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IMPORTANT: Top Spookiest Locations in Pokémon Games?

Mister Coffee

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    • Seen Nov 7, 2020
    Lavender Town's tower has always been the spookiest to me personally, plus almost every pokemon creepy pasta ever written is centered around this location with many weird theories and such. Some people have said that Lavender Town was the reason why "Green Version" had a huge recall and ended circulation.

    The second creepiest location is definitely the Haunted Chateau in Eterna Forest. It has a wild Gengar that seems to be quite comfortable living there alongside of Rotom. The creepy mystery that resides in there about a Ghost Girl and her Ghost Butler, plus I will never forget the incredibly creepy portrait that seems to constantly stare at your character while moving around it. I've always wanted to know the story of that place but they never explain, which really makes the place even more mysterious and creepy.

    The third creepiest location is actually a really weird location, Phoebe's Battle Room in OR/AS. Phoebe herself seems to be haunted (which I think is super cool and eerie) by the ghost of a little girl which appears in the cut scenes only during the first Elite Four challenge and that little girl seems to love being around Phoebe herself. It's been made clear that Phoebe communicates with many different spirits, but I wonder why the Ghost Girl in particular is so attached to Phoebe to the point of following her constantly. It definitely makes Phoebe a much more interesting character.
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    I'd have to agree that Lavander Town has always been the creepiest for me. Especially in first generation. I would always turn down the volume because the music on its own gave me chills. I also think the Ruins of Alph are pretty creepy as well especially when you turned on the radio in generation two.


  • Old Chateau is pretty scary! The eerie music along with the old and derelict looking rooms gives the whole building that spooky vibe. The place is swarming with Ghost Pokemon, but not only Pokemon.. even the ghosts of humans can appear too. It is essentially a haunted old mansion which is most definitely the creepiest place for me in the Pokemon world.


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  • How about the Strange House on Reversal Mountain in Unova? It's definitely not a classic like Lavender Town and it's not as popular as the Old Chateau, but I probably like it the best of those three. It's got a creepy psychic lady with creepy speech and creepy books on shelves and.... come on it's just as cool as the other two is what I'm trying to say here.
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    There are Pokémon called Hypno. Each one carries a pendulum that it can swing to make people drowsy. It has been said that a Hypno once hypnotized a child and took it away...


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  • Spoiler:

    Add that to Phoebe's mystery is her talking to spirits atop Mt. Pyre. It just gives me the creeps. Has anyone ever noticed the hole in the wall in Mt. Pyre where you get to peek and the camera angle changes? I always assume the Ghost girl will appear there. Maybe an event or something. Anyway, phoebe is just creepy herself. And besides, talking to spirits (whether they seem good or bad) is just bad. Don't do it.

    The other is Mauville Hills Apartment 16. Having "..." as a response is just mysterious and seriously I've tried all I can to just open that door. It's one that's driven me mad.
    Maybe also something happened here, maybe one relating to Phoebe?


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    It's the music really that makes Lavender Town any bit creepy, they were spot on with that one. I can't really think of any spooky places in Pokemon that haven't been mentioned yet, nevermind that places in Pokemon don't tend to creep me out.

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    • Seen Dec 20, 2016
    Unsurprisingly, everyone's already mentioned the classics like Lavender Town, Old Chateau.

    So I'm going to bring up some unconventional ones.

    1. The ghost house on Kalos route 14 creeped me out. I thought the atmosphere was classically spooky. The old man's tale about a horde of faceless men was a frightening image, and I thought it was going to hold some relevance to the lore. Although I admit it could have been presented better. Like, the jump scare at the end was superfluous. I even thought, because he used the word 'horde', that he was talking about a literal horde encounter with pokemon that resembled faceless men. But alas, it amounted to nothing.

    2. Spring path in DPPt was spooky as hell. I think it's because it's one of the very few places (and the only one I can remember) where spooky music plays in a completely outdoor location. That too, next to a route that plays uplifting, major-key music. What cements this place as a spooky spot is that we had no idea why the music was spooky. We only learned after we ventured inwards that it was foreshadowing Giratina.

    3. When the ghost girl appears in Lumiose City. Idk, it was creepy to me.

    4. The Pokémon Mansion at Cinnabar. The journal entries and the music made it for me, at least at the time.

    Those are the ones off the top of my head.


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  • Aw, I wanted to be the first to bring up Pokemon Mansion. Oh well. It's pretty creepy, though. The music sets it apart and the diary entries littered throughout are scary. Not to mention, there are rocks all over the place. I don't know about you, but to me that always implied that something just exploded in there and I think of all the people that might have died. But I have issues, so ignore me.

    And as a personal bit, my cousin told me that Mewtwo roams the mansion, which obviously is a lie, but my first time through the game, I didn't know that. So while I was in there, I was freaking out, thinking that Mewtwo would just pop up and I wouldn't be prepared. I was terrified.
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    It may not be as overtly creepy as some places like Lavender Town or the Old Chateau but I think the Strange House on Reversal Mountain is definitely the creepiest place on Pokémon.

    The atmosphere is pretty creepy when you explore it, and the whole Darkrai thing and the fact that we never really do anything else there just leaves it an unresolved mystery.


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  • Turnback Cave and Old Chateau for me I think, Old Chateau was super creepy but Turnback Cave was so easy to get lost in and you had absolutely no idea what was going on.