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Hiroshi Sotomura
February 6th, 2004, 9:24 PM
The PokéCommunity Get-together 4 - Chain Story
Another chain story based this time on the members. It will include new characters from Advanced Series, and you can add yourself to the action! Write with flair and keep it active. And get new friends.

Ash, May, Max and Brock travel through Hoenn. They continue on with Ash's quest to get a rematch with Norman, May's and Max's father.
Max: "Are you sure you're prepared to batle Norman? He's kinda hard you know..."
Ash: "Yeah, I got 4 other Hoenn badges, I'm sure I could take him on..."
Max: "Have you devised a strategy? Dad says you might need one."
Ash: "My strategy is to win!"
Max: "Well thought...: I guess... NOT! How can you say that when all you have is a little Pikachu?"
Ash: "I have Treecko, Taillow, Corephish, and Torkoal too."
Max: "Who have you been with more though? Pikachu. And all knows that Normal Pokémon can beat most of the Pokémon that aren't Electric types."
Ash: "Pikachu can beat it."
May: "You're saying that even after the trashing Vigoroth gave Pikachu last time?
Brock: "Why not get some of your older Pokémon?"
Ash: "I don't know... Maybe we can call and get Charizard back..."
Brock: "Charizard's with Lizza, and most are with Oak."
May: "I bet Bayleef misses you a lot."
Ash: "Let's get Bayleef!"
Max: "NOOOO!!! Errrr I mean you already have a grass type, you don't need two."
May: "What is the matter with you Max?"
"Urrr nothing nothing. *mutters*Stupid Bayleef"

Bayleef: "Bay!"
Max: *groan* *thinking* arrrgh... Bayleef!
Ash: "How about Snorlax?"
Brock: "We're running low on food without Sonrlax's help."
Ash: "Bulbasaur?"

~~In the bushes~~
Shadow watches Ash and friends quarrel over which Pokemon he needs.
Shadow: "Time to swipe Pikachu before those buffoons do."
Jessie: "Waht buffoons?"
Shadow: "What are you doing here?"
James: "We thought we would help."

Meanwhile a dark cloud approaches. It comes towards Ash and the group and splits, which the other half goes towards Shadow.
Shadow: "What's that?!?"
Ash: "Oh no..."

The cloud strikes at both.

Shadow lands somewhere in a city with Jessie and James and Meowth.
???: "Boy are those people oddly dressed. The ones with the R on their shirts."
???: "What could people like that be doing in New York city?"
???: "The other guy sure is cooly dressed..."

Ash: "Where are we? First the cloud strikes thunder, now we are here..."
???: "North Carolina."
Brock: "In America?"
???: "Yup!"
May: "What's your name?"
???: "My name? Anthony."
Brock: "Oh?"
Anthony: "Hey aren't you guys from the Pokémon : Advanced TV show?"
Brock: "We're in a TV show?"
Anthony: "Nope. You're from a TV show."
Ash, May, Max and Brock: "Aaaaaaahhhh!"

Now people, you can contribute!

February 6th, 2004, 9:46 PM
*everyone. except Anthony faints*
*Anthony calls 911*
*Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Pikachu are rushed to the hospital*

Nurse: Quick! Rush them into trauma
PA: Dr. Raikou to Trauma. Dr. Raikou to Trauma.

*Shock Pads are placed on our heroes*

Nurse: Doctor! Activate the shock Pads!
Dr. Raikou: Will Do, Nurse Erika!

*Dr. Raikou fires up shock pads*
*Everyone wakes up*

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 6th, 2004, 10:29 PM
Anthony: *sweatdrops*
Ash: "Am I back in Hoenn?"
Anthony: "Nope."
Ash falls in shock again.

Shadow: "My name is Shadow..."
Jessie: "I'm Jessie..."
James: "I'm James..."
Meowth: "Meow..."
???: "Meowth. Of Team Rocket."
???: "Who is this Shadow?"
Shadow: "A Rocket Executive."
???: "I always wanted to be a thief."
???: "I dream, but never want to do."
Shadow: "Who wants to join Team Rocket?"

Bayleef: "Bay bay!"
Ash: "Bayleef?"
Brock: "Ash, stop dying in shock."
Anthony: "Hey! You guys... your de-digitizing!"
Ash: "Aaaahhhh! Wait what's de-digitizing?"
Anthony: "You're real life looking people now. Pikachu is all 3D now... and you guys are like real people only no longer anime drawings..."
Max: "Neato! Does it reverse when we return to our own world?"
Anthony: "Yes."
Max: "Apparently Ash has fainted of shock again..."

Latios Master
February 6th, 2004, 10:36 PM
Ash then starts to dream.
Ash: "Where am I?"
Latios Master: "Your in a dream. Welcome to PC."
Ash: "Huh? How'd I get here?"
LM: "You tell me."
Ash: "But aren't you the one typing things up?"
LM: "I guess."
Ash: "Then do something! Wake me up!"
LM: "But this is much more fun..." XD

Sorye HK
February 7th, 2004, 12:48 AM
Ash runs through the Pc database and gets drunk
from too much info.
Ash: .............. Me like it here....... mmmm......
(Ash starts hallucinating)

February 7th, 2004, 3:10 AM
Ash was seriously drunken...
Ash: ARRRRR~~~EEeeeeeee~~~OOooooo wa....La la la ierukana? Kimiha ierukana? lalala ierukana? POKEMON NO NAMAE~~~~~!~!!!

Jesse: Seems that that kid was drunk again!
James: Hm.....
Ash: Hey there, who are you?
Jesse: Prepare for trouble
James: And make it double......(and so on)
Ash: Hey, you motto is interesting! Say it again! Say it agaIN!!!!
Jesse , James: o_O||||
May, Max: Ash! Ash~~~~Where are you?
*Walks past drunk Ash*
Ash: Errr....I'm not here...arrrr....who am I?
May: Oh my! Is this Ash?
Ash: I......don't....know.....
Max: I can't remember Ash with blood shot eyes...

Sorye HK
February 7th, 2004, 3:20 AM
May: Then I guess it isn't him.
Everyone runs off and leaves Ash.
Ash: Pikachu! (Sings the pikachu song)
May: Since we found a way out of Pc,
let's get outta here.
Max: OK!!!
(Suddenly a tornado hits and blows them
off to the old PC database)
May: WAWAWA!!!! I don't like it here!!!!!

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 7th, 2004, 3:50 AM
Ash: "w00t!"

Brock: "Is he in a coma?"
Max: "No. Just a weird dream."
Anthony: "A kick on the bed lifts up that head."
Anthony kicks the bed and Ash jumps waking up with a fright.
Ash: "Digitize me... bleh..."
Brock: "Would you believe you are no longer an anime drawing?"
Ash: "Brock... you look different..."
Pikachu jumps onto the bed.
Ash: "Aaaaaahh! 3D Pikachu!"
Pikachu shocks Ash.
Ash: "Where what huh?"
May: "C'mon Ash... let's get going."
Anthony: "You guys sure look as if you're older than your current anime ages."
Ash: "I'm thirteen."
May: "I'm ten."
Anthony: "Well... in the real world, Ash you are about eighteen years old, and May you are fifteen years old!"
Ash: "Aaaah!"
May: "Don't freak out."
Max: "Yeah..."
Anthony: "How about you guys stay at my caravan for a while? We might get to know each other a bit."

Ash: "TV!"
Anthony: "Well... yeah. This caravan is powered by LOTS of solar power, and at night it's powered by a lot of electricity, which the caravan has features that reconvert some batteries that comes out into more energy. Quite the technology they have nowadays."
Max: "So does the TV work?"
Anthony: "It's bright light outside, so yes."
Ash and Max watch 'The Simpsons' while May and Brock hang around. Max opens his bag.
Anthony: "Tired already?"
Max: "Well in the Pokémon world it's night there."
Anthony: "I see."
Max pulls out a sleeping bag.
Max: "Sleepy time."

Jessie: "Team Rocket operates at the dark of night."
James: "So had your goods over or we'll fight fight fight."
Meowth: "Meowth! That's Right!"
Shadow: "Quiet you're being embarrasing."
???: "We should reveal our names..."
???: "We shouldn't be impolite."
???: "My brother's name is Kalin."
Kalin: "And my other brother, older brother's name is Darryn."
Darryn: "Just people who love hanging around New York City."
Jessie: "What's that you've got plugged in your ears, Kalin?"
Kalin: "Earplugs, from an Apple iPod."
James: "What music is playing?"
Kalin: "Who let Pikachu out..."
Darryn: "Some weird song we found off the internet."
Shadow *thinking*: How long will this be?

Ash: "Is that me on that poster?"
May: "Definitely..."
Brock: "I look funny from then.."
Anthony: "Poster keepings."
Ash: "Well we need to move around here... do you take this caravan everywhere?"
Anthony: "Throughout America, yes. Next stop, New York city..."

February 7th, 2004, 4:17 AM
Ash: NOOOOOOO!!! I want to go to Las Vegas!!
May, Max: o_O||| But...we are far away from there...
Brock: What for?
Brock: =.= Pokemon Center is in New York!
Ash: No, I want to go to San Francisco!
Brock: Where on Earth do you exactly wanna go?
Ash: Errr....anywhere fun...
Brock: Then go to New York then!!
Brock: "$^&*%&*O&%^&@~+#@#^*%$^&%#@~!!!!

February 7th, 2004, 8:56 AM
*goes to New York*
Ash-so uh... where's the pokemon center.
Max-*checks poke-navigator* it doesn't show it here.
Brock- *looks in the map* Ohh look there's the Empire State Building.
Ash-*gets annoyed* lets split up to look for the Pokemon Center.

Later in the night
Ash-Yeah. We found the Pokemon Center.
Brock-*rolls his eyes* um, it's closed.
Ash- Oh.
Max-well duh. It's midnight.
May-*yawns* well lets break in. *smiles evilly*

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 7th, 2004, 1:34 PM
Anthony: "No need to break in... you've plenty of time!"

Next day...
Anthony: "Rise and shine!"
May: "Whatever."
Ash: "Pokémon Center's open!"
Ash runs in.
Clerk: "WOW! A real Pikachu!"
Ash: "Errrrr..."
Clerk: "You don't need a REAL Pokémon Center, you just need to give you and your Pokémon a rest. We don't heal Pokémon here."
May comes from the 2nd floor with Torchic, Pikachu, Mudkip and Treecko plushies.
Clerk: "Well well... people seem to like these plushies. You seem to be a fan of May..."
May: "Ummm..."
May sends out Torchic. A 3D Torchic.
Ash: "And I'm the real Ash!"
Clerk: "Prove it!"
Ash: "Go! Treecko. Go! Torkoal! Pikachu! Taillow! Corphish!"
Clerk: "Max and Brock... well..."
Max gets his PokéNav out.
Max: "Add person record."
PokéNav: "Pokémon Center NY Clerk added data to PokéNav."

Jessie and James are watching Ash, May, Max and Brock.
Jessie: "There are the twerps!"
James: "Let's get 'em!"
Kalin: "Hey wait a minute! Should you guys be doing this?"
Jessie: "Mind it!"
Shadow: "Don't mind her - she has a grumpy attitude."
Jessie unfortunately hears this. She leaps onto Shadow's head and with her stomach on his head and head on his back, she gets her hands and continually whacks Shadow on the back.

February 7th, 2004, 3:13 PM
Kayleigh was on the 2nd floor of the Pokémon Center, looking for anything cute when she heard some familiar voices.
Must be a TV or something.. Wait, they have TVs in here?! she thought as she set down a stationary set and ran downstairs to find out where it was.
I wonder if they're showing some new episodes or something...
Suddenly she saw a tiny Pikachu walking around beside some stuffed plushies. It looked so real.
"AWW!" she cried as she immediately ran over and grabbed it, thinking that it was some sort of new electronic toy.
Big mistake. The frightened Pokemon immediately jumped up and let out a powerful thundershock attack, sending Kayleigh straight to the floor.
"Ehh.." she mumbled as she sat back up.
"That thing can use attacks too?!"

February 7th, 2004, 6:54 PM
Shadow (me) walks in the Pokemon Center.
Shadow (me): "I can't believe I'm finally here! Hey Kayleigh!"
Anthony: "Hello Shadow."
Kayleigh: "Do you see this life-like Pikachu they have here?"
Pikachu shocks Shadow.
Shadow (me): "Why'd you do that?"
Ash: "Give up Shadow! We know you are in disguise trying to steal Pikachu!"

Jessie: "Two Shadows?"
James: "How do we tell them apart?"
Shadow (fictional): "I have the power to fire you, that's how!"
Jessie, James, and Meowth: "Yes sir!"

Anthony: "No, that's our world's Shadow."
Ash: "Eh? Two Shadows?"
Shadow (me): "Actually Rocket Shadow."
Pikachu shocks Shadow again.
Anthony: "It is a large coincidence."
Shadow (me): "Just call me RShadow, it's my name on all my videogames..."
Ash: "OK."
RShadow pulls out a Game Boy Advance with a Sapphire cartridge in it.
RShadow: "I hope this still works..."
RShadow turns on the GBA and starts playing Sapphire.
RShadow: "Nintendo sure makes durable products."

Meowth: "Shadow, that kid has the same team as you do, except it's on a video game..."
Shadow: "So many coincidences. Wonder if he wants to join..."

February 7th, 2004, 9:43 PM
Jordan walks into the pokemon center with his pokeballs in his hands.
Me:After that hard days training I'm sure you guys could use a little rest!...hmm?
*looks up to see everyone staring at him*
Me:.........did I come in at a bad time? Hehe....

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 7th, 2004, 10:21 PM
Ash: "Who said we're in a normal Pokémon Center, Jordan?"
Clerk: "Well guys, it's only 8:00 AM."
Jordan: "My mistake."
Ash: "And I've been like, sleepy now I have to get used to Eastern Standard Time."
Clerk: "It's easy to migrate your timeslots."
RShadow: "Especially when you're in New York - the city that never sleeps!"
Pikachu: "Pi Pika..."
Ash: "The only practical thing about RShadow here and our world's Shadow is that this Shadow wears glasses..."
May: "Looks really neat with that jacket he's wearing..."
Ash: ¬_¬ "Is nicer..."
May: "And is... really neat!"
Ash: "…………………………"
Kayleigh: "How in the world do you guys end up here anyway?"
Ash: "I don't know."

Shadow: "Oooh look. Our team: Jessie, James, Meowth and Darryn, and of course me... their team: Ash, May, Brock, Max, Kayleigh (of this world) and Shadow (of this world)."
Jessie: "At least 5 is enough."
Kalin: "Of course, with me your team numbers would be even."
Darryn: "Of course, you are the only one who hates bad stuff."
Kalin: "You can't blame someone who likes being good..."

February 7th, 2004, 10:38 PM
Me: Well a pokemon center is a pokemon center right!
*drops off his pokemon, then is interested in what RShadow is doing*
Me: What's that thing you have there?

Sorye HK
February 7th, 2004, 10:40 PM
"Huh? Pikachu I Choose you!"
" Pikachu thundershock "
( Ash mistakes a charmander doll
for a real charmander )
" No! "
" Mummy, that boy fried my doll! "

February 8th, 2004, 6:52 AM
Mother: Good! So you don't have anymore Pokemon toys!
Boy: NO! Muuuuuummmm!!!!

Ash: Urrr...sorry...
Mother: Thank you...hey wait! Aren't you the real one on the TV? Police! Sieze him!
jynx(me): Hey! Who do you think YOU are!
Mother: Huh! *Turns towards jynx*
jynx: ARRRRRRR!!!! OMG!! She's Carole Boston Weatherford! POKEMONS! Seize her!
Mrs. CBW: Who do you think you are...
*Ash's Pikachu shocks Mrs CBW*
*May's Torchic burnt Mrs CBW*
Clerk: RRRrrrrrrrrrrright! I think we have enough here!
May, Brock, jynx, Max: NO!
Ash: Yes.
Brock: Yes what! Think before you say, can't you? Hey...where did she go?
Boy: She's gone to write newspaper articles again.
jynx: o_O||| I know where she lives! I'll go and stop her.
Boy: What about me then?
jynx: Go! Jynx(Pokemon)!
Boy: No wonder you know my mum...
jynx: Come on! Get on the Pokemon!
*Grabbed him by his collar and exits*

Clerk: Rrrrrrrrrright!...
Ash: Wrrrrrrrrrrrrong!
May, Max, Brock: =.=
Brock: Now, why don't I grab you by the collar too?
*Grabs Ash by the collar and exits*

Ash: I....want to see the Financial Center...
Brock: Its bombed!
Ash: What? When? By whom?
Brock: 11th September,2001 Osama bin Ladin.
Ash: Whaaa?
Brock: Says my book here, don't know what it means
May, Max: -______-|||

February 8th, 2004, 12:34 PM
Shadow: "Some strange events going on here..."
RShadow: "You got that right..."
Shadow: "What are you doing here!??!?!"
RShadow: "Everyone as ignoring me so I knew Jessie and James always hide in the bushes or trees next to Ash and his friends so I came to look."
James: "He's right."
RShadow: "And you must be Shadow, the character I based on myself that I included in chain stories."
Shadow: "Actually there is a long complicated thing with "creating" characters and plots and stuff that includes a ESP link to our world that allows you to tell our story in this world."
Jessie: "What? Is this like that download thing?"
Shadow and RShadow: *sweatdrop*
Shadow: "But using you, and whatever crazy person "invented" these goons and the person who "made" those annoying twerps, we might be able to go back."
RShadow: "Or you could use that black cloudish thing."
Shadow: "I don't trust it, last time it brought zombies and such to torture me..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 8th, 2004, 12:57 PM
Ash: "Where's RShadow?"
May: "I dunno."
Brock: "C'mon! Time to go!"
Anthony: "Shadow... if you don't come here this minute..."
Kayleigh: "C'mon Shadow! We have to travel the city more!"

RShadow: "Coming!"
But RShadow doesn't come.

Pikachu looks at the bush.
Pikachu: "Piiiiiiiiikaaaaaa.... CCHHHHHHHUUUU!"
Pikachu shocks the bush, and Jessie, James, Meowth, Shadow and Darryn pop out.
Kalin: "See what happens if you're always 1 meter away from the villains?"
Darryn: "You're... the... villain..."
Kalin runs off.
Shadow: "I bet they have a new addition to their team."
RSHadow: "Which isn't me."
Shadow: "I meant Kalin."
RShadow: "Oh."

Anthony: "RShadow? Earth to RShadow? Where are you? My van should be running in a few minutes and I mightn't like waiting for you... Pikachu... use thunderbolt to drag him and your world's Shadow out."
Pikachu: "Piiiiiiiiikkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaa... CHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUU!"
Thunder hits Shadow, RShadow, Jessie, James, Meowth and Darryn out.
Anthony *drags RShadow by the ear*: "No matter what, you're sticking with me and Kayleigh in the real world."

RShadow is dragged into the van and then Anthony drives the van off. Ash, Max and Brock start laughing while watching an episode of "The Simpsons" on a recorded videotape. RShadow watches and laughs out of his wits.
May: "Boy you laugh just like Shadow of our world - only less quiet."
Kayleigh: "Why trust you these days when you could be loathing around with your counterparts?"
Anthony: "Not funny Shadow."

Shadow: "What means of following them do we have?"

February 9th, 2004, 8:28 AM
Ash: Hey, look! There's a shadow here.
Brock: I don't mean YOUR shadow, We meant the person Shadow!
May: She won't be with Team Rocket, would she?
Brock: ...Don't think so.
Boy: Waaaaahurr....I'm scared...can you fly slower?
jynx (me): Shush! You don't want everyone to look up and see us flying in the sky do you?
Boy: Wuuuuuurrrr*still crying*
jynx: You are 14 years old, and you behave like a big baby! Blaime your mother that always write books for age5~8! Come one, we are nearly there.
Ash: Where are we going now? I want to go to Las Vegas!
Brock: That's miles away! Its impossible to walk there!
Ash: Hey! Look at the sky!
Brock: What?
May, Max, Anthony: Oh my goodness!
Ash: Waaaahuh.....It's unfair! Why can she have a Jynx and I can't.
jynx: RRRRrrrrrrrrright! We are there. Tell me where you mum us!
Boy: She she she....*pointed randomly in a drection*

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 11th, 2004, 3:17 AM
Time for this to be moved, to preferably Pokémon Fanfiction.

Anyway, continuing the story,

Anthony: "Where to go?!? You're all confusing me!"
Kalin comes in.
Kalin: "I can't go anywhere knowing Darryn is on the loose with those guys."
RShadow: "Join us then."
Kayleigh: "Anyway, where to go?"
Ash: "Look!"
In front of the caravan is a purple swirling portal.

Shadow: "Look! A portal!"
Jessie: "It's transparent! And I can see Rustboro City!"
James: "Let's go in!"
Shadow, Jessie and James run towards the portal. Darryn rides his bicycle to get into it.

Anthony: "Umm..."
RShadow: "Is that Rustboro I see?"
Kayleigh: "Oh my gosh!"
May: "C'mon! Let's go in!"
Ash: "Not yet!"
Suddenly the portal starts pulling them in.
Everyone: "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Where in Australia?
Anthony: "Where are we?"
Max: "Oh no! An illusionary portal! I knew this was too good to be true!!!"
Kayleigh: "Oh dear..."
RShadow: "Where are we?"
Kalin: "Looks familiar..."

A Chinese place
Shadow: "Rustboro ain't filled with Chinese people..."
Jessie: "Ummm..."
Darryn: "Chinese equals... CHINA!"
The Herald Sun flys into Jame's face.
James: "Actually we are in Australia, Melbourne..."
Darryn: "CHINATOWN!"

Where in Australia? - Melbourne!
Anthony: "Hey this is my home city!"
RShadow and Kayleigh: "Oooooh!"
Ash: "I'm hungry."
Kalin: "Me too."
May and Max: "Me three."
Brock: "Me quad......"
Anthony: "My house is just nearby."
RShadow: "C'mon let's drive there!"

Chinatown - Melbourne
Shadow: "Where could my counterpart be?"
James: "I dunno."
Jessie: "I always wanted to be in Chinatown..."
Shadow: "That's it! That means Anthony must be at his house with them!"
Jessie: "How'd you figure that out?"
Shadow: "I dunno just a random thought. This is Melbourne after all."
James: "Awww c'mon tell us!"
Shadow: "RShadow accidentally dropped Anthony's street address in Australia. Jessie wanted to come to a chinese place, and Anthony was moaning that he should get home."
Jessie: "So you heard me muttering that I wanted to go to a chinese place after catching those twerps?"
Shadow: "And Anthony saying he wanted to get home. That portal appeared to have taken us to the place someone was muttering about."

February 11th, 2004, 10:59 AM
Sure thing Masato-kun. *moved*

February 11th, 2004, 1:30 PM
All the good guys are eating in Anthony's house.
RShadow: "I just remembered I never got your autograph Ash. After all, it will be valuable when you a Pokemon master."
Ash: "Umm...Ok."
RShadow pulls out a piece of paper and Ash signs it.
RShadow: "Hehehe. You forgot to read the fine print."
Ash: "What the?"
RShadow: "It's a contract. And I am the new leader of the twerp brigade according to it. And you signed it."
Max: "Ash, never sign a paper without reading it..."
RShadow: "And now we need to figure out how to get you home and get me into your world so I can catch Pokemon!"
Brock: "Well we were planning the getting home part anyway..."

May: "Why should we take you their?"
RShadow: "Because if you don't, you'll suffer the wrath of my contract! Hehehe..."
Max: "Can I see the contract?"
RShadow gives Max the contract.
Max: "It says here: "In return for unquestioned leadeship, RShadow will . make sure Ash becomes the best Pokemon trainer ever." So that's why Ash signed it..."
Ash: "I didn't read it.... But that is still cool."
RShadow: "See that little dot between will and make?"
Max: "Yeah. What about it?"
RShadow: "Look closer."
Max looks real close and sees a tiny "not."
RShadow: "It's Super-Ultra-Fine Print. I have the copyright and you owe me a quarter just for reading it."
Max looks down and at RShadow, then back down. He then gives RShadow a quarter.

Jessie, James, Meowth, Wobbufett, Shadow, and Darryn are looking in a window.
Darryn: "How ingeneous..."
Shadow: "He is my counter-part after all."
James: "That means it will fail horrible in the end."
Shadow whacks James with Domino's golfclub.
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

Anthony: "What was that? It sounded like..."
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

February 12th, 2004, 4:53 AM
*Jesse kicks Wobbufet, hard.*
Wobbufet: Soooooonansu! (meaning Why bother?)
Jesse: You silly Pokemon! ARRRR!!!
Shadow: Calm yourself down!
*James ran towards them with a pile of newspaper*
James: Hey, look! We are famous!
Jesse, Shadow: What? Wow!
*Looks at the newspaper*
James: Its our photos here!
Jesse: What? Where? Huh? "Psychologically Incorrect Pokemon by Carole Boston Weatherford"? "I succuumed on Pokemon fever, having bringing my 14yr old son to New York Pokemon Center..."
Shadow: What on Earth are you looking at? Its the first article on the front page! You are looking at the back page!
Jesse: Hey! Look! Our name is in this article!!
Shadow: WHAT?
James: Huh? *flips over the newspaper*
Meowth: Hey, stop reading the silly news paper, we want to capture Pikachu!
Jesse: Um...."the characters Jesse, James, and Shadow clearly reveals Psychologically hurt people..." SHE IS A "BUTCH"!!!! This is whole lot of CRAB!!

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 12th, 2004, 9:55 PM
Ash: "Did you hear?!?"
Anthony: "Off the topic of Team Rocket, RShadow can you please not trick Ash?"
RShadow: "Whatever..."

Jessie: "WHAT?!? They're completely ignoring us!"
James: "Ummm..."

Ash: "Well RShadow, you can often be a lot of trouble..."
Anthony: "ASH! DON'T SAY TROUBLE or be prepared to face it from Team Rocket! I hate their motto......"
Anthony covers his mouth.
Anthony: "I shouldn't have said that."
BOOM! The wall breaks off.
Jessie: "Prepare for trouble!"
James: "And make that double."
Anthony: ¬_¬|||
Jessie: "To protect the world from devas..."
Every good guy has their ears plugged.
Jessie: "HEY!"
Meowth: "Meowth that's..."
Darryn: "Right! Kalin, get yourself over here or else."
Shadow: "Errr..."
Kalin: "Why?"
Anthony: "Err..."
RShadow: "Totally evil..."
Anthony: "RIGHT!"
Anthony throws a lot of fire at them.
RShadow: "Harsh."
A bomb in Jessie's pocket sends them blasting off.

RShadow: "I'm full."
Ash: "I'm stuffed."
Max: "Hey my PokéNav is picking up something."
Anthony: "It's reading from the GPS."
Max: "The WHAT?"
Anthony: "GPS. Global Position Satelite. That tracks positions."
Max: "Oh. Zoom in PokéNav!"
PokéNav: "Charlotte Street."
Max: "Zoom out..."
PokéNav: "Yarraville."
Max: "Zoom out."
PokéNav: "Melbourne, Victoria."
Max: "Zoom out."
PokéNav: "Australia."
May: "Japan is cool. I want to go there..."
Anthony: "Well this is my teleporter. It'll take you to any place I want."
RShadow: "Cool."
Ash: "Try Hoenn."
Anthony: "Haven't tried it like that... I did Johto and ended up in Japan."
Ash: "Oh well."
May: "Tokyo! Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo!"

February 13th, 2004, 5:14 AM
Brock: OK, so we need to fly there. Takes about 18 hours by plane...18hours?
May: I think you are right. That's a bit too long. Any solutions?
Ash: Charizard!! GO!!
May: I don't think a Charizard can fly as fast as an aeroplane...
Max: What about teleport?
May: We don't have a thing for teleport.
Ash: *Grabbing everyone* COME ON! GET ONTO MY CHARIZARD!!
jynx(me): Oh no! The article has already been published!
Boy: What do we do?
jynx: See your mum!!
Jesse: I must have that silly Ash Ketchum and Carole Boston Weatherford killed!
James: I thought they are going to Tokyo...
Jesse: What!? TOKYO!?!?!?
James: Yes...Tokyo.
Jesse: How long does it take to go to Tokyo?
James: less than 15 seconds by rocket.

*The rocket went too fast and they went to Canada instead(they rotated a circle on the Earth*
James: Hey...We are in Canada.
Jesse: Are we?
*Flying Charizard feels tired above Hong Kong*
Charizard: Char! char!
Ash: I don't know that Charizard knows how to sing!
May: He's not singing...
Brock: He's moaning...
Ash: Shut up! Professional moaner!
Charizard: Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
*Falls down from the sky*

A teenager: 哇! 有隻噴火龍跌緊落來呀!! (Waa! There's a Charizard falling down)
His friends: 哇! 唔好la掛! (Oh noooooo~~~!)
Ash: Ouch ouch...that hurts...
Brock: Be thank ful that we still have our lives...

Teenagers: 咦! 小智﹐小剛﹐小遙? 你地快D過來睇下! (Oh? Ash, Brock, May? Hey! All of you come and have a look!)

Ash: Hi! Everybody! My name is Ash and I come from Pallet Town. I want to be a Pokemon master...

Teenagers: We know that! =.= Let's have a battle!!

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 13th, 2004, 2:13 PM
Anthony: "Errr... Japan not China..."
Ash: "Whatever."
RShadow: "We could have gotten there better with Anthony's teleporting van."
Kayleigh: "C'mon! Let's go!"
May: "I believe I'll command now missy."
Kayleigh: "No!"
RShadow: "This is utterly ridiculous."
Anthony: "Talk about it..."
Ash stands up.
Anthony: "Whatever. I have my remote here though."
He gets out the remote.
Anthony: "Password..."
Anthony inputs a secret password which makes the caravan appear where he stands.
RShadow: "Wow..."
Anthony: "Come in!"
Ash: "Cool..."
Anthony: "State Court, New York. And make sure Carole Boston Weatherford is taken too! And jynx, Carole's son, and Team Rocket come along as well."
It all happens in a blink, and the people requested are at the back of the car.
Anthony: "Hello Carole."

Judge: "Carole you have been sued for unauthorized publishing of these people, making reports, and more, unauthorized discrediting of Pokémon. President of Nintendo USA, come in."
President: "She sued us because of jynx!"
Ash: "Publishing Jessie, James and Shadow and all as well!"
All members of the Jury: "Sentence!"
Judge: "Pay the President of Nintendo $10,000 and Jessie, James and Meowth $8,000 in charges."
Carole: ¬_¬||
Anthony: "Let's go to Tokyo in my teleporting car now guys!"

February 13th, 2004, 2:50 PM
RShadow: "Wait, I decide where we go."
Max: "Why?"
RShadow holds the contract up. Ash takes it and tears it up.
Ash: "Now we are free of your contract's tyranny!"
RShadow: "Let's say that, hypothetically speaking of course, that I made several copies of that contract after you signed it, does that make Ash cry?"
Ash: "Yes, yes it does."
RShadow: "So then, we'll be going to Anartica, making a base of operations and then dominate....errr find the cure to many harmful illnesses such as cancer and stuff like that."
Anthony: "Riiight. But it is my teleporter and I'm not in Ash's group so I decide. And we're going to Japan."
RShadow: "Phooey!"

~~Later at Tokyo~~
Ash: "Feels just like home here."
Brock: "Pallet Town isn't like this."
Ash: "I'm talking about the major cities like Saffron."
Max: "But that's not your home."
Ash: "The whole world is my home!"
May: "No it isn't."
Ash: "Everything the light touches belongs to me!"
Anthony: "It doesn't, and don't steal lines from the Lion King."
Ash: "Well it does..."
RShadow: "Urge to destroy world rising...."

March 26th, 2004, 9:22 PM
Shadow will you let me revive this? It's one of my favorite chain stories.
Yeah sure whatever, start with the revival...

Hiroshi Sotomura
March 26th, 2004, 10:13 PM
RShadow: "I wanted An..."
Anthony: "Don't complain!"
Kayleigh: "Yeah, chill out."
Ash: "Ha ha!"
RShadow: "I should have revised that document."
Anthony: "Have this will and sign it."
RShadow reads:
"This will determines whether the undersigned can * continue with his contracts. The undersigned's past contracts will * be counted, forever."
RShadow: "Oh no... no tricks from you Anthony. But wait, the asterisk doesn't mean anything since it isn't marked. So ok."
RShadow signs the contract.
Anthony: "I'm smarter than you think. Look at the back of the contract."
RShadow sees "*=not".
RShadow: ¬_¬
RShadow tries to rip the paper, and does so.
Anthony: "Funny, it isn't normal paper, it's optic read paper, which then scans what ever is then written on it and synchronizes it with the computer. And it's taken your signature into it's file. You've been busted."
RShadow: T.T
Two people come in.
Lady: "Konnichiwa!"
Man: "Konnichiwa!"
Ash: "Who are you?"
Kayleigh: "Japanese tourists!"
Lady: "Glad to meet you, but we aren't tourists. We are from TV Tokyo."
Ash: "TV Tokyo huh?"
Man: "We want an interview of you young lad. You are the famous Ash and May right?"
The man then examines Ash and then goes to whisper at the lady.
Man (James): "Jessie, his PokéBalls are on his strap belt! What'll we do?"
Jessie stares at James reluctantly.
Jessie: "Well then change all his clothes and all! Take everything off him and give him... his old clothes that we nabbed from his laundry a while ago after he left for Hoenn!"

Nearby Change rooms
James: "We'll just need to take this off... you look better in your older clothing."
James takes all Ash's clothes leaving him with his shorts. He then puts Ash's old clothing on.
Ash: "I don't really like this clothes considering I'm a 'Hoenn-traveller' but..."
James pushes Ash out.

Jessie: "Photo time!"
James: "What really did you start with? What..."
Ash takes all this in as a blur and answers mindlessly but correctly.
James: "The interview's over!"
Ash: "That's it?"
James hands back Ash's Hoenn clothing, sans PokéBalls and badges which Ash doesn't notice.
Ash: "That's it?"
Kalin: "Ash... you answered everything."
Ash: "But it went so fast..."
Shadow (thinking): Meh, Ash forgets anything.
Anthony: "Come on then..."
Ash: "But really, they interviewed me when I wasn't prepared if you believe me."
Jessie and James, who are walking away, stop.
Jessie: "Did he say... PREPARE?"
Shadow pops up from a nearby bush.
Shadow: "Don't crack now!"
Darryn: "Yeah..."
Ash: "But... I feel troubled now."

Jessie and James crack.

March 27th, 2004, 4:56 PM
Shadow: "That's it I'm out of here."
Venomoth teleports Shadow away.
Jessie: "Prepare for trouble yet again."
James: "And this time you can't win."
Jessie: "To protect the world from devastation."
James: "To unite all peoples within our nation."
Jessie: "To denounce the evils of truth and love."
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above."
Jessie: "Jessie"
James: "James"
Jessie: "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light."
James: "Surrender now or prepare to fight."
Meowth: "That's right!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

~~Atop a nearby building~~
Shadow: "3...2....1..."
Jessie, James, and Meowth: "Looks like we're blasting off again!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbu Wobbu!"

Jessie drops Ash's Pokeballs and Shadow catches them.
Shadow: "Now to catch up on my reading..."
Shadow pulls out the latest Shonen Jump and starts reading Shaman King.

~~Back where Ash is at~~
Ash: "Hey wait a second....where are my other Pokemon?"
May: "I thought I saw Team Rocket drop something on that building!"
Max: "Let's go then!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
March 28th, 2004, 2:57 AM
Anthony: "No sweat Ash."
Ash: "What's with you? I need my Pokémon!"
Anthony sips tea.
Ash gets irritated.
RShadow watches helplessly as Ash charges towards Anthony.
May and Max stand there watching while Brock looks closely.
Kayleigh looks but stays in her place.

Atop a nearby building...
Shadow is hooked on the TV.
Shadow: "Time to check my new Pokémon... mwahahahahaha!"
Shadow reaches for them and sends nothing out.
Shadow: "Huh? Something come out!"

Just below where Anthony sips tea...
Ash hits into Anthony, making his tea spill all over him.
Anthony: ¬_¬"
Anthony watches as PokéBalls come out of Anthony's other hand. Out come all of Ash's Pokémon.
Anthony: "Aahh... the power of technology..."

Back to that nearby building...
Shadow: "Darn it! Tricked!"
Shadow whams his hand on a glass cup, which then the glass cuts his hand.
Shadow: "Darn it! Ow ow ow ouch!"
Darryn: "It is possible to get it back."
Shadow: "Oh? Let's think up a plan."

Again we're below...
Kalin: "This is just crazy."
Ash: "How'd you..."
Anthony: "This switcher hook. It grabbed onto the PokéBalls and switched them over with my fake balls. Did you not see me behind them before they blasted off?"

March 29th, 2004, 2:06 PM
The ground starts shaking.
May: "WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!"
A giant Seviper-shaped tank breaks through the wall of the building. Its mouth opens up revealing two figures.
Shadow: "I bet you aren't prepared for trouble."
Nidoking: "And definitly not ready to make it double."
Shadow: "To fill the world with devastation."
Nidoking: "To surpass all peoples in every nation."
Shadow: "To announce the evils of truth and love."
Nidoking: "To conquer all of the stars above."
Shadow: "Shadow!"
Nidoking: "Nidoking!"
Shadow: "Team Rocket will send you blasting away at the speed of light!"
Nidoking: "Surrender now or we'll show you how to fight!"
Seviper: "Sevi Seviper!"

Ash: "Oh great, now he has a motto...."
Shadow: "That trick you pulled will certainly be your last!"
Anthony: "And why would it be?"
Shadow: "Because this is my Super Steel Seviper, equipped with the Supurb Extremely Vicious Imperial Pokemon Enlarged Raygun."
Max: "It's just a Seviper tank...."
Shadow: "How dare you mock the SSS? Fire the SEVIPER!"

Nidoking picks up Seviper.
Seviper: "Seviper???"
Shadow: "No, not you. It's the codename for the laser."
Nidoking: "Oooooo I get it now."
Nidoking puts down Seviper and pushes a button. The SSS's mouth opens and then it explodes sending Shadow and his Pokemon flying.

Shadow: "That's odd, that glitch should have been reported during BETA testing."
Nidoking: "That was the BETA test..."
Shadow: "You were supposed to test it a month ago!"
Nidoking: "It said field test and I thought that meant against Ash."
Shadow: "Ugghhh....anyways...."
Shadow and Nidoking: "We're blasting off again!"
Seviper: "Seviper!"

March 29th, 2004, 4:20 PM
Ash: "That was embarassing"
Brock: "Well what do you expect, they were from team rocket..."
Anthony: "Can I finish my tea now?"

A young man with red hair walks in....

???: "what was all the comotion?"
May:"it was a.. a.."
Brock: "FALSE ALARM! ya thats right..."
???: "sure it was, and im george bush"
Ash: "you are, can i have your autograph?"
Max: "Ash, do you even know who that is?"
Ash: "Well no"
???: "o im sorry, i haven't introduced myself, im David" (thats me) "and you are?"

get past formal introductions...

David: "I knew you looked familiar, I love your show!! May could you show me your Torchic, its my favourite Pokemon.?"

May lets out Torchic and shoots David with ember.

David:"why don't you and your friends come to my house for a while?"

At David's house:
David: "So how'd you guys get here?"

after a lot of explaining

"ok, i could help you guys if you want."
Ash: sure that'd be great.

October 30th, 2004, 6:10 PM
Bryn (that's me) was at home watching his younger brother playing Fire Emblem (renna no ken) when news flash "Ash Ketchem From Pallet Town??? seen in Hong Kong...".

Bryn:Oh s***
Granny:I'll Wash your mouth out
Bryn:Granny please tell sandor(my brother) to get off, so i can check my e-mail?
Granny:Sandor Get off So that Bryn can check his email
Bryn hops on the seat, checks his email and reads this:"Dear Bryn,
I have seen news on a Ash K.??? in H.K. And I thourght You might want to check this out...
From Anne Hanlon(my Y7 teacher and now teaching english in H.K.)
Bryn had to find a way to get to H.K. But Suddenly a Warp appered in my bedroom window
Bryn then Quicky got his laptop, his GBA SP and games, and stuff and told granny then entered the warp after 5 seconds he arrived at Anthony's house and a Wist watch appered "press to warp to ash/home' was written
Bryn:umm Hello There Guy's and Gal's
Ash: Hi
Anthony:Who are you?
Bryn:I'm Bryn from adelaide in australia.
Ash & Brock:Are you trying to help us?
Max and May:Hello Bryn
Bryn Then talked to tea time...
and that is another post.

(note that this is shoud be the last sost in this current Post tread according to 31/10/04)

October 30th, 2004, 8:07 PM
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