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    Originally Posted by Game_freak View Post
    great work
    for the graphics editor you talked about please!! could you add in a easy way to edit menu styles, battles styles, the title screen and maybe the suitcase with pokeballs you get ruby
    Sorry, but I'm going to have to say no for that one.

    A few reasons:
    • Any sort of graphics editing at all is a long way off (and I may not even add any such support)
    • If I do decide to add graphics editing, it would only be for the Pokémon sprites used in battle/pokédex and the icons they have in the menu. YAPE is not really intended to be a generic catch-all editor for everything in the game. It's just for editing the Pokémon's stats, evolutions, dex entries, learned moves, etc. I have already decided to split some previously planned features (attack editor, item editor, etc.) to separate tools since they don't really fall in the scope of YAPE.
    • Things like title screen, menu styles, etc. would best be edited by either a generic graphics editor (tile editor/unlz) or a specific tool just for that purpose, like a title screen changer.
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