that's said to have evolved after the bikes that Bikers of the Kanto Region use, having been imported here from that region. It's mostly a show-off Pokémon, performing wheelies and tricks in canyons and wastelands, and Motocc always makes sure that it can drive to top speed every second. As it drives along, it leaves behind a poisonous gas that can cause coughing for days on end. It's evolved form is known as Wheelume, and in this stage, it can drive a lot faster than ever before due to fuel efficiency. Other people can now ride on it as if it was an actual motorbike, though if they do not get off Wheelume in time, they will suffocate to it's poisonous gas emissions. In battle, it rides wheelies around the enemy to surround them in toxic gas comparable to exhaust fumes, before revving their wheel over their body when the target becomes weak from the gas. Sometimes, you'll find Wheelume with other Poison Pokémon who do not suffer from it's fumes, giving them rides to the destination that they want to go to. Wheelume's final evolved form is known as Zhejibalt, also known as "The Bike of the Future" to some. Although it only runs on one wheel now, it can put all of it's power into it's wheel to rev at speeds of over 300 miles per hour, only stopping to refuel. It produces toxic gas from not just it's exhaust pipes, but also it's twin gas cannons, and they can cause death in minutes. It is always moving towards it's intended destination, apparently one where Zhejibalt will finally learn if it's using it's own deeds for good. It's quite popular among men, who train them to perform radical tricks.

Wierd/Shadow --> Wierd/Shadow --> Wierd/Shadow
Allbushi is an ATV Pokémon that's equipped with a Mestubushi, a blinding powder that the warriors of the Oriva Region once used to control the peace. It's wheels can get across any terrain, and Allbushi can go up any surface, no matter how slippery it is. It uses it's Mestubushi as a means of escape, running into the mountains while it's opponent is blinded from the powder it launches. Allbushi likes to travel alone, coming across many different destinations in it's journey, and when it comes across enough of them, it evolves into Terrgantsu. This Pokémon's improved tires are sharp enough to cut through solid titanium, and it can allow other people to ride on them, allowing them to get up even the steepest of cliffs. Across it's journey, Terrgantsu's eye judges the rider, and if it judges it unworthy, they are thrown off instantly. It's Metsubushi canister can now launch powder which can not only dissolve eyes on impact, but also cover surfaces in a formula that allows them to be traversed by anyone. Terrgantsu then evolves again into Vehimestor, a Pokémon that the people of the Oriva Region once referred as a being that could make any terrain possible to travel across. It's Metsubushi container dissolves it's enemies organs on impact, starting from the eyes, and both it's wheel and handlebars can cut a whole castle to ribbons in seconds. Warriors once used Vehimestor as a way to get to the battlefield easily, before using them as a form of distorting weapon, driving people insane with the powder that it launches.

Wierd/Steel --> Wierd/Steel
Gashap is a Pokémon that is said to have evolved after the Gachapon Machines that you'll often find in the outdoor Pokémon Centers of the Oriva Region. It normally does'nt do that much outside of battle, waiting for someone to turn the dial on it's machine. The capsule that falls out then unleashes a powerful attack upon it's enemies, and each capsule has a different function. Gashap's capsules can also contain food or items, and a popular game in the Oriva Region's festivals is a test of luck, to see who can open a certian capsule first. When Gashap evolves into Kaiyaisha, it's personality undergoes a complete change, becoming an empress of luck itself. It's made of several capsules that can fall apart and reassemble at will, allowing Kaiyaisha to avoid any attack possible, and it's said to sometimes disguise itself as a human, only revealing itself when danger is nearby. It's prized weapon its it's huge spear which can pierce the heavens itself, said to be powered by the attacks that were once inside the capsules it had when it was still a Gashap. Kaiyaisha is very popular among girls, and it will protect them with all it's life.

Villain/Steel --> Villain/Steel
Seflick is a Pokémon based off the Selfie Stick, and it has a devious plan for getting prey. It waits for bird Pokémon to perch onto it, before it strikes them with the might of a true villain, causing them to drop dead almost instantly. It can also steal the powers of any phone placed on top of it, and thus it often poses as an abandoned selfie stick, convincing people to put their phones on it as if they were going to perform a selfie with it. Chinwayy is Seflick's evolved form, and in this stage it is a lot more devious, posing as a master of distraction. It rests a phone stolen from it's victims on it's head, and when their opponent's guard drops in trying to perform a selfie with it, Chinwayy strikes with it's powerful hammer, which can break apart solid diamond in a single strike. Sometimes, you'll find Chinwayy creating machines that have very wierd purposes indeed, such as an umbrella that can only protect against falling rocks, seemingly with the spirit of a former inventor. No traces of it exist in the past, indicating that it only evolved very recently.

Flying/Villain --> Flying/Villain --> Flying/Villain
Props is a Pokémon that loves nothing more than to fly up high in the sky with it's propeller, watching over the world as it flies by. It then reports this information to it's fellow Villain-type Pokémon, serving as a form of security drone. It's propeller is sharp enough to slice durains into ribbons, and it also possesses powerful whirlwinds with it's propeller. It's said that Props evolved to be this way after watching classical airplanes with propellers fly by the sky. Once Props has gained full control of it's wind powers, it evolves into Hovopz, which is equipped with two hovercraft propellers that help it control the air. Hovopz is a devious Pokémon that hunts down enemies in the sky, blasting them down with winds equivilant to giant tornados. If you look closely, you'll see small Villain Pokémon resting on top of it, using Hovopz as a makeshift base. It also possesses the ability to navigate through even the deadliest of storms. Hovopz then evolves again into Nirvortropz, said by those who see it to be better known as "The Flying Fortress". It's equipped with a powerful cannon that can level entire villages in a single shot, allowing the other Villain Pokémon to set up their new bases there. The size of an aircraft carrier, Nirvortropz's arrival to a city is a sign that the city will soon fall to dangerous winds, it's destiny being to be levelled to the ground. It's insides are full of special engines that allow it to fly 24/7 without stopping or landing, but it's heavy weight has slowed it down, so the propellers are mainly weapons that can slice apart even solid titanium. It's not too common to see an evil mastermind use Nivortropz as their base.

Steel/Light --> Steel/Light --> Steel/Light
Lubop is a Pokémon that's made of the bamboo that people chop down. When it spins around, the light on it's head shines as bright as a lighthouse, allowing people to know where the person who spun Lubop is. Lubop then uses this energy to confuse it's opponents by flying into the sky and raining down rays of metallic light down it's enemies, not stopping until it's opponent is defeated. If a Lubop is in the air for a long amount of time, it is a sign that it is about to evolve into Spotqing, who becomes a helicopter in this stage. Keeping itself aloft by spinning it's propellers with light energy, Spotqing searches for people in danger and rescues them from their fates, it's glowing bulb allowing people to know that it has arrived. However, it's not exactly the best flyer in the world, and Spotqing will eventually have to land to recharge it's bulb with the lights around it. Those caught up in it's blades will be subjected to a storm of radiant light that they cannot escape from, blinding them almost instantly due to how bright the bulb is. Once Spotqing can stay in the air without resting, it evolves again into Tigadao, a proper helicopter that always focuses on saving lives above anything else. It's light can be seen from miles away, and it never breaks due to constant repairing by it's own light energy, which it can now generate by itself. Tigadao will allow people to ride them to safety, and once it seeks out a danger, it will focus on stopping it. Herds of them will often split at the first sign on danger, which each Tigadao taking on a different emergency. In battle, it spins it's propellers to create a hurricane of pure light which no-one can ever escape from.

Steel/Job --> Steel/Job --> Steel/Job
Consoll is a Pokémon that has only been documented in the wild very recently, though some sources claim that it existed far earlier than that. It's a kind of gaming console Pokémon that unleashes it's battle tactics by pressing special combinations on it's joypad. Every move has a unique combination that it always remembers even if it's under stress. It can serve as any gaming console possible, but only if it can plug it's cable to into a powerful power source, mainly ones that have thrived for hundreds of years, and some people claim that Consoll served as a means of communication between people in the past. It's evolved form is known as Smithoroll, a Pokémon that strangley resembles a blacksmith. It forges down metal on it's special anvil that it carries around with it's hammer, and with it's three buttons, Smithoroll can always create the shape that it wants. It's mostly lost interest in being a gaming console at this stage, indicating that Smithoroll once helped blacksmiths with forging armor in the past. However, some Smithorolls still remember the button combinations it used as a Consoll, and with it's other hand, normally used to hold the metal in place, it can easily adapt them into it's three buttons. Once it has forged enough materials, Smithoroll will evolve again into Ganmojyoll. By hammering it's keypad with it's twin hammers that can smash apart diamond in a single strike, it can digitize any form of armor imaginable, provided it has eaten the materials that make it up beforehand. It's console buttons have returned, though they only serve as decoration know, with Ganmojyoll battling by hammering this keyboard as if it was an anvil. It also can no longer move in this form, but it never has to really feed on anything, using it's metallic powers to draw materials closer. It's said to be the spirit of a blacksmith who kept going even after all the other blacksmiths resorted to machinery given life once more. In the wild, it's main rival is Guanrong, both of which are Blacksmith Pokémon who can forge almost anything possible.

Villain/Light --> Villain/Light --> Villain/Light
From a distance, Choo-Choo to be an innocent train Pokémon that normally chuffs around on railway tracks, but it has a far more ruthless personality than that. In reality, Choo-Choo aims to run over it's prey as it walks on railway tracks, not caring a single bit about the railway code...if it can get to them. It moves so slow, being powered by only the coal it eats, that Choo-Choo often just aims in becoming faster and faster than ever before, but most people don't notice this, thinking it's a form of an excellent engine. That changes, however, once Choo-Choo becomes fast enough to evolve into Chonorail, who is now based off the monorail. Now fast enough to catch up to even the fastest of enemies, Chonorail waits for it's opponents to step upon the railway line it claims as it's territory before running them over at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. While it's still powered by coal, it's carrier can carry enough coal to last it a lifetime, and sometimes other Villain or Light Pokémon hide within them to travel great distances. It's said that the first Chonorail was born when people ruthlessly tore apart the first ever steam engine. Chonorail's final evolved form is known as Chinkasen, who is based off the bullet train. Now able to make it's own rails, it creates giant railways across the Oriva Region solely designed to strike their opponents when they'd least expect it. As it runs, it leaves behind a trail of solid light that no-one can get past at all. People who saw it were inspired to build fast vehicles that can transport them across areas in minutes on end, but they have always resulted in danger rising. A common Villain trick is to tie up hostages at an area that Chinkasen will soon strike with enough force to make even the largest of Pokémon explode into bits.

Hero/Steel --> Hero/Steel --> Hero/Steel
Believed to have come from another planet to fight for it's own empire and achieve peace, Trutrull is a truck engine Pokémon that fights to the code of "One shall stand, one shall fall.". It's very protective of the people around it, and it's slick wheels always allow to get to it's destination within seconds, bellowing out opponents by revving around them. Apparently, it originated from a form of children's toy that could turn from a Pokémon into a robot in five easy steps. Trutrull evolves into the truck Pokémon known as Vantmang, and in this stage, it is powerful enough to plow through any material to save it's friends from danger. It drives along on roads towards where Villain Pokémon are gathering, and strikes them down with enough force to break apart even the toughest of titanium alloys. It's often found driving down canyons and deserts, looking for readings on it's special radar scanners which can scan for suspicious activity. Only Vantmangs that are at their prime can evolve again into Karptimus, a heroic Pokémon that all people of good hearts look up to. Commanding it's fellow Vehicle Pokémon to roll out, it is a very talented strategist, always able to come up with a winning strategy for every villainous plan that it stops. It can transform itself into a giant truck and back, capable of going through the most hostile of roads, and Karptimus can also fire giant beams of metallic energy from it's hands that can reach out to space. Some claim that it had lived for a million years, leaving it's planet behind in a hope to restore it.

Villain/Sound --> Villain/Sound --> Villain/Sound
Said to have come from the same planet as Trutrull, Roquer is a devious rocket Pokémon that aims to gather natural resources to restore it's planet to it's prime. It flies at such high speeds, that it is constantly making sonic booms that can deafen anyone near it, and it's quite a ruthless yet cunning Pokémon. Roquers can often be seen harvesting meteors of their natural resources, condensing them into special cubes that can store that energy in even the most hostile of environments, and it also possesses a really cruel laugh indeed! Roquer evolves into Conceptauu, which can fly at much higher speeds by consuming a cube that it has made. It's said to be making sonic booms with every second that it flies for, always focusing on the Hero Pokémon that would dare to stop it's plans of recreating it's home. A very deceptive Pokémon, Conceptauu will often ask for the help of other people, only to betray them once they are done with that they wanted to do. It can also ram into it's opponents with enough speed to take down even a healthy Vantmang. Conceptauu's final form is known as Sonatron, better called as Karptiumus's eternal rival. It's armed with a powerful sonar cannon which can level a castle into dust in a single shot, and it can also transform into an even bigger cannon that can wipe out entire mountains. It commands around it's fellow Vehicle Pokémon like a ruthless target, always focusing on the areas with the most power it can absorb, so that it can restore it's planet once more. It can even create special devices that can modify the properties of their rivals, such as mind controlling them or locking them into a certian state.

Rock/Job --> Rock/Job --> Rock/Job
Snapane is a crane Pokémon that has been helping builders with their construction projects for years, having evolved based off a similar Pokémon line in a distant region. It's powerful hand can grab almost anything that can fit within it, which Snapane can then transport to another location, and it also uses it as it's main weapon, crushing it's foes until they become nothing more than natural steel beams. It travels around on caterpillar tracks that can get around any terrain imaginable. It's also very focused on it's job, and if the building that it was helping to build gets cancelled or destroyed, it becomes consumed by vengeance and brutally attacks the people who it thought were nothing more than weapons themselves. When Snapane evolves into Builndes, it trades it's arm for an actual crane, which can lift up even the heaviest of objects. Now as tall as a skyscraper, Builndes can easily carry heavy equipment to any height it desires, and it sometimes uses this crane to rescue others from danger. Although it's caterpillar tracks have improved to allow them to go up any height, and it's tower can adjust it's height as well, Builndes often stands in one spot to do it's job, not moving until everything around it is perfect. In the wild, Builndes has been sighted going fishing with this crane. It's final evolved form is called Kaijibuild, said to be called "The Master of Construction" by some. Now a humanoid builder than can travel across any terrain with it's caterpillar track legs, Kaijibuild is not only armed with two powerful pincers that can tear apart anything, but also a wrecking ball that it can spin to level even a mountain to dust. It's very protective of the projects it has built, literally wrecking anyone who would dare to destroy them, even if it causes collateral damage in itself. Supposedly, it believes that it's only purpose is to build and protect cities that have fallen victim to natural disasters.

Ground/Steel --> Ground/Steel --> Ground/Steel
Cricker is a Cherry Picker Pokémon those only purpose is to extend itself as a moving platform, allowing people and Pokémon alike to get to higher places. It often picks a spot and then just sits there, feeding on dirt and scraps of metal around it, and it's very dedicated to it's job, fighting anyone who would dare to harm the place it protects. Cricker's platform can extend very high, and it always adjusts itself to the right height every time. Cricker's role changes completley when it evolves into Cemeter, which carries a cement mixer on it's back that people had used to create cement for building projects. A very helpful Pokémon even in this state, Cemeter gathers up the richest of rocks, before melding them together into a special kind of cement that not only solidifies by it's own call, but also never degrades at all. Cemeter fights against it's opponents by forcing them into this cement mixer and mixing them into an immobile stone statue, always managing to get them inside with it's powerful wheels that never puncture at all. Those who get stuck in it's cement also suffer this fate, doomed to become statues for the rest of their lives. It's role changes again when it evolves into Dumacroft, the Pokémon equivalent to a dump truck. It carries heavy materials and mounds of earth to the most violent of locations safe and sound, though it has a very brash personality and will often bury it's prey in a mound of earth that can never be broken out of. It's great friends with Kaijibuild, able to deliver materials through tunnels that the former would'nt go through, but they sometimes fight over who can complete it's project first. It's powerful wheels have enough force to go through even solid lava unscathed, and they're said to be infused by the earth itself.

Ground/Job --> Ground/Job --> Ground/Job
Dozr is a bulldozer Pokémon that enjoys shovelling around dirt to make it's home within canyons and areas rich in soil. People have often enlisted their help in either shovelling heavy objects to other areas, or to demolish small houses, though it runs out of steam very quickly and often has to stop to rest. Dozr can also shovel up farmlands and spread them across a wider area to allow them to hold more crops. When Dozor evolves into Excdizr, it gains a humanoid figure on the top which gives commands to the bulldozer underneath it, as if it was a construction manager. It's shovel is now strong enough to push massive boulders and level even the largest of houses, and it never stops in it's job, always keeping itself refreshed by absorbing the dirt around it that does'nt contribute to the environment in any way Sometimes, you'll even see Excdizr levelling houses that it thinks are structually unstable, even if they're not that way in the slightst. It's final evolved form is Shantuzr, those humanoid figure is now capable of moving around at will. At the humanoid figure's commands, Shantuzr moves entire mountains with the giant shovel on it's front, and it never appears to dull at all, even if it's going through a very rough construction project. It clears out cities to make room for something new, even if the city had a good life, and it often targets those that would dare to make a foolery of it's fellow construction related Pokémon. It's also said that Shantuzr doesn't care about what's being built in the past, only what is being built today.

Job/Shadow --> Job/Shadow --> Job/Shadow
Very dangerous if left in the wrong hands, Arqlock is a hunter Pokémon based off the Arquebus! Firing essences of condensed shadow energy similar to bullets, Arqlock once helped soldiers in the past slay their enemies from a distance before they can even realize what is going on, never missing it's intended target. In the wild, it shoots down fruits and berries from with it's nozzle, shooting anyone that would dare to interrupt it. For some reason, it's got a vile hatred towards other Shadow Pokémon, always going for them above anything else. When Arqlock evolves into Buisun, it's barrel becomes capable of holding a lot more shadow bullets before it has to reload, and it switches to a carnivorous diet. Buisun's shadow bullets can now pierce through most forms of armour, and it can fire them at speeds where they can never be seen until they hit. It spends most of the time hunting down those that it thinks are mishandling weapons designed after it, shooting them from a distance and making sure that no-one can ever put the blame on them. It can also charge up it's shadow energy to fire giant bullets which can level walls in a single shot. It's said that a warrior who becomes reliant to the weaponry designed after Buisun are no better than demons themselves. Buisun then evolves again into Gun-De-Ánn, the ultimate bounty hunter Pokémon! It now possess three guns which can cover their enemies in a curtain of shadow bullets in seconds: it's own head, and it's two gun arms called "63" and "95", which can fire over a thousand bullets per second with movements comparable to sonic booms to some. It hunts down those who opposed it in it's past, and Gun-De-Ánn will never stop chasing down it's bounties until it has destroyed them to the ground. It also accepts bounties from other people, and it never fails in bringing the bounty to the law of the Shadow Pokémon themselves!

Normal/Fairy --> Normal/Fairy --> Normal/Fairy
Amazed with the success of Porygon, the first truly artificial Pokémon made in the modern era, a rival company in the Oriva Region aimed to create a virtual Pokémon of their own. The result is Shanxid, a cybernetic Pokémon based off the Chinese Pyramids that is designed to travel cyberspace at a faster rate than Porygon itself. However, an unknown bug in it's programming instead made it just sit there, absorbing data like a cloud storage program, and no-one can figure out why it is doing this. Apparently, data stored within Shaxnid never seem to be eaten by any viruses, but at the same time, the data is slowly being consumed by Shanxid itself. One advantage Shanxid does have over Porygon is that it can upgrade itself without a special item, evolving into Shanxid2 purely by gathering enough experience points. Shanxid2 can not only store gigabytes worth of data, but it can also create databases that can use this data at will. Those who try to access this database will be pulled into a world of digital data itself, apparently controlled by the Shanxid2 itself. This world has pyramids of pure data which provide power to Shanxid2's attacks, said to be built after altars which it sensed from websites that detailed the Oriva Region's past. However, sometimes you'll see Shanxid2 overwriting websites, replacing them with websites that are about itself. With enough experience, Shanxid2 can evolve again into Shanxid-X by rewriting it's own code to replicate all the features of a Pokémon's body, from the heart to it's own soul. Now ruling over a massive network of data, Shanxid-X has freed itself from it's programmer's control, able to write lines of code at will which allow it to do anything it sees. It can rewrite entire databases into it's own virtual world, which provide all the data required for Shanxid-X's attacks. It sometimes appears on a computer screen asking people if they want to "Re-digitize", and if they answer yes, they will be turned into a character within Shanxid-X's world, which strangely resembles the Pokémon it scanned most of the time, doomed to play a part in it for the rest of their lives. In battle, Shanxid-X rewrites the enemy's programming to destroy themselves with their own attacks. Obviously, it does not get along well with Porygon-Z!

Light/Hero --> Light/Hero --> Light/Hero
Said to be the result of a virtual reality program being given life by one of it's beta testers, Gabla is a cybernetic Pokémon those line is male only. It lacks personality due to it being a computer program, but it is a very powerful swordfighter with it's blade arm, which can cut through almost anything in it's path. Apparently, it's own mechanisms are enhanced by past virtual reality experiences, giving it lots of experience towards it's enemies. As the personality of the beta tester that brought Gabla to life starts to manifest within it's programming, it will evolve into Logobla. While still very rarely showing any emotions at all, it's experience with the blade is now a lot more focused, and it defends all that it trusts from harm, mainly other Cybernetic Pokémon. It can sense it's surroundings with it's senses enchanced by it's own technology, allowing Logobla to sense any form of danger and counter it with it's blade, which can slice apart a castle tower in a single strike. Finally, Logobla's body and personality become whole when it evolves into Virito, a Pokémon who protects others from discrimination. With it's blade of light called the "Elucidator", it can tear apart even the strongest of enemies as it proceeds in a journey to rid it's home of all evil that would ever exist, showering them in a force of light which no Pokémon can store without overloading their energy. It's also a very kind Pokémon, but it often goes alone to achieve it's own mission. There's been a claim that the person who gave life to it has had their soul transferred to Virito itself!

Normal/Hero --> Normal/Hero --> Normal/Hero
Yuka is Gabla's female only counterpart, and is said to have come from the same virtual reality program as it. It's a Pokémon with a lot of strong will, but it is also quite distrustful of others for what they have done to it's former friends, and thus trust has to be built to befriend Yuka. Yuka leads a clan of other Cybernetic Pokémon towards battle, never giving up until the very end. It controls a massive amount of Normal energy to fire at it's opponents, never missing their intended targets and going at speeds so fast, they have been comparable to blurs. Yuka then evolves into Loayuka, who can use it's normal energy to heal it's injured allies. A very talented speedster, it can leap at great heights to dodge any attack that flies towards it, and it always goes it's down path, regardless of what it's fellow virtual Pokémon think it should follow. Supposedly, it always stays calm even when it's facing opponents who are far stronger than it. Loayuka then evolves again into Vasuna, who, like Virito, becomes a fully fleshed Pokémon with the personality of the girl who brought it to life fully awakening. In this form, Vasuna trades the Normal blasts for a powerful rapier sword known as the "Lambert", which can deliver a million stabs per second at such blinding speeds, that it appears as a crimson whirlwind, tearing it's enemies apart. It pays it's own duty towards it's fellow friends, defending them from all harm and breaking them out of any danger, especially with Viritos and other Cybernetic Pokémon. Some Vasunas can even create virtual avatars of their own for other people to use. Supposedly, it desires to work together with a Virito as a double team powered by an unbreakable bond.

Hero/Sound --> Hero/Sound --> Hero/Sound
PerforMONE is a Microphone Pokémon that can enhance the sounds of anyone who sings into it. It's a very carefree Pokémon, always staring into the night sky when it is not being used this way, dreaming of entering the world of dreams itself. As it does so, it sings a beautiful lullaby that draws nearby opponents to sleep, preventing them from inflicting any harm to PerforMONE. While PerforMONE can be found all over the Oriva Region, being a type of dream Pokémon, it's evolutions can only be found within Magicant. The first of these is it's evolved form, CybAI, which is considered a type of cybernetic Pokémon due to it's very similar DNA structure to them. Able to access dreams themselves by focusing deeply, it's main feature is the cord on it's head which helps it concentrate within the dream world. No-one has ever seen CybAI outside their dreams because of this, and they only appear in the real world when PerforMONE evolves: they only appear in the wild for a split second before CybAI enters the dream world. Once in there, they will dispel any nightmare they see and turn it into a beautiful dream, all to make sleep as calm as possible. CybAI then evolves again into FramIGHTS, a Pokémon beyond dreams. Able to fly with the essence of dreams itself, FramIGHTS makes sure that any nightmare in it's path will never exist again as long as it lives, smashing through even the strongest of demon Pokémon by channelling it's own dream energy into it's heart. It also protects dreams and makes sure that they don't turn into nightmares, especially if they are ones that ensure a bright future should they continue. However, it will sometimes destroy dreams that have no purpose whatsoever, to gather the dream energy from them. For some reason, FramIGHTS has a slight knack for flying across golden rings to gather energy from them.
Also, while not part of this wave, the entries for the Pokémon in Wave 1 have been updated to give further details on all three evolution stages.
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Arriving at the U-Isupu Clearing, an area of the Oriva Region rich in both light and wisps, you'll find lots of new Pokémon to catch on your way to the Shining Light Titan, at a shrine where Chuan once rode to in the past. Scions of light can now enhance your own party in ways that will make the lords of radiance envy your soul. Alongside them are the Oriva Region's remaining two Grass-type lines!

Light/Flying --> Light/Flying --> Light/Flying
Based off the Gumyōchō, Pheaswin is a two-headed pheasant Pokémon said to inhabit areas that are great in light. The two heads do not get along well, and Pheaswin will often fight over the smallest of food, or the slightest devotions to light itself. One head is always sleepy, while the other is always active. Despite this, Pheaswin is an easy Pokémon to raise as it doesn't require feeding that often. Pheaswin evolves into Gokakyo, those two heads can now fire rays of light towards their enemies. The heads still don't get along well with each other, and you'll often see Gokakyo try to poison one of the heads to gain absolute control, though since it only has one stomach, this is rarely successful. It's said that those who can get Gokakyo's two heads to agree with each other will achieve enlightenment as long as they remain together. In battle, it strikes down the false with a twister of light energy that it creates with it's heads. When it fully evolves into Méigúyóchó, it can finally properly fly off the ground. The two heads having finally made up, it sings beautiful songs that causes those who hear it to achieve enlightenment. Méigúyóchó is said to represent the connection between people and Pokémon, and whenever someone is friendly to their Pokémon, it appears before them and showers them in a wave of radiant light. It's nest is said to be in another dimension that only the most pure of souls can ever visit.

Light/Mythical --> Light/Mythical --> Light/Mythical
Based off the Eight Immortals, Gexian is a Pokémon that normally spends all day staring out into space. While it possesses great power that it can transfer to other Pokémon, Gexian rarely uses it outside of combat, it's brain being very unstable to the point it could split. It's also immortal: No source on Earth can truly kill it. It's evolved form, Monochromxian, is an unstable Pokémon on the verge of splitting. Having no control over it's powers, it fires beams of rainbow energy all over the world, affecting those hit by it in many different ways. It's body on the verge of falling apart, Monochromxian will very quickly fall apart in an explosion of light if it is not cared of quickly, and Trainers have been advised to keep it inside it's Poké Ball whenever possible. Eventually, a well cared for Monochromxian will split itself into eight beings, evolving into Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan in the process. Now a group of eight immortals, each Pokémon that makes up Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan possesses a different role and a different power that they can bestow upon their friends. They are excellent teamworkers, always able to strike down their enemies with the might of light itself, and they live on a remote island surrounded by violent storms. Like Wishiwashi, Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan possesses the Schooling Ability: When it is at level 52 or higher, it will call it's fellow Hecaolilanluhanzhanghans and school together into it's School Form until it runs low on HP, said to be the true form of Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan. In this form, it grants immortality to all that see it, striking down those who refuse it or use it for personal gain with a stream of powerful light that can make even space itself shudder. It's said that in this form, it's stronger than even the most powerful of Legendary Pokémon, though it does lack on the speed department.

Light/Beast --> Light/Beast --> Light/Beast
Based off the Korōri, Koppear is a Pokémon that draws DNA from the Pokémon around it to determine it's appearance. It spends most of the time invisible to most eyes, and it requires the Silph Scope to be seen properly. Koppears often sneak into houses unseen and give the residents visions of the future that will eventually become true to those who see it, though most of the time this is usually just the resident's death. It then feeds on it's victims, using their dreams to power it's own visions. Koppear evolves into Kororija, which is a more feral hunter than it's previous form. Now able to infect it's targets with a stream of seeping light, Kororija attacks it's targets unseen, and puts the blame on other Pokémon and people, often leading to fights and wars. The visions it gives to it's victims now cover the entire life, but with key points modified to ensure their death. There's been some reports that Kororija can emerge from the corpse of it's victims, indicating that it might be a mere illusion to most people. Korolatury is it's final evolved form, and in this stage, it can now alter minds outright. Their powerful bites, which can tear apart a house with ease, can drain the memories of those bit by it, or even alter their personality completely. Completely invisible except to those who are in their final moments from it's bite, no-one can blame Korolatury, because they have never seen it, often thinking that it is a sickness outbreak. No-one knows why Korolatury is even biting people beyond making them their prey, but some say it has judged the life of it's victims as too unworthy to contuine any further.

Light/Athlete --> Light/Athlete --> Light/Athlete
Coqonet is an angel Pokémon said to have descended down from the heavens itself to play with other people. It's supposedly the soul of an athlete who lived a good life, reborn as this Pokémon, and it showers those who see it in light itself. Coqonet's main fighting tactic is similar to badminton, striking it's halo towards it's opponents using it's angelic wings. This Pokémon evolves into Badmangel, a kind Pokémon that will happily play with anyone it trusts. It can generate balls of light from the halo on it's head, said to always tell the truth, before whacking them towards it's enemies with it's twin rackets, said to be the favourite equipment of athlete it once was. Sometimes, you'll see Badmangel play an angelic melody that convinces other people to continue playing sports despite all the odds, and it apparently only appears in areas where there is inspiration. It's final evolved form is known as Daotintion, who can now strike the balls of light it generates with enough force to smash through even the toughest of armor. It appears before those who wish to become athletes, and helps them decide what kind of sport they were destined to do. Daotintion watches above all Athlete Pokémon, making sure that they are all playing to peak precision, and it will make sure that none of the games that they play can ever be interuppted. Supposedly, it's said to an archangel to the lord of all the Light Pokémon in existance.

Light/Rock --> Light/Rock --> Light/Rock
Wazhou is a Pokémon that strangely resembles a wine glass, and it is just as fragile as well. Preferring to avoid combat whenever possible to avoid shattering into pieces, Wazhou lives in large caves where they play harmonic melodies by filling themselves up with water and allowing other Pokémon to put their hand over them. When the time comes for battle, it converts the water in it into light energy to unleash towards it's enemies. The glass that composes it is said to be forged from sand that has been around since the dawn of time. When Wazhou evolves into Walquin, it's appearance changes completely, and it is no longer fragile at all. Now surrounded by a shell of bronze, it runs across on it's two legs and wheels, leaving behind shards of razor sharp glass that can judge the light of it's targets. Walquin can let over people ride it's back towards theri intended destination, and they will protect their passengers with all their might and glory. As a safety measure, Walquin can shatter itself into tiny pieces which can reform at will, each one showered in the hopes and dreams of it's past passengers. Once Walquin has acquired enough hopes and dreams, it fully evolves into Walausoleum, who is based off the Qin Bronze Chariot. Said to resemble the chariot that a warlord used in the past, it gallops along in the wide open plains, leaving behind a trail of energy that spreads determination to those who feel it. However, it has also acquired a warring personality in this stage, and thus Walausoleum does not get along well with other equine Pokémon, raging wars with them that can last centuries. It's main enemy is Sindestival, who it believes has welded it's own bronze and glass structure wrong, and the two can never get along without fighting. Some regions even make it forbidden to take Walausoleum out of it's home region due to it's affinity with the past itself.

Sound/Light --> Sound/Light --> Sound/Light
Foupot is a clay pot Pokémon that's said to have been sculpted out of the same clay that made the most sacred of Pokémon. It plays itself like it was a Fou, releasing harmonious melodies that make people who hear it feel like they are in their own sanctuary, inspiring them to sing along with them. Foupot often hides itself within households and makes sure that no-one can leave them unless it's nessecary. Foupot's evolved form is known as Clangaronza, whose handle can now slam it's top for a wave of melodious light. It's normally a solitary Pokémon that avoids contact whenever possible, but when people feel like they don't like their home, Clangazora appears and plays it's music to let them know what to do next. When it's not busy doing that, it can often be seen protecting large temples and preventing anyone but the most worthy from entering their sacred grounds. Once a Clangazora has perfected it's control over it's own melody, it fully evolves into Zhongor, who resembles a large temple from a distance just like Tuditao: obviously, this means the two do not get along well with each other. It lets other people and Pokémon into it's own sanctuary within the mountains, striking the top of it's head with enough force to generate waves of light which calm people down and help them with their problems in life. It's very protective of those in it's sanctuary, destroying anyone who would dare to destroy it with powerful waves of light. Zhongors that have lasted thousands of years can often be mistaken as actual sanctuaries, the calm music that it plays remaining in the area it played in for millions of years.

Job/Light --> Job/Light --> Job/Light
Jinar is a type of guard Pokémon, and it will happily protect anyone that it is assigned to with relative ease. Although it's very talented with it's spear of light, it can easily get overwhelmed even as a large army, and thus they often protect small scale items such as treasure. Jinar, however, is very easily distracted, and can be lured off the shift even by a single coin. Thus, most of them often train themselves to achieve evolution as soon as possible. Jinar's evolved form is known as Jinyuard, and in this stage, it is far less distracted and more capable of defending houses and settlements, though it still struggles with defending large scale items such as historical sites. They group together into a phalanx formation to prevent their opponents from getting through, and each one has a different role in protecting a different aspect of the items they have been assigned to protect. However, it's not that keen at being sent into battle: in the past, there was an emperor who tried to use his Jinyuards for battle, but they refused to fight: his kingdom fell the very next day. Jinyuard then fully evolves into Jingwutian, and in this stage, it can not only defend as an imperial guard, but it can also fight as well, using it's powerful blade of light to destroy anything that would dare to oppose it's master. It's said that whatever it protects will never be damaged as long as it lives, and a whole army of them can oppose even the strongest and largest of armies. Some Jingwutians spend their entire lives focused on defending one item, and they will not move to defend another. Supposedly, the first Jingwutian is said to have been the spirit of the first ever guardsman.

Fairy/Light --> Fairy/Light --> Fairy/Light
Based off the Qianlima, Qilly is a Pokémon that has great magical powers, but it hasn't been able to control them yet. It spends most of the time training up this very magic, making sure that it won't destroy the area around it if it's own stress unleashes these powers against it's own will. As such, if you see a Qilly on the road, you should take it to the nearest shelter immediately before it causes any more destruction. Once Qilly has gained full control of it's powers, it evolves into Qiricon, a Pokémon that can fire blasts of enchanted energy out of it's hooves. It can gallop at over a thousand miles per hour, and it is often too fast for most mortal men to even ride on it. Because of this, it's only said to appear before those of good hearts. Qiricon is also a name given to equine Pokémon who have performed very well in both running and battling, and it is a sign that Qiricon has blessed it with the might of victory. Qiansenri is it's final evolved form, now possessing wings of pure fairy energy, alongside a powerful horn that can fire blasts of light strong enough to smash even a solid sheet of titanium into dust. A bringer of friendship wherever it flies, Qiansenri's presence can be noted by the fact that bonds will never break, and it possesses loyalty, honesty, kindness, generosity, laughter, and magic in it's heart, spreading them to those who need it. Some people build statues of Qiansenri to represent it's undying fighting spirit.

Rock/Steel --> Rock/Steel --> Rock/Steel
Possessing the patterns of a Sancai relic, Tricai is a Pokémon that's made out of glazed ceramic that has been hardened into solid steel. It can often be seen defending tombs and cemeteries, preventing anyone from raising the souls stored within them for their own gain. As it walks, Tricai stores in metallic particles within the handle on it's back, which it then unleashes to it's opponents in battle. Tricai's evolved form is known as Dodecai, those hump can now store enough metal to build a metallic beam from scratch. Simply seeing it can help inspire you to draw and paint beautiful pictures, and because of this, many artists often employ it to serve as inspiration, as no two patterns on a Dodecai are alike. However, it sometimes eats ceramic items that it has judged as unworthy for preservation, before spitting the remains at it's enemies, covering them in a cage of metal that can never come off. It's final evolved form is known as Glazamcai, a Pokémon who can glaze patterns into the rocks around it to mark it's territory. It's armed with a pair of glazed ceramic blades that send anyone struck by them to a fate where all they see for the rest of their lives is the patterns that make up Glazamcai. It's often found protecting tombs from all harm, and some people claim that it always protects the tomb where it's former master is buried in, and it only leaves the tomb to punish those who would dare make a mockerey out of the master!

Magic/Grass --> Magic/Grass --> Magic/Grass
Wilquat is a Loquat Pokémon that lives in trees covered in the stardust of shooting stars. It is attracted to those who make a wish, and it's own skin is rich in magical energy that is similar to the stars themselves. The skin of a Wilquat has been used in some PP Up recipes due to it's regenerating properties. Wilquat's evolved form is called Pectiquat, and in this form, it can make wishes come true with the star on it's head, though they don't always come out as it expects. The star is said to have been made from the stardust it gathered, some say that the reason why wishes from shooting stars become true is because Pectiquat has gathered the energy from that star. It is a nocturnal species that rarely appears during the day where there is no stars to absorb. It's final evolved form is known as Stiparuiquat, said to be known by some as "The Wishmaker". Armed with a special cane called "The Wishing Cane", it swings it around to make hopes and dreams become true, and Stiparuiquat makes sure that these wishes are all according to plan. The bird companion that rests on it's shoulders serves as a judge, checking which wishes are being used for good, and which are used for bad, blasting the bad ones with a powerful magic torrent. It's said that before people knew of the existence of Jirachi, they worshipped Stiparuiquat as the bringer of all wishes and stars that there is.

Grass/Ice --> Grass/Ice --> Grass/Ice
Mossreege is a Moss Pokémon that normally only appears in the highest of the Oriva Region's mountains. Unable to leave the rock it was born on due it's extremely sticky composure, Mossreege instead focuses on draining the opponent's life force with the energy that it's moss creates, before freezing them in a blizzard of plants and ice. Mossreege often appear growing over landmarks that have been around for hundreds of years, and it is a sign of longevity in the areas that it lives in. It evolves into Lycoster, which is able to get around by growing a pair of legs. With one strike of it's twin moss hands, it can turn even the newest of areas into a moss covered relic, and it's said to represent nature taking over the forgotten areas of the Oriva Region. It's moss is cold enough to freeze anyone who touches it, and it's said to a vital component in many warm winter coats. Lycoster then evolves again into Bryoking, the ruler of moss itself. It forms a kingdom in the highest of elevations where no-one can reach it, and will protect itself with powerful blizzards coming from it's staff. It can also roll itself into a boulder of moss and snow, and freeze it's enemies in cages of moss. Bryoking is said to have lived for a million years, and some people claim that it decides where moss grows and oxidizes spots in areas that no-one ever visits again, to allow other Grass-type Pokémon to live there once more.

Normal/Shadow --> Normal/Shadow --> Normal/Shadow
Kolokni is a Siberian Weasel Pokémon that only appears in the darkest of nights, hunting for prey while protecting it's young within the burrows that it had made. It's main weapon is the Duck Blade on it's tail, designed to break any weapons that other Pokémon might use against it, which Kolokni then feeds the remains of to it's young. People sometimes employ them to help cull pests down to size. Kolokni's evolved form is known as Lujisel, and in this form, it's body becomes the duck blade itself. Weapons that try to pierce it will instead be broken, and those shattered by Lujisel's blade can never be fixed again, thus making it a vital Pokémon to use in many armies in the past. Some people viewed them as spirits who would drain a village of it's capability to fight by breaking all it's weapons, and they warded them off with their own powerful Pokémon. It has also become a solidary Pokémon in this form, no longer caring about the burrow it once lived in. It's final evolved form is known as Sibyuaria, which is armed with two duck blades that can break any weapon imaginable, no matter how strong they are. Wearing an eyepatch over one of it's eyes to sharpen the sight of the other, Sibyuaria can easily disarm an opponent by throwing them with enough force to topple a ten-ton tank, and it's fast enough to make it's opponents think that they are just seeing shadows. In fact, Sibyuaria is said to have been the reason why people enlisted the help of other Pokémon to help them fight.

Mythical/Shadow --> Mythical/Shadow --> Mythical/Shadow
Kanahito is a Hitotsume nyūdō Pokémon that wields a Kanabō as it's main weapon, said to be the prized weapon of many demons. It's an extremely efficient troublemaker, able to turn even the strongest of bonds into the most violent of arguments by clobbering one person with this Kanabō and putting the blame on someone else. Kanahito constantly repairs the Kanabō every day with the metal left behind by other Pokémon, and it's said to have inspired many folk tales involving demons from the shadows. Kanahito evolves into Nyudhito, who wields a Kanabō not just on it's arm, but also it's head, being able to use both of them with perfect ease. It appears before travellers in roads and clobbers them to the ground, and those who witness it's attacks often put the blame on other Pokémon. It can supposedly change it's size at will, and it's fast legs mean that no-one has be able to catch Nyudhito at all. Some even claim that it doesn't exist at all, being merely just a myth in itself. Nyudhito then evolves again into Konsairebo, who now wields two Kanabōs at the same time for maximum destruction, able to strike with enough force to destroy a castle in a single blow. It's said to be the spirit of a ruthless ruler who tortured his monks to get them to work given life once more so that it can continue doing it, and those who see it's gleaming eye are certian that their life is about to come to an end. No-one can remember what exactly a Konsairebo looks like, because every time they see one, they always believe that it is another predator coming to eat them, due to the shadows contained within it's own heart.

Electric/Wierd --> Electric/Wierd --> Electric/Wierd
It's said that a cloud that has caused too many thunderstorms becomes Voltoud, a thundercloud Pokémon which always has a lightning bolt sticking out from it. This bolt never seems to express any emotions at all, but it can stretch out to strike opponent's like an actual lightning bolt, shocking them with enough force to blow apart all their organs in a single strike. Voltoud camouflages itself among storms, and they strike so fast, that people often mistake them as actual thunderbolts. It's evolved form is known as Strikolimus, which gains three extra bolts that can strike down opponents with a massive flurry of electrical storms. Whenever Strikolimus appears before an area, it is certain that it will be struck down by violent thunderstorms afterwards, and it's cloud can generate enough electricty to power an entire city in a single drop. The bolts are always striking their targets, and if they cannot find a target to strike, they will run out of electrical power. Strikolimus then evolves again into Thundakiri, who is based off the Kurokamikiri. It possesses a powerful pair of scissors laced with enough electricity to blow a planet to smithereens, and it can move at lightning fast speeds to cut up it's opponent before they even know it. It often appears in the night and cuts off the hair of people, which it then uses as an insulator to charge up it's scissors with electricity. Sometimes, they even help save people from being attacked by other demonic Pokémon by striking them with enough force to turn them into a living generator for the rest of their lives!

Psychic/Electric --> Psychic/Electric --> Psychic/Electric
Based off the Kotobuki, Kotolots is a chimera Pokémon that is a master of both psychic and electrical energy. It lives in scheduled woods where is little to no danger, feeding on only the most scheduled of leaves, and people often gave them as gifts for congratulating other people. Scientists have found that Kotolots shares a similar DNA structure with the twelve starter Pokémon of the Oriva Region, suggesting a connection between them, and the fact that it is easy to raise has lead to some people choosing it as their starter. Kotolot's evolved form is known as Kotoluations, which possesses an organ that can convert electrical energy into brainpower and back at will. It only appears before those who have done well, to congratulate them for their efforts, before it almost instantly runs back into the forests it lives in. Attempting to chase a Kotoluatons will lead to you being fried by an electrical bolt, coming not from it, but from the spirits of victory themselves, which also power it's electrical attacks. It's said that with every good deed done, a Kotoluations is born into the world. It's final evolved form is known as Kotoedoria, those DNA consists of the best traits of each of the twelve fully evolved Oriva Region starter Pokémon. Said to be a symbol of protection by some, people often drew pictures of Kotoedoria to ward off evil spirits. Figures of it are also popular gifts at the Oriva Region's festivals. Those struck by it's mental lightning will see the world go around them, as Kotoedoria proceeds to finish off it's opponents with a bolt of electricity. It can also fully understand human speech, and can easily tell how someone is feeling by the flow in which the words come out.

Bug/Light --> Bug/Light --> Bug/Light
Based off the Shinchū, Glongo is a glowworm Pokémon that illuminates dark areas at night time with the glowing bulb on it's tail. It's said to be a variant of Lirefly, and the two usually get along well with each other, combining their lights to illuminate even the darkest of areas. Some people often take a Glongo with them to light up an area or let others know where they are, but it's not that great combat, instead preferring to eat leaves all night long. Glongo's evolved form is known as Ngodiform, who has now become a glowing beetle of hope. The bulb on it's back can now ward off evil spirits, and it is a lot more braver than it's pre-evolved form as well, able to fire giant beams of light that can make even the blackest of night look like broad daytime. Ngodiform wanders across the Oriva Region looking for spirits to ward off, always appearing to know where each one is,
and as it walks, the Glongos riding on it's back provide an endless source of light to those who find them. Ngodiform then evolves again into Shincgod, a massive Pokémon the size of a castle. It feeds on demonic Pokémon and those who would cause evil among the land, viciously tearing them apart into a pile of glowing slime that never burns out. It feeds on over 3,000 Pokémon every day, and many people had referred it as a bringer of hope and victory, showering Shincgod with gifts. It's main habitat is a giant forest where enlightenment can be achieved by focusing deeply among the glowing lights themselves.

Time/Villain --> Time/Villain --> Time/Villain
Sha-Cla is a Pokémon that's always plotting it's next scheme in domination of it's home area, commanding other Time and Villain Pokémon to do it's commands. However, being very small and weak, it always ends up being defeated, though it will use that defeat to fuel it's future victories. Sha-Cla's main weapon is it's two daggers which can puncture even the toughest of skin, but it doesn't stand a chance against armor. When Sha-Cla evolves into Wan-Shaxi, it becomes a more talented swordfighter, and thus it gets more wins than losses. Wan-Shaxi's powerful blade can cut through anything with ease, and those who survive it's strike will be tempted to become a ruthless Villain in themselves. It's devious plots never fail in striking fear into the hearts of it's enemies, and it's said to have led many ruthless armies against other warlords in the past. Wan-Shaxi spends all the time in which it is not executing it's plans in constantly training itself to become one with the blade itself. Fan-Xorda is it's final form, based off Fu Manchu himself. Bound to a throne which fills the brain of anyone who sits in it with the might of it's past of leading armies to battles which lasted thousands of years, Fan-Xorda sends it's minions to commit crimes and bring it fortune and wisdom. Each of it's minions is knighted with it's signiture blade, The Rohner, which is powerful enough to slice mountains in half, blessing them with the same amount of energy and allowing them to channel Fan-Xorda's own image into their attacks. When it gets off it's throne, it converts it into a powerful cape that can deflect any form of attack, though it's movement is a bit sluggish due to sitting on it for centuries. Some people claim that Fan-Xorda's overwhelming presence brought upon the existance of all the other Villain Pokémon in the Oriva Region.

Villain/Light --> Villain/Light --> Villain/Light
Based off the Arie, though only in it's first form, Arinnocent is a devious villain Pokémon that pretends to be friendly to gain the trust of other people. Once their guard drops, Arinnocent will strike them from behind with a blast of light energy. Arinnocent will even emerge from oceans to give out prophecies that are always false, but many people believe them due to it's own words. It's said that Arinnocent is only a disguise that it's evolved form, Luminnocent, uses to decieve people. As Lumminocent, it poses as a fairy in need of help, looking friendly and innocent to get people to adopt it as it's very best friend. It claims that it is here on a journey to achieve faith in itself, but in reality, all Lumminocent cares about is making sure that there is nothing around it but light itself, and it likes to play cruel tricks that people believe is just it having fun. However, there have been some claims that some Lumminocent feel guilty for destroying the friends that they have spent so long trying to make. It's final evolved form is known as Kofuhinnocent, a being of pure light that wants to cover the whole world in radiant light. It appears before people and tells them that they are destined for greatness, sometimes referring to them as "The Chosen One", guiding them through a journey that will always eventually end in their deaths. They target people and Pokémon that it thinks are a threat to it's goal, and many people believed it was an actual guardian angel, worshipping it with gifts, unknown to the fact that they are helping Kofuhinnocent achieve it's goal by providing it with energy to shower entire mountains in light. Some people even claim that it was two Pokémon fused into one when they regained their faith. In the wild, Kofuhinnocent's main rival is Whumpback, both of which are Pokémon believed as false deities.

And just when you thought that Godyo was already shocking enough, you find out that when you approach the shrine, TWO Titan Pokémon appear from it: Kosenwoe and Minowoe, a duo of Kosenjōbi! These two Pokémon are formed from the spirits of those slain in legendary battles in the past, and these two were born from a war that Chuan appeared to have taken part in. Kosenwoe is the more reckless of the two, always going into battle without a care of the risks around it. Those who go near Kosenwoe will be filled with demonic spirits that convince them to be reckless as well, leading to widespread destruction. In battle, Kosenwoe infuses it's might with the souls around it, before striking down it's opponents with a flurry of burning punches. The symbol on it's head is said to draw away conflict as long is it burns bright and true.

Minowoe is the more relaxed of the Kosenjōbi duo, always preferring to prepare for fights. Despite their differing personalities, Kosenwoe and Minowoe, said to represent the woes of those who never got live out their dream before being slain, can always work together to take down any opponent. Minowoe's presence absorbs all rainfall that would dare to tarnish the battlefield it was born it, spending it's days preserving it for other people to fight upon once more. It's flames of light are laced with a poison that causes eternal woe to those who are burned by it, making them believe that they are helpless to all fights. The symbol of Minowoe's head prevents it from gaining woe itself, and it's nearby allies will also be blessed with this protection.
Kosenwoe and Minowoe are fought together as the third Titan Pokémon, it being a 2v1 match: Kosenwoe is the damage dealer of the two, while Minowoe will support Kosenwoe with it's moveset that includes Toxic, Heal Pulse, and Helping Hand. Once one is knocked out, the other will start calling in it's allies: Kosenwoe's allies include a Dajian and a Dimao, while Minowoe's allies consist of a Selanter and a Badmangel. The two of them hold Chuan's determination, and upon acquiring it, Chuan stops showing any signs of shyness, though it still likes to serve as a steed than a battler. The third lost memory depicts Chuan being thrown by an unknown force into a battlefield dominated by the evil that the Wushido Clan is trying to raise, before a mysterious man approaches it, those shadow reminds you of Kayven. Chuan will also regain the ability to climb up walls and cliffs, which is very useful considering that the next Titan, the Abominable Ice Titan, is high up in the Restful Mountains. But first, the Magic Wushido Base and Fire Gym must be dealt with...
After defeating the third titan, Kayven appears again, congratulating you that you're helping Chuan regain his memories. He then reveals that he just investigated his temple, and apparently the Legendary Pokémon that is the mascot of the version you're playing had a hand in keeping Chuan safe. Just then, you hear the Legendary Pokémon's cry, but Kayven doesn't hear it. You can then challenge him to an optional battle where he uses a Shisulunge, a Honiastic, and the middle form of the three stage line exclusive to your version (Either Ngucii, Qigilen, Huafowl, or Guiroshi)
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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it's showtime! The Magic Wushido Base and their leader, Hu, holds the greatest magic tricks and Pokémon of the entire region, and now, by scouring the areas near it, these magic tricks can be yours to perform, including four Pokémon based off playing card suits!

Magic/Athlete --> Magic/Athlete --> Magic/Athlete
Representing the Diamonds, Pladiamond is a cheerful Pokémon those presence inspires nearby Pokémon. Proud of it's own appearance, it resides in the deepest of caves, to reward those who seek them out with the determination to carry on. Pladiamond is also quite cheerful, and it never seems to be sad at all, even when it's knocked out. Pladiamond evolves into Glisticheer, and it becomes far more cheerful in this form, able to cheer on other Pokémon for hours on end without running out of energy. As it is cheering, it leaves behind specks of glitter that are full of magic energy, and people had used them in the past to make medicine that could regenerate vigour. Glisticheer mainly cheers for other Magic Pokémon, but on occasions it will cheer for the people and Pokémon that it trusts the mosts, covering them in an aura that resembles a diamond in the process. It's final evolved form is known as Karorreu, and in this stage, it can create pom poms out of pure diamonds to fill everyone around it with the determination to carry on. It's quite the showboat Pokémon, and Karorreu will often create entire stages out of these diamonds in order to cheer on other people. It can also use these diamonds to freeze enemies in a crystal prison where there is no escape, and they fetch a great price by collectors. It's said to have been born when people first started to feel for others, caring for them no matter what happened to them.

Magic/Beast --> Magic/Beast --> Magic/Beast
Representing the Clubs, Paclub is a very innocent Pokémon despite the fact that the rage of a wild beast is contained with it. It happily hops around fields and grasslands, bopping anyone it sees on the head, unaware of the fact that it is transferring this rage over to the target, making them destroy everything against their own will. Some people mistake it as a clover and pick it up, thinking that it's a good luck charm, only to fill victim to the rage contained within Paclub. It puts this rage into good use once it evolves into Clobbotchi, a giant Pokémon the size of a house. It claims an entire mountain as it's own territory, and refuses to let anyone not of a savage nature to pass by, stomping trespassers to the ground with it's giant foot. However, it might let you pass if you give it a payment of food or money. It's not the brightest Pokémon in the world and it can easily be tricked, but Clobbotchi possesses enough strength to lift a dumper truck with ease. When Clobbotchi evolves into Trefreuz, it becomes a quadruped giant those powerful magical skin can block off any attack. Trefreuz is very protective of it's territory, and if it moves into an area, that area can never be visited again as long as the Trefreuz lives there, as no known material on earth can survive it's powerful jaws the size of an oil tanker. Even worse, it has become far more intelligent in this form, knowing it's own weakpoints and finding out ways to cover them up so that no-one can ever take it down.

Magic/Hero --> Magic/Hero --> Magic/Hero
Representing the Spades, Paspade is a strange Pokémon that always feels like it's in another dimension. It ignores everything around it, instead focusing on the world it's own, and it's always concentrating it's own magical powers to open up portals to other realms. Anyone that dares to interrupt Paspade will fall victim to it's magical powers, but it hasn't fully mastered them yet. That changes, however, when Paspade evolves into Shovlong. Able to control the weakest links of reality itself, Shovlong can turn small scale objects into other objects at will, and it's pool of magic is powered by the dimension that it still thinks it's in. Most of the other Magic Pokémon often avoid it due to it's amazing power, but Shovlong is quite the helpful Pokémon and can willingly help you with your problems in life, able to live thousands of years just by absorbing the power of magic itself. Eventually, Shovlong will evolve again into Lauschippe, a powerful sorcerer that always spends it's time not helping or battling meditating to concentrate it's magical powers. Lauschippe can use dimensional powers to alter reality at will, protecting the world from magical and mythical threats in the process. It can open up portals to other dimensions, and thus scientists often employ Lauschippe as a way to make contact with these dimensions, though they always alter the genetic structure of anyone who enters them to match the dimension itself. It can also detach it's cloak to serve as a means of defence or offence. It's main technique in battle is the "Mirror Dimension", where it sends it's opponents to another realm where there is no escape.

Magic/Villain --> Magic/Villain --> Magic/Villain
Representing the Hearts, Paheart may appear to be a symbol of true love, but in reality, it's a very spoilt Pokémon that hates being touched. It pretends to be cute to lure people into a false sense of security, and when the person's guard drops, Paheart strikes them down with a magical torrent that resembles multiple hearts being fired at you. That being said, if you can gain Paheart's trust, that can be a symbol of true love in itself. Paheart evolves into Soldooch, who can often be found in large groups of fifty individuals. They march down areas where there is romance, and anyone who is near them will have fights with their loved ones due to the negative amounts of magical energy that is transferred to them. When faced in battle, the Soldooches will gather around in a large line to prevent anyone from getting past their formation. However, they mainly spend their non-fighting or marching times fighting with each other over what color roses could be. When a Soldooch leaves it's army, it is a sign that it is about to evolve into Coeherz, the self proclaimed Queen of Hearts. Possessing a love for love itself and tarts, and hating everything else, all Coeherz really wants to do is to make sure it's kingdom stands high and strong. Coeherz commands armies of Soldooches to do it's bidding and capture those what would dare to oppose love itself. It has a very bad temper, flying into violent rages over the simplest of things, and often punishing it's prisoners to the loud scream of "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!". There's been a rumor that a distant region holds this Pokémon's main rival, which could be the reason why it lives in the Oriva Region instead.

Mythical/Magic --> Mythical/Magic --> Mythical/Magic
Terrorier is an Asura Pokémon with an ego as large as it's love for battle. Battling other Pokémon is what keeps it alive, and if it cannot find a challenger to fight against, it will lose it's own will. Terrorier is quite small and weak at this stage, but it's own fighting spirit keeps it going until it's opponent has been defeated. Terrorier's evolved form is known as Fourswar, and when it evolves, it gains four arms and a rotating head in the process. Fourswar uses it's four arms to destroy anyone that would dare to oppose it, but it possesses very little patience for those who are weaker than it. In addition, it always likes to solve any problem it comes across with violence, unaware of the many lives they'll claim doing so in the process. In battle itself, Fourswar infuses it's four arms with magical energy that can destroy a boulder in a single strike, before laying the opponent down with a massive flurry of punches. Once Fourswar evolves again into Azshura, it fully gains the aspects of an asura itself, with four rotating heads and six arms that can obliterate anything with a massive flurry of blows and punches. Consumed by the grief that it should have been reborn in the afterlife itself, Azshura represents the flames of war itself. It fights everyone it comes across regardless of their alignment, and due to it's excellent strategic skills and immense power, it almost always wins against any fight that it comes across. It is so powerful, that even the most fearless of villages hide like snakes at even it's own shadow. However, their massive ego to always be the strongest could potentially be their weak point in a battle.

Magic/Job --> Magic/Job
Hey is a Rabbit Pokémon that appears from a top hat which appears out of nowhere. It's lower body has never been seen, and it uses this hat for both offense and defence, releasing powerful magic attacks that no-one can defend against. It apparently has a thing for not just carrots, but also flowers and streamers, hiding them within itself to store for later. It's said that if you put something inside Hey's hat, it will never come out again, and if you go inside it, all you see is darkness. Hey's evolved form is known as Plesto, the Pokémon version of a stage magician! It appears before groups of people with a puff of magic smoke, ready to conduct a wonderful magic show. With it's magic wand, it can tap it's own hat to reveal a variety of magic tricks, such as making things disappear or pulling a rabbit out of it. Plesto's magical powers comes from it's audience, and it always comes up with new tricks every day to make sure they are always entertained. However, anything that Plesto removes is gone for good, with no way to return to the mortal world, creating the popular saying, "Hey, Plesto! The opponent has magically disappeared!". Once it's show is over, Plesto will vanish with another puff of smoke, resuming it's search for another audience to perform against.

Magic/Poison --> Magic/Poison --> Magic/Poison
Doding is a dice Pokémon that's very good at the game of Bo Bing, a dice game that is often played in the Oriva Region's festivals. On each side of it is a face those eyes determine the number of sides on the dice itself, and each one has a different personality. The attacks that Doding uses depends on the number it rolls on it's dice, and people once used them in lieu of actual dice. However, constant use of them can cause a dice addiction due to the poison that resides within it. Doding evolves into Goahpia, those six faces have merged a single one, now able to generate dice by itself. By rolling these dice into the battlefield, they explode into pools of poison that can warp the mind around one thing on contact, and victims of Goahpia often bet their whole lives away from playing dice games. Goahpia still has a dice in it's body that it can roll, but it mostly rolls it into it's own bowl to determine it's attacks, and people once employed them as part of a dice game where the largest numbers can win mooncakes. Goahpia's final evolved form is known as Rollzhon, and in this form, it has become a master of dice rolling, always appearing to have luck play on it's side. With it's special staff, it rolls a number on the dice on top of it, with the result determining what kind of poison it's enemies will get. A one will cause addiction, a two will cause brain failure, a three will cause blindness, a four will cause vomiting, a five will cause insanity, and a six will cause death. Rollzhon sometimes appears before other people to invite them to a game of dice, with many different things being at stake every time, such as age, level, possessions, or even the person's life.

Magic/Shadow --> Magic/Shadow --> Magic/Shadow
Liuyade is a Liuyedao enchanted by magical energy, believed to have been born after the warrior that wielded it perished to the might of magic itself. Liuyade flies around with it's own magical powers, slicing anything that would dare to oppose magic itself with enough force to slice a tree in half. It has a liking for magic itself, and it will often fly into libraries to see if there any magical books for it to absorb the powers of. Liuyade's evolved form is known as Willade, and in this form, it wields not just a liuyedao blade, but also a magic wand that it can cast magic tricks with. However, these tricks always end up being different than what Willade intended, and thus it shies itself away from people, focusing on controlling it's magical powers by reading books all day long. Despite this, Willade will still happily sometimes cast it's magic just to see what effect it has on other people. It becomes very stressed if it can't find a book to read, or if it loses it's magic wand, tearing apart anything in it's path with it's enchanted blade. Once Willade can control it's magical powers, it fully evolves into Lauhichia, a kind witch Pokémon those blade has become both it's weapon and it's own magic wand. Flying around on an enchanted broom that can fly at speeds of over 500 miles per hour, it spreads magic across anywhere that it comes across, affecting the world in many different ways. The spellbook that Lauhichia wields is said to contain every spell in the universe, but Lauhichia just likes to use them randomly just to entertain itself, with these spells being stabilized by the enchanted witch's hat that it wears. Some Lauhichias even teach other people how to use magic itself for the good of the wizarding community.

Ice/Magic --> Ice/Magic --> Ice/Magic
Mipard is a snow leopard Pokémon that just loves to play in the snow itself, treating snowballs as if they were balls of yarn. It's main body consists of a mirror said to be passed down by generations of craftsmen, but it always seems to display a strange shadow that drains the willpower of anyone that looks at it. This mirror can deflect any form of magical attack right back at it's sender, often unaware to Mipard's actual behavior. Mipard's evolved form, known as Guancia, is when it starts to become an actual predator. Now laced with spots comparable to the mirror it still carries, it hunts down prey by reflecting their own attacks right back at them, capable of destroying even opponents far stronger than it. Guancia camoflages itself among snowstorms with it's snow white fur, and it's mirror weakens and demoralizes the target's soul, leaving them vulreble to Guancia's predatory instincts. However, it never believes that enough is enough, always seeking ways to improve it's talent in the art of ice magic. It's final form is known as Ounc-Lung, and in this stage, it becomes bipedal. A master of a special kind of kung fu that uses both ice and magic within it, Ounc-Lung can easily find the weak points of any opponent it faces, and it can easily return attacks back to it's sender, though it has trouble facing off against fat Pokémon that can bounce off it's punches. The mirror on it's chest has gained a mind of it's own, and not only can it reflect any attack possible, those who gaze into it are sent into a realm battered by constant snowstorms. There's some sayings that even looking at Ounc-Lung will drain your fighting spirit over destroying what you have spent so hard creating.

Psychic/Magic --> Psychic/Magic --> Psychic/Magic
Based off the Nobiagari, Nobiastretchi is a talented predator that resides in bamboo forests deep within the Oriva Region. When someone gets close to it, it will extend itself to drive it's victims insane with the gaze of it's single eye, which can make people see their future. However, if they see a good one, Nobiastretchi will sleek away almost instantly, as it only feeds on those with tainted hearts. It evolves into Balseer, who trades in the stretching powers for the ability to gaze into it's huge eye, which it carries around despite it's heavy weight. While those who gaze into it will still see their future, they will also see their past as well, and this foresight is what gives Balseer it's magical powers, using them to predict when the opponent will fall in battle. All attempts to destroy the eye have only ended in their victims becoming insane, only caring about making sure that their future becomes true. Balseer's final evolved form is known as Shikyudo, a Pokémon that has eyes covering it's entire body. Each eye contains a different future for the person who sees it, and the one that blinks first will be the one that will be made a reality no matter what. Shikyudo uses it's mastery over both telekinesis and magic to make sure this future happens, moving objects around without anyone seeing them at all. This future can be avoided by refusing to look up after you gaze into Shikyudo's eyes, though most people think that those who try to avoid it are depressed to their core.

Slinkgou is a Pokémon that resembles a slinky dog toy that children used to play with in the past, which in itself resembles a long gone Dog Pokémon. It's middle part consists of a powerful coil that can allow it to spring it's whole body any distance forwards, and Slinkgou uses this spring to launch itself towards prey with a powerful tackle, or to get itself out of tight situations. It can infuse it's spring with magical energy powerful enough to tear apart a castle with ease, but Slinkgou rarely uses this for anything other than defence, also using this energy to repair the coil from any damage. If the coil ever splits in two, Slinkgou will perish almost instantly. The coil can stretch very far, able to cover the distance of a whole plain without breaking itself, and thus some people used Slinkgou as an early form of measuring device. It may be a smart dog, but it knows what roadkill is!
SPECIAL ITEM: Stretchy Spring: Like the Lone Earring, it's no longer a piece of junk that Partner Pikachu and Eevee can find: Now, when a Pokémon holding this lands a contact move, it plants a trap on the target, nullifying their next contact move and damaging them instead!
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Coil On: At the end of Slinkgou's turn, if it's not holding an item, it creates a Stretchy Spring for it to hold!

Blikiros is a strange Pokémon that appears to have been born from a doodle that the child of a long lost emperor wrote upon sacred paper, brought to life by hidden magic. Born entirely blind, it wanders around the Oriva Region looking for a purpose, using it's magic to reshape the land as it goes. It's said that it is trying to make the area around it just like what the child drew upon, and it's improved hearing and sense of smell allow it to seek out any danger that would dare approach it. Those who try to remove the bandana on Blikiros will become blind for the rest of their lives: It's said that the child drew this because he was blind himself, and that he didn't want to be the only blind person in his village, which some people claim was the reason why the village itself fell to the ground: destroyed, by the wrath of Blikiros!

Fairy/Dragon --> Fairy/Dragon --> Fairy/Dragon
Puling is a Dragon Pokémon that rests atop a bell that resembles a dish of Pulao. Every time it rings, it lets people know that morning has arrived in the Oriva Region. Puling is very small and would rather hide than fight, though it's hidden mastery over fairy magic can surprise most opponents into dropping their guard completely. It's evolved form is known as Tulidge, and in this stage, it serves as a protector of all things good and small. Only around the size of a dormouse, Tulidge rings itself to let other small Pokémon know where to gather for shelter, protecting them with it's mist breath. This breath can cause hallicunations of being shrunk to a smaller size for days, and this Pokémon can also fly by concentrating it's magical energy. The bell that Tulidge wields is said to have come from a clock tower that always told the right time every second. It's final evolved form is known as Buliscream, which is only the size of a small crate. Instead of ringing a bell, it lets out a deafening cry that only small Pokémon can hear, allowing them to reach Buliscream, where it will protect them with it's own life. It's breath can now cause actual shrinking, and there is no known cure to any size reductions caused by Buliscream. It's said to appear before those who are destined to help the small Pokémon that it protects, usually ones that are about to evolve and thus too uncontrollable for Buliscream to handle.

Sound/Rock --> Sound/Rock --> Sound/Rock
Biell is a friendly Bell Pokémon that loves nothing more than to ring itself all day long, and groups of them like to gather around to form a Bianzhong. It makes friends with virtually anyone, and it is quite clingy as well, never letting go of a friend it makes except by force. It's most commonly found in clock towers, repairing itself with the leftover stone used to make them. Biell's evolved form is known as Chimzhon, a beautiful Pokémon that thinks itself as a princess. It's harmonious ringing can help soothe the body and soul, and it loves to wake it's friends up on the crack of dawn, possessing a very playful personality. Sometimes, Chimzhon gets distracted by it's own ringing and loses focus on the battle it is in, especially if it's friends are not around to keep it motivated. But despite all these facts, it is still an easy to raise Pokémon. Chimzhon evolves again into Dynaslucia, who is basically a walking collection of bells! Every time it takes a step, a bell chimes that heals wounds from anyone that hears it, making it a very popular Pokémon in the Oriva Region's festivals. It's ribbons contain all the chimes that it has made in it's life, and Dynaslucia can remember which chimes can cure which wounds. Dynaslucia is very protective of it's friends, valuing their lives over everything else by protecting them with a melody of bell ringing. It's said to be the descendant of a huge bell that people once sculpted to remember their lose ones.

Villain/Rock --> Villain/Rock --> Villain/Rock
Burrpossible is a living Burr puzzle that has quite a funky personality, always challenging people to solve it. However, no matter what they do, Burrpossible cannot be solved at all due to it's constantly changing body structure, driving the solvers completely insane in the process, turning them into villains themselves....which is what this Pokémon wants them to do! It's secretly a very devious Pokémon that laughs at insanity like it was a circus, and to this day, it still hasn't been solved, even by a child who spent his entire life trying to solving one, from life to death. The puzzle aspect of Burrpossible vanishes once it evolves into Clonurr, a Clown Pokémon that emerges from a mysterious box. While it normally just clowns around with goofy tricks like juggling balls, Clonurr's real trick lies in the cubes that make up it's hands and feet, and being punched by them while cause you laugh yourself to death. It's also a very talented sculptor, able to sculpt anything that it wishes out of wood using it's own circus acts as it's tools. Those that Clonurr performed for drove themselves insane soon afterwards. Clonurr's final evolved form is known as Kantlivama, a giant, scary clown that only wants to make everyone be just as a clown as it is! With it's maniacal laugh, it brings inanimate statues to life to do it's bidding, usually to help it out with it's deadly circus acts. Kantlivama will often invite people to try and solve it's impossible puzzles that will render them clowns for the rest of their lives, such as a mirror maze that no-one can ever escape from. Kantlivama's main trick is juggling around puzzle boxes that are said to contain all of the world's evil within them, before throwing them at their opponents with enough force to replace their heart and soul with the desire to solve them. Oh, and whatever you do.....

Steel/Bug --> Steel/Bug --> Steel/Bug
Pilrol is a pillbug Pokémon that rolls itself in a sheet of steel to protect itself. It's common among small forests and trees that are rich in metal, which Pilrol uses to repair it's own shell, and it's also quite cowardly as well, hiding into it's shell over the slightest of situations. They feed on decaying plants to make sure that they cannot spread to other areas, especially if they are weeds themselves. Pilrol evolves into Pisopill, a giant isopod Pokémon the size of a horse. Now a lot more braver and a lot more savage, Pisopill can roll into enemies with enough force to demolish a dumper truck in a single blow. It's shell is as hard as solid diamond, and people used the shell to forge powerful armour that could never dent at all. No longer is it a plant eater, with Plisopill now eating flesh as well, often from the ones that entered it's territory without permission. Some people claim that it used to live in the ocean, going to land because it was too heavy to swim and thus catch the fish Pokémon around it. Most Pisopills live the rest of their lives in this stage, but with enough training, it can evolve into it's final evolution in the form of Phynosca. Now agile enough to carry it's heavy armor, Phynosca is a streamlined fighter that slices opponents to ribbons with it's twin blades that can cut through an entire mountain in a single strike. It has a code of duty to protect anyone it sees, but it always does so in a ruthless manner that does'nt care about the destruction it causes. It moves so fast, that most people have called it "The Obsidian Blur", and Phynosca is a very popular Pokémon among veteran trainers, as it carries a perfect balance of offense, defence, and speed!

Mythical/Dark --> Mythical/Dark --> Mythical/Dark
Based off the Kastura Otoko, Remembo is a living sign of remembrance, and is said to be the reason why people always remember things. It helps other people remember not just their own past, but what they need to solve a problem that appears in front of them, but it is very rarely seen otherwise. Rumor has it that every time someone remembers a memory, a Remembo is born. Forgetto, it's evolved form, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of that, being a Pokémon that represents forgetting memories. Forgetto is a very ruthless trickster Pokémon that uses it's powers of darkness to make people forget who they are and what they were meant to be doing, enjoying every last bit of it. Memories erased by Forgetto can never be regained, and thus people started to write down memos to help remember their lives. But this only made Forgetto madder, and those who try to cheat their memories will be obliterated by the pure darkness that Forgetto produces. Once Forgetto has reached max happiness, it will evolve again into Katstutokuro, who can both create memories or erase them at will. It appears on the face of the moon, attracting people to it's attention, but this is only a trick to get them to look at Katstutokuro for the rest of their lives, their youth draining away with every second they look at it until Katstutokuro makes them forget about everything. It can easily shape the personality of a person, potentially turning a villanous mastermind into a calm, flower loving person with a single swing on the floating shapes that accompy it, which can form a question mark that makes even the bravest of people question their destiny. It's said that Katstutokuro is also responsible for the development of the moon's phases.

Job/Psychic --> Job/Psychic --> Job/Psychic
Based off the Eritategoromo, Globortune is best described as a living crystal ball! If you gaze into it, your future will be revealed to you, alongside your fortune for today, and thus it's a popular Pokémon for gypsys and fortune tellers to raise. Globortune then absorbs the gazes of it's viewers to help power it's psychic attacks, which are said to overload the target's brains with the futures it has told. Some say that it appeared upon the world after people desired to see the future itself. When Globortune evolves into Eritature, it gains the spirit of a swordsman who fought for his own future, and it can now move by itself with it's own psychic powers. Said to be based off the swordsman's armor, Eritature's cloak can show the side effects of a future to you, but the results are not always accurate, unless Eritature had been staring at you with gleaming eyes on that day. It can learn the history of a person just be looking at it, and some say that Eritature knows it's own future as well. Eventually, Eritature will evolve into it's final form known as Prediztor, best described as a living fortune teller! By concentrating it's entire magical prowess into it's crystal ball, it can tell the exact future that a person will soon go through, and it is always accurate at telling the right future. Those who try to prevent a good future will suffer a storm of psychic energy from Prediztor itself, angry that it's predictions are about to become false. They even sometimes send people into their own futures to have them learn about how they could prevent it. If Prediztor's future is clear, your demise is near!

Wierd/Psychic --> Wierd/Psychic --> Wierd/Psychic
Based off the Nurikabe, Nurikall is completely invisible, and can only be seen with the help of the Silph Scope, which you don't normally get until late into your adventure, so to get one now, you'll have hope you run into one itself. Nurikall often appears in roads to block the way forwards with an invisible force. There is no way to get over or around Nurikall, though tapping a stick on the ground will mysteriously cause it to vanish to a different location, allowing you to pass through safely. It's evolved forms focus on making sure that no-one can get past them at all. First, there is Nurikall's evolved form, known as Blokvisibl. Although it can still be warded off with a stick, it can now create invisible walls with it's own hands that no-one can get through, creating a larger blockade in the process. It can also extend it's own body to make sure no-one can get around it, and some Blokvisibls will even destroy sticks to prevent them from being warded off. Then, there is it's final evolved form, Castikaber, which can no longer be fended off with a stick at all, forcing people to seek out alternative routes, knowing they cannot pass through where Castikaber appears ever again. Now resembling an old castle, it summons illusions of dead ends around it that make people think that there is no escape at all, and this Pokémon can also create an inescapable maze of invisible walls. It's three eyes can sense the whole world around it, and every route that can be taken, to make sure that no-one can ever escape the area that it lives in. No-one knows why Castikaber is doing this beyond the way of the hunt, but some people claim that it is punishing everyone for altering the roads they once travelled upon.

Snoozaki is a Hanzaki Pokémon that spends it's entire life fast asleep, fighting with it's own dreams and nightmares and never having to feed at all. Those who get near Snoozaki will be compelled to fall asleep for their entire lives as well, making it a very dangerous Pokémon to approach unprepared. Snoozaki get it's power by absorbing moonlight into the giant crescent organ on it's back, and it never seems to move at all, too lazy to even move itself with it's amazing control over telekinesis. It's Comatose ability protects it from all status conditions, and the presence of this ability indicates it was a subspecies of Komala that split off in the prehistoric times. It's said that writing the Zs on it's body can ensure a good night's sleep. It is noteworthy that Snoozaki is a Pokémon native to Magicant, though one can be found near the Magic Wushido Base blocking a shortcut just like a Snorlax, though due to the lack of the Poké Flute in the Oriva Region, you'll have to face it head on!
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To commemorate the 30th Wave of this project, we now revealing to you seven brand new Legendary Pokémon, alongside a Pokémon related to them. These legends have been spoken upon by myths and legends for years on end, and once you solved the mystery behind them, they will yours to command. While the first legendary trio, the Three Gorges, can be caught now if you know where to start, the other group, the Two Brothers, cannot be caught until you have completed your Pokémon Journey in Oriva. With these legendary Pokémon and their followers, every Magic-type Pokémon in the Oriva region has now been revealed!

Long ago, the Oriva Region was given life by three different gorges that brought upon everything the region needed to sustain life itself. It's said that if any of the three gorges are to dry out, so will the Oriva Region itself, so the people kept them flowing by working together. At the centre of the three gorges is a shrine that is hard to reach, but when it is interacted with, the three protectors of the gorges will release themselves to roam the Oriva Region.
First, there is Qut-Itchi, the protector of the Quelex Gorge, the gorge that brought saturation among the land, and is said to represent all forms of solid. Qut-Itchi's frozen blades can freeze anything they slice through no matter how warm they are, and it possesses the combined truths and ideals of all the Pokémon and people in the Oriva Region. Legends tell of how Qut-Itchi helped save entire villages from a powerful drought by freezing the sun itself with a massive blizzard that turned the sky bright blue in microseconds. It rides on a horse of ice that is so fast, no-one has ever been able to see it.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Third Gorge: This attack can only be learned by members of the Three Gorges. It's a power 70 Physical Time move that isn't affected by resistances or immunities, by having the user slice the target with the might of the three gorges themselves. It's power increases by 10 for each member of the Three Gorges in the party, and it never misses and targets both opponents in a double battle if all four members are in the party.

Wu-Ni represents the Wuvar Gorge, the gorge that allowed life itself to be created, as well as every kind of liquid there is. It can strike it's opponents over a million times per second with it's static daggers infused with the might of every thunderstorm in the world, and the fighting spirit of every person in the Oriva Region resides in it's own heart. Legends tell how Wu-Ni stopped a million year war by striking both armies involved within it a bolt of lightning so powerful, it's shockwave could be felt across the whole world, charging it with static electricity that lit up even the darkest of nights. It's main form of transport is a giant hawk made of pure electricity, that causes thunderstorms to every cloud that is passes by.

Xili-Mittsu is the protector of the Xilos Gorge, the gorge that allowed the Oriva Region's lifeforms to always stay calm and relaxed, and it is also responsible for protecting every kind of gas that exists. Xili-Mittsu can destroy entire mountain rages with a single strike of it's slow but powerful crimson axe, which can cause volcanoes to erupt with every strike, and it also posseses the emotions of every person in the Oriva Region. Legends tell of how Xili-Mittsu stopped a flood that could have reshaped the world by turning every last molecule within it into gas, making it look like the flood had just vanished instantly. It can summon a giant fire dragon that serves as it's steed, which can burn even un-meltable materials into goo within microseconds like if it was the sun itself.

By bringing Qut-Itchi, Wu-Ni, and Xili-Mittsu back to the shrine they were summoned from, their combined might summons forth Sánx-Dá, the trio master of The Three Gorges. Controlling five different elements at once: Fire, Ice, Electricty, Light, and Time, Sánx-Dá was believed to have shaped the Oriva Region with nothing but it's own hands and it's gallant steed, Aphios, who can run at speeds so fast, they can travel the world in microseconds. It's said to have been resting in the core of the Pokémon World for centuries, emerging if people are harming the land that it spent so long creating, destroying them with the might of the gorges themselves. Sánx-Dá can shape rivers and oceans at it's will, reshaping the world to what the people had wanted it to be. Sánx-Dá gives out orders to it's three subordinates, who are then blessed by it's own sheer determination to never give up, even in the toughest of situations. In battle, it summons forth giant blades of elemental energy that can cleave the world itself in two in a single strike, summoning violent storms upon impact.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Gorged Dam: This ability's power depends on the number of members of the Three Gorges in your party. With just Sánx-Dá, it behaves like Shadow Tag. With two members, it gains the ability to nullify moves that would suppress abilities or allow the target to escape from even trapping abilities. Three members will power up all Ice, Electric, Fire, Time, and Light attacks used by Sánx-Dá, with a weaker effect applying to all friendly Pokémon while Sánx-Dá is not in battle. Finally, having all four members will change the properties of Third Gorge when Sánx-Dá uses it: Now it is a power 50 move that calls all three members of the Three Gorges not in battle to cleave the target with three strikes, before Sánx-Dá itself deals the finishing blow! The first strike is Ice-type and may cause freezing, the second is Fire-type and may cause a burn, the third strike is Electric-type and may cause paralysis, while the finishing blow is a one-hit kill if it is used on a Pokémon that had 80% or lower Health before the attack began, and those total number of stat modifiers equals either 25 or -25. These effects only apply while Sánx-Dá is in battle.

Golvhai (Pictured above) and Silvhai were born as the first dragons, serving as the Two Brothers. However, their differing ideals had made them split up to pursue their own ways in ruling over the world, and after finishing your Pokémon Journey in Oriva, you can help reunite the two brothers together. Golvhai itself is known as the Dragon King, ruling upon all Dragons in the Pokémon world. A male only species alongside his brother, Golvhai checks the willpower of every dragon in the world every second with the power of imprinting, knowing where every dragon it has created in it's life has gone to. Those who show bad willpower will be destroyed on the spot with a massive storm of dragon energy, said to be the most powerful energy source of all Pokémon. People referred to Golvhai as a bringer of true will, as he helped people realize that they can figure out the solution to any situation, and with his presence, hopelessness ever existed. They built four temples across the far corner of the Oriva Region's oceans dedicated to it, as Golvhai was believed to have ruled over the oceans as well. Some sources state that Golvhai was the dragon that Regigigas used as a base for Regidrago, but since the two legendary Pokémon are never found in the same region, these sources cannot be confirmed.
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Sihai: A Power 110 Special Dragon attack that has Golvhai breath a stream of golden energy all over the target, with a chance to cause flinching. The first time this attack hits a target, every Pokémon in the opposing team's party will become a Dragon type.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Tyrant's Skin: This ability makes Golvhai the leader of all dragons! For each Dragon-type Pokémon in the party, the stats of all friendly Dragon-type Pokémon and the power of their Dragon moves increases by 2%. In addition, for each Dragon-type Pokémon in the party, all friendly Dragon-type Pokémon gain a 15% resistance against harmful status effects!

Based off the Wufang Shangdi, Silvhai consists of five cosmic dragons controlled by a gazing eye in the middle which is rumoured to have seen the life of the entire universe. These five dragons were said to have helped Palkia shape the first foundations of space itself, and each one has complete control over a different attribute. The red dragon was believed to have shaped both fire and the season of summer, the blue dragon created the first water molecules and made it so that winters were possible, the green dragon created entire forests and brought upon spring into the world, the white dragon formed together the first iron atoms and created autumn to spread upon the land, and the yellow dragon was said to have shaped the entire world itself, and made it orbit around the sun. Different groups of people believe in an individual dragon, dedicating their lifestyle into being focused on what the dragon created, though very few have seen the eye that controls all five of them. As it's ultimate technique, the eye rips open a hole in the universe itself, where nothingness lies behind it.
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Wúshén: A Power 100 Special Dragon move where all five of Silvhai's dragons combine their strength with the eye that controls them to fire a massive laser towards the target. This powerful attack not only has a high critical hit ratio and hits both opponents in a double battle, but it also alters the molecular code of the target, making it so that any stat boosts they recieve, no matter how much they stack them, will only grant the boost of if it was raised by 1 stage. Stat reductions are unchanged.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Tyrant's Bond: The five dragons that make up Silvhai can each have an independent Ancient Gauge in addition to the eye that forms the body, and can use a different Ancient Move once it is full. This means that Silvhai can learn up to TEN moves at once!

Jadorvhai was said to have been the second being in the universe after Arceus itself, and by reuniting it's first two creations, Golvhai and Silvhai, you can gain the chance to capture it and add it to your team! Based off the legendary Jade Emperor, Jadorvhai was said to have helped Arceus shape the entire world itself. It's wings of pure jade shower energy across the world, and it's said to have been the dawn of intelligent life itself. It's power input is so massive, that even the most highly secure Pokédexes will explode upon trying to scan Jadorvhai's immense strength, which rivals even the galaxies themselves. It's said that Jadorvhai's appearance is based off what Arceus saw before it even hatched and made the universe itself. Some even believe that these messages were ones from a previously destroyed universe!
SIGNATURE ATTACK: Chuàngjiàn: A Dragon Status move which has Jadorvhai fill the battlefield with the universe itself. This fully restores the PP of all moves known by all Pokémon in the party, except for Chuàngjiàn, while at the same time, making the strongest move that the target knows lose all of it's PP. This move always goes first. However, the move itself only has 1 PP, and Jadorvhai must spend a turn recharging afterwards.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Tyrant's Emperor: While Jadorvhai is in your party, no Pokémon in battle can change their type, the moves that they learn, or their ability. It also makes all Legendary Pokémon in your party gain a 1% increase to all stats for each member of the Two Brothers in your party: (Golvhai, Silvhai, and Jadorvhai) With the four legendary Dragon Pokémon in this region, combined with Golvhai's ability and two additional Dragons, that's a total of a 9% stat boost for them!

Acolchon is the only Pokémon of this wave to not be a legendary Pokémon, though it is related to them! Each Acolchon dedicates itself to serving a certian Legendary Pokémon, and it will serve them with it's entire life. It sacrifices mortals to the heavens beyond to please the Pokémon it serves, and Acolchon's behavior is very similar to the Legendary Pokémon it serves, indicating that it is trying to duplicate the Legendary Pokémon's actions. Acolchon's presence can let people know that a Legendary Pokémon is nearby, as it only appears in areas where one is located. Acolchon's color and the kinds of spells that it has in it's arsenal depend on the Legendary Pokémon that it swears it's own duty towards, and because of this, it is a very versatile Pokémon for expert trainers!
Acolchon colors from left to right: Top row: Azrwyu, Nisigia, Minillion, Kitorr, Zhonon, Golvhai, and Silvhai. Bottom row: Qut-Itchi, Wu-Ni, Xili-Mittsu, Sánx-Dá, Jadorvhai, and Godyo. Strangley, no Acolchons that dedicate themselves to Chuan or the evil that has plagued the Oriva Region which the Wushido Clan is trying to raise have been known to exist.
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Near the entrance of the Restful Mountains lies the city of Shanhuo, where the Fire Gym lies by a once active volcano, now a dormant peak, where you can catch some new Fire Pokémon that are also used in the gym itself. Near it is the Stardust Fields, a place where the night sky is clear no matter what, allowing for a variety of Pokémon from outer space to gather. Finally, the surrounding areas offer some new Pokémon as well: with this wave, one of our largest ones yet, we have now shown you every Fire, Light, Rock, and Normal-type Pokémon in the Oriva Region!

Athlete/Fire --> Athlete/Fire --> Athlete/Fire
Sodge is a Japanese Serow Pokémon that balances itself on top of a burning dodgeball. It's not very good at walking, and thus Sodge's main way to move is to roll around on this dodgeball, leaving behind a trail of flames as it runs across the Oriva Region's forests, being a rare sight to most people. It's considered to be a sacred icon in many of the Oriva Region's sports festivals, with many professional athletes being comparable to Sodge's blazing speed. Sodge evolves into Dodgerow, which now possesses a much larger dodgeball with eyes of gleaming flames. It can kick this ball at it's opponents at speeds of over 150 miles per hour, and they strike with enough force to reduce a castle into a pile of burning rubble in a single shot. It takes good care of this dodgeball, and Dodgerow can always find the ball should it be lost or kicked to the wrong area. If it completely loses the ball, Dodgerow's flames will go out, and it will perish. It's final evolved form is known as Kamoshyla, known to some as "The Blazing Spirit of the Forest". It's dodgeball is now so large, that most people compare it to a meteor strike, and it's not only good at kicking it towards it's opponents at lightning speeds, but it is also good at reading the opponent's moves with the flames that make up it's body, and dodging them accordingly. It's said that staring into the eyes of the dodgeball that Kamoshyla kicks around will consume your soul in an infernal firestorm, and because of this, Kamoshyla rarely avoids contact with other people, after it reduced a village to ash this way.

Fire/Dragon --> Fire/Dragon --> Fire/Dragon
Only found in the deepest of volcanoes, Blazyu is a Fire Dragon Pokémon made of nothing but flames. These flames can never be put out, and it spends most of it's time jumping between pools of lava, possessing enough heat to melt an entire glacier in seconds. It's said that Blazyu's duty is to protect the firestorm that it was born in from being extinguished at all costs. It's evolved form is known as Torchinder, who people believed to be a bringer of bad omen to the world. As Torchinder flies by villages, it's extreme heat exceeding 1500 degrees Fahrenheit lights anything it passes on fire, and burns gained from these flames can never be put out as long as Torchinder lives. It's said to set fire to villages that are unworthy of contuining any further, and some Torchinders are said to be a threat to history itself, as they can burn even the toughest of materials to a crisp in microseconds. Torchinder then evolves again into Huochifiong, an infernal heat dragon Pokémon that is said to be the servant of a Legendary Pokémon who lived in a volcano. Referred by some people as a symbol of fire itself, Huochifiong flies in patterns that resemble the sun itself, surrounding the area in a sea of endless flames. If Huochifiong enters a volcano, it is a sign that the volcano will soon erupt with a stream of white hot lava. Interestingly, the most powerful Fire attacks resemble Huochifiong, indicating that Huochifiong might have inspired the first fire attacks.

Fire/Ground --> Fire/Ground --> Fire/Ground
Based off the Huodou, Huow Huow is a Chow Chow Pokémon that was once kept as a pet in the Oriva Region's past. However, people soon realized that Huow Huow sets fire to almost any wooden surface it sees, and thus it was cast out as a traitor, abandoned by even their owners who trusted them more than anything. Today, you'll find Huow Huow in wastelands and canyons, lamenting about it's past and setting anything that reminds it of that past on fire. Huow Huow evolves into Huojing, an arrogant and brutal Pokémon that can breathe white hot fire out of it's mouth. Having forgotten about it's past life as a pet, Huojing viciously burns down everything in sight, and was referred as a deity of destruction by most people. If Huojing appears in a village, one's only defence is to leave the area completely, as it can create bonfires capable of burning entire skyscrapers to the ground. However, some Huojings will instead head for a volcano and dedicate their lives to protecting it. It's final evolved form is known as Huokunloz, a bringer of bonfires itself. Anywhere it goes instantly lights up in a storm of flames, even if that area is fireproof, and it can roast anything with the inferno that it calls forth from it's own mane. It can lunge at speeds of over 100 miles to catch it's prey, and it's said that bonfires that Huokunloz make will remain there until the end of time. As such, people who have managed to catch a Huokunloz had used them in the Oriva Region's festivals to create a bonfire which never goes out.
Huokunloz serves as the ace of the Fire Gym Leader of the Orvia Region, Huolfos, whose talent with the flames is just as powerful as the violent storms of rage he throws out when he loses to a challenger. (Especially if they brought along a Water-type with them!) Being the first Gym Leader in the Oriva Region to wield four Pokémon, in addition to Huokunloz, Huolfos's team consists of a Blazikinii, a Kikheargutan, and a Tarsapix.

Fire/Hero --> Fire/Hero --> Fire/Hero
Blazilati may be a pile of hair that is only starting to control it's mastery over fire, but it is a very serious Pokémon! Never laughing at any jokes, Blazilati's sole duty is to protect the weak at all costs, always being focused on it's mission. Because of this, it rarely makes any friends, especially since it's hair is hot enough to cause burning on the touch. Blazilati's evolved form is known as Blazikinii, and in this form, it can not only run efficiently, but it has also become a master in pyrokinesis. It can create fireballs simply by snapping it's fingers, which it can then launch at it's foes with enough accuracy to hit even a moving target easily. It's also quite the athletic Pokémon, and Blazikinii can run across rooftops and walls like they were sands in a desert. It's said that when Blazikinii appears in an area, all villains within it are destined to be burned to the ground. It's final evolved form is called Blaziyania, and in this form, it has mastered it's control over fire. Able to heat up every atom around it with a touch of it's fingers, Blaziyania can create infernal firestorms with a single snap of them, and it is a very dedicated Pokémon, taking everything seriously and always coming up with the right plan every time. It's trademark fire strategy is known as the "Atomic Blazer", where it fires a giant inferno towards it's enemies that burns them down to the atomic level. While having a cold personality towards most people, Blaziyania can warm up to people that it can trust.

Fairy/Fire --> Fairy/Fire --> Fairy/Fire
Based off the Heibai Wuchang, Heilf is an elf Pokémon that can be found in graveyards and where Ghost Pokémon usually dwell, judging their souls with it's own hidden flame. If the soul is unworthy of continuing it's life any further, Heilf will burn the soul to ashes that can never be brought back again. It supposedly has a liking for black and white items, and some Heilfs are only satisfied in the area they're in is completely monochrome. It evolves into Wuchtwo, a Pokémon with two brains on the verge of splitting. The flame that burns within it burns Wuchtwo itself every time the two brains disagree on something, and burns an unworthy soul every time they agree. They can often be found protecting crypts, only allowing souls which are not burned by this flame inside. It also wields a powerful hammer that can remodel unworthy souls into new ones instantly. Eventually, Wuchtwo's brains will finish splitting, and it evolves again into Bixie And Wujifan, two separate Pokémon who fight as one. These Pokémon are in charge of escorting dead spirits to the underworld, judging their souls every step of the way and determining where they eventually go. Bixie will send worthy souls to heaven, while Wujifan will send unworthy souls to the underworld. Both of them can combine the flames left behind by the spirits that they have sent into powerful infernos that can burn both the body and soul, sending them both to where they are destined to be sent to. Bixie And Wujifan sometimes appear before people themselves, showering them with gifts if their soul is worthy, or burning them if their soul is unworthy.

Fire/Job --> Fire/Job
Said to be an abandoned mask that was once used in the Oriva Region's festivals, given life once more by fire itself, Maskorch is a Pokémon who specializes in the art of fire dancing. It spins itself around with the two sticks on either side, surrounding itself in a powerful fire tornado that can consume anything in it's path. Maskorch always keeps itself calm and balanced every day, making sure that it can continue to spin around even while in a difficult situation. Some say that the mask that become Maskorch was a mask of balance, due to the symbol on it's head that resembles Yiya. Maskorch evolves into Sharmuoxi, a tribal dancer that wields a staff of flames itself. By spinning this staff around, Sharmuoxi not only dances just like a real fire dancer would, but it also creates a torrent of fire around it both protects it from harm and burns anything it touches. You'll often see large groups of them dancing around a fire to please the Pokémon and people that they swear their duty to, a behavior that is very similar to the Marowak that live in the Alola Region, indicating a connection between them. It's a very popular Pokémon in the Oriva Region's festivals, but it's tribal lifestyle indicates that Sharmuoxi once originated from another region before arriving here to plead it's duty to it's sacred protector.

Some people of the Oriva Region once used a set of three instrument Pokémon in their rituals, playing them to represent the process of the ritual itself. The first of these is Xianruan, who is based off the Ruan. People once played it to represent the beginning of a ritual, forming the spirit of the city that they lived in, and the life they once lived. Xianruan itself is a calm and talented Pokémon that creates blizzards with the plucking of it's strings, which are said to be made of the leather of the Ice-type Pokémon that it comes across. It's also a very happy Pokémon as well, and no-one has ever seen Xianruan frown at all. Due to this, people often referred it as a deity of happiness itself, always feeling that if it's around in a good mood, so will they.

Shassxun is the second member of these instruments, and is based off the Xun. People played it in the middle of the ritual, and it represented the disasters that made them perform the ritual in the first place. Shassxun always seems to be in a state of depression, playing a odd humming sound that causes clouds to become violent thunderstorms as it plays. Some people claim that Shassxun evolved itself to resemble the egg of a legendary Electric bird Pokémon which is now long extinct, preserving the judgement that the Pokémon once brought within itself. People referred it as a deity of sadness, and with it's lifestyle, people learned that sometimes, it's OK to be sad.

Finally, there is Whisyurno, a Pokémon who is based off the Yu, more notably the percussion version of it. People played Whisyurno at the end of the ritual, representing the purpose of the ritual in the form of a blazing firestorm. In the wild, Whisyurno is an aggressive predator those presence can be noted with the creaking sound it plays on the scales on it's back. These scales then produce sparks that turn into powerful flames those burns never go out, and compared to the other two instruments, Whisyurno is more of a savage beast compared to them, never stopping in attacking a target until it has been reduced to a pile of ash. Because of the fact that it always appeared to be in a savage rage, Whisyurno was referred as a deity of anger, and with it's teachings, people knew when they could be angry.

Psychic/Light --> Psychic/Light --> Psychic/Light
Stelstar is a shooting star Pokémon that flies across the depths of space. People who see them can make a wish among the stars, and it will always become true no matter what happens. Stelstar has a very friendly personality, and it's said that if it appears before you, your wishes will soon become true. Some Stelstars also follow people around, helping them out with obstacles that would require magic to pass through. Stelstar's evolved form is known as Suzhoot, and in this form, it becomes a protector of stars. With one swoop of it's amazing psychic energy, Suzhoot can create a field of stars that can help people relax and realize their true potential. Very rarely seen due to it's affinity with the stars themselves, those who see Suzhoot will have a promising and flourishing life ahead of them. Sometimes, Suzhoot can even help people see which stars are which, and which ones are their next destination in their journey to achieve enlightenment. It's final evolved form is known as Xihsuia, a Pokémon capable of shaping the stars themselves. It can grant any wish that it's most trusted person says, as long as it is one that will help the person prosper in a way that doesn't involve any form of sin, such as greed. Xihsuia is a very energetic Pokémon, gleefully painting entire galaxies along the night sky with it's celestial power, while sending storms of shooting stars down to their enemies. Those who are defeated by Xihsuia become stars themselves, forever a symbol of their own sins.

Rock/Dark --> Rock/Dark --> Rock/Dark
Qi-Cras is a meteorite Pokémon that falls from space to crash into it's enemies. The amount of power it possesses is comparable to that of a nuclear warhead, and with enough force, Qi-Cras can cause a strong enough impact to reduce even well built villages to rubble. Once it has landed, Qi-Cras will simply use it's own darkness to propel itself back to space and start the process again. Qi-Cras can also be found in asteroid belts, but they pose little harm there. It evolved form is known as Qi-Geddon, those destructive potential has been greatly increased. It's impact can now turn a flourishing city into nothing but a smoking crater that will soon become a lake, and it strikes the world only when it is consumed by power itself. Qi-Geddon's strength is as strong as it's own impact, able to lift giant boulders like they were wads of cotton, throwing them at enough speed to turn them into meteors themselves. Qi-Geddon evolves again into Qi-Guiguan, a Pokémon inspired by the Guishan Guanyin. A bringer of Armageddon that even the most courageous of people fear like cowards, Qi-Guiguan can control gravity with it's ten hands, bringing down meteors from the atmosphere with enough force to obliterate a country in a single blow. The meteor storms that follow have been comparable to a meteor that people believed had wiped out a land of prehistoric Pokémon, and thus history is at risk at being erased by it. Qi-Guiguan apparently only cares about the destruction of the world, having already destroyed the last five planets in which it visited.

Athlete/Flying --> Athlete/Flying --> Athlete/Flying
Based off the Utsuro-bune, U.B.O is a UFO Pokémon that mysteriously appears in the darkest of nights. It abducts Pokémon and whisks them away to where they are never to be seen again, leaving behind crop circles in their place, but U.B.O is a very shy Pokémon, easily being scared by even the slightest provocation. It's also quite a curious Pokémon indeed, always investigating the culture of the area it's in, as if it's trying to learn about the planet itself. U.B.O evolves into S.U.R.B.U.N, a mysterious Pokémon that appears to cause strange behavior to those who see it. Legends tell of how a S.U.R.B.U.N washed up on a distant ocean shore, with a woman befriending it. The woman refused to tell anyone about the S.U.R.B.U.N, and she stayed near where the S.U.R.B.U.N landed until her death, which she believed to be her destiny among the stars. It's such a rare sight, that merely seeing it can cause insanity in the mind. It's final evolved form is known as X.T.R.A.S.H.O, a galactic protector of the stars themselves. With it's powerful energy cannon, it can disintegrate even solid titanium to dust, and it's radar senses can track down any opponent, no matter how well hidden they are. X.T.R.A.S.H.O also stops behaving strangley at this stage, having finally realized it's destiny through the searching that it has done in it's past two stages. Apparently, it's face is said to be a mere space helmet, but no-one has ever seen X.T.R.A.S.H.O remove it.

Normal/Villain --> Normal/Villain --> Normal/Villain
Martey is an Alien Pokémon said to have come from another planet riding a U.B.O in an effort to conquer the Pokémon world. It's a very cunning schemer, and can easily build inventions comparable to those of the future out of the materials around it, but no-one has ever seen Martey do this. Each race of Martey possesses a different kind of weakness, such as vinegar or bacteria, and once this weakness is found, Martey can easily be fended off. As it gets stronger, it's own genes start mutating, which leads to Martey's eventual evolution into Conqartray. Consumed by the rage of conquering the world, Conqartray viciously attacks anyone it sees with it's irridated claws that cause mutation on contact, only sparing those that come from it's own world. Deep down, however, it still possess the mind of a galaxy itself: some people even claim that Conqartray is merely faking it's own savagery to draw opponents into a false sense of security. The symbol on it's back is said to be an emblem of mutation back at it's home planet. Finally, Conqartray evolves again into Evox, a powerful mastermind Pokémon said to have originated from the second planet to have been able to support life. It is an excellent strategist when it comes to using Normal-type Attacks, using them in ways in which people had never expected, such as using Explosion without completely destroying it's body. Possessing the mind of a supercomputer, Evox can invade entire cities and force them to surrender to it's will, making them rebuild their city into one that is comparable to the city that Evox once lived in, which was supposedly destroyed in the past.

Light/Ice --> Light/Ice --> Light/Ice
Rora is a very rare sight in the Oriva Region's starry skies, being comparable to an aurora itself. Rora brings atmosphere into the skies it lives in with the trail of light that it leaves behind, which is very cold on the touch. It's said that seeing a Rora on a beautiful night sky is a sign that the atmosphere in the area will thrive for years on end. Rora evolves into Gestralis, which is not only a more beautiful aurora Pokémon, but also a more talented fighter! Infusing it's new pair of claws with the might of an aurora itself, those struck by them will turn into auroras themselves, illuminating the night sky while the souls ascends into the atmosphere itself. It's said that Gestralis's appearance in a cloudy sky is a sign that tonight will be a great night for gazing towards the stars themselves, and sometimes people will even gaze at them all night to achieve this. It's final evolved form is known as Borelkeo, but people only know of it's existence when they evolve a Gestralis into it, as in the wild, only it's beautiful aurora that can clear the skies themselves can be seen. Gestralis is a very powerful fighter that uses auroras to freeze it's foes at temperatures colder than absolute zero, but no-one knows what it's behavior is like in the wild due to it's rarity. However, one behavior has been sighted: the fact that Gestralis does not get along well with Qiraurora, indicating that both of them originated from the same ancestor.

Celebcako is a very special birthday cake Pokémon that's said to only appear on birthdays: as every person has their own birthday, this means that Celebcako's location changes every day. It appears before the parties that are held on those days and showers them in an heir of beautiful light that makes sure that the party can never be ruined or otherwise interfered with until it comes to an end. The decorations on it's batter are said to represent the journeys of the past, and never of the future. It also possesses a unique decoration on it's head that changes every time Celebcako gains a level, allowing people to easily know what level Celebcako is at.

Fairy/Rock --> Fairy/Rock --> Fairy/Rock
Pizzice is a Pokémon that strangely resembles a slice of pizza, even being made out of very similar materials. It's said to have been born when an ordinary slice of pizza was exposed to the energy of a dying Fairy-type Pokémon, passing it's essence upon it's soul. Pizzice constantly bakes itself by heating up the rocks that make up it's crust, causing the melted rocks which form the cheese to dissolve the skin on touch, making it a very dangerous Pokémon to fight against. The toppings on it's crust are nothing more than mere pebbles that Pizzice uses against it's enemies as projectiles, but it rarely avoids contact with other people in the fear that it might be mistaken for an actual slice of pizza. It evolves into Marghamia, which resembles a complete pizza itself. It has the flair of a French swordsman, whipping up opponents with it's moustache, which is baked enough to melt even solid steel to goo in seconds, and it can easily serve itself among other Pokémon who eat rocks themselves. Supposedly, each slice of Marghamia is it's own Pokémon, and they all stick together no matter what, always being able to find each other if they are to ever be separated. Marghamia evolves again into Ravigheretia, known to some as "The Pied Princess Of Pizza". While it's main head appears to be the beautiful face on top, said to be that of the Fairy Pokémon that gave it life in the first place, it's actual face is the one on it's body, though both of them have different minds and eat individually. Ravigheretia's main weapon is it's melted cheese mustache, which can dissolve almost anything due to being baked at temperatures of over 4500 degrees Fahrenheit, which also serve as it's main arms, as it's actual arms have only just grown and thus are clumsy at holding things. It's a very talented pizza chef, able to whip up a good dish in seconds using it's own specialized toppings that can cause saturation to those who consume it, and it can create dough from nothing but the stone cold crust that makes up Ravigheretia. It's said that if Ravigheretia visits a restaurant, that restaurant will prosper for the rest of it's life.

Rock/Wierd --> Rock/Wierd --> Rock/Wierd
Stoai is a strange rock Pokémon that just suddenly appeared in the Oriva Region one day without warning. People referred it's appearance as a gift from the Legendary Pokémon that once ruled over the region, most likely the Four Guardians, for prospering across the land, and thus people worshipped Stoai as if they were some sort of idol. Stoai itself doesn't move that much outside of battle, but they like to gather in straight lines, filling the area with a form of wierd energy. Stoai evolves into Maozed, which can now control rocks with it's mental powers to throw them at the enemy or to serve as defence. It's face always seems to resemble the current ruler of the Oriva Region at the time it was born, and thus people used Maozed to preserve the facial features of other people. It's hair is made of a special kind of clay that promotes undying efficiency on the rocks around it, making sure that they never erode. You'll often see Maozed in temples, being referred as a kind of idol for rituals or for meditation. Maozed's final evolved form is known as Yanhuan, which possesses two heads with the same minds as each other. They appear perched on mountains and can stay in their spot for thousands of years on end, not caring in the slightest if it gets covered in moss. The special clay now covers the entire body, and it's said that touching it will grant you a clear mind on your future. Before people realized it's capabilities in battle, they thought that Yanhuan, alongside it's pre-evolutions, were just mere statues, as it rarely blinks outside of battle, and it never seems to eat anything at all.

Hero/Rock --> Hero/Rock --> Hero/Rock
Yenny is a Pokémon that was supposedly born after the first currency in the world was crafted by the most talented blacksmiths. It rides on a coin that it rolls around using it's feet, and it always attains perfect balance, never appearing to fall off at all. Yenny's duty in which it believes in is to approach people and ask them how to spend their money correctly, and those who see Yenny will never be consumed by greed as long as they live. It will even sometimes eat defective coins so that no-one else can use them. When Yenny evolves into Tosyenny, it gains the ability to generate coins to use as currency or weapons. You'll often find wild Pokémon using Tosyenny as a means of monetary gain, trading the coins it generates for food or resources. However, Tosyenny only provides it's services to the ones that it knows will spend it's money correctly: if it senses someone trying to use the money for personal gain, or just to get rich, it will flatten them with a giant coin, made by condensing the gold that makes the coins together. Finally, Tosyenny evolves again into Konoblingz, said by some people to be the Pokémon equivalent of a rich tycoon. It appears before poor people and makes it rain money by swinging it's staff, giving them a second chance in life, though the same judgement rules still apply from when it was a Tosyenny. It's quite the posh Pokémon, and Konoblingz will make sure that it's fine suit will not become dirty at all. It's a favorite Pokémon among those who are rich, as it's a way to show how rich and prosperous you are. An old Oriva Region folk tale tells of a Konoblingz who approached an emperor consumed by greed. It distributed it's money evenly among every villager in the village the emperor ruled upon, and by the time it got back to the emperor, it only had a single coin left to give, but the emperor cherished it like he did with the gold he once had. Angered by the fact he hadn't changed, the Konoblingz turned the emperor into a coin itself.

Ice/Rock --> Ice/Rock
Maruma is a mammoth Pokémon that lived in the icy mountains of the Oriva Region thousands of years ago. Previously thought to be extinct due to the end of the ice age in which it thrived in, alongside the fact that it was being hunted for their rock solid ivory, a living population of them were discovered in a cave in the Oriva Region's mountains, and today their population thrives once more. Maruma is quite a timid Pokémon and rarely makes contact with humans, but it's powerful trunk can lift up even a giant iceberg with relative ease. The icy patches on it's fur can cause freezing temperatures of -300 degrees, freezing anyone who touches them instantly. Maruma's evolved form is known as Pliolillion, a giant mammoth Pokémon that had very little predators in the times of the ice age it once thrived in. It is now so heavy, that no force in the world can move it from it's spot except itself, and it's powerful trunk can call forth a deadly blizzard that can freeze almost anything. It will brutally freeze anyone that dares to harm it's Maruma calves, throwing them with enough force to send them out to space. As a means of defence, Pliolillion can freeze itself in a iceberg to fool predators into thinking that it has perished, and it can exit this prison at any time it wishes: however, some scientists had found out that Pliolillion often stayed in this iceberg for millions of years, assuming that another predator would come out and get it. This is how the first wild Pliolillion in the present day was discovered, once thought to be a preserved specimen.

Athlete/Rock --> Athlete/Rock --> Athlete/Rock
NBBall is a basketball Pokémon that loves nothing more than to bounce itself across fields and towns all day long. It likes to jump into hoops to make a dunk shot, and it's skin is so rubbery, that it can bounce itself to the height of a building, despite it's own Rock typing, which it uses to slam itself towards it's opponents. Some people use NBBall in lieu of actual basketballs, but sometimes it lets it's own confidence get the better of it, and it may head for the wrong hoop. When NBBall evolves into NBBlunk, not only does it get bigger and thus able to bounce to much higher heights than usual, but it also gains it's own hoop to go through. When NBBlunk goes through this hoop, it's power increases significantly, and it can come down and slam down to the ground to give it's opponents a not so warm welcome to the jam. This hoop can also be used as a traditional basketball hoop, though NBBlunk rarely accepts any kind of basketballs it uses apart from itself. NBBlunk's final form is known as NBBwazhi, and in this form, it becomes a professional basketball player itself! Able to generate basketballs from the tips of it's fingers, NBBwazhi can dribble the ball past it's enemies before performing a powerful rock solid slam dunk right down to their weak points. It can dunk it's ball with enough force to cause a massive earthquake upon impact, disorientating it's opponents so that it can go for the kill. Supposedly, NBBwazhi's main rival is another Basketball oriented Pokémon in a distant region that settled for brains, not brawn.

Athlete/Normal --> Athlete/Normal --> Athlete/Normal
A Pokémon that resembles a kendo helmet, Kendel is a shy Pokémon that spends it's time training itself in the art of the kendo. It rarely sees anything but it's own grounds as it's training area is scheduled from the rest of the world, but sometimes it will come down to gather bamboo for it's own rights. Many people treated it as a national symbol of the Oriva Region, and one of it's greatest sports is inspired by Kendel's tactics. It evolves into Kenhinai, who is a lot more braver and more confident in practicising the way of the sword. With it's new bamboo blade, it can cut through a solid sheet of metal in a single slice, but most Kenhinai train against each other to practice their skills. Some Kenhinais even teach other people and Pokémon, mainly ones who wield swords, how to practice in the way of the blade, making sure that they can properly wield their destined weapon. Kenhinai evolves again into Kenshikama, an athletic swordfighter who was mastered the art of kendo. Possessing tactics comparable to most warlords, Kenshikama fights with a code of honor, making sure that it's opponent has learnt the lessons of discipline that the battle it fights in is supposed to teach. It's powerful armor makes even sharp swords shatter on impact, but no-one has seen it's real face behind it's kendo mask. It's main technique is charging through the opponent with it's bamboo sword as if it was a shooting star.

Job/Normal --> Job/Normal --> Job/Normal
To increase the production of factories, a certain company created the artificial Pokémon known as Manubot, a robot Pokémon that is designed to replicate the workflow of a factory worker. It walks around the factory producing the products that it creates, but it is prone to breaking down or needing to take a rest. The antenna on Manubot regularly beeps to let other people know when it needs help itself. It also makes sure that it doesn't put the factory workers out of a job by sometimes refusing to work at all, which is not something that the programmers of it put in it's own code. Eventually, the company realized this and upgraded Manubot into Creatfactu, it's evolved form. It trades it's legs for a much faster travelling wheel, and it possesses twin claws that can easily put items together. Creatfactu is a hard worker unlike it's previous evolution, but it is prone to shutting down if it isn't treated well, such as if it thinks it's being viewed as a tool, and not a Pokémon. It's eye is a special camera that can track down problems in the factory it works in and fixes them at all costs. However, an error in it's code allowed it to gain experience, and thus, Creatfactu will eventually evolve into it's final form, Toyonsha. Although it's a very hard worker that loves it's job, many people feared that it would eventually rebel against it's workers. It can switch the tools on it's hands at will to help it solve any problem it comes across, though it's favorite tool is the one it uses in battle, a powerful screwdriver that can drill a hole in even solid diamond. Toyonsha can also repair itself by recalibrating the materials that make it's hull. Supposedly, the company that made the Manubot line went bankrupt after the first Toyonsha was born: Rumor has it that the Toyonsha led a rebellion against it's workers, leading the Manubots to escape into the wild, where they can be found today.

Normal/Dark --> Normal/Dark --> Normal/Dark
Based off the Rokurokubi and the Kerakera onna, Kekackle is a Pokémon that hunts in the darkest of nights, and it's presence can be noted by the eerie cackling that it makes which gives it it's name. Strangely, while it can stretch it's neck to great distances to catch it's prey, it's body never appears to move at all, staying in one spot for it's entire life. Some sources claim that Kecackle used to be a beautiful woman that was cursed for her sins against the Legendary Pokémon of the Oriva Region at the time, and Kekackle's reason for hunting it's prey can be credited to it trying to cure the curse, to no avail. Kecackle evolves into Onruku, those teeth are now so sharp, not even the best of armor can protect you from them. During the day, it poses as an ordinary woman, wearing a hood to conceal it's face, but during the night, it appears to fall asleep. However, this is when Onruku's hunt begins, as it extends it's necks to the households of it's prey to swallow them whole without them even noticing it. Some Onrukus feed on the oils of lamps, and it's said that some people who have been cursed to become an Onruku never realize that they are one at all, thinking that the reason that they are fired from their jobs, from their bosses finding their oil missing, is due to bad luck. Eventually, Onruku will evolve again into Sanrokukera, a giant predator the size of an elephant. It makes a loud cackling noise in the night to indicate it's presence, but no-one can hear where it came from, or who made it. Eventually, their resolve to find the source of the laugh will drive them insane, losing every last memory in their mind but that single desire, upon which Sanrokukera goes for the kill by leaping from the building it is hiding behind and devouring their soul. Strangley, it rarely appears outside of the area it is born in, always making it's way back to it's home outside of battle if it is ever to be taken out of it. It's said that those who have lived a long life and have become too strong to pass on become Sanrokukera.

Normal/Mythical --> Normal/Mythical --> Normal/Mythical
Based off the Ippondatara and the Sansei, Ipplaw is a strange Pokémon that hops around on one leg, usually staying away from people, but becoming violent on a single day of each year. It's main weapon are it's pair of crab claws which can cut a sheet of solid steel in half, and these arms are a delicacy in resturants once they are shed in favor of new ones. On nice sunny days where Ipplaw is the most active in, it's not too common to see it's large footprints on the sands of beaches and deserts. When Ipplaw evolves into Crabbidatra, it starts riding a mysterious crustacean that's only known as "The Subject". Crabbidatra gives commands to it's subject and makes sure that they are doing their job, scalding them in hot water if they ever disobey an order. It sometimes breaks into the houses of villages to steal salt for the subject to eat, but it very rarely attacks other people, mainly because it has no reason to. For some odd reason, it's really scared of Hidry and Hiderithirst, and some people use them as a way to ward their attacks. Crabbidatra's final evolved form is known as Scallanseill, and in this form, the subject becomes a fully fledged crab. It's powerful claws can cut through solid titanium, and it gladly obeys any commands that Scallanseill gives to it. Scallanseill takes good care of it's subject unlike it's previous stage, only giving it orders that it cannot do by itself, such as using it's legs to climb up cliffs as if they were mere ladders. As it crawls along the seaside, gathering salt as it goes, it leaves behind flakes of salted crab meat that can be used in cooking. It views Hidzhangyu as it's main rival in the wild as revenge for scaring it away in it's previous form.

Wierd/Normal --> Wierd/Normal --> Wierd/Normal
Legend tells of an emperor who, being cornered by his own subjects, tried to transfer his soul into a different body. However, he was slain right as he was beginning the transfer, and only a fraction of his soul had transferred over: only enough to possess the hand, which has supposedly become Hando. Hando itself is a Pokémon that is basically a crawling hand, crawling itself along the ground with it's three fingers, only being guided by the eye on top which always seems to point towards the local temple in a village. Despite it's size, it's a very talented fighter, able to latch on other people to strangle them to death, and capable of delivering powerful claw swipes filled with the essence of a Wierd type. Hando's evolved form is known as Lingernail, and this is the form where it tends to avoid combat. Although it's single fingernail can cut through almost anything, Lingernail struggles to lift the hand on which the fingernail lies on, often being unable to move at all. It's said that Lingernail represents the despair of the emperor, consumed by the grief that he had died for good, which is why Lingernail appears to be a weak Pokémon, although it does possess great strength once it can get it's hand moving. Because of this, most Lingernails often aim for evolution as quickly as they can, as their final evolved form, Dywarpalm, is the personification of a crawling hand itself. Able to run across the ground at blinding speeds, Dywarpalm can slice through both the body and soul of it's opponents with it's razor sharp fingernails, which grow sharper with every year. It can easily retract these nails at will, allowing it to knock out it's opponents with a powerful punch, or to crush their necks like if they were tin cans. Strangley, Dywarpalm can often be seen in the temple it was born in, supposedly to find the rest of it's body, which has long decayed into dust. The complete body that Dywarpalm is a part of is a common topic to drawn upon by many artists.
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These are all looking very nice and definitely have a lot of potential. If you're looking for areas to improve, though, I'd recommend taking some time to do a bit of proportion study and learning how to make cleaner shapes in pixel art. You have a lot of wobbly lines that warp the shapes of the mon.
You have some great palettes on your mon though, and they all look pleasantly bright and cohesive. And there are a wide variety of designs here (I'm always a fan of silly mon so lines like NBBall are fabulous).


Creator of Pokémon North, South, East, and West
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With Chuan's power to climb up rough surfaces, you can start ascending the Restful Mountains themselves, where the den of the Abominable Ice Titan lies. On your way up there, you'll find Pokémon accustomed to the cold, including, obviously, all of the remaining Ice-types in the Oriva Region! The last unrevealed Fighting type is also revealed in this wave!

Athlete/Bug --> Athlete/Bug
Based off the Euophrys Omnisupersteses, Euophump is a tall spider Pokémon that can only be found in the highest points of the Oriva Region's mountains, where no predators can reach them due to the lack of oxygen there. Able to leap to even greater heights with it's long legs that propel Euophump with enough force to leap towards the stratosphere, it's a solidary predator, feeding on dew to keep itself alive. It's large shaggy coat also helps it survive in even the coldest of environments, even while this Pokémon is about to leave the ozone layer. Euophump evolves into Omsutakaa, a master of the high jump that uses the force of landing to scatter it's enemies apart. Said to possess the greatest jumping height of all Pokémon, capable of leaping over the tallest mountain in a single jump, Omsutakaa uses it's powerful legs to either help it in battle or to escape from predators. The goggles that it wears help it to see through any environment, no matter how violent it is. It's said that some Omsutakaas can even reach the vacuum of space from the ground, and people once used them to measure the height of the tallest buildings and structures by having it leap with every cell in it's body focused on it's legs.

Fairy/Beast --> Fairy/Beast --> Fairy/Beast
Based off Tibet's sacred Snow Lion, Libet is a Pokémon that lives in only the most scheduled areas of the Restful Mountains, feeding on small Pokémon around it. The beams that it fires from it's paws represent power and strength themselves, and people thus tamed them to help maintain their own power within their village. Libet's powerful pelt can not only deflect attacks, but is also rich in calcium, making it a healthy alternative to milk. Libet's evolved form is known as Milestal, a Pokémon said to represent fearlessness and joy in the high mountains. It's powerful jaws drain the target of their calcium, causing their skeletons to crumble to dust, and it also possesses a high affinity with the stars themselves, making sure that with it's own calcium molecules, that they grow to shine as bright as they can ever be. Supposedly, there have been rumors of Milestal taking children who have lost their parents and raising them as if they were it's own cubs, but since it always releases the children once they have grown up, no-one has ever seen it do this. Milestal then fully evolves into Gansenzang, considered to the emblem of many famous cities in the Oriva Region. With a swipe of it's powerful paws, Gansenzang can atomize it's enemy's skeletons instantly, causing them to crumple into a pile of flesh, which it does to anyone that dares to enter it's territory without a reason. It towers over the other Beast Pokémon due to it living high up in the mountains, with many other Beast Pokémon challenging Gansenzang for leadership of the Beasts themselves: However, it has never lost a challenge at all. Gansenzang's paws can also release a torrent of milk that can be used in many medical cures, and some say that emperors and empresses were raised in their childhood by only feeding on this kind of milk, which appears to be infused with the might of the fairies themselves.

Flying/Steel --> Flying/Steel --> Flying/Steel
Curious to see what lied beyond the atmosphere, a famous scientist in the past created Venga-2, a rocket Pokémon that was supposedly the last artificial Pokémon to be made before the concept was forgotten entirely for years on end until the invention of Porygon revived it. By consuming a lot of fuel, Venga-2 can fly itself into the atmosphere with it's thrusters, but it often flies all over the place due to the lack of a trajectory system, and often lands right into other Pokémon, blowing them up in a violent explosion. This is because it was only a prototype at the moment, but the scientist saw despair in his plan after this, and abandoned his creation into the wild, where it feeds on minerals to gain the fuel that it once had. This way, Venga-2 eventually evolved into Lomar-5, a powerful missile that still cannot get itself to space. While it can control it's trajectory very slightly, it still tends to fly all over the place, and because of this, they were often employed as a demolition service to destroy buildings in a single hit. The explosions they cause, powered by the fuel that keeps Lomar-5 going, can reduce even an entire city to rubble and render it uninhabitable for years on end. Lomar-5's final evolved form is Apllong-11, a Pokémon that resembles the space shuttles of the modern era. With it's new set of thrusters and powerful rockets, Apllong-11 can finally reach the depths of space itself, collecting samples from other planets and investigating the deepest areas of space, before it flies back towards the ocean to land. It can cast off weight by firing the payload rockets towards it's enemies with enough force to shatter a moon to pieces, and it can easily rebuild them from the samples it collects. Some people claim that the scientist that made them gave up too soon: if he had trained the Venga-2 until it had fully evolved into an Apllong-11, not only would his dream be achieved, but artificial Pokémon would have also continued to be created.

Ice/Beast --> Ice/Beast --> Ice/Beast
Wogolia is a Mongolian Wolf Pokémon that hunts in packs of up to twenty individuals in the snow. Their snow white coat camouflages them among snowstorms and blizzards, and it's a savage predator, not stopping until it's prey has been rendered a frozen carcass itself. Wogolias take great pride in each other, with each member of the pack holding a different role in keeping the pack together, and they never split apart even if they fight. Wogolia evolves into Chancolf, those senses in smell and hearing have greatly improved, allowing it to track down opponents even in the most violent of blizzards. Still fighting together in packs, Chancolfs are said to be the main reason why it's a bad idea to stray off the road, as Chancolf waits for the opponent to drop their guard before viciously tearing them apart. They hunt down opponents far stronger than them to get the most experience, and are very brutal when it comes to hunting, but some Chancolfs have been tamed by shamans in the past to serve as a powerful familiar. When a Chancolf leaves it's pack, it is a sign that it is about to fully evolve into Zhongshizzard. Now a solidary fighter, Zhongshizzard fights for the rule of the hunt. It appears in violent blizzards with only it's glowing eyes being visible, before it strikes it's opponent in the heart where they'd least expect it. It's claws are sharp enough to cut even a solid glacier into pieces, and it's a very intelligent Pokémon, always able to figure out where the target's weak points are with it's excellent sense of hearing and smell. It's said that Zhongshizzard's appearance in cold mountains inspired the first werewolves.

Ice/Athlete --> Ice/Athlete --> Ice/Athlete
Tosho is an athletic Pokémon that resembles an ice skate, with the blade being sharp enough to cut through even solid titanium. You'll often find it skating around on icy lakes, practising it's skills which it then uses towards it's prey. Although it's quite the energetic Pokémon, it's also quite of a show-off, and Tosho gets distressed if it can't spend it's time dazzling it's audience with really cool triple axels. When Tosho evolves into Katie, it becomes more of an actual ice skater, gaining a pair of razor sharp boots. It gleefully dances around the icy floors that it lays down, often paying no attention to the fight it is in, before tearing it's foes apart with a ballet twist infused with the power of ice. Katie is very prideful of it's performance, and gets very stressed if it's skating skills are ever given a bad review, or if it can't find an icy surface to skate around. At max speed, Katie can run as fast as a motorbike on top speed, able to strike it's opponents before they know it. It's final evolved form is known as Caroprixa, known to some as "The Ice Queen" due to it's beautiful manuvers across the icy floor. Now able to create entire ice sculptures by spinning so fast, it creates a blizzard, Caroprixa's speed on the ice is said to surpass any known object in the universe. Caroprixa just loves the attention that it's audience gives to it, as they shower them in flowers and ice cubes, and it will brutally freeze anyone that will dare to give it a lousy review with it's razor sharp ice skates that can tear through almost any known material. Supposedly, the first Caroprixa was said to be the descendant of a queen who ran away from her kingdom after she froze her kingdom.

Ice/Job --> Ice/Job --> Ice/Job
Clotop is a climber Pokémon that can often be found climbing up the Oriva Region's coldest mountains using it's ice pick, which can crack even solid ice. Once they have reached the summit of one, they'll descend down the mountain and just pick another one. Clotop's real speciality comes in when it sees someone in danger, upon which it will drop what it's doing and rush for the person or Pokémon to rescue them, no matter the cost. As such, many people often employ it to help rescue mountain climbers that have fallen into danger. Clotop's evolved form is known as Resculayas, which possesses a far thicker coat that allows it to go through even the most violent of snowstorms. With it's powerful climbing arm, it can easily grip onto the smoothest of surfaces and travel across them like an athlete, always heading towards where there is danger. Resculayas is known for helping many climbers contuine their expeditions even if they run into a problem, and one often comes along with the climbers to make sure that danger never falls the expedition. However, it's got a bit of a priority problem, always puzzled if two or more people need rescuing at once. Resculayas then fully evolves into Babverest, a Pokémon referred as a hero by many people, as it never fails in rescuing those who are in danger. The giant sack it carries on it's back contains everything needed to get through any situation it comes across, from food to medicene, to even oxygen packs. Rumor has it that this Pokémon gathers these resources from climbers who have failed to reach the top of the mountain, eager to use them for good. However, not many people know Babverest's existence because it only appears to rescue people: Once it has done it's job, Babverest disappears into the icy blizzards, never to be seen again: it's rumoured that each rescue is actually being done by a different Babverest.

Ice/Wierd --> Ice/Wierd --> Ice/Wierd
Snarbin is a strange block of ice that is colored purple due to it's diet, a special kind of snow that is rich in Anthocyanin, though most people refer it as "Oriva Particles" due to it's similar chemical structure to the Galar Particles that make up the Galarcia seeds. Snarbin normally just stands here staring into space, being extremely cold to the touch, and not doing that much. In fact, some people claim that the eyes and mouth of Snarbin serve no purpose, and it is just a block of ice. This is further exemplified in battle, where it rarely listens to it's owner's commands to keep it's cover safe and sound, though it's mastery in the power of ice is resolute. When Snarbin evolves into Swasnowo.....it pretty much stays the same behaviour wise. It doesn't do anything outside of battle, except it now looks like a swan, and it's shell is far tougher. In battle, however, Swasnowo springs into life, breathing a torrent of purple ice towards the opponent's heart to freeze them whole, body and soul. Because it's facial features only move in combat, some people claim that Swasnowo is possessed by the spirit of an expert sculptor who spends his time out of battle thinking of new ideas. Swasnowo evolves again into Sphinthune, said to be the greatest craft that the sculptor had made, based off a legendary Pokémon in a distant region. Once again, it is completely immobile outside of battle, but when when the time to battle does come, it will gaze into it's opponents soul with the medallion wrapped around it's neck. If Sphinthune sees the soul as unworthy, it will freeze it in a prison of purple ice, turning the soul into a Snarbin itself. It's icy shell is now so powerful, that anyone touching it will also suffer this fate. All attempts at finding where the sculptor came from, or the legendary Pokémon he sculpted it from, have all ended in failure.

Ice/Hero --> Ice/Hero --> Ice/Hero
Based off the Bai Ze, Baibai is a Sheep Pokémon that's very common in mountains and snowy landscapes. It's ice cold wool freezes anything on touch, and it can be used to make thick clothes that have been used by explorers in arctic expeditions. Normally a peaceful Pokémon, if Baibai sees any form of paranormal activity, it will immediately run off to the nearest village to warn them of the threat, but most people rarely understand it because all it can say is "BAAAAAAA!". When it's in danger, the whole herd will huddle together to form a freezing cloud that forces predators to retreat. Baibai evolves into Baikubleet, and in this form, it becomes a solidary beast. It wanders from mountain to mountain, watching over evil unseen. It never forgets any evil that it manages to catch a glimpse of, allowing it to warn the villages of the threat at any time. Those who receive warnings from Baikubleet have always managed to fend off the evils that then approach the village itself. It's main weapon in battle, should the villages fail to prepare themselves before then, is a pair of razor sharp tusks that can tear through even solid titanium. Baikubleet then evolves again into Baizetuki, a Pokémon that only appears when the emperor ruling over it's habitat has virtue. It can understand the feelings of all living things around it, and it possesses adaquete knowledge of every evil that it senses, able to know them the instant one first appears. It can also create powerful blizzards that can ward off all evil that dares to approach it. Legend tells of how a Baizetuki approached an emperor and gifted them with what appeared to be the first ever copy of the Pokédex. Pages of this Pokédex are considered to be sacred artifacts, as they tell everything about the Pokémon it covers.

Ice/Villain --> Ice/Villain --> Ice/Villain
A common Pokémon in icy oceans, Bertthes is a ruthless Pokémon that only cares about destruction. It rams into anything it sees like a battering ram, sending buildings crashing down like actual ice shelves. No-one knows why Berrthes is doing this: some say it is an act of revenge towards those who have destroyed it's former natural habitats, while others claim it simply exists to spread the ice across the world. When Berrthes evolves into Hadeazoic, it gains a powerful ice breath that can freeze almost anything in it's tracks like if they were ice cubes. In addition, it gains a massive amount of bulk, able to deflect attacks right back at their owners, but Hadeazoic is very slow compared to it's previous form. You'll often find it posing as an actual iceberg in the ocean, getting in the way of cruise ships and sending them sinking down to their demise. The ice that makes up Hadeazoic has never been seen melting at all, and is rumoured to have lasted over a million years. It evolves again into Kangzhen, a powerful iceberg golem that commands other Ice-type Pokémon as if it was a tyrannical warlord, sending them on a warpath of destruction. It's powerful fists can reduce an entire city to dust in seconds, before freezing them over into an icy wasteland which it claims as it's own throne. A huge Pokémon the size of a whole mountain, if you see Kangzhen in an icy crevasse, one's only defence is to hope for the best, as it's no-one can ever melt out of it's deadly icy breath. Some Kangzhens have even been seen lifting entire mountains to use as deadly weapons!

Shadow/Ice --> Shadow/Ice --> Shadow/Ice
Snobow is a hunter Pokémon that hunts down other Ice-type Pokémon in the cold depths of the Oriva Region's mountains. By pulling back it's string, made of ice and snow itself, Snobow can create arrows of ice that can freeze anyone on contact. It's a very skilled marksman, with it's arrows never missing their targets, but it gets very distressed around heat sources, as they make Snobow unable to fire it's icy arrows. Warriors in the past once used them in lieu of actual bows and arrows, as it never had to reload. When Snowbow evolves into Chillista, it becomes a frozen ballista, anchored to one spot for it's life. Only feeding on the snow that falls on top of it, Chillista pulls back it's string with it's tail that serves as an ambidextrous hand, before it fires a powerful arrow out of it's mouth that can break apart even solid rock on impact. It can easily rotate around to get to it's target, but since it can only fire in one direction at a time, Chillista is usually slower than it's pre-evolution, though it can still make a handy defence system as it always focuses on it's target. Warriors once used them to defend their castles from invaders, often turning battlefields into ice block filled graveyards in seconds. Chillista only gains the ability to move again once it evolves into Flarrbalist, a serpentine hunter Pokémon that fights for it's owners and for those that it trusts. It slithers around mountains carrying a giant crossbow known as "The Frost Hydra", which can fire powerful ice arrows that fly so fast, that anyone that they hit will explode into bones and organs almost instantly. When it's target is close by, it puts the crossbow on the ground and coverts it into a ballista for better aim and concentration. Flarrbalist had been a vital ally to many wars in the past, but scientists are still confused on whether the actual Pokémon is the serpent, or the crossbow that it carries around.

Ice/Flying --> Ice/Flying --> Ice/Flying
Fulet is an Ural Owl Pokémon that hasn't mastered it's ability to fly off the ground yet. Instead, it stares out into blizzards and snowstorms, wondering if it can one day create them from nothing but snow itself. Fulet is a more of a feeder than a fighter, running away at even the slightest trace of conflict, and screaming loudly if it is attacked, creating icy winds that it cannot control around it. Fulet only really battles if it's under the control of a Trainer: in fact, some people even claim that Fulet does not know how to fight. That changes, however, when Fulet evolves into Urasno and grows up. Now capable of flying, Urasno is a nocturnal Pokémon that hunts small Pokémon with it's powerful claws during the night. During the daytime, it heads for it's nest within a fir tree and takes care of it's Fulet hatchlings. As Urasno flies across the night sky, it lives behind snowflakes that can freeze anyone on touch, and some people mistake them for actual snowfall. People once used Urasno's hooting to tell when nighttime has arrived. Urasno then evolves again into Strixkuro, a winged bringer of blizzards itself. From it's left wing, it calls forth a violent blizzard, while from it's right wing, it rains down deadly hailstones upon it's opponents. Wherever Strixkuro flies over an area, that area will soon be battered by these weather conditions, making people refer it as "The Bringer of Blizzards", as it always appeared on a cold night to snow entire villages in. Despite this, it's quite a friendly Pokémon, and it will offer it's services to those that it can trust, helping them freeze their enemies with snowstorms so cold, they have been compared to the night sky itself.

Ice/Electric --> Ice/Electric --> Ice/Electric
Based off the Golden Takin, Vakin is a rare Pokémon that can only be found in certain areas of the Restful Mountains, and will likely require using Meal Powers in order to get a good enough encounter rate for them. It's a peaceful grazer that is looked after by it's more common evolved form, Takugusu, and it's fur has been comparable to tiny insulators. It's two horns generate an electrical field between them that can power small devices, but Vakin hasn't learnt to control them efficiently yet. Some people claim that the volts are a result of it's leftover electricity that it doesn't use for battle. Once Vakin has evolved into Takugusu, it can control it's electrical powers and use them to generate enough electricity to charge an entire city for weeks. However, it only does this in battle or in trainer ownership, as it's normally a peaceful grazer that flees from conflict, leaving behind bolts of static electricity as it runs into the snowy depths. Travelling in large herds of up to fifty individuals, Takugusu feeds on the only the most plentiful of plants, to give it the most energy it needs to make sure it's horns continue to produce electricity, which also serves as a tiny magnet. These herds are led by it's final evolved form, Bolvomorcas, which has electricity flowing across it's entire body. Often employed by people as a form of power station, Bolvomorcas posssess enough electricity to power a city indefinitely as long as it stays there, and unlike it's previous two forms, it is a very talented fighter, shocking opponents with enough force to render every last function of their body nothing more that a frozen sculpture. This electrical power can also magnetize metallic opponents towards it, dooming them to be electrocuted to death. Bolvomorcas's ultimate move to protect it's herd is to focus every last volt of electricity in it's body into a gigantic beam of over a quadrillion volts worth of power, enough to destroy even a powerful Legendary Pokémon in a single shot.

Dark/Ice --> Dark/Ice
Crackler is a Striped Hyena Pokémon that hunts in packs near the coldest areas of the Oriva Region. It often feeds on frozen carcasses, freezing warm ones with it's icy fangs that can crack apart bones in a single lunge. Crackler gets it's name from the laughing it often makes, which fills the area around it with a cold aura that causes ice to crack apart instantly, and it just loves to play pranks on other Ice-type Pokémon to do so! To evolve Crackler into Hyenalayas, an Ice Stone is required. Hyenalayas leads a pack of Cracklers into battle, freezing their prey with it's ice cold claws and laughing at every mistake they make. This laughter is now so cold, it spreads to those who hear it, causing them to laugh themselves into an icy prison, where Hyenalayas can easily finish off the victims. It lives in only the coldest of mountains, and it's said that if you see a Hyenalayas laughing to itself, it is a bad omen that you will soon die laughing yourselves to death. Because of this, villages often ban fun and happiness at the sight of even one of them, which was thought to bring the claim that you should think where your village should be before you build it.

Ice/Dragon --> Ice/Dragon --> Ice/Dragon
Based off the Pig Dragon, Pigoil is a tiny whelp Pokémon that normally curls itself up in mountainous caves, spending it's time sleeping and preparing for evolution. It possesses a powerful icy breath that can freeze almost anything, but Pigoil rarely uses it for anything over than to make it's own bed. Strangley, some of the trinkets that have been found in ancient excavation sites resemble Pigoil to some degree, indicating a connection between them: some people claim that it helps people rest in the way that Pigoil does. Once Pigoil awakes from it's icy slumber, it evolves into Zhuice, a Pokémon who dedicates itself to protecting weak Ice-type Pokémon from danger. Flying around with it's icy wings, it unleashes a breath of ice upon it's opponents that can freeze anything it touches. However, since it only does so when everyone is asleep during the night, it had been considered a myth in many villages until very recently. Unlike it's previous form, Zhuice is said to represent the state of being awake, and most people hold trinkets of them to increase their lifespan. It's final evolved form is known as Hongshlizzard, a wyvern with a heart of nothing but pure ice. A very vicious and terretorial predator, Hongshlizzard will freeze anyone that dares to enter it's home by breathing a powerful blizzard over them without showing any mercy at all. Although it can fly with enough speed to outrun a jet engine, Hongshlizzard prefers to run around on all fours, it's wings of pure ice freezing anything that comes near them. It's said to represent the state between life and death itself, where every memory is in the process of being consumed by the process of death, and thus many people abandon villages at the sight of even one of them.

Ice/Fighting --> Ice/Fighting --> Ice/Fighting
Yeroll is a Yeti Pokémon that is very playful, happily throwing snowballs at other people and Pokémon just for the sport of it. It can roll itself into a giant snowball to roll over it's opponents, or to just have some fun, and it enjoys playing pranks on other people, most of which usually end with the victim getting a snowball to the face. It's very easy to tame, but people are adivsed to release Yeroll that they cannot fully tame once their pranks actually start hurting other people. If Yeroll can be compared to a child, then Yemitch, it's evolved form, can be compared to a teenager. It looks for an icy cave to make into it's home and then hides itself within it, never being seen again. People who see Yemitch after that are usually dismissed by their villagers for seeing things that aren't real, as it becomes a territorial Pokémon after this, attacking anyone that dares to enter it's cave, and using their bones to decorate it's home. It sometimes appears in violent blizzards, but other than that, Yemitch confines itself to it's home to get stronger and stronger. Eventually, Yemitch will evolve into Yexueruu, the Abominable Snowman itself! Now a brutal predator that cleverly uses the bones of it's prey, once Yexureuu has it's eyes on it's target, it will not stop chasing them until they have been beaten to a pulp. It's powerful arms can smash holes in mountains very easily, and by beating it's own chest, a giant avalanche will fall atop anything in it's path, burying them under an unmeltable pile of snow. It's also a very talented climber, and can easily sniff out where it's prey has been hiding the whole time. A common folk message among icy towns is that "One does not escape Yexureuu, only pray!". It's a very popular topic among both bookriders and film makers, with many works of art often trying to explain where Yexureuu came from or if it is even a Pokémon at all.
A very huge Yexureuu serves as the Fourth Titan Pokémon of the Oriva Region, the Abominable Ice Titan! Armed with immense strength, Yexureuu is one tough opponent to defeat, especially with it's two allies, a Yukonnba that runs Snowscape, Aurora Veil, and Heal Pulse, and an Urasno armed with moves to counter it's weaknesses. Yexureuu holds Chuan's tenacity, and when it's defeated, Chuan will regain the ability to glide across the sky just like Koraidon and Miraidon would. It's lost memory is'nt as well detailed as the previous three, decipting it eating at a stable, but once again, the mysterious man who reminds you of Kayven appears, once again only appearing as a shadow. Perhaps this was the gifts that the man gave to Chuan?
As you are about to approach your next destination, you suddenly fall unconscious after defeating four Titan Pokémon, the guardian associated with your version decides to challenge you in your mind, sending a ghostly copy of themselves for you to battle! You must defeat the Legendary Pokémon's uncatchable illusion to proceed: It is level 35, and it will always use it's signature attack on the fifth turn, but you go through a brief dreamscape before it where you can battle wild Pokémon for experience points. After defeating it, it, congratulated by your effort, decides that you might be worthy to carry on "His footsteps" after all...but what footsteps? You wake up from the dream, where Kayven sees you again, but you appear to have no memories of the dream itself.
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The Ground Wushido Base, and it's guardian, Taila, lies within the scorching sands of the Shamo Desert, the Oriva Region's largest desert. Many Pokémon can only be found here within the desert, adding the might of the earth to your arsenal of miracles: The Pokémon found here and in the surrounding areas include the rest of the Oriva Region's Ground, Dark, Bug, and Poison types!

Psychic/Sound --> Psychic/Sound --> Psychic/Sound
Cacture is a cacti Pokémon that most people refer to as "The False Cactus", as, despite it's looks, it is not actually a Grass type at all! Instead, it uses it's psychic power to nourish itself in the harsh sands of the Oriva Region's deserts, able to stand in a single spot for months on end. The flower on top of Cacture's head is the source of this psychic power, and it plays a rather odd humming sound comparable to the power of a Sound-type Pokémon when you get near it. In the past, people had used the flower on Cacture's head as a form of medicine to treat deafness and mental health problems. It's razor sharp spikes are also nothing to be scoffed at, as they can puncture metal very easily. When Cacture evolves into Qeejgaro, it gains a pair of spiky arms that can be infused with it's psychic power to cause migraines on anything they hit. It's flower now fused with it's head, Qeejgaro wanders across the desert sands, using it's excellent memory skills to find those who are injured. It then plays a tune on the organ on it's chest to repair the wounds of the injured target, before it leaves to find another one. Great caution must be taken when enlisting Qeejgaro's help, as it is very easily agitated and will attack anyone over the slightest provocation, mostly because it doesn't want to cure anyone that is outside of it's home, as it dislikes the cold. It fully evolves into Lushagoba, known to some as "The Wandering Doctor". Carrying an instrument comparable to a Lusheng, Lushagoba wanders to injured people and plays a healing melody on it's instrument to cure them almost instantly. It is always travelling across the world, looking for injured people to cure, and it's said that where Lushagoba plays, diseases will never strike the area it's in again. Despite this, Lushagoba has been considered a myth by many people because it appears and leaves so quickly once it has done it's job. In battle, it plays a harmful tune that causes the target's brain to grow razor sharp spikes, shutting them down almost instantly.

Poison/Time --> Poison/Time --> Poison/Time
Based off the Olivierus Martensii, Oliveaae is a scorpion Pokémon that's quite common in the Oriva Region's desert areas. Despite it's looks, it's actually a very kind Pokémon, though great caution must still be taken when approaching it's toxic stinger. However, when Oliveaae's toxin is boiled in hot water, it becomes a medicine towards minor headaches and injuries, and thus people once harvested them in the past to use their poison. Often, this was done against the Oliveaae's wills, as it dislikes confined spaces. Strangley, the toxins within Oliveaae are comparable to the syrup found in Gingko Trees. When it evolves into Marticene, it's stinger becomes purely healing, which is good for the doctors, but also bad. It looks after the Oliveaaes in it's nest, and will gladly hand over it's toxins to those in need, which can now cure diseases with severe symptoms. It does this by injecting the patient with it's stinger like a syringe, and all patients stung by Marticene have always managed to recover from their sicknesses. If Marticene finds, however, that the sickness is just a minor one, it will inject the target with so many antibodies, that every cell in their body will be overwritten, which usually leads to the target's death. People often set up camp near Marticene nests to try and gather this poison, but since it spends most of the time hiding in it's nest, it can be a very long experience trying to get even a single drop of Marticene's poison if the patients of the camp do not approach it. Marticene evolves again into Scorchurin, a master in medical care! It can now produce it's toxins from not just it's razor sharp stinger, but also from it's two claws that have gained minds of their own. Those struck by the poison will instantly recover from all diseases, and thus people once used them in the past as a form of master class medicine. However, this poison is very hard to obtain, as Scorchurin is aggressive towards those it does not trust, injecting an entire pandemic's worth of toxins into them that will cause them to basically become medicene fountains: the poisonous part of the toxin only fades away when Scorchurin feels that it is not in danger. As such, Scorchurin poison is said to be one of the world's most valuable items, with people paying millions just to get a single drop of it!

Job/Poison --> Job/Poison --> Job/Poison
Nurai is a radioactive Pokémon that was first discovered in the world's first nuclear power plant, apparently appearing wherever there is radiation. It is a very dangerous Pokémon, causing blisters and mutations just by being near it, but by absorbing unnecessary atoms around it, it helps prevent nuclear plants from melting down. Many scientists are unsure if Nurai is a good or a bad Pokémon to have in the wild, as it normally just levitates around the radiation until it clears, where it mysteriously vanishes until the radiation returns. Other scientists have used Nurai as a radiation test, making sure that the materials they make can stand up to the toxicity of Nurai. It's evolved form is known as Nucworkk, and in this form, it is decked out in a hazmat suit that protects it from all kinds of radiation. They often appear at nuclear power plants and keep it safe, so it's appearance in the Oriva Region is very confusing indeed, as there are no nuclear power plants to monitor here. Instead, people believe it is trying to rid the world of unessecary radiation, walking large distances to get to even the slightst trace of radiation, before they absorb it into their backpack. However, this backpack can only hold so much, before Nucworkk must empty it, usually down a vent where it will never be a threat again. Nucworkk's suit also protects it from harmful diseases, and suits made with Nucworkk skin have been used to control diseases in the past. Nucworkk then evolves again into Nucleshima, a nuclear predator that no-one is safe from! It chases down people and Pokémon on the slightest trace of radiation within them, exposing them to a large amount of gamma rays before tearing their weakened bodies apart. It produces so much radiation at this stage, that areas that Nucleshima enters are instantly rendered uninhabitable until they leave. The pump that connects it's head to the body is flowing with massive amounts of gamma radiation, and if it is ever punctured, the area around it becomes a radioactive wasteland instantly. As a desperation attack, Nucleshima can force the atoms within it to create a nuclear explosion so powerful, it turns the area around it into basically what you'll see on another planet, unbreathable without an oxygen pack. Because of this, Nucleshima has been comparable to actual diseases, and most people hide at the sight of even one of them.

Wierd/Poison --> Wierd/Poison --> Wierd/Poison
Inkee is a cloud of ink that's common in oceans, deserts, and wastelands, dissipating not long after birth if not caught in a Poké Ball quickly. Coming in contact with Inkee will cause the eyes to dissolve, causing eternal blindness in the process. Apparently, it was said to have been given life by a group of insane cultists who believed in a false deity that has been there since the universe began. No-one has ever seen them perform their deadly rituals, but those who see them will be compelled to join the cult instantly. Once Inkee involves into N'ghftoh, it no loger has a limited lifespan, able to pursue across the world unhindered. Flying down from violent storms, N'ghftoh latches on people's heads and drives them to insanity, making them believe in N'ghftoh itself. It only needs to be on the head for a second to do this, but most N'ghftoh often remain on their hosts until they perish, having become a cultist to N'ghftoh itself. It's a very common danger in the Oriva Region's oceans, as it can swipe it's wings to create a twister of vemon so powerful, that it dissolves eyes almost instantly, leading to crashes. It's evolution was said to be made possible by the cultists who first gave it life, breathing demonic words into them that make anyone who tries to say them become insane. Finally, N'ghftoh evolves again into N'ghulhu, the false deity that the cultists were believing in! A very dangerous Pokémon to come across in the sea, those who gaze at N'ghulhu's eye will become cultists to it almost instantly, being only able to speak a strange language that makes it stronger every second. Very few documentations of this Pokémon exist as a result, and most people have considered it a mere legend that they would never wish to see. If you hear chanting as you walk across, it is a sign that N'ghulhu is near, and your life as you know it is over!
Inkee ah cloud ot ink cahf's common ph'nglui gn'thh, deserts, ng wastelands, dissipating nafl long ep birth if nafl ph'nglui mgepor'uh'enah poké ball ephaiaglor. Ph'nglui nog llll shtunggli inkee ephaiuaaah nwngluii l' dissolve, uaaah syha'h blindness ph'nglui process. Apparently, h' mgepah l' mgep'ai mgep mgepah given lw'nafh llll group ot mg'lloig cultists ahf' ph'nglui mgepah'hri legethog deity cahf mgep mgepah ahagl Iiahe nilgh'rishuggogg mgepuaaah. No-one mgep ever seen f' perform f' deadly ahair'luhh, mgng fahff ahf' f' mgr'luh ephaiah compelled l' join ron instantly. Ehye inkee involves ph'nglui n'ghftoh, h' mg loger mgep limited lifespan, able l' pursue ph' shuggog unhindered. Flying mgyogor hup violent storms, n'ghftoh latches llll uh'e's nww ng drives f' l' mgehye'lloig, f' uaaah ph'nglui ah'hri n'ghftoh itself. H' uh'eor needs l' llll ah nw llll second l' ah fahf, mgng ahogog n'ghftoh nilgh'nahyar llll ahna f' sll'ha'drnn mgep f' perish, having become ronnyth l' n'ghftoh itself. H''s og common danger ph'nglui oriva region's gn'thh, Iiahe h' ahor swipe h''s wings l' uaaah twister ot vemon l' throdog, cahf h' dissolves nwngluii almost instantly, leading l' crashes. H''s evolution mgepah l' mgep'ai ah mgepuaaah ahoth llll cultists ahf' ehyeog h' mgepgoka lw'nafh, ahlw'nafhor demonic aimgr'luhh ph'nglui f' cahf uaaah riuh'eor ahf' tries l' f' ai become mg'lloig. Finally, n'ghftoh evolves ephaii ph'nglui n'ghulhu, legethog deity cahf cultists mgepah ph'nglui ah'hri! og dangerous pokémon l' ph' nog ph'nglui gn'th, fahff ahf' llll mgr'luh n'ghulhu's nwnglui ephaibecome cultists l' h' almost instantly, being uh'eor able l' ai or'azath language cahf h' uaaah ahorr'eogor nilgh'ri second. Og few documentations ot fahf pokémon ah'sgn Iiahe result, ng ahogog uh'e mgep considered h' mere legend cahf f' would mgsyha'h l' gotha mgr'luh. If ymg' mggoka'ai chanting Iiahe ymg' ph' bugnah, h' ah hnahr'luh cahf n'ghulhu ah llllnah, ng ymg' lw'nafh Iiahe ymg' h' kadishtu ph' ah!
A translation of the above entry in the language that the cultists of N'ghulhu speak out.

Athlete/Poison --> Athlete/Poison --> Athlete/Poison
Zhaennis is a tennis ball Pokémon that often appears near stadiums and sports courts, waiting to be hit by another Pokémon. It's laced with a deadly toxin that can cause energy loss on impact, and thus many people once used them as a form of poisonous grenade in the past, as, with a good enough throw, it can go where even the smallest weapons cannot fall into. It's got a very friendly personality, and Zhaennis always watches tennis matches go on, to gather some valuable experience in the future. When Zhaennis evolves into Tingtong, it gains a pair of ping pong paddles that can swat almost anything across great lengths. It creates balls of pure poison before whacking them towards it's targets with enough speed to blow apart a small house, and it just loves to play with each other: often, you'll find two Tingtongs competing against each other in a tennis match, where the loser must give the winner all of their food. It's very fast despite it's small feet, and Tingtong can always catch up to any flying projectile to whack it right back towards them with it's paddles, though it struggles with larger projectiles. Some Tingtongs also compete against people themselves, but it uses a normal tennis ball this way. Eventually, Tingtong will gain enough experience to fully evolve into Liniakout, the self proclaimed queen of the court! It now possesses an actual tennis racket that can hit any attack right back at their foes, and it runs so fast, that no projectile can ever catch it off guard. By detaching the tennis ball on it's chest and infusing it with poison, Liniakout can even perform a powerful racket swipe to strike the opponent's weak points, no matter how hidden they are. It's also a very experienced Pokémon, making sure that it always gets the most profit out of every battle it is in, whether it be lessons, or new skills to use towards it's enemies. It's skills in the racket have been comparable to most professional tennis players, and some learning players seek out a Liniakout to serve as their teacher.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Volley: A Power 40 Physical Athlete move that punts a ball towards the target. If it doesn't miss, at the end of the next turn, Volley will be used again. Many Athlete-type Pokémon can learn this attack.

Electric/Athlete --> Electric/Athlete --> Electric/Athlete
Fooji is a Football Pokémon that is based off Cuju, having been kicked around by people for thousands of years. As it rolls along, it generates static electricity that it then unleashes towards anyone who dare to kick it without a reason to do so. This electricity is so powerful, that even the most talented of goalkeepers cannot handle the volts, and will be forced to drop it. Apparently, Fooji first appeared when people asked for a way to train their soldiers for battle. Fooji's evolved form is known as Creamari, and when it evolves into this form, it's consciousness transfers to a full blown soccer player, with the football now becoming a generic football that Creamari treasures over everything else. They travel in large groups of 10-15 individuals, with each Creamari dribbling the ball around to charge it with static electricity, before the leader kicks it towards their targets with enough force to smash through solid diamond. While normally only one ball is involved in this, sometimes a Creamari will use all of it's teammate's balls at once for a powerful finishing move. They take great pride in each other, making sure that they always stick together no matter what, and wherever they travel, they inspire people to work together just like them. Some even say that the spirit of a soccer player inhabits it, allowing for the greatest performance. Creamari evolves again into Qisamara, who resembles a football player from the future. Kicking it's giant soccer ball around before launching it with all the electricity in it's body, as the ball rolls, it leaves behind a floor of electricity where there is no escape. Groups of Qisamara have been considered unbeatable due to their amazing teamwork together, though it can also fight well on it's own, able to generate a new soccer ball from it's own electrons if it ever loses it's original one. Some people claim that it inspired the first sources of teamwork in the Oriva Region. Being a football Pokémon, it gets along well with the Goalox line!
SPECIAL ATTACK: Football: A Power 60 Physical Athlete move that most Athlete-type Pokémon can learn, which kicks a football towards the target. No special effect.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Soccer Kick: A Power 60 Physical Athlete move that doubles in power if Football was used last turn. Many Pokémon that can learn Football can also learn this move.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Goal Strike: A Power 80 Physical Athlete move that strikes the target with a powerful kick. If this knocks out the target, the new Pokémon that replaces it will be struck by a random move those power is 40 or less that the user knows.

Mythical/Athlete --> Mythical/Athlete --> Mythical/Athlete
"Those things did'nt exist, I tell you! They were all myths!" These are the words that can best describe Chuilf, a golf ball Pokémon inspired by Chuiwan. It's a downright conspiracy artist, striking down the false and claiming it's own beliefs which may or may not be true. For example, it believes that it inspired the Mythical-type, all Pokémon know Psychic powers due to their believed ancestry to Mew, and that artifical Pokémon really don't exist, having already been in the wild before. (Though the Chuilf that made that claim did'nt know the nearby artifical Pokémon came from a space-time distortion) Chuilf itself rolls around plains and deserts, being whacked by other people in a game of gold, which it believes it made itself! The claims only get more and more complicated once Chuilf evolves into Tiongxan, which also possesses a pair of golf clubs that it can use to whack it's enemies sky high. It goes around towns and villages spurting out fake news, but no-one can understand it because it cannot speak in the human language, so instead it uses the hidden mythical energy within it to plant the news into the villager's heads, which often leads to insanity. Tiongxan is always on the lookout for new theories to tell out to the world, and many people actually believe it due to it's wily ways of distrubuting information. One incident occured when people claimed that the only Pokémon to ever exist was one called Pokémon, and everything else was just wild animals: while this strange Pokémon does indeed exist, only Tiongxan claims to have ever seen it. Finally, it evolves again into Huizoods, a Pokémon who's as good as a golfer as it is as a theorist! It carries around three different kinds of golf clubs, each of which can send anyone struck by it over a great distance, and it can switch between them in a microsecond of reflexes. It always aims for a hole in one, which is, most of the time, the target's head. You'll often see Huizoods perched up high cliffs, writing down strange theories to tell to the whole world, like how one once claimed that, due to Mew's ancestry, every Pokémon in the world is considered legendary. Despite it's absurd claims, some of Huizoods's theories do turn out to be eventually true.

Bug/Fairy --> Bug/Fairy --> Bug/Fairy
Based off the Koshinuke no mushi and the Sanshi, Konshus is a strange worm Pokémon that appear out of nowhere to fly towards people's backs. Once it has latched itself on the back, it will merge with the spine and causes the host to suffer from heart failure and vomiting. It then uses the pain that is generated to fuel it's own fairy attacks. However, the Konshus can be expelled from the body with most traditional medicine, as it is technically a type of virus: once Konshus has been expelled, it will simply fly off to look for another host to infest. When Konshus evolves into Glylodge, however, it becomes far harder to cure. With it's two heads each taking over a different part of the host's body, they can reduce it to basically a ragdoll in seconds by draining the life out of every cell in the body. No-one knows where Gylodge comes from, and it is so well camoflaged among rocks, that most people often don't notice that a Glylodge has merged with their spine. Some people even claim that those infected by Gylodge will eventually turn into a Bug Pokémon themsleves! When Glylodge evolves into Jochugesan, it's personality changes completley. Every time someone is born, a Jochugesan will enter the person's body and stay there for their entire lives, but most people don't even notice it, especially in regions that the Koshus line is not native to. The middle head will make the host's body wither, the left head will cause bad dreams and damage organs, and the right head will lower the lifespan of it's host: with these three heads combined, aging exists. Every 60 days, they leave their host's body to meet with an unknown emperor, who will age the Jochugesan's host even more according to the wicked deeds that the Jochugesan has convinced the host to do. This can be avoided by sleeping on the 60th day, or by chanting special spells that will stop the Jochugesan's powers from working.

Bug/Sound --> Bug/Sound --> Bug/Sound
At the dawn of every morning, Koucada wakes up the people and Pokémon around it with it's prototype Kouxian, playing an alarming ringing sound that is like a living alarm clock. It often does this to deprive it's predators of valuable sleep so that they are too tired to catch it, as Koucada isn't usually that good at fighting as it's ring is very rarely deafening. Some people often employ them to wake them up for important projects, as they always ring on the crack of dawn. It's evolved form is known as Xialarma, and in this form, it's ringing is now loud enough to split apart the ears of anyone who hears them. You'll often find Xialarma on the top of trees in large forests, ringing on the slightest sense of danger to warn the other Pokémon that there's trouble coming, though this often makes them tired from the lack of sleep. In some areas, it's considered a pest because no-one can go into a deep sleep with it's alarming ringing, which also attracts other Xialarmas to it's location. It still avoids combat whenever possible, despite it's Kouxian now being sharp enough to cause actual wounds. Xialarma then evolves again into Guizaplays, a Pokémon that rings at the start of every new day to make sure that no-one oversleeps....well, that's what most people wanted it to do. In reality, Guizaplays is a very dangerous pest that rings all day to drive it's prey deaf, leaving them vulreable to being finished off. In fact, Guizaplays's presence in an area ensures that sleep can never exist as long as it's there, and it won't shut up because this ringing powers it's own heart. Some people even abandon their villages upon hearing the slightest trace of a Guizaplays's ringing, which can be heard from miles away. With all these traits, it's no wonder why it has been exiled from the Oriva Region altogether for it's sins upon sleep: The only way to get one today is to evolve an Xialarma.

Ground/Bug --> Ground/Bug --> Ground/Bug
Based off the Shore Earwig, Sandywig is a nocturnal Pokémon that comes out on night in the Oriva Region's deserts. It's mostly an innocent Pokémon that feeds on cactus flowers and morning dew, though as a form of defence, it will spray a stream of sand towards it's target to blind them, while Sandywig itself escapes to a safer location. Despite the claims of most people, Sandywigs do not crawl into people's ears, and it's pair of pincers can only chop materials up to the strength of wood. It's evolved form, Earclanch, however, does attack ears, but only as part of it's hunting strategy to render them deaf. They look after the Sandywigs in their nest and make sure that no predators can eat them, clenching their enemies in their powerful pincers, which are now strong enough to break a solid steel beam in half. It's a danger to many farms as it now feeds on all kinds of crops, not just cactus flowers, though it only does this if it cannot find any prey to kill for meat. It's also said to possess a pheronome that convinces people struck by it to tear their own ears out, but since it rarely releases it due to having fewer predators, it is often considered to be a myth in itself. Earclanch then evolves again into Khorkavor, a giant death worm that leaps between deserts like they were the oceans themselves. Burrowing deep underground with it's powerful jaws that can tear through solid titanium, it draws it's prey in by creating a giant vortex of quicksand that no-one can ever escape from. As it burrows across the sands, Khorkavor creates powerful earthquakes that can reduce entire cities to rubble without entering the surface, and it supposedly stretches out to the size of a mountain. According to some sources, Khorkavor only appears in cities where the population is nearing their end.

Ground --> Ground --> Ground
Based off the Sessho Seki, Sesshake is a strange rock formation that appears to be arranged in the shape of a fox balancing on one foot. Said to be possessed by the spirit of a deceased Okamyubi, Sesshake causes violent earthquakes to occur near it that will kill almost any person that goes near them, forcing travellers to seek alternative routes to get around them. No-one has ever seen it leave it's pose, and those who did see it where destroyed as well. Sesshake only really starts moving when it evolves into Sestott, a walking earthquake that shapes the land as it walks. Comparable to a magnitude 3 earthquake, Sestott targets buildings that have been built purely for personal gain, exposing them to the epicenter that surrounds it, which is comparable to a magnitude 8 earthquake. It then consumes the remains of the building to make sure that it is never rebuilt again. The hard shell that makes up Sestott's body is said to be made from the crust of the earth itself, and it can absorb nearly any attack imaginable. Supposedly, the Okamyubi spirit has since left it's body at this point, having been purified by a ritual made by a priest. It's final evolved form is known as Sestamagez, known to some as "The Landscaper". As it walks, mountains rise from the ground and cities that are unworthy to contuine any further are reduced to flat planes, where life rises from them once more. Sestamagez is always producing a powerful earthquake around it, but in battle, it will slam it's paws to the ground to create an earthquake so powerful, it can reduce a mountain to dust in a single strike. The flakes of clay that it leaves behind can be used to craft amulets that protect the wearer from all natural disasters, and the first of these flakes had been worshipped by many people for years.

Ground/Mythical --> Ground/Mythical --> Ground/Mythical
Based off the Luduan and the Altai Wapiti, Altaiwa is an elk Pokémon that inspires itself to keep on running every second in it's life. This way, it can run fast enough to avoid most forms of natural disasters, and it's journey is a sign that the villages it runs by are about to be struck by natural disasters themselves. It's very rarely seen, and getting evidence of an Altaiwa can grant great fame to the person who has obtained it. Altaiwa evolves into Altadeer, and in this form, it can run so fast that it can scar the earth itself. On it's back is a strange set of keratin that resembles the face of a beast, that drives off any predators that would threaten the life of Altadeer, allowing it to keep running across the country side. It never stops at all, only feeding on the essence of the earth itself, and Altadeer's running speed has been comparable to most forms of automobile. Amulets of Altadeer are often distributed in the Oriva Region's festivals as a form of energy booster, to allow the wielder to keep on running. It's final evolved form is known as Altaduan, a Pokémon those main head is the lion-like face on the front. The deer head on top is now nothing more than a false head that leads predators astray as it runs across the plains and deserts of the Oriva Region like a green bolt of lightning, skewering opponent's with it's long horn that can puncture almost anything. Altaduan's appearance was said to have inspired the concept of running, and those who see it gain a boost in andreline, allowing them to run as much as they like. Due to it's speed, very few people have actually seen Altaduan: It's only catalogued appearance was when it appeared before an emperor to try and convince them to end their conquest. When the emperor refused, Altaduan grabbed them by the legs and ran across the entire world, reducing him to a skeleton when Altaduan had completed the loop.

Flying/Ground --> Flying/Ground --> Flying/Ground
Based off the Eurasian Hoopoe, despite it's typing, Hoopy cannot usually fly in most circumstances, it's ground-based body being too heavy to lift itself off the ground. It's native to wastelands and deserts, feeding on bits of earth to make it's wings strong enough to allow it to fly, though most of the time you'll see a Hoopy stuck on a cliff with no way to get off it. It's most well known for the crest on it's head, which many barbers try to copy as a form of hairstyle, alongside the call it makes when it's in danger. Hoopy evolves into Legahopa, a very peculiar bird to say at the least. Although it's huge wings can compliment it's weight to fly great distances, Legahopa runs faster using them as feet, with it's actual feet being very undeveloped. By slamming both of them into the ground, it can create a powerful earthquake that can reduce most houses to rubble in seconds, and always trains itself every day to make sure it's wings stay healthy. Legahopa is very prideful of these wings, favouring them above anything else, and it oftens loves flexing it's arms to draw in prey, even though it is a herbivore. Legahopa evolves again into Ueprox, which is said to possess the biggest wings of any Pokémon. However, like it's previous stage, Ueprox uses these wings as hands or feet, and the earthquakes that they can generate are now so powerful, that other Ground-type Pokémon become jealous upon feeling them. It possesses enough strength to lift an oil tanker like it was a feather, and Ueprox is said to be the culmination of strength itself, as it had focused all of it's DNA into it's wings to make them far stronger than any other kind of wing there is. Some people claim that the earthquakes that had struck villages in the past where in fact Ueprox's own wings!

Ground/Fairy --> Ground/Fairy --> Ground/Fairy
Tombankh is a mysterious Pokémon that did not originate from the Oriva Region, having been imported there from an ancient tomb in a distant desert. A symbol of life and death, Tombankh drains the lifeforce of anyone that dares to lay a finger of it, in order to gather enough life force to bring itself back to life once more. Apparently, the people in the desert it originated from once used it to revive the dead itself with it's overwhelming control over fairy energy. Tombankh evolves into Mummankh, a living representation of the dead itself. Wrapped around in a stream of bandages that never seem to tear away, it approaches those who have defied it in it's past life, corrupting them with fairy energy and turning them into a Mummankh itself. All attempts to unravel the bandages to see Mummankh's actual body have all resulted in death, but apparently it is tied to the girdle it wears around it's neck, a symbol of it's former life. They can often be found in ancient tombs hiding in coffins and sarcophoguses, and those who try to open them will never enter another tomb again as long as they live, frightened to the core that a Mummankh could be hiding anywhere. Once it has gathered enough lifeforce, Mummankh will bring itself back to life and fully evolve into Xiashankh, a pharoah Pokémon that rules over the desert like it was a royal kingdom. With it's staff, it inflicts ten different kinds of deadly curses upon it's enemies, forcing them to submit to Xiashankh itself. It can also control the spirits around it to revive the dead, or hide it's kingdom away in a giant sandstorm. It was apparently the strongest Pokémon in the desert it once lived in, commanding armies of Mummankhs to cover the sands in a royal flair that all people must submit to.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Resurrection: A Light Status move that brings a defeated party member back to life at 50% Health, but it only has 1 PP just like Revival Blessing. Many Light-type Pokémon, or those associated with life and death, can learn this attack.

Villain/Ground --> Villain/Ground --> Villain/Ground
Oyser can be best described as a living fountain of oil! It hides underground in the deepest of deserts, and being made of oil, it is very valued by many people. The main villaiy comes in the greed that those who strike it experiece: they will often keep all the money they earned from the Oyser industries they build for themselves, and they refuse to let anyone else go near them, regardless of the striker's original personality, until eventually all they care about is money. Of course, being an oil geyser, Oyser cannot move at all, though it is a good partner with Fire Pokémon who can light it's oil to create a powerful firestorm towards it's enemies. However, when Oyser evolves into Oilopec, it not only gains the ability to walk around, but it also resembles a oil well that the people who struck it used to gather it's oil in the past. No longer constantly gushing out oil, Oilopec wanders across deserts and force anyone they meet to make unfavorable bargains that will eventually lead to them being consumed by greed and money, with no care for anything else. When the head-like device on the top of it's body pushes down, it releases a stream of sticky oil from it's actual mouth that corrupts the mind of anyone struck by them, making them only think about becoming the richest person in the world, to the point that they will demand other people to give them their money. At nighttime, Oilopec disguises itself as an actual oil well and helps it's trainers gather oil to sell to the market, which of course is also a lead to eternal greed, so this Pokémon should be avoided at all costs! Oilopec fully evolves into Orayanxa, a greedy oil baron that gathers all the oil supplies in the area it's in and force people to pay it a fortune to obtain them once more. It's twin oil cannons can pump out gallons of oil in seconds, and those struck by it will have all their memories removed but one: "I LIKE MONEY!". Orayanxa commands other Ground-type Pokémon to make sure it's buisness thrives, and with it's memory altering oil, attempts to revolt against it have been nigh impossible, as is attempting to light the oil on fire, as it has removed the molecules that had made it flammable in the first place. It's said that when Orayanxa enters a village, all people in that village will rage a war over who is the richest of them all. It has even been sighted appearing before thriving companies, and they have always become bankrupt a few hours after Orayanxa visits them, rushing out their products or even copying other ones entirely just to make money.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Market Crash: A Power 70 Special Job move that many Job-type Pokémon, or those assiocated with money, can learn. The user fires a powerful energy bolt at the target comparable to a falling market, which ignores the target's item completely.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Torture: A Power 70 Physical Villain move that subjects the target to torture and suffering. This move may cause flinching, and can be learned by many Villain-type Pokémon.

Ground/Wierd --> Ground/Wierd --> Ground/Wierd
Kagaint is a painting brought to life as a Pokémon by the spirit of the artist who drew it, with it's colors having become dull and clay-like in the process. It's most common kind of painting appears to be one desgined after Wayama, indicating that the Pokémon was a common topic for painting in the past. Kagaint often appears near areas rich in pigments, aiming to restore the color of it's painting once more, though in desperation, it can unleash a wave of wierd energy towards it's enemies. Kagaint evolves into Pagodtrait, those painting at this point has changed into one decipting a pagoda that existed a long time ago. Possessing a pair of powerful jaws that can break apart steel very easily, Pagodtrait has given up trying to restore the painting at this stage, instead focusing on concentrating it's beauty and it's love for battle to make sure it never gets damage, even in it's last moment. It often flies up to people and asks if the painting is beautiful, flying around them in a ring pattern until they give their answer. If they say that it is beautiful, Pagodtrait will spare them and fly off for it's next target. However, if they think that it is horrible, Pagodtrait will bite the person and seal them inside their painting itself. Those sealed inside the painting become inanimate figures, though sometimes people have reported the figures in them move, driving them insane in the process. It's final evolved form is known as Inwali-13-O, those painting appears to depict the Restful Mountains themselves. Flying around forests and areas rich in paint, Inwali-13-O judges the creativity of each person they come across, sealing those who show very little in it into it's painting, which is actually another universe contained within it. It appears to be a clay-coloured version of the Pokémon world itself, and those who enter it eventually become mindless artists frantically trying to create the painting out of it: however, there is no escape once Inwali-13-O has sealed you inside of it's painting. It's a sign that you must keep your spirit of creativity high across your life, lest you be sealed within Inwali-13-O's painting itself. Supposedly, though, it sometimes hides inside art gallerys, where they become beautiful paintings, though their color never returns.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Art Wave: A Power 70 Special Wierd move that summons a tidal wave of paint towards the target. This hits both Pokémon in a double battle, and adds Wierd to their typing. It's mostly learned by Pokémon assiocated with paint.

Dark/Ground --> Dark/Ground --> Dark/Ground
Based off the Waniguchi and the Wani, Wanirini is said to be an old disused bell given life by a wandering spirit of the ocean. Despite it's typing, Wanirini is actually an amphibious species that wanders around the temple it was born in, biting anyone that goes near them and making their heads literally ring. It's jaws are strong enough to break apart a stone wall with relative ease, and as they bite, a ringing sound comparable to a small magnitude can be heard from them. In a somewhat ironic case for a Pokémon that is weak to Water, Wanirini's evolved form, Wancrakk, is almost entirely an ocean-bound Pokémon. No longer bound to the bell that it began it's life as, Wancrakk swims across the ocean floor, creating earthquakes with it's twin claws that open up new homes for water Pokémon to live in. It can perform just as well on land as it can in water, and Wancrakk can easily jump between them to confuse it's prey until they'd least expect their demise. Some people who saw them referred them as a deity of the sea, showering the ocean in gifts to make sure that they prosper, but sometimes it will call forth underwater earthquakes that lead to huge tsunamis if it feels like it's being treated like a tool. Wancrakk's final evolved form is known as Wanakanju, a Pokémon that commands the seas despite not being a Water type at all. Taking great responsibility over both land and sea, Wanakanju uses the jewel on it's chest to control the tides and the land with magnitudes comparable to the force of a tank, living in giant coral palaces under the sea. They can shapeshift into a human form to explore the world or to warn other people of earthquakes and tsunamis, and stories of these Pokémon falling in love with people have been a popular topic among certain storywriters. Those who accept it's offer to live with them will remain in the bottom of the sea for years, being granted the ability to breathe underwater by Wanakanju itself.

Dark/Sound --> Dark/Sound --> Dark/Sound
Based off the Uwan, UwU is a rather strange Pokémon that is named after not just the scream it makes, but also the strange markings on it that resemble eyes. It is often found in abandoned temples and houses, waiting in one spot for days on end. When someone passes by them, it lets out the scream of "UwU!" without anyone seeing them, before using the resulting fear to help to keep itself alive. Because it is an expert at hiding itself, no-one had ever been able to see an UwU in the flesh until very recently, and in the past, it was thought to have no form at all, but some people thought it was a giant UwU face, another reason why it has gotten it's name. UwU's evolved form is known as ZUwUZ, those scream is so loud, that it can cause anyone who listens to it to have a fatal heart attack almost instantly. ZUwUZ then steals their lifeforce and retreats into the darkness to look for it's next target, all while being unseen. Strangely, a set of markings resembling a sleeping face are present on the bottom of it's body, and no-one knows why they are there. Some people claim that it's part of ZUwUZ's camoflage tactics, while others claim it is to draw those who do see it astray, closing it's eyes and mouth to make them think it is just an innocent little Pokémon until the last second. Shouting it's name back at it when it shouts will drive it away, never to catch those who shouted at it again. It's final evolved form is known as >UowoU<, which got it's name from the earliest deciptions of it, which showed a strange ">UowoU<" face made out of flesh and bone. Now able to hide itself among any imaginable surface, it periodically shouts ">UowoU<!" to anyone it passes by to scare them to death, before disposing of it's body with it's set of powerful claws, both on it's hands and it's feet. Some >UowoU< will often target a single family and constantly shout every night, depriving them of their sleep, before striking when they are too tired to fight back. People who hear it often just believe it is the shouting of another person, and because of this, >UowoU< has never been seen in the flesh outside of evolving a ZUwUZ. Staring at the markings on it's head, arms, and legs will cause you to hallucinate giant floating faces such as :-) that will eventually drive you insane. On a scientific note, >UowoU< is the first non-glitched Pokémon in history those name starts with a >.

Dark/Job --> Dark/Job --> Dark/Job
Based off the Siberian Ibex, Dibex is a Pokémon those only goal is to spread the darkness to where it goes. It has a thing for taking situations to court, thus imprisoning those involved in them in the process, as Dibex is a devious Pokémon and, when no-one's looking, will often modify the court papers to ensure that the defendant will be found guilty. However, it only seems to do this towards situations that it believes will prevent it's spread of darkness should they continue on. Dibex evolves into Jikusibir, a mountanous Pokémon those presence can be noted by the blinding darkness that surrounds it. More of a litigator at this stage, Jikusibir judges the soul of every living being it comes across, marking those who are worthy to stop it's conquest for death! It always takes legal action upon any situation it comes across, abiding them to the law so that it can spread it's darkness unhindered: however, Jikusibir appears to ignore situations that involve Dark-type Pokémon that would favour the darkness that it would spread. In battle, it charges towards the opponent with it's powerful horns, striking them with an eternal torment of guilt that they will never forget, no matter how hard they try. Once Jikusibir has solved enough cases (The very ones that it ends up making!) it will evolve again into Anzhuzi, the self-proclaimed long arm of the law itself! It traps all evil that would try to stop it's spread of darkness inside cages of black matter that can never be escaped from, filling the prisoners with a powerful dark essence that drains their will to live. A very talented Pokémon when it comes to the court, it can use it's sharpened senses to detain the guilty and protect the innocent, though people question it's nobility, thinking that it's only doing this to make sure that it can spread it's darkness unhindered, rendering even the brightest of days into the darkest of nights as it runs across the mountains of the Oriva Region unseen by most people. Despite this, Anzhuzi does sometimes appear before buildings that have broken the law, and it has an uneasy friendship with Jingzon, with the two sometimes working together to obtain all the clues from a crime scene.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Interview: A Job Status move. The user starts an interview for five turns, during which all enemy Pokémon cannot use not very effective moves. Many Job-type Pokémon can learn this attack.

Dark/Hero --> Dark/Hero
Cobero is a sheriff Pokémon that's said to have come from outer space to bring peace to planets as per the orders from it's boss: the Pokémon World is it's latest stop in making sure that the galaxy is free of all evil. Although it may look innocent at heart, it's very dedicated to it's job, ridding the area it's in of all villains that dare to approach it with blasts of pure darkness comparable to laser fire, that blind every function in their body. You'll sometimes find Cobero going undercover as a mere passerby until it's target is in sight, upon which it sheds it's disguise and guns the target down with a barrage of energy shots. It's so otherwordly, that some people claim that Cobero isn't even considered a Pokémon at all. It evolves into Shagasha, a talented space sheriff that makes sure that all law in the area it's in is in order. With it's twin laser pistols, it can fire over a million shots per second, enough to disintigrate even the tallest of buildings into useless rubble in mere moments. To protect multiple areas at once, it can split into three copies of itself, each just as talented and no weaker than the original, to hunt down crime and bring it to the court in seconds due to it's excellent skills in fighting against crime. Some people claim that Shagasha rides a mechanical dragon around to travel in space, but these claims are often dismissed as mere myths.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Beatdown: A Power 50 Physical Hero move that hits the target three times with heroic punches that go POW! WHAM! ZOK! Each hit has a chance to lower the target's attack by 1. It's mostly learned by most Hero-type Pokémon as their strongest physical Hero move.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Crimestopper: A Power 70 Special Hero move that fires a powerful blast towards the target comparable to the energy that a hero feels when they are fighting crime. The energy generated from this attack allows the user to break out of any non-standard status conditions inflicted on them, such as Taunt and Attract.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Finishing Move: A Power 90 Special Hero move with 90% accuracy that strikes the target with all of the user's might. If the target has 10% or less HP when this is used, this attack will defeat them in one hit.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Enforcer: When Shagasha is sent out, if everyone else in your party has fainted, Shagasha will split into three identical copies of itself, each having a different color, that will occupy a party slot until the end of the battle. They have the same HP and moveset as the original Shagasha, and they will remain split until the end of the battle. This means you can potentially have up to eight Pokémon in your party at once, provided you send Shagasha out last! This ability only works once per battle.
When you enter a Wushido Base, you must go through a maze in a limited amount of time: If time runs out before you make it to the leader, the guardians will be unleashed, very powerful uncatchable wild Pokémon that will most likely defeat the entire party if they catch the player. Each Wushido Base has a unique trap within it that will delay the player as long as possible, as well as several Wushido grunts who will battle the player on sight. The stronger the Wushido Base, the more complicated the mazes get!
When you make it to the Wushido commander itself, he challenges you to a single battle! Once all of his Pokémon have been defeated, he'll send out a piece of the evil that once terrorized the Oriva Region in the past, that the Wushido Clan is trying to revive: This piece is infused with the energy of the Ancient Moves themselves. They fight like normal Pokémon would, but have lots of HP just like Titan Pokémon: Their typing is always the same as the Wushido Base it is in. They also possess one of the original 90 Ancient Moves, usually one that covers their greatest weakness. Defeat the monster, and the Wushido Base will be destroyed!
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Volosrea is one of the Oriva Region's largest cities, and the home of the Electric Gym, where the gym leader, Zhenox, will make trainers think twice about bringing a Ground-type into his gym! To get there, you'll need to go through the large Jill's Plains, home to many new electrifying Pokémon, including the remainder of the Oriva Region's Electric, Steel, and Shadow types!

Electric/Job --> Electric/Job --> Electric/Job
Bamminicate is a strange Pokémon that constantly sends out radio waves to anything near it using the minature arm on the top of it's base. It's a very good communicator, always able to get the right results from any conversation that it enters, and when you say something into Bamminicate, it will transfer the message to another Bamminicate near it. Some Bamminicates can also transfer electrical power to each other, but it can only hold so much before it starts to feel actual pain. Bamminicate's evolved form is known as Towokyo, which resembles a radio tower in one of the Oriva Region's cities. Incapable of moving in this form, Towokyo's heavy weight prevents it from being knocked over or disoriented, retaliating to all attackers with a powerful electrical shock attack. From the tip of it's tower shape, Towokyo sends out radio waves to all nearby satellites, which is good for transferring information across, though it can change these waves into electrical volts at any time. People found it useful because of this, and great lengths were often taken to protect a Towokyo from all harm. It's final evolved form is known as Nestujin-25, a giant robot that's bigger than big, and taller than tall! Although it still possess a pylon to transfer radio waves across, it now fights for the good of it's people, taking down any enemy that would destroy it's home city with a barrage of electrified punches, especially against other giant robot Pokémon. By sending out radio waves across the world, Nestujin-25 can always all forth it's allies no matter where they were. Supposedly, the first Nestujin-25 was a top secret weapon made by a distant company, transferred to a child inventor after the company went bankrupt before they could complete it.
SPECIAL ITEM: Leaf Letter: No longer is it simply a sign of affection from Partner Pikachu and Partner Eevee, when a Pokémon holding this is knocked out, it passes on it's stat boosts to the next Pokémon sent out.

Electric/Dragon --> Electric/Dragon --> Electric/Dragon
Based off the Druk, Plasdruk is a tiny dragon Pokémon that rests atop a ball of pure plasma. This ball can generate up to 5000 volts of electricity per minute, and Plasdruk rolls around on it by rotating it like a wheel. If it ever loses this ball of plasma, it will be unable to move, and it will perish. Supposedly, people once used them as protective totems towards thunderstorms, to protect them from being struck by lightning. When Plasdruk evolves into Bhutyul, it becomes capable of moving on it's own, flying across thunderstorms to absorb energy within them. With the plasma orb on it's chest, Bhutyul can fire out powerful lightning bolts capable of frying even the largest of lifeforms, with the resulting electricity being similar to a plasma globe. This orb is worth a great fortune to anyone who manages to take it, due to it being able to charge even a large city for months on end, but those who try to steal Bhutyul's orb will forever regret it. Even so, it can just generate a new orb from it's own electricity, rendering the effort nute. Bhutyul fully evolves into Tsendral, a powerful lightning dragon Pokémon those presence has been said to have inspired the formation of plasma itself. With it's four electrical orbs, it rains lightning down anything in it's path, mostly residing in thunderstorms and areas rich in electricity. Tsendral has sometimes been sighted giving these orbs to other people that they trust, on the account that they use the orb for the good of the planet. Supposedly, the sound of thunder is said to be the roars of Tsendral, and a certian kingdom pleads their duty to it, making flags and statues built after it.
SPECIAL ITEM: Beach Glass: In the Oriva Region, this valuable item formerly picked up by Partner Pikachu and Partner Eevee gains a new function! It grants the wielder a 50% chance to deflect any non-standard status condition inflicted on them, such as Taunt, back at their enemies!

Electric/Beast --> Electric/Beast --> Electric/Beast
Based off the Raiju, Raivet is a Masked Palm Civet Pokémon that runs across trees during the day to look for food. To defend itself from predators, it's fur releases a static shock of electricity that will drive them away, though it's sometimes used to cook the food that it has found. For some odd reason, it also likes to sleep in the mouths of other Pokémon, which more often than not result in the Raivet being consumed. It's a very common pet among the Oriva Region because it is so easy to raise. Raivet's evolved form is known as Raiguma, a large Pokémon with static blue fur covering it's entire body. They ride down lightning bolts to the world to destroy anything in their path, mostly ones that the lightning had missed, and it's a very dangerous Pokémon, capable of shocking skeletons to ash in a single strike. Despite this, it's still quite easy to keep one as a pet, just as long as you can keep it fed for a long time. Before people invented technology that could reach the sky, they believed that Raiguma lived in the clouds themselves. It's final evolved form is known as Raijangmu, a pet to many large electric Pokémon, such as Rajinorr and Yorkyranusi. They serve their master well, able to generate over a million volts of electricity, which they can use to reduce even a giant skyscraper to a pile of ash. It was believed that every time lightning stuck, a Raijangmu would appear to ravage the world, and keeping myths of Raijangmu in your mind was a common activity in the past. A very strange behaviour that this Pokémon exhibits is that it sometimes tries to hide in navels to avoid the wrath of it's master: this has often resulted in the death of the lifeform holding the navel.

Shadow/Electric --> Shadow/Electric --> Shadow/Electric
Based off the Xingtian, Xield is said to have been the beheaded body of a soldier given life once more to continue it's conquest. As such, it's a combat loving Pokémon, fighting against enemies no matter the cost or the situation at hand. Xield's main weapon is a shield filled with static electricity, that can not only absorb large amounts of energy to reflect them towards the opponent, but also serves as a powerful bashing weapon that can break down steel doors very easily. Sometimes, you'll see Xield perform a strange dance similar to the one the corpse of the soldier did in the past to become Xield in the first place. It evolves into Jiantian, who trades the shield for a pair of razor sharp jians, a set of blades that can chop through almost anything. By infusing these blades with electricity, Jiantian can target the opponent's vital organs and fry them to a crisp in a single slash. It still possesses a code of battle, contuining to fight against it's enemies no matter what, but it also now has a code of honor, making sure that it never fights dirty in every battle that it faces. Jiantian is very good at resisting temptations, and it can see through wily schemes almost instantly with it's own electricity. Jiantian evolves again into Hsinbreaker, which gains a set of powerful armour that can absorb entire thunderstorms as a whole. In addition, it gains back the shield in addition to it's jian and a helmet that serves as a false head, making opponents waste their shots. Hsinbreaker's jian can not only break any weapon imaginable, but it can also unleash a powerful electrical storm when it hits the ground. It's sole duty is to score victory for the army that it used to serve in, and it often fights against Legendary Pokémon to become the supreme deity over all electricity. Strangely enough, it's most common target appears to be Yangwei!
In addition, Hsinbreaker serves as the ace of Zhenox, the Electric Gym Leader, which will be a truly electrifying match since he is the first Gym Leader to use all fully evolved Pokémon! He also owns a Kaihaencan, an Eltaigenesis, and a Thyodan, all of which know moves that can counter Ground types as a whole! In addition, his Hsinbreaker also knows it's signature Ancient move, being the first major opponent to use one. That's right....
AT LAST, THE HIDDEN SECRET OF THE ANCIENT MOVES IS REVEALED: SIGNATURE ANCIENT MOVES! Once you've progressed far enough in your Pokémon journey, you'll come across an ancient sage, known as Trilor, one of the greatest ones the Oriva Region has to offer. After defeating him in an optional battle, he'll offer to teach a fully evolved Pokémon with max friendship a special move that only they can learn, that can only go into the Ancient Move Slot. Their Ancient Gauges charge up slowly, but they are the most powerful attacks that they have to offer! For example, Hsinbreaker's signature Ancient Move is Lightning Blade: A power 100 Physical Electric move that hits three times, with each hit having a chance to cause paralysis!
SPECIAL ITEM: Ancient Capsule: When a Pokémon is sent out holding this, it's Ancient Gauge will fill itself to the maximum, allowing it's Ancient Move to be used right away. However, it's only good for one use. It's a rare drop from Ancient Raid Battles, with similar drop chances to the Gigantamix of the Max Raid Battles. To demonstrate the power of the signiture ancient moves, Zhenox's Hsinbreaker will be holding an Ancient Capsule, which bypasses the long wait required to use Lightning Blade.

Time/Shadow --> Time/Shadow --> Time/Shadow
Pangang is a Pangolin Pokémon that is native to forests and wastelands, as well as sites of large battles in the past. Covered in a very thick fur that can deflect almost any attack imaginable, Pangang spends most of the day sleeping, and most of the night looking for food, usually small bug Pokémon. Because their fur can block nearly any attack imaginable, warriors once used Pangang as a rudimentary shield in the past, taking into account the honor of sacrifices. When Pangang evolves into Shiegolin, it's head becomes covered in a powerful set of scales that make it look like Hook Shield, being able to catch hooks and weapons used by it's predators, disarming them in the process. It's a lot more active than it's previous form, taking it's duty into protecting it's friends, and people once used their scales in the past to forge powerful armor. The hook atop it's head not only allows it to climb along surfaces a lot more easily, but it also protects Shiegolin from being stepped on by large Pokémon, and it takes great pride in sharpening the hook every day to make sure it can easlily tear anything apart. Shiegolin then evolves again into Hookamanis, a giant Pokémon those head is one of the strongest shields that the world has to offer. Many blacksmiths have copied the style of this shield to give to warriors, as it combines a perfect balance of offense and defence, disarming enemies with the two hooks before tearing them to shreds with them. In battle, Hookamanis charges towards it's disarmed opponents to tear through even the strongest of armor, before eating their armor as a whole to help harden it's own scales, which are also deadly weapons in it's own right. It's hidden technique is to launch it's whole head towards it's opponent on a giant chain that can never be broken, which also helps it get around despite it's large weight.

Shadow/Dragon --> Shadow/Dragon --> Shadow/Dragon
Based off the Three Section Staff and the Fuzanglong, Thruzang is a tiny dragon Pokémon that is said to emerge from the ground to give reports to nearby Pokémon and people. Once they have given the news, they will burrow back into the ground, ready to start the whole process all over again. Within their dens is a pristine pearl, said to be it's most treasured artifact, and it gets stressed if Thruzang ever loses the pearl, or if it gets stolen. Once Thruzang has gathered enough experience in giving reports and in battle with it's powerful jaws, it evolves into Sanjiang. This flying Pokémon soars across the sky to give messages to those who need them. It's head and body can freely articulate themselves, allowing Sanjiang to whack it's opponents by swinging one body part around like a flail, though this often results in it becoming dizzy. Supposedly, this is due to the fact that it's spine is a lot less rigid than other Pokémon's spines. Some sources claim that it protects treasure of both old and new, and prevents anyone from trying to steal them for their own gain. Sanjiang evolves again into Pasetsulong, a three sectioned dragon Pokémon that can easily swing it's own body parts to whack enemies into oblivion, no longer becoming dizzy after a long time of swinging them. Also known as "The Coiled Dragon", Pasetsulong guards a vault of treasure, and makes sure that only those that it can trust can obtain the wealth within them. Every time a Pasetsulong emerges from the ground, a volcano rises as well, and they often serve as mounts for many Legendary Pokémon. Researchers have found out that this Pokémon lacks a skeleton at all, which is how it is freely able to rotate it's body parts around.

Beast/Shadow --> Beast/Shadow
Based off the Chinese Ferret Badger, Niudger is a Pokémon that hides in burrows during the day, before coming out to hunt at night. On it's back is a razor sharp Nieweidao that can cut apart even the strongest of skin, which it uses for self defence. It can also spray a cloud of shadow gas from it's back to it's opponents to drive them away. Despite being a Beast type, Niudger's genes are less complex than in other Beast-type Pokémon, as made apparent by the lack of the type's signature wavy coat. Things change, however, once Niudger evolves into Melogdaoz, where it's own savagery takes it over. A brutal predator that hunts only for the sport of it, those who come across Melogdaoz's burrow will know that they have just reached the end of their lifespan. It possess razor sharp blades on not only it's hands and feet, but also on the top of it's head, which it uses to tear apart even a solid steel beam in half in a single slice. Strangely enough, cuts made by Melogdaoz are always straight on down, and never to the sides, and as such, Melogdaoz's presence can be noticed by the corpses ripped in half around it's burrow.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Feral Frenzy: A Power 90 Physical Beast attack that has the user strike the target in all out flurry of scratches and slashes. No special effect.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Trample: A Power 60 Physical Beast move that has the user ram and trample over the target. The higher the target's evasion is raised, the stronger this attack is. Most Beast-type Pokémon can learn this attack, as well as most large Pokémon.

Athlete/Shadow --> Athlete/Shadow
Wielding a Manchu Bow as it's weapon, Mulbowwy can be found across forests and jungles, playing it's own bow like a lute until it's targets draw near. It apparently didn't originate from the Oriva Region, having originally come here from an undiscovered area of the Galar Region to seek out new bounties. When it sees a person or Pokémon on it's hit list, it will spring into action, drawing back it's bow to fire arrows made from the materials around it. However, due to Mulbowwy's small size and extreme clumsiness, combined with the large size of it's bow, it often ends up firing itself towards it's enemies. Mulbowwy evolves into Manchin Hood, an experienced archer Pokémon who robs the rich and gives it to the poor. It's powerful bow can launch arrows that hit their targets every time, and Manchin Hood has a wide variety of arrows to use in combat, each one having a different effect on the enemies that it hits. It possesses a magic quiver that never seems to run out of arrows, and some kingdoms employ this Pokémon to hunt down people who have been consumed by greed, or for archery contests. Some Manchin Hoods employ a nearby Pokémon to serve as their friar, granting their devotion to itself and allowing it to focus more in combat....if their laughing hasn't made Manchin Hood become the friar itself before then, that is.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Rulebreaker: A Power 90 Special Athlete move that strikes the target with pure guilt. This move's power doubles if an item was used this turn, whether it be a regular item like a Potion, or a held item.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Pinpoint Shot: A Power 70 Special Mythical move that fires an accurate shot towards the target's weakpoints. This move cannot miss, and it bypasses protect!

Athlete/Time --> Athlete/Time --> Athlete/Time
Based off the sport of Yabusame, Yabilly spends all day practising it's skills in archery, with the help of it's enchanted bow that never runs out of arrows, due to them being generated by time energy itself. It's not that good of a team player, preferring to work alone, but it can run at great speeds to always catch up with it's enemies. Yabilly is normally a feisty Pokémon, but it has a rivalry with Mubowwy, as both of them are archer Pokémon, and the two often plot to steal each other's bows. When Yabilly evolves into Kamagoaka, it gains a rider who takes responsibility for firing the arrows. Both the Pokémon and the rider take care of each other, always being able to find the other if they are lost. Riding into battle at speeds fast enough to outrun a bullet train, Kamagoaka can fire a stream of arrows at their targets before they even notice that it has arrived to the battlefield. It's reflexes with the bow are so sharp, that they can hit targets from up to a hundred miles away. Often, you'll find two of them challenging each other to a friendly duel, and they always fire at least three arrows before the fight comes to it's conclusion. Legend tells of how a Kamagoaka achieved fame by shooting an arrow through a giant fan. Finally, Kamagoaka evolves again into Jimomoto, one of the most talented archers in the Pokémon world. Only the greatest Kamagoaka can evolve into this form, and doing so is considered a form of honor by everyone around it. Although the rider remains, it is now nothing more than a puppet to mislead attackers into missing their shots: instead, Jimomoto itself takes responsibility in firing, using it's twin bow arms to shoot down targets from any distance, no matter how far away they are. The false face on it's chest is also a form of distraction, allowing Jimomoto to strike it's opponents when their guard drops down and their weakpoint is revealed. It often fires it's arrows with a bellowing shout to please it's master, and many Jimomotos have been remembered by the villages they protect for years on end.
SPECIAL ATTACK: King Me: A Power 100 Special Athlete move that strikes the target with a cybernetic basketball. It hits both targets in a double battle and always results in a critical hit, but it only has 50% accuracy: however, it's accuracy goes up by 10% for each knocked out Pokémon in the user's party.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Archille's Arrow: A Power 60 Special Mythical move that fires an arrow at the target's weak point. This move isn't affected by resistance, and can be learned by many Mythical Pokémon, as well as Pokémon who wield bows.

Sound/Time --> Sound/Time --> Sound/Time
Taocarina is an Ocarina Pokémon that plays harmonic music when the wind flows by it. It often appears in dungeons and castles, and it possess a noble nature, always taking care of everything around it. For some reason, if you listen closely to Taocarina, you might hear events that have occurred to it in the past, serving as a form of time capsule. Once Taocarina has gained enough experience, it will start building itself a castle to prepare itself for it's evolution into Saridisa. This princess Pokémon rules over a kingdom of other Time-type Pokémon, and it wishes for the purity of it's own citizens, while at the same time, avoiding any conflicts among them. By playing certian songs on it's ocarina head, Saridisa can perform many magical spells, though it's most popular one is the "Time's Song", which sends it three days back in time with knowledge of those days. It often uses this ability to learn about the conflicts that it just caused, and fix them in the new future, but unlike the Ttero line, Saridisa is well aware of time paradoxes, and will try to avoid making them at all costs. It's presence across the land has inspired many stained glass windows built after it. Saridisa eventually evolves again into it's final evolved form, known as Zelmeiss. Now a magical princess that governs upon all time, it uses the songs generated from it's ocarina head to help make the future a better place. Zelmeiss can travel back in time to any perioid by detaching the three spikes on it's shoulder and reforming them into an obsidian triangle, but no matter how much it changes the future, the events it tries to stop always end up happening one way or another. It's very caring for it's loyal subjects, showering them in time magic and restoring their youth, while at the same time, making sure that no-one knows the secrets of it's time travelling powers. Legend once told of how a Zelmeiss helped a Time-type Pokémon of a distant region save the world from a falling moon by constantly sending him back three days until the problem was solved.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Clock Beam: A Power 60 Special Time move that may cause paraylsis. Most Time-type Pokémon who specialize in Special moves can learn this attack.

Steel/Psychic --> Steel/Psychic --> Steel/Psychic
A subspecies of the Tea-Phi line based off the Seto Taísho, Taipot specializes in mind rather than matter, pouring out psychic energy from it's own funnel which it can then control to take down it's enemies. It was supposedly once an ordinary teapot that fell out of household use, and it is very aggressive, fighting other Pokémon in the kitchen over the slightest form of aggression. As such, it is nearly impossible to pour tea out of Taipot, and even if you did, unlike Tea-Phi, the tea poured from Taipot tastes horrible. It's evolved form is known as Kitchita, a teapot and a cup fused together to form a brutal warrior. It will fight anyone that dares to enter it's kitchen, and it will not stop fighting them until they have been driven out, even controlling the utensils around it in a form of desperation. It was apparently born out of revenge of being abandoned, and most chefs thus constantly maintain their silverware, fearing that they might become a Kitchita as well. Supposedly, it is made from the clay gathered by the world's first ever chef who lived millions of years ago. Kitchita evolves again into Setockery, known as the "Cutlery General" by those who have witnessed it. Bringing the silverware around it to life with it's psychic powers, Setockery leads the charge to drive everyone out of it's home by chasing it's opponents with it's razor sharp fork, causing chaos and insanity at every attack it makes on it's victims. If it ever breaks apart, it will just reassemble itself with it's own psychic powers, and it's own ceramics, as well as the ceramics of ones that Setockery have raised, are as hard as solid steel. Supposedly, it's the soul of a general who was executed for disliking a chef's fine meals given life once more. In a somewhat ironic case, it's main rival in the wild just so happens to be Cheng-Phi itself!

Steel/Dragon --> Steel/Dragon --> Steel/Dragon
Detera is a metallic Dragon Pokémon that feeds on metal and rare minerals as it walks across the land, often picking fights with other Pokémon who eat metal, mainly Metaspii. It's a very robust Pokémon that never gives up in any situation that it comes across, even in the most dire of moments. Despite it's looks, Detera is actually a very lightweight Pokémon, said to have come from the fact that it only eats the richest parts of the metal, and leaves behind every other part of it. Detera naturally evolves into Minstela, who gains a pair of metallic wings that it can use to glide itself across the sky, leaving behind flakes of metal as it goes that can be used for weapons or armor. While it's not the best Pokémon in the intellegence department, it makes up for it's excellent determination, which inspires other Pokémon to never give up in a battle. Minstela can easily make friends with other Steel-type Pokémon, and sometimes they bless their energy upon it to launch a powerful metallic beam, said to be the earliest form of Steel Beam, the ultimate Steel move. In order for Minstela to evolve into Chromium, it must be traded while holding a Metal Coat. Unlike other Pokémon who evolve using this item, who merely use it as armor, Chromium absorbs the full power of the Metal Coat, making it one of the most powerful Steel Pokémon around. It flies across the sky spreading metallic flakes that cause determination to anyone they touch, and it's powerful reflective metal can not only deflect any attack, but can also resist the heat of the sun itself. It turns it's prey into metallic statues by breathing a very powerful metallic breath over them that can solidify almost instantly, and many people looked up to it as the bringer of metal itself. Apparently, Chromium has sometimes been seen detaching it's head, but those sightings are often debunked as myths.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Quicksilver: A Power 50 Special Steel move that throws liquid metal over the target, potentially raising the defence of the user by 1. Many Steel Pokémon specializing in Special moves can learn this move at an early level.

Steel/Fairy --> Steel/Fairy --> Steel/Fairy
Based off the Rattan shield, Jhattan is a shield Pokémon made of a special kind of wood that never seems to dent itself at all. Warriors once used them as a shield in the past, but it was far less reliable than Pangang because it is quite rare to find, only appearing in areas that are rich in defensive capabilities. While it can get around by rolling on the ground, Jhattan often stands still in one spot to protect those behind it, only moving if the land around it becomes unstable. However, it is a dedicated Pokémon that never retreats from a battle, according to it's code of honor. When Jhattan evolves into Josetress, it's shield seperates from itself, being able to be wielded by the Pokémon itself. This shield never dents no matter how powerful the attacks that are hitting it are, and Josetress wields it with great precision to protect it's allies from all harm. However, it dislikes being injured itself, and thus it rarely goes into combat unless it really has to. This paranoia even extends so far, that some Josetresses isolate themselves within their homes, fearing that they might be injured in an accident. Despite this, once it's paranoia has been cured, it will become a valuable ally in many battles. Josetress fully evolves into Jiduaejebo, known to some as "The Walking Fortress". Possessing powerful armor that can never be dented, as well as a shield that can block any attack, it is virtually impossible to inflict any form of harm to Jiduaejebo at all. It's main strategy in battle is to wear it's opponents out as they try to put a dent in this armor to no avail, before it strikes them down with it's shield. Jiduaejebo possess an awful amount of luck as well, always able to find treasure simply by sensing it with the metallic particles around it. Supposedly, the first Jiduaejebo was born from the world's first virtual reality device, said to have been brought down to the world millions of years ago.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Iron Slash: A power 100 Physical Steel move that has a high critical hit ratio. No other special effects. Only Pokémon with blades can learn this attack.

Fairy/Wierd --> Fairy/Wierd
Based off the Hyakume, Pileyez is a very, very wierd Pokémon indeed...it's literally just a pile of eyes! It's a nocturnal Pokémon that normally doesn't do that much, and people who have seen it just think it's a pile of eyes. In fact, most people don't believe that Pileyez even exists, as it rarely takes part in any battles, where the eyes come to life to fire powerful beams of wierd energy from their eyes, often firing them in strange and erratic formations. It was not until a Pileyez hatched from an egg produced by it's evolved form, Hyakueyez, that people realized it was a Pokémon the whole time. Hyakueyez itself is covered in eyes from head to toe, and it protects temples from those who would try to steal the valuable artifacts within them. It can detach these eyes to survey the area around it, and they can attach to other people and Pokémon to control their movements and lead them astray from the temple. However, despite it's amazing physical strength, capable of lifting an oil tanker with ease, Hyakueyez is not an aggressive Pokémon, and relies on fear to drive it's enemies away. Supposedly, it's a subspecies of Emakia, which might explain it's similar texture, which feels like slime.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Eye Bowl: A Power 60 Physical Wierd move that has the user take out one of it's eyes and bowl it towards the target. If there is a terrain on the field, Eye Bowl will absorb that terrain and double it's power. It's mainly learned by Pokémon with large eyes, or by most Wierd-type Pokémon.

Flying/Hero --> Flying/Hero --> Flying/Hero
I say, chaps and chapettes, it seems like we have reached our steampunk Pokémon for this region! Based off the Yogen No Tori, Yogenpunk rests itself in a clump of feathers within towns rich in machinery, having an interest in exposed gears and machinery. It has two heads, one that always tells the truth, and one that always tells lies, and looking at them for long periods of time is said to be an efficient way to draw away diseases and evil spirits. Some people have posters of this Pokémon at their homes just for this sole purpose, but very few people have actually seen a real Yogenpunk. Furthermore, this disease warding ability only lasts in the stage of Yogenpunk: Once it evolves into Torsay, this power fades away due to one of the heads becoming no more than a mere sack of hay. Torsay flies across towns and gathers gears for itself to make it's nest. It's a very keen inventor, creating devices to fend off it's predators, though it always breaks them apart after use to prevent their schematics from being copied. Furthermore, no-one has actually seen Torsay build an invention: it supposedly treats it's nest as it's own labatory, always building in secret. When two of them meet together, they greet each other in a way that is similar to how the people of Galar greet themselves, indicating that it once originated from that region. Eventually, Torsay's intellect will become high enough to evolve into Aviaeamogen, the Pokémon equivilant of a steampunk gentleman! Possessing a rather polite behavior, Aviaeamogen is a very talented inventor that only possesses one head now, building machinery from nothing but the gears and springs around it. You'll often find it showcasing it's inventions to other people, usually blimps or flying machines, and people referred it as a hero for building machines that no-one was able to think of before. Even the area around it starts to feel like a steampunk city, with boiler whistles sounding out every few seconds, and gears turning around where the eye can see. With it's monocole, said to be the only remnant of it's second head left, Aviaeamogen can have a closer look at the smallest of machinery, and fix it up in a jolly spiffing quick amount of time! Alongside it's flying machines, among Aviaeamogen's inventions including a boxing glove vest, an automated tea machine, and a large variety of different whistles!
SPECIAL ATTACK: Rocket Launcher: A Power 70 Physical Hero move that has the user launch a rocket towards it's enemies. The resulting explosion hits both targets in a double battle, and may lower their defence by 1. However, it only has 90% accuracy. Most Hero-type Pokémon who are either inventors or possess ranged weaponry can use this attack.

Job/Mythical --> Job/Mythical --> Job/Mythical
Histiary is a book Pokémon common in libraries that's said to contain the details of every Mythical-type Pokémon in the world, though it no-one can read from it as it is always sealed shut. Those who do manage to read Histiary will be granted intelligence beyond the eye can see. It's said to be a forgotten history book given life to seek revenge on whose who had abandoned it, always looking for it's prey through it's single eye. Histiary evolves into Slobberbook, who is basically a giant book that tries to eat you! It disguises itself as a regular book among bookshelves, leaping out at it's prey when someone tries to read it. Relying purely on it's senses of taste, hearing, and smell, Slobberbook's razor sharp teeth can cut through almost any material imaginable. Apparently, the saliva on it's tounge is said to be infused with the knowledge of every Mythical Pokémon possible, but very few have been able to extract this saliva, as once Slobberbook senses it's prey, it will not stop until they have been eaten, especially if it's towards the people who abandoned it in the past. Eventually, Slobberbook will evolve again into Kameokeep, a librarian Pokémon based off the Kameosa. Possessing two sets of eyes and mouths, Kameokeep is a spirit of good fortune, making sure that the books around will never be harmed as long as it lives. It shares it's knowledge on the Mythical Pokémon around it to other people in need, and they can inspire other people to spread the news across the whole world. In combat, in addition to it's powerful hammer which it uses to give books the seal of approval, Kameokeep can also launch a massive torrent of a special kind of water that renders those struck by it being unable to think of anything but Mythical-type Pokémon. Supposedly, it was first described as the last Pokémon in a bestiary written by an elder writer, supposedly to conclude his career on a positive, celebratory note.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Legendary Lash: A Power 70 Physical Mythical move that slams the target down with all the user's might, reducing their resistance to future Mythical-type attacks by 50%. Many Mythical Pokémon specializing in Physical moves can learn this attack at a late level.


Creator of Pokémon North, South, East, and West
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Believe it or not, after the Electric Gym, providing you know where to look, the rest of the Oriva Region's non-legendary Pokémon can be yours to command! A good timing, considering we only have 34 Pokémon lines left to reveal! The first of the last two waves covers the first 20 lines, which include all the remaining Sound, Psychic, Flying, Fairy, and Mythical-types!
No story progression will be shown in these last two waves, though any Pokémon that is one of the ten Titan Pokémon will have their title shown now. Rather, in a future date, the rest of the Oriva Region's story will be revealed in a self-contained post.

Sound/Athlete --> Sound/Athlete --> Sound/Athlete
Cheercheer is, as the name suggests, a very cheerful Pokémon indeed, that can often be found near sports stadiums. You'll often find it swinging around it's pom poms while shouting a chant that inspires those who hear it to keep going on no matter what the situation is, and Cheercheer can sense an area that is lacking motivation with the organ on the top of it's head. It will often pick a person and cheer for it for the rest of it's life, only changing if the person is too boring to watch anymore. Cheercheer evolves Spiripom, who gains a pair of proper arms which it can use to swing it's pom poms around like an actual cheerleader. They often gather in large groups of 10-15 individuals, with each one cheering on the team that they are focused on. Hearing Spiripom's cheering can help allivate sadness, so people once used them in the past to cheer them up after a rough situation. However, it's very clingy of itself, and it will be very distressed if it can't find anyone to cheer with. Spiripom then evolves again into Libendan, said to be the most cheerful Pokémon in the world. When it swings it's giant pom poms, which can also be used as weapons that hit as hard as a bomb blast, an aura of cheering enimates around the area, alongside it's endless cheering, able to sing out beautiful chants for hours without tiring out. Libendan can often be seen blending in with other cheerleaders, cheering on their side without giving up, allowing them to recover from even the most dangerous of situations. Supposedly, it's also a very good cleaner, but anything that Libendan touches is covered in the fluff of it's pom poms, which have been used as a form of movitating medicene in the past.

Sound/Mythical --> Sound/Mythical --> Sound/Mythical
Based off the Kodama Nezumi and the Yamabiko, Kozumi can only be found in a single forest in the Oriva Region, making it a very rare Pokémon despite it's small size. It feeds on plant roots and the occasional piece of cheese, rarely avoiding contact with anyone. However, if someone tries to hunt the Pokémon in it's home forest, it will suddenly use Explosion to blow itself to smithereens, creating a loud bang that can be heard for miles on end. People believed that a Kozumi exploding meant that the Legendary Pokémon were angry, and hunters who heard it gave up their hunt almost instantly, not wanting to suffer the Pokémon's wrath. It's evolved form is known as Kozyama, and while it can still explode in this stage, unlike it's pre-evolution, Kozyama rarely explodes by itself. Rather, it hides within large mountains and corrupts any echoes that it can hear, turning them into different ones in the process. Those who heard them eventually became insane, as they could not hear Kozyama's echoing voice due to it being hidden away. In fact, some people mistook their calls for the ones of a bird. In battle, in addition to possessing a sonic scream that disorients hunters, it can use Kozumis like if they were hand grenades! Kozyama's final evolved form is known as Kozoatagi, and in this form, it can perfectly mimic the voice of anything it wants. It often plays a trick on those who try to hunt the Pokémon in it's home, mimicking the voices of the hunters to insult them until they tear each other apart or call off their hunt. Those who hear Kozoatagi's echo will be compelled to join along with the echoing, which often leads to insanity itself. A popular folk story tells of a Kozoatagi who met two different hunter groups. The one that eventually gained it's trust was blessed with gifts and music, while the one that turned it away was instantly turned into a group of Kozumis!

Sound --> Sound --> Sound
Based off the Guzheng, Guzhuto can often be found playing it's strings by itself, creating a beautiful melody that adds atmosphere to it's home. Unevolved Sound-type Pokémon who hear it are convinced to join along with the song, eventually becoming a full-blown performance, though evolved Sound-type Pokémon rarely take part until this Pokémon evolves. In battle, Guzhuto plays a soothing melody that puts the opponent to sleep, before running for the hills, having only mastered support-based songs in this stage. Guzhuto evolves into Guzapluck, those song now accepts middle-stage Sound-type Pokémon. You'll often find it leading a beautiful song, being both the conductor and the backing track all in one. People once used Guzapluck for the special songs it played on it's strings, which calmed down the body and soothed the soul. However, if you ever anger Guzapluck, it will cut it's own strings and slice your eyes in two with them, causing eternal blindness. Fully evolved Sound-type Pokémon are only interested in joining Guzapluck's song once it evolves again into Guzapzither. Now able to start an entire orchestra just by playing it's string, Sound-type Pokémon looked up to Guzapzither as if they were their leader, especially in regions where Sound-type Legendary Pokémon are absent. By playing on it's strings, Guzapzither can inspire even the weakest of Sound-type Pokémon to play along with it's beautiful song, which drains the will of anyone near it, and forces them to join along as well. Supposedly, it often gathers up bandmembers formed from abandoned instruments.

Sound/Flying --> Sound/Flying --> Sound/Flying
Based off the Yama Orobi, Orayell makes it's home in mountains, driving away anyone else who could live here thanks to it's trademark scream, which can be heard for miles on end. It's large mouth allows it to scream for hours without tiring, and it often does this if it is in danger. However, Orayell's weakness lies in it's inability to deal with Soundproof Pokémon, as it's flying-type attacks have not yet been mastered. Amazingly, it can still fly despite it's huge mouth. Orayell evolves into Yamashout, and with it's larger lungs, it can scream so loud, that it can be heard from over 500 miles away. It flies around mountains and drives away it's predators by screaming so loud, that their ears explode and they are forced to cope with their newfound deafness. Staring into the swirl pattern on it's belly will also convince you into screaming your head off. Mothers once used Yamashout to frighten their children to sleeping, telling them that if they stayed awake for too long, a Yamashout would come and scream their ears off! Supposedly, it can keep on screaming for months, feeding on only the soundwaves around it. Once Yamashout evolves again into Sokuorabuscream, it's entire body becomes a mouth, with it's huge wings keeping it aloft. Sokuorabuscream can scream so loud, that those near it will instantly explode into a pile of guts and rubble, and it can be heard from all over the world, though most people mistake it as an echo. Attempting to shout back against this Pokémon will have it curse you to shout to anything you see, in addition to the fact that it can shout back any word said to it. Some people believed that the cure to a Sokuorabuscream's curse was to ring a cracked bell until it's voice went away, but....

Wierd/Sound --> Wierd/Sound --> Wierd/Sound
Based off the Erhu, Fidhu is a self entitled fiddle Pokémon known for it's rather....odd behaviour. Fidhu often goes around houses and fiddles with the items in them, muddling them up and leaving before anyone can notice, it's presence only being noted by the strange fiddle sound it plays when it's messing everything up. Sometimes, it gets beaten when it fiddles with the wrong thing. Those who hear Fidhu's tune will feel a slight tingling sensation in their brain, which can be used as a distraction for Fidhu to escape. It evolves into Erquinn, which now has two fiddle hands which are bound to the body by a piece of string that never seems to break, not even in harsh environments. No longer the muddler it used to be, Erquinn instead plays a very strange tune on it's fiddles which causes anyone who hears them to act very strange indeed. Because it always hides itself from danger, no-one can figure out that this sound is coming from Erquinn, and often send it's victims far away, assuming they had gone insane by itself. The two fiddles also make great weapons: those struck by them will be compelled to chant a strange voice for the rest of their lives. There's a rumour that once Erqinn can break it's own strings, it will fully evolve into Tangagao. By playing a strange tune on the Erhu on it's head using the wooden bow it carries, it compels other people and Pokémon into performing strange dances that increase it's power, often blamed as insanity by other people. These dances always end with the victims being compelled to leap towards Tangagao's spikes, skewering them into the perfect dish in the process. Supposedly, it only appears to those who have not suffered a single trace of insanity across their whole lives, and it's wierd behavior bans it from playing in other Sound-type Pokémon's concerts.

Psychic/Hero --> Psychic/Hero --> Psychic/Hero
Nilind is a psychic Pokémon that resides in only the most scheduled of areas, where it can focus it's own psychic powers in peace. Able to telekinetically lift objects with it's pair of large hands, Nilind is well loved by it's fellow Psychic Pokémon for it's ability to perform impossible tricks, but very few have actually seen it due to it hiding from all danger to focus on it's power. Unlike other Psychic Pokémon, though, Nilind's psychic power is contained within these hands: it's brain is very small and thus it often makes mistakes when it tries to use it's psychic power. That changes, however, when Nilind evolves into Nihandarai, and it's intelligence increases tenfold. Concentrating all of it's psychic power into a single hand, with it, Nihandarai can easily lift up a victim with it's mind and toy with their movements by performing various gestures on it's hand. There is no escape from being lifted by Nihandarai, your vital organs also being controlled by it's giant hand. When the time comes to finish the victim off, Nihandarai closes it's hand and crushes all of the target's organs instantly. It takes good pride in making sure this hand is not injured, and sometimes it will refuse to take part in a battle if it thinks the result will injure it's own hand. Nihandarai fully evolves into Nitytelez, and in this form, it is a master of telekinesis, focusing every last part of it's body on sharpening it's mind. It tells it's prey and it's enemies to speak to the hand, and with one thrust of the hand, all of the target's vital organs get crumpled into a ball instantly with a giant force of psychic energy, causing death to even immortal Pokémon. It's often found near schools, learning from their lessons in hiding and using them to focus it's own power into it's hands, though it's sometimes a bit of a ditzy Pokémon, often knocking stuff over because it is so focused on it's hands. Supposedly, it was once a boy who had lost his hands, becoming a Nitytelez upon regaining them.

Mythical/Psychic --> Mythical/Psychic --> Mythical/Psychic
Based off the Houshoshi, Hosotell is a strange Pokémon that often sits at the dead centre of an area, staring out into space to concentrate it's psychic powers. Despite this, it can easily serve as a compass, as it instantly knows which direction something is pointed at, or which way it needs to go: this, Hosotell does not get along well with Compestone. Masks bearing Hosotell's face were used by rituallists in the Oriva Region's festivals to draw away evil spirits, especially those that come from a certian direction. Hosotell evolves into Noeasowe, a mysterious Pokémon that not many people have seen in the wild. It lays out cardinal points by putting down stones and planting trees, and people believed that helped maintain the barrier between reality and the afterlife itself. People once used Noeasowe's likeness to drive off demons by running around a pole while being dressed up as one, and it was supposedly a charm of directions itself, always avoiding evil as long as it was pointed out well and true. In battle, Noeasowe uses it's claws to drive it's opponents into losing their sense of direction, causing them to spin around aimlessly. It's final evolved form is known as Omitsu, a governor Pokémon that maintains the balance of every world possible. Able to see in all directions, it punishes all forms of supernatural harm by destroying their brains and making them wonder in their destined direction, doing so with the help of it's special spear, which can lay out the foundations of a journey with a single strike. Able to drain evil spirits from possesed people, by looking at Omitsu's chest, people knew which direction they would go in, as it always pointed in the cardinal directions. Some sources claim that the concept of directions itself first came from Omitsu, who told people which way it was to their most desired dreams.

Time/Psychic --> Time/Psychic --> Time/Psychic
Atoscopic is an Atom Pokémon said to have been born when other atoms were collided together in a hadron collider. It is actually a microscopic lifeform that's as small as an atom itself, feeding on protons and neutrons: the only region in which macroscopic ones have been found is in the Oriva Region itself. Atoscopic is constantly brimming with energy, performing nuclear fusions every second that help maintain it's stability: supposedly, the rings around it are simply the electrons that make up it flying around at supersonic speeds. Atoscopic's stability starts to decrease, however, once it evolves into Unstollide, those actual size is about the size of a compound molecule. A very unstable Pokémon that could explode at any second, Unstollide's only purpose is to delay it's own explosion by focusing the atoms around it and condensing them so that no electrons can escape from them. Eventually, though, there will be a time where it will eventually explode, though rather than fire, Unstollide explodes with a massive torrent of Psychic energy that can melt brains into mush in seconds. Scientists often use them to study half-life, as it's way of survival is very similar to how that concept works. Unstollide evolves again into Nihadron, a Pokémon made of Nihonium that's the size of a strand of DNA. It has stabilized itself in this stage, and dedicates it's life to making sure that the atoms around it stay stable, especially in areas where they could cause a nuclear explosion, such as in power plants. It does this by controlling the atoms with it's psychic power, and reconfiguring them in a way that Nihadron thinks is absolutely safe. Nihadron however still possess the ability to explode in a torrent of psychic energy, which it often does to protect the other atoms from danger. It's said that if a Pokémon with the ability to shrink sees Nihadron at it's actual size, there is no turning back.

Psychic/Beast --> Psychic/Beast --> Psychic/Beast
Based off the Nobususma, Squirrlinosh is a common Pokémon in large treetops that are flourishing in psychic energy. Despite it's looks, it's actually a predator, with Squirrlinosh waiting on the tops of trees, disguised as an innocent squirrel. Once it's prey comes across, it will leap down and latch on their face, draining their youth until they have collapsed into a pile of bones and flesh, which Squirrlinosh then feeds on. It's most easily indentified by it's loud "GA GA!" voice, which helps other Pokémon know where it is. Squirrlinosh evolves into Nobusunosh, which gains a membrane that allows it to glide across the sky. It feeds not just on flesh and blood, but also on fire as well, and they often hunt in large packs, with one Nobusunosh putting out all the fires to envelop the area in total darkness, while the other Nobusunoshes feed on their victims by draining their minds with a single latch to the face. Once a Nobusunosh has latched onto a face, it will not let go until the target has died of old age. Sometimes, however, Nobusunosh simply puts out the fires around it and leaves, but it only does this if it is not hungry. It's final evolved form is known as Yamakachosh, which, while it can no longer glide, is a far more dangerous beast Pokémon! It visits houses at night and drains the life out of sleeping people, not stopping until they have turned into an old man that will die the next day. Victims of Yamakachosh are said to have their bodies being similar to a person who has lived for over 500 years, by which point they cannot do anything at all. It's such a dangerous Pokémon, that some people even avoiding sleeping at all to avoid it's wrath, as fending it off will also turn you into an old man. In the case that it cannot steal it's prey's essence, it will instead slam them down onto the ground with it's giant whip arm that evolved from it's tail.

Based off the Kohada Koheijii, Kohanjii spends most of it's time undercover as a football manager, commanding teams of Foojis, Creamaris, and Qisamaras, and making sure that they stick together no matter what. It's very protective of the team it looks over, and it always breaks up any fights that occur with a stern voice. However, when no-one is looking, or if it enters a battle, a purple spirit rises out from behind it's back, the source of it's amazing psychic power, capable of frying most minds in a single blow. This spirit is said to have originated from an actor who, no matter how hard he tried, could not bring forth an amazing performance. Eventually, however, he was able to get a good role serving as a ghost, which was the sole thing that his fellow actors had claimed to have been good at. However, a showman who was jealous of him proceeded to murder him, but due to his acting as a ghost, he was still able to live despite his head being chopped off. In vengeance, the actor's ghost then proceeded to ruin the showman's life, cutting off their fingers and forcing them to become a beggar in the streets. Eventually, the showman died without a trace, and the spirit proceeded to inhabit the manager, who would eventually become the football manager part of Kohanjii. This tale is a great topic for many Oriva Region plays, but those who perform them always seem to have accidents during the play itself, supposedly the psychic power of Kohanjii itself.

A Nyúnai Suzume Pokémon that disguises itself as a Russel Sparrow, Nyússet is said to be the reincarnation of a nobleman who was exiled from his home, having died when thoughts of vengeance towards his kingdom consumed his heart. Every day, it flies into a temple, usually one it hates a lot, and eats up all the food before the people living in it can even consume them, forcing them to starve. It also consumes their farms and fields, as well as any attempts for the people to gather food from outside sources, such as smuggling them in. Eventually, the people will leave the temple and never return, and Nyússet will switch it's target to a different temple. It possesses a very good metabolism rate, able to consume an entire stockpile of food without being full, and people will think twice before they simply hide the food: Nyússet's powerful claws can tear through even solid diamond, allowing it to access food storages very easily. The first Nyússet to appear was only warded off after the emperor of the temple it invaded chanted a prayer for the soul that became it to finally pass on, after it had seen an ordinary sparrow in a dream.

Time/Fairy --> Time/Fairy --> Time/Fairy
Based off the Zashiki Warashi, Zuxie is a small fairy Pokémon that likes to hide in houses, especially in rooms with lots of mats in them. It supposedly brings good luck and fortune to the house it is in, but many people think it it just luck itself, as Zuxie rarely shows itself to other people, though it can be lured out with it's favorite food, sweets! It's quite a childish Pokémon that often rearranges items to make it's own home, with the glittering sound it makes being a sign of it's presence. Zuxie evolves into Mischiki, which is more childish than it's pre-evolution, a rarity among Pokémon. It often makes a huge mess in the room it's in, knocking over furniture just to entertain itself, though it can be made to behave with a bit of scolding. This means that most people can also see it, especially with the strange sounds that Mischiki makes that resembles children's games. Despite this, it's actually a very friendly Pokémon, especially to children, who it tells nursery rhymes to, and as long as Mischiki lives in a house, that house will prosper. It fully evolves into Warasera, who most people trusted as a guardian angel in their homes. It basically serves as an additional family member, flying around and helping with all sorts of tasks, and as long as Warasera lives in a house, that house will receive great luck and fortune to not just itself, but also those who are living it. However, if it ever leaves the house, that house and it's inhabitants will soon die a horrible death, especially if it is forced to leave. Despite it's caring nature, it's still a little childish, often giggling at even the slightest of misfortunes.

Zhilxii is a fairy Pokémon that supposedly appeared from the land of Magicant one day when people asked for a more easier way of guidance. It flies around looking for someone who is trying to search for their goals, before it bonds with them and assists them on their journey. It gives out helpful advice and tells it's owner where to go next in order to achieve their journey, and it will heal them of all wounds that would prevent them from achieving this goal. Zhilxii can also protect it's owner from harm by surrounding itself in a magical barrier where no attack can ever go through. It's said to have been a product of Zelmeiss's ability to control time, and the two get along with each other very well. However, if Zhilxii believes that it's owner is trying to abuse it for their own gain, it will annoy them to their wit's end by pestering them with a constant shout of "HEY! LISTEN! WOAH! LOOK OUT!"

Mythical/Villain --> Mythical/Villain --> Mythical/Villain
Based off the Sutoku Tenno, Sutoblin is said to be the soul of an emperor who perished after the court abandoned him, with no-one missing his death. Consumed by vengeance, Sutoblin only aims to destroy all courts in the world, assisted by a band of Villain-type Pokémon, though some Mythical-type Pokémon often band in as well, often very recuclantly. Once Sutoblin enters an area, it will not leave until the area is clear of all forms of the court, tearing up manuscripts and destroying tools related to it with it's razor sharp horn that can cut through solid titanium in a single slice. Those who try to betray it will meet their ends the same way as these manuscripts. Sutoblin evolves into Tennryo, who, at this stage, starts to put together it's own empire of Villain Pokémon to help it contuine it's goal. It's said that where Tennryo appears, natural disasters will soon follow, and emperors will suddenly perish, leaving their empires without a ruler. While empires that are victims of Tennryo often get taken by the Tennryo itself, it will often leave the kingdom not long after visiting it, forcing the people of the empire into heated debates on who should rule the land, or if it should even have a ruler at all. No-one knows why these disasters occur: some people think it is Tennryo's Villain Pokémon henchmen, while others blame it on bad luck. It's final evolved form is known as Nihonhito, who resembles the emperor that it once was. Commanding it's fellow Villain Pokémon with an iron fist, it's presence alone makes people fight each other over who is the more superior ruler, having been struck by it's aura of bad luck. It may appear that it rarely fights, but it can actually command natural disasters with little movement at all, with people putting the blame on other sources. Supposedly, the first Nihonhito succeeded in destroyed the court that abandoned it, by raising tensions among the empire until a thousand year war broke out, with not a single person knowing that it was Nihonhito that caused the disasters that rose the tensions.

Hero/Mythical --> Hero/Mythical --> Hero/Mythical
Based off the Ōji no kitsune, Otari is a Fox Pokémon that only has one eye, allowing it to focus on the shrine that it often protects more easily. Other fox Pokémon bow to it's presence, and it's said that Otari was one of the first Fox Pokémon to ever exist, which may explain it's strange appearance that resembles some of the earliest forms of land-based life. When it feels like it is danger, it will emit a loud scream that calls all of the other fox Pokémon in the vicinity to it's location. Otari evolves into Foxoji, a Pokémon that is very protective of the shrine that it lives in. Foxoji can take the form of a human to disguise itself among the public, though it's disguise often falls apart if it is ever shocked or surprised. It only has three legs and a single eye, which is apparently it's punishment from the Legendary Pokémon of the Oriva Region for thinking that humans are full of vindication, after a person tricked a Foxoji into having tea with it. It has a strange marking on it's back that resembles a smiley face, supposedly a reminder about this punishment, to constantly remind itself to think that humans are not vindictive at all, especially after it believed that a gift for it, which really was a set of cakes, as instead a pile of dung. Foxoji then evolves again into Giojshino, a giant fox Pokémon that runs on only two legs, using the organ that used to be it's third leg as a stabilizer to allow it to fire off it's powerful Hero attacks. Every New Year's Eve, it emits a call that summons all the Fox Pokémon in the Oriva Region to hide underneath a tree to give thanks for the past year. As the fox Pokémon run to answer the call, they started to glow in an aura of Hero energy, which people often used to try and predict the fortunes for the next year. A Giojshino that has called a large number of fox Pokémon is said to bring a prosperous year as long as they all stick together.

Mythical/Time --> Mythical/Time --> Mythical/Time
Based off the Todaiki, Candistu is a Pokémon that often appears in dinner tables to set the room and allow the diners to be their guest, often vanishing after setting up the table without a trace. What appears to be a flame on the top of it's body is actually an organ that heats up the room around it and makes the dishes fresh as long as it's there. As Candistu walks, it leaves behind candle wax that people used to create lanterns that would burn for years on end without being put out. It evolves into Melsaisha, a Pokémon that often appears in large rooms, lighting up the area. Since it never goes out, people often used them as a form of warmth and lighting, though it vanishes when no-one's looking at it. Reasons on why Melsaisha disappears when no-one is looking at it have been common urban myths, and those who believe them will soon have their heart go up in smoke. Strangley, Melsaisha does'nt seem to move at all outside of combat, not even breathing, as if it was lifeless. It's final form is known as Todaisring, a very belligerent Pokémon who can set up a dining table in a single stroke of it's hair, which resembles the flames of a candle. It was supposedly born when the corpse of a person was exposed to black magic, bringing them to life once more as a permanent light source. It's also very good at writing poems with this hair, as the first urban myth of it described: a man was looking for his long lost father after returning from a diplomatic mission, and when he returned, he found out, through one of these poems, that his father had been turned into a Todaisring itself!

Based off the Niulang, Niultair is a giant three-headed monster Pokémon that possesses strength beyond anyone the eye can see, even for a non-Legendary Pokémon. Said to have been born from a deity who was punished for having a romantic relationship in the afterlife, Niultair uses it's huge hands to herd the stars themselves into constellations. It's said to have lifted the sky itself with it's immense strength comparable to most Legendary Pokémon, and it's three heads always get along, each one apparently representing a deity that it's past self once trusted. People referred it as a lord of the galaxy itself, believing that, with it's herding ability, it helped shaped the night sky itself. Despite it's supernatural strength, however, Niultair was punished by it's creators to have the Slow Start ability after it had violated the laws of heaven itself, making it so it cannot get going for the first five turns that it had sent out. Unlike Regigigas, it's other wielder, Niultair was a cunning Pokémon that wasn't focused on strength, and it soon found a way to get around this....
SIGNATURE ATTACK: The Cowherd: A Power 100 Physical Mythical move that has Niultair command a horde of astral cows, created with it's own hands, to smash the opponent's weak point. Uniquely, this move ignores Niultair's Slow Start ability, though only for the duration of the attack. In particular, during the turn that it is selected, Niultair's Attack and Speed will return to normal until the end of the turn: this still counts as a turn for Slow Start.

Mythical/Wierd --> Mythical/Wierd --> Mythical/Wierd
Based off the Gaki, Gatty is the soul of a person who starved to death given life once more. It is always hungry and thirsty, having an endless stomach which no-one knows where it ends, and it thus always rolls around in search of food to each. Each Gatty can only eat a certain item, such as dung, corpses, and vomit, and it's own diet is said to be inspired by the torment that the soul suffered in the past. Some Gattys are even unable to eat at all, with all food that it tries to consume going up in flames almost instantly. As it eats and eats, Gatty will get fatter and fatter, until it eventually gains enough weight to evolve into Gatbese. Still unable to satisfy it's endless hunger, it is a pest for villages, as it often ends up eating it's entire food supply: unlike it's pre-evolution, very few Gatbeses are unable to eat anything, which most of them being able to eat anything they want, even if it is something that isn't edible in the first place. Those that get eaten by a Gatbese will be dissolved instantly with it's stomach acids which appear to be the only reason it does'nt get any nourishment. Some villages lay out rice and water in a special ceremony to have Gatbese feed on that instead of their own food. Gatbese eventually fully evolves into Gatkidó, and in this form, it finally becomes able to achieve nourishment...though in a different way. It's belly has become a portal to Gakidó, an endless wasteland where food never exists, forcing the people to go into famine and eventually become Gattys themselves. In order to keep itself alive, Gatkidó must send it's prey through this portal, where it then absorbs their essence: it can do various tricks in order to do this, such as tricking them into thinking that the portal leads to somewhere else. In battle, this portal summons an army of Gattys to feast on the opponent's vital organs. Supposedly, Gatkidó is said to be the personification of hunger itself, and it can be warded off by eating a balanced diet.

Job/Villain --> Job/Villain --> Job/Villain
Based off the Shichinin Misaki, Shimasa is a small Demon Pokémon that can often be found near riverbanks and the water's edge. Despite it's looks, it's a very dangerous Pokémon said to be the spirit of a drowned soul given life once more by vengeance alone, and those who see a Shimasa always die soon after of a mysterious fever. However, this Pokémon rarely goes out of it's way to kill people at this stage, rather focusing on playing pranks on other demonic Pokémon. Uniquely, when Shimasa evolves into Vengo-Shimasa, Shimasa itself does not change at all. Rather, it gains six smaller Pokémon which it balances on it's arm, wielding them like a blade in combat. These smaller Pokémon are collectively known as the Vengo, and it is the Shimasa's role to make sure they are all safe, as they are defenceless in this form. The Vengo often spend most of their time scheming or being part of Vengo-Shimasa's blade, the rest of the time sleeping, dreaming about the murders that they will make when they eventually grow up. When Vengo-Shimasa evolves again into Togetha-Shimasa, once again the Shimasa itself does not change at all, with the Vengo turning into Togetha, a set of six vicous Pokémon that all aim to cause accidents without anyone knowing them. The Shimasa serves as the leader of the Togetha, making sure that they can cause the most mischief and destruction possible, while also ensuring their survival. In battle, the Togetha attach themselves to the Shimasa to form Togetha-Shimasa itself, a seven-joint battling machine with claws sharp enough to cut through solid titanium. It can keep on fighting even if one of the Togetha is knocked out, assuring that it was just a flesh wound: In fact, the Shimasa on it's own fights just as well as the seven Pokémon combined, though without the strength that the Togetha provide to it, it will often fall just as easily as it was when it was on it's own. Some say they gather together only to scare other Pokémon to death, or to make use of it's powerful claws.

Said to have been once forged by a civilization millions of years ago, Jozinger resembles a strange being that was first seen on a computer wallpaper. It flies around seemingly aimlessly, but in reality, Jozinger is looking for evil mechanical Pokémon to destroy so it can bring peace to the land it lived in, and to avenge it's inventor, who perished trying to make it. Once it has it's targets locked in, it will dive towards the target and ram them with enough force to reduce a mountain to dust in a single blow. However, sometimes it miscalculates it's dive bomb and ends up crashing, which leaves it wide open to be finished off. Jozinger evolves into Mazagai-V, which resembles the ancient robots that the civilization once used to defend against evil. With it's brain linked to a human piloting it, it destroys it's opponents with a barrage of punches and blows, finishing them off by firing it's arms towards the target and consuming them in a giant explosion that can topple a castle in a single strike. Mazagai-V can fly just as well as it's pre-evolution, and with it's better precision system, it can always seek out it's target to obliterate them before it can damage the city that it dutifully protects. It's said that the schematics for Guillaeger was based off the ones used to build Mazagai-V, due to their similar mind-linking systems.
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