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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
So, I have some store credit at a local game store, so I'm probably thinking of buying a new Xbox 360 game. If anyone has either played L.A. Noire or Brink, would you be able to give some sort of recommendation for me? I honestly don't know what to get with the money.
I haven't played either game so don't do anything based on just my opinion.

The way I see it LA Noire is another open world game by Rockstar so it can't be too bad. The fact that its open world and I assume it will have a reasonably lengthy story mean that it should keep you going for a long time.

I love the idea of Brink. A parkour fps? sounds good. The reviews I've seen so far are a bit mixed though so I wonder if the developers didn't pull the idea off. In Oxm's review, they said the solo play was a bit which is understandable given how its based on the multiplayer.

I think it all really depends on how much you think you would play the multiplayer of Brink. I personally think, from everything I've seen/read, that LA Noire might be the better game.
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