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well depending on how u soft reset for the starter on ruby / sap / em its about 2 or 3 resets a minute and if u do it straight for an hour figure most ppl will do the 2 reset per a minute u prolly reset 1080 times now for torchic XD

as far as mm's id theory it makes sense to a point i mean figure u can get a shiny on ANY id well lets says mm resets and gets a new id then on his first try he gets shiny treeko and then with that same file plays upto max time 999 hours its still quite possable that he wouldnt get anymore shinies besids that starter becuz it is so random but thats jus my opion , i mean there does seem to be some sort of connection between ids and shinnies seeing how most shinnies are within a cetain id number range (that i have caught its been 20000 sumn thru 30000 sumn ) but then again it could all jus be plain ol luck

speaking of which its been a frilling hour and no dang latios shown up in my game , im lookin thru the swablu and zangoose patch is that a bad place to find latios or sumn?
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