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Originally Posted by girifarig View Post
Ok just to help you out. The trainer house was an installation in Viridian City where, in the gbc series, it would allow you to battle in the basement, the default trainer in the basement was Cal. However, if you happened to use the mystery gift function with one of your friends, the game records your friends Pokemon and then your friend replaces Cal. since mystery gift doesn't work like that any more, I think that a proper way to rebuild it ould be to have about 4 or 5 trainers that you could battle more than once.
As for the Ashley character, she is a new character that Zel put in. She is the Cianwood gym leader Chuck's Niece. she appears now and then after you defeat her in front of her uncle's gym.
I believe that the Asley character is the only thing in this post that has to do with B4 since you cannot access viridian in B4.
Hope this helps
You are mixing characters up.

Ashlee is a girl(thief) trainer and rival who has an evil pikachu
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