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    Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
    I believe I can help. I still have my old bookmarks file, and I've added a bunch of stuff. Weather, the each sprite for the intro scene with pallets, the Intro Message pikachu, and some others like the graphic for Surf.

    Also, I cannot wait for the ability to open an editor window from a plugin. That's when I can really make some good plugins.
    That's excelent, a better bookmark system will certainly be a major feature.
    I've also finnished the ability to open an editor from within a plug-in. I actually converted the editor into a controll that can be placed on a form, and have it's properties changed like you would any controll.
    The way I have it set up, there is a host command you can call, that will set the current editor for NSE to use.

    Host.SetEditor(ref NSE_Framework.Controls.Editor Editor)
    I might also allow access to referencing the NSE.exe, so you can create or use any form you want (Editor Forms, Naviagtors, Dialogs, really anything you see in NSE)

    Originally Posted by Weavile05 View Post
    So how do we bookmark the sprites? Or is that unfinished?
    Currently you can't, I need to know how people wan't me to handle files (projects or how it's been, see my previous post) before I can work on bookmarks

    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    Key features this is missing:
    • Undo/Redo
    • Scrolling Zoom - in fact, the entire idea of Alt+Up/Down is annoying. You should stick with the standards here (Ctrl++/-)
    • 9-digit offsets
    • Dock-able palette
    • Palette editing
    • Multiple palette switching
    • Easy option to load full ROM
    Also, the way the drawing works seems off. It should redraw the image from the data every time, rather than just drawing new pixels - when fully zoomed in you get little strands that don't get over written. It looks weird.

    The concept is great, though. If you need any help with anything, let me know. I've been programming for 6 years and study it at university.
    -I'm certaintly going to add Undo/Redo, hopefully more effecient than NSE Classics's old text-based system, and I originally wanted to do Ctrl + & - for zoom, but I also wanted to use the MainMenu shortcut property (which doesn't allow this for some strange reason) I'll see what I can do though... I'll also try to add scrolling zoom.

    -I'll soon add support for offsets up to whatever the ROM's physical length is.

    -A dockable palette would be a great idea

    -As for palette edditing, I'm working on it, I'm going to hopefully do something with a color wheel based approach I've been working on.

    -Palette switching is something I'm working on, loading palettes for edditing and importing from indexed images, .nsl (I'm working on a new format), and exported palettes from VBA (should make 256 color easier)

    - I might will make a plugin to work like Tile molster, really the only reason I showed that pic of the entire rom opened was to show how fast NSE's new engine is. The sprite class isn't really meant to handle sprites that GIANT)
    Now for the pianting interface, I know the bug exists (and it is quite annoying).

    Now for the 0.5f px strands, the problem exists with the scaling function in .net (NSE draws a regular sized version and then up-converts it), but I seemed to have solved it, so in the next update it should be fixed.
    I don't want to redraw the entire sprite again, because it's inefecient to A) redraw everything B) lock the bitmap to memory for edditing.

    I wil be sure to ask any questions that will occur, so thank you

    -Any other suggestions, comments, ideas, please post.