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Article: Zeraora nowhere to be found in Australian distribution event

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    One has to admire TPC's wondrous decision making in once again neatly excluding the good people down under and not explaining, much less trying to make up for it somehow! After all, us Australians had never wanted a shiny Poipole, either.

    On a more serious note and update to this post, I myself had sent a message to them in regards to Zeraora's distribution to TPC's support a few days ago. Today they finally replied, saying indeed EB Games won't be distributing and were kind enough to give me a code. Fellow Australians just might be able to nab themselves a Zeraora code through contacting their support and inquiring of getting one from them directly.

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    ^ That's interesting. So the only way for Australians to get themselves a Zeraora code is by complaining to to TPC themselves about it? :s Well, if that really is the only way to go about with it...