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Originally Posted by TAKUORO View Post
Thank you!!

It´s a great patch, maybe the bets i've seen.

but one thing... how do I insert the source codes.. i mean, have them but I don't know how to put them, in an hex edtior?
a script?
i'm triying to do the overworld thing but I don't know where to put the codes can someone help me please? i'm not familiar with this.. sorry
if it's by an asm editor... could you give me the download link?
I have vista and I can't open mine ...

I'm looking forward to more things, keept up the good work!
Yeah, with an ASM compiler like GoldRoad or Devkit.
After you've managed to compile it, it creates a .bin file, which you open in Hex and copy the routine and paste it into blank space in your ROM. But be careful, it has to end with 0 4 8 or C, and when you call the routine, like:

callasm 0x805054

You must add 1 to it, like this:

callasm 0x805054 + 1 = 0x805055

Simple enough. But Here's a link, to learn about more ASM:
HackMew's Knowledge

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