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[Developing] Pokemon Platinum 2


creation hero

Open image in a new tab for a larger size!

Six years ago, Cyrus was defeated, Team Galactic disbanded, and the Sinnoh region was at peace once more.
But the story isn't over. Pokémon Platinum 2 will take you back to Sinnoh once again - and you can help bring the game to life!
In this game, you'll be able to return to the Sinnoh region for a whole new experience! You'll see lots of familiar faces, and some new friends!

Features-- Old and New!

Features shown are prone to change or may not be included in the beta.

Brand new Pokémon!
While on your adventure through Platinum 2, you'll meet Pokemon from far off regions that have a made a new home in the Sinnoh region, some adapting to its unique environment!

Fresh new UI!
Charming UI from the DPPt games makes a return! In place of the default Pokemon Essentials UI, as well as new UI for new features!

Fluid Battle Animations!
In this game, you'll find that many animations from DPPt are being replicated! Move Animations, Overworld Animations, and many more are to be seen!

New and Returning Mechanics!
Familiar mechanics, such as the Poketch and Pokeradar return! New mechanics also make their debut, such as the Rotom Board and an item crafting shop!

New Characters!
Along with familiar faces, prepare to see a few more additions to the cast!
Positions Filled / Positions Needed
Meet The Team!


Aldo (Animator, Eventing)
BeefyBidoof (Artist and Sprite Artist)
Calicorn (Sprite Artist)
Deera_Kakikaki (Fakemon Design/Render and Sprite Artist)
Dakota/Xorn (Mapper)
Eric Jackson (UI/UX Artist)
Gimmepie (Writer and Metagame Design)
Inky (Tile Creator and Lead Mapper)
Jpeg2k (Artist)
MGriffin (Scripter)
Kyuzi (Scripter)
Vendily (Animator and Lead Scripter)
Wystogan (Mapper)
Huitzilin Flores (Artist)
Sliter Kitsune (Logo Artist)
Onion (Composer)
Nayte (Composer)
Sushi (Composer)
Kumquat (Composer)
Judge Kreep (Eventer)
Trentarty (Concept and Promo Artist)
RiqueRique (Artist and Sprite Artist)
Stupid Dinosaur (Concept Artist)
Venia Silente (Writer)
Golisopod User (Scripts and UI)

Honorable Mentions
Kitty, Hex Maniac Nina, Fairy, RealTeddyRed, Riviera, Wednesday, Brom,
Moca, Viridian, Typh, Lewmoth, Emdy, Lunar Doof/SpartaLazer, Zeak, Pudding, Wolf, Poffin and Klear.


Yes, we're still recruiting! We're after:
Spriters and Artists proficient in the Pokemon style
Dialogue Writers (Major scenes and NPCs)
People with experience in planning game design (Encounters and Trainer Battles)
Scripters (Essentials v18)
Translators (Especially English to Japanese)
Video Editors (Adobe After Effects)


If you are interested in helping out, feel free to send me a Private Message, respond to this thread about your interests and skills, or hit us up at Discord or Twitter! CSS by Kitty
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  • Age 21
  • Seen Feb 19, 2024
Look pretty good im hype so play it when the demo come out take your time.

Venia Silente

Inspectious. Good for napping.
Hello everyone, I'm Venia Silente your sporadic (but still dedicated!) writer from FF&W.

I was invited to participate in this project a few months ago as a script writer -- a great opportunity to add a new skill to my skillset! Because the team will be nice enough to teach me what I need to help. At the same time I will be assisting in writing a number of scenes.

Hopefully my other writing-related skills, in particular worldbuilding, still come handy; on that end of things I will also be contributing to the project a number of Pokédex entries on the various post-G4 mons making it in... you'll have to wait and see, and I hope my style gels well with the game! Similarly where possible I will be around to assist in character design, personality checks, and in general keeping NPCs in character.

All in all it's a pleasure to be taking part of this project since it's the next best thing until 4makes are confirmed and I hope we can all contribute in delivering a good Platinum-esque experience.

(As the opening post said, we're still looking for more contributors. If you have some mad skillz and want to leave your footprint in the snowy Sinnoh, here's your chance!)


[I]Gosh! What's poppin'?[/i]
I'm dumb, I didn't know what you meant by "plat 2" on discord last night.

But, now I know! And, wow this looks good and I'm looking forward to it.
I'd love to help but I think all I can do is Overworld Sprites, but it's been a hot minute since I've done Gen 4 Sprites~
hi! idk, if this is helpful or not, but i'd like to get involved. I guess I could help with writing, if you're interested. For the rest, i know nothing but i'm down to give a u hand with whatever u want, if u guide me tho


  • Age 29
  • Seen Mar 8, 2022
This game looks really good I can't wait to play it.

Inner Rhymes

Rhythm & Poetry.
I'm all in to help with writing dialogues, I can definitely pen them down as text documents and bop them over to be inserted in the game if that helps as I lack the skill to actually implement them myself.
  • Seen Dec 8, 2023
Is this still in development? Ever since I've played B2/W2, I've dreamed of there being a direct sequel to Platinum, and this looks amazing! If it is still in development, when do you think it'll be ready for release?

As a side thought: I wonder who the evil team will be. If I remember correctly, Cyrus vowed after his defeat in the distortion world that he will return. Will Cyrus return with a new team Galactic? Will this team seek to awaken and control Regigigas, Darkrai, or perhaps even Arceus itself? The possibilites are so cool to think about!