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Princess Era 🎀


pokémon journey rp
rated T​

Hosted by Eleanor and Aquacorde
Created by Adventure

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>> IC thread and Player List here!

The time has come for you to graduate the Pokémon Training Cape College and earn your Trainer's License! In order to graduate, all students must complete a journey around Kanto, where they challenge every official gym leader to a serious battle. Whether you win each battle or not isn't the important part, but the gym leader's assessment of your skills and behavior, is.

Your side goal might be to finish the journey as fast as possible in order to graduate first in your class! Or perhaps to actually beat every gym leader, a feat that few ungraduated trainers accomplish, but isn't impossible. Or perhaps you want to take your time enjoying the journey itself, and focus on gathering the best or most fascinating pokémon team you can. It is all up to you how to shape your adventure, as long as you finish in the end.

2019 is not the most safe and calm year to go journeying, unfortunately. Over the past months, more and more incidents have happened across the region. There are radical organizations on the move, and they are getting more and more traction somehow. They all wish for humans to dissociate from pokémon training, to various degrees. Authorities are now worried that things will soon escalate into actual terror attacks and criminal endeavors...

You are still allowed to travel though. Just be careful. And, surely, you won't sympathize with these radical people?

    [tab=1pclose]❌[/tab] - [tab=1psetting]🌳 Setting[/tab] - [tab=1pmap]🗺️ Town Map[/tab] - [tab=1pmec]📋 Mechanics[/tab] - [tab=1psu]🦸 Sign-up sheet[/tab]

>> Select one topic above!
This isn't the Kanto you're familiar with. For our intents and purposes, think of it as a parallel universe and somewhat avoid details about areas when writing up your SU. The cities have the same old names though, and many locations are similar, but that's where the similarities end. All gym leaders are different, some areas look different and last but not least - there is definitely no Team Rocket around. There are other dubious organizations instead.

On your way through this region, you will not only get a chance to collect most of the original Kanto pokémon, but some exotic immigrating breeds from other regions will definitely appear, and you are sure to stumble into dangerous events, fight back against wrongdoers, and be thrown into various adventures together with Kanto's new gym leaders and other important people!

Unlike in the Kanto you're probably used to, not just anybody normally "goes on a pokémon journey" here. In order to purchase pokéballs, you need a trainer's license, which is a physical card linked to a digital online profile in the Pokémon League Association's (PLA) database. And if you are an adult, in order to acquire a license, you have to pass several time-consuming, difficult theoretical and physical tests together with pokémon. Without a license, you can still own pokémon outside of a pokéball, but they are then registered as farm animals or pets, and rules on pitting them against each other are much more strict as you're not actually legally allowed to put your pet in harms way on purpose...

However, if you are young, there is a better way to aquire a license: you can graduate from a Pokémon Training School. In this RP, you are young student at the Pokémon Training Cape College north of Cerulean Town, 13-15 years of age. It is a boarding school that is prestigious despite the fact that its headmaster, the famous researcher professor Palm, refuses to make families pay to send their children there. Instead, he meets with each family that applies, and judges the child's attitude and potential directly. To cut costs, the students all help out with cleaning the school, as well as helping out with cooking and laundry. Even though there are over a hundred students at the Cape College at any given time, it has created a very cozy and world renowned atmosphere that no other place has yet to replicate.

For those with plenty of money that either didn't get picked for Cape College, or those whose parents refused to send their perhaps spoiled kids to a boarding school where they had to do chores so often, there is another option. In the paradise city of Fuchsia lies the Safari Academy, led by the successful professor Rose. Graduates from these schools often become bitter, bitter rivals in their pokémon trainer careers.

It is after a student of either academy has finished all their exams, that they have just one final test left before they graduate: the pokémon journey. They have to travel on foot (or on pokémon) and battle all official gym leaders in the region. Whether they lose or win, the gym leader will report back to Palm about their impressions of the fledgling trainer, and their reports will be the basis on which Palm lets them graduate or require another year of studies before they have to take another journey.

Kids can enroll in Cape College at the age of 11 or later, and they are not allowed to start their journey until they have turned 13, regardless of how talented they are. Some choose to study an extra year or even two before they undertake the long journey, just to be extra prepared and have lesser chance of failing.

Once you have a license, you can work as a professional pokémon trainer! Not everyone with a license does. Some are content with graduating and getting their license and keep training as a hobby while they get other jobs in their lives. But for many, the whole point of getting a license is to become a professional. The life of a real trainer often means traveling and competing in various tournaments to gain fame and wealth through strength and skill. Others start working in their favorite gym; gyms function both as training spots and pokémon healthcare advisors for licensed or unlicensed trainers, and they are often responsible for hosting many official tournaments and challenges with the PLA. Yet others become mercenaries, finding jobs as trainers in unlikely places or in professions where it is necessary to have a full team and pokéballs, or where the skills otherwise come in handy. Life for any pokémon trainer is an exciting one full of opportunities. Put "I really do love cats" somewhere in your SU to show that you have read this.

Professor Palm generously supplies you with a student trainer's license (valid for a year, but most don't require that long for their journey), a pokégear, a pokédex and a young native pokémon to become your first legal battle partner.
town map
Cerulean City is a calm place where not much unusual is going on, but the Dragon Type gym leader is regarded as the strongest in the region and that is enough to put this smaller city on the map.

Lavender Town is a progressive town where some big companies put their factories. It hosts an Electric Type gym as well as the contrasting Pokémon Hill where trainers of old buried their dear departed battlers.

Vermilion City is a cheerful seaside city whose international harbor makes up for much of its activity thanks to its proximity to Saffron City, but there is also a Water Type gym.

Saffron City is a metropolis where many companies host their Kanto headquarters and where many of the most prestigious pokémon trainer tournaments are held. There is also famously good shopping here!

Celadon City is surrounded by farmlands and has a big focus on festivals and social events, always supported by its Grass Type gym leader.

Fuchsia City is a medium sized city mostly famous for its sunny seaside resorts and the Safari Zone. Of course, there is also the Safari Academy here... As well as a Flying Type gym.

Cinnabar Island has only a small town, but is a popular tourist spot due to the volcano nearby and its showy Fire Type gym.

Pallet City has evolved to rival Saffron City in being the biggest, most busy city in Kanto. It has a rather big harbor, as well as a big university and research centers, and last but not least an impressive Psychic Type gym.

Viridian Town is perhaps the antithesis to Pallet's brave modernization. Situated at the entrance to an ancient, dark forest as well as near the mountain route leading up to the mysterious Indigo Plateau, Viridian is a place of harmony with nature and deep spirituality.

Pewter City is a city of culture, where art meets sport. Its Fighting Type gym is often ranked as one of the best places in Kanto to work at.
noteworthy mechanics
- Abilities are in the RP! Caught Pokémon may have either normal or Dream World abilities as well, at the player's discretion.

- Held Items are also usable. Pokémon may hold them since the start of the battle, but single-use items may be tossed towards a Pokémon by its trainer in the midst of battle too. In any case, though, common battle rules will restrict you to one item being used per battle! Stolen items that don't get consumed (Thief, Covet...) should also be given back at the end of the battle.

- Levels are self-assigned by each player! The rule of thumb can be described by this table...

Lv. <25
Lv. 25 to 40
Lv. >40
Simple battle
Regular Battle
Hard Battle

In this case, quick training sessions or skirmishes can be considered Simple Battles. A rather normal battle between trainers with a few move exchanges is a Regular Battle, while a Hard Battle should mostly apply to high level opponents or hectic scenarios, where a considerable amount of strategy is involved.

- And yes, evolutions (by level or stone) and moves are also up to each player to add in.
For reference, new level-up moves can be added by looking from the lists of the last 2 generations a Pokémon is available in, meaning that a Pokémon such as Flabébé can be given moves based on Gen 6 and 7's movepools, whereas a Pokémon such as Malamar can be given moves based on Gen 7 and 8's movepools.
For evolutions by trade, or by other methods, the general rule is: trade evolutions can occur just by level up starting from 45. The item that some Pokémon need to hold while being traded can be now used on them like a regular Stone. For more complex mechanics (like Shelmet and Karrablast, for example), that can be discussed with the hosts!

- In the context of this RP, TMs aren't limited to the in-game list, but can contain any move. They will, however, break after a single use. Move Tutors will be available in certain areas and might be able to teach the same move more than once, though. In any case, a Pokémon may be able to learn a move this way as long as it can be learned in-game, no matter the method used: be it TM, Breeding, Transfer from other Generation, or in-game Move Tutors.

- You may capture any pokémon you have access to according to area posts, in any way you see fit. Some pokémon may be restricted to certain events or requirements though.

- You are allowed to trade pokémon with another player's main character at any time. Trading with side characters is also allowed, but is then restricted to pokémon you could have already been able to catch in the wild before the trade happens. Specifically, Event Pokémon are not allowed to be obtained this way.

- How to keep track of all this? You can do so inside of your posts - or better, you can use a spreadsheet that will be available to players through the roleplay's Discord server. That contains all the Pokémon and inventory info of each character!

- If you are working on a joint post, let the GM know! Because...

- If you think you that 2 weeks or more will likely pass between your last post and your next, for some unfortunate reason, please do let the GM know.

- If you have been inactive for weeks without proper communication, you'll be put on hiatus and/or might be removed from the RP.

- You are allowed one main journeying trainer, but may make any number of side characters! If you realize they are likely going to be recurring, please make them a brief SU.

- JPing is encouraged, but so is back-and-forth posting IC as well! I'd rather you make small posts IC to keep things moving, than post nothing at all for an extended time :)

starter pokémon
Any Pokémon that evolves at least once and that is from Generations 1 through 4 is eligible to become a starter! Your starter may also be given one move that it wouldn't be able to learn otherwise, as long as it's not a legendary or mythical Pokémon's signature move. In any case, this can be discussed as you join in!
sign-up sheet
Gender and pronouns:
Age: (13-15 is the normal age when trainers try to graduate)

Appearance: (can be a picture)


Brief history: (when did you join the school? Age 11, 12 or 13, probably not older unless you want to be a special late recruitment. Also anything you want us to know from your childhood and school years here.)


Hobbies: (optional, since they attended the academy, their main interest is of course pokémon training, but you may here list if there is anything else they enjoy doing)

Dreams or aspirations: (could be related to their pokémon trainer career, or to their hobbies, or something else. Or perhaps they don't really aspire for much at all? (really?))

Theme song: (optional youtube link. For fun!)

Starter pokémon: (State its species, its gender, and anything else you want to tell us about this pokémon you have recently received.

Roleplay sample: (either link to a recent IC post in another RP that is representative of your style, or write up a short sample of a random scene where your character attends the Cape College or interacts with their family!)

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repurposing this in case i need it later! I might put trainer info just in the IC thread OP tho
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yo yo yo if u wanna make our characters connected tell me, I can change stuff around!!

Name: Miles Chromwell
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Hometown: Viridian Town


NOT EXACT but general face shape and hairstyle
Brown hair and blue eyes. 5'3 (160cm)

I really do love cats

A kind but sometimes mysterious older half-brother, Kieran. (Brown hair and brown eyes, 19)
His mother is a pokemon breeder and former singer, and his father works for the International Police.

Brief history:
His mother and father fell in love while he was working an incident where she was a witness, and had Miles shortly after. Adored by both of them and his older-half brother, Miles was babied for most of his life. Still, he was always a good child and easy to get along with in addition to doing well in his schoolwork. The only times he got into trouble was if he was roped into something with his friends, but everyone always forgave him or didn't find him at fault. Miles decided he wanted to be a pokemon breeder like his mother, and she explained that he should get to know pokemon more as a trainer first. School was a natural choice for him and he is diligent in his studies, though weak in his practical skills. Miles joined the school as early as possible, when he was 11.

Miles feels the mood of people around him and is able to connect that way, but can get overexcited and talked into trouble by peers for the same reason. He has a hard time saying no or asserting boundaries with others, but is usually outgoing enough that he doesn't get picked on. Miles has very much grown up in a safe environment. While he has gotten used to a few years away from home at the boarding school, he still has never faced the reality of a world unfriendly to him or faced real failure. However, he is not afraid of the world and is confident in himself. At the moment.
Also is a huge momma's boy. Her word is law.

With his mother being a singer, she wanted him to train some kind of musical interest as a child. While he wasn't into singing, he did learn to play the piano and still enjoys playing it. Growing up with his mother being a breeder and his eventual goal being that, he has an interest and knowledge about the medical workings and diets of a variety of pokemon.

Dreams or aspirations:
His dreams aren't very big, he is still childish enough that he just wants to work as a breeder with his mother. However as she breeds generally for looks and temperament, he wants to breed powerful pokemon that trainers like his brother can use.

Theme song:

Starter pokémon:

Vulpix / Female
Ember / Tail Whip / Psycho Cut
Roleplay sample:

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You can't ask anyone for help

Try, sometimes there's kindness we bare our fangs at
When there's something worth to protect

Cry, it is because we get hurt and get passionate
That we live our life to the fullest

Ralph Gonder
Female :: aged 14 :: from Pewter City​

Ralph is a lean yet well built girl who is averagely tall for her age. She has light brown skin, bright green eyes and curly brown hair that definitely has grown too long and untidy during her time away from home. She's never been the biggest on fashion - frankly she hardly cares at all. But at some point recently, she decided that wearing short sleeved shirts over long sleeved t-shirts was really cool, so that's what she does now, in various colors. Below that, she usually sports black jeans and big yellow and white sneakers. Sometimes, and definitely on her journey, she presses her unruly curls down with a yellow beanie.

Mother and father and two siblings, as well as some cousins and grandparents - however, her father's side of the family lives outside of Fuchsia City and they don't see them very often. Her younger sister is 13 and attending the Cape College as well. Her younger brother is 10 and still in Pewter City. It is unclear if he wishes to become a trainer though.

Brief history & Personality:
Being the oldest sibling of three, Ralph certainly can have a "mother hen"-like responsible streak to her, although she tries not to show it. She cares endlessly for her siblings, even though they annoy her to bits too, especially her sister. Her parents put quite a bit of expectations on her and expect her to be a good role model for her siblings. She's not comfortable with that pressure at all though. Joining the Cape College at the age of 11 meant a lot of freedom for her, as she could finally space out and be relatively irresponsible away from her parents. Her grades aren't very good as she has made a point out of not trying too hard to accomplish much anything more than she absolutely needs to, and as such she had to take an extra year of studying before she was finally allowed to attempt the final journey now. Despite all this, Ralph is a quite sociable and warm person when she lets others in - and that usually happens by her learning to trust others to the point that she feels protective of them. Or actually sometimes the other way around, feeling overprotective over them to the point that they accept her and start trusting that she is pretty good at taking care of them.

She grew up in Pewter City with both her parents and siblings. One year ago, her younger sister joined the Cape College as well, and she is now 13 and scolding her older sister as often as she finds opportunity to. Their younger brother is still only 10 years old and has to wait at least another year before he can try to join the trainer's school, if he even wants to. Growing up in Pewter City was a generally fun experience. The city's atmosphere encouraged kids to be creative and active in the outdoors, and Ralph pursued the latter gladly even though she never felt as at home with the music as her siblings did.

Something she was always interested in, however, was pokémon. They were exciting, cute, awesome and impressive, and her favorite thing to watch on the TV (or live) was always pokémon battles. It was a given that she would try to become a trainer once she was old enough, and even though it is tiresome to help out with all the chores at professor Palm's Cape College and the prospect of living near the famous Safari Zone sounded more exciting, she has still thoroughly enjoyed her time at Cerulean Cape and will miss it dearly when she finally manages to graduate. If she manages.

Ralph actually wasn't born in Pewter City, even if her siblings were. When she was born, the family lived in Fuchsia City near the ocean, and Ralph has always felt drawn to the seaside and its nature.

Like many kids in Pewter, Ralph and her siblings practiced various sports as kids, and learned to play several musical instruments. Well, Ralph tried but couldn't seem to stay interested in many things for long, neither sports nor music. She was always adequate at singing though, and she did enjoy playing the guitar, at least when nobody tried to give her homework on it. If she comes across a guitar or a reason to join in and sing on her journey, she likely gladly will produce some tunes and she's not half bad at it even though she probably wouldn't want to play or sing for an audience. The sports she mainly practiced are handball, short distance running and karate. She was okay at all of them but no star, unlike her siblings. Her sister is already the talk of the town when it comes to handball, and her young brother seems to be somewhat of a karate prodigy. Ralph always says that she's proud of them and doesn't mind not being the best even though she is the oldest.

Dreams or aspirations:
It's not a far fetched guess that Ralph dreams of becoming a strong trainer. She claims she doesn't care about fame, but any talk about traveling trainers finding marvel in nature or wild strong pokémon, or even mythical creatures, makes her eyes sparkle and her fantasy run wild. She basically is resigned to never being able to become a famous competing trainer, and she has no clue of what she would like to actually work with once she gets her license, so she just sticks with her fascination for the wild and unknown for now. Challenges only a strong trainer will be able to face, and experiences you only get once in a lifetime. Truth is, of course, that she feels hella lost in regards to her future.

Theme song:

Starter pokémon:
Sandshrew, Male.

Scratch / Defense Curl / Sand Attack / Poison Sting / Rock Slide

Roleplay sample:
https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10009353#post10009353 A few months ago in "Back to Basics" by Kitty.

The world will change, you know it, if you can overcome the pain
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Your world will change, because you have the courage not to fear the sky
You can take off, looking for another you
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Reserving Squirtle
Hopefully I can get this done in time :)

Yay! Hopefully :)

Note to all: I've updated the OP with some information on what the cities and towns in this Kanto are like. I hope that it doesn't cause issues for anyone's plans?


⟡ dig down, dig down ⟡
Casey Holt

Imagine a weightlifting type of jock. Fit and muscular with a healthy amount of fat on him. An inch shy of six feet tall, sandy hair, hazel eyes, a bit of a tan. Always moving, an easy grin on his face. He likes the idea of being an outdoorsy person; he generally dresses like he's stepped out of an ad in a hiker's magazine. His clothes are high-quality, his jeans are tailored, his brand-new wool-lined leather jacket is his favorite thing. He also bought a custom walking stick before setting off. He loves how he looks.

Casey Holt lived a fairly independent life in Pewter City until being enrolled at Cape College at age fourteen. He's always been one of the older students- he turns sixteen this year, on June 9th!- but that's never stopped him from making friends. He's a very social person; he gets along with people easily and has a fantastic memory for names. Really, he has a fantastic memory for all kinds of details. Casey absorbs all knowledge like a sponge, though he learns better by doing (as opposed to watching) and listening (as opposed to reading). He finds most things interesting in some way, but his pervasive interests have been fitness and nutrition for both humans and Pokémon.

He appears reckless at times, but Casey knows very well what he is capable of and would never put himself in real danger. Self-sufficiency is the key to life, in his eyes, and he will never jeopardize his ability to take care of himself. However, he doesn't plan very well and he's more reactionary than proactive. His quick-fire decision making only fails him when his options seem equally bad and that's the point where he gets stuck in a loop of dithering. Otherwise, he really is always moving, even if what he chooses to do may not be the ideal option. But hey, at least he's doing something.

Except when he runs into Ghost-types.

That's the only time he completely freezes up, and it's his own fault that he does. Sure, the traumatic childhood experience causing this fear was certainly not his fault, but his reactions now. Well. What he's done is decided that since he's a trainer now, he can't run from Ghost-types anymore. Imagine forfeiting a whole tournament because there's a Ghost-type on your opponent's team! That's ridiculous. So he doesn't allow himself to run from Ghosts anymore. Now he just has to work on the panic attacks, and the fainting, and… yeah.

His parents are… busy. They have one other child, Aurelia Holt, who is seven years Casey's senior. He didn't grow up with her- Ralph was more of a sister to him than she, but they grew apart when Ralph enrolled in Cape and Casey stayed in Pewter. When Casey did finally enroll, he was quick to bond with Jordan due to similar schedules and sheer proximity. His friends know him to be cheerful, tactile, faux-dramatic, and action-oriented- though he's just as willing to follow as he is to lead, as long as something is happening.

Pepper Bomb [Charmeleon]
Ginger [Buneary]
Parsley [Skiddo]

Theme Song

Spoiler: original SU
Casey Holt • he/him • fifteen

sandy hair • hazel eyes • round face • 5'11 • a large person all around

His walking stick was a gift his parents sent for the beginning of his journey. It might be a Thing to give walking sticks to people, but he's not sure. Casey's thinking about carving it. He also bought just the coolest jacket last time he visited Pallet, and he was right to buy it big. It was expensive! Bouffalant hide lined with Wooloo wool is lavish. He didn't buy it purely for style, he swears- it actually is durable and practical material for what he's going to be doing. Not that he really needs to justify his purchases. His family's got money. Casey knows they're well-off due to Great-Grandma Something-Or-Other starting Some Kind Of Business a long time ago in Some Place Far Away but he's never cared enough to get the details. They're not absurdly wealthy, since Great-Grandma had a lot of kids to split her assets amongst. There's a heck of a lot of people in his extended family. He's got cousins and second cousins galore, but would be hard-pressed to identify any of them, since Casey's the youngest of their generation and never really got to know any of them very well. The closest family member to his age is his sister Aurelia, who is seven years his senior. She graduated a while ago- but from Safari Academy, as her application to Cape College had been denied… three times.

Cape College was still the ideal school even after all Aurelia's rejections. So Casey's parents sent in an application on his behalf when he was ten. And when he was eleven. And when he was twelve. Someone finally realized what was going on that time- the College had never whitelisted his parents' contact information from the few years they spent inundating the place with rambling pleas on behalf of their daughter. He finally got to start at the College when he was thirteen, making him one of the older students in his year. He doesn't mind that too terribly. Casey's been hitting growth spurts every few months since starting. Because of this slower growth rate, he never developed that lankiness that is so common amongst teens, and instead is a pretty beefy guy overall. Personally he thinks he's rather have just grown all at once so he could buy new clothes when he's done. He's had to renew his entire wardrobe nearly every quarter because he clothes are just sliiightly too small. Finding someone to take him all the way to Saffron to go to the very specific store he shops at is such a hassle.

He's recently discovered that he's got very different ideals and interests than Aurelia and their parents. Casey has begun to suspect that they're not particularly well-rounded people. Growing up in Pewter City was a great time for him and very formative. His parents were not very involved with him and mostly let him do what he wanted, which was to wander around town and participate in whatever he found. Casey really learned a lot that way! He likes to say that he knows "a little bit about a lot of things." He likes having new experiences and finds most things pretty interesting. Despite that, he doesn't have many hobbies and doesn't pursue many topics past a moderate level of study. When pressed, he'll say that working out is a hobby of his even though he is rather neutral about the act itself. Casey's true interests lie in the academic side of fitness and nutrition for both humans and Pokémon.

Casey's known to be extremely social and never intentionally unkind. He's self-serving, though, which may be a holdover from that very independent childhood. He's never been very good under pressure, but that's not to say he's indecisive. He's very quick to decide and react! Just, it's not always the ideal reaction. To be fair, those split-second choices have been getting better with experience. He's also pretty innovative. Kind of has to be, to get himself out of the problems his "quick thinking" tends to land him in.

When he has time to actually sit and think about a decision, Casey tends to dither. He has difficulty seeing past the immediate situation. That lack of big-picture thinking means his goals for the future are a bit nebulous. Explorer? Nutritionist? Gym leader? Fitness instructor? He has this vague idea that he might get proper battling sanctioned for non-licensed trainers in some sort of official, supervised setting. It's good for Pokémon, after all, and he doesn't think that those classified as "pets" should be denied that health benefit.

Don't get near him with Ghost types. It's a big ol' problem for him. He also doesn't like moves or abilities that cause immobilization or do something to alter mental state because if he's caught in them he's not going to be able to protect himself.

Starter: Charmander, male. He's really energetic and theatrical! He'll know Bone Staff Rush. :P

Roleplay sample: [it's from beyond lolol] i'll write smthn if you want tho. I really do love cats :) lmk if you need anything changed!
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Finished my SU. Do you guys think it looks reasonable?
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SO in order to make this easier for newcomers, I think I will say some things here.

Just so we're clear on the absolute basics:

The roleplay forums are divided into 3 different parts.
The place for general RP discussion and chit-chat, events, interest checks and help with anything RP related.

Go here to find roleplays to join! Threads with + in their prefix usually accept new players. Roleplay Casting is also where you post a new roleplay of your own creation.

Once you have been accepted into a roleplay, this is where you write it out. If you are the GM of a roleplay, this is where you post the actual roleplay thread once it's time to begin writing.

For other terms:

RPT - RolePlay Theatre!

IC - In Character. When you are writing in the actual RP threads, instead of writing as a user on a forum.

OOC - Out Of Character. When you are writing as a user on a forum! Yourself, that is.

SU - Sign-up. Refers to the form/sheet for characters you can find in an OOC thread. When you have filled it in and submitted it, that is your SU. Your character summary.

GM - Game Master. The creator or owner of a RP. The person who sets up rules, accepts SUs and usually guides the plot. Me!

OP - Opening Post. Basically what it sounds like, the first post in a thread. (Can also refer to Over Powered, referring to a too strong and unfun character. Avoid doing that.)

JP - Joint post. A post jointly written by two or more people simultaneously through a platform like Google Docs, and finally up as one single post.

Serebii or bulbapedia are good places to look up moves and such about your pokémon in case you'd need it. However, I'll always hand you new moves and keep track of your levels so you don't actually need to worry about that. Perhaps consider evolutions etc though.

All IC Posts must be at least 100 words long in length. It's not hard to do, and it makes sure that something happens in every post :)

There's some nice information in this thread https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=362831 but it's a bit overwhelming perhaps. Some important things to avoid are at least:

Godmodding means to 'play god' and either take control of events or characters that only the GM should, or to make your character unreasonably lucky or strong.

Bunnying means to control other characters that are not your own. This is unacceptable unless you have got permission beforehand.

Metagaming means using OOC knowledge for IC behaviour. For example if Person A writes their character is lying or hiding something from Person B, and then Person B in his post suddenly knows somehow and calls Person A out on it.

So you'll get the picture of how we'll start and how "chapters" will work a bit better, i posted the IC thread already for you guys to look at. Of course you're not allowed to post in it before you've become accepted d: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10076786#post10076786

You can always ask me or one of the other players if you have any questions, small or big!


Hi I'm Cube
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Reserving Gastly if possible, might write my character when I get home
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Reserving Gastly if possible, might write my character when I get home

Sure thing! Good luck :) let me know if you need any help

And with that, I think I'm closing reservations for now. 8 players is a nice number, providing that everyone actually posts a SU soon of course :)
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