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    I restarted not long ago. I just got to Oreburgh. I have 2 pokemon that I'm using now: D.K. my Chimchar and Sparkfish my Chinchou. I traded the egg for Chinchou so I could have another Pokemon early on. Usually, I solo with my starter until after Gardenia, at which point I pick up my first, but I decided I wanted another Pokemon. I also caught a Kricketot to use as trade to get my Chinchou egg, but I saw that it held a Metronome, so I traded a Starly instead.

    D.K. Lv10

    Sparkfish Lv9
    Kricketot Lv4
    FC: 2148-8142-2372

    PM me if you add me.

    My Friend Safari is Water-type, with Gyarados, Azumarill, and Octillery.