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~> Jack of all trades, yet master of none.
~> Below average artist.
~> Weird person who learned C++ first. Also, knows Ruby solely because of RGSS.
~> Pianist for over ten years, hasn't progressed in five.
~> Can cook bacon and eggs!
~> Learned Japanese to import games.
~> Not that good at Japanese.
~> Has a script for a RPG that spans over 300+ pages that is still unfinished, suffers from severe writer's block as a result.
~> Name of the main character of said RPG, is Arc, lmao. So, if you're curious, that's where my name is originally derived from. Typically, when asked the source of my name, I give the cop-out answer, "I don't know" because I don't want to explain that it's from a game I'm making that's eternally in limbo.
~> Has a legitimate hard-copy version of said script because I was bored one day.
~> Has extensive notes and descriptions for a novel series, scraps every attempt to try to conceive it.
~> Laments past posts when I first joined PC.
~> Laments that this whole biography isn't organized one bit.
~> Doesn't try to format because I'm just as lazy as a Slakoth.
~> Complains about not getting any sleep, doesn't try to sleep more.
~> Built two desktops named Optimus and Megatron. The latter is the stronger of the two.
~> Tales fanatic.
~> Fire Emblem lover.
~> Legend of Heroes junkie.
~> Has an 8.1 GB folder full of Legend of Heroes art. Organized to boot!
~> Monster Hunter enthusiast.
~> Has great ideas for builds in Minecrafts, doesn't do it because I have to punch wood.
~> Purveyor of **** anime tastes.
~> Purveyor of **** musical tastes.
~> Likes Arpeggio more than I would like to admit.
~> Likes to read light novels.
~> RPG fanboy.
~> Scorns Bethesda for touching Fallout.
~> Praises Bethesda for letting Obsidian touch Fallout again.
~> Nintendo is great.
~> Falcom is glorious.
~> Sucks at platforming games, but still plays them.
~> Also sucks at fighting games, but still plays them.
~> Gyarados is the best ever.
~> Lilligant is adorable.
~> Blaziken for best starter.
~> Latios and Latias for best duo and legendaries.
~> Minun is the greatest mouse ever.
~> Glaceon and Sylveon are fantastic.
~> Diggersby tho? no D:
~> yee
~> ayy lmao
~> Miyuki Sawashiro is the best VA. fite me Satoshi.
~> Noire is also the best CPU. fite me again Satoshi.
~> Wobbu has a place in my heart.
~> Mage 0 is cool.
~> Doge is :ok_hand:.
~> Juno is :caa:.
~> Anna is nice.
~> Zeffy can hold my hand.
~> Aiden can seduce me with his beautiful accent.

I'll pop in every once in awhile to lurk, but my activity is probably going to dwindle as time goes on unfortunately. At the very least, I can say that I won't be totally "dead", haha.

If you ever want to hit up a conversation, go right ahead! I'm not the most attentive person and I'm incredibly forgetful, so if you don't see a reply for a couple of days, I'm sorry about that in advance!

If you want to assess my crummy taste in anime. Go here! (I don't update too much, so I've seen more than what is listed)

Being noticed by Wobbu
April 27
ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ
Quick Self-Introduction
┻┳|・ω・) I hope Wobbu will notice
┳┻|⊂ノ me today
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Forum Pair
i am secretly White Mage's pair but don't tell him <3
i am also publicly Wobbu's pair, don't tell him <3
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