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  • Probably, yeah, haha. My school has an optional study abroad program you can do with it; they don't require it there, which was nice because then I didn't have to feel pressured about getting that in there.

    I ended up changing my major though to English with an emphasis in journalism. A lot of the upper level international studies courses looked like they wouldn't really interest me as much once I looked at their course descriptions, and I didn't want to pay for courses I wouldn't be interested in at all.
    Hi, what are you doing right now? Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I'm looking at movesets for Rapidash and Zebstrika right now.
    Haha, thank you~ We didn't have to remember the different countries, it was mostly just a course about cultural geography, so like agriculture/food/infrastructure/other things around the world. I'm a liberal arts major right now, but I'm transferring next fall to be an international studies major with a possible double major in journalism; haven't fully decided on that yet.

    /totally not replying to this forever late
    Looks like shenanigans explained it already! Check his post in your thread if you haven't yet. =)
    For reference, I did not originally close your thread. That is just my interpretation of why it was closed.
    The thread was moved because you are giving community feedback so it belongs in the feedback section. It was closed because your feedback was addressed and people were beginning to take it into a debate about what we do and don't allow on PC. If you would like to make a debate thread you're welcome to make one in the debate forum, but feedback threads should go in the feedback section and should not turn into a debate if there is a simple answer - which is this case was to just PM staff.
    Debating about forum-specific topics (someone's avatar, thread questions, etc) goes into Community Questions & Feedback. If you want to post a debate topic, that goes in Debates & Discussions, but it needs to be an actual debate like: "The pros and cons of prison labor" or "Discuss Scottish independence".

    Ask an admin or super moderator to bring up any issues with a member's behavior, profile, comments, or anything else.
    Your thread was closed by an admin because your question was answered by Zekrom and myself. Refer to our posts to see what you need to do further if you still have a complaint. Brendino did answer this already though, but I'm further reiterating what you need to do.
    Like I said, I've only got powers in my own section, so I see Community Questions & Feedback the same way every regular member does. If you'd like to find out who closed it, you may want to PM a higher staff member, and hopefully they can help you out from there.
    I have no authority to close threads other than the ones that are in the section I am a moderator of. So I have no idea as to why your thread was closed, so I recommend you ask whomever closed your thread via private message to find out.
    I assume you're asking about this thread? Unfortunately, moderators themselves can't do anything about it, as we've only got powers in our own sections. You'll have to contact either a Super Moderator or an Administrator for further clarification on that.
    I know but, I Think mods were thinking it could offend some people so took it down.
    Am just guessing because there seems to be no good or proper reason to close it, its just odd.
    okay, you might wanna ask a staff member haha. I'd ask either a super moderator or admin to help you out! I'm not a staff member and cant help really :(
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