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News: Watch the first two episodes of Pokémon Generations!


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    • he/him
    • Seen Jul 1, 2022
    The noises the Pikachu makes in this are absolutely adorable. All the Pokemon seem incredibly well animated too. Magnemite especially, with its eye moving.

    Desert Stream~

    Holy Kipper!
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    • She/Her
    • Seen Aug 20, 2023
    This is simply amazing. If the anime were like this, I would never miss an episode. Seeing the in-game characters instead of ash is great, In my opinion the in-game characters look way better then ash.
    Pikachu's cry is just so much better then that gen 6 cry/anime cry, really makes it seem more realistic.
    And the art style? Fabulous.

    I know GF/Nintendo/TPC would never change the anime unfortunately, this would be a huge money maker the way I see it.


    Fighting a bigger fight
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    The sounds they make, such as Pikachu are brilliant. Really nailing the mouse sounds that Pikachu should be making if you ask me.

    Score, animation and flow are all on point. One regret is that it's not longer and some parts aren't as well animated as they could be (waterfall in Hoenn region is static) but overall it's dang good.


    one more time
  • 16,942
    After some reflection I do wish Looker had been closer to his characterisation in the games - he didn't seem quite the same. More serious, 'hard-boiled' sort of detective/policeman than what I know him to be like. I guess the situation was quite serious and called for it, but even so, the characterisation didn't quite feel... right to me.

    I liked both entries overall despite that complaint. Nice to see a different representation of Pikachu, and the ideas behind police taking on Giovanni was neat. Interestingly - we got little about the actual protagonists here. Pikachu's one only had Red in the background (if that!), and while there was an allusion to him and Blue in the second short, they never showed up and the focus was the police doing the work. Which is actually quite a neat perspective.

    Magnemite breaking security like that was a particularly nice moment imo.
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    I absolutely loved the first two episodes, the animation was wonderful and it was great seeing different moments from regions and the Looker episode was good too. I loved the different representation of Pikachu and little things like the Magnemite breaking into the Gym and the disappearance of Giovanni after he gave two trainers (we all know who they were) badges was neat. I can't wait for the next episodes!


    just a miserable pile of secrets
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    The first episode gave me goosebumps really... that sudden itch to go back and play the old games was definitely there.

    The second episode gave us more insight on how the police thought of the whole team rocket situation. It also showed us how pokemon are used outside of battling :D

    Animation was spot on... to me it was nothing special, but still the scenes look great. The first episode, had all of those transition shots that flowed so well. The second, Pokemon > modern breaching tools. The shorts where tight, concise and absolutely wonderful :D


    Shiny Collector
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    I loved the first two episodes and I can't wait for more. The animation was good and I like how the Pokemon make noises like in Origins rather than say their names. Although, I was expecting the episodes to be a bit longer. I know they're meant to be shorts, but I was expecting them to be about 10 minutes each.


    Team Player
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    • Age 26
    • Seen Aug 27, 2023
    Both were nice starts! Looker's was great!

    Can't wait to see more!
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    Pikachu's voice was adorable here omg! Very squeaky and mouse-like. Awesome generation montage.

    The second episode was absolutely amazing though. Took me a moment to recognize Looker but I especially liked the portrayal of the police squad and Giovanni at the end. Very serious with a gloomier atmosphere than I've been used to from the existing show. I'd definitely keep up with this if it were a full series... Glad we have many more episodes coming up, as short as they are.