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[Showcase] Pokémon North, South, East, and West: The Largest Sprite Dex ever!

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At last, after 35 long waves, there are only 14 Pokémon lines left to reveal in this months long project. It seems like only yesterday when the project started with the starters, and proceeded across the Oriva Region to reveal more and more of the project's 1248 Pokémon. And now, today, the final unrevealed Pokémon will be shown to you at last. This includes the remaining Wierd, Job, Beast, Athlete, Hero, Villain, Time, and Dragon-type lines, in addition to the evil that has been plaguing the Oriva Region that the Wushido Clan was trying to raise!

Beast/Athlete --> Beast/Athlete --> Beast/Athlete
Based off the Bakenneko, Mittens is basically the Pokémon equivilant of a domestic cat, so adorable and innocent, that the name "Mittens" is not actually it's true name: the scientists studied it gave the name to one of the cats they were studying, and it stuck! Like all cats, Mittens loves to run around, play with balls of wool, and constantly meow for it's owner's attention, and special shows that showcase how cute Mittens is have been held in the Oriva Region. However, it's diet is a bit questionable, as sometimes it eats poisonous items without a care in the world. Mittens evolves into Fudge, who is still comparable to a house cat in this stage. With it's long bushy tail, it hisses and chases away it's predators all while shedding a poisonous extract from it's fur that can be used in most forms of medicene. They often disguise themselves as humans, with towels wrapped around it's neck, before performing strange dances on the tops of roofs. While this may seem innocent, it is actually a warning that Fudge is cursing it's owner, usually for a bad deed that they have done. Fudge then evolves again into Baknekk, which can no longer be tamed in this stage due to possessing the genes of a savage feral cat. Being a menace to any house they live in, Baknekk brings various misfortunes to the house itself, such as lighting it on fire with it's tail, or bringing down deadly curses to it's owners. Sometimes, it will eat it's former owner and take it's place, or reanimate the dead to do it's bidding. The two cat's eyes that float alongside it serve as it's weapons in combat, draining the opponent's will to fight by staring at their soul, before finishing them off with a giant flamethrower.

Beast/Job --> Beast/Job --> Beast/Job
A common sight in swamps and jungles, Zippo is a hippo Pokémon that dreams of becoming a talented zookeeper one day. To do this, it wrangles Beast Pokémon, or Pokémon with animalistic traits, into a moat that it makes with it's own snout. However, the Pokémon tend to escape before Zippo can show it's makeshift zoo to it's fellow friends, but it is a determined Pokémon that will never give up until the very end. Strangely enough, Zippos tend to wrangle Pokémon that weren't first discovered in it's home region, though this can only be sighted outside the Oriva Region as there are no older Pokémon native to the Oriva Region. Zippo evolves into Keepippo, which comes in one of two different personality styles. Some Keepippos just wallow in the mud and bite apart anything that tries to harm their Zippo calves, while others will continue to build the perfect zoo. Some say that what personality a Keepippo ends up with depends on both it's diet and the success of it's previous zoo. Unlike it's pre-evolution, those wrangled by Keepippo will never try to escape, knowing that if they would, they would have to face the wrath of Keepippo's jaws, which can break apart a watermelon like it was fine powder. However, some Pokémon do manage to escape it, as it's not a very fast Pokémon. It's final form is known as Menagarippo, who has now become the perfect zookeeper who has gone beyond startup. With it's excellent memory keeping skills and endless determination, Menagarippo builds exhibits out of wood and clay, before showing it's wrangled Pokémon to both people and Pokémon alike. It takes good care of the Pokémon it wrangles, giving them food and water and making sure that they are happy, so that the people who view it will be happy as well. Those who try to escape it will be thrown back into it's cage by Menagarippo's powerful arms, which can lift an Indian Elephant with relative ease. Some Menagarippos focus on the art of Pokémon breeding, making sure that endangered Pokémon populations can thrive. Strangely enough, it's most common capture seems to be the Pandoo line!

Athlete/Wierd --> Athlete/Wierd --> Athlete/Wierd
Go-Go is a pair of Go Stone Pokémon that always take care of each other. They love to hop over each other, and the two of them can always find each other even if they are seperated for long distances. For some odd reason, Go-Go likes to surround it's opponents in battle, with large groups of them separating into different colours before charging at their targets. It evolves into Go-Igol, a strategic Pokémon that is said to know the moves of every board game there is. By slamming it's tail onto the ground, Go-Igol summons a barrage of rocks which it then launches towards it's target, though the way that it sends them is similar to how people make their moves in the game of Go. They can figure out an opponent's strategy by reading the way that they move, and it can use this information to disrupt that strategy the next time they try it. Sometimes, you'll see two Go-Igol playing a strange game with each other where they lay out their stones to try and surround the other Go-Igol's stones. When threatened, it will coil up into a ball and roll towards the target. It fully evolves into Go-Weiqi, a fully fledged board game strategist. It knows the best strategies to every known board games, and no person can ever beat a Go-Weiqi in a board game that it challenges the person to. Go-Weiqi is a calm Pokémon that is never a sore loser, and it can easily figure out it's next move through it's sharpened senses. It then uses these strategies in combat, summoning giant stones to surround the target before creating a massive wierd energy field that will fry the target's brain in seconds, causing them to think of nothing but victory. If two Go-Weiqis challenge each other to a game, that game will never end!

Wierd/Hero --> Wierd/Hero --> Wierd/Hero
Rubbeld is a rubbery Pokémon that is said to have come out from a tree that was rich in rubber. A bouncy ball that bounces on a sheet of rubber, Rubbeld bounces itself all over the place to catch it's enemies off guard, though it always takes the sheet with it to use as a form of trampoline. It's said that Rubbeld inspired the first rubber farmers, who harvested rubber using a bowl very similar to Rubbeld's sheet. It's evolved form is known as Stretchong, a rather handy Pokémon to say the least, that resides in forests and stores. With the corn syrup flowing through it's body, Stretchong can stretch it's body to any length imaginable, able to meld it into various shapes and sizes, though the rest of it's body stays unchanged. It uses this power to save people and Pokémon from high places, and by stretching up the legs, it can climb any surface. Some people claim that Stretchong inspired a series of stretchy toys that could be melded into any shape imaginable, though it was believed that the first design of it was rejected due to it being very similar to modelling clay. When it fully evolves into Elastrong, it can now stretch any part of it's body, not just the body. This allows it to easily adapt to any environment, and to save people from any dangerous situation by stretching it's arms at a maximum length of over 50 miles wide. It can use this power in many different ways imaginable, such as using itself as a giant slingshot, or wrapping around the target to prevent them from moving, in addition to melding it's shape to any form imaginable. The gemstone on it's head, while not the main source of it's powers, does serve as a thermal insulator, preventing it from freezing in the cold, which would prevent Elastrong from using it's stretching powers. Apparently, Elastrong is also a genius scientist, but no-one has ever seen it behave this way.

Athlete --> Athlete --> Athlete
Runnamet is a Pokémon that resembles a trainer, and is said to have inspired the first form of the Running Shoes, a footwear which is no longer in style today. True to it's name, Runnamet can run at speeds of even the fastest human athletes, and it takes good pride in it's running ability, constantly running every day to make itself faster and faster. A scientist once tracked a Runnamet who could run a mile in just under a minute, and as it ran, it left behind specks of athletic energy. Runnamet evolves into Runnamill, which resembles a pair of legs. Despite having two mouths, Runnamill only has one brain, though this allows it to both eat and focus at the same time. It's running speed has greatly improved, now able to run the same mile in just under 30 seconds, and some people copy it's style of running to make themselves run faster. It also uses it's running in combat, dashing toward the enemy until they have been tired out. Supposedly, there's a new kind of Running Shoes in development that uses Runnamill's energy to make the wearer run faster than ever before. It's final evolved form is known as Runnaboltsai, who now resembles an athletic runner itself. Now able to run at speeds of over 1500 miles per hour, Runnaboltsai can run so fast, that most people just see it as an emerald blur. It leaves behind a trail of athletic energy as it runs, and it's extreme speed allows it to run on water and even the air itself. It's opponents will not know what hit them before they suddenly drop dead from Runnaboltsai's unbelievable running ability. Some scientists have considered using Runnaboltsai's speed to help them explore the vast depths of the universe a lot more reliably.

Beast --> Beast --> Beast
A Pokémon that resembles a Marbled Cat, Catopitten represents the savagery of the Beast-type itself...though not at this stage. Instead, it hides itself in mountains and bamboo forests and meows all day long for it's mother's attention. They are trained by their evolved forms, Pardomar, to hunt for food and to become independent for the savage future that they will soon experience themselves. It's illegal to keep one as a pet without putting it inside a Poké Ball, as people know that it's evolutions will bring forth the destruction of their village once they notice the Catopitten is missing from it's den. Once Catopitten evolves into Pardomar, it's savage genes kick it, and it starts to hunt for food. Being only the size of a cardboard box, it can often be found hunting smaller Pokémon, injecting a strange toxin into them with their fangs that makes the target's brain dissolve into a feral mess. They make their homes up large trees and burrows, often kicking out the Pokémon who previously lived there, and it just loves to keep itself clean by licking it's fur. They're mostly active during the day, which is why most Pokémon in Pardomar's habitat tend to hide during that time, to avoid becoming the prey of Pardomar itself. Pardomar evolves again into Seumor, and in this form, it's savage genes completely take it over, turning it into a rampaging wildcat! Now hunting purely for the sport of it, once Seumor has it's eyes on it's prey, it will not stop chasing after them until they have perished. It's sharp eyes allow it to see through walls, so there is no hiding from Seumor, especially with it's razor sharp fangs that never seem to break, which can puncture even a solid sheet of titanium. It's said that Seumor lived for millions of years, and that it's beastly genes brought forth the dawn of many Beast-type Pokémon. Despite all this, it still sometimes gets distracted by marbles....

Job --> Job --> Job
"Buisness is Buisness!" This is what best describes Purchuy, a Pokémon who seems to resemble a business worker. Fittingly enough, it can often be found in offices working on projects and distributing the market shares, and is said to be a subspecies of another pure Job-type Pokémon from a distant region. Some people claim that Purchuy's presence is a sign that years of experience can lead to any situation, such as being an office worker. Once Purchuy has gained enough experience writing out essays and sharing the market, it evolves into Purchfessional, who is just as a dedicated worker as it's previous form. It's very good at distributing stocks, always investing in the best available profits in the stock markets. It carries around a suitcase which it uses as it's main weapon in combat, pummelling it's foes with enough force to break apart a wooden door, but no-one has been able to find what is inside this suitcase. Since Purchfessional never suffers from executive burnout, some companies employ a group of them to serve as a substitute for workers who cannot make it to the workplace, but they must be careful when it is angry, for it won't be just coffee cups that will be flying around! Purchfessional evolves again into Purchjingg, a real estate agent that carefully looks at the best stocks before investing in them with it's hidden Job energy. The suitcase is now on Purchjingg's tail, which it uses as a powerful hammer, and those struck by it will be compelled to work in the office until their retirement. Some Purchjinggs run companies of over thousands of other Job-type Pokémon, each one having a different role in the workplace, and sometimes it will buy other companies outright by convincing the manager into lowering the price more and more until it eventually becomes free. Supposedly, the first Purchjingg came to be when a worker donned an enchanted white collar as he went to work.

Wierd --> Wierd --> Wierd
Splatta is said to be the product of a glob of paint that a frustrated artist splattered all over his painting after, no matter how hard he tried, he could not replicate the details of a certain landscape. The resulting Pokémon now hunts for the artist that would dare to make a fool of his own painting, being fuelled by nothing but vengeance itself. It's presence can be noted by the splats of paint it leaves behind as it flies across the sky, often passing by towns and street. It's shape is so radically different to other Pokémon, that some people just think that Splatta is a floating glob of paint. It's evolved form is known as Obstractta, and it can control it's paint a lot more reliably in this stage. It flies around towns looking at artist's painting, splatting paint over the slightest mistakes that it finds, though strangely it always seems to ignore abstract artwork. Obstractta can spin itself around to cover the area in a sheet of paint, and those struck by will only see that paint: although it appears to act like a painter, Obstractta nevers seems to go for a specific art style. It does not get long well with Bruhperial, as it often ruins the Pokémon's fine writing skills. Obstractta then evolves again into Zaowouroth, an ocean of paints that can rearrange themselves into any shape possible. It can paint beautiful landscapes into existence by carefully remembering it's surroundings, and it can remember an idea that it has gotten for centuries on end. However, Zaowouroth is also a trickster at heart: it often paints environments into blank rooms, lures people into them, and then traps them in a world of art: for this reason, it does gets along well with Inwali-13-O, as it can help refurbish it's dimension of paint so that they can draw different kinds of people dead insane. Despite it's mastery over all paint, Zaowouroth has yet to find the artist that made it to this day: some say the artist fled the Oriva Region in a futile attempt to escape from it.

Beast/Dragon --> Beast/Dragon --> Beast/Dragon
Based off the Kuzuryu, Komovko is a Komodo Dragon Pokémon that is commonly found near lakes and rivers, protecting it's territory from anyone that would dare to approach it. It's powerful jaws can break apart a solid titanium beam, and it's keen sense of smell can help it find it's prey even if they are hiding. Supposedly, Komovko came from another region to deal with an infestation of Bug Pokémon that is since long extinct. Komovko evolves into Komoranus, a Pokémon that people once believed as a deity of rain. What appears to be cracks on it's body are actually mouths themselves: in fact, Komoranus is made entirely of nine different heads, each one having a different diet and a different way to bite it's enemies in two. Because of this, it can thrive in any imaginable environment, and it often appears carrying statues of itself down rivers, which gives them unique names and prevents them flooding in the process. Having nine mouths means that Komoranus doesn't matter if one of them gets sick, for the other eight can just continue to fight. Komoranus evolves again into Komozuryu, a powerful Dragon Pokémon that has mouths for legs, arms, tails, and even wings. It claims entire lakes as their own and summons storms that make it too dangerous for boats to float in, requiring constant sacrifices to keep itself under control. Komozuryu's nine heads can all focus their power into a giant breath that can melt even a mountain into dust in seconds, and it often appears before people who are of good heart, though this only occurs if the lake it is in has remained clean and fresh for years on end. A popular Oriva Region folk story tells of a Komozuryu that appeared before a priest who then taught it enlightenment itself: the Komozuryu then sealed itself in a cave and blessed the land with rain and water. Supposedly, it's very good at curing toothaches as well, just as long as someone provides it with a pear.

Hero/Dragon --> Hero/Dragon --> Hero/Dragon
Based off the Bixi, Bicarry is a turtle dragon Pokémon that carries a large slab of concrete on it's back. This slab supposedly came from a statue of an ancient emperor, and many architects use Bicarry's likeness to create the bases of statues, bridges, and temples in the Oriva Region. This slab has also sometimes been used as a form of celebration, with special messages being written down on it. Bicarry dedicates it's life to making sure that this slab does not get damaged in any way, and if it ever loses it's slab, it will perish. It evolves into Bixlift, those slab now bears a special orb on it that grants great power to whoever wields it. It often appears on the dawn of a prophecy written by an emperor or an important figure, and provides the orb to the one that the prophecy has chosen. It's said that the orb's power differs with every wielder who holds it, and it's said to be what their dreams think it is. Bixlift itself uses the slab it was carrying to whack enemies into oblivion, and it never puts down the slab despite it not being tied to it's lifeforce anymore, supposedly a leftover behaviour from it's pre-evolution. It's said that, after removing the orb, any message written on the slab becomes true. It's final evolved form is known as Bixavhinku, and in this form, it carries six of these special orbs, which it provides to those in need to greatly increase their power, though it only gives them out if they feel like they are worthy of using the orb, even if the prophecy had chosen them. Able to walk across oceans without breaking a sweat, Bixavhinku serves as a form of power storage, keeping the power of those who have recently died inside of it's six orbs, and no force on the planet can ever remove the orbs from the slab they are stored in besides from Bixavhinku's powers itself. It runs purely on it's own Ki energy, thus making it nearly impossible to defeat while even the slightest trace of it is in it's body. It's said that writing a message on Bixavhinku will preserve it for all eternity, and it will always know where the message is supposed to go. As a desperation move, it can absorb the six orbs to make it's hair glow bright golden, before launching a giant laser beam that's said to be a very popular attack by many cartoon heroes that artists often draw.

Time --> Time --> Time
Wadock is a clock Pokémon that represents the Time type itself, and boy, is it a very annoying Time-type! Just like an alarm clock, it rings itself on the crack of dawn, giving everyone a rude awakening, before Wadock proceeds to absorb their dreams to make itself stronger. Despite this, it is still a useful Pokémon to have, being one of the first ways to tell the time, with people watching a Wadock and marking down the times that certain events occur to create the concept of time itself. In battle, it can fire it's clockhands like arrows towards it's enemies to drain their youth and turn them into old men. Wadock evolves into Nishomokk, a far more aggressive Pokémon that resembles the clocks that the people of the Oriva Region made from watching it's movements. Every time it's pendulum swings, it generates Time energy which it can use towards it's target: when it strikes one, it releases all of the Time energy, affecting the world around it in many different ways. Anyone that is near Nishomokk when this happens will be whisked back to the past, unable to return to the present without help from other sources. Those who gaze at Nishomokk's pendulum will be unable to concentrate for the rest of their lives, being only able to think of the ticking noise that it makes as the pendulum swings around. It apparently first appeared at a clockmaker's workshop, feeding on all of the clocks that the clockmaker had spent so long trying to make, apparently as a punishment for defying how time really works. Nishomokk then evolves again into Folioanaka, an unstable monster that controls time around it by spinning the clocks on it's shoulders. It can alter the age of an object by gazing at them and spinning it's hands until they have reached the age that it is at, with any items that the object is holding adapting to match the target's new age. For some reason, it prefers a certain age that is different with every Folioanaka, which is apparently the age of it's former owner. It can also send people to the past or future by blasting them with time energy, and there is no limit to how far a Folioanaka can send someone back: if it really, really, really doesn't like you, it can send you all the way to the end of history itself! Those who try to escape their destinations will be blasted apart by Folioanaka's Time attacks: because of this, no-one has ever known where Folioanaka has sent someone to.

Time/Job --> Time/Job --> Time/Job
Qithron is a Pokémon common near temples that treats itself like a royal emperor. Sitting on what appears to be a makeshift throne, it tries to give out commands to those near it, but since it never understands the context of it's own commands, it rarely gets any supporters. Some people claim that Qithron is just mimicking the movements of emperors near it, and it is never actually an emperor at all. That changes, however, once Qithron evolves into Shynast, a truly dynastic Pokémon. Now with the mindset of an actual emperor, Shynast gathers a group of Pokémon to form it's own empire, commanding them to build themselves a temple to live in, and to protect it from harm. It's very kind to it's loyal subjects, never pushing them too hard and allowing them to leave if they find working for a Shynast too difficult to handle. It sometimes gives out scrolls of information to it's subjects to deliver to other people and Pokémon, and surprisingly, this Pokémon is a very good writer at heart! It's also very good at defending itself should it's subjects be defeated, reading the target's movements before destroying them in a flurry of punches. However, Shynast does have one weakness: Until it evolves again into Huamperoraka, Pokémon that are larger than it will simply scoff it's rules as nonsense. Huamperoraka itself is comparable to an emperor who ruled over a massive kingdom for thousands of years, and it lives up to it's name, with all the Pokémon that it trusts loving it's calm lifestyle. It creates it's own rules to help control it's subjects and prevent tensions from rising, and it is a very talented ruler, able to make sure that it's kingdom will stay standing for all eternity. When two Huamperoraka kingdoms meet, their armies will take part in a thousand year war the winner takes all. Supposedly, Huamperoraka is said to have descended from an ancient empire that is said to be the first source of civilization in the Oriva Region.

Time/Hero --> Time/Hero --> Time/Hero
Zhulger is a Pokémon that's commonly found in deserts and forests, and is best known for one thing: strategy! No matter the situation, Zhulger can always lay out a winning strategy to any situation that it comes across, and it makes sure that it's strategy always succeeds every time. In the wild, it often uses these strategies to plan out how it will fight back against it's predators and scour out the best sources of food. Some emperors once employed them to plan out their own plans of attack. Zhulger evolves into Zhutegist, an imperial Pokémon those skills in laying out it's strategies have improved, allowing it to plan out ones that will last for weeks. It often appears before other people and Pokémon and provides it's strategies to them, usually ahead of a big event or a long battle, and those who receive it's plans have always succeeded in what they wanted the outcome of the event to be. Those who refuse it's services, however, will always have the outcomes of their events end up in total disaster. Zhutegist often writes down it's strategies into scrolls that never seem to break no matter how much force is applied to it, and some people claim that they know how the rest of the year will play out for them, planning ahead at every day. It's final evolved form is known as Zhulianaral, a Pokémon famous for the strategies that it laid out, that helped it's friends succeed in any particular situation. Whatever it writes on it's scrolls will always become true, and thus people referred it as "The Strategist", able to mark out the best strategy for any situation simply by thinking about it. It's strategic maneuverers allow it to know every part of the plan for years on end, and Zhulianaral is also a great fighter, wiping out it's own opponents with it's fan, which causes anyone struck by it to plan their strategy...of their own death! Obviously, this will result in the death of the victim itself due to it overwriting all normal brain functions.

Shijora is the ultimate evil of the Oriva Region that the Wushido Clan is trying to raise, and is said to be the personifiction of evil itself. In fact, some people claimed that the first evil in the universe came from Shijora, who had inherited the nightmares that Arceus had suffered from building the universe itself. It's even said that the most evil minds of each century are in fact the creations of Shijora itself. In the distant past, it appeared before the Oriva Region and wiped it clean of all life an instant, forcing life to start over. However, there was a reason it did this: that the people were fighting each other so much, that the combined evil was greater than Shijora's own evil: it's said that no land in the planet can be more evil than Shijora's demonic heart, or they will be wiped off the planet without a trace. The first sign of this event is Shijora's dormant form, a purple orb known as the Oblivion Sphere, appearing where there is the most evil, making people fight over it's value, unaware that they are feeding Shijora their own bad deeds and making it stronger than ever before. With a demonic ritual, it breaks free from the Oblivion Sphere to rain destruction down the world. It's main rival is Chuan, who is said to have been born from all of Arceus's good thoughts, and thus represents the first source of good deeds in the universe.
The three storylines of the Oriva Region will eventually converge into Shijora's revival, and you must defeat it before it can wipe out the Oriva Region again, believing that it hasn't changed one bit! (Catching it is optional) The story-filled post that will be in the future will detail why Shijora came back to life, and how it will be fought.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Ubilaz Oblivion: A power 120 Special Villain move that has Shijora blast the target with all the evil in the universe. This corrupts their mind and drives them wild, forcing them to attack each other Pokémon in the target's party with a random move in their arsenal, even if they are in their Poké Balls. Then, the target has a chance of losing all the PP of one of their moves. For each Pokémon knocked out this way, the chances of this happening increases, and they may lose all of the PP of more than one move.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: No Surrender: Shijora is immune to Struggle, unless it is being used by another Pokémon with this ability. This means that Pokémon that have lost all their PP are defenceless against this Pokémon!
At last....it is over. All 1248 Pokémon native to the Oriva Region have been revealed. Thank you very much for sticking around across this amazing journey. It has taken great dedication to not only spend over three months making Pokémon sprites, but also to make one for every type combination possible. But from there on out, the future is endless. Any possibility can happen...and anyone can decide it.
Every Pokémon may have now been revealed, but the journey across the Oriva Region continues. There will be more posts in the future that will detail the rest of the Oriva Region's story, as well as every new attack and ability introduced in this region, every single kind of Ancient Move, both the Ancient Raid exclusive moves and the signature Ancient Moves, and eventually, the data of the Pokémon themselves right down to their base stats. Of course, you can still join in too, by creating your own fanart for this project, and, if you want to, eventually convert this into a fangame project in itself.

Thank you. And remember.....
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Creator of Pokémon North, South, East, and West
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The story is currently undergoing a hidden rewrite, but as the first Premium file, where the rest of the Oriva Region's hidden details will be shown, every new attack will be showcased! Signature moves are not shown here, and can be seen at their owner's entries at the past waves.
SHOWCASED ABILITY: Chi Power: A Pokémon with this ability will gain 1 Chi at the start of their turn. Chi can be spent on several attacks to make them stronger!
Move NameTypeKindPowerSpecial Effect
Athletic SpeedAthleteStatusN/AIncreases Speed by 1, and prevents Speed from being lowered for five turns.
Baseball BatAthletePhysical
The target switches out to a random Pokémon.
Bowl OverAthletePhysical
Randomly increases it's power automatically.
BreaktimeAthleteStatusN/AUser recovers all it's HP, but must spend the next turn recharging.
Cheer OnAthleteStatusN/ABoosts the power of moves used by friendly Athlete-type Pokemon by 5 turns.
Closing CeremonyAthleteStatusN/ARaises all stats by 2. Fails if the user is not the only Pokémon in the user's party that hasn't been knocked out yet, or if the party has less than six members.
Conveyor RushAthletePhysical
May increase the user's speed by 1.
El PassantAthleteSpecial
May cause confusion.
Equestrian LanceAthletePhysical
The higher the user's speed, the more power this has.
Goal StrikeAthletePhysical
If this knocks out the target and the user knows a move with 40 or less power, the new Pokémon is hit with that move.
Grand SlamAthletePhysical
May cause a burn. Power is increased if the user has a status condition.
The target cannot switch out.
Home RunAthletePhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio.
Hung On DeathAthleteSpecial
The user may endure the next fatal attack this turn.
Hurdle JumpAthletePhysical
Bypasses defence boosts and protect.
King MeAthleteSpecial
It's accuracy increases for each knocked out Pokémon. Hits all enemies and always inflicts a critical hit.
Line OutAthleteSpecial
Hits all enemies with no reduced power.
Punching BagAthletePhysical
May increase the user's attack by 1.
Quick ChopAthletePhysical
Always goes first.
Rugby TackleAthletePhysical
The more the user's defence is raised, the higher it's power.
Power increases if an item was used this turn.
Soccer KickAthletePhysical
Power is doubled if Football was used last turn.
Synchronize SwimAthleteStatusN/ACopies the target's stat changes.
TrainingAthleteStatusN/AIncreases the user's highest stat by 2.
If it doesn't miss, the attack continues next turn.
Weight SmashAthletePhysical
Lowers the user's speed by 1, and the target's speed by 2.
Back KickBeastPhysical
May cause Flinching.
Bestial FangBeastPhysical
May cause flinching. Lowers the target's resistance to all attacks by 10%.
Lowers the user's Special Attack by 2.
Double ClawsBeastPhysical
Hits twice.
Feral ClawBeastPhysical
May boost the power of the next Beast move the user uses by 25%.
Feral FrenzyBeastPhysical
Ghost WolvesBeastSpecial
Unaffected by Light Screen and Reflect.
Gorilla FistBeastPhysical
Internal AcidBeastSpecial
If the target has any raised stats, this attack lowers those stats by 2.
Cannot miss.
Lunge Of LionsBeastPhysical
Unaffected by the Pokemon's abilities.
May lower the target's defence by 1.
Pack HowlBeastStatusN/AIncreases attack and Special Attack by 1, and makes the user's next Beast move more powerful.
The user thrashes about for 3 turns, then becomes Confused.
Reckless RushBeastPhysical
Has 10% recoil.
Savage RoarBeastStatusN/ASteals the target's attack boosts and lowers their attack by the amount stolen.
Sharp ClawsBeastPhysical
Spirit BlastBeastSpecial
Spirit GuideBeastStatusN/ASummons a Spirit Guide who will automatically attack enemies: His moveset consists of Spirit Blast, Shadow Ball, Ghost Wolves, and Shine Burst.
Tear DownBeastPhysical
Tears the target's item apart.
TrackingBeastStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers the accuracy of their strongest move by 10. Against Wild Pokémon, also increases their catch rate by 5 one time only.
The higher the target's evasion, the higher this move's power.
Wear And TearBeastPhysical
Destroys Light Screen and Reflect.
Ends any active weather or terrain effects.
Buggy StingBugPhysical
Power is tripled if the target is an Evolved Pokémon.
Black NightDarkSpecial
Power is doubled in Nighttime.
Drop OffDarkStatusN/ADiscards the user's item to increase the power of their next STAB move by 50%.
Charges, then attacks. Does'nt have to charge if it is Nighttime.
Night TimeDarkStatusN/AFor 5 turns, increases the power of Dark moves, and reduces the Power of Light moves. Also gives all Dark-type Pokémon protection from all priority moves.
Re-AwakenDragonStatusN/AIf used after a stat boost cleaning move or event such as Haze or a Raid Battle stat clean, this regains the user's stat boosts and sets up Protect. Fails otherwise. Always goes first.
Rajin's RageElectricPhysicalN/ADeals fixed damage equal to the amount of damage the user has taken.
Texture SwapFairyStatusN/AMakes all Physical moves known by the user Special Moves, and all Special Moves known by the user Physical moves. Use Texture Swap again to undo this effect.
Firework BlazerFireSpecial
Clears away Entry Hazards. Power doubles under Nighttime.
InflictionGhostStatusN/AChoose one of the user's attacks and have them attack themselves with it.
Great SneezeGrassSpecial
Fails if the user is not Poisoned, or if Pollen Season is not in play.
Horse ServeGrassPhysical
Cannot miss and always goes first if the target is weak to Grass moves.
Pollen SeasonGrassStatusN/AFor 5 turns, effect chances are increased by 50%, and all Grass-type moves are powered up.
Seismic WaveGroundPhysical
Hits both targets in a double battle. Similar to Earthquake, but has less PP.
Backstreet KickHeroPhysical
Power doubles if the user used a Hero move last turn.
Hits three times, with each hit potentially lowering the target's Attack by 1.
Combat CrusherHeroPhysical
The lower the target's Attack is, the more power this move has.
Cures the user of non-votalite status conditions such as Taunt.
Dial LineHeroStatusN/AChoose one of your Hero Pokémon's attacks and use it as this attack. You can choose a Pokemon even if it's fainted.
Finishing MoveHeroSpecial
This is a OHKO against Pokemon with 10% or less Health.
Fly ThroughHeroPhysical
Always goes first.
Heat VisionHeroSpecial
May cause a burn.
Heroic PoseHeroStatusN/AIncreases Attack, Special Attack, and Defence by 1.
Laser VisionHeroSpecial
Pierces through Protect.
Power BlastHeroSpecial
Consumes the user's stat boosts. For each one consumed this way, this gets +20 power.
Rocket LauncherHeroPhysical
Hits all enemies, and may lower their defence by 1.
Save The DayHeroSpecial
If a Pokémon was knocked out last turn, this move's power is 150.
Saving GraceHeroSpecial
Fails if the target did not use a move of 120 or more power last turn.
Secret OriginHeroStatusN/AUser becomes immune to status conditions until it switches out. Fails if it is not the first turn that the user is out in.
Shield Of JusticeHeroPhysical
User sets up Protect. If it is hit, this move is used!
Staff WhirlHeroPhysical
Hits ten times.
X-Ray VisionHeroStatusN/AAllows you to see your opponent's team.
Ice ShredderIcePhysical
Power is doubled if the target is frozen.
The target switches out to a random Pokémon.
Atomic BombJobSpecial
Hits all enemies, but Poisons the user.
May lower attack and special attack by 1.
EducationJobStatusN/ABoosts the user's highest stat by 1.
Fake NewsJobSpecial
May cause confusion. Power is increased if the target is already confused.
Grenade TossJobPhysical
Hits all enemies.
Guilty DeedJobPhysical
Is super effective against Dark types.
Hits 2-5 times.
Heavy Duty WorkJobStatusN/ACharges, then raises all stats by 1.
May poison the target and lower their resistance to Job attacks by 25%.
InterviewJobStatusN/AFor five turns, the target can't use not very effective moves.
Market CrashJobSpecial
Ignores the target's item.
Medical CareJobStatusN/AHeals 50% of a friendly Pokémon's HP.
Micro ManageJobSpecial
May lower Special Defence by 1.
Paper CutJobPhysical
May cause Confusion.
Pink SlipJobPhysical
May cause Flinching.
PromotionJobStatusN/ARaises Attack, Special Attack and Speed by 1, and lowers Evasion by 1.
Rubber CheckJobPhysical
Unaffected by the Pokemon's abilties.
BeckonLightStatusN/AAlways goes first. Switches out. The new pokemon has 25% extra Dark-type resistance on it's first turn.
Affects all Pokemon. Lowers accuracy by 1.
CleanseLightStatusN/ARemoves harmful effects from the user or an ally.
Weaker the less HP the user has.
Eye BeamLightSpecial
Pierces through Protect.
Lowers the target's Attack by 1.
Holy ArrowLightPhysical
Weakness against Dark-types is 3x.
Holy WrathLightSpecial
It's power increases relative to the amount of health the user has healed.
Light ShineLightSpecial
May lower accuracy by 1.
Luster SwordLightPhysical
High Critical hit ratio.
Pillar SmashLightPhysical
May lower defence by 2.
Radiant FireLightSpecial
May cause a burn.
RenewLightStatusN/AHeals 50% of a friendly Pokémon's HP.
ResurrectionLightStatusN/ARevives a fainted party member at 50% Health.
Shine BurstLightSpecial
May lower accuracy by 1.
Shining ShotLightSpecial
It's power increases by 10 with every consecutive use.
May lower special defense by 1.
Arcane BlastMagicSpecial
Arcane JoustMagicPhysical
Arcane MissilesMagicSpecial
Hits multiple times.
Arcane StormMagicSpecial
Hits all enemies, and drains 3 PP from one of their moves.
Cannon TrickMagicSpecial
If the user gets hit before it uses this attack, the attack fails: Similarly to Focus Punch.
Double TrickMagicStatusN/ARepeats the last move the user used before this one. Useful if an attack runs out of PP.
Dove SwarmMagicPhysical
Hits an additional time if a Flying type Pokemon is on the field as an ally.
Enchanted ExplosionMagicSpecial
The user takes 25% of their health as recoil.
Flower StabMagicPhysical
Hat TrickMagicSpecial
After attacking, the User switches out.
Magic BoltMagicSpecial
May cause Paralysis.
Magic BurstMagicSpecial
Magic TrickMagicStatusN/ASwitches the target out for a random Pokémon.
Magical MysteryMagicSpecial
May lower Special Attack by 1.
Mirror ImagesMagicStatusN/ASets up Magic Coat, and increases evasion by 1.
Mystery FistMagicPhysical
Increases the User's resistance to Magic-type attacks for the next turn by 25%.
PreperationMagicStatusN/AIncreases Special Attack and Speed by 1.
Rabbit Out Of A HatMagicPhysical
May cause Flinching.
VanishMagicStatusN/ASwitches out. Always goes last.
Wispy FlamesMagicSpecial
May cause a Burn.
Ancient SlamMythicalPhysical
Causes Recoil.
Archille's ArrowMythicalSpecial
Don't apply resistance.
May lower defense by 1.
Dust SprayMythicalSpecial
Hits all enemies. May cause confusion.
Foot CrushMythicalPhysical
Cannot miss.
HeritageMythicalStatusN/AIncreases Attack and Special Attack by 1, and Accuracy by 3.
Legendary LashMythicalPhysical
Lowers the target's resitance to Mythical-type attacks by 50%.
Mythic BreathMythicalSpecial
May lower Special attack by 1. Hits all enemies.
Pinpoint ShotMythicalSpecial
Cannot miss, and bypasses protect.
May cause Flinching.
Power is increased to 180 if the target is a legendary Pokémon.
StaggerMythicalStatusN/AFor five turns, the user ignores all damage and instead gradually takes it at the start of their turn.
Sword SlashMythicalPhysical
High Critical hit ratio.
Ancient MatchNormalSpecial
Uses the user's highest attacking stat to calculate damage. Type is the same as the user's Ancient Move's type.
Ancient RechargeNormalStatusN/ARefills the user's Ancient Gauge by 50%.
Chi BladeNormalPhysical
Only useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, this gains 40 power. Has a high critical hit ratio, and it's type depends on the user's primary type.
Chi BlastNormalSpecial
Only useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, this gains 40 power. Ignores Protect, and it's type depends on the user's primary type.
Chi BoostNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, increases the user's attack and special attack by 1. If 6 Chi is spent, it also activates Focus Energy.
Chi CalmNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, lowers the target's attack and special attack by 1.
Chi DrainNormalSpecial
Only useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, this gains 20 power. Has 50% Lifesteal, and it's type depends on the user's primary type.
Chi FocusNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Grants 2 extra Chi, for a maximum of 6.
Chi HealingNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, the user recovers 17% of it's HP.
Chi ShieldNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, increases the user's defence and special defence by 1. If 6 Chi is spent, it also activates Safeguard.
Chi VolleyNormalPhysical
Only useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, this hits an additional time. It's type depends on the user's primary type.
Chi WeakenNormalStatusN/AOnly useable by Pokémon with the Chi Power ability. Spends all active Chi. For each one spent, lowers the target's defence and special defence by 1.
Final AsylumNormalSpecial
Uses the user's highest attacking stat and it's primary type to calculate damage. The higher the user's Ancient Gauge, the more power this move has. If set in the Ancient Move slot, this is always super effective against Legendary Pokémon.
Mucus SeedPoisonStatusN/ASets up Leech Seed, then the user switches out. Always goes first under Pollen Season.
Seven OmensPsychicSpecial
Fails unless this was the seventh move used in the battle. Never misses and pierces through Protect.
Hits 1-5 times. Each hit has a chance to lower the target's defence by 1.
Final HammerRockPhysical
Always goes last, never misses, and pierces through Protect. Consumes all PP of all of the user's moves. For each PP consumed this way, this gains 10 Power.
Shadow BladeShadowPhysical
High Critical hit ratio. May inflict Curse under Shadow Sky.
Shadow CallShadowSpecialN/AIf Shadow Sky is in play, uses it's end of turn effect five times. Fails otherwise.
Weapon MasteryShadowPhysical
Additionally uses a power 40 move those type depends on the user's held item. (Held items introduced before generation IX use their Cram-O-Matic type)
Power is doubled if the target is sleeping.
AmplifySoundStatusN/ANext Sound-type move has 2x power. Increases Special Defence by 1.
Bass DropSoundPhysical
Cymbal CutterSoundPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. May cause confusion.
Deafening ScreamSoundSpecial
May change the target's ability to Soundproof.
Hits 3 times.
Falling PianoSoundPhysical
Has low accuracy.
Grand FinaleSoundSpecial
User must spend it's next turn recharging.
Guitar SmashSoundPhysical
It's power increases for each Sound move a Pokémon used this turn.
PerformanceSoundStatusN/APuts the target to sleep. More accurate the more it's been used.
Sonar SmashSoundSpecial
Cannot miss. Against Ice types, type effectiveness is x4 instead of x2.
Sonic WaveSoundSpecial
Cannot miss.
Always goes first.
Data StreamSteelSpecial
Power is doubled if the target has any stat boosts.
Iron SlashSteelPhysical
High Critical hit ratio.
May raise the user's defence by 1.
Shuriken TossSteelPhysical
Power increases by 20 for each Shuriyashi in the party, 40 for each Bohirayushi in the party, and 60 for each Oskarayushi in the party.
Age ManipulationTimeSpecial
Lowers the user's Special Attack and Special Defence by 1.
Alarm RingTimeStatusN/AWakes up all Pokémon, disrupts any charging moves they might have been charging, and causes Pokémon who are readying Focus Punch to flinch.
Chrono BurstTimeSpecial
May lower speed by 1.
Clock ArrowsTimePhysical
Hits multiple times.
Clock BeamTimeSpecial
May cause Paralysis.
Can be used while asleep. Bypasses Protect.
Future FuryTimeSpecial
Hits again at the start of the next turn.
History HitTimePhysical
If this knocks out the target, the target is erased from the battle!
PauseTimeStatusN/AMakes the target flinch. Chances of missing rises with each successful use.
Hits twice.
Record CrashTimePhysical
May lower attack by 1.
Slow DownTimeStatusN/ALowers the target's speed by 2.
Strike OneTimeStatusN/AOn the fivth turn after this is used, the user is revived if it is knocked out.
Time SliceTimePhysical
May cause flinching.
Back BreakVillainPhysical
Fails if the target does not have it's defence lowered.
Brutal BashVillainPhysical
Lower's the target's Attack by 2.
Death RayVillainSpecial
May lower the user's Special Attack by 1.
Death TrapVillainPhysical
The target cannot switch out, and takes damage at the end of each turn.
Doomsday DeviceVillainSpecial
Requires a turn charging. However, it does not require charging if a Villain Pokémon was knocked out last turn.
Passes through Reflect and Light Screen.
Maniacal LaughVillainStatusN/ALowers the target's highest stat by 2.
Mutation RayVillainSpecial
May scramble the target's moves to random ones in their level up movepool.
The higher the user's level is compared to the target, the higher this move's power.
Steals the target's item.
SchemingVillainStatusN/AFor five turns, both Pokémon have Contary in addition to their normal ability.
Solar ChargeVillainStatusN/AUntil the user switches out, their Villain moves have +25% power, or 50% under sun.
May cause flinching.
Makes the target flinch, and always goes first. Fails if it is not the first turn that the user is out in.
Weakness ExploitationVillainSpecial
This is always super effective.
World DominationVillainSpecial
Power increases by 20 for each unique Weather or Terrain that was set up this battle.
East Sea WaveWaterSpecial
Hits both targets in a double battle. Increases the duration of Weathers and Terrains by 1.
Abstract ThoughtWierdSpecial
May cause Confusion.
Art WaveWierdSpecial
Hits all enemies, and adds Wierd to their typing.
Belly FlopWierdPhysical
Cannot miss.
Brain BusterWierdSpecial
Lowers the target's Special Attack by 1.
Chaos TheoryWierdSpecial
For five turns, the target is damaged by lingering chaos.
If the target is holding an item, swap it with a random enemy pokemon's item.
Eye BombWierdPhysical
Power is tripled if the target resists Wierd-type attacks.
Eye BowlWierdPhysical
If a Terrain is on the field, this absorbs that Terrain and doubles in power.
Prevents the target from using contact moves next turn.
MirageWierdStatusN/ACreates a copy of the user that is AI-controlled and has 1 HP.
Mutating FistWierdPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio.
Optical IllusionWierdSpecial
May cause Paralysis.
May cause Flinching.
The target grows an arm which hits them for the next five turns.
Reverse RealmWierdStatusN/AThe battle becomes an Inverse Battle for 5 turns.
Spiked ToungeWierdPhysical
Sets up Spikes.
Split ApartWierdStatusN/AProtects from all attacks this turn. Whenever a move is protected this way, the user's evasion increases by 1.
TheoryWierdStatusN/ARaises the stats of all Pokemon by 1.
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When the Ancient Moves were first brought upon the Oriva Region, they came in 90 different varieties, three of each type: One Physical move, One Special move, and One Status move. Pokémon encountered in Ancient Raid battles will know one of these moves, with the type of the move being shown in the den itself before the battle begins. All of these moves have a very slow Ancient Gauge filling speed, requiring around five moves to be used before they're ready.
Name of Ancient MoveTypeCategoryPowerSpecial Effect
Ancient SlamAthletePhysical
May increase the user's Attack by 2.
Ancient VolleyAthleteSpecial
Hits 3-5 times.
Ancient SpiritAthleteStatusN/AFor five turns, whenever the user uses a move, they also use all 40 power or lower moves they know.
Ancient ClawBeastPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio.
Ancient RoarBeastSpecial
May lower the target's Special Defence by 2.
Ancient SavageryBeastStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers their Defence by 4.
Ancient SwarmBugPhysical
Hits 3-5 times.
Ancient NectarBugSpecial
For the next five turns, friendly Pokémon gain Triage.
Ancient ClutchBugStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers their Attack by 4. Also sets up Infestation.
Ancient BiteDarkPhysical
May lower the target's Defence by 2.
Ancient DarknessDarkSpecial
Power increases in Nighttime. May set up Nighttime.
Ancient MidnightDarkStatusN/ASets up Nighttime, Taunt, and confuses the target.
Ancient ChargeDragonPhysical
The user takes recoil damage.
Ancient BreathDragonSpecial
May lower the target's Special Attack by 2.
Ancient ScalesDragonStatusN/AFor five turns, the user gains Clear Body, Magic Bounce, Mirror Armor, Stalwart, and Safeguard.
Ancient VoltElectricPhysical
Power increases in Electric Terrain. May set up Electric Terrain.
Ancient StormElectricSpecial
May cause Paralysis.
Ancient BlitzElectricStatusN/ASets up Electric Terrain and paralyzes the target.
Ancient PlayFairyPhysical
Power increases in Misty Terrain. May set up Misty Terrain.
Ancient GleamFairySpecial
May cause attraction.
Ancient HealFairyStatusN/ARecovers 50% of the user's HP.
Ancient FistFightingPhysical
Breaks screens, increasing it's power if it does.
Ancient BlastFightingSpecial
May set up Metal Burst.
Ancient BuffFightingStatusN/AIncreases the user's Attack by 4.
Ancient BlazerFirePhysical
Power increases in Sun.
Ancient InfernoFireSpecial
May cause burning.
Ancient BurnFireStatusN/ASets up Sunny Day and burns the target.
Ancient WingFlyingPhysical
Always goes first.
Ancient HurricaneFlyingSpecial
May increase the user's Speed by 2.
Ancient WindFlyingStatusN/AIncreases the user's Speed by 4. Also sets up Tailwind.
Ancient DreadGhostPhysical
May apply Curse to the target.
Ancient PhantomGhostSpecial
May apply Taunt to the target.
Ancient PossessionGhostStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers their Special Attack by 4. Also applies Torment.
Ancient TreeGrassPhysical
Power increases in Pollen Season. May set up Pollen Season.
Ancient DrainGrassSpecial
Has 50% Lifesteal, and power increases in Grassy Terrain. May set up Grassy Terrain.
Ancient GardenGrassStatusN/ASets up Grassy Terrain, Heal Block, and Ingrain.
Ancient QuakeGroundPhysical
Hits both enemies in a double battle.
Ancient SandstormGroundSpecial
Power increases in a Sandstorm. May set up Sandstorm.
Ancient SkinGroundStatusN/ASets up Sandstorm, Reflect, and Light Screen.
Ancient ClashHeroPhysical
May increase the user's Special Defense by 2.
Ancient LaserHeroSpecial
Never misses.
Ancient LuckHeroStatusN/ASets up Safeguard and Secret Origin. Then, uses Dial Line.
Ancient IcebreakerIcePhysical
Power increases in Snowscape. May set up Snowscape.
Ancient BlizzardIceSpecial
May cause freezing.
Ancient FreezeIceStatusN/ASets up Snowscape, and freezes the target.
Ancient NotesJobPhysical
Hits an additional time if the target has raised stats.
Ancient MarketJobSpecial
Power increases if the target is holding an item.
Ancient UpliftJobStatusN/ASets up Interview, and increases all the user's stats by 1.
Ancient LusterLightPhysical
May cleanse the target of their stat increases.
Ancient RadianceLightSpecial
May cause flinching.
Ancient CureLightStatusN/ACures the user of all harmful effects.
Ancient RabbitMagicPhysical
May suppress the target's ability for five turns.
Ancient TrickMagicSpecial
May destroy the target's held item, or steal it if the user is'nt holding an item.
Ancient RefluxMagicStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers their Special Defence by 4.
Ancient SwordMythicalPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio.
Ancient ForceMythicalSpecial
Power doubles if the user is under 50% Health.
Ancient HeritageMythicalStatusN/AFor five turns, the user has no weaknesses.
Ancient TackleNormalPhysical
Ancient BeamNormalSpecial
Ancient NormalizeNormalStatusN/AChanges the target's ability to Normalize.
Ancient LethalityPoisonPhysical
Power doubles if the target is under 50% Health.
Ancient PlaguePoisonSpecial
May cause bad poisoning.
Ancient PoisonPoisonStatusN/ABadly poisons the target, even if they are immune to Poison.
Ancient MindstormPsychicPhysical
May cause confusion.
Ancient PsychePsychicSpecial
Power increases in Psychic Terrain. May set up Psychic Terrain.
Ancient MindPsychicStatusN/AIncreases the user's Special Attack by 4.
Ancient HammerRockPhysical
Lowers the user's speed by 1.
Ancient CannonRockSpecial
May lower the target's Attack by 2.
Ancient ShellRockStatusN/AIncreases the user's Defence by 4.
Ancient KatanaShadowPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio, and power increases in Shadow Sky. May set up Shadow Sky.
Ancient BowShadowSpecial
Is always a critical hit against level 75 or higher Pokémon.
Ancient HeartShadowStatusN/AFor five turns, the target has no resistances.
Ancient DrumsSoundPhysical
Hits 3 times.
Ancient ScreamSoundSpecial
Supereffective damage done with this attack is x4 instead of x2.
Ancient SongSoundStatusN/ASets up Encore, and puts the target to sleep.
Ancient AxeSteelPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio.
Ancient StarsSteelSpecial
Hits an additional time for each Pokémon in the party with an Ancient Move those name contains ''Ancient''.
Ancient SheetSteelStatusN/AIncreases the user's Special Defence by 4.
Ancient ChakramTimePhysical
Power doubles if the user is above 50% Health.
Ancient TravelTimeSpecial
May lower the target's Speed by 2.
Ancient TimeTimeStatusN/ATraps the target and lowers their Speed by 4.
Ancient BeatdownVillainPhysical
May raise the user's Defence by 2.
Ancient RayVillainSpecial
May set up Scheming.
Ancient LaughVillainStatusN/ATurns all the target's helpful effects into harmful ones, and all the user's harmful effects into helpful ones.
Ancient FloodWaterPhysical
Power increases in Rain. May set up rain.
Ancient WaveWaterSpecial
Hits both enemies in a double battle. May cause flinching.
Ancient RainWaterStatusN/ASets up Rain, Aqua Ring, and heals the user for 25% of their health.
Ancient EyeWierdPhysical
Power doubles if the target is above 50% Health.
Ancient CrippleWierdSpecial
Lowers the target's stats by 1.
Ancient CopyWierdStatusN/ASummons a copy of the user that is AI controlled.


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Collectors fear no more! The third premium file covers the complete Pokédex Order of the 1248 Pokémon that live in the Oriva Region. You may notice that there is a pattern with these Pokédex numbers...but what is it?
1: Ratree
2: Plalsei
3: Splinbhira
4: Bulleing
5: Oxei-Shan
6: Vajiroxx
7: Tisagato
8: Wivigris
9: Mihidal
10: Rabbitu
11: Tulituu
12: Antylista
13: Maorss
14: Chargorss
15: Indakuzou
16: Hylon
17: Chenlong
18: Majiryu
19: Goatewe
20: Ewacreep
21: Pajiranda
22: Glooster
23: Fowcelian
24: Sindestival
25: Snakuz
26: Slithasplash
27: Sandibai
28: Foinker
29: Bajlonkerr
30: Vikarlarzhu
31: Futog
32: Zhuvanced
33: Cactolord
34: Brinkey
35: Mediun
36: Wukura
37: Ibling
38: Creston
39: Threskarlet
40: Binterrid
41: Arktasli
42: Chorli
43: Coonscar
44: Crickorever
45: Pandoo
46: Shaanda
47: Mogoda
48: Reddens
49: Studgar
50: Srhutan
51: Grospii
52: Elemgro
53: Verdcao
54: Flaspii
55: Elemflaa
56: Crimshuo
57: Wasspii
58: Elemwas
59: Azhui
60: Volspii
61: Elemvol
62: Vermilldian
63: Clospii
64: Elemclo
65: Chalkongqi
66: Minspii
67: Elemmin
68: Violnao
69: Freezpi
70: Elemfreez
71: Cyabing
72: Sectspii
73: Elemsect
74: Limchong
75: Metaspii
76: Elemmeta
77: Silvgang
78: Ursib
79: Honsiatic
80: Moolk
81: Holstow
82: Kudahashi
83: Quackquack
84: Sokuquack
85: Oshidarin
86: Hikatanji
87: Xiyquorii
88: Same
89: Gotin
90: Naemoclan
91: Rokugorral
92: Kekackle
93: Onruku
94: Sanrokukera
95: Jhole
96: Rhodyard
97: Ahyazi
98: Ipplaw
99: Crabbidatra
100: Scallanseill
101: Muolar
102: Xirdoro
103: Yuxiarang
104: Kolokni
105: Lujisel
106: Sibyuaria
107: Martey
108: Conqartray
109: Evox
110: Shanxid
111: Shanxid2
112: Shanxid-X
113: Yuka
114: Loayuka
115: Vasuna
116: Gabala
117: Logobla
118: Virito
119: Upwork
120: Dysong
121: Baodhu
122: Wazhou
123: Walquin
124: Walausoleum
125: Coqonet
126: Badmagel
127: Daotinton
128: Choper
129: Minasuri
130: Obakanternoz
131: Pheaswin
132: Gokakyo
133: Méigúyóchó
134: Gexian
135: Monochromxian
136: Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan
137: Eyffer
138: Dimao
139: Tuditao
140: Koppear
141: Kororija
142: Korolatury
143: Clilit
144: Cliennin
145: Clinuyasha
146: Kosenwoe
147: Minowoe
148: Rora
149: Gestralis
150: Borelkao
151: Puxi
152: Emptruxi
153: Breaktarkuxi
154: Dochi
155: Dangdoki
156: Mokagami
157: Kaldd
158: Mocobloco
159: Daimuro
160: Mamruna
161: Pliolillion
162: Yunesa
163: Yukonnba
164: Yukatsura
165: Vakin
166: Takugusu
167: Bolvomorcas
168: Baibai
169: Baikubleet
170: Baizetuki
171: Bertthes
172: Hadeazoic
173: Kangzhen
174: Wogolia
175: Chancolf
176: Zhongshizzard
177: Tosho
178: Katie
179: Caroprixa
180: Snarbin
181: Swasnowo
182: Sphinthune
183: Clotop
184: Resculayas
185: Babverest
186: Mipard
187: Guancia
188: Ounc-Lung
189: Fulet
190: Urasno
191: Strixkuro
192: Yeroll
193: Yemitch
194: Yexueruu
195: Pigoil
196: Zhuice
197: Hongshlizzard
198: Xianruan
199: Whisyurno
200: Shassxun
201: Lasori
202: Clebble
203: Hayumi
204: Ti-Yanna
205: Yujathoven
206: Oripe
207: Ganocketz
208: Dandan
209: Roytang
210: Yangeralkryie
211: Snubbal
212: Clash-Nosed
213: Jollipthi
214: Langlang
215: Langlong
216: Langsplendor
217: Otamody
218: Guzhuto
219: Guzapluck
220: Guzapzither
221: Orayell
222: Yamashout
223: Sokuorabuscream
224: Cheercheer
225: Spiripom
226: Libendan
227: Howbrawl
228: Waawaalouwaa
229: Konjiscream
230: Biell
231: Chimzhon
232: Dynaslucia
233: Kozumi
234: Kozyama
235: Kozoatagi
236: Taocarina
237: Saridisa
238: Zelmeiss
239: Foupot
240: Clangaronza
241: Zhongor
242: Ferofero
243: Kerxue
244: Yuwiani
245: Myxfin
246: Scenobozu
247: Sharkoyudo
248: Bahalt
249: Suhalalt
250: Eltaigenesis
251: Bajjess
252: Yangzancer
253: Fangong
254: Dagaxong
255: Gekojiong
256: Whaloo
257: Wohcie
258: Whumpback
259: Cappa
260: Sarasube
261: Backaró
262: Puffugu
263: Takizuka
264: Carpmen
265: Shanxyu
266: Gommonia
267: Joryuga
268: Otowaime
269: Ambuno
270: Hameshi
271: Yokosura
272: Spinka
273: Aqurouta
274: Sozuko
275: Turatle
276: Theloshima
277: Tyujin
278: Nugull
279: Shanatross
280: Yangwei
281: Macaring
282: Mizeeque
283: Libbon
284: Iwaspealily
285: Oradish
286: Kikheargutan
287: Zhapole
288: Jibbit
289: Jingoreed
290: Skooter
291: Halloreeta
292: Geryscholtz
293: Cyrigumo
294: Taraguisa
295: Apisee
296: Ceranoney
297: Kunapisia
298: Harmaxy
299: Ridishuo
300: Herward
301: Chaoteetle
302: Dynaeng
303: Lirefly
304: Illumifly
305: Jiyukafly
306: Fiditi
307: Pulvajaw
308: Talmoninable
309: Clilor
310: Clilelateri
311: Clilscara
312: Lobro
313: Cleavneph
314: Yakihoma
315: Phascutter
316: Darsmid
317: Phobactena
318: Koucada
319: Xialarma
320: Guizaplayz
321: Glongo
322: Ngodiform
323: Shincgod
324: Tymph
325: Terhoho
326: Tunquan
327: Waboross
328: Lumbrithree
329: Millikade
330: Centikade
331: Kilokade
332: Koshus
333: Glylodge
334: Jochugesan
335: Tanisha
336: Toterasha
337: Totatotera
338: Larvra
339: Stringra
340: Boyxra
341: Hemander
342: Assisoeno
343: Ceramiaette
344: Manteach
345: Tenodsin
346: Shanhakka
347: Purchuy
348: Purchfessional
349: Purchjingg
350: Nurai
351: Nucworkk
352: Nucleshima
353: Manubot
354: Creatfactu
355: Toyonsha
356: Sushoct
357: Cleavokamui
358: Jozinger
359: Mazagai-V
360: Jinar
361: Jinyuard
362: Jingwutian
363: Globortune
364: Eritature
365: Prediztor
366: Shimasa
367: Vengo-Shimasa
368: Togetha-Shimasa
369: Arqlock
370: Buisun
371: Gun-De'Ann
372: Histiary
373: Slobberbook
374: Kameokeep
375: Niultair
376: Yoni
377: Rolkai
378: Rajinorr
379: Rogwai
380: Momora
381: Gloss
382: Titey
383: Hanritty
384: Tengurada
385: Fanuki
386: Nycbese
387: Danewster
388: Kanahito
389: Nyudhito
390: Konsairebo
391: Chuilf
392: Tiongxan
393: Huizoods
394: Terrorier
395: Fourswar
396: Ashzura
397: Cakiku
398: Byasaya
399: Samabancho
400: Gatty
401: Gatbese
402: Gatkídó
403: Sutoblin
404: Tennryo
405: Nihonhito
406: Canditsu
407: Melsaisha
408: Todaisring
409: Hosotell
410: Noeasowe
411: Omitsu
412: Remembo
413: Forgetto
414: Kastutokoro
415: Shapasu
416: Tholbomasu
417: Wolkhmlasu
418: Ninza
419: Ghonibi
420: Jizgoku
421: Pugxue
422: Yijisanji
423: Jingzon
424: Finari
425: Jinjkami
426: Sónósé
427: Kúrgátá
428: QÍdáítá
429: Cisd
430: Tairisc
431: Maskahurl
432: Bestoclak
433: Nighwara
434: Michirano
435: Wanirini
436: Wancrakk
437: Wanakanju
438: Crackler
439: Hyenalayas
440: Dibex
441: Jikusibir
442: Anzhuzi
443: Odoldier
444: Sekigaspa
445: Nobunoda
446: Darsell
447: Dartuhoch
448: Darkuora
449: UwU
450: ZUwUZ
451: UowoU
452: Snoozaki
453: Mooneko
454: Kobscent
455: Bsukuyomi
456: Zokala
457: Manipao
458: Korchartt
459: Rhinunn
460: Nanzhu
461: Wudsiceros
462: Gysel
463: Gyoprol
464: Gymera
465: Raivet
466: Raiguma
467: Raijangmu
468: Fooji
469: Creamari
470: Qisamara
471: Guxiez
472: Kaihaencan
473: Anovol
474: Pthurera
475: Thyodan
476: Volrod
477: Beilduct
478: Elanzapp
479: Plasdruk
480: Bhutyul
481: Tsendral
482: Bamminicate
483: Towokyo
484: Nestujin-25
485: Silly
486: Welgroov
487: Calcinus
488: Judolator
489: Amarsumer
490: Genergy
491: Gangó-Jize
492: Voltoud
493: Strikolimus
494: Thundakiri
495: Guttol
496: Calbperch
497: Faragraph
498: Cherishama
499: Kanzishama
500: Yuyankura
501: Fusee
502: Sangawise
503: Ruomreant
504: Bonose
505: Cypreeze
506: Nostjing
507: Bampoa
508: Willicela
509: Gokemboo
510: Peathrees
511: Podasatii
512: Pinglai
513: Pinesperity
514: Linshroom
515: Zhungusahungus
516: Shenwuhan
517: Mossreege
518: Lycoster
519: Bryoking
520: Cordcomy
521: Medicomy
522: Biodylia
523: Dai-Chi
524: Chújikon
525: Nishu
526: Zhorishu
527: Jyutpushu
528: Miaout
529: Polledao
530: Ragxing
531: Saimer
532: Saihhorweng
533: Planain
534: Pazhamusa
535: Wadock
536: Nishomokk
537: Folioanaka
538: Zaruma
539: Zodzidzarma
540: Clatterkuri
541: Ningykuri
542: Zayokuri
543: Zhulger
544: Zhutegist
545: Zhulianaral
546: Sha-Cla
547: Wan-Shaxi
548: Fan-Xorda
549: Sogol
550: Koflade
551: Samukura
552: Ttero
553: Deltactyl
554: Pterlrenz
555: Atoscopic
556: Unstollide
557: Nihadron
558: Luckamori
559: Splikubi
560: Oonkeizami
561: Paccura
562: Hollhano
563: Terraplow
564: Compestone
565: Kuojun
566: Zhengyii
567: Zuxie
568: Mischiki
569: Warasera
570: Pangang
571: Shiegolin
572: Hookamanis
573: Qithron
574: Shynast
575: Huamperoraka
576: Guarl
577: Etherfeng
578: Bodhisyin
579: Phantari
580: Losunne
581: Kukodeed
582: Goegool
583: Pohunor
584: Virangshi
585: Kiyu
586: Yakunne
587: Okamyubi
588: Scroo
589: Scrozoku
590: Scrobunaga
591: Abubáfa
592: Furuubáfa
593: Kurayarbáfa
594: Yumi
595: Yulspook
596: Yuilpawimi
597: Hagihori
598: Powjara
599: Babaoshaw
600: Dollina
601: Poswish
602: Hinnachobbo
603: Dingoar
604: Taotoar
605: Zhoushakie
606: Snooky
607: Kyooky
608: Cueshotrooky
609: Kasabb
610: Kozoshoot
611: Obakubora
612: Shoace
613: Shokurul
614: Shoraraguardor
615: Separt
616: Selanter
617: Sebaigujii
618: Buzzled
619: Kyorinbar
620: Nusi
621: Kojinusi
622: Yorkryanusi
623: Chakrask
624: Chamahage
625: Chogakita
626: Katadai
627: Nihkana
628: Kunboku
629: Soldawn
630: Jiujevate
631: Qijiebing
632: Knzewalski
633: Batterzunga
634: Xiangightor
635: Cannook
636: Cartillery
637: Capaojuriot
638: Sibemei
639: Shivisor
640: Scholimination
641: Tradin
642: Jishuai
643: Kingmate
644: Huqi
645: Lancoyal
646: Queehuorisa
647: Xield
648: Jiantian
649: Hsinbreaker
650: Snobow
651: Chillista
652: Flarrbalist
653: Dajian
654: Wenshudo
655: Qiun
656: Xigua
657: Taixing
658: Dumi-Daiko
659: Daikachuiz
660: Saibat
661: Monoustrelle
662: Kihonzhou
663: Sensuchi
664: Fawtashata
665: Hanfyusha
666: Thruzang
667: Sanjiang
668: Paestulong
669: Typicrow
670: Sengarow
671: Yaturamusa
672: Nyússet
673: Kickle
674: Kamtaickle
675: Kamaiseiken
676: Breezkit
677: Kitiang
678: Hongainbow
679: Venga-2
680: Lomar-5
681: Apllong-11
682: Tozu
683: Wethayamai
684: Propz
685: Hovopz
686: Nirvortropz
687: Yogenpunk
688: Torsay
689: Aviaeamogen
690: Waxor
691: Arycilla
692: Garjada
693: Peavoni
694: Fowlmarish
695: Kartipavo
696: Hoopy
697: Legahopa
698: Ueprox
699: Crankane
700: Anespeeder
701: Lucrong
702: Aoher
703: Heroguu
704: Goiaosugi
705: Jellmi
706: Aviatelii
707: Wuzetialkii
708: Kohanjii
709: Kotolots
710: Kotoluations
711: Kotoedoria
712: Shelam
713: Shemerge
714: Shenirage
715: Cacture
716: Qeejgaro
717: Lushagoba
718: Elemax
719: Syriderm
720: Mohansha
721: Sekigumo
722: Ushcosma
723: Gyukarach
724: Squirrlinosh
725: Nobusunosh
726: Yamakachosh
727: Stelstar
728: Suzhoot
729: Xihsiua
730: Nobiastretchi
731: Balseer
732: Shikyudo
733: Nilind
734: Nihandari
735: Nitytelez
736: Skongming
737: Lanspecia
738: Zeppboku
739: Toratch
740: Dengruang
741: Kenflamz
742: Pixion
743: Taraspix
744: Huow Huow
745: Huoijing
746: Huokunloz
747: Firon
748: Jirnace
749: Guanrong
750: Maskorch
751: Sharmuoxi
752: Blazilati
753: Blazikinii
754: Blaziyania
755: Pudibi
756: Inkaso
757: Jackoyaku
758: Blazyu
759: Torchinder
760: Huochufiong
761: Erumano
762: Outhongu
763: Volcaterasu
764: Juji
765: Hataku
766: Fujitong
767: Jyalock
768: Jystal
769: Jyushanor
770: Doljizo
771: Stoai
772: Maozed
773: Yanhuan
774: Dowina
775: Kantwina
776: Nihoshowina
777: Qi-Cras
778: Qi-Geddon
779: Qi-Guigan
780: Tricai
781: Dodecai
782: Glazamcai
783: Snapane
784: Builndes
785: Kaijibuild
786: Bountaraptor
787: Blugoliskae
788: Auronirst
789: Xuivian
790: Sautae
791: Subakophus
792: Gisuchu
793: Stenudspine
794: Donzhetan
795: Mesozimimus
796: Molshinsha
797: Wakadigz
798: Sesshake
799: Sestott
800: Sestamagez
801: Bubuffle
802: Suffalo
803: Wujiustra
804: Bearisa
805: Splitear
806: Arctomaritt
807: Sandywig
808: Earclanch
809: Khorkavor
810: Tombankh
811: Mummankh
812: Xianshankh
813: Terrxian
814: Huacotta
815: Shaanxqin
816: Altaiwa
817: Altadeer
818: Altaduan
819: Kagaint
820: Pagodtrait
821: Inwali-13-0
822: Cricker
823: Cemeter
824: Dumacroft
825: Dozr
826: Excdrizr
827: Shantuzr
828: Gobeat
829: Homrilla
830: Smash Kong
831: Catopitten
832: Pardomar
833: Seumor
834: Niudger
835: Melogdaoz
836: Tigben
837: Tigaplus
838: Guan Tigris
839: Yaoshe
840: Payao
841: Sichuadder
842: Shison
843: Shisulunge
844: Shisyukyuan
845: Fumainu
846: Mingainu
847: Singhainu
848: Mittens
849: Fudge
850: Baknekk
851: Shachomp
852: Shavyhavy
853: Shacoknaught
854: Komovko
855: Komoranus
856: Komozuryu
857: Liotic
858: Simroar
859: Narasikator
860: Sinoc
861: Yangzadile
862: Xioamalliz
863: Zippo
864: Keepippo
865: Menagirippo
866: Wuskk
867: Qinxiuskk
868: Mukar
869: Gorukar
870: Joikarazo
871: Flongo
872: Hirarage
873: Wiamur
874: Chunpard
875: Lia-Mui
876: Hedgitang
877: Rolliquan
878: Dishor
879: Cricktráín
880: Grylldóúsháy
881: Tea-Phi
882: Serv-Phi
883: Cheng-Phi
884: Futter
885: Cinxyutter
886: Gakuenutter
887: Chekido
888: Marthlattle
889: Toamy
890: Convume
891: Nankiboett
892: Okurabi
893: Murgethal
894: Cobazi
895: Najatra
896: Elapguarr
897: Fooshi
898: Nirezushi
899: Oliveaae
900: Marticene
901: Scorchurin
902: Gourdax
903: Gouritoff
904: Gourtoji
905: Pokebox
906: Gregonel
907: Astngyao
908: Terastecker
909: Sludgood
910: Horyosutsuki
911: Slasic
912: Glompeppó
913: Emakia
914: Vipvip
915: Korongkorong
916: Phangphang
917: Bruhperial
918: Salibody
919: Replamander
920: Adacrypto
921: Larbon
922: Wukibbon
923: Suwakan
924: Cobero
925: Shagasha
926: Bicarry
927: Bixlift
928: Bixavhinku
929: Yenny
930: Tosyenny
931: Konoblingz
932: PerfMONE
933: CybAI
934: FramIGHTS
935: Phreave
936: Typhaqua
937: Brotlantis
938: Drispin
939: Drillbole
940: Drillugan
941: Shórry
942: Shózhong
943: Shókuiyuk
944: Fis-Tist
945: Kun-Lun
946: Dann-Rann
947: Otari
948: Foxoji
949: Giojshino
950: Trutrull
951: Vantmag
952: Karptimus
953: Schozomi
954: Morazomi
955: Kanojazomi
956: Spusubo
957: Lyssubo
958: Feralasubor
959: Roquer
960: Conceptauu
961: Sonatron
962: Nagiyana
963: Honnimino
964: Kiyoria
965: Arinnocent
966: Luminnoscent
967: Kofuhinnocent
968: Kabukair
969: Kabukance
970: Kabukizumo
971: Debbo
972: Hohnivil
973: Samátan
974: Burrpossible
975: Clonurr
976: Kantlivama
977: Guckerel
978: Dyunrang
979: Scombtou
980: Oyser
981: Oilopec
982: Orayanxa
983: Choo-Choo
984: Chonorail
985: Chinkasen
986: Seflick
987: Chinwayy
988: Shuriyushi
989: Bohirayushi
990: Osakarayushi
991: Phocoseal
992: Narzhou
993: Detera
994: Minstela
995: Chromium
996: Rolone
997: Inderonent
998: Ukikara
999: Jhattan
1000: Josetress
1001: Jiduaejebo
1002: Chauong
1003: Kwonong
1004: Gamelong
1005: Consoll
1006: Smithoroll
1007: Ganmojyoll
1008: Fihand
1009: Slarine
1010: Guillaeger
1011: Lubop
1012: Spotqing
1013: Tigadao
1014: Cuvet
1015: Borobroom
1016: Vehirotron
1017: Motocc
1018: Wheelume
1019: Zhejibalt
1020: Pilrol
1021: Pisopill
1022: Phynosca
1023: Taipot
1024: Kitchita
1025: Setockery
1026: P-D
1027: Compacdd
1028: Discussel
1029: Pladiamond
1030: Glisticheer
1031: Karorreu
1032: Paclub
1033: Clobbotchi
1034: Trefreuz
1035: Paspade
1036: Shovlong
1037: Lauschippe
1038: Paheart
1039: Soldooch
1040: Coeherz
1041: Texmoji
1042: Emoguarr
1043: Kuraiba
1044: Wilquat
1045: Pectiquat
1046: Stiparuiquat
1047: Liuyade
1048: Willade
1049: Lauhichia
1050: Gimtop
1051: Gimaphilo
1052: Hey
1053: Plesto
1054: Doding
1055: Goahpia
1056: Rollzhon
1057: Hinowilla
1058: Ookyoshu
1059: Gazokonemeon
1060: Slinkgou
1061: Acolchon
1062: Giengbao
1063: Blikiros
1064: Zhilixii
1065: Pileyez
1066: Hyakueyez
1067: Pizzice
1068: Marghamia
1069: Ravigheretia
1070: Noodels
1071: Suoghetti
1072: Pythudon
1073: Qilly
1074: Qiricon
1075: Qiansenri
1076: Wompling
1077: Kongwon
1078: Huanangzi
1079: Libet
1080: Milestal
1081: Gansenzang
1082: Heilf
1083: Wuchtwo
1084: Bixie And Wujifan
1085: Ushagi
1086: Lunochi
1087: Qiamese
1088: Miqia
1089: Hebalii
1090: Puling
1091: Tulidge
1092: Buliscream
1093: Carlong
1094: Serzlong
1095: Yinghuci
1096: Hatchil
1097: Therosaur
1098: Tyrannomidia
1099: Valbalt
1100: Procelym
1101: Hantage
1102: Chazu
1103: Chashotou
1104: Chahdora
1105: Mulill
1106: Gorosaurus
1107: Nukzilla
1108: Deloat
1109: Qingzhou
1110: Kambomara
1111: Runnamet
1112: Runnamill
1113: Runnaboltsai
1114: Europhump
1115: Omsutakaa
1116: Sodge
1117: Dodgerow
1118: Kamoshyala
1119: Yabilly
1120: Kamagoaka
1121: Jimomoto
1122: Mulbowwy
1123: Manchin Hood
1124: Kendel
1125: Kenhinai
1126: Kenshikama
1127: Goalox
1128: Locfender
1129: Nluitair
1130: NBBall
1131: NBBlunk
1132: NBBwazhi
1133: Zhaennis
1134: Tingtong
1135: Liniakout
1136: U.B.O
1137: S.U.R.B.U.N
1138: X.T.R.A.S.H.O
1139: Go-Go
1140: Go-Igol
1141: Go-Weiqi
1142: Splatta
1143: Obstractta
1144: Zaowouroth
1145: Tamatigami
1146: Katamakami
1147: Orizurushrami
1148: Slusabi
1149: Horacamole
1150: Rubbeld
1151: Stretchong
1152: Elastrong
1153: Inkee
1154: N'ghftog
1155: N'ghulhu
1156: Nurikall
1157: Blokvisibl
1158: Castikaber
1159: Allbushi
1160: Terraganstu
1161: Vehimestor
1162: Fidhu
1163: Erqinn
1164: Tangagao
1165: Gashap
1166: Kaiyashia
1167: Blastdit
1168: Bomboozle
1169: Hando
1170: Lingernail
1171: Dywarpalm
1172: Flegmingo
1173: Prosstandus
1174: Yazaipinkado
1175: Celebcako
1176: Yiya
1177: Ngucii
1178: Balanlongg
1179: Qilan
1180: Qiglien
1181: Qirauora
1182: Feningo
1183: Huafowl
1184: Fengphuang
1185: Sposhi
1186: Guiroshi
1187: Linggaroshi
1188: Koiwn
1189: Amurgui
1190: Cyrpishen
1191: Tarley
1192: Poacist
1193: Rachirina
1194: Hidry
1195: Hiderithirst
1196: Hidzhangyu
1197: Saoppu
1198: Saokippu
1199: Saojampox
1200: Saku
1201: Tapream
1202: Goodbight
1203: Stamer
1204: Bearampa
1205: Sherproved
1206: Peclod
1207: Sutaró
1208: Xyanuan
1209: Xanzangott
1210: Baiss
1211: Yubaizer
1212: Soge
1213: Shibakoyn
1214: Charco-Polo
1215: Buzkarushu
1216: Pardao
1217: Heilosseus
1218: Monula
1219: Jarlaris
1220: Mikiánzé
1221: Jackpot
1222: Susoretic
1223: Susokami
1224: Susanoperial
1225: Kokiki
1226: Kohanii
1227: Kosakuri
1228: Wayama
1229: Tsutsumi
1230: Kanagaror
1231: Daijite
1232: Doubldai
1233: Yorochi
1234: Qut-Itchi
1235: Wu-Ni
1236: Xili-Mittsu
1237: Sánx-Dá
1238: Godyo
1239: Azwryu
1240: Nisiga
1241: Minillion
1242: Kitorr
1243: Zhonon
1244: Golvhai
1245: Silvhai
1246: Jadorvhai
1247: Shijora
1248: Chuan
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For the final premium file of this year, no longer will you need to wonder when each Pokémon in the Oriva Region will evolve, as it will be shown here! Note that only Pokémon that can evolve will be shown in this guide.
Base FormEvolution RequirementsEvolves To...
RatreeLevel 16Plalsei
PlalseiLevel 36Splinbhira
BulleingLevel 16Oxei-Shan
Oxei-ShanLevel 36Vajiroxx
TisagatoLevel 16Wivigris
WivigrisLevel 36Mihidal
RabbituLevel 16Tulituu
TulituuLevel 36Antylista
MaorssLevel 16Chargorss
ChargorssLevel 36Indakuzou
HylonLevel 16Chenlong
ChenlongLevel 36Majiryu
GoateweLevel 16Ewacreep
EwacreepLevel 36Pajiranda
GloosterLevel 16Fowcelian
FowcelianLevel 36Sindestival
SnakuzLevel 16Slithasplash
SlithasplashLevel 36Sandibai
FoinkerLevel 16Bajlonkerr
BajlonkerrLevel 36Vikarlarzhu
FutogLevel 16Zhuvanced
ZhuvancedLevel 36Cactolord
BrinkeyLevel 16Mediun
MediunLevel 36Wukura
IblingLevel 16Creston
CrestonLevel 36Threskarlet
BinterridLevel 20Arktasli
ChorliLevel 10Coonscar
CoonscarLevel 28Crickorever
PandooLevel 20Shaanda
ShaandaLevel 43Mogoda
ReddensLevel 18Studgar
StudgarLevel 37Srhutan
GrospiiLevel 22Elemgro
ElemgroLeaf StoneVerdcao
FlaspiiLevel 22Elemflaa
ElemflaaFire StoneCrimshuo
WasspiiLevel 22Elemwas
ElemwasWater StoneAzhui
VolspiiLevel 22Elemvol
ElemvolThunder StoneVermilldian
ClospiiLevel 22Elemclo
ElemcloMoon StoneChalkongqi
MinspiiLevel 22Elemmin
ElemminTrade holding a King's RockViolnao
FreezpiLevel 22Elemfreez
ElemfreezIce StoneCyabing
SectspiiLevel 22Elemsect
ElemsectLevel 35 while holding HoneyLimchong
MetaspiiLevel 22Elemmeta
ElemmetaTrade holding a Metal CoatSilvgang
UrsibLevel 15 while holding HoneyHonsiatic
MoolkLevel 20Holstow
HolstowLevel 45Kudahashi
QuackquackLevel 19Sokuquack
SokuquackLevel 36Oshidarin
GotinLevel 22Naemoclan
NaemoclanLevel 36Rokugorral
KekackleLevel 25Onruku
OnrukuLevel 41Sanrokukera
JholeLevel 23Rhodyard
RhodyardLevel 40Ahyazi
IpplawLevel 23Crabbidatra
CrabbidatraLevel 37Scallanseill
MuolarLevel 26Xirdoro
XirdoroLevel 42Yuxiarang
KolokniLevel 23Lujisel
LujiselLevel 40Sibyuaria
MarteyLevel 22Conqartray
ConqartrayLevel 39Evox
ShanxidLevel 30Shanxid2
Shanxid2Level 45Shanxid-X
YukaLevel 21Loayuka
LoayukaLevel 37Vasuna
GabalaLevel 21Logobla
LogoblaLevel 37Virito
UpworkLevel 22Dysong
DysongLevel 37Baodhu
WazhouLevel 26Walquin
WalquinLevel 43Walausoleum
CoqonetLevel 22Badmagel
BadmagelLevel 37Daotinton
ChoperLevel 22Minasuri
MinasuriLevel 38Obakanternoz
PheaswinLevel 24Gokakyo
GokakyoLevel 40Méigúyóchó
GexianLevel 25Monochromxian
MonochromxianLevel 36Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan
EyfferLevel 24Dimao
DimaoLevel 36Tuditao
KoppearLevel 23Kororija
KororijaLevel 37Korolatury
ClilitLevel 24Cliennin
ClienninLevel 36Clinuyasha
RoraLevel 22Gestralis
GestralisLevel 38Borelkao
PuxiLevel 23Emptruxi
EmptruxiLevel 38Breaktarkuxi
DochiLevel 20Dangdoki
DangdokiLevel 38Mokagami
KalddLevel 23Mocobloco
MocoblocoLevel 33Daimuro
MamrunaLevel 40Pliolillion
YunesaLevel 25Yukonnba
YukonnbaLevel 36Yukatsura
VakinLevel 30Takugusu
TakugusuLevel 41Bolvomorcas
BaibaiLevel 28Baikubleet
BaikubleetLevel 38Baizetuki
BertthesLevel 28Hadeazoic
HadeazoicLevel 41Kangzhen
WogoliaLevel 26Chancolf
ChancolfLevel 36Zhongshizzard
ToshoLevel 27Katie
KatieLevel 38Caroprixa
SnarbinLevel 22Swasnowo
SwasnowoLevel 37Sphinthune
ClotopLevel 24Resculayas
ResculayasLevel 37Babverest
MipardLevel 25Guancia
GuanciaLevel 38Ounc-Lung
FuletLevel 20Urasno
UrasnoLevel 36Strixkuro
YerollLevel 25Yemitch
YemitchLevel 35Yexueruu
PigoilLevel 27Zhuice
ZhuiceLevel 44Hongshlizzard
LasoriLevel 21Clebble
ClebbleLevel 36Hayumi
Ti-YannaLevel 30Yujathoven
OripeLevel 30Ganocketz
DandanLevel 21Roytang
RoytangLevel 32Yangeralkryie
SnubbalLevel 17Clash-Nosed
Clash-NosedLevel 30Jollipthi
LanglangLevel 28Langlong
LanglongLevel 40Langsplendor
GuzhutoLevel 24Guzapluck
GuzapluckLevel 38Guzapzither
OrayellLevel 23Yamashout
YamashoutLevel 38Sokuorabuscream
CheercheerLevel 24Spiripom
SpiripomLevel 38Libendan
HowbrawlLevel 25Waawaalouwaa
WaawaalouwaaLevel 39Konjiscream
BiellLevel 24Chimzhon
ChimzhonLevel 36Dynaslucia
KozumiLevel 24Kozyama
KozyamaLevel 37Kozoatagi
TaocarinaLevel 25Saridisa
SaridisaLevel 39Zelmeiss
FoupotLevel 27Clangaronza
ClangaronzaLevel 35Zhongor
FeroferoLevel 18Kerxue
KerxueLevel 35Yuwiani
MyxfinLevel 26Scenobozu
ScenobozuLevel 36Sharkoyudo
BahaltLevel 24Suhalalt
SuhalaltLevel 38Eltaigenesis
BajjessLevel 26Yangzancer
FangongLevel 27Dagaxong
DagaxongLevel 37Gekojiong
WhalooLevel 30Wohcie
WohcieLevel 42Whumpback
CappaLevel 23Sarasube
SarasubeLevel 36Backaró
PuffuguLevel 33Takizuka
CarpmenWater StoneShanxyu
GommoniaLevel 23Joryuga
JoryugaLevel 36Otowaime
AmbunoLevel 27Hameshi
HameshiLevel 38Yokosura
SpinkaLevel 21Aqurouta
AquroutaLevel 36Sozuko
TuratleLevel 23Theloshima
TheloshimaLevel 37Tyujin
NugullLevel 25Shanatross
ShanatrossLevel 41Yangwei
MacaringLevel 30Mizeeque
LibbonLevel 30Iwaspealily
OradishLevel 30Kikheargutan
ZhapoleLevel 21Jibbit
JibbitLevel 36Jingoreed
SkooterLevel 24Halloreeta
HalloreetaLevel 36Geryscholtz
CyrigumoLevel 24Taraguisa
ApiseeLevel 17Ceranoney
CeranoneyLevel 35 while holding HoneyKunapisia
HarmaxyLevel 21Ridishuo
HerwardLevel 26Chaoteetle
ChaoteetleLevel 40Dynaeng
LireflyLevel 21Illumifly
IllumiflyLevel 37Jiyukafly
FiditiLevel 23Pulvajaw
PulvajawLevel 38Talmoninable
ClilorLevel 22Clilelateri
ClilelateriLevel 38Clilscara
LobroLevel 28Cleavneph
CleavnephLevel 40Yakihoma
PhascutterLevel 24Darsmid
DarsmidLevel 37Phobactena
KoucadaLevel 23Xialarma
XialarmaLevel 37Guizaplayz
GlongoLevel 29Ngodiform
NgodiformLevel 43Shincgod
TymphLevel 16Terhoho
TerhohoLevel 35Tunquan
WaborossLevel 33Lumbrithree
MillikadeLevel 26Centikade
CentikadeLevel 38Kilokade
KoshusLevel 30Glylodge
GlylodgeLevel 40Jochugesan
TanishaLevel 23Toterasha
ToterashaLevel 37Totatotera
LarvraLevel 30Stringra
StringraLevel 40Boyxra
HemanderLevel 26Assisoeno
AssisoenoLevel 37Ceramiaette
ManteachLevel 18Tenodsin
TenodsinLevel 36Shanhakka
PurchuyLevel 24Purchfessional
PurchfessionalLevel 37Purchjingg
NuraiLevel 28Nucworkk
NucworkkLevel 37Nucleshima
ManubotLevel 23Creatfactu
CreatfactuLevel 36Toyonsha
SushoctLevel 28Cleavokamui
JozingerLevel 36Mazagai-V
JinarLevel 22Jinyuard
JinyuardLevel 37Jingwutian
GlobortuneLevel 24Eritature
EritatureLevel 37Prediztor
ShimasaLevel 25Vengo-Shimasa
Vengo-ShimasaLevel 35Togetha-Shimasa
ArqlockLevel 24Buisun
BuisunLevel 36Gun-De'Ann
HistiaryLevel 28Slobberbook
SlobberbookLevel 38Kameokeep
YoniLevel 20Rolkai
RolkaiLevel 36Rajinorr
RogwaiLevel 20Momora
MomoraLevel 30Gloss
TiteyLevel 23Hanritty
HanrittyLevel 36Tengurada
FanukiLevel 20Nycbese
NycbeseLevel 36Danewster
KanahitoLevel 23Nyudhito
NyudhitoLevel 37Konsairebo
ChuilfLevel 24Tiongxan
TiongxanLevel 37Huizoods
TerrorierLevel 24Fourswar
FourswarLevel 44Ashzura
CakikuLevel 18Byasaya
ByasayaLevel 37Samabancho
GattyLevel 28Gatbese
GatbeseLevel 43Gatkídó
SutoblinLevel 25Tennryo
TennryoLevel 35Nihonhito
CanditsuLevel 23Melsaisha
MelsaishaLevel 37Todaisring
HosotellLevel 23Noeasowe
NoeasoweLevel 37Omitsu
RememboLevel 24Forgetto
ForgettoMax HappinessKastutokoro
ShapasuLevel 24Tholbomasu
TholbomasuLevel 37Wolkhmlasu
NinzaLevel 18Ghonibi
GhonibiLevel 36Jizgoku
PugxueLevel 23Yijisanji
YijisanjiLevel 37Jingzon
FinariLevel 28Jinjkami
SónóséLevel 25Kúrgátá
KúrgátáLevel 37QÍdáítá
CisdLevel 24Tairisc
TairiscLevel 38Maskahurl
BestoclakLevel 28Nighwara
NighwaraLevel 38Michirano
WaniriniLevel 27Wancrakk
WancrakkLevel 39Wanakanju
CracklerIce StoneHyenalayas
DibexLevel 24Jikusibir
JikusibirLevel 37Anzhuzi
OdoldierLevel 24Sekigaspa
SekigaspaLevel 38Nobunoda
DarsellLevel 25Dartuhoch
DartuhochLevel 38Darkuora
UwULevel 23ZUwUZ
ZUwUZLevel 38UowoU
MoonekoLevel 21Kobscent
KobscentLevel 37Bsukuyomi
ZokalaLevel 22Manipao
ManipaoLevel 35Korchartt
RhinunnLevel 27Nanzhu
NanzhuLevel 38Wudsiceros
GyselLevel 22Gyoprol
GyoprolLevel 38Gymera
RaivetLevel 24Raiguma
RaigumaLevel 36Raijangmu
FoojiLevel 24Creamari
CreamariLevel 36Qisamara
GuxiezThunder StoneKaihaencan
AnovolLevel 24Pthurera
PthureraLevel 37Thyodan
VolrodLevel 23Beilduct
BeilductLevel 36Elanzapp
PlasdrukLevel 28Bhutyul
BhutyulLevel 38Tsendral
BamminicateLevel 34Towokyo
TowokyoLevel 44Nestujin-25
SillyLevel 28Welgroov
CalcinusLevel 24Judolator
JudolatorLevel 38Amarsumer
GenergyTrade holding a King's RockGangó-Jize
VoltoudLevel 24Strikolimus
StrikolimusLevel 38Thundakiri
GuttolLevel 23Calbperch
CalbperchLevel 37Faragraph
CherishamaLevel 20Kanzishama
KanzishamaLevel 36Yuyankura
FuseeLevel 27Sangawise
SangawiseLevel 39Ruomreant
BonoseLevel 22Cypreeze
CypreezeLevel 37Nostjing
BampoaLevel 21Willicela
WillicelaLevel 36Gokemboo
PeathreesLevel 24Podasatii
PinglaiLeaf StonePinesperity
LinshroomLevel 22Zhungusahungus
ZhungusahungusLevel 36Shenwuhan
MossreegeLevel 23Lycoster
LycosterLevel 38Bryoking
CordcomyLevel 24Medicomy
MedicomyLevel 37Biodylia
Dai-ChiLevel 27Chújikon
NishuLevel 26Zhorishu
ZhorishuLevel 36Jyutpushu
MiaoutLevel 25Polledao
PolledaoLevel 37Ragxing
SaimerLevel 34Saihhorweng
PlanainLevel 32Pazhamusa
WadockLevel 23Nishomokk
NishomokkLevel 37Folioanaka
ZarumaLevel 28Zodzidzarma
ClatterkuriLevel 23Ningykuri
NingykuriLevel 38Zayokuri
ZhulgerLevel 24Zhutegist
ZhutegistLevel 37Zhulianaral
Sha-ClaLevel 25Wan-Shaxi
Wan-ShaxiLevel 41Fan-Xorda
SogolLevel 18Koflade
KofladeLevel 36Samukura
TteroLevel 25Deltactyl
DeltactylLevel 37Pterlrenz
AtoscopicLevel 24Unstollide
UnstollideLevel 36Nihadron
LuckamoriLevel 25Splikubi
SplikubiLevel 37Oonkeizami
PaccuraLevel 25Hollhano
HollhanoLevel 36Terraplow
CompestoneLevel 23Kuojun
KuojunLevel 37Zhengyii
ZuxieLevel 22Mischiki
MischikiLevel 35Warasera
PangangLevel 23Shiegolin
ShiegolinLevel 37Hookamanis
QithronLevel 24Shynast
ShynastLevel 37Huamperoraka
GuarlLevel 23Etherfeng
EtherfengLevel 37Bodhisyin
PhantariLevel 24Losunne
LosunneLevel 37Kukodeed
GoegoolLevel 23Pohunor
PohunorLevel 34Virangshi
KiyuLevel 24Yakunne
YakunneLevel 38Okamyubi
ScrooLevel 25Scrozoku
ScrozokuLevel 37Scrobunaga
AbubáfaLevel 23Furuubáfa
FuruubáfaLevel 38Kurayarbáfa
YumiLevel 24Yulspook
YulspookLevel 36Yuilpawimi
HagihoriLevel 25Powjara
PowjaraIce StoneBabaoshaw
DollinaLevel 23Poswish
PoswishLevel 37Hinnachobbo
DingoarLevel 23Taotoar
TaotoarLevel 40Zhoushakie
SnookyLevel 24Kyooky
KyookyLevel 37Cueshotrooky
KasabbLevel 25Kozoshoot
KozoshootLevel 38Obakubora
ShoaceLevel 35Shokurul
ShokurulLevel 45Shoraraguardor
SepartLevel 23Selanter
SelanterLevel 37Sebaigujii
BuzzledLevel 35Kyorinbar
NusiLevel 26Kojinusi
KojinusiLevel 38Yorkryanusi
ChakraskLevel 24Chamahage
ChamahageLevel 37Chogakita
KatadaiLevel 23Nihkana
NihkanaLevel 36Kunboku
SoldawnLevel 24Jiujevate
JiujevateLevel 40Qijiebing
KnzewalskiLevel 24Batterzunga
BatterzungaLevel 40Xiangightor
CannookLevel 24Cartillery
CartilleryLevel 40Capaojuriot
SibemeiLevel 24Shivisor
ShivisorLevel 40Scholimination
TradinLevel 24Jishuai
JishuaiLevel 40Kingmate
HuqiLevel 24Lancoyal
LancoyalLevel 40Queehuorisa
XieldLevel 24Jiantian
JiantianLevel 38Hsinbreaker
SnobowLevel 27Chillista
ChillistaLevel 40Flarrbalist
DajianLevel 31Wenshudo
QiunLevel 31Xigua
TaixingLevel 22Dumi-Daiko
Dumi-DaikoLevel 36Daikachuiz
SaibatLevel 21Monoustrelle
MonoustrelleLevel 37Kihonzhou
SensuchiLevel 23Fawtashata
FawtashataLevel 37Hanfyusha
ThruzangLevel 28Sanjiang
SanjiangLevel 37Paestulong
TypicrowLevel 23Sengarow
SengarowLevel 37Yaturamusa
KickleLevel 22Kamtaickle
KamtaickleLevel 36Kamaiseiken
BreezkitLevel 23Kitiang
KitiangLevel 36Hongainbow
Venga-2Level 30Lomar-5
Lomar-5Level 40Apllong-11
TozuLevel 27Wethayamai
PropzLevel 28Hovopz
HovopzLevel 37Nirvortropz
YogenpunkLevel 23Torsay
TorsayLevel 36Aviaeamogen
WaxorLevel 18Arycilla
ArycillaLevel 37Garjada
PeavoniLevel 21Fowlmarish
FowlmarishTrade holding a King's RockKartipavo
HoopyLevel 22Legahopa
LegahopaLevel 38Ueprox
CrankaneLevel 23Anespeeder
AnespeederLevel 36Lucrong
AoherLevel 26Heroguu
HeroguuLevel 37Goiaosugi
JellmiLevel 24Aviatelii
AviateliiLevel 37Wuzetialkii
KotolotsLevel 24Kotoluations
KotoluationsLevel 40Kotoedoria
ShelamLevel 23Shemerge
ShemergeLevel 37Shenirage
CactureLevel 25Qeejgaro
QeejgaroLevel 38Lushagoba
ElemaxLevel 24Syriderm
SyridermLevel 38Mohansha
SekigumoLevel 27Ushcosma
UshcosmaLevel 39Gyukarach
SquirrlinoshLevel 24Nobusunosh
NobusunoshLevel 38Yamakachosh
StelstarLevel 22Suzhoot
SuzhootLevel 36Xihsiua
NobiastretchiLevel 24Balseer
BalseerLevel 36Shikyudo
NilindLevel 27Nihandari
NihandariLevel 37Nitytelez
SkongmingLevel 24Lanspecia
LanspeciaLevel 37Zeppboku
ToratchLevel 21Dengruang
DengruangLevel 36Kenflamz
PixionFire StoneTaraspix
Huow HuowLevel 25Huoijing
HuoijingLevel 37Huokunloz
FironLevel 24Jirnace
JirnaceLevel 38Guanrong
MaskorchLevel 31Sharmuoxi
BlazilatiLevel 27Blazikinii
BlazikiniiLevel 38Blaziyania
PudibiLevel 25Inkaso
InkasoLevel 38Jackoyaku
BlazyuLevel 27Torchinder
TorchinderLevel 37Huochufiong
ErumanoLevel 27Outhongu
OuthonguLevel 38Volcaterasu
JujiLevel 24Hataku
HatakuLevel 37Fujitong
JyalockLevel 28Jystal
JystalLevel 39Jyushanor
StoaiLevel 30Maozed
MaozedLevel 44Yanhuan
DowinaLevel 21Kantwina
KantwinaLevel 36Nihoshowina
Qi-CrasLevel 31Qi-Geddon
Qi-GeddonLevel 42Qi-Guigan
TricaiLevel 27Dodecai
DodecaiLevel 37Glazamcai
SnapaneLevel 26Builndes
BuilndesLevel 38Kaijibuild
BountaraptorLevel 38Blugoliskae
AuronirstLevel 38Xuivian
SautaeLevel 38Subakophus
GisuchuLevel 38Stenudspine
MolshinshaMax HappinessWakadigz
SesshakeLevel 25Sestott
SestottLevel 36Sestamagez
BubuffleLevel 23Suffalo
SuffaloLevel 37Wujiustra
BearisaLevel 24Splitear
SplitearLevel 40Arctomaritt
SandywigLevel 25Earclanch
EarclanchLevel 40Khorkavor
TombankhLevel 28Mummankh
MummankhLevel 38Xianshankh
TerrxianLevel 23Huacotta
HuacottaLevel 37Shaanxqin
AltaiwaLevel 25Altadeer
AltadeerLevel 38Altaduan
KagaintLevel 21Pagodtrait
PagodtraitLevel 36Inwali-13-0
CrickerLevel 24Cemeter
CemeterLevel 38Dumacroft
DozrLevel 25Excdrizr
ExcdrizrLevel 37Shantuzr
GobeatLevel 25Homrilla
HomrillaLevel 40Smash Kong
CatopittenLevel 24Pardomar
PardomarLevel 36Seumor
NiudgerLevel 27Melogdaoz
TigbenLevel 24Tigaplus
TigaplusLevel 37Guan Tigris
YaosheLevel 24Payao
PayaoLevel 37Sichuadder
ShisonLevel 24Shisulunge
ShisulungeLevel 38Shisyukyuan
FumainuLevel 24Mingainu
MingainuLevel 36Singhainu
MittensLevel 18Fudge
FudgeLevel 37Baknekk
ShachompLevel 22Shavyhavy
ShavyhavyLevel 38Shacoknaught
KomovkoLevel 28Komoranus
KomoranusLevel 40Komozuryu
LioticLevel 20Simroar
SimroarLevel 36Narasikator
SinocLevel 26Yangzadile
YangzadileLevel 37Xioamalliz
ZippoLevel 28Keepippo
KeepippoLevel 37Menagirippo
WuskkLevel 26Qinxiuskk
MukarLevel 21Gorukar
GorukarLevel 36Joikarazo
FlongoLevel 44Hirarage
WiamurLevel 23Chunpard
ChunpardLevel 37Lia-Mui
HedgitangLevel 20Rolliquan
RolliquanLevel 35Dishor
CricktráínLevel 28Grylldóúsháy
Tea-PhiLevel 24Serv-Phi
Serv-PhiLevel 37Cheng-Phi
FutterLevel 23Cinxyutter
CinxyutterLevel 37Gakuenutter
ChekidoLevel 32Marthlattle
ToamyLevel 24Convume
ConvumeLevel 37Nankiboett
OkurabiLevel 30Murgethal
CobaziLevel 24Najatra
NajatraLevel 37Elapguarr
FooshiMax HappinessNirezushi
OliveaaeLevel 28Marticene
MarticeneLevel 38Scorchurin
GourdaxLevel 27Gouritoff
GouritoffLevel 34Gourtoji
PokeboxLevel 30Gregonel
GregonelLevel 42Astngyao
TerasteckerLevel 26Sludgood
SludgoodLevel 37Horyosutsuki
SlasicLevel 22Glompeppó
GlompeppóLevel 35Emakia
VipvipLevel 25Korongkorong
KorongkorongLevel 37Phangphang
SalibodyLevel 24Replamander
ReplamanderLevel 37Adacrypto
LarbonLevel 20Wukibbon
WukibbonLevel 36Suwakan
CoberoLevel 34Shagasha
BicarryLevel 31Bixlift
BixliftLevel 41Bixavhinku
YennyLevel 26Tosyenny
TosyennyLevel 37Konoblingz
PerfMONELevel 23CybAI
CybAILevel 33FramIGHTS
PhreaveLevel 28Typhaqua
TyphaquaLevel 38Brotlantis
DrispinLevel 24Drillbole
DrillboleLevel 37Drillugan
ShórryLevel 24Shózhong
ShózhongLevel 40Shókuiyuk
Fis-TistLevel 25Kun-Lun
Kun-LunLevel 37Dann-Rann
OtariLevel 24Foxoji
FoxojiLevel 38Giojshino
TrutrullLevel 25Vantmag
VantmagLevel 38Karptimus
SchozomiLevel 18Morazomi
MorazomiLevel 37Kanojazomi
SpusuboLevel 18Lyssubo
LyssuboLevel 37Feralasubor
RoquerLevel 25Conceptauu
ConceptauuLevel 38Sonatron
NagiyanaLevel 22Honnimino
HonniminoLevel 37Kiyoria
ArinnocentLevel 22Luminnoscent
LuminnoscentLevel 36Kofuhinnocent
KabukairLevel 24Kabukance
KabukanceLevel 37Kabukizumo
DebboLevel 24Hohnivil
HohnivilLevel 42Samátan
BurrpossibleLevel 24Clonurr
ClonurrLevel 37Kantlivama
GuckerelLevel 24Dyunrang
DyunrangLevel 37Scombtou
OyserLevel 23Oilopec
OilopecLevel 38Orayanxa
Choo-ChooLevel 23Chonorail
ChonorailLevel 38Chinkasen
SeflickLevel 27Chinwayy
ShuriyushiLevel 22Bohirayushi
BohirayushiLevel 36Osakarayushi
PhocosealTrade holding a Metal CoatNarzhou
DeteraLevel 30Minstela
MinstelaTrade holding a Metal CoatChromium
RoloneLevel 23Inderonent
InderonentLevel 36Ukikara
JhattanLevel 23Josetress
JosetressLevel 36Jiduaejebo
ChauongLevel 23Kwonong
KwonongLevel 38Gamelong
ConsollLevel 27Smithoroll
SmithorollLevel 38Ganmojyoll
FihandLevel 28Slarine
SlarineLevel 40Guillaeger
LubopLevel 24Spotqing
SpotqingLevel 39Tigadao
CuvetLevel 25Borobroom
BorobroomLevel 37Vehirotron
MotoccLevel 23Wheelume
WheelumeLevel 36Zhejibalt
PilrolLevel 31Pisopill
PisopillLevel 45Phynosca
TaipotLevel 20Kitchita
KitchitaLevel 35Setockery
P-DLevel 24Compacdd
CompacddLevel 37Discussel
PladiamondLevel 22Glisticheer
GlisticheerLevel 37Karorreu
PaclubLevel 22Clobbotchi
ClobbotchiLevel 37Trefreuz
PaspadeLevel 22Shovlong
ShovlongLevel 37Lauschippe
PaheartLevel 22Soldooch
SoldoochLevel 37Coeherz
TexmojiLevel 21Emoguarr
EmoguarrLevel 37Kuraiba
WilquatLevel 23Pectiquat
PectiquatLevel 35Stiparuiquat
LiuyadeLevel 21Willade
WilladeLevel 38Lauhichia
GimtopLevel 33Gimaphilo
HeyLevel 25Plesto
DodingLevel 26Goahpia
GoahpiaLevel 36Rollzhon
HinowillaLevel 23Ookyoshu
OokyoshuLevel 35Gazokonemeon
PileyezLevel 32Hyakueyez
PizziceLevel 23Marghamia
MarghamiaLevel 37Ravigheretia
NoodelsLevel 24Suoghetti
SuoghettiLevel 37Pythudon
QillyLevel 24Qiricon
QiriconLevel 36Qiansenri
WomplingLevel 23Kongwon
KongwonLevel 36Huanangzi
LibetLevel 24Milestal
MilestalLevel 38Gansenzang
HeilfLevel 24Wuchtwo
WuchtwoLevel 38Bixie And Wujifan
UshagiMoon StoneLunochi
QiameseLevel 23Miqia
MiqiaLevel 36Hebalii
PulingLevel 24Tulidge
TulidgeLevel 37Buliscream
CarlongLevel 28Serzlong
SerzlongLevel 38Yinghuci
HatchilLevel 27Therosaur
TherosaurLevel 40Tyrannomidia
ValbaltLevel 26Procelym
ProcelymLevel 38Hantage
ChazuLevel 33Chashotou
ChashotouLevel 45Chahdora
MulillLevel 32Gorosaurus
GorosaurusLevel 44Nukzilla
DeloatLevel 24Qingzhou
QingzhouLevel 38Kambomara
RunnametLevel 22Runnamill
RunnamillLevel 36Runnaboltsai
EurophumpLevel 37Omsutakaa
SodgeLevel 24Dodgerow
DodgerowLevel 37Kamoshyala
YabillyLevel 24Kamagoaka
KamagoakaLevel 41Jimomoto
MulbowwyLevel 28Manchin Hood
KendelLevel 22Kenhinai
KenhinaiLevel 35Kenshikama
GoaloxLevel 25Locfender
LocfenderLevel 38Niultair
NBBallLevel 24NBBlunk
NBBlunkLevel 37NBBwazhi
ZhaennisLevel 21Tingtong
TingtongLevel 36Liniakout
U.B.OLevel 27S.U.R.B.U.N
S.U.R.B.U.NLevel 43X.T.R.A.S.H.O
Go-GoLevel 24Go-Igol
Go-IgolLevel 35Go-Weiqi
SplattaLevel 26Obstractta
ObstracttaLevel 36Zaowouroth
TamatigamiLevel 23Katamakami
KatamakamiLevel 37Orizurushrami
SlusabiLevel 32Horacamole
RubbeldLevel 23Stretchong
StretchongLevel 36Elastrong
InkeeLevel 31N'ghftog
N'ghftogLevel 45N'ghulhu
NurikallLevel 30Blokvisibl
BlokvisiblLevel 40Castikaber
AllbushiLevel 22Terraganstu
TerraganstuLevel 37Vehimestor
FidhuLevel 22Erqinn
ErqinnLevel 38Tangagao
GashapLevel 30Kaiyashia
BlastditLevel 28Bomboozle
HandoLevel 24Lingernail
LingernailLevel 37Dywarpalm
FlegmingoLevel 22Prosstandus
ProsstandusLevel 37Yazaipinkado
YiyaLevel 24Ngucii
NguciiLevel 38Balanlongg
QilanLevel 24Qiglien
QiglienLevel 38Qirauora
FeningoLevel 24Huafowl
HuafowlLevel 38Fengphuang
SposhiLevel 24Guiroshi
GuiroshiLevel 38Linggaroshi
KoiwnLevel 25Amurgui
AmurguiWater StoneCyrpishen
TarleyLevel 25Poacist
PoacistLeaf StoneRachirina
HidryLevel 25Hiderithirst
HiderithirstFire StoneHidzhangyu
SaoppuLevel 25Saokippu
SaokippuThunder StoneSaojampox
SakuLevel 25Tapream
TapreamMoon StoneGoodbight
StamerLevel 25Bearampa
BearampaAny Evolution StoneSherproved
PeclodLevel 32Sutaró
XyanuanLevel 32Xanzangott
BaissLevel 32Yubaizer
SogeLevel 32Shibakoyn
Charco-PoloLevel 32Buzkarushu
PardaoLevel 32Heilosseus
SusoreticLevel 38Susokami
SusokamiLevel 50Susanoperial
KokikiLevel 37Kohanii
KohaniiLevel 49Kosakuri
WayamaLevel 39Tsutsumi
TsutsumiLevel 51Kanagaror
DaijiteLevel 40Doubldai
DoubldaiLevel 52Yorochi


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The fates were lying....a new premium file had been found in the final hours of this year! Every new held item introduced in the Oriva Region will be shown in this special chart. In addition, some older items (shown in bold) have been modified to serve a new purpose in battle. This even includes mundane items such as Repels, Honey, and Escape Ropes!
Item NameEffect
Abstract ArtPowers up all Wierd moves used by the wielder.
Ancient BangleWielder's Ancient Moves have +25% power.
Ancient CapsuleFully fills the Ancient Gauge when the wielder is sent into battle. One use only.
Ancient HerbFills the Ancient Gauge completely and makes it so the next use of it ignores Protect upon using a move of 120 or more power. One use only.
Ancient RationThe first time the wielder falls under 50% health, their Ancient Gauge completely fills, and their Ancient Move restores all of it's PP. One use only.
Ancient ScarfWielder's Ancient Gauge recharges faster.
Athama BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Athlete move. One use only.
Athlete GemPowers up the first Athlete move the wielder uses. One use only.
Beach GlassGrants the wielder a 50% chance to deflect a non-standard status condition, such as Taunt, back to the enemy.
Beast GemPowers up the first Beast move the wielder uses. One use only.
Black RockMakes Nighttime's duration last 8 turns instead of 5.
Chalky StoneWielder's evasion is increased by 50% on the turn they switch in.
Chana BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Time move. One use only.
Chebre BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Job move. One use only.
Ciphor BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Shadow move. One use only.
Cover LetterPowers up all Job moves used by the wielder.
Escape RopeIf the wielder would take lethal damage while it is the only Pokémon in the party, a defeated Pokémon is revived at 5% health, and the wielder switches out to it. One use only.
Glisca BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Light move. One use only.
Gorgon's ClawPowers up all Mythical moves used by the wielder.
Gralhaha BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Villain move. One use only.
Growlus BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Beast move. One use only.
Hero GemPowers up the first Hero move the wielder uses. One use only.
Hero's MaskPowers up all Hero moves used by the wielder.
HoneyRegenerates the wielder's health at the end of each turn if they have the Honey Gather Ability, at a higher rate than Leftovers.
Job GemPowers up the first Job move the wielder uses. One use only.
Leaf LetterWhen the wielder is knocked out, it's stat changes passes on to the next Pokémon. One use only.
Light GemPowers up the first Light move the wielder uses. One use only.
Lone EarringBoosts all stats if the wielder is the only Pokémon in the party.
LoudspeakerPowers up all Sound moves used by the wielder.
LureThe first time an enemy tries to switch against the wielder, there is a 50% chance that you choose the Pokémon to switch to. One use only, but only consumed if it works.
Magic GemPowers up the first Magic move the wielder uses. One use only.
Magic WandPowers up all Magic moves used by the wielder.
Mossy RockMakes Pollen Season's duration last 8 turns instead of 5.
Mythical GemPowers up the first Mythical move the wielder uses. One use only.
Oblivion RockMakes Shadow Sky's duration last 8 turns instead of 5.
Phorite BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Magic move. One use only.
Polished Mud BallAfter the wielder attacks, they throw the mud ball at the target as a Power 20 Special typeless attack that grounds airborne targets. One use only.
PrismPowers up all Light moves used by the wielder.
RepelThe first time an enemy tries to switch against the wielder, they instead switch to a random Pokémon in the party. One use only.
Savage PeltPowers up all Beast moves used by the wielder.
Shadow ContractPowers up all Shadow moves used by the wielder.
Shadow GemPowers up the first Shadow move the wielder uses. One use only.
Sound GemPowers up the first Sound move the wielder uses. One use only.
StopwatchPowers up all Time moves used by the wielder.
Strange SouvenirIf the wielder is hit by a critical hit, the Strange Souvenir breathes fire on the attacker: This is a Power 10 Special Fire move that hits 10 times with a chance to burn them. One use only.
Strelam BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Wierd move. One use only.
Stretchy SpringWhen the wielder damages the target with a contact move, they set a trap on the target. Their next contact move instead damages them.
Sworlw BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Mythical move. One use only.
Time GemPowers up the first Time move the wielder uses. One use only.
Toohoo BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Hero move. One use only.
Training ShoesPowers up all Athlete moves used by the wielder.
Tropical ShellIncreases the wielder's defence and special defence by 25% while they are in a form change.
Villain GemPowers up the first Villain move the wielder uses. One use only.
Villain's GogglesPowers up all Villain moves used by the wielder.
Wierd GemPowers up the first Wierd move the wielder uses. One use only.
Yakair BerryReduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by a super effective Sound move. One use only.


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The story rewrite is going very well, and now, you can finally see the rest of Chuan's abilities, now gained according to the number of Titans defeated, not specific ones. In addition, you will finally get to see it's signature move and it's ability! To start the sidequest to get the second Chuan, you must have seen every other Pokémon in the Oriva Pokédex!

One Titan: Dash: Allows Chuan to dash forwards, breaking apart small rocks in the process.
Two Titans: Swim: Chuan can now walk on water.
Three Titans: Glide: Press the right button during a fall to glide forwards.
Four Titans: Climb: Chuan can now climb up walls and cliffs.
Five Titans: Dive: Chuan can now dive underwater at certain spots to access new areas. In addition, it's dash can now break medium rocks.
Six Titans: Jump: Chuan can now jump higher, and while it's in the air, the appropriate button can be pressed to perform a double jump! It's gliding ability now lasts longer before it starts to lose altitude.
Seven Titans: Shrink: Chuan can now shrink itself by pressing the appropriate button. This allows it to access certain areas and make it harder to be spotted by wild Pokémon. In addition, Chuan now runs faster on land, and can dash while gliding.
Eight Titans: Charge: Chuan now runs faster the longer it's been running for. In addition, it's dash can now break large rocks.
Nine Titans: Waterfall: Chuan can now climb waterfalls, and moves even faster on water.
Ten Titans: Battle: With all Ten Titans defeated, Chuan regains it's full strength. It can now be used as a Pokémon in battle, starting at level 35, but like Koraidon and Miraidon, it cannot be traded. In addition, it will not record itself in the Pokédex. In addition, it's dash can now break void barriers which block the way to some of the Oriva Region's hardest challenges.
Shènglì: A Power 110 Physical Hero move that has Chuan strike the target with the might of the Oriva Region's mightiest generals. This move does more damage the higher the target's Ancient Gauge is. After use, Chuan switches out to a Pokémon in the party. The new Pokémon has their Ancient Gauge fully filled, and their next move is a guaranteed critical hit!
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Yǒngyuǎn: Chuan is immune to all Signature Ancient moves, and it's Ancient Moves have +5% power! While it's in your party, the Ancient Gauge fills in 5% faster.
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At last, the truth behind the signature Ancient Moves can finally be revealed! Due to the massive amount of Pokémon in the Oriva Region, this file will be split up into several different parts, the first of which covers all the Pokémon up to #292. Remember, only fully evolved Pokémon can learn them!
User of Ancient MoveName of Ancient MoveTypeCategoryPowerSpecial Effect
SplinbhiraSensei's Crane KickHeroPhysical
Uses Disable. Has a high critical hit ratio.
VajiroxxAxe Of The FirefightersFightingPhysical
May cause flinching, a burn, or lowered defence.
MihidalBlue Tiger's DiscriminationBeastPhysical
The more the target's defence is lowered, the stronger this attack is.
AntylistaGallant GalaxyAthletePhysical
Hits five times, each hit raising Attack by 1. Breaks through Protect.
IndakuzouMillion Volt RushElectricPhysical
Before use, steals all speed gains from all enemies. The higher the user's speed is raised, the stronger this attack is.
MajiryuRage Of The Azure DragonDragonSpecial
Uses Tidal Devastation.
PajirandaWhat Should We Do?GhostSpecial
Inflicts Curse, Taunt, Torment, and Disable. If the target already has those, power increases for each one.
SindestivalGlasswork FestivalFireSpecial
In Glazed Form, this traps the target in burning glass that damages it at the end of each turn, and burns and poisons it. Cures the user of all status conditions, increasing power if it does.
SandibaiEmperor's BiteWaterPhysical
Disables the target's ability for five turns, gives them a Water weakness for five turn, and sets up Embargo and Heal Block.
VikarlarzhuTravelling Pig's GardenGrassSpecial
Power doubles if the target is resistant to Grass moves. Sets up Grassy Terrain and Trusted Swine's energy field, and regenerates the user's health at the end of each turn.
CactolordCactura LaserVillainSpecial
Hits both enemies, and pierces through Protect. Destroys Screens and ignores Mirror Coat.
WukuraMonkey King's WisdomPsychicSpecial
Drains 3 PP from each of the target's moves. For each PP drained this way, the next Psychic attack the user uses has an increased critical hit ratio and power.
ThreskarletScarlet FeatherstormFlyingPhysical
At the start of the next five turns, leftover feathers damage the target for a 40 power Flying move. Hits enemies even when they're Flying or Digging.
ArktasliJumping BinterrongNormalPhysical
CrickoreverForever Necro CurseGhostStatusN/AFor five turns, if the user is damaged, the attacker takes the same amount of damage. Also inflicts Curse, Torment, and Heal Block on the target.
MogodaBamboo DemolisherGrassPhysical
Breaks screens, dealing more damage the lower the target's defence is.
SrhutanCrimson Teacher's BlazerFireSpecial
May cause a burn, and boosts the power of the user's next Fire or Magic attack by 50%.
VerdcaoEmerald BladeGrassPhysical
Targets all enemies. May activate Leech Seed. Power increases for each Grass Pokémon in the party.
CrimshuoRuby InfernoFireSpecial
Targets all enemies. May cause a Burn. Power increases for each Fire Pokémon in the party.
AzhuiSapphire TsunamiWaterSpecial
Targets all enemies. May activate Aqua Ring. Power increases for each Water Pokémon in the party.
VermilldianTopaz ThunderboltElectricSpecial
Targets all enemies. May cause Paralysis. Power increases for each Electric Pokémon in the party.
ChalkongqiOpal HurricaneFlyingSpecial
Targets all enemies. May activate Mist. Power increases for each Flying Pokémon in the party.
ViolnaoAmethyst Mind ShockPsychicSpecial
Targets all enemies. May cause confusion. Power increases for each Psychic Pokémon in the party.
CyabingTurquoise WhiteoutIceSpecial
Targets all enemies. May cause freezing. Power increases for each Ice Pokémon in the party.
LimchongGarnet Jaw BiteBugPhysical
Targets all enemies. May summon Infestation. Power increases for each Bug Pokémon in the party.
SilvgangOnyx CrusherSteelPhysical
Targets all enemies. May lower the target's defence by 2. Power increases for each Steel Pokémon in the party.
HonsiaticHoney Honey ParadiseBugPhysical
Targets all enemies. Covers the target in sticky honey that lowers their accuracy and speed until they switch out. Power increases if the user is holding Honey.
KudahashiThe Cow Goes BoomNormalPhysical
Gives the target a Normal weakness, and may change their ability to Own Tempo. If their ability is already Own Tempo, refills some of the Ancient Gauge.
OshidarinWay Of The MandarinNormalStatusN/AFor five turns, friendly Ancient Gauges fill 50% faster, and all friendly Pokémon gain 50% resistance to Ancient Moves. Also sets up Safeguard and Embargo.
HikatanjiThe Endless Alphabet ArmyNormalSpecial
Power increases by 30 for each Hikatanji in the party. May cause Confusion, Torment, or set up Interview.
XiyquoriiGate GuardianFightingPhysical
Traps the target, and lowers their Defence and Special Defence by 2. If the target is already trapped, this move's power doubles.
SameAncient MimicNormalStatusN/ATransforms Same back to normal, but keeps the stats and ability of it's transformed form. Use Ancient Mimic again to Transform back. Fails if used by any Pokémon other than Same.
RokugorralTin Wing Of The AncientsSteelPhysical
The higher the target's Ancient Gauge, the stronger this attack is. Lowers the target's resistance to Steel moves by 50%.
SanrokukeraLong Necked CackleGhostSpecial
Always goes first, and ignores abilities. Inflicts the target with Taunt and Disable. Power increases for each status move used in the battle.
AhyaziOutback Demon's CreationGroundPhysical
Switches the target to a Ground/Dark type and breaks screens. If they are already a Ground/Dark type, this is always super effective and it cleans the target's helpful effects.
ScallanseillCrab Critter Hitter BitterNormalPhysical
Hits three times, each hit having a high critical hit ratio that has increased critical hit damage relative to the user's defence.
YuxiarangReborn From Mud ItselfTimeStatusN/AThe next time Yuxiarang would be defeated, it revives at full health. Only has 1 PP, though.
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to destroy the target's item and clear out entry hazards. The final hit is always a critical hit.
EvoxWorld DominanceVillainStatusN/ARaises the user's speed by 2, traps the target, and replaces the user's ability with a special one that makes it so that they do not faint from using Self-Destruct or Explosion.
Changes the target's ability to Download.
Cleans the user of all harmful effects.
Cleans the target of all friendly effects.
BaodhuNew Year Festival FireworksLightSpecial
Causes a burn and lowers the target's Accuracy by 2. Power doubles under Nighttime.
WalausoleumGreat Glass ChargeLightPhysical
Always goes first. Sets up Light Screen, Reflect, and Protect.
DaotintonHeaven's Shining CoquetLightPhysical
If this knocks out the target, the new Pokémon is hit with this move.
ObakanternozDancing Lantern BlazeFireSpecial
May cause a burn. It's power increases according to the target's raised stats and if they are already burned.
MéigúyóchóSerenityLightStatusN/AFor five turns, the user gradually recovers health and cures it's status conditions and stat drops. Also destroys the target's held item.
HecaolilanluhanzhanghanTen Generals, One HeroLightStatusN/ATurns into School form instantly, then replaces Schooling with Intimidate, preventing Hecaolilanluhanzhanghan from changing back at low health.
TuditaoThe Rising Temple Of LightLightSpecial
For the rest of the battle, all Light-type moves gain 10% extra power.
KorolaturyUnstable Dancing BiteBeastPhysical
Causes Confusion and Heal Block, and may cause Disobedience. This chance is increased for each Light or Beast Pokémon in the party.
ClinuyashaMarine Abyss ShockElectricSpecial
Applies weakness as x4 instead of x2. Can hit targets even in a semi-invulreable state.
KosenwoeHearts Of BattleFightingStatusN/AFor five turns, all allies gain 90% Physical resistance, and their Physical attacks gain +5% power. These effects are increased if Minowoe is in the party. Also sets up Reflect.
MinowoeSouls Of BattlePoisonStatusN/AFor five turns, all allies gain 90% Special resistance, and their Special attacks gain +5% power. These effects are increased if Kosenwoe is in the party. Also sets up Light Screen.
BorelkaoAurora BoelisIceStatusN/AFor five turns, an Aurora shines on the field, granting all allies Serene Grace and Slush Rush, and making all non-Status enemy attacks have no special effects beyond dealing damage. It also powers up Borelkao's attacks by 25%. Also sets up Aurora Veil and clears the weather, unless it is snowing.
BreaktarkuxiBreaking Ice SlideIcePhysical
Always goes first under Snowscape. May lower the target's defence by 2.
MokagamiDango's Lying HammerIcePhysical
This move's power becomes 250 if the target's last move was a different one to the one they used now.
DaimuroSnowman CannonIceSpecial
Hits both enemies under Snowscape with no reduced power. May cause freezing.
PliolillionMesozonic Mammoth ChargeIcePhysical
Has 25% recoil.
YukatsuraForever Maiden BlizzardIceSpecial
Sets up Snowscape. Power doubles in Snowscape.
BolvomorcasFrigid Shock Of EverestElectricSpecial
Inflicts the target with Frigid Shock: A status condition that is like Paraylsis, except if the target fails to move, they get Frozen, before they take damage according to the number of Ice and Electric-type Pokémon in the party.
BaizetukiThe Way Is RevealedHeroStatusN/AAlways goes first. Choose a Pokémon in the enemy party and switch the target out for it, trapping it in the process. If it is knocked out next turn, refills the Ancient Gauge of Baizetuki completely.
KangzhenIceberg SMASH!IcePhysical
This is a critical hit against targets that have a Screen up. Breaks screens.
ZhongshizzardClaw Of The Eclipse WolfBeastPhysical
This move is always followed up by either Spirit Wolves or Feral Frenzy, depending on the higher attacking stat.
CaroprixaQuintriple Axel Of The RinkIcePhysical
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to freeze the target. This move's power increases under both Snow, Aurora Veil, and if the target is an Ice-type.
SphinthuneSculpture Of Purple FrostWierdPhysical
Sets up a Subsitute and Aurora Veil. Under Snowscape, the Subsitute has +50% extra health.
BabverestClimbing Crush VictoryJobPhysical
The more turns that have passed in the battle, the higher this move's power.
Ounc-LungThe Mirror ScrollMagicStatusN/ASteals the target's positive stat changes and friendly effects. While Ounc-Lung knows this move, the Ancient Gauge fills faster for each positive stat change the enemy has.
StrixkuroSleep Tight, Snowy OwlIceSpecial
Inflicts the target with Frozen Sleep: A status condition that is both Freeze and Sleep as separate status conditions. Power increases if the target is already frozen or asleep.
YexueruuTera AvalancheIcePhysical
Hits both enemies. Power doubles if the user was hit this turn.
HongshlizzardWild Boar's Big ChillIceSpecial
Destroys the target's item, and sets up Mist. May also destroy the target's ability: This chance increases relative to their raised stats.
XianruanFrost RitualIceStatusN/AKnock out an Ice-type in your party to increase the power of all friendly Ice moves by 25% for the rest of the battle, and grant them a high critical hit ratio. Also freezes the target.
WhisyurnoFlame RitualFireStatusN/AKnock out a Fire-type in your party to increase the power of all friendly Fire moves by 25% for the rest of the battle, and grant them the ability to ignore Protect. Also burns the target.
ShassxunLightning RitualElectricStatusN/AKnock out an Electric-type in your party to increase the power of all friendly Electric moves by 25% for the rest of the battle, and grant them a 50% chance to go first. Also paralyzes the target.
HayumiHappy Happy HarmonySoundSpecial
Drains 50% of the damage dealt. Power and health drain increases for each Sound-type in the Party.
YujathovenBeevthoven's SymphonySoundPhysical
Commands all Sound Pokémon in the party to attack the target with their non-signature Ancient moves. The user must spend a turn recharging afterwards.
GanocketzRocket StormSoundPhysical
Hits 10 times, with each hit being unaffected by enemy stat changes.
YangeralkryieDance Of The ValkryiesFightingPhysical
Hits 15 times, using the target's attack for calculation. Stat changes do not affect this attack. Unlike other Signature Ancient moves, this has a chance to miss.
JollipthiFurious Cymbal CrashGroundPhysical
Hits five times, draining the target's Ancient Gauge on each hit. Also makes the user thrash about for three turns with this move, before becoming confused from fatigue.
LangsplendorLegendary Dragon DanceDragonPhysical
Before use, the user uses Dragon Dance twice.
OtamodyTone Up The BeatSoundSpecial
Uses Amplify and sets up Light Screen and Reflect. Until Otamody is switched out, all Sound-type moves have +5% power and +25% chance to confuse any target they hit.
GuzapzitherGuza Tune TrasherSoundSpecial
Before use, consumes the user's stat boosts. This move's power increases relative to the stats consumed.
SokuorabuscreamSun Loud ScreamSoundSpecial
Hits both enemies. This is a OHKO against targets with 10% or less health.
LibendanLet's Cheer Til' Time's End!AthleteStatusN/ASets up Cheer On, Follow Me, and Helping Hand. Also increases the stats of all friendly Pokémon by 1 and heals them for a bit.
Hits both enemies. This move's power doubles and is a critical hit if the target's combined stats is 800 or more.
DynasluciaDynastic Ringing BellSoundSpecial
Cures the party of all negative status effects. For each one cured this way, this move's power increases.
KozoatagiScreaming Sonar ExplosionSoundSpecial
Hits both enemies with no reduced power, and is always a critical hit. Has 25% recoil.
ZelmeissTime SongTimeStatusN/ARewinds to the previous turn, except Time Song is replaced by Chrono Burst (Or Sonar Smash, Clock Arrows, Age Manipulation, and Sing, in that order, if Zelmeiss already knows them)
ZhongorLightly Cure The MelodiesLightStatusN/AHeals all friendly Pokémon, even ones in their Poké Balls, by 15% of their HP, and cures their status problems. Sound-types get healed even more and use Cleanse on a random ally when sent out.
YuwianiRefreshing Kero StormWaterSpecial
Sets up Rain. Power doubles in Rain.
SharkoyudoDeadly Feeding FrenzyWaterPhysical
Hits an additional time for each damaged Pokémon, even if they are in their Poké Ball.
EltaigenesisGenesis ShockElectricSpecial
Suppresses the target's ability, increasing in power and paralyzing them if it's one that grants some form of protection, such as Limber.
YangzancerRiver Dolphin's GraceWaterSpecial
For five turns, all friendly Pokémon have Clear Body, and all enemies have no abilities.
GekojiongMillion Fangitan RushShadowPhysical
Hits 10 times, with each hit ignoring abilities and items.
WhumpbackDrop The WhaleWaterPhysical
Grants the user Huge Power and Rock Head until they switch out.
BackaróRelaxing Kappa StaffWaterSpecial
Drains 50% of the damage dealt. Cures the party of all negative status effects. For each one cured this way, there is a chance to clear all Terrains and Weather and replace them with Rain and Misty Terrain.
TakizukaFugu SpikesPoisonStatusN/AThe user sets up a special Protect that cannot be ignored, setting up Toxic Spikes in the process. If the user is hit with a contact move, the attacker is badly Poisoned, and their Defence lowers by 3, setting up another Toxic Spikes in the process.
ShanxyuTidal Devestation Of The DrakeMythicalSpecial
The higher the target's Special Defence, the more power this move has. Reduces the target's resistance to Mythical moves by 50%.
OtowaimeEast Sea Dragon's WaveWaterSpecial
For the rest of the battle, all friendly Water moves gain +1% power for each Water Pokémon in the party, and all enemy Water moves lose that much power. Washes away the target's helpful effects if you have a full team of Water Pokémon.
YokosuraObese Sushi Body SlamWaterPhysical
The higher the user's HP, the more damage this does.
SozukoAqua Hose JackWaterSpecial
May wash away the target's helpful effects. Power and chance increases if seven or more Water moves were used during this battle.
TyujinWise Turtle's Shell DashWaterPhysical
The higher the user's Defence and Special Defence, the higher this move's power. Ignores Protect and breaks screens.
YangweiDelivering The Wave PackageWaterPhysical
After use, the user uses Baton Pass.
MizeequeSee No EvilWaterStatusN/ALowers the accuracy of enemy Physical moves by 5%, and locks the target's ability to use Physical moves, for the rest of the battle.
IwaspealilySpeak No EvilGrassStatusN/ALowers the accuracy of enemy Special moves by 5%, and locks the target's ability to use Special moves, for the rest of the battle.
KikheargutanHear No EvilFireStatusN/ALowers the accuracy of enemy Status moves by 5%, and locks the target's ability to use Status moves, for the rest of the battle.
JingoreedTounge Of Golden FortuneMagicPhysical
Scatters coins everywhere, with a chance to cause confusion. Power and chance increases for each time that coins were scattered everywhere during this battle.
GeryscholtzSkate N' Swim CarnivalWaterPhysical
Always goes first under Rain. May cause confusion or lower the target's defence by 2.
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Part 2 of this Premium File covers entries #294 to #671!
User of Ancient MoveName of Ancient MoveTypeCategoryPowerSpecial Effect
TaraguisaSpider DanceBugPhysical
Traps the target, Poisons them, and Disables one of their moves. Also sets up Sticky Web, followed by String Shot.
KunapisiaHoneyhive StingBugPhysical
If the user is holding Honey, this is always a critical hit that ignores Protect and Counter.
RidishuoJuggling MiraclesMagicPhysical
Hits seven times, with each hit having a chance to inflict a status condition on the target, from sleep, burn, freezing, paralysis, confusion, attraction, and torment respectively.
DynaengRaging Dynasty Horn ThrowBugPhysical
Always goes last. Additionally inflicts damage according to the amount of damage the user took this turn.
JiyukaflyIlluminate The Night SkyFireSpecial
Clears weathers. If a weather was cleared this way, this move's power becomes 220 and it always inflicts a burn.
TalmoninablePowder WhiteoutIceSpecial
Makes it so that the target's next move that checks accuracy will always miss.
ClilscaraBlitzkreig HornElectricPhysical
May cause Paralysis. While Clilscara knows this move, the Ancient Gauge will fill faster every time it uses an Electric move.
YakihomaBoiled Rock Lobster ThrowRockPhysical
Switches the target to a Fire-type that keeps their original weaknesses in addition to the Fire-type's weaknesses, making them take double damage from all weaknesses.
PhobactenaElegant Leaf Cut Of The ForestGrassPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio, and may cause flinching. Drains 25% of the damage dealt under Grassy Terrain.
GuizaplayzKoux Out The AlarmSoundSpecial
If the target is asleep, this wakes them up and additionally inflicts fixed damage equal to half their HP, confusing them in the process and raising their attack by 2.
ShincgodGlowing Scales Of The LordBugSpecial
May change the target's ability to Illuminate. This is guaranteed if another Light or Bug Pokémon is on the battlefield as an ally.
TunquanOne Two, Straw The CenturyBugPhysical
Power increases by 20 for each Bug Pokémon in the party. If there are six, this is followed by Infestation, Screech, and X-Scissor!
LumbrithreeBall Of WormsBugPhysical
Summons an AI controlled Waboross those moveset consists of Skitter Smack, Gyro Ball, Helping Hand, and Mutating Fist. It has +1 to all of it's stats.
KilokadeRaging Centipede RollerBugPhysical
May cause flinching, and breaks screens and protect. If there is a terrain present, this absorbs that terrain to gain extra power.
JochugesanSanshi Sickness LeapFairySpecial
Power increases for each Pokémon with a status condition, even if they are in their Poké Balls.
TotatoteraGreat Spirit's Totem BreathDragonSpecial
Inflicts Curse and Torment on the target. Power increases the target's last move had 120 or more power.
BoyxraSavior Moth's PowderBugStatusN/AAlways goes first. Puts the target to Sleep, confuses them, makes them flinch, destroys screens, and drains 5 PP from one of their moves. Also lowers their resistance to Bug-type attacks by 50%.
CeramiaetteMiraculous Yo-Yo KickHeroPhysical
Super effective damage done by this attack is x6 instead of x2.
ShanhakkaRising Mantis SlashBugPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. Critical hit damage increases for each critical hit that was made during the battle.
PurchjinggTake The SalesJobPhysical
Sets up Interview. If Interview is already in effect, this upgrades it so that the target cannot use Struggle either, instead taking 50% recoil if they would.
NucleshimaNuclear BlastPoisonSpecial
Spreads radiation across the battlefield, Badly Poisoning any non-Poison Pokémon that is switched in and taking away some of their health, giving it to a random Poison-type Pokémon on the battlefield. This cannot be removed.
ToyonshaFactory Drill Of ProductionJobPhysical
Hits 10 times, each hit ignoring 25% defence.
CleavokamuiPiping Sushi CleaverJobPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. Before use, consumes the user's berry and increases the move's power if it has.
Mazagai-VBig Bang PunchHeroPhysical
Hits both enemies. Ignores protect, abilities, items, and enemy stat boosts.
JingwutianSoldier's DutyJobStatusN/ASets up Protect. For the next turn, the user is treated as having +6 in every stat: this stacks with the user's stat boosts.
PrediztorThe Future Is ClearPsychicSpecial
Uses Future Sight and Doom Desire.
Togetha-ShimasaShimasa Pile OnJobPhysical
This is followed by 7 10 power strikes that ignore abilities.
Gun-De'AnnOne Shot, One KillShadowPhysical
Fails unless the damage done by this attack is enough to knock out the target.
KameokeepEndless BestiaryMythicalStatusN/ASummons a random fully evolved Mythical-type Pokémon that uses it's signature Ancient Move on the target before fleeing. If it summons a Kameokeep, it will use Legendary Lash twice instead. Outside of Link Battles, it can only summon Mythical-type Pokémon that the player has recorded in their Pokédex.
NiultairEmperor's StartMythicalStatusN/AAlters Slow Start so that it increases Attack and Speed for it's duration instead of lowering it for the rest of the battle.
RajinorrRajin's DevestationElectricSpecial
Breaks screens, causes Paralysis, and change's the target's ability to Static.
GlossStripe's ArmyMythicalPhysical
Hits five times, hitting an extra time for each Poison or Mythical Pokémon in the party, with a chance to inflict Taunt, Torment, Heal Block, or confusion. Power increases if they're a Gloss!
TenguradaKamataichi WindFlyingPhysical
The higher the target's speed, the higher this move's power is, and the more likely that this move will clear away entry hazards.
DanewsterYoung Tanuki Does A FlipMythicalPhysical
Uses Stagger. If Stagger is already active, this move's power increases, and it heals all damage that Stagger is currently dealing.
KonsaireboChaos Monk's AssaultMythicalPhysical
Hits four times, with each hit lowering the target's resistance to Shadow moves by 10% and having a high critical hit ratio.
Switches the target out. The new Pokémon's defence and Special Defence are both lowered by 2.
AshzuraAsura Four PunchsaultMythicalPhysical
Hits four times, with each hit draining PP from one of the target's moves and making their Struggle weaker for the rest of the battle.
SamabanchoForever The RingMythicalSpecial
Next turn, the target is hit with a power 80 typeless attack, even if they are in their Poké Ball.
GatkídóGateway To GakidoWierdSpecial
Drains 50% of the damage dealt. Traps the target in Gakido for a turn, causing their next move to miss, and damaging them relative to the amount of HP they've healed during the battle.
NihonhitoManiacal Land ConquerVillainPhysical
Power doubles if the target is resistant to Mythical moves. Sets up Focus Energy and grants the user Serene Grace for five turns.
TodaisringBe Our FlamesTimeSpecial
The higher the target's stats are raised, the higher this move's power. Lowers all of the target's raised stats by 2, and burns them.
OmitsuDirections Of The AgesMythicalStatusN/AAlways goes first. Choose one of the four Terrains and apply it, changing the types of all Pokémon on the battlefield to the type of the terrain chosen. May confuse the target or lower their highest stat by 3.
KastutokoroForced AmnesiaDarkStatusN/AThe target forgets one of their moves for the rest of the battle, or two if the user is under 25% Health.
WolkhmlasuDark Lord's StringsDarkSpecial
Hits both enemies and traps them. You choose what move the enemy uses on their next turn.
JizgokuCrescent Throwing StarDarkPhysical
Ignores items and abilities. Power increases relative to Shuriken Toss's power increasing methods.
JingzonArrest The No-GoodsDarkPhysical
Power doubles if the target is holding an item, destroying it afterwards.
JinjkamiInari's Binding FoxDarkSpecial
Traps the target, changes their ability to No Guard, and lowers their highest stat by 2.
QÍdáítáWeakpoint Whirling PunchFightingPhysical
This is always super effective. If it would be super effective already, this move's power becomes 200.
MaskahurlGrim Mask Throwing DiskAthletePhysical
Before use, copies the target's positive stat changes. Has a high critical hit ratio.
MichiranoShadow Emperor's RevengeDarkPhysical
Power doubles if the user was damaged this turn, then again if the user is under a status condition.
WanakanjuAlligator's Bell BitedownDarkPhysical
Hits an additional time if the target is resistant to Dark moves, granting them -75% Dark move resistance.
HyenalayasCackling Cracking CrunchIcePhysical
Breaks through protect and screens. Lowers the target's defence by 1 and traps them for each time a biting move was used during this battle.
AnzhuziLitigate The TruthJobSpecial
Switches the target out. The new Pokémon's ability becomes Gullible, which lowers their resistance to Job-type attacks by 25% and makes them 50% more vulnerable to Shadow Sky.
NobunodaWarlord's Gallant BladeDarkPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. Power increases for each knocked out Pokémon.
DarkuoraNightmare LickDarkPhysical
Causes paralysis and curse, and lowers the target's stats by 2.
Changes the target's Ancient Move to Uproar.
SnoozakiSnoozing And WoozingPsychicStatusN/APuts the target into a permanent sleep. Their Ancient Move becomes Sleep Talk, and they gradually recover health.
BsukuyomiSteam Moon ShotDarkPhysical
Sets up Nighttime. Power doubles in Nighttime.
KorcharttThunderbolt Ray Of DoomElectricSpecial
Sets up Electric Terrain. Power doubles in Electric Terrain.
WudsicerosRhino's HealthSteelStatusN/ASteals 100 Maximum HP from the target and adds it to the user's health.
GymeraProtector's Shell ShockElectricSpecial
If the user spent the last turn protecting, this move's power is doubled. May cause paralysis or raise the user's defence by 1.
RaijangmuRising Thunder DestroyerElectricPhysical
May cause flinching or Paraylsis. This is guaranteed if the target is readying an Ancient Move.
QisamaraMake The Millionth KickAthletePhysical
Power is tripled if the user's last move was Football.
KaihaencanSecret Poison SeepPoisonStatusN/AAlways goes first. Poisons the target and makes them flinch. For the rest of the battle, all Poison damage is increased by 5%, and Paralysis can also inflict Poison damage.
ThyodanSonic Boom SweepFlyingPhysical
Hits both enemies. It's power increases relative to the combined speed of both Pokémon.
ElanzappSwift Elec BladeElectricPhysical
May always go first, and has a high critical hit ratio. Power and chance increases if seven or more Electric moves were used during this battle.
TsendralPitiful Plasma BreathElectricSpecial
Summons an electrical zone which strikes all non-Electric Pokémon at the start of their turns for 10% HP damage. Lasts 5 turns, or 7 under Electric Terrain.
Nestujin-25Tokyo Rocket PunchJobPhysical
Ignores items and abilities. Power doubles if the target is a Villain Pokémon.
WelgroovCatfish Shock Of The GeneratorsElectricSpecial
Power is halved if the target is not Paralyzed. Is always a critical hit.
AmarsumerCalculating The PossibilityElectricStatusN/ALowers the user's lower attacking stat and speed by 2, and increases their higher attacking stat, defence, and Special Defence by 4, also setting up Counter and Mirror Coat for the turn. Also breaks screens.
Gangó-JizeOverwhelming Energy PulseElectricSpecial
Before use, consumes the target's stat boosts. This move's power increases relative to the stats consumed.
ThundakiriSnipping Thunder CrashElectricPhysical
Ignores enemy stat boosts and abilties. Is a critical hit against Pokémon with 150 or more defence.
Hits both enemies with no reduced power. May lower the target's Special Attack by 2.
YuyankuraCherry Blossom Storm FestivalGrassSpecial
Hits both enemies. Drains 50% of the damage dealt and shares it with the party.
RuomreantAngry Treant Wood SmashGrassPhysical
This ignores everything and is always a critical hit under Grassy Terrain.
NostjingGreat Bonsai SneezeGrassSpecial
Hits both enemies. Sets up Pollen Season. Power doubles in Pollen Season.
GokembooHarmonic Triple Bamboo BladeGrassPhysical
Hits three times, each hit being a critical hit if the target has any lowered stats, increasing critical hit damage relative to the lowered stats. Power increases in Grassy Terrain.
PodasatiiThree Pod's Amazing JourneyGrassSpecial
Always goes first. Hits three times, increasing the power of all multi-hit moves for the rest of the battle, including Ancient Moves.
PinesperityPineapple SpikesDarkPhysical
Next turn, sets up Spiky Shield, Baneful Bunker and 2 layers of Spikes.
ShenwuhanSeething Mushroom MadnessVillainSpecial
Confuses the target and makes it so that they will always attack themselves next turn.
BryokingMoss Wave Of The Deep CavesIceSpecial
Hits both enemies. For three turns, the target is unable to use Water Moves, and Bryoking is healed every time it uses a move. This lasts five turns under Pollen Season or Snowscape.
BiodyliaAroma Repair TherapyLightStatusN/AChoose a Pokémon in your party and fully heal it. Also cures their status conditions under Grassy Terrain.
ChújikonGround Radish Chi StrikeFightingPhysical
This is a Grass-type Attack if the target resists Fighting moves, or a Shadow move if the target resists both Grass and Fighting moves.
JyutpushuGreen Tackle Of Everlasting FearGrassPhysical
Sets up Grassy Terrain. Power doubles in Grassy Terrain.
RagxingPollen Rag BladeGrassPhysical
Hits twice, with each hit having a chance to replace the target's ability with Sickly, an ability that acts like the Toxic Orb. Hits an extra time under Pollen Season.
SaihhorwengFarming Centaur ClashGrassPhysical
Additionally deals fixed damage equal to the amount of health healed during the battle.
PazhamusaFeeding Plantain DevourmentGrassPhysical
Drains 100% of the damage dealt. Any excess health is inflicted on the target.
FolioanakaOnce Again, Chrono DevestationTimeSpecial
This move is used again at the start of the next turn.
ZodzidzarmaDaruma Monk's Rising LungeWierdPhysical
Scrambles the target's stat changes and sets up Trick Room.
ZayokuriKarakuri OverclockTimeStatusN/ACuts 50% of the user's HP to increase their speed and the power of all their moves by 50%. Also sets up Protect.
ZhulianaralStrategy Show SlicerTimePhysical
May drain 5 PP from one of the target's moves. The chance increases for each Time Pokémon in the party.
Fan-XordaDevestation BladeTimePhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. Gains additional power equal to twice the target's level.
SamukuraTesoku-Honorable Samurai's BladesTimePhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. This move's power is doubled if the target's last move was a Status move.
PterlrenzPrimal Breath Of PrehistoryTimeSpecial
Pierces through Protect, Abilities, Screens, and Endure. If this knocks out the target, they are erased from the battle for the rest of the battle.
NihadronQuantum Atomic BlastPsychicSpecial
Always goes last, and lowers the target's stats by 1. If the user is hit before using this move, the move is used automatically with +25% power.
OonkeizamiLuck Of The Charm's CallMagicStatusN/AFor the rest of the battle, friendly non-OHKO moves never miss.
TerraplowGiga Plow WaveGroundPhysical
Hits both enemies, knocking off their items. If a terrain is active, this absorbs that terrain to double in power.
ZhengyiiCompass Cannon BarrageDarkPhysical
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to lower the target's defence by 1.
WaraseraHarmonious Faerie DanceFairySpecial
Raises the user's Special Attack and Special Defence by 2, setting up Safeguard, Reflect, and Light Screen. Power increases if any of these are already active.
HookamanisChain Shield BasherShadowPhysical
The higher the user's defence, and the lower the target's attack, the more power this move has.
HuamperorakaDynasty's KeeperJobPhysical
Traps the target and washes away all their helpful effects. For each one removed this way, there is a chance to confuse the target.
BodhisyinSpirit CycloneGhostSpecial
Hits both enemies. Hits five times, each hit having a chance to cause confusion or Curse on the target. Power increases if a Flying Pokémon is on the battlefield as an ally.
KukodeedAncient Fox's Gallant GiftGhostSpecial
Blesses all allies for five turns, making their attacks have 25% lifesteal and have a chance to poison any target they hit.
VirangshiHopping Death ClawGhostPhysical
After use, the user switches out, and the target's attack, special attack, and speed is lowered by 3.
OkamyubiFox Tail InfernoGhostSpecial
May cause a burn. It's power increases according to the number of unique status conditions spread among all Pokémon.
ScrobunagaConquering Shadow BombGhostSpecial
Hits both enemies. Power increases for each Ghost-type Pokémon in the party. If there are six, this is always a critical hit.
KurayarbáfaLost Armanent's RevengeGhostPhysical
After use, uses Poltergeist.
YuilpawimiBe My Friend, PleaseGhostSpecial
Traps the target and disables their move with the most PP for the rest of the battle. Also causes attraction.
BabaoshawPowder HurricaneIceSpecial
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to lower a random enemy stat by 2.
HinnachobboDoll Of The RingGhostSpecial
In three turns, the target faints instantly. This effect pauses, but is not removed, when the target leaves battle.
ZhoushakieFalling Dingpot Of The PhantomSteelPhysical
Ignores enemy stat boosts, abilities, items, and screens. Causes the target to flinch.
CueshotrookyCue ShotAthletePhysical
This is always a critical hit that goes first.
ObakuboraJumping Umbrella Woe StormGhostPhysical
Hits both enemies. May inflict Torment or Scheming upon the target, or confuse them. This ignores stat boosts and abilities under Rain.
ShoraraguardorTall Mountain's DevestationDragonSpecial
The more turns that have passed in the battle, the higher this move's critical hit ratio. If this lands a critical hit, the target cannot boost their stats past +2 for the rest of the battle.
SebaigujiiGuiding Lantern Bright ShineLightSpecial
The next switch in isn't affected by items, abilities, or moves, and the newly switched in Pokémon heals 25% of their HP.
KyorinbarRevenge Of The Page WrapJobPhysical
Inflicts Wrap on the target. It's power increases for each unique move used in the battle.
YorkryanusiJolt Storm LeaderElectricSpecial
May cause paralysis or flinching. Makes it so that the user's next non-OHKO move never misses and has increased power, even more if it is an Electric or Ghost move.
ChogakitaDark Mask's Death ChakramShadowPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio that breaks screens and does more damage the higher the target's defence is.
KunbokuKatana Of The AgesShadowPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio that ignores Protect and 50% defence under Shadow Sky.
QijiebingChain Knife El PassantShadowPhysical
Empties the target's Ancient Gauge. Power increases for each Shadow Pokémon in the party.
XiangightorJump And Jump AgainHeroPhysical
Hits an additional time if there are 3 or more Shadow Pokémon in the party. Has a high critical hit ratio.
Destroys Screens and ends Safeguard, Mist, and any active Terrain. After use, the user may switch out.
ScholiminationChess PromotionShadowStatusN/AChoose an ally: For five turns, that ally is treated as having +5 extra levels. Also sets up Shadow Sky.
KingmateRoyal CheckmateShadowSpecial
Pierces through Protect, Abilities, Screens, and Endure. Power increases by 50% if the target is under 25% Health. Power increases for each Shadow Pokémon in the party.
Commands all Shadow Pokémon in the party to attack the target with their non-signature Ancient moves. The user must spend a turn recharging afterwards.
HsinbreakerLightning BladeElectricPhysical
Hits three times, each hit having a chance to cause paralysis.
FlarrbalistFrost Hydra's PinpointIcePhysical
This is a critical hit against targets with raised stats.
WenshudoDao's Honor SlashLightPhysical
If the user's last move hit, this is always a critical hit.
XiguaQiang's Dishonor StabDarkPhysical
If the user's last move missed, this is always a critical hit.
DaikachuizTaiko Drum HammerSoundPhysical
Always goes last. Inflicts the target with confusion and paralysis. While Daikachuiz knows this move, the Ancient Gauge fills faster each time Daikachuiz moves last in a turn.
KihonzhouFive Poison's Sai StabPoisonPhysical
Hits five times. Each hit has a chance of inflicting, in that order, burning, paralysis, freezing, confusion, and poison.
HanfyushaElegant Fan Slap Of The FestivalShadowPhysical
Hits three times, each hit breaking screens and being a critical hit if a screen was broken this way. The final hit may inflict Topsy-Turvy on the target.
PaestulongNunchuck Whirl SlammerShadowPhysical
May lower the target's defence by 1. Hits an additional time for each of the user's raised stats.
YaturamusaDagger StormShadowPhysical
Hits three times, with each hit setting up Shadow Sky, and becoming 50% stronger if it is already active.


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The third part covers all the Pokémon from entries #672 to #920.
User of Ancient MoveName of Ancient MoveTypeCategoryPowerSpecial Effect
NyússetFake Flying Theft SwoopFlyingPhysical
Steals the target's positive stat changes and their item. If Tailwind is in effect, also steals their ability.
KamaiseikenSwift Kamaitachi CutterFlyingPhysical
Sets up Tailwind. If Tailwind is already active, this has double the power.
HongainbowRainbow Kite Shine StormFlyingSpecial
For the next turn, Hongainbow is all types. It's power increases for each unique type among your Pokémon in the party, at a maximum of 12.
Apllong-11One Step For The RocketSteelSpecial
First turn: The user enters a semi-invulreable state and boosts their Special Attack by 1. Second turn, or if the user is hit: Attacks the target, doubling in power if the user was hit.
WethayamaiTell The WeatherFlyingStatusN/AAlways goes first. Choose any of the seven Weather effects and apply it. Also releases a mist for five turns that renders Cloud Nine and Air Lock ineffective. Afterwards, the user may switch out.
NirvortropzFlying Fortress Gatling GunVillainPhysical
Hits five times, with each hit having a chance to grant the target a 50% resistance to helpful effects.
AviaeamogenI Say, It's The Steampunk Slam!HeroPhysical
Ignores abilities, enemy stat boosts, and items. Commands the highest leveled Steel-type Pokémon in the party to use it's non-signature Ancient move on the target.
GarjadaGaruda HawkeyeFlyingPhysical
Always goes first.
KartipavoFowl PlayFlyingSpecial
If the target has more helpful effects or stat increases than the user's, this move inflicts an additional hit that is Grass-type.
UeproxGigantic Wing SmashGroundPhysical
Hits both enemies. Power doubles if the user moved last in the previous turn.
LucrongCrane's SpeedFlyingStatusN/AIncreases Speed by 6 and grants Haze protection for five turns, lowering the target's Speed by 6 and trapping them.
GoiaosugiSpirit Heron's Draining WindGhostSpecial
Drains 50% of the damage dealt and inflicts Drained Spirit on the target, a status condition that gradually lowers the power of their moves every turn for five turns.
WuzetialkiiPsyched Jelly StormPsychicSpecial
Prolongs all Terrains by an extra 2 turns. Confuses the target under Psychic Terrain, and makes it so that their next move always results in them attacking themselves by confusion damage.
KohanjiiPanicked Whirl SlamPsychicPhysical
May cause confusion. Drains 25% of the target's Ancient Gauge and adds it to the user's.
KotoedoriaChimera Volt CrashElectricSpecial
Breaks screens. In Electric Terrain, this paralyzes the target and switches them to a Water-type. In Psychic Terrain, this lowers the target's Special Defence by 2 and switches them to a Fighting-type.
ShenirageShell MiragePsychicStatusN/ASummons a copy of the user with full HP. Then, both the user and the copy launch a 100 power Special Psychic move at the target that has a high critical hit ratio.
LushagobaDancing Needle ReticalPsychicPhysical
Hits 15 times, each hit using the target's special defence for damage calculation if that is lower than their defence. Hits 20 times under Psychic Terrain.
MohanshaGanesha's Bright EyePsychicSpecial
Sets up Psychic Terrain. Power doubles in Psychic Terrain.
GyukarachUshi's Petrifying EyePsychicSpecial
Always goes first. Before use, suppresses the target's ability. Makes the target flinch.
YamakachoshNoshing Mind FangsPsychicSpecial
May cause confusion or flinching. After use, uses Disable followed by Spite.
XihsiuaMilky Way Star StormLightSpecial
Hits five times, with each hit having a chance to raise the user's defence and special defence by 1. This is followed by one final 100 power hit during Nighttime that may cause flinching.
ShikyudoStretching Seer's SightPsychicSpecial
Ignores items and abilities: it's power increases the higher the target's Ancient Gauge is. After use, uses Future Sight.
NitytelezSpeak To The HandPsychicSpecial
Ignores EVERYTHING. This is a critical hit if the target's Ancient Gauge is full, emptying it in the process.
ZeppbokuZeppelin's MindPsychicStatusN/AIncreases Special Attack by 6 and grants Haze protection for five turns, lowering the target's Special Defence by 6 and trapping them.
KenflamzRing Of FireFireSpecial
Inflicts Fire Spin on the target. Fire Spin damage increases for each Fire-type Pokémon in the party.
TaraspixBlazing Lion's SmashFirePhysical
May cause a burn. Burns away weather and terrains, except for Sun. Power increases with every use.
HuokunlozHaetae Blaze BucklerFirePhysical
Summons a Fire Lion that is AI controlled: It's moveset consists of Fire Fang, Bulldoze, Lunge Of Lions, and Pack Howl. In addition, it starts with +2 Attack.
GuanrongMelting Furnace FirestormFireSpecial
May cause a burn. This is followed by a power 60 Physical Steel attack that breaks screens and may cause flinching.
SharmuoxiInferno Staff WhirlerFirePhysical
Hits five times, plus one more time for each raised stat the target has.
BlaziyaniaAtomic BlazerFireSpecial
May cause a burn.
JackoyakuTrick Or Treat BomberFirePhysical
Before use, switches the target to a Grass/Ghost type, and replaces one of their moves with Trick-Or-Treat.
HuochufiongTorch InfernoFireSpecial
May inflict the target with Fire Spin. Power and chance increases if seven or more Fire moves were used during this battle.
VolcaterasuOut Of The Cave Rising SunFireSpecial
Sets up Sun. Power doubles in Sun.
FujitongFuji's Cave CrushRockPhysical
The user enters an enduring state for the turn. If it would take fatal damage in this state, the move is used again on the attacker! May cause flinching.
JyushanorJade Golem SmasherRockPhysical
Always goes last. This move's power doubles, but makes the user spend a turn recharging, if the target had used an Ancient Move this turn.
DoljizoWay Of The Jizo: Idle HeartTimeStatusN/AFor three turns, Doljizo has Endure and Safeguard, and cures itself from all harmful effects. However, the activation message appears to show that nothing happened….
YanhuanTwin Headed Mystery BeamWierdSpecial
May switch the target to a Wierd-type. Hits an additional time if the target has raised their stats during the last turn.
NihoshowinaCrafted ClayovoyanceMagicSpecial
Steals screens and entry hazards. This is a critical hit against Pokémon who have both Light Screen and Reflect set up.
Qi-GuiganExtinction MeteorRockPhysical
Hits both enemies. Ignores abilities and break screens, being a critical hit against Fossil Pokémon.
GlazamcaiGlazed Glasswork ShredderRockPhysical
Breaks screens and clears entry hazards. The target's special defence is used for damage calculation if that stat is lower.
KaijibuildWreck N' RollRockPhysical
Breaks screens. Power increases if the target's level is higher than the user's.
BlugoliskaeNoxious Claw DancePoisonPhysical
Hits four times, each hit having a chance to badly poison the target. If they're already poisoned, this hits two extra times.
XuivianFirst Avian's WingFlyingPhysical
Always goes first and makes the target flinch, but fails if they are not readying an attacking move. While Xuivian knows this move, the Ancient Gauge fills faster each time an enemy attacks.
SubakophusTachyon Triple KickFightingPhysical
Hits three times, each hit having a chance to clear the target's raised stats.
StenudspineTwo Sided BladeShadowPhysical
Hits twice. Has a high critical hit ratio.
DonzhetanLong Necked Seismic WaveNormalPhysical
Hits both enemies with increased power.
MesozimimusPack Hunting Fern CutterGrassPhysical
Commands all Fossil Pokémon in the party to attack the target with their non-signature Ancient Moves. The user must spend a turn recharging afterwards.
WakadigzGigaton Mole DrillGroundPhysical
Ignores stat boosts and 50% defence. Has a higher critical hit ratio for each Rock or Ground-type Pokémon in the party.
SestamagezStatue's Death QuakeGroundPhysical
Hits both enemies. After use, the user uses Subsitute followed by Recover.
WujiustraForever Sand HurricaneGroundSpecial
Sets up Sandstorm. Power doubles in Sandstorm.
ArctomarittTwin Slasher BiteGroundPhysical
Hits two times, with the second hit being an Ice-type move. Both hits cause flinching: The first hit may lower the target's defence by 2, while the second hit may freeze the target.
KhorkavorDeath Worm's CraterGroundPhysical
Calls forth a Crater that lasts for five turns. While the Crater is active, contact moves have -25% accuracy and power unless a Ground-type Pokémon is using them. In addition, Dig will double in power while the crater is active.
XianshankhAncient Pharoah's CurseFairyStatusN/AFor five turns, whenever an enemy tries to use a move, it drains PP from all of their moves. This PP drain is increased for each Ground or Fairy Pokémon in the user's party.
ShaanxqinTerra Cotta Staff CrasherGroundPhysical
Drains 3 PP from one of the target's moves. This is a critical hit, and the PP reduction is increased to 7, if every Pokémon in the party is a Ground-type.
AltaduanRising Miracle BeamMythicalSpecial
It's power increases for each unfainted Pokémon in the party.
Inwali-13-0Kaga's Painting RevealWierdSpecial
Confuses the target and drains away their stat boosts. In addition, sets up Trick Room and Reverse Realm, and grants Inwali-13 a special ability that makes it immune to these effects: It can be turned on or off before it's attack.
DumacroftCement MixerGroundPhysical
Makes the target flinch and switches them to a Rock-type. In addition, reduces their Attack, Special Attack, and Speed by 3, but increases their Defence and Special Defence by 2.
ShantuzrCharging Giga BulldozerGroundPhysical
After use, the target switches out to a Pokémon of your choice. The new Pokémon's Ancient Gauge does'nt fill on their first turn.
Smash KongJungle MillionBeastPhysical
Unlike other Signature Ancient Moves, this only has 80% accuracy, and it ignores all accuracy changing effects. Keeps on going with an infinite number of hits until it misses, where it then finishes with an undodgeable 120 power punch. The first three hits never miss.
SeumorGolden Roaring PounceBeastPhysical
Always goes first if the target's stats were increased last turn. May cause flinching.
MelogdaozFerret Them Out With The BladeShadowPhysical
Before use, the target is switched out to a Pokémon of your choice.
Guan TigrisTiger's StrengthBeastStatusN/AIncreases Attack by 6 and grants Haze protection for five turns, lowering the target's Defence by 6 and trapping them.
SichuadderBashing Crop CrushGrassPhysical
Breaks screens and has a high critical hit ratio. This ignores 50% defence under Grassy Terrain or Pollen Season, or all of it under both.
ShisyukyuanGuardian Shisa Providing LungeBeastPhysical
This move's power increases, and it is a critical hit, against Pokémon that have their ability suppressed.
SinghainuStone Lion's Eternal RevengeRockPhysical
May cause flinching or Embargo. Power increases if the user's last move failed.
BaknekkNeko Fortune Eye LaserBeastSpecial
Traps the target and paraylizes them, lowering their highest stat by 6.
ShacoknaughtDreadnaught Crunch PunctureBeastPhysical
This ignores ALL defence.
KomozuryuMillionth Head BreathDragonSpecial
After use, the user splits into the separate heads, each one using a power 20 Special Dragon move on the target that may cause paralysis.
NarasikatorRoar Of The Regal CenturyBeastSpecial
For the rest of the battle, all Beast-type Pokémon have 3% increased stats.
XioamallizCrocodilian Neck CrushBeastPhysical
Is always a critical hit, but fails if the target's defence is not lowered.
MenagirippoWrangle Of The Zoo TycoonBeastPhysical
May cause confusion or Heal Block, or drain some of the target's Ancient Gauge. If the target is a Beast-type, you choose their next action in battle.
QinxiuskkTera Rapid FlowFightingPhysical
This is both a Fighting, Water, Beast, and Normal Move. Ignores resistances and immunities.
JoikarazoBlack Belt CombinationFightingPhysical
Hits six times, finishing with one powerful 120 power hit that is always a critical hit.
HirarageMagicant ExpressFightingPhysical
Hits five times. These hits ignore abilities, items, screens, and Protect.
Lia-MuiWing Chun's DreamFightingPhysical
Before use, the user uses Bulk Up. Hits twice, with each hit having a chance to cause Attraction or confusion.
DishorRolling Spike CarnivalFightingPhysical
Sets up three layers of Spikes, alongside Spiky Shield on the next turn.
GrylldóúsháyFinal Training RollerFightingPhysical
The higher the user's stats, the more power this move has. If all of them are at +6, this is a OHKO.
Cheng-PhiServing Combination FlurryFightingPhysical
After use, the user uses Teatime followed by Recycle and Refresh.
GakuenutterPinpoint Back StrikeFightingPhysical
Always goes first, resetting the target's stat changes. However, it fails if the target moved first last turn.
MarthlattleDirty DevestatorFightingSpecial
After use, the user uses a Super Effective ↑ on itself, making their next super effective move have more power.
NankiboettGelatin Croak ToungePoisonPhysical
The target spends the next turn being trapped in the user, causing them to take massive damage.
MurgethalRabbit Gas PumpPoisonSpecial
Scrambles the target's stat changes and badly poisons them.
ElapguarrLethal Cobra Fang Of The EmperorPoisonPhysical
Badly Poisons the target and inflicts them with Lethal Poison, a status condition that increases bad poison damage whenever the target attacks.
NirezushiShining Sushi Strike >-0PoisonPhysical
Always goes first.
ScorchurinMedical StingerTimeStatusN/AAlways goes first. Badly poisons the target, granting Poison Heal to allies and Slow Start to enemies. While Schorchurin knows this move, the Ancient Gauge fills in faster the lower the user's health is.
GourtojiMask Of The Demon LordVillainStatusN/AInflicts the target with the Mask of the Demon Lord! If they do not cure it next turn, they turn into a Gourtoji until the end of the battle, forgetting any moves that Gourtoji cannot learn in the process. However, it has no effect on Poison or Villain Pokémon.
AstngyaoMaster CatapultGroundPhysical
Flings the user's item at the enemy, regaining it back afterwards.
HoryosutsukiSludge RainPoisonSpecial
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to badly poison the target. If the target is already poisoned, each hit increases the damage taken by Bad Poison.
EmakiaSeeping SlimefestPoisonSpecial
Replaces the target's held item with Black Sludge, and their ability with Slime Body, a combination of Sticky Hold and Stall.
PhangphangBlack Ice Toxic FreezerIceSpecial
Inflicts the target with Black Ice, a combination of Bad Poison, Frostbite, Burn, and Paralysis. If the target already has Black Ice, this move's power becomes 300.
BruhperialAncient SketcherNormalStatusN/ASketches the target's Signature Ancient Move if it has one, something which the normal Sketch cannot do, even as an Ancient Move. This works even if the target does not actually know the signature Ancient Move.
AdacryptoReplace The Vital CureHeroStatusN/AReplaces the target's held item with a Ring Target, their Ability with Klutz, and one of their moves with Splash. Also poisons the target.
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Finally, the fourth part of this file covers entries #923 to #1248. Remember, all Signature Ancient moves have a very slow charging speed, requiring around five moves to be used before the Ancient Gauge is filled!
User of Ancient MoveName of Ancient MoveTypeCategoryPowerSpecial Effect
SuwakanMonkey King's StaffHeroPhysical
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to use Dial Line.
ShagashaGavan DynamicHeroSpecial
Before use, splits into it's three copies. Power increases of each of Shagasha's copies that are still alive.
BixavhinkuSpirit BombDragonSpecial
This move can be charged beyond the limits of the Ancient Gauge, powering up in relation.
KonoblingzRaining Yen Of FortuneRockPhysical
Hits five times, scattering coins everywhere and confusing the target. Hits an additional 2 times for each time that coins were scattered everywhere during the battle. While Konoblingz knows this move, the Ancient Gauge fills faster whenever Coins are scattered everywhere.
FramIGHTSBeyond DreamsHeroSpecial
Always goes first and pierces through Protect. Can be used while the user is sleeping, doubling it's power in the process.
BrotlantisAtlantis's MightWaterSpecial
Switches the target to a Water-type and gives them a Water weakness. If they are already a Water type, this is a guaranteed critical hit and it washes away the target's raised stats.
DrilluganGiga DrillGroundPhysical
Hits 10 times. Power increases if the target has more combined PP than the user does.
ShókuiyukDeath NoteGhostSpecial
This is a OHKO against enemies with 50% or less HP. However, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to this effect.
Dann-RannIron Fist FinisherFightingPhysical
If the damage done by this attack is not enough to knock out the target, it's power becomes 70, but the Ancient Gauge doesn't empty after using it.
GiojshinoFox Dance Tail RushMythicalPhysical
Drains the target's Ancient Gauge by 50%, alongside 5 PP from one of their moves.
KarptimusOne Shall StandHeroPhysical
Power doubles and targets all enemies if the user is the only non-fainted Pokémon in the party.
KanojazomiMiracle Hyper StormHeroSpecial
Targets all enemies. Power increases if the target is under 50% Health.
FeralasuborDespair Giga ClawVillainPhysical
Targets all enemies. Power increases if the target is above 50% Health.
SonatronOne Shall FallVillainSpecial
Power doubles and has a high critical hit ratio if the target is the only non-fainted Pokémon in the enemy party.
KiyoriaTheatre Empress's Eternal CurseVillainSpecial
Inflicts the target with a one-sided Scheming, alongside the Crimson Curse, a status condition that lowers their stats at the end of every turn.
KofuhinnocentCombining Radiance Of Glory And DespairFairySpecial
Super effective damage done by this attack is x3 instead of x2. It's power increases if the target used an Ancient move last turn, or if the target is unevolved.
KabukizumoOriental Hair TwirlerFightingPhysical
Hits three times, with each hit resetting a random enemy raised stat. If this makes the target have no raised stats, this is followed by a final 120 power hit that lowers all their stats by 2.
SamátanRed Devil's Underworld BlazeVillainSpecial
Inflicts the target with Demonic Burning, a status condition that increases the power of all enemy moves by 20, on top of burning them.
KantlivamaFinal Trick Box Of CalamityVillainSpecial
If the user had used all their other moves, this move's power becomes 220.
ScombtouFlooded DamWaterSpecial
Hits both enemies and pierces through protect. If it does so, this clears away entry hazards, screens, and enemy helpful effects.
OrayanxaGreedy Oil GeyserGroundSpecial
Hits both enemies and covers them in Tar Shot. In addition, their next move is always Pay Day.
ChinkasenFull Steam AheadLightPhysical
The higher the user's speed, the more power this move has. At +6 Speed, this is a critical hit.
ChinwayySelfie Flash HammerSteelPhysical
Before use, lowers the target's defence and accuracy by 2. If they're at -6, this move's power becomes 250.
OsakarayushiSpinning Show Off ShurikenSteelPhysical
After use, the user uses Shuriken Toss. Once per battle, also revives all defeated Steel/Shadow types.
NarzhouNaval Fortress MissileSteelPhysical
Breaks screens and clears out entry hazards. This ignores abilities, items, and terrain under Rain.
ChromiumMetal StormSteelPhysical
May lower the target's special defence by 1. Power and the amount of Special Defence lowered increases for each Steel-type Pokémon in the party.
UkikaraLone Ronin's GiftFightingStatusN/AIncreases all of the user's stats by 1, or by 4 if it's the only Pokémon in the party.
JiduaejeboMaximum Defence BeamFairySpecial
Always goes first. The user uses Protect. If they are hit, their defence and special defence increases by 4 and they use this move!
GamelongGigant Gong DrummerSoundPhysical
Before use, the user uses Belly Drum.
GanmojyollProgramming Miracle Forge HammerSteelPhysical
Either causes, by the user's choice: Burn, confusion, paralysis, sleep, attraction, Embargo, or Heal Block.
GuillaegerGyspy DangerSteelSpecial
Power doubles if the target weighs more than the user.
TigadaoApache Volley StrikeSteelSpecial
Hits three times, with each hit may lowering the damage dealt by the target's super effective moves by 20% until they leave the battle.
VehirotronRevving Carpet BombSteelPhysical
Hits both enemies with increased power. Power increases with every use.
ZhejibaltSwift Wheelie CrasherSteelPhysical
Always goes first and causes flinching, being a critical hit against targets with more speed than the user. However, it fails if the target's last move wasn't an attacking move.
PhynoscaMillionpede Metal SlashSteelPhysical
Always goes first. Has a high critical hit ratio. The user endures itself for the rest of the turn.
SetockerySet Up The TearoomPsychicStatusN/AUses Teatime followed by Recycle. Additionally, inflicts the target with Embargo, clears their positive effects, and clears out the Weather and any terrain.
DiscusselRemix Bout WaveMagicSpecial
Hits both enemies. This is a critical hit against targets that have an ability that protects them from a certain effect. Power increases if Plus is active.
KarorreuDiamonds Forever CheerAthleteSpecial
Drains 50% of the damage dealt. For the rest of the battle, increases the Attack and Special Attack of all allies by 2%.
TrefreuzClub Clobbering ChargeBeastPhysical
Ignores enemy defence boosts. For the rest of the battle, increases the Defence and Special Defence of all allies by 2%.
LauschippeSpade Strange DimensionHeroSpecial
This is a OHKO against targets that have 18 or more stat boosts. For the rest of the battle, increases the Evasion of all allies by 5%.
CoeherzHearts?! Off With Their Heads!VillainPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. For the rest of the battle, increases the Speed of all allies by 2%.
KuraibaEmotion's ClarityMagicStatusN/AIncreases Special Defence by 6 and grants Haze protection for five turns, lowering the target's Special Attack by 6 and trapping them.
StiparuiquatStarseed Trick MissileMagicSpecial
Pierces through protect. Inflicts the target with Leech Seed and Interview. Power increases under Grassy Terrain.
LauhichiaWitch's Elegant Broom StrikeMagicPhysical
After use, the user uses their weakest Special Attack on the target twice.
GimaphiloSupersonic Top SpinMagicPhysical
Hits five times, each hit potentially confusing the target. It's power increases if the user or the target is confused.
PlestoAbra! Kadabra! Alakazam!MagicStatusN/ATurns the target into a harmless Hey for the next turn.
RollzhonDice Of Utter FateMagicSpecial?Rolls a six-sided die. This move's power is equal to the die roll *30, alongside a special effect: 1: Hits five times. 2: Badly poisons the target. 3: Has a high critical hit ratio. 4: Sets up Reflect and Light Screen, and breaks screens. 5: Pierces through protect. 6: No special effect.
GazokonemeonSpirit Flame FestivalGhostSpecial
25% chance to revive a random defeated Pokémon in your party. If the revival works, this is replaced by Shadow Force for the rest of the battle.
SlinkgouSlinky Spring RushMagicPhysical
Power doubles if the user is holding a Stretchy Spring.
AcolchonArchon's Legendary MeteorMagicSpecial
Power doubles if the Legendary Pokémon that Acolchon dedicates itself to is in your party.
GiengbaoFortune RainNormalPhysical
Hits three times, scattering coins everywhere and making the target flinch. Outside of link battles, this also makes all level 60 or higher Pokémon participating in the battle receive 50,000 EXP at the end of the battle.
BlikirosDoodle DestroyerGroundSpecial
Hits both enemies. May turn the target into a Blikiros until the end of the battle: The chance increases the lower the target's PP is.
ZhilixiiListen To The TattleFairyStatusN/AConfuses the target and increases their Attack by 4, increasing the chances that they'll attack themselves due to confusion for three turns. Also reads out the target's Pokédex entry.
HyakueyezRolling Eye SliderWierdPhysical
Adds Wierd to the target's typing. If the target is already a Wierd-type, this causes confusion, sleeping, Embargo, Heal Block, and Torment.
RavigheretiaMargerehita Sauce StormFairySpecial
Inflicts the target with Torment. Until the target leaves the field, healing effects are 50% stronger.
PythudonNoodle House RealmFairySpecial
Burns the target and inflicts them with Taunt, replacing their item with a useless Bowl of Noodles.
QiansenriFriendship Miracle BeamFairySpecial
Power increases for each Pokémon in the party that has not yet been knocked out.
HuanangziFaceless Mist HurricaneFairySpecial
Sets up Misty Terrain. Power doubles in Misty Terrain.
GansenzangMilk White Winter RushFairyPhysical
Sets up Safeguard and Interview. This always goes first and confuses the target under Misty Terrain.
Bixie And WujifanGuardsman's Eternal FirestormFireSpecial
Inflicts the target with Heal Block and Embargo, trapping them in a sea of enchanted flames that drains their PP and their Ancient Gauge at the end of every turn.
LunochiRising Lunar Moon KickHeroPhysical
Changes into Full Moon Form for the duration of the attack. After use, the user recovers all their HP. If they are already at full HP, this lowers the target's defence, special defence, and speed by 4.
HebaliiQang Carnival CombinationFightingPhysical
May lower the target's defence by 2. Can be split into either 13 10 hit strikes, or 2 65 power strikes.
BuliscreamRinging Bell BreathDragonSpecial
Suppresses the target's ability and removes their stat boosts. May cause paralysis.
YinghuciDragon King's Protection BreathDragonSpecial
Power increases for each Dragon-type Pokémon in the party. Makes the user immune to all damage next turn.
TyrannomidiaPaleozonic Roar Of The JurassicDragonPhysical
For the rest of the battle, all Fossil Pokémon gain 5% increased stats.
HantageCobalt Ceramic Claw CrushRockPhysical
Breaks screens and Protect, reducing the target's defence and special defence by 10% for the rest of the battle if it does so.
ChahdoraTriple King Radiant BreathGroundSpecial
This hits three times if the target has more stat boosts and higher HP than the user's.
NukzillaNuclear BreathDragonSpecial
Ignores resistances and immunities, being super effective against those who would be immune to it.
KambomaraDancing Long River RushDragonPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio. Always goes first if the target tries to use a move that is super effective against Dragon/Athlete types.
RunnaboltsaiRunning Like The BoltAthletePhysical
Always goes first, ignoring everything else that goes first.
OmsutakaaEverest High JumpAthletePhysical
First turn: The user enters a semi-invulnerable state and increases their Attack by 1. Second turn: Hits the target, dealing more damage the higher the user's attack is raised.
KamoshyalaBlazing Dodgeball KickFirePhysical
Hits both enemies, burning up their items and suppressing their abilities. This is a critical hit against targets that have no item.
JimomotoRunning King's Legendary VolleyAthletePhysical
Hits four times, each hit having a chance to increase the user's critical hit damage by 10% for the rest of the battle.
Manchin HoodSharewood's VolleyAthletePhysical
Hits three times, with each hit being a critical hit. Critical hit damage is increased against targets with more total PP than the user.
KenshikamaKendo CutNormalPhysical
Ignores abilities, items, and enemy stat boosts. This is always a critical hit.
NluitairOx's ShieldAthleteStatusN/AIncreases Defence by 6 and grants Haze protection for five turns, lowering the target's Attack by 6 and trapping them.
NBBwazhiCome On And SlamAthletePhysical
Unaffected by resistances and immunities. After use, the user uses King Me.
LiniakoutEverlasting Dream VolleyAthleteSpecial
Hits three times, with each hit lowering the target's stats by 1 if they have any raised stats.
X.T.R.A.S.H.OExtraterrestial LaserFlyingSpecial
Drains some of the target's Ancient Gauge. Pierces through protect. Power increases the higher the target's Ancient Gauge is.
Go-WeiqiGo For The HopeAthleteSpecial
Traps the target and makes it so that their Ancient Gauge does not fill for the rest of the battle.
ZaowourothRaining Art Paint WaveWierdSpecial
Switches the target to a Wierd-type. For five turns, their type cannot change, and they are trapped.
OrizurushramiOne Million Paper CranesWierdStatusN/ADefeats the weakest and most injured Pokémon in the enemy party instantly. Does not work on targets with full HP.
HoracamoleGuacamole WaveWierdSpecial
Causes a burn and confusion, as well as draining 5 PP from one of the target's move.
ElastrongStretching Wrap WhompWierdPhysical
Inflicts the target with Wrap, Heal Block, and prevents them from inflicting status conditions for five turns.
N'ghulhuObey The CultWierdSpecial
Replaces one of the target's moves with Obey, a Power 15 Special typeless move that increases the target's stats by 1. Also inflicts the target with Taunt and Torment, and disables one of their moves.
CastikaberInvisible Fortress WallPsychicStatusN/ASets up Protect, Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Scheming, Interview, Cheer On, and Aqua Ring. Also clears entry hazards and breaks enemy screens.
VehimestorATV Triple CutterShadowPhysical
Hits three times, with each hit causing confusion, or making the target attack itself if it's already confused.
TangagaoHey Fiddle FighterSoundPhysical
Lowers the target's raised stats by 4, and traps them. If this makes them -6, they cannot be raised as long as the target is on the field.
KaiyashiaGacha Dream SpearSteelPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio, and breaks screens. Power increases randomly.
BomboozleLast Words Giga ExplosionVillainPhysical
Hits both enemies with increased power. Power increases under Scheming. After use, the user faints.
DywarpalmDismembered Hand ClawWierdPhysical
Power increases if the target knows a Signature Ancient Move, disabling it for five turns.
YazaipinkadoJumping Flamingo BeakFlyingPhysical
Cures all allies of all status conditions, with it's power increasing for each condition cured this way.
CelebcakoHappy BirthdayLightStatusN/AHeals a fixed amount of HP from the user or a friendly target equal to the user's level. If this fully heals them, everyone flinches for the turn to hold a birthday party!
BalanlonggYin Yang Balance BreathLightSpecial
Eliminates all stat changes. Power increases for each East-exclusive Pokémon in the party.
QirauoraQinlong Hope BlasterIceSpecial
After use, sets up Aurora Veil. This ignores everything and reduces the target's stats by 3 under Aurora Veil. Power increases for each West-exclusive Pokémon in the party.
FengphuangSolar Wing BladeFirePhysical
This always goes first and is a critical hit under Sun. Power increases for each South-exclusive Pokémon in the party.
LinggaroshiTeachings Of The Wise TurtleRockPhysical
Replaces one of the target's moves with Withdraw. If they already know Withdraw, this disables all four of their moves next turn, forcing them to use Struggle. Power increases for each North-exclusive Pokémon in the party.
CyrpishenFallen Traveller Karp ScalesWaterPhysical
Steals the target's positive stat changes, increasing in power with each stat change stolen.
RachirinaCream Of The CropGrassPhysical
Inflicts the target with Cream Of The Crop, which forces them to use status moves next turn.
HidzhangyuFlame DancerFirePhysical
Burns the target, before inflicting them with burn damage 5 times.
SaojampoxDevestating Thunder BladeElectricPhysical
Has a high critical hit ratio, and ignores abilities, increasing in power if the target's ability is Volt Absorb, Lightning Rod, or Motor Drive. Hits an additional time under Electric Terrain.
GoodbightLet's Sleep ForeverPsychicSpecial
Puts the target to sleep for 5 turns.
SherprovedThe Seal Of ApprovalFightingPhysical
This is both a Fighting move, and an additional type depending in Sherproved's form.
SutaróMonkey King's Cloud RamFairyPhysical
This is a critical hit against targets that are under a positive effect, such as Safeguard.
XanzangottBreak Of BalanceMagicSpecial
If two or more of the target's stats are the same, this move's power becomes 225.
YubaizerWhite Horse Energy BlastDragonSpecial
For the rest of the battle, the target's stat changes can't exceed +3.
After use, this becomes "Such Battle", a power 150 Physical Beast move. Then it becomes "Many Damage", a power 200 Physical Wierd move that ignores everything, before resetting back to Wow.
BuzkarushuPolo Rush CrushAthletePhysical
Before use, knocks off the target's held item. Power increases for each Pokémon that is not holding an item, even if they are in their Poké Balls.
HeilosseusCannon Festival ForeverShadowPhysical
Hits five times, each hit having a chance to lower the target's resistance to Shadow moves by 25%. If this makes their resistance -100% or more, the remaining hits become critical hits.
MonulaThe Golden ForecastSteelPhysical
Hits 10 times, scattering coins everywhere.
JarlarisStorage Within The ArkTimeStatusN/AChoose a Pokémon in your party and have it hide inside Jarlaris. Both Pokémon fight as one until Jarlaris is defeated or recalled.
MikiánzéMillionth RailgunElectricSpecial
Hits 10 times, ending with a power 120 Electric move.
JackpotLucky SevenPsychicStatusN/AMakes it so that Jackpot will always roll three sevens on it's next pull!
SusanoperialZero Arms: OROCHIHeroSpecial
Once per battle, fully restores the PP of all of the user's moves.
KosakuriPerformance LIVE!SoundSpecial
After use, the user uses Sakuya LIVE!
KanagarorArtistic Great WaveWierdSpecial
Increases the user's stats by 1. Then, lower's the target's stats by the user's increased stats.
YorochiNine Death DevestationDarkSpecial
Hits nine times, with each hit increasing the damage dealt by Black Wounds by 1.
Hits five times, each hit being unaffected by enemy stat boosts, resistances, and immunities. It's power increases by 10 for each member of the Three Gorges in the party.
Unaffected by enemy stat boosts, resistances, and immunities. It's power increases by 10 for each member of the Three Gorges in the party.
Always goes last. Unaffected by enemy stat boosts, resistances, and immunities. It's power increases by 10 for each member of the Three Gorges in the party.
Sánx-DáThree GorgesLightPhysical
Hits an additional time for each member of the Three Gorges in the party.
GodyoWrath Of The ElementsDarkSpecial
Hits 30 times, each hit having one of the 30 types. However, unlike other Signiture Ancient moves, each hit only has 30% accuracy, but at least 5 of them will always hit.
Doubles the effect of Honesty Of The East for the rest of the battle: This effect is doubled again for East-exclusive Pokémon.
Doubles the effect of Fangs Of The West for the rest of the battle: This effect is doubled again for West-exclusive Pokémon.
Doubles the effect of Wings Of The South for the rest of the battle: This effect is doubled again for South-exclusive Pokémon.
Doubles the effect of Shell Of The North for the rest of the battle: This effect is doubled again for North-exclusive Pokémon.
Power increases for each Azwryu, Nisiga, Minillion, and Kitorr in the party: If all four in the party, this is a OHKO. The user must spend two turns recharging afterwards.
GolvhaiGolden BrotherJobSpecial
For the rest of the battle, all enemy moves are Dragon-type, but Fairy-types lose their immunity to Dragon moves. It's power increases if Silvhai is in the party.
SilvhaiSilver BrotherWierdSpecial
Fully refills all of Silvhai's Ancient Gauges. It's power increases if Golvhai is in the party.
JadorvhaiJade FamilyMagicSpecial
Refills the PP of Chuàngjiàn if the user knows it. The user must spend a turn recharging afterwards. It's power increases if Golvhai and Silvhai are in the party.
ShijoraOriva's DestructionVillainSpecial
The first time it's used, the target loses all their PP from all of their moves.
ChuanFriends Forever: The Radiant ChargeHeroPhysical
While Chuan knows this move, all friendly Pokémon gain the Contribute attack. This empties their Ancient Gauge and powers up this move for the rest of the battle accordingly to how much of the Ancient Gauge was emptied this way.
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Happy Chinese New Year! We are informing you that the three paths will be released soon: Path of Victory, featuring the ten gyms, has all of it's opponent's laid out, and the other two are starting to have their opponents be laid out as well! In addition, a detailed map of the Oriva Region is expected to be released in the near future, in addition to a TM list! But right now, it's finally time to show the player characters for the game! Like previous games, you can choose to be either a boy, or a girl, with the unchosen gender being your rival, who will be fought during the Path of Victory!

Pictured left: The boy. Pictured right: The girl. Their canon names are Samuel and Celestia!
Note that your look is not set in stone. The player's skin colour can be chosen at the start of the game, and Trainer customization returns from the previous titles, and you can visit various style shops to buy new clothing items or to change your hairstyle.


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The twelvth premium file covers a complete map of all the locations in the Oriva Region, although the level ranges are not shown here. Yellow locations are cities or settlements, while the type icons indicate where the Gyms, Titans, and Wushido Clan bases are. One location is version exclusive, with that being the home of the guardian of your game version: North has the Black Canyon, South has Vermillion Volcano, East has the Azure Dragon Palace, while West has the White Glacier. In addition, all locations in the water require Chuan's dive ability to reach!


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For the 13th Premium file, a complete list of all the TMs in the Oriva Region will be shown! These TM materials can be crafted out of materials dropped by wild Pokémon, rewarded from gyms, or found scattered across the region: Material costs are not shown here. You may notice that the ordering of these TMs follow a pattern, just like the Pokédex order...but what is it?
TM No.Move It ContainsType
TM1Ancient RechargeNormal
TM2Ancient MatchNormal
TM4Body SlamNormal
TM5Double EdgeNormal
TM6Egg BombNormal
TM8Hyper BeamNormal
TM9Giga ImpactNormal
TM10Weather BallNormal
TM11Swords DanceNormal
TM13Double TeamNormal
TM16Sleep TalkNormal
TM17Follow MeNormal
TM18Heal PulseNormal
TM19Scary FaceNormal
TM21Rock SlideRock
TM22Rock TombRock
TM23Power GemRock
TM24Ancient PowerRock
TM25Stealth RockRock
TM27Wide GuardRock
TM29Hydro PumpWater
TM30Water PulseWater
TM32Aqua TailWater
TM35Rain DanceWater
TM38Charge BeamElectric
TM39Wild ChargeElectric
TM40Shock WaveElectric
TM41Thunder FangElectric
TM42Thunder PunchElectric
TM43Rising VoltageElectric
TM44Volt SwitchElectric
TM45Eerie ImpulseElectric
TM46Electric TerrainElectric
TM47Thunder WaveElectric
TM48Grass KnotGrass
TM49Giga DrainGrass
TM50Grassy GlideGrass
TM51Solar BeamGrass
TM52Solar BladeGrass
TM53Leaf BladeGrass
TM54Energy BallGrass
TM56Pollen SeasonGrass
TM57Grassy TerrainGrass
TM58Leech SeedGrass
TM60Psycho CutPsychic
TM62Zen HeadbuttPsychic
TM63Psychic FangsPsychic
TM64Expanding ForcePsychic
TM65Calm MindPsychic
TM69Light ScreenPsychic
TM73Trick RoomPsychic
TM74Psychic TerrainPsychic
TM75Mirror CoatPsychic
TM76Healing WishPsychic
TM77Sludge BombPoison
TM78Sludge WavePoison
TM79Poison JabPoison
TM80Acid SprayPoison
TM83Toxic SpikesPoison
TM84Gastro AcidPoison
TM85Corrosive GasPoison
TM86Fire FangFire
TM87Flame ChargeFire
TM88Fire BlastFire
TM90Fire PunchFire
TM91Heat WaveFire
TM92Flare BlitzFire
TM93Fiery DanceFire
TM95Sunny DayFire
TM96Seismic WaveGround
TM98Earth PowerGround
TM100Drill RunGround
TM101Thousand ArrowsGround
TM102Thousand WavesGround
TM104Shore UpGround
TM105Aerial AceFlying
TM107Brave BirdFlying
TM110Air SlashFlying
TM112Mirror MoveFlying
TM113Feather DanceFlying
TM114Buggy StingBug
TM116Bug BuzzBug
TM118Leech LifeBug
TM119Rage PowderBug
TM120Sticky WebBug
TM121Tail GlowBug
TM122Shadow BallGhost
TM123Shadow ClawGhost
TM126Confuse RayGhost
TM127Destiny BondGhost
TM128Perish SongGhost
TM130Mean LookGhost
TM131Mach PunchFighting
TM132Brick BreakFighting
TM133Focus BlastFighting
TM134Close CombatFighting
TM135Aura SphereFighting
TM136Drain PunchFighting
TM137Body PressFighting
TM138High Jump KickFighting
TM139Triple KickFighting
TM140Bulk UpFighting
TM141Quick GuardFighting
TM143Flash CannonSteel
TM144Iron HeadSteel
TM145Metal ClawSteel
TM146Data StreamSteel
TM147Smart StrikeSteel
TM148Gyro BallSteel
TM149Iron DefenseSteel
TM150Metal BurstSteel
TM151Ice BeamIce
TM152Ice FangIce
TM153Ice PunchIce
TM155Ice SpinnerIce
TM156Ice ShredderIce
TM157Triple AxelIce
TM160Aurora VeilIce
TM162Dragon PulseDragon
TM163Dragon ClawDragon
TM164Dragon TailDragon
TM166Core EnforcerDragon
TM167Dragon DanceDragon
TM169Dazzling GleamFairy
TM170Play RoughFairy
TM173Misty TerrainFairy
TM175Dark PulseDark
TM176Night SlashDark
TM179Foul PlayDark
TM180Knock OffDark
TM183Parting ShotDark
TM185Nasty PlotDark
TM186Fake TearsDark
TM189Shine BurstLight
TM190Pillar SmashLight
TM191Luster SwordLight
TM192Holy WrathLight
TM196Magic BurstMagic
TM197Arcane StormMagic
TM198Dove SwarmMagic
TM199Mystery FistMagic
TM202Ancient SlamMythical
TM203Sword SlashMythical
TM204Dust SprayMythical
TM205Mythic BreathMythical
TM206Pinpoint ShotMythical
TM208Grand FinaleSound
TM209Bass DropSound
TM210Sonar SmashSound
TM211Falling PianoSound
TM215Chrono BurstTime
TM216Age ManipulationTime
TM217Record CrashTime
TM218Clock ArrowsTime
TM220Alarm RingTime
TM221Optical IllusionWierd
TM222Art WaveWierd
TM224Eye BowlWierd
TM226Reverse RealmWierd
TM228Pink SlipJob
TM229Market CrashJob
TM232Atomic BombJob
TM234Shadow RushShadow
TM235Shadow RaveShadow
TM236Shadow BlastShadow
TM237Shadow EndShadow
TM238Shadow ShedShadow
TM239Shadow SkyShadow
TM240Feral FrenzyBeast
TM242Spirit BlastBeast
TM243Sharp ClawsBeast
TM246Tear DownBeast
TM248Ghost WolvesBeast
TM249Savage RoarBeast
TM250Spirit GuideBeast
TM251Goal StrikeAthlete
TM252Home RunAthlete
TM255Line OutAthlete
TM258Synchronize SwimAthlete
TM259Cheer OnAthlete
TM260Rocket LauncherHero
TM261Laser VisionHero
TM262Heat VisionHero
TM265Power BlastHero
TM266Finishing MoveHero
TM267Dial LineHero
TM268X-Ray VisionHero
TM269Weakness ExploitationVillain
TM271Death RayVillain
TM272Doomsday DeviceVillain
TM274Back BreakVillain
TM277Maniacal LaughVillain
TM278Solar ChargeVillain
TM279Grass PledgeGrass
TM280Fire PledgeFire
TM281Water PledgeWater
TM282Frenzy PlantGrass
TM283Blast BurnFire
TM284Hydro CannonWater
TM285Draco MeteorDragon
TM286Steel BeamSteel
TM287Volt TackleElectric
TM289Horse ServeGrass
TM290East Sea WaveWater
TM291Firework BlazerFire
TM292Rajin's RageElectric
TM293Bestial FangBeast
TM294Closing CeremonyAthlete
TM295Saving GraceHero
TM296World DominationVillain
TM297Weapon MasteryShadow
TM300Final AsylumNormal


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The 14th premium file covers all the new abilities that are introduced in the Oriva Region: Each one shown below is used by at least two Pokémon in the region. Signature abilities are not listed here, and can be seen by looking at their entries in the past waves.
Ability NameEffect
AbstractAfter an enemy Pokémon uses a status move on this Pokémon, it may become confused.
Ancient SpiritThe Ancient Gauge fills in faster.
BalancerAt the start of each turn, if this Pokémon's stats are lowered, increases those lowered stats by 2, and if the enemy Pokémon's stats are raised, lowers those increased stats by 2.
BraveryReduces damage received from Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves by 50%.
BusyThis Pokémon is too busy to notice any non-volatile status conditions, such as Taunt.
Case SolverWhile this Pokémon only knows one attacking move, (Outside of the move in it's Ancient Move Slot) that move gains +25% power and ignores resistances and immunities.
Chi PowerThis Pokémon gains 1 Chi Point at the start of every turn. It can be spent on several Chi attacks that can only be used by a Pokémon with this ability!
Clock InOn send in, clears out all enemy positive speed-related effects such as speed boosts and Trick Room.
DefendantOnce this Pokémon has used it's held item, it gains +25% defence and special defence.
DiabolicalEnemy Pokémon that aren't holding an item have -25% resistance to Super Effective moves while this Pokémon is in play.
Feral FangsThis Pokémon's attacks deal more damage the lower the target's HP is.
Frigid TouchContact moves may Freeze the target. If a Pokémon with this ability is hit with a contact move, the attacker may become Frozen.
Hard WorkingFriendly stat boosts are 25% more effective.
Head RemovalContact moves may disable one of the target's moves.
LullabodyIf a Pokémon with this ability is hit with a contact move, the attacker may fall asleep.
MastermindThis Pokémon and it's ally's moves are immune to enemy effects such as Spite and Disable. It addition, it's Villain-type moves power up for each other Villain-type Pokémon in the party.
PredictionOn send in, this Pokémon automatically uses Future Sight.
Protector's DutyThis Pokémon's stats are increased in any kind of Terrain.
Scales Of JusticeThe first time this Pokémon reaches 50% or less health, it uses Pain Split.
Stadium SpiritIf an enemy Pokémon that is slower than this Pokémon uses a priority move, this Pokémon still moves first.
SuperspeedThis Pokémon's Priority moves have +25% power.
TouchdownAfter this Pokémon knocks out an enemy Pokémon, it's next move is 25% stronger.
TrumpeteerPowers up a move that is used repeatedly.
UltravisionThis Pokémon's attacks can damage even enemies in a semi-invulnerable state. In addition, they ignore Protect.
Wild FuryThe first time this Pokémon reaches 50% or less health, it whips itself into a fury, powering up their moves, but giving them recoil damage.


Creator of Pokémon North, South, East, and West
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The story rewrite is nearly upon us in the future: All of the major opponents of all three story paths have now been done, and a database of the stats and abilities of all 1248 Pokémon will be coming as well! But there is also something else in the works as well...could it be, that in the future...a poster of all 1248 sprites will come?